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Leave those kids alone! withChiron Near N Node Aquarius/Leo Axis -

We dont need no education.
We dont need no thought control.
No dark sarcasm in the classroom.
Teacher, leave those kids alone.
Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!
All in all its just another brick in the wall.
All in all youre just another brick in the wall.

From Pink Floyd: Another Brick in The Wall,

The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 9 Leo 32 is over but the effects remain and are mangnified. Read my overview: August Eclipses Dominate the Hero's Quest or the Descent into Chaos?.
Perhaps you may have seen a recent story about 12 year old girl who fell 14 floors down a chimney in her apartment block in New York was saved by a pile of soot at the bottom. She survived with only minor injuries. Her father described her survival as an "absolute miracle". Well we know that Mars Opposing Uranus (exact on Aug. 6th) is known trigger for accidents but something else is up...

As we approach the next Eclipse Event on 'August 16th Chiron, the wounded healer is part of dangerous scenario as the maverick asteroid meets N Node (Aquarius) and Opposes S. Node in Leo. Leo always represents adolescents, teenagers and young adults and since the Venus ingress into Leo a series of disturbing incidents have been happening to young people. Unfortunately the Mars-Uranus Opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis exact on August 6th @ 11:37 AM will represent some difficult times for anyone caught in the sights of Law Enforcement- Police or Military (Mars in Virgo) especially with Uranus the shocker and sometimes harbinger of terrorists might fight back in weird ways.

From the out of Springfield MO. on July 28th:

About 2:30 a.m. July 19, police found the teen lying on the shoulder of a roadway underneath a U.S. 65 overpass in Ozark. He was battered and bruised, and it appeared that the teen had fallen from the highway above.
Something unbelievable happened next according to his Dad Don Hutchinson said. "He was delirious. He was in shock. He just fell 35 feet, so you're going to have some shock. ... I don't think being Tasered 19 times is the solution." Holy Shit What is Happening?

No this is not an isolated incident as reflected in this story that took place on July 22nd (Sun ingress into Leo to join Venus and S Node) out of Canada : A 17-year-old who died after Winnipeg police officers fired a stun gun at him Tuesday was a suspect in a theft who refused to put down a knife when ordered, police said Wednesday. One officer deployed a Taser. The teen was admitted to hospital in critical condition and died shortly after.
One officer deployed a Taser. The teen was admitted to hospital in critical condition and died shortly after. Here we have Mars-Saturn at MidHeaven in Virgo creating a real control situation especially with both of these planets trine Jupiter in tightly wound Capricorn. We are seeing
what would normally be a positive, alliance between Virgo-Leo planets augmented by
the South Node Dragon's Tail in Leo Opposing the asteroid of surefire injury Chiron...
Out of Texas we get even more social, physical and mind control with a connection to Uranus in Pisces (sign relating to prisons-institutions) with this story on July 30th right before the Venus-Neptune opposition : GONZALES, Texas. -- A school in Texas will force students who don't follow the rules to wear prison-like jumpsuits in a controversial move this coming school year. Here we see Venus-Leo @ 22 * Quincunx Uranus as Neptune is in mutual reception creating futuristic change all with the applying Mars-Uranus Opposition.
Now as Venus (Leo) trines Pluto (Sag) exact on August 4th - other incidents where the authorities (Saturn-Virgo) have not only put young people in jeopardy thru direct attacks but also sent them willy nilly into harms way.
The tragic story of Rachel Hoffman, a 23 year old recent Florida State University graduate who was murdered in an "undercover sting" gone wrong.
The Tallahassee police are having to answer questions and are claiming that they simply were "doing their jobs" and have no responsibility for the outcomes.

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