Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exotic Flowers Bloom on the Full Thunder Moon in Aquarius


In my last entry regarding the New Moon in Cancer on July 8th. I spoke of the symbolism intimated by the Sabian Symbol for 17 degrees Cancer. In fact the Sun-Moon were together @ 16 degrees 17 minutes Cancer with this Sabian - "The seed grows into knowledge and life." The primary idea being that this tender seed ready to sprout needed nurturing and caring in order to overcome the obstacles and  roadblocks via transits like the last Mercury retrograde period which ended on July 20th. We all have a lot to learn/model from the tenacity and persistence of Cancer along with the protective nature of this sign.  As the torch is passed tomorrow, so to speak from Sun in Cancer to Leo, the radiant, can feel an intriguingly unusual or difference as the moon becomes full.  Metaphorically the petals of the flowers are opening in mysterious ways  majestic ways. There are sensitive emotional tones that are emanating from the alignments with the more mystical Grand Water Trines. These trines depending on the moon sing will  involve these primary players  Jupiter-Mars-Mercury (Cancer) to Neptune(Pisces) and in another 120 degree angle to Saturn (Scorpio).  On this lunation with Venus entering Virgo the Grand Earth Trines which will reach a peak on July 29th. (We will discuss the  Star of David alignments which have been happening from 1990 and terminate in  2013 in another report.)

As we approach tomorrow's expansive, loud, dramatic time of culmination for the growing seed, we should visit Native American tradition once again to elucidate the meanings of this Full Moon. Native American's called this the Full Thunder Moon and the Full Buck Moon. They were referring to a time of year when thunderstorms came thru the mountains. It was also a time when new antlers were pushing out of the foreheads young buck deer. I expect that with this always surprising Aquarian Full Moon exact @ 11:15 AM PDT or 2:15 PM EDT, there will be both literal and metaphorical thunder storms replete with flashes of lightening.  REMEMBER: this is the first of two amazing Full Moon's in Aquarius this year, the second one occurs on August 20th. @ 6:45 PM which qualifies
as a Blue Moon.  I will have much more to say about the second Full Moon which is in an out of sign conjunction with Neptune @ 28 degrees 11 minutes Aquarius. Sabian Symbol for the second Full Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius - "A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis."  The 2nd Full Moon will be much more of a crossroads for humanity's evolution.

 Before the moon is full, there are equally powerful shifts starting right after midnight here on the West Coast. Optimism, courage, confidence deeper convictions and lots of risk-taking will mark the start of the day as Mars conjuncts Jupiter @ 12:35 AM. The warrior and athlete, represented Mars in positive aspect to Jupiter, continue to spotlight outdoor activities, new sports heroes, older ideas disguised as new initiatives, grand speculations, enterprise, and impulsive judgments could prove to be satisfying, successful and opportunistic  while highly dangerous and unstable. I say dangerous because both Mars-Jupiter are opposing Pluto (the Lord of Destruction and Debt.) and TSQ Uranus, the shocker in chaotic Aries. There was of course a similar Pluto-Uranus square from 1931 to 1934 during the "great depression." Back in the early 30's Neptune was also in a mutable sign Virgo while Saturn was transiting in super-restrictive Capricorn to TSQ both of those outer planets Obviously the Detroit bankruptcy is the most publicized poster child for our current transits and will have long lasting effects for retirees. Then the Goddess of love, romance and fashion Venus moves into more committed and detailed Virgo @ 5:41 AM Venus will stay in the service-oriented sign of the Virgin till August 16th. Venus is also conjunct Regulus, the heart of the Leo constellation adding creativity and a search for perfection which can lead to honors and success.

The next movement comes from the radiant Sun moving into proud, creative, fun and ego-oriented Leo @ 8:56 AM and will remain there till August 22nd. The excitement level and chance of fiery action will increase exponentially with the Sun joining Vesta and Ceres and trine Uranus in Aries.   So the stage is set as the moon enters rebellious innovative and contrarian Aquarius @ 11:07 AM just a few minutes before the Full Moon.Some of the challenges from this bright full moon will be felt in the evening as the Moon in Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio 7:02 PM.on the West Coast and 10:02 PM on the East.

 Below is a chart set for the Full Moon over Washington, DC @ 2:15 PM EDT which has Scorpio rising @ 8 degrees with Saturn following. The Sabian for this rising degree "The silvery moon shining across the beautiful gem of a lake." holds deeper meanings regarding the reflections generated by water and the Grand Water trines which can make it difficult for some to distinguish reality from dreams and intuition. Rulers of this Scorpio ascendant chart, Mars and Pluto as I said are in opposition from the 9th. and 3rd. house respectively. With Mars in the 9th house there could be fanaticism, militancy and even persecution of others of opposite beliefs. Since Mars now in the sign of the Crab is still out of bounds by declination, there will we extreme activity on many levels from sports to domestic violence to heroic efforts involving care and empathy. Pluto in the 3rd. house can relate to persuasion, propaganda, research and demagoguery. Mercury is also in a conjunction to fixed star Sirius, the scorcher  found in the constellation, Canis Major. When the winged messenger meets Sirius, the mundane becomes sacred or magical.. Language is enhanced as are mass communications when these two get together. Also since Mercury is still in orb of a square to Uranus in the sixth, relates to sudden./unexpected accidents like the mother who fell off the roller coaster at six flags on Friday. and Mercury ruler of the 3rd. house of all forms of transport including trains - expect even more high profile literal train wrecks-derailments. Notice that the N. Node in Scorpio is opposing S. Node in Taurus conjunct asteroid Hygeia (health issues) forming one arm of a Fixed Cross. The other arm has asteroid Ceres in super-expressive Leo, relating to  pride while  making a unique impression. Ceres opposes Juno in Aquarius reflecting new societal relationships in the home (4th. house) and the folk soul of the nation. We are talking about  revolutionary interactions whether gay or straight. So this part of the fixed cross adds to  the conflict about children or progeny.

Staying in theme of the kingly Leo Sun stimulated by the Aquarian Moon, look no further at the UK and the royal family.

My guess is that  Duchess of Cambridge will be giving  birth to a child with Leo Sun and Moon in Aquarius. And it will happen  in the next couple of days. Kate Middleton (born Jan. 9, 1982) will have tomorrow's Full Moon crossing her own Mercury-Venus in Aquarius adding to the surprise factor. More importantly transiting Uranus and Mars will be TSQ Kate's natal Mars in Libra
which is more than enough reason for her to seek protection.  The question is will Kate have the royal baby at St. Mary's Hospital, next to Paddington Station in London where the media horde is camping out? Or will the imperial successor be born at Berkshire Hospital in Reading where her parents' reside Berkshire?   Looking below at a chart set for London with the Full Moon @ 6:15 PM with Capricorn rising and the chart's ruler Saturn now in secretive Scorpio at Mid-Heaven, don't count on first impressions. Uranus is positioned in the 3rd. house of the news media and intercepted so expect the unexpected. Also Venus is in the 8th in this chart adding to a sense of the mystical and even macabre.  Venus opposes Neptune relating to intoxication, deception, eroticism and even bitter disillusionment - expect more abdications and resignations along with scandals.  Since Capricorn is rising and Pluto is in the first house, I would expect a major financial disgrace to hit the news. We might even expect a rumor something about a high profile family which offends  the moral sensibilities of London society. 

Sunday, July 07, 2013

A New Moon in Cancer on July 8th. the Seed Germinates and Grows


Pictured Above 
Youngest Crescent Moon Photographed - July 8, 2013

The sign Cancer prefers that which is familiar, safe, protective and with Jupiter also transiting there, deep feelings along with sympathy are valued. Maybe we all need to feel sorry for the passengers of this  media spectacle of the Asiana Airlines crash landing at SFO on Saturday - just like the sign Cancer, known for amazing tenacity 

Since the media just can't let go of this story. Of course with Jupiter expanding those nurturing feelings in sensitive Cancer , this has become the ridiculously revisited crash of July. Even with Mars Out of Bounds in news, network Mr. Communicator Gemini, this is 24-7 coverage is extreme and manipulated. WTF this story has dominated - oh of course Mercury is retrograde in the sign of memories and care taking.
Like here at CNN: San Francisco crash landing: Latest developments or countless local TV and radio stations there is an odd fascination or its it a deliberate distraction involving this airplane mishap. Before we get caught up in the hysteria of the Massive Media Exposure over the crash of Asiana 777 Notice how the police prevented passengers from talking about the crash landing of Flight 214 per Mercury retro. in Cancer and Saturn stationing direct in Scorpio today July 7th. relating to restrictions and limitations for secrets revealed.

Like I said on my website last weekend,  regarding flight 214 and the facts: and time of crash...and the approach toward the end of Runway28L on VFR at 11:28 PDT A chart set for July 6th. @ 11:28 AM PDT at SFO when has Virgo rising in close square to Mars which was out of bounds in Gemini. When MARS, the action planet relating to collisions and accidents is out of bounds by declination, expect extreme events and of course Gemini is on the travel/airline axis along with Sagittarius.  So the chart below screams  Mercury retrograde, since the chart's ruler now retrograde in Cancer. Mercury is also opposing Pluto, positioned destruction at Ground Zero - 4th house and yes TSQ Uranus - the shocker in Mars ruled Aries. Mercury of course is posited in the 10th. house ( most public location) near the Sun-Jupiter (Cancer) and Moon in last degrees of Gemini. Speaking of air crashes another accident occurred in Alaska where 10 people died today near a small Alaska airport.  But this tragic crash in Alaska didn't get the publicity considering that fixed star Castor which is all about writing and speaking was closely conjunct Mercury when the Asiana 2014 flight hit the runway. Also the Sun was conjunct Sirius the scorcher in Canis Major and the brightest star in the sky  which speaks volumes of being swept up in emerging events where the mundane becomes epic and even sacred to the media.
Below is the chart of the crash time with Virgo

Yes a new moon in Cancer approaches in haste along with a new phase of planetary influence. Tomorrow July 8th. A Major New Moon in the sign of Lunar Desires, home, hearth, food and traditions happens as the day begins.
A new moon in Cancer occurs @ 12:14 AM PDT or 3:14 AM EDT This Moon happens @ 16 degrees 17 minutes Cancer with the Sabian Symbol - "The seed grows into knowledge and life." With this symbol, the idea of nurturing and caring for the seed as it greminates and grows is paramount. We are encouraged to continue and persist like the tenacious sign of the Crab even when things are seemingly thwarted. Since the Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury, the power of our mental process and at 4:44 AM the Moon in all her moods will actually occult Mercury, the power of intuition, gut feelings and psychic connection is strong on this day. Since Mercury is retrograde in this lunar sign of memories and sentiments, we will undoubtedly re visit the past in many ways. When Mercury is occulted by the Moon the power of observation is many times diminished and the denial factor increases. Also in synch with this New Moon, the metal silver is sacred to the Moon where Cancer is dignified so expect that precious metals will begin to make more sustained and slow moves upwards in price.

 Here is a chart set for July 8th. Set for San Francisco @ 12:14 AM with Aries rising @ 5 degrees (Sabian Symbol) - "A white triangle is seen, it has golden wings." This symbol speaks of elevating ourselves above the ordinary using spiritual tools while gaining new perspectives. We see that Mars, the ruler of the chart is out of bounds in Gemini adding extremes to all travel and communications being posited in the 3rd. house near Jupiter on the IC. or ground zero - Jupiter in the sign of forgiveness Cancer. Consider that in terms of fixed stars, that Mars is in paran with Aculeus found in the tail of the Scorpion is on the Nadir while Mars is culminating. Aculeus, a twin nebulae with Acumen is linked to attacks of all kinds whether physical, verbal or mental. When found with Mars, Aculeus alludes to hardships when pursuing our dreams and goals. I would suspect there will be several poster children noted for this theme during the next few days. Uranus will be stationing to move retrograde on July 17th. right after Mars moves into cardinal water sign Cancer. Uranus is found in the first and could relate to psychology of the masses and grassroots opinions regarding the usurping of privacy by the NSA. The last July 4th celebration came during the BART Strike and was marked by protests against NSA spying. Uranus which is stationing to move retrograde @ 13 degrees Aries on July 17th.
is a major factor in the push to ensure our limited freedom from shrinking and being repressed.
Notice in this recent video with Gemini Edward Snowden's new exposure of the secretive NSA
and their collusion with alleged companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft  is stoking the fires. The NSA, was founded with a Scorpio Sun on Nov. 4, 1952 and a data intensive Moon in Gemini.

Taking another look at Fixed Stars over the West Coast: First the Heliacal Rising Star is Alhena, found in the Gemini constellation the wounded heel of the immortal that who touches the earth. Also known as the Proud Marching One and when the Heliacal rising star. The meanings of Alhena relate to being passionately dedicated, with a strong sense of purpose or vocation to speak out - relating directly to journalism. Now days there is even a sense of danger that comes with speaking out.  Alphecca is the Heliacal Setting Star found in the Crown of Flowers or Corona Borealis. Alphecca is associated with a woman's crown is known as the gift of thorns where there is always a price to pay of success. As the setting star we learn that sacrifice can bring rewards during difficult times.

More on the New Moon Chart above: Since the Moon's energies are at their peak during this Cancer lunation and our imaginations are stimulated along the need to accomplish not that the Moon is culminating with Sirius. representing a desire to create a lasting monument to a loved person- highly romantic combination. The Moon and Sun are comfortably found in the natural 4th house near Mercury while opposing Pluto at Mid-Heaven. Of course the Jupiter-Sun-Moon combo in the 4th house signifies the price of land, its upward values as real estate especially housing and living conditions are rising in cost in SF Bay Area. I mentioned on my website that the last Full Moon in Capricorn (June 23rd) added to the influence of the Mother Goddess. Both Kali and Kuan Yin are aspects of the Mother in all her glory and ferocity initiated as the Sun entered Cancer on the Solstice (June 20th/21st) Also on June 25th. Jupiter, planet of all expansion, ethics, legislation, morals and spiritual strivings also enters the Matriarchal sign Cancer. The people of the world will be experiencing both aspects of the Mother - Kuan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy

and Kali - Goddess of Destruction (both will represent massive transformations).

After the last Full Moon, first it was the Sun that translated the forces of Uranus-Pluto square and after the lovely Grand Water Trines happening from July 17th to July 20th. we will have Mars pushing the envelope in a sideways motion both retreating and advancing on Pluto in Capricorn which makes for epic power struggles and censorship. Then on July 31st Mars will square Uranus in Aries which is always explosive. Cancer is a cardinal, pivotal and primal water sign adding to the ensuing Grand Water Trine A trine which will represent many forms of water from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to those in the Carolinas, Hawaii and the Arctic. In fact here is a video which describes the unprecedented mass events which took place in June 2013 - A Global Deluge for sure and with the recent epic rainstorm in Toronto on Monday's 
New Moon, we should be alert to more rain - water-floods on the way.

Kali has a way of waking up the denizens of this planet in dramatic and catastrophic fashion. With all the power of water rushing and massive floods continuing... For the entire West Coast and the Ring of Fire we need to be alert for major seismic activity since cardinal signs are in motion setting off the Uranus-Pluto waxing square. We have already seen today a couple of large tremors in the Papua New Guinea region. First a assive earthquake near eastern PNG: Magnitude 7.2 strikes 110km ENE of Taron, Papua New Guinea Then a smaller shock wave with Magnitude 6.6 quake hits 29km NE of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea By the time July 9th comes around when the Sun meets Mercury in Cancer we could have some emergency announcements not only about chaos in Egypt but also a large natural disaster striking from North/Central or South America to Asia particularly Indonesia or New Guinea. Don't forget folks that there is lots of drama from the natural world this week with the

An ultra-dramatic Leo Moon takes over on July 9th. during this New Moon phase.  Some of the stars of this natural theatrical production have a lot more clout than the Hollywood controllers.  Stars like Popocatepetl - The Smoking One

Or that Behemoth Sunspot AR1785  Facing Earth and being webcast on July 9th . 
From "Sunspots AR1785 and AR1787 are defying the odds. Despite the fact that both sunspots have unstable magnetic fields laden with energy for strong flares, solar activity remains low. Maybe it is the calm before the storm." In fact on July 7th. AR1785 has stretched and lengthened by more than 40,000 km. It is now more than 11 times as wide as Earth!

 Stay tuned.