Friday, April 28, 2006

Hindsight Conversation: Major Aspects for the Taurus New Moon

Of the four fixed signs, Taurus the Bull is considered the sign most connected to $ and his ruling planet Venus is not only linked to pleasure of the senses but to currency. Few would argue that the sign Taurus at times the most materialistic, possesive, decadent and the most prone to being attached to ownership. On thursday May 27th we began a new moon in Taurus where the lunation and the subsequent solar transits create a powerful venue for this sometimes lazy and often times productive stubborn attitude.
Thursday's lunation gifted us with combo of Major Aspects some Positive and Others Difficult and another not so often seen.
tight Yod - with the fingers of destiny pointing at the Apex an Ascendant @ 17*Virgo with Mercury @ 16* Aries and Neptune@ 19* Aquarius - the media colors communications around active fantasy with discrimation (represented by Virgo) offering the way to truth.
(2)Three TSQ to raise the planetary challenges to an even higher dimension:
Jupiter opp Chiron TSQ Sun and Moon (challenge to accept and integrate the expanding wounds of the previously invisible immegrant community)
Uranus opp ASC TSQ MC (15*Gemini) The high price we are all paying for oil to have a career.
Chiron opp Saturn TSQ Sun and Moon Here the challenge of the disenfranchised and oppressed human community to have all the advantages of everyone else.
A Grand Trine is always the hallmark of creative energy in action.
Our Grand Water Trine is no exception with Mars in Cancer applying toward closest point of the trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces on May 7th
Water Grand Trines seem to be the most intense, sensitive, feeling and if not caught in the depths of hysteria and emotionalism can help heal and nurture.
The thing about Grand Trines is that they are easy and flow toward our comfort zones - yes we can be creative in a sort of uncconcious manner not really grabbing our full mantle of destiny and making that extra effort to move forward.
The Kite Formation Disregard the planets represented in this template.

Well along comes a Taurus Sun/Moon to add to that Grand Trine and create a Kite Formation. In this our lunation becomes the 4th planet or point in Opposition (180 degrees) Jupiter one of the triangle points and forms Sextile aspects (60 degrees) to Mars and Uranus (which can open the door to acts of courage and foolish accidents). This formation looks visually like a kite (hence its name). The stress of the Opposition aspect may increase the likelihood of the Grand Trine being utilized (not just taken for granted). Ain't that a kick, all that leisurely slow, scented candle sensuous Taurus energy is just enough to get the big Huelga, Strike, No Shop Day or whatever it is being called grounded into physicallity. Or could we also be seeing the duality of major defensiveness and stress about the Grand Water Trine energy?
On May 1st with Moon in tribal, sensitive Cancer, the $ machine called commerce and consumerism will have a pause just as the last new moon in Aries pushed everything to the forefront this lunation in Taurus will create a pause, a stop, taking some time out to smell the roses.

Chart for the New Moon set for May 27, 2006Click to enlarge

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ahmadinejad Goes Over the Top Again: This Time the Price of Oil

As the price of crude oil continues to make new highs soaring on the "blow off" aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus which will be exact on May 4th, stories about petroleum or Texas Tea become ubiquitous. In fact one day after Venus and Uranus met in Pisces, the sign ruling oil, oceans and the downtrodden masses the intense, master of hyperbole President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that oil is under valued even at $72 + a barrel!
With Jupiter transiting his Sun and Neptune making for sometimes deluded announcements, Mahmoud has been a fixture in world news. As an Islamic Fundamentalist who has received the approval of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has been flexing his muscles on the international scence to the point of reckless threats. Astrologically transits like Uranus moving close to his Mars at 15Pisces. have been activating his natal Mars (traditional ruler of his Sun in Scorpio)for some unexpected moves around the commodity oil. Previously transiting Mars in Gemini made an exact opposition to Pluto @ 26 Sagittarius forming a T-SQ to his natal Jupiter/Venus conjunction in mutable Virgo on April 10th igniting Mahmoud's ability to be highly critical in his US bashing. With Pluto's continued retro. motion, this highly self-indulgent JU/VE energy becomes a criticism machine.
Maverick Chiron in his chart is closely opposed Uranus in Leo, setting him up for gradiose gestures that mask his own personal wounds dealing with past groups and associations. Soon on May 25th, an exact opposition to his natal Chiron will incite a time for him to to let go of emotional patterns which have prevented him from expressing his true self. What is that true self? Does it include the fact that Mr. President has the most evil star in the sky, Algol setting and in paran with his Jupiter as it culminates: An obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual A delineation of the upcoming Chiron opposition speaks of a painful and emotional process for Mahmoud. As a result, his particular sensitivity is rampant. "It is possible that an event or person could upset your equilibrium causing grief." That sure is an understatment since this fanatic has a true believer's Saturn (authority) in Sagittarius SQ his need for power - Pluto (his Contemporary ruler) @critical 0* Virgo. .
Oil Wars

Ahmadinejad Natal Chart

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Still Raining Still Dreaming of Sun in April 2006

If You Thought Aries Sun/Moon Meant Sun...
you were foiled again by the Uranus-Mercury conjunction in Pisces with the latest Mercury station on March 25, 2006. For those of us in the South Bay as in San Jose and Silicon Valley, the sun has vanished like shadows before the rain.
The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries didn't bring sunshine with the New Moon on March 29th only more precipitous.
After writing a long article about the Solar Eclipse coinciding with a Pluto Station at the Galactic Center, I began to dig into Astrometerology again. It is well known that eclipses correspond to powerful weather events but so do stations of planets whether direct or retrograde. It stands to reason that Pluto which always increases the intensity of whatever configuration exists would in the very least increase wind velocity. Well we got a double whammy when Mars continued to be in orb of a trine with rain producing Neptune on last Wednesday's eclipse and began moving toward an exact opposition to Pluto on April 11th.
Mars in Negative Aspect to Pluto - Windy storms all season.
Well with the reports that began to surface like: Possible Tornado Causes Damage In Merced County on Tuesday - March 30th this was not just your ordinary wind storm season.