Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Comedian Bernie Mac Dies At 50 - Triggered by Mars-Pluto difficult transit - omg! news on Yahoo!

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008),[1] better known by the stage name Bernie Mac, A stong Libra, with a Mars, Jupiter and Sun in Libra and ruler Venus in watery Fixed, Scorio @ 25 Degrees. When Bernie passed, Moon was close to 25+ Scorio both TSQ Neptune,Sun and Nodes - Perhaps most devastating was both a Jupiter Retro. @ 13 Capricorn applying to a Square with his natal Sun-Combust Jupiter and Mars...Then
a Pluto in Sagittarius (ruler Jupiter) transiting in deadly movement toward an exact SQUARE to his natal Mercury @ 28 Virgo 43 - Much less a transiting Mars on the war path @ 23 Virgo 48!
CHICAGO, IL. -- Comedian Bernie Mac has passed away at age 50, Access Hollywood has confirmed.
Chart Set for 10 AM CDT in Chicago.
He died Saturday morning in a Chicago-area hospital from complications due to pneumonia, according to his publicist, Danica Smith.
UPDATED: Comedian Bernie Mac Dies At 50 on Yahoo
Speculations of cause of death reveal: In 2005, it was revealed that the comedian suffered from sarcoidosis. He had been suffering from the inflammatory lung disease since 1983. His rep previously said Mac's sarcoidosis was not related to the pneumonia, which hospitalized the star last week. Hmmm...Jupiter has been transiting Retrograde had a deleterious effect for sure.
Bernie who was not only quick-witted with Mercury at last decante of Virgo but with a close contraparallel to Mars - a sharp, acidic wit caused audiences to crack oup.
Mac started as a stand-up comedian in Chicago's Cotton Pickin' Club. He won the Miller Lite Comedy Search at the age of 32, at which point his popularity as a comedian began to grow. A performance on HBO's Def Comedy Jam thrust him into the spotlight.
Fate or Destiny, with four TSQ's natally all invovling the Nodes, put this King of Comedy on top. Mac was one of the few African American comedic actors to be able to break out of the traditional "black comedy" genre, having roles in the 2001 remake of Ocean's Eleven and becoming the new Bosley for the Charlie's Angels sequel, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. In 2003, he also turned in an impressive performance in a small but important role as "Gin, The Store Dick" in, Bad Santa. He also starred in, Guess Who?, a comedic remake of the film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

Nodes revisited: Of course with N Node-S Node: Scorpio @ 10* 49' and Taurus 10* 49'there was a price to pay. From the standpoint that his natal Chiron @ 12 Aquairus was also involved in three of his TSQS. Let's look at the Sabian Symbol for 11 Scorpio - A drowning man rescued. Or even more appropriate for a romantic like Bernie who sometimes ungraciously (Mars-Libra) bares his soul:" A man at seaside watches a beautiful young woman simming towards the reef, where he is sitting. When she has problems getting out of the water, he reaches down and helps her as their eyes meet. "
Or 10 Taurus 49 S. Node : A woman sprinkling flowers. More graphic representation that relates to Bernie's ability to recognize the good and bad character in others plus provide guidance to the young.
"A Dutch woman pulls, weeds, plants and seeds her daughter uses a shiny tin watering can to irrigate the flowers. " How close does art resemble deep soul symbols since on the Bernie Mac Show - aired on November 14, 2001. Mac's character on the show (a stand-up comedian) was married with no kids of his own. the basic premise for the show: the character Bernie Mac takes in his sister's children after she enters rehab (a premise taken from one of Mac's routines in the 2000 film, The Original Kings of Comedy).

Speaking more of his health and prediliction to weak lungs with Chiron in Opposition to Uranus-Leo constituting one arm of a Grand Cross - the other arm those fixed nodes in Scorpio-Taurus.

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