Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse as Magicians and Shamans Play on a Stage Beset with Rumors

Deception and Victims on a Blood Red Moon or Illusions?

Everyone from bible thumping Christians to the most far out conspiracy theorist are seizing on tonight's red tinged total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec. 2010. Sure this is a big deal yet all the eclipses of the 2008 season are notable. The Aquarian event on Feb. 7tth this year that was preceded by Super Tornadoes on Super Tuesday eve began the magic. With the maximum earth shadow to occur @ 7:26 PM PT or 10:26 PM ET or 3:26 AM (2-21-08) UT this should be a magnificent visual experience for North America. See this excellent animation.

Mercury leads the Magicians @ Shamans on this Eclipse.
Fixed Stars for the chart above shows -
Deneb Adige as Mercury is Culminating orb 00 mins 10 secs -
An idea-magician; the poet, the actor or the shaman
This particular star found in the constellation Pisces - Deneb Adige is a brilliant white star in the Tail of Cygnus, the Swan. Keeping with the Piscean theme as Mercury is applying to a conjunction with Neptune (ruler of Pisces) on March 9th so that we see that Cygnus gives a contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature...
Per Robson: "It is of the nature of Venus and Mercury, and gives an ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning."
With both these orbs in air signs levitation is bound to be one of the most experienced powers...
Witness this African Shaman levitating

Mars and the Battle for Space Weapons
We are coming up within hours of on an attempt by the US Navy to shoot down a spy satellite that 'supposedly threatens our lives." Other nations are on alert because of this act as Russia claims these plans to shoot down a damaged spy satellite may be a veiled test of America's missile defense system.
As Mars (Military)now direct in Gemini and applying to an exact opposition to Pluto on March 7th is flexing it's muscles when most of the people on this planet are just plain sick and tired of war. Not only Russia is opposed to the implications of this test but China has drafted a treaty on preventing an arms race in outer space. Since last December's Pluto-Jupiter meeting in Sagittarius
the Pentagon has pushed to create the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space.

Religion, Victims and Mental Health push the Virgo-Pisces Axis

In the chart above Moon @ 2 Virgo sits in the natural house of Pisces (12th) near Saturn for some deep inner-spiritual activity. In fact the older Sabian says it all: " A large white cross stands alone on a high hill." Old age religions are starting to give way via a symbolic eclipsing process to more advanced spirituality that is grounded in our hearts. The Sun @ 2 Pisces via a more modern Sabian: "An angelfish draws its tail across its face. Spying a fisherman, it darts into the shelter fo a coral reef." This image is telling of the desire to lower one's veils and defenses vs. hiding one's feelings and offering deception in the public eye. It should prove interesting that this degree is that of Patty Hearst;s Sun, Prince's Moon or even the Timothy Leary's Uranus. This is the type of anxiety which along with the slow march of the wounded healer, Chiron in mental Aquarius along with Neptune now @ 22 Aqua. Tonight's rather emotionally, murky lunation might best be described as the revelation that America is Driving Us Crazy.

SS 10 North Again
Just like the Solar Annual Eclipse of 2-7-08 we are in the Saros Series 10 North so the same principles apply. As B Brady said “there is a very strong emphasis on communication, and, at the same time, frustrating or inhibiting events may come into the person’s life via news, paperwork or a young person." Tonight's eclipse has a powerful direct Mercury bringing forth innovation and artistic revival being near Venus. The moon is fast approaching an exact Quincunx (a degree of adjustment) with Mercury which should offer healing and news of a woman in power dealing with difficult circumstances.

Earth is Waking Up - Earthquakes all over the globe.
Leading up to tonight's event their have been multiple strong quakes most notable the 7.4 Magnitude destructive temblor near the island of Simeulue in Sumatra Indonesia - near the site of the 2004 killer tsunami. Also the swarm of quakes continues in Baja California near a dormant volcano: "Cerro Prieto". This all started right on Feb. 9th (right after the last eclipse) and Cerro Prieto sits at the exact coordinates of the over 200 hundred quakes measuring as high as 5.3 magnitude. Latest updates for these coordinates 10-degree Map Centered at 35°N, 115°W. Other parts of the world are extremely active with a 6.1 Magnitude in Southern Greece, two 5.0 + in Hindu Kush plus a rare 5.5 Magnitude in the South Atlantic.
It is likely that even though lots of pressure is being released, by the time the March 7th Mars-Pluto opposition occurs a larger quakes or volcanoes will occur in the Western Hemisphere.
Update from Feb. 21, around 12 hours after this activating eclipse
At a Magnitude 6.0 - shocks NEVADA Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 06:16:05 AM at epicenter

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Aquarian Solar Eclipse Feb 7th Demands Freedom By Any Means

PART TWO: Super Tornadoes Strike on Super Tuesday (Mars ruled)
Will the Election Process Be Enough to Keep Us Safe ?.

Two huge stories filled the TV Screens on the morning of Feb. 6th as Mars in mutable Air-Gemini applying to another opposition with Pluto. (1) Devastating Tornadoes killing dozens (2)Hillary edging Obama in close vote count. All this occured as Mercury applied to conjunction with the Sun @10:19AM PT
This destructive path symbolized by Mars had lots of help from a trine with Neptune-Vesta-N Node From an Astro-meteorological perspective @ 3PM CST for Lafayette, Tennesses shows Mars one of the triggers moving from 11th to 10th and the Aquarian Stellium which packed the wallop in the 8th moving toward IC as fast moving Moon (trigger) recently in Aquarius joining them on a voracious path of destruction to the IC or part of the North-South axis. as points East represented by ASC which moved from Cancer to Libra SQ those Capricorn stalwarts PL-JU-VE then onto Scorpio to SQ the Aquarian wind-lightening swept group in IC by 12 Midnight on Wed.
View Video of Arkansas twister leaves 11 dead - from USA Today:

All day horrific footage was broadcast among comments of masses (Uranian_ turning out to vote. Negative side of Mercury's erratic motion in Aquarius touching Sun with 55 people were killed and hundreds injured Tuesday and Wednesday by dozens of tornadoes that plowed across Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. It was the nation's deadliest barrage of twisters in almost 23 years. Yet in typical Saturn Retro. in Virgo, a meteorologist from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) was quoted as saying tornadoes were unusually lethal but not particularly rare...This is typical of 2008's most telling aspect Saturn opposing Uranus.

Bob Marley (born Feb. 6, 1945 @ 2:30 AM) epitomizes a drive for freedom and justice for the human collective. His Sun @ 17* and a potent aspect of musical genius and high energy led by Uranus. (Uranus-Gemini sextile Pluto and trine Pallas-Neptune in Libra

Aquarian planets literally scream for freedom, justice in today's atmosphere of control and anti-terrorism hysteria. This eclipse will trigger a climactic confrontation with some of the most draconian laws moving thru the House and Senate like the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 (1)
FISA has even created a secret court (established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA) (2) and now with Pluto in Capricorn
Wherever we turn, the two planets, the virtual underpinnings of this Eclipse and the subsequent geo-political events for 2008 are Saturn and Uranus.
Saturn is the mundane-ancient ruler of the Eclipse, with Uranus the modern-spiritual ruler of the Eclipse. Venus-Jupiter in Capricorn are in positive trine and sextile to these two giving a boost the motivation to end the age of war and create innovative methods to live. Currently these two are in wide opposition till they reach and exact aspect on Nov. 4th. So between now and then polarization between the these two will demand freedom and resolution. On Dec. 19th Saturn turned retrograde the same time that the Lakota Sioux declared sovereignty from the US Government (represented by Saturn). On May 3rd Saturn stations direct @ 2 Virgo and begins building the power of Structure vs. Freedom (Uranus) as this planet of erratic, sudden change finally moves backwards in August @ 22 Pisecs. The forces of supposed service and gross materialism will began fighting the most advanced, progressive Aquarian progressive visions and utopia. This eclipse and the lunar one that follows will revel in an anarchy of new thought and action.
The overall theme of the sign of Aquarius is rebellion against the established and more traditional is magnified with the 17-18th Degree so prominent in triggering power crisis where the old is vanquished in favor of the new.
Election themes that touch on 17th-18th Aquarius.
Since the major news element in the US besides the economy and domestic meltdown 4th and 10th axis is the Super Primary the day before let's look at some previous elections where this degree was featured and results were not decided by the people.
Manipulated/Glitch Filled Elections in US History

(Thanks to some great research from an article via ©Michele Adler 2008)
In the 2000 election the 17-18 Aquarius/Leo axis was prominent. Former US Vice President Al Gore who conceded the presidency to George W. Bush on Dec. 13, 2000 after a tug a war with Mercury retrograde. Gore had his converse secondary progressed Sun at 18 Aquarius 10. Transiting Uranus on that day was at 17 Aquarius 51, conjunct transiting Vesta was at 17 Aquarius 51. We recently had a conjunction of Chiron-Vesta-Mercury @ 14 Aquarius.

Another election back on Jan. 29, 1877, when the US Congress had to pass a law and form a 15-member electoral commission to settle the election of 1877, finally resolved when Rutherford B. Hayes was declared the winner, even though his opponent, Samuel Tilden, had won the popular vote. At the time, Hayes had a converse solar arc Sun at 18 Leo 23.
On Dec. 7, 1836, Martin Van Buren was voted US president after an election that was marked by the first time that a vice president selection had been thrown into the Senate. At the time, transiting Jupiter was at 18 Leo 06.
Feb. 9, 1825, John Quincy Adams was elected US president after the election was thrown into the House of Representatives. It marked the first election where a candidate didn’t receive the majority of the electoral vote. (Adams ran against Andrew Jackson who was elected president some years later.) Adams at the time had a converse secondary progressed Ascendant at 18 Leo 27. (Andrew Jackson did not have any planets or angles in 17-18 Aquarius/Leo but did have a solar arc Jupiter and solar arc Pluto at 13 Scorpio, the solstice point of 17 Aquarius.)

The two eclipses preceding the 2008 General Election for a candidate to finally replace Bush have Nodes @ 18 Aquarius/Leo 31
Respectively the Total Solar on August 1st @ 10 Leo and the Lunar Partial on Aug. 16th @ 25 Leo with Nodes 18* Aquarius/Leo 34'.
Sabian 19* Aquarius : A Forest Fire Quenched and 19* Leo: A Houseboat Party.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Solar Eclipse Feb. 6-7, 2008 -An Unexpected Degree

Part One Eclipsing the Masculine - Unmasking the Thin Veneer of Reality
One of the most important series eclipses of the decade will begin with a New Moon @ 7:44 PM PT @ 17 Aquarius 44' then at 8:20 PM the annular eclipse will begin ending at 9:31 PST. Unlike the picture above of a total eclipse in Romania 1999, the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun and only partially obscuring Earth's view of the Sun. Symbolically and literally the feminine (moon) will strike a blow to the masculine (sun). As far as Super-Tuesday, a Clinton victory is possible depending on how many women turn out. Most importantly this lunation replete with massive weather changes, economic free falls, rebellions demonstrates how quickly unexpected
changes can occur and the only stability is change.
The 17-18 degree of Aquarius is featured as magnificent catalyst disseminating truth from the bottom up-grass roots era of Pluto's recent arrival in Capricorn (Jan. 25.). Sabian for 18 Aquarius:"An ominous silence falls, as the last man at a masquerade prepares to unmask. Outside , a thunderstorm is brewing." This potent Sabian symbol of unmasking of falsehoods, poltical corruption (what else is new?), clearing the air after a rightous thunderstorm, spiritual truths and shocking revelations thrust in the open. Famous people with this degree prominent include: Madam Blavatsky-Medium of Theosophical Society (Jupiter), Frida Kahlo-Artist (Chiron), Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airpland (Mars)Joseph Campbell (Saturn) This eclipse degree has a multitude of connections which I will cover later in Part Two.
Solar eclipses are know more for external effects centered around people and events as lunar deal with internal and emotional energies. Solar eclipses are also associated with the unexpected especially with the current fixed stellium already resonatiing euphoric results of Super Tuesday as Mercury and Sun join @ 10:19 AM on the day of the event then the messenger separate for a meeting with the Maverick Chiron on 2-7-08.
Form and Function work together as Saturn-Uranus the co-ruling planets of Capricorn (the most material utilitarian sign) helps bring the visions of Aquarius even with a Venus separating sextile to Uranus. Nevertheless this is one of four potent events all touching the Nodes in Aquarius-Leo as Dragon's head brings the visions of the water bearer to all humanity as a collective. The highly personal Dragon's Tail in royal Leo has already began to unravel the elite's position especially with help from Saturn ruled Capricorn in Pluto.
This Annular Solar Eclipse occurs at 7:44 pm PST, 10:44 pm EST on February 6, 2008, and 3:44 am February 7, GMT/UT. Starting wmid-Virgo (16) rising in California, 22 Libra rising in DC, 13 Sag rising in London, 16 Sag rising in Amsterdam, and 22 Sag rising in Estonia. Istanbul has 20 Capricorn rising, Bagdad has 14 Aquarius rising, Johannesburg has 17 Aquarius rising, N. Delhi and Trivandrum both have 30 Pisces rising, while Bangkok has 28 Aries rising and Tokyo has 22 Gemini on the Ascendant. W. Australia has early Taurus rising, Melbourne has 25 Taurus rising, while Brisbane has 6 Gemini on the Ascendant.

This Solar Eclipse on Feb. 6-7th just like it's partner a Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon Feb. 20th @ 2 Virgo are part of Saros Cycle 10 North. Bernadette Brady says that this eclipse cycle first began with an eclipse on April 25, 944, at 9 Taurus. This foundation eclipse set's the tone and template with New Moon = Mercury and Saturn = New Moon/Neptune. Brady points out that the first eclipse’s New Moon is conjunct Mercury, and Saturn is on the midpoint of the New Moon/Neptune. She says that “there is a very strong emphasis on communication, and, at the same time, frustrating or inhibiting events may come into the person’s life via news, paperwork or a young person." With the Sun-Combust Mercury @ 1:19AM on Feb. 6th. The brilliance of the Sun may even overwhelm Mercury based on reason. Brady goes on to say that The person may feel tired and drained, and this therefore a good time to take things quietly and work through the difficulties one at a time." With Neptune (merging and blurring energies) close to Sun-Moon we may actually see a dream like state that tends to drain vitality.

The Chart Below Set for San Jose, CA
Has a huge 6th House with Chiron @ 15 Aquarius on the cusp. So the Maverick healer who in Aquarius is bringing innovations to the world's of health-emotional, physical and mental. The 6th house of service touches public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, working class. Of course here in the South BAy and also down in LA. connections to rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment will be prevalent. Unfortunately with today's Dow plunging based on a survey by the Institute for Supply Management, which reported that activity in the nonmanufacturing sector (SERVICE) contracted in January for the first time since March 2003. Here in Silcon Valley, service along with technology provide the lion's share of the jobs. Housing, represented by Sagittarius on the cusp and Pluto intercepted in the 4th along with a most limiting Jupiter also in the sign of the goat, is finally starting to feel the effects of the bursting bubble.

Continued to Part Two.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two Debates-Two Myths-Two Ghosts Part Two

JFK's Spirit Comes Thru Obama as Uranian Planets Electrify Debate

In my last post I told of Reagen's ghostly specter channeled recently and vividly hovering over the Republican Debates on Jan. 30th.
Now we got Kennedy's phantom visiting the debates at the glitzy Kodak Theatre on Jan. 31st. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and I have to agree their is a comparison of Barack to one of the most mythical presidents of all time JFK.
As far as celebrities go, JFK was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and the entire Rat Pack. Barack, who does not actively persuade the stars to lend their influence, already has Oprah Winfrey stumping for him along with George Clooney and even
Scarlett Johansson.
Could it be Obama's poise, quick wit, electrifying presence or the strong endorsements from Ted and Caroline Kennedy? (1)

When we click on the chart above with JFK glowing inside the inner wheel and Obama on the outside, the connections become clearer.
JFK had a First Qtr. Moon which is about dealing with crisis of action and Obama was born under a 3rd Qtr. Moon which is about crisis of concscience (dealing with moral values, and feelings of rectitude or integrity). OK the most obvious comparisons began with Obama's Mercury @1 Leo touching Kennedy's Neptune offering the highly verbal Congressman with Mars-Virgo and Moon-Gemini. As the myth of JFK (born May 29, 1917) is being resurrected with every word uttered in the Thursday night's debate don't forget that John Kennedy was youngest man (44 years old) and the only practicing Roman Catholic to be elected President - Barack (born Aug 4, 1961) who would be the first African American and just 47 years old when he would be elected. My article here is just to set the parameters and not to go into the lives of either man too deeply - with the campaign of 2008 and subsequent nomination we will see how it plays out.

Here is the astrological list of similarities between the two:
(1) Both JFK and Obama have strong Mercury energies. JFK with Sun-Venus in Gemini and Moon in Virgo ruled by Mercury and Obama with Moon in Gemini and Mars in Virgo and Jupiter-Saturn in 3rd House.
(2)Planet of innovation, freedom and sudden change Uranus @ 25 Leo in MC closely opposes JFK's in the IC both extremely potent for galvanizing the masses.
(3)TSQ's at angular positions, one of the most life changing dynamics in any chart for impactful lives.
Obama has his Uranus-N NOde opposing SNode TSQ Vesta-Ceres in Taurus. JFK Pallas-Leo MC opposing Uranus-Aquarius TSQ Mars-Mercury-Taurus (even though in 8th for tragic consequences on the cusp of the 7th speaking of enemies not so hidden).
As for the enemies of John, it has been rumored: "John F. Kennedy was murdered because he planned to pull out of the Vietnam war, "win, lose or draw", by 1965, and the Godfather of the plot to kill him was the tight-lipped group: Lyndon Johnson, McGeorge Bundy, Dean Rusk, and Robert McNamara, and they all exploited the power of their respective offices to cover up the truth." (2)
Back to astrological similiarities -
(4)Both have Chiron in Pisces giving them sort of a transcendant ability to feel the wounds of many in society. With JFK Chiron is SQ Pluto for some ultimately drastic power struggles and consequences. With Obama Chiron is SQ Moon which is about issues with his mothering or sabotaging his emotional needs.
(5)Both have Moon-Jupiter trines emphasizing an ease in relating to others, confidence, infectious enthusiasm and need to be in the public eye. Obama has Moon-Gemini in close trine to is Jupiter-Aquarius while JFK has service oriented Moon-Virgo trine his natal Jupiter in solid Taurus.
(6)JFK's Moon-Virgo ruled by Mercury touches Barack's Mars-Virgo adding a Mercurial theme where they both are mercurial, well stated public figures.
(7)JFK and Obama Fixed Stars: HELIACAL SETTING STAR Zuben Eschamali - Setting 18 mins 55 secs before Sunrise - Seeking to influence society from a position of power
Obama has two contacts with Zuben Eschamali - first: Rising at the Ascendant orb 01 mins 43 secs - A person who strives for power
Second: Zuben Eschamali as Sun is setting on On Nadir rather close orb 00 mins 30 secs - The ability to influence society through one’s work.
Unfortunately JFK had Algol as Mars is Culminating in close orb 00 mins 51 secs which told of not only the constructive power of his work but the tragic ending in Dallas.

Comparing the destiny of both personages, JFK as we can see had enemies who were willing to go to any lengths to assasinate him.
In Barck's case, Ceres-Vesta-Moon all in 7th of open enemies with a close opposition of Ceres to Hygeia (health) from Descendant to Ascendant. Note Ceres-Vesta together is about focus, dedication to nurturing and helping others. Bottom line with his Nodes Leo-Aquarius crossing the current Dragon's Head (N Node) in Aquarius and Negative Dragon's Tail (S Node) - he could be targeted by enemies even before the election if not right after inaugeration. That would be a terrible waste in this nation's chaotic state!

Watch as Obama nails Clinton on the question of her voting for the invasion of Iraq. As much as Hillary wants to evade the real motives of her decision in 2002, Barack's sharp Mars in Virgo brings home the accountable truth.

Looking at a Chart Below for Democratic Kodak Theatre Debates in center wheel and JFK Natal on Outer Wheel the obvious connections
is made.
JFK's exalted desire to better the country and create real change as represented by Uranus@ 23 Aquarius sits close to N Node, Mercury, Vesta and Neptune stellium in the 7th. These Aquarian planets veritably shout for a new vision of political manifestation. The psychic sabian symbol for 23 Aquarius 43' is about a man who turns his back on passions and teaches from experience.
JFK's Neptune @ 2 Leo near the Debate's ascendant brings in the Myth to inspire a rather vapid democratic party still hailing the Bush-Cheney-Pelosi shadow. Obama talks a great game about change and seems to contradict get along mentality and teh old age mindset based on war.
Then with JFK's strong identity in this chart's 10th of public destiny encompasing Mars-Mercury-Jupiter all together in persistent, fixed Taurus joining his Sun @ 7 Gemini. This Kennedy magical grouping of planets did electrify the air and some actually got transferred to Barack Obama and hopefully this statesman from Chicago with roots in Kenya can bring unity to the nation. A word of caution, Obama with a duplitious Gemini Moon has also brought on some buzz from certain progressive circles by bringing on Zbigniew Brzezinski as his foreign policy adviser. Despite aligning with Brzezinski, Obama, Dennis Kucinich (had to drop out) and Alaska Senator Mike GravelRon Paul are the only two candidates currently who willing to renew the constitution. Illinois Senator Barack Obama finally signed the American Freedom Pledge, encouraging the restoration of basic Constitutional principles after the battering they have taken during the Bush-Cheney era.3 Hillary did not.