Friday, March 26, 2010

Full Moon of Karma/Justice and Just Plain Anger & Fanaticism

Part One.

This next Full Moon is a monster as we advance on a new period in history. Extorically this lunation on the Aries/Libra axis with the focus on 1st and 7th house. This Full Moon is about self as the center of attention in relationship to other as the partner. As a continued divisiveness sweeps the home of the brave the possibilities of some major power shifts both from nature and man. The law has been laid down starting with Deneb Alegedi again rising over DC.
Since the last new moon in Pisces on March 15th - with Moon-Sun-Mercury-Uranus in a tight bundle in Pisces much has unfolded. Neptune the planet associated with scandals and religion has been in close orb to Chiron, the real maverick ready to trick mark of Cain out of your soul. Incidents involving relationships which moved the collective from the Vatican Abuse to Jesse James/Michelle "Bombshell" McGee/Sandra Bullock triangle affair. This soap opera distraction driven by Mars in Leo and now sustained by in a square to Venus in late degrees of Aries. Perhaps the biggest relationship debacle is the Obama/Pelosi Health Reform bill and the reactions to its passing. Or should we say manipulated reactions. To understanding the way media and the Illuminati use the divide and conquer strategy with or without Pallas in secretive Scorpio.
Neptune is on of the background themes - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation Neptune is on On Nadir when Vega is Rising orb 00 mins 21 secs -
The MSM lays it on thick with propaganda, plus the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position.

Back again to resistance and a manipulated divisive attitude per the infamous Tea Party. The political becomes personal with McCain and Palin today "There's something going on out there, my friends, there's something going on, and it's a revolution," said McCain.

If that wasn't enough, Palin continued "Let me clear the air right now," We are all that Tea Party movement." Paliin (born Feb. 11, 1964) grabs center stage even with an intro. as her natal Jupiter in Aries receives a boost from transiting Sun-Mercury-Venus all in Aries.
Sarah whips up the ground with more bullshit and false controversy as one of the "spokespersons" for the hijacked Tea Party now acknowledged by MSM as part of the lunatic fringe. McCain is as much a fascist as Obama and when we look a little deeper into the Health Care Bill - Don’t Be Fooled: Republicans Love Government Enforced Healthcare Unfortunately most of the McCain troops and tea party members forget his recent legislation: The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act This legislation from both "reptillian" senators, McCain-Lieberman if passed will
continue the Bush policies. Remember numerous Bush administration laws, Executive Orders (EOs), National and Homeland Security Presidential Directives, edicts, and various illegal acts targeting designated domestic and foreign adversaries, dissent, civil liberties, human rights, and other democratic freedoms.

The reality is this, the Brown Shirts are out in force even at a "supposed tea party rally in Arizona. Lets go into Saturday's incident where a Libertarian was Attacked for Heckling Tea Party Sarah
Caught on video Heckler Arrested At McCain Palin Rally

The coming Full Moon will mean angry people will be acting on their perceived relationships and principles with little impulse control. A Cardinal cross Fixed Squares including Pallas in revenge oriented Scorpio opposing Juno (partnerships) in stubborn but persistenct Taurus.
As more news is shouted about Catholic pedophilia (Mars in Leo) Yes we are still playing out the religious themes of sacrificial offerings as we approach the next Full Moon.
Chart Below Set for March 29, 2010 @ 10:26 PM EDT in the evil land of Mordor where the plans are hatched.

Part TwoLent, Passover and Penitence
Saturn in Libra plays a big part in the next Full Moon which precedes Passover for 2010.
(Passover in 2010 will start on Tuesday, the 30th of March) Actually it is supposed to commence on the night of a full moon after the vernal equinox.
Remember that Passover is a Jewish and Samaritan holy day and festival commemorating the Hebrews' escape from enslavement in Egypt.
Saturn is in critical 0 degrees 39 Retrograde Libra with a creepy Sabian: "a butterfly made perfect with a dart through it. " Yes Saturn is also part of a grand cardinal cross. The cross includes Saturn-Moon (Libra) opposing the Sun and on the other arm: Ceres-Pluto in early Capricorn opp. S Node in Cancer (a destiny of limitations)
Passover in 2010 will continue for 7 days until Monday, the 5th of April.
In the time after the full moon there will be a huge push for justice especially against the Vatican.

The more northern tribes knew this Moon in March as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter. It seems to be growing darker just as a major CME is ready to hit the earth from Sunspot 1057.
Quake weather for sure especially when Moon first enters Libra early AM (4:21 AM PDT) on March 29th right after Palm Sunday

When we examine the Fixed Stars for March 29, 2010 @ 10:26 PM EDT, we find some real challenges to the religion and other institutions.
The HELIACAL RISING STAR is Deneb Algedi just like the Pisces New Moon

Stars in Paran
"the Heart of the Scorpion".
Antares is rising as Saturn is Culminating orb 01 mins 39 secs -
This is about extremes and compulsions - Black versus white, a life full of the struggle with polarities
Zosma is culminating as Jupiter is On Nadir orb 01 mins 40 secs -
Zosma is the back of the lion
The Angel of Mercy; to have compassion - Curtailed passage
where the weak and victimized are helped.
Alcyone is setting Jupiter is On Nadir orb 00 mins 06 secs -
Obsessional about human rights, or with inventions that improve life
Algol is setting as Saturn is Culminating orb 00 mins 37 secs -
Establishing new boundaries through a desire to undertake difficult tasks
Despite all the growing controversies and exposures, Neptune continues to dominate the media:
Neptune is on of the background thems - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation Neptune is on On Nadir when Vega is Rising orb 00 mins 21 secs -
The MSM lays it on thick with propaganda, plus the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position
Pluto - The Crises or the Changes that Occur

Pluto is oOn Nadir when Deneb Adige is Setting orb 00 mins 03 secs -
The paranormal realm takes a high profile
Pluto is Rising when Altair is Rising orb 00 mins 07 secs -
Believing the end will justify the means

Full Moon Could Host a Series of False Flags

In the last couple of days hurried by the fiery combo of Mars in Leo trine Sun in Aries things have been happening swiftly. In a real turn around ala Moon opposing Jupiter and Uranus, Obama boosts troops in surprise Afghan visit. You might say that Mars has been transiting his natal Mercury and Sun in the 6th house of the military...Still all in all Obama is conveniently out of town till tomorrow morning. Hmmm, Congress is on vacation and isn't there a Homeland Security Exercise for the Metro? Metro to test emergency response Metro will simulate explosions between the Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom Metrorail stations and in the RFK Stadium parking lot March 28 and 29 as part of a an emergency response test funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the transit authority said Monday.

Breaking News the evening of March 28th: Russia: Dozens killed in Moscow subway blasts
WTF would this also be a False Flag?
Explosions rocked a pair of central Moscow subway stations during morning rush hour Monday, killing at least 37 people and wounding 10 others, Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry said.

The first blast occurred about 8 a.m. at Lubyanka subway station. That explosion killed 14 people aboard the train and 11 on the platform.
A quick chart set for this latest soviet bombing has Uranus-Sun-Mercury-Venus all in the 12th for some heavy behind the scenes activities. Explosive Mars in the 4th was in a dangerous square to Venus, the chart's ruler in the 12th. Mars-Venus in harsh aspect always reflect passions, aggressiveness and destruction.

Back to DC...
Where we are talking about a simulated explosion on Sunday, March 28 which will take place after midnight on a rail car in a tunnel and is supposed to represent an explosion that injures hundreds and kills several riders. Looking back in history we find training drills present from 9-11 to the 7-7-2005 London Bombings.

The Libra Full occurs on March 28th @ 10:26 PM EDT with Scorpio rising (Mars and Pluto the rulers) dealing with the secretive and hidden. Scorpio rising can deal with the usual power hungry, overestimation of ones capabilities and a generally vindictive or even malicious attitude. In tomorrow's lunation known by some of the Native American.s as the Crow Moon, Juno in materialist Taurus will be opposing the Scorpio ascendant for some desire for tangible rewards. Vesta, the asteroid dealing with commmittment and focus is near the MC and opposing Neptune in the 4th (ground zero-home town) with TSQ's to Pallas in Scorpio and Juno in Taurus. Illusions are present when Neptune is involved especially with these types of deceptions magnified with Jupiter also in the 4th in Pisces - this type of activity is driven by political ideals.
Looking at the Sabians -
Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Libra = "A canoe approaching safety thru dangerous waters."
This deals with the dangers of taking a different course yet achieving success in the end. This image calls for a shift of strategies or to deliberately obfuscate one's real intentions by performing a drill or test mimicking a terrorist drill.
Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Aries Sun = "A scholar creates new forms of ancient symbols." A better representation of this mysterious interpretation and more straight forward: "Before going out to meet the camera, an adolescent star strikes a pose in front of a round convex mirror." This Sabian screams in lucid tones about false appearances and self-serving distortions.
Chart Below for Full Moon in DC, the evil land of Mordor where the plans are hatched.

Now we look again at the Fixed Stars for DC on the Full Moon
When we examine the Fixed Stars for March 29, 2010 @ 10:26 PM EDT, we find some real challenges to the religion and other institutions.
The HELIACAL RISING STAR is Deneb Algedi just like the Pisces New Moon

Stars in Paran
"the Heart of the Scorpion".
Antares is rising as Saturn is Culminating orb 01 mins 39 secs -
This is about extremes and compulsions - Black versus white, a life full of the struggle with polarities
Zosma is culminating as Jupiter is On Nadir orb 01 mins 40 secs -
Zosma is the back of the lion
The Angel of Mercy; to have compassion - Curtailed passage
where the weak and victimized are helped.
Alcyone is setting Jupiter is On Nadir orb 00 mins 06 secs -
Obsessional about human rights, or with inventions that improve life
Algol is setting as Saturn is Culminating orb 00 mins 37 secs -
Establishing new boundaries through a desire to undertake difficult tasks

Monday, March 22, 2010

Eruptions with Fire and Ice from Iceland to DC

We are in a window when cardinal signs like Aries are activating and accelerating energies
above and below the ground. 0-1 degrees of the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are extremely critical degrees. This weekend was a perfect example these cardinal degrees in powerful aspect.
As Sun-Mercury-Venus in Aries all translate the Saturn TSQ Uranus-Pluto
events will fall like dominoes.
Last weekend's happenings were over the top in explosive frequencies combining he elements of fire (Aries) and ice (Capricorn) Starting with the first cosmic trigger on Saturday, Mercury in early Aries square to the king of the underworld, Pluto @ 1:16 AM PDT. Later on @ 10:33 AM PDT or 5:33 PM UT the Solar Core the vital Sun entered Aries to start the new season...
As soon as the Sun went into Aries an incredible TSQ was set up with opposition to Saturn in TSQ to Pluto.
Aries is an explosive sign so a literal even like Eyjafjallajökull volcano's eruption in southern Iceland was fitting.
State of emergency declared after Icelandic volcano erupts, first since 1823
From Volcano News: At the beginning of March 2010 over 3000 earthquakes were measured in a 24 hour period, with a maximum at magnitude 3.1. Mars ruler of Aries was stationing the first part of March and stationed direct in Leo on March 10th. Mars was in a trine to Venus the first planet to enter Aries and opposed Saturn (March 9th) and squared Pluto (March 11th) so by the time Mercury moved into aggressive Aries on March 17th, the glacier was ready to blow.
An eruption began near the Eyjafjallajökull glacier on 21st March 2010. Locals reported lava fountaining and a lava flow from the glacier. Residents were evacuated.
"Volcanoes are known to change the course of history and Iceland
Iceland's Laki volcano erupted in 1783, freeing gases that turned into smog. The smog floated across the Jet Stream, changing weather patterns. Many died from gas poisoning in the British Isles. Crop production fell in western Europe. Famine spread. Some even linked the eruption, which helped fuel famine, to the French Revolution. Painters in the 18th century illustrated fiery sunsets in their works."

More Fire and Ice at the House of Representatives.
Sunday March 21, 2010: The House passes the Senate Health Care Bill by a vote of 219-212
Chart set for 10:46 PM EDT has Scorpio rising with Pallas in Scorpio in the first house with the penetrating and determined strategy which achieved this vote.
Pallas is in a close square to Vesta in Leo and the Mid Heaven which relates to political fanaticism.

Thor's Hammer Comes Down
Inchart below there are multiple examples of the Thor's Hammer better known as a Quadriform: This consists of two planets in square aspect (90 degrees) and both in an octile or sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to a third planet. Most notably Mercury-Pluto in a square with both sesqui-quadrate MC/Vesta in dramatic Leo.
The energy of this aspect pattern is a little like a T-square, since it has stressful, dynamic energy. However, the octile aspects (based on dividing the circle into 8 pieces) tend to be a little more complex than the square or opposition. In this case Vesta is also in a close square to Pallas in Scorpio and both in sesqui-quadrate Mercury.
The House of Representatives passed the Senate Health Care Bill by a vote of 219-212 on Sunday,

Scorpio ascendant is in a close opposituon to Juno in Taurus (which signifies deals made involving tangible assets and gifts to get this vote.)
Mars ruler of the chart in the 9th house which represent aggression or aggressiveness on the part of those in power to get this legislation passed. While Mars transits in Leo till June 6th the fires will be churning but when Saturn continue retrograde into Virgo on April 7th new elements of service come into play. Saturn finally turns direct on May 30th but doesn't enter cardinal Libra to really upset the applecart till July 22nd.
July and August are most active and volatile period all year.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

False Flag on Anniversary of Georgia Guidestones?

Today the main brick was layed and cemented for the government take over of health care (Neptune). After a long fought strategic battle, the bill has been approved and ratified by the House. Despite tremendous public opposition, Obama and Pelosi representing the forces of Mars in Leo and Sun in Aries have rammed this bill into law. For the mainstream media this will be hailed as a huge victory but with Sun in a TSQ to Saturn-Pluto the timing of this Health Care Reform legislation is far from excellent. In the relentless march to a world government and totalitarian rule there could other events looming. Potentially something even darker than a new government nationalization of Health Insurance Industry. From a non-occult source the media particularly CNN something else is brewing, something which has been hidden for 30 years.
Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia's 30-year stone mystery
We will get back to that later...

Also the word came out from Infowars that a False Flag could be Imminent?
Is that because the Illuminati want to take advantage of the power of the Equinox per 3-22-2010? Or is it because Iran must be attacked to fulfill some kind of sick prophecy?
No actually Infowars received the following forwarded email:
"Just learned that there’s a Navy-wide exercise this coming Mon. Mar. 22 and Tues. Mar. 23 during which, as currently planned, U.S. bases/ commands will be at ‘Charlie’ (C) security level on Monday and then at DELTA (D) security level on Tuesday, March 23. To the best of my knowledge, the last time we were at ‘Delta’ was the day of 9/11, then reduced not too long after 9/11 to ‘Charlie’. My understanding is that the base security levels correspond to DEFCON levels, and that Delta is very high."
Let's take a look at the possibilities especially for Tuesday, symbolically a Mars day when an attack could happen. Here is a chart set for the start of the critical First Qtr. @ 7 AM EDT. When the Moon in Cancer squares Sun in Aries (Aries Sun ruled by militaristic, violent and aggressive Mars)
Uranus-Sun rising for the unexpected or sudden event with Mercury-Venus both in Aries in the first house of impetus, action and striking first. Most notably is that Saturn sits on the 7th in the house of open enemies where partners could create mayhem in an opposition to Sun in Aries. Thus Sun is applying to a square with Pluto the destroyer
when change is demanded. The Sun represents leaders who now are foisting their power on others. Pluto is also a time for secrecy, purification and strategic movements.
Pluto is at the top of the chart where executive power lives and is opposing the Moon in the 4th (the people and folk soul of the nation). Like it or not we have a Cardinal Grand Square when major events can occur. I pray that this doesn't happen...

“The nationwide exercise is the largest Anti-terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) exercise in the country,” Navy Compass reported on Friday. “It is designed to enhance the training and readiness of Naval Security Force personnel to respond to threats to installations and units, leveraging all processes security forces would implement in the event of an actual emergency.”

Tomorrow March 22, 1980 marks the 30th anniversary of the unveiling of the notorious Georgia Guidestones. Yes 322 the number of the skull and bones. Everything about the guidestones is as mysterious as the monuments themselves and for the last 30 years many truth seekers have tried to make sense of this
monument to a New World Order. Perhaps the best article to read regarding the decoding of the GA Guidestones is from Van's Hardware Journal.

I wrote extensively on the Astrological and Occult Nature of the Georgia Guidestones back on my blog on Jan. 1, 2010.

Vatican & Ratzinger on Fire with Scandals

The Vernal Equinox began in Rome @ 6:33 PM CET - 1:00 in Rome as the Aries Sun began to level
thousands of years of behavior for the clergy. Accusations of sexual abuse is everywhere
from Germany to Ireland. No matter how much cover up is attempted or massive denial is hurled towards these charges of chronic child abuse, the story won't go away.
The last new moon in Pisces (on March 15th) with Moon-Sun-Mercury-Uranus all transiting over Ratzinger's natal Mercury, a cardinal firestorm was being lit. In the equinox chart set for Rome
we see the power of transiting Uranus and Sun together over the Pope's natal Uranus @ critical zero degrees Aries and TSQ to Mars-N node (Cancer) and S Node Capricorn.
His authority is further crumbling along with his credibility and the exposure of his lies is happening. We should be aware that the current cardinal
Sun-Saturn-Pluto TSQ, will take no prisoners. As we head toward the end of May when Uranus enters Aries, this incident will continue to explode and will result in the final death knell for the patriarchal and "celibate" system of control.

Pope Benedict accused of ignoring abuse allegations against Hullerman
NOT long after a portly, jovial priest in the German industrial city of Essen was accused of sexually abusing three boys in 1979, he was offered a new home in Munich by Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI.
In Ireland we hear that : Papal letter fails to calm anger over Irish abuses
DUBLIN—Pope Benedict XVI's unprecedented letter (Mercury in Pisces) to Ireland apologizing for chronic child abuse within the Catholic Church failed Saturday to calm the anger of many victims. Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius who accused the Vatican of ducking its own responsibility in promoting a worldwide culture of cover-up.

Now the Victims Demand Action and Redress with Neptune/Chiron together in Aquarius

Benedict's message—the product of weeks of consultation with Irish bishops, who read it aloud at Masses across this predominantly Catholic nation—rebuked Ireland's church leaders for "grave errors of judgment" in failing to observe the church's secretive canon laws.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vernal Equinox 2010 - Cardinal Flashpoints, Red Crests and Deneb Algedi Rising

The Vernal Equinox begins in the Northern Hemisphere @ 10:33 AM PDT to commemorate the first day of Spring. The Spring Equinox is the best time to start new things and fulfill our dreams. Since we have Sun in the sign of the awakening of primal forces and asserting your will.

Deneb Algedi the Heliacal Rising Star in DC
In Washington,DC. the Equinox begins
at 1:33 PM with Deneb Algedi the HELIACAL RISING STAR - Rising before Sunrise -
Seeking the legal, physical or metaphyical laws that govern the world
Staring us in the rump is the Health Reform bill now the primary story & phenomena is Deneb Algedi and yes Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto which is ready to move backward on April 6th. (the day before Saturn moves back into Virgo).
Yes it is about a government push to get this legislation passed.
End Close, Health Care Battle Tilts Obama's Way

Let's look at that dark transformer, Pluto compared to the annual themes for this time of year: The Crises or the Changes that Occur
Pluto is on On Nadir when Deneb Adige is Setting orb 00 mins 03 secs -
The paranormal realm takes a high profile which is more than just a familiar concept with the last Piscean wave. So now we are dealing with the constellations Cygnus. Deneb Adige, is a brilliant white star in the tail of the Swan (Cygnus). .
Pluto is also Rising when Altair is Rising orb 00 mins 07 secs -
Believing the end will justify the means which sounds familiar in a culture of greed.
Or The star corresponds to a combination of Mercury and Venus influence and is therefore favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain.

Looking at the chart below:
We see Cancer rising @ 21 degrees 23 - "A woman awaiting a sailboat."
But more importantly besides climactic anxiety is that all the angles are cardinal.
Anxiety is building with Neptunian themes too with Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius in mutual reception to Uranus in Pisces all relating to waterways from rivers to oceans. Now in Fargo, N.D. residents are preparing for the worst as the Red River is expected to reach its maximum water level soon.
N.D. Resident Fear Red River Crest

Speaking of cardinal climaxes. Mars the ruler of the Sun is in the first while the chart's ruler the Moon is in the 11th. near Algol. No matter how you spin it or slice it, Algol is bad news. Algol has been called the Demon, the Demon Star, and the Blinking Demon, from the Arabians' Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Hea
The most explosive is that the Sun at the top of the chart starting a new cycle of Spring. The Sun representing executive authority is in close opposition to Saturn (where boundaries are formed with conflicts, lack of confidence in current leadership.
Even more of a flashpoint is that the Sun along with Mercury is in a TSQ to Pluto.
with the MidHeaven @ 4 Aries with this illuminati symbol: "A Triangle with Wings"
This also has to do with aviation, especially with the significance of signias and design of aircraft (wings and proportion), coats of arms and emblems, butterflys and insects, constellation patterns, Sailing and boats - especially sail design and also in architecture So we see that in this case the Aries Sun relates to Obama and his own version of a New World Order.

Also the HELIACAL SETTING STAR is Royal Regulus in the constellation Leo which - Setting 71 mins 01 secs before Sunrise - A strong belief or should we say audacity bordering on arrogance. This is a star that supports the supposed correctness of one's position, or path. Regulus is called Cor Leonis, the Lion's Heart, and symbolically the Crushing Foot. Since Regulus is part of an annual themes we should look toward an innate quality
like: A noble, righteous act that inspires the nation It is no accident that the Demos and other Elite are pushing this bill despite the games and charades being played out on the American people.

Deneb Algedi, is a star in the Sea Goat's tail. According to Robson (p.159) it is symbolically called the "Judicial Point of the Goat".
We can see the health bill is the primary phenomena with this star.
Yet there is another "aspect by longitude) where the Moon @ 26 Taurus 13 is applying toward a conjunction with Algol known as a Kali-like vortex of fema passion and intensity.
Using Fixed Star parans, Algol is setting while Saturn is Culminating orb 01 mins 57 secs -
Establishing new boundaries through a desire to undertake difficult tasks
Another more ancient evaluation (per Robson*, p.160.) of this paran with Algol and the ringed planet is:
With Saturn: Great power over animals and poisonous reptiles, indifferent to study, knowledge of many secrets of nature, feared, unpleasant appearance and life, bad for marriage, death of or separation from parents in youth, secluded end of life.
More importantly is that the Moon in Taurus is in sextile to Uranus amping up the psychic excitement. Uranus @ 26 Pisces 46 is per Sabian Symbol - the harvest moon.
An image of wholeness or should we say completion ala Sun Tzu in the 6th century BC
"A king contemplates the battlefield by the light of a new moon,. while ministers of differing temperaments give him conflicting advice. " Sure the halls of Congress and the recesses of the Senate could be the battlefield to force this mandatory, id pushing health legislation thru.

Note too that Neptune is in the background with this theme - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation since Neptune is on the On Nadir when Vega is Rising orb 00 mins 21 secs -
Propaganda, the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part Two: Mars-Leo Grabs Hold with Reception to Aries

Today Mercury joined Venus in Mars ruled Aries to add to a powerful, sympathetic reception to roaring Mars in Leo.
Mars in all his imperial, confident and arrogant arm twisting has been working overtime
since the March 10th station. Both Leo and Aries are hot, impatient signs that tend to demand their own way. The Pisces New Moon hosted a controversial lunar-solar-Uranian-Mercury conjunction in generally non-violent Pisces. Stories of the massive Thai
protest began to creep into mainstream.
Thai protesters give blood to splatter Government
"Supporters of ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra say they will continue their protest today by pouring 1,000 litres of their own blood on the steps of parliament."
March 16, 2010: Moon now in Mars ruled Aries with Sun meeting Uranus for some major protests around the world
In astrology both Jupiter (circulation of blood) and Mars (vitality-iron in blood) relate to blood and red corpuscles.
Currently Jupiter and Astrae (justice) in Pisces are in a sesquiquadrate (135 degree aspect) to Mars now direct in Leo which creates agitation.

Tiger is Back at the Masters

Things have also been happening fast when it comes to sports drama which correlate with Mars in Leo. For instance: Yesterday with Moon in Mars ruled Aries Tiger Woods Announces Return to Golf at Masters Yes ll systems are a go for Tiger since Mars moved direct on March 10th to conjunct his natal Saturn in Leo (Tiger Woods born Dec. 30, 1975). Looking ahead on April 8th transiting Saturn will have moved into Virgo further separating from a square to Tiger's Natal Sun in Capricorn.
By the time the Masters comes around, Venus-Mercury and the Sun in Aries will have made transits over Tiger's Jupiter (monetary expansion and ethics) for a big financial and PR boosts. Happy ending but not always with Mars.

Pressure Drop on Dennis

I said pressure drop, oh pressure, oh yeah pressures gonna drop on you
Dennis Kucinich (born Oct. 8, 1946) with Mars ruled Aries rising has been one of the staunchest opponents to the Pelosi-Obama Health Care juggernaut recently deemed dead on arrival until recent changes. Dennis who is known for his stubborn yet peaceful stance with Mars in determined Scorpio in the seventh to push his peace at any price Sun-Neptune in balancing Libra. Obama who now has Mars transiting direct over his Mercury in Leo which is inspiring Barry's confident and firmly convincing arguments. Obama's natal Mars is also in the 7th but in Virgo opposing his Pallas in Pisces (usually a proponent of nonviolent protest. )
this turn about by Dennis was considered a major flip flp....
The representative from Ohio has repeatedly voiced his opposition to the bill, calling it “a giveaway to the insurance industry”
Democrats have been pushing Kucinich to vote "yes." Just yesterday at an event in Ohio, President Obama responded to an audience member yelling out "Vote Yes!" by laughing and saying, "Did you hear that, Dennis?"
Even those liberals like Daily Kos founder were harsh of recent in criticisum “I’m going to hold people like Dennis Kucinich responsible for the 40,000 Americans that die each year from a lack of health care.” Moulitsas stated Mars twisting the sword deeper...
Finally today right before Mercury moved out of Void of Course and into Aries, Dennis with Sun-Neptune-Chiron in indecisive Libra made made an annoucement.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich to vote "yes" on health care ennis Kucinich (born Oct. 8, 1946) was definitely under tremendous pressure when he agreed to support Obama's Bill on March 16th.
At that time there was Transiting Uranus-Sun-Mercury has all passed his natal Moon and Vesta in Pisces sensitive in the 12th drawing him out. His Vesta in Pisces has added to his live devoted to service. But the real arm twister cam with
Transiting Leo Mars (physical pressure) is in conflict with his Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (wanting to bring meaning and purpose in harmony). Remember I said in my last blog entry regarding Pelosi with Astraea-Sun-Jupiter all in confrontational, Mars ruled Aries: the "" We are seeing her determination even rage on the upswing via a Mars conjunction to her natal Pluto (the power grabber) in her first house. Transiting Mars is also square her stubborn Saturn in Taurus - watch out for the horns.
Well the horns in the guise of Obama pierced Dennis. Dennis with Pallas (political strategy) in solid Capricorn has become the goat as transiting Pluto immersed him in darkness. Not everyone is happy about his decision even calling it a betrayal:
Kucinich Sells Out On Health Care After Ride In Air Force One

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quake Weather - After the New Moon

Definition: Earthquake weather
"Earthquake weather is a type of weather popularly believed to precede earthquakes.
A modern theory proposes that certain cloud formations may be used to predict earthquakes, however, this idea is rejected by most geologists." But what do they know
now that more and more pictures and video have been released of the skies before the Feb. 27, 2010 Monster 8.8 that struck offshore Maule, Chile @ 3:34:14 AM LMT with Capricorn the Seagoat rising near N Node and Pluto in Capricorn in the 12th
approaching the Tsunami oriented Pisces Moon. Also the weather planet Mercury was headed toward a conjunction with Neptune-Chiron.
Strange sky before earthquake.MP4

After yesterday's rather hysterical Pisces New Moon many people are understandibly on edge. Mercury, the weather planet had separated from a conjunction with Uranus and was Void of Course - a most unstable time. Changes or unusual conditions in the weather can manifest...Lots of chatter about chemtrails on the West Coast and especially in Southern Cali. Even here in the Bay Area a fast acting cloud cover appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

This morning's Pico Rivera shaker didn't help everyone's nerves as Moon was barely separating from an opposition to Saturn in Libra heading toward a square to the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto. Even though this quake was only a 4.4 magnitude earthquake which hit at 4:04 AM Tuesday. Yes 4 + 4 = 8 a number associated with Pluto and the 8th house. The earthquake was centered in Pico Rivera near the 605 Freeway. The quake chart just screams earth changes and hidden dangers had Capricorn rising @ 25 degrees - N Node- Pluto-Ceres all in the 12th. all square todays' super activating Aries Moon. From this recent article: "according to the U.S. Geological Survey today’s quake may have been associated with the Puente Hills blind thrust fault (blind refers to the fact that it can not be seen on the earth’s surface)."

April will be a month of sustained change to say the least now that Mars is direct in Leo
and will be translating powerful vibrations once Mercury and Venus enter fixed Taurus the first week in April. Even the Pelosi critter a "solar Ram" with Sun-Jupiter-S Node is getting a political blood infusion. We are seeing her determination even rage on the upswing via a Mars conjunction to her natal Pluto (the power grabber) in her first house. Transiting Mars is also square her stubborn Saturn in Taurus - watch out for the horns.
Word is out that she is leading more deceptive tricks to get her way. Pelosi tactic, known as a "self-executing rule."
This political sleight of hand reflects tonight's Sun-Uranus conjunction where sudden events controversial, radical proposals, Unexpected actions, and some “first time" actions.
Under this tactic, the House could simultaneously approve the Senate version of the bill while voting on the package of changes. This would "deem" the Senate bill passed, though not directly show members voting in favor of passage.

Today's EQ in Pico was sharp and felt like a trigger for some major activity. Except now after the Haitian and Chilean Mega Quakes, we all know that the next series on the West Coast will be more than just arousing. Like they say it is not a question of if but when.
One of the most vulnerable places per the New Moon catalysts is Japan with the entire Pisces Stellium crossing the ascendant for Tokyo's lunation.
Pisces rising @ 27 degrees in mutual reception to Neptune and opposing Saturn on the 7th
and Pluto in the 10th. Some powerful angles which can be set off before the next Saturn-Uranus opposition on April 26th.

Also we need to keep in mind that the Sun is highly active too which effects quake weather. "A solar wind stream is heading for Earth, and so is a coronal mass ejection (CME). Together, they add up to a geomagnetic storm alert for March 17th and 18th."
In typical Uranian fashion the CME will brighten Arctic skies already alive with Northern Lights and maybe even more stargates.
In addition to a growing solar prominence, huge sunspot 1054 is putting on a good show near disk center. The active region has a "beta-gamma" magnetic field that harbors energy for C- and M-class solar flares.
Stay tuned for the next two weeks from Bio-Bio Chile to Petrolia, CA to Arkansas. Triggers for tremors and accompanying weatther
with Mercury's ingress tomorrow and Sun on the Vernal Equinox into the sign of the Ram to translate the compressed energies from the Saturn-Pluto square

Monday, March 15, 2010

Between the Storms - Pisces New Moon and Beyond

Not only have we had one of the most watery, spiritual and intensely changeable
lunations of the year today but we are about to be thrust into overdrive.
Today like a cosmic keyboard player striking whole octaves of chords simultaneously the Moon touched the Sun @ 25 degrees 10 minutes Pisces then went on to meet Uranus and Mercury. Even though the opportunities for psychic, even spiritual growth and ultimately the soul's flight to freedom, many influences were divided per the Sabian Symbol.
Yet there are much more strident influences in the background with Mars direct and Moon's ingress into hot tempered Aries @ 11:32 PM. A more modern symbol for 26 degrees Pisces
speaks of decisions involving war. Symbol: "A king contemplates the battlefield by the light of the new moon, while ministers of different,temperaments give him conflicting advice." Keep in mind that Mercury which in conjunction with Uranus reflected sudden changes and disturbances along with controversial protests from Greece to Thailand. Now until March 17th @ 9:12 AM, Mercury is Void of Course offering more unusual conditions in the weather along with hurricane force winds. The day started out with a severe weather event: Panic as cyclones ravage Fiji. This description of hysteria and confusion echoes today's Pisces Moon in spades.
The most populated areas looked set to escape the worst fury with the eye of one cyclone steering away from Suva. However, officials were Cyclone

Tomas batters Fiji
Fiji has declared a state of emergency

Chances are that with Mercury-Sun changing sign into super-active Aries, we may not see much of respite as tornadoes or even a rare hurricane hits the Mid West and the Bible Belt from OK to Arkansas. Below is a picture of the skies right before Katrina hit with all her fury on Aug. 29, 2005 with Neptune Retro in Aquarius and opposing Mercury and Saturn in Leo. It is interesting that the Aries ingress coming in the next few days to mark the Equinox will be touching the North Node of the Katrina chart in by early April 2010.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Part One: The Lion Roars with the Sun - Have No Fear Cause Dark Matter is Here

You can feel a change of atmosphere, a turn over of power as we fast approach the Mars station in Leo tomorrow. Drama abounds to Jihad Jane (another MK asset ) to Eric J.J. Massa the "fool on the hill. " Just an aside Eric J.J. was born Sept. 16, 1959 with Sun-Mercury in Virgo opposing the current Pisces Stellium making him just a little unpredictable . Plus the current Saturn-Venus TSQ Pluto in cardinal signs is hitting his N Node-Mars-Vesta in Libra making him the poster boy for being unbalanced.
His resignation came yesterday under more than suspicious circumstances along with today's dog and pony show. Massa is dealing with a real performance oriented transit from Mars to his natal Juno-Neptune-Pallas all in Scorpio. Just with Juno in Scorpio conjunct his Neptune, there is a controlling intensity mixed with jealousy in his demeanor as Mars continues to roar.

With the recent ingress of Aries, it might make sense make sense that the Hurt Locker (a military drama) defeating a peaceful Pandora called Avatar. The country is the boil with rage and the hyper aggression of Mars retro. in daily random shootings. You say that Chiron-Neptune are transiting in Aquarius putting out a collective vengeance that constantly contradict the "logical"by embracing escapism or drugs. Also unavoidable are a whole bunch of fishy planets like Jupiter (exaggeration) Mercury (communications) Sun (identity) all rushing to meet Uranus the shocker in oceanic Pisces.

Something Fishy This Way Comes.
Speaking of fishing and controlling the wilderness (Pluto in Capricorn) , Agenda 21 is about to rear it's ugly head as Obama is moving to limit fishing access.
We are talking about big time restrictions ala the first Saturn-Pluto square on Nov. 15th. Not even public input:
The Obama administration will accept no more public input for a federal strategy that could prohibit U.S. citizens from fishing some of the nation's oceans, coastal areas, Great Lakes, and even inland waters.
More deceptive fishiness with the WTF story about Jihad Jane
She stated in her e-mails "that her physical appearance would allow her to 'blend in with many people' which 'may be a way to achieve what is in my heart,'" the indictment states.

We are just seeing the effect of the cardinal signs come into play to translate the light from the master blaster TSQ of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto as Venus triggers in Aries.

News from the LHC - A Dark Universe Revealed from Cern.
GENEVA, Mar. 8, 2010 (Reuters) — Dark matter, which scientists believe makes up 25 percent of the universe but whose existence has never been proven, could be detected by the giant particle collider at CERN, the research center's head said Monday.
This is the same Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which has already caused one wormhole over Norway on November. 9, 2009. As stated this could be the first machine to give us insight into the dark universe the yin to the yang of light. Despite the faulty stream of disinformation from the MSM, we are thrust in a world of stargates and time acceleration coming to the midpoint of the Galactic Sixth Night.
Quote: "We are opening the door to New Physics, to a discovery period."
Keep in mind that Uranus-Sun-Mercury together is all about first time events even if they seem highly manipulated.

Here is a Chart Set for Mars to station direct @ 12:09 PM in Washington DC @ 0 degrees Leo

You can feel a change of atmosphere, a turn over of power as we fast approach the Mars station in Leo tomorrow.
Notice the Sabian Symbol for 1 degree Leo: indicates major reactions: "Under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man's head." Looking at the chart below we see Uranus-Sun-Mercury all at the top of the chart in very unstable Pisces. This is combination of multiple upsets, sudden events, radical proposals/pronouncements, controversial or surprising actions as we can see.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Foggy Conditions, Risky Acts and Red Flags

Today's Scorpio Moon has been hosting non-stop action mixed with risky, unexpected behavior. With both Mars and Venus void of course we are seeing a rash of emotional decisions precipitate action. Risks are taken irrationally and Impulsive decisions later prove troublesome. We are enveloped by literally foggy conditions on the road.
Here is the quote from the article below: " Foggy conditions are believed to have led to the accident shortly before 8 a.m." Aries was rising @ 7:58 AM CST to start the 30 car pile up...
Fog Causes Massive Pileup on Wisconsin Highway, 15 Injured

At the time of the multiple car accident, Aries was rising @ 24 degrees relating to Mars ruled Scorpio Moon. The Sabian Symbol for 25 Aries: "A double promise reveals it's inner and outer meaning. "
Conditions worsened
Neptune relates to fog and is moving into a square with the Moon
Neptune ruled Pisces hosts a surprise conjunction of Uranus-Venus in this mutable water sign.
Giving the bang to the pileup is Ceres in accident prone Sagittarius perfecting with a square to Venus-Uranus. In this case the Neptune/Chiron conjunct the Pisces stellium including Mercury (in detriment in Pisces) are found in the collective/mass 11th house. So Mercury was conjunct Jupiter expanding the reports to 38 vehicles!
these visually driven Pisces planets are keeping the video records coming - Raw Video: Cars Pile Up On U.S. 41

Just to keep the seemingly bizarre and vicious excitement going in Wisconsin this story
of Bear biting woman's fingers conjures images of more "large animal attacks".
Large animals are ruled by 12th house and guess what the woman's boyfriend was also bitten plus alcohol was a factor.
In astrology the 12 house corresponds to Pisces an instutional lockdowns.
Manitowoc - A zoo in Manitowoc was shut down for the day after a bear bit off at least two of a woman's fingers.
Police say the 47-year-old had gone past barriers and warning signs at the Lincoln Park Zoo and was apparently trying to feed two bears about 11:30 a.m. Friday.

Video is now omnipresent as a sign of these Pisces transits to Uranus as the shockwaves keep coming. Things have been compulsively enveloped in a weird strangeness since the Moon entered Scorpio on March 3rd. This lunar trigger with ancient ruler Mars has accelerated
the pace for nefarious events.

Even this evening reports of Nellis Air Force base on lockdown we see the influence of Mars in Leo put out in the open.
Military News Events are front and center with Mars ready to turn around 3-10 in Leo.
Speculations are rampant: With this Scorpio-Pisces combo strong plus SQ. to Neptune for more confusion.
So say this Bomb Scare is a ruse for an attack on Iran or even a failed Stargate.
The current massively Neptune-Pisces imaginations, tendency toward escapism, and major gullibility

Threat forces Nellis Air Force Base's main gate to be locked down.
Officials at Nellis Air Force Base say a threat made by someone at the main gate forced it to be locked down for a few hours Friday afternoon. It happened around 3pm.
Since the crazy antics of the John Patrick Bedell shooting at the Pentagon, the Mainstream and media elite's have fallen all over each other to demonize 9/11 Truth and marijuana.
Sensationalized and even called by that some media arms as the "suicidal warrior" which of course relates to Uranus-the 12th House-Neptune and of course 8th house Scorpionic Matters.
Now the lone wolf card is dealt along with another False Flag event.
Pentagon Shooter's Anti-Government Rants

The shooting took place @ 6:40 PM on Thursday night with Virgo rising @ 22 degrees: "A lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena. "