Monday, January 31, 2011

"The dawn of a new day, everything has changed." Aquarian New Moon Pt. One

Huge collective events are approaching as we head for Wednesday's New Moon in Aquarius. A march of millions is planned in Egypt in the Northern part of the globe while Southern Hemisphere,hosts a giant tempest. Without digressing we see that a monster
storm will batter Queensland, as if they haven't had enough punishment this year:
Major Tropical Cyclone Yasi is larger than Texas and will hit Queensland by mid week
All will be touched by this lunation
Aquarian New Moon Chart set for 9:30 PM EST in Washington, DC
with Libra rising @ 3 degrees - Sabian says it all: "The dawn of a new day, everything changed. " Juno is on the ascendant TSQ Venus and Uranus to help balance the power of masculine/feminine along with right/left brain thinking.
Venus square Uranus will accent powerful women along with first time events.
So we have Juno-ASC opposing Jupiter-Uranus (expansion of sudden change) on the access of self and partnership. They are crossed by S Node (past gifts some are psychic) in nurturing Cancer opposing N Node/Vesta and Pluto. Vesta in Capricorn is about using structure and disciple for personal integration - A Grand Cross that signifies complete change of policy for the US in the middle east. Now that Mars meets the Sun motivating our basic identity to enter
into new realms of consciousness to precede the beginning of the Universal Underworld. Saturn sits in the first house reminding us that the US is undergoing
her 8th Saturn return exact on March 9th when the Unity Wave will began to spin all of us off our axis unless we head into a more heart felt balance.

Since he last New Moon in Capricorn (also a Partial Solar Eclipse) on January 4th @ 4:03 AM EST, things have been changing fast especially in the middle east.
Jan. 4th was the third conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus when it squared the Galactic Center a opened a portal for humanity to take that cosmic plunge toward healing.
Back to the present when all eyes on Egypt heading toward the super-revolutionary New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 3rd. @ 4:30 AM EET - 2:00 in Cairo. I should say the those eyes that aren't being manipulated by the mainstream media per Mercury in Cap. along with Pluto-Vesta (focus) -Pallas (strategy) all in a most controlling Cappy. But others are turning to the Temple Mount and the recent encounter with an "Arcturian Craft" aka UFO. In true Aquarian group/mystic style per James Gilliand of ECTI - the Group of Forty (which is led by David Miller an Arcturian channel) did a group meditation led by the Arcturians to open a "ladder of Ascension " over the Dome of the Rock. Hey wait a minute, can you say deception
as a news story came out: World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast Project Blue Beam finally announces itself...
Here are two views side by side:
Jerusalem UFO Two Videos Synchronized Best UFO Footage ever
Closer look from American tourist

Looking at a BiWheel chart with the Egyptian New Moon set for Feb. 3rd. @ 4:30 AM EET - 2:00 in Cairo on the outer ring. The inner wheel has the chart set for Egypt's declaration as a republic no longer encumbered by Britain or Farouk's son
back on June 18, 1953 @ 11:30 AM GMT. The Aquarian Stellium are bringing rebellion as they pass over the 10th house of presidents and prime ministers. The restrictive Capricorn stellium (Node-Vesta-Pluto) all oppose the Republic's Mars in Cancer in the 3rd. house of communication as the internet kill switch has been pulled. The republic's Uranus-Ceres-Mercury also in Cancer are opposed by transiting Pallas in totalitarian Capricorn.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magnetic Mayhem, Fixed Stars on the Wolf Moon Part Two

As moon rise approached, the sky transformed into hues of red at sunset. The deep red dusk reflected off the Sierra snowpack as the Wolf Moon made it's appearanc

Part Two :

Now that Sun entered Aquarius to join Mars things have really heated up
as solar winds continue to blast us and new threats of earth changes approach.
From Nat. Geo - the dreaded Yellowstone Super Volcano
Yellowstone Has Bulged as Magma Pocket Swells
Yellowstone National Park's supervolcano just took a deep "breath," causing miles of ground to rise dramatically, scientists report. This is one caldera we don't
want to blow. Yellowstone's caldera, which covers a 25- by 37-mile (40- by 60-kilometer) swath of Wyoming, is an ancient crater formed after the last big blast, some 640,000 years ago.
A prominence that was raining plasma onto the sun's southwestern limb yesterday erupted during the early hours of Jan. 20th. Here is a movie that captures the the eruption...

Magnetic Mayhem
Today an incredible story came from the FAA about magnetic disturbances and GPS.

FAA warns of ongoing GPS issues in southeastern US due to Defense Department 'tests'
Don't panic, but anyone planning on using GPS in the southeastern US for the next month or so will likely want to make sure they have a fallback option. That's according to a flight advisory just issued by the FAA, which warns pilots that their GPS signal "may be unreliable or unavailable" due to "GPS tests" that the Department of Defense will be conducting between January 20th and February 22nd

The sun has been far from quiet with continuous solar rain, eruptions and flares
like the one above.
Magnetic Mayhem Part 3

Returning to the chart set for July 19, 2011 in DC @ 4:21 PM EST
we noticed Jupiter-Uranus near the top of the chart in the 9th house of foreign
lands like China our new partner since both oppose Juno at the IC.
Mercury(ruler of Virgo) is in the sixth house of jobs/service and health square Saturn in the 4th house of domestic value along with real estate/homes and agriculture. This square is bringing stinging hard, cold reality and with the bare facts. With can we face reality after yesterday Full Moon?
The Full Moon on Jan. 19th. set for Washington DC has Jupiter-Uranus transiting the 9th house of connected to foreign relations/affairs
Jupiter (part of a mystic rectangle) in this case relates to finance and trade relations with the Sun sextile Uranus and Jupiter for proposals, deals and mergers. China Plants Flag on Constitution Avenue
Jupiter is also the ruling planet of the the July 4, 1776 Sibley chart with Sagittarius rising @ 12 degrees.
Jupiter combined with Uranus is bringing upheavals and revolution to our financial system. China Plants Flag on Constitution Avenue
I say this because Neptune/Chiron are also transiting over the 8th house of debt owed and of foreign investment. China is collecting and big deals have been made.

Alpheratz - Culminating at the Mid-heaven orb 00 mins 20 secs -
To see oneself as independent of one's culture or society

Acumen or M7 is an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion - Rising 63 mins 06 secs before Sunrise -
Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumors
Acumen is of the nature of Mars and the Moon. It effects the eyesight and causes blindness of one or both eyes, if in conjunction with an afflicted luminary or in conjunction with a malefic that afflicts the luminaries. The opposition seems to be equally important. [Robson*, p.117.]

Capella - Setting 09 mins 57 secs before Sunrise -
Capella is a white star in the constellation Auriga. Capella is the 6th largest star in the sky and marks the goat that the Charioteer is carrying on his left shoulder. Related to: Believing in, and seeking, ideals. freedom and fairness.
Per Robson: When Capella is Setting; the curiosity of the native may lead him to reject and insult the underlying mores of the society in which he lives. The result could be ill will of the populace, leading to death or injury from actions of the people, or even (especially if aspected by malefics) death by public execution. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990

RISING - Stars of Your Youth
El Nath as ¨ Venus is Setting orb 00 mins 16 secs -
Taking a contra or antisocial attitude
Al Rescha rising with the Moon is rising On Nadir orb 00 mins 26 secs -
A really fishy star Al Rescha, or Al Rischa, derived from the Arabians' Al Risha', the Cord found in the constellation Pisces. the Knot of the Cord, formed by the joining together of the ends of the ribbons that binds the two Fishes by the tail.
To be blessed with good friends

Meteorolgical Phenomenon

Aldebaran as Rising as Venus is Setting orb 01 mins 06 secs
- Danger and loss through floods storms shipwreck or drownin
The social commentator, or creative person who is accepted by society
ALCYONE is prominent and relates to delugers.
Alcyone is rising as Mars is Culminating orb 01 mins 17 secs -
The critic, the commentator on social ills
Facies, is the nebula in front of the Archer's face and is rising as Mercury is Rising orb 01 mins 45 secs -
A mean-spirited or pessimistic attitude and one who is judged, or speaks, harshly..
he nebula in the Archer's Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death. [Robson*, p.165.]

Uranus is Public opinion, Public expectations Uranus is rising when Betelgeuse is On Nadir orb 01 mins 24 secs -
Betelgeuse is the "ruddy" star which marks right armpit or shoulder of the Hunter or Orion. How appropriate since Betelgeuse in combo with Uranus reflects with the evil mind, clever criminal, notorious as forger or counterfeiter:
Today's major mob bust resulted in the arrest of nearly 120 in East Coast mob crackdown

Neptune - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
is Rising when Deneb Algedi a a star in the Sea Goat's tail is Rising orb 00 mins 24 secs -
Deneb Algedi also represents major changes in climate, major storms especially at sea
The justice of the legal system or the law is challenged along with Major changes in climate, major storms especially at sea. We also see that Deneb Algedi
with Neptune represents those who are influenced, psychic ability, superstitious, reserved, economical, some gain through speculation, many enemies, bad early environment leaving lasting impression, morose and melancholy at end of life, accidents, death in a fit or by assassination. [Robson*, p.160.]

SETTING - Stars marking future time..
Markab as setting with Jupiter at an orb 00 mins 09 secs -
The teacher/philosopher, in sport, or in a spiritual life

CULMINATING - Stars of Your Prime
Zuben Eschamali is culminating with the sun. Zuben is pale emerald star marking the Northern Scale of Libra.
Sun is Rising orb 00 mins 22 secs -
Considered fortunate with the Sun. The ability to influence society through one’s work - With Sun: Great good fortune, high position, transitory difficulties eventually proving beneficial. [Robson*, p.203.]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biblical Deluge in California or Floods of Fire?

Now as Jupiter-Uranus separate from their lockstep transit in Pisces. scientists say the next "big one" for Californians won't be earthquake. They say it will more likely be a rain storm of 'biblical proportions,' causing widespread flooding and devastation. Yes let me be the first one to say that with Neptune
plunging into Pisces in April just as Jupiter and Uranus heat up in Aries we could have sea levels rise but also literal floods of fire. What I mean is that anything could start fires after the Aries ingress. Like this remarkable day on July 15, 2010 when Lightning sparked a dozen fires in Southern California, but rain helps firefighters You saw it right dangerous fires and sudden flood levels...
So while Riverside burns with at least eight fires blamed on lightning strikes Thursday. Then they were hit by strong winds from a storm system are fanning the flames. Damn!

"The Antelope Valley is under a flash flood warning with forecasts of slow-moving thunderstorms over the high desert." just like these fires in Riverside county/Hemet we look at the cause: thunderstorms related to Jupiter. Back on July 15th 2010, both Jupiter and Uranus were together in Aries and Chiron was in Pisces briefly. By April 4th 2011 when Neptune splashes into the sign of the two fishes,
a similar series of ferocious thunderstorms and floods could occur.

On a separate incident on Aug. 25, 2010: Again a lightning storm in Riverside County knocks down power lines, trapping bus passengers!
We are at an end and a beginning. 29 degrees of Pisces is a permanent ending in predictive astrology, as is 29.
Aries is the primal, first sign plus 0-1 degrees of the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are extremely critical degrees. Watch out for March
11th when Uranus makes an ingress into Uranus @ zero point.

According to this article, we may be in line for a Monster Storm in California of Biblical Proportions.
This is quite a prediction even with Jupiter conjunct fixed star Scheat known
for many severe calamities.
In fact Vivian Robson describes the influence
of dangerous stars in conjunction with Pisces:
In Pisces. destruction of fishes and danger at sea. if in the west, anxieties and deaths amongst men in the western or north-western countries, continuing for three years; floods and death of birds and fishes.

USGS says that a major storm system like the one that hit back December and last Fall where flash floods at lower elevations, excess snow as low as 4,000 ft. elevation with strong, freezing winds to a"". Flash Flood & Funnel Yucaipa, CA 10/2/10". Unique scenes like these one from Lytle Creek Flood - Devore, CA - 12/19/2010 ilustrate how this can be more more damaging than an Earthquake. Earthquakes cannot be predicted and numbered before-hand, but storms just might be able to.

This flood occurred along Lytle Creek at Glen Helen Pkwy near Devore, CA on Dec 19, 2010 during a significant multi-day "Pineapple Express" event slamming into California. Rainfall accumulations as high as 12 inches fell across foothill locations from central to Southern California in a 48 hr period.
UPDATE - 12/22/10: 3 miles upstream from where this video was shot, the creekside community of Lytle Creek received 26.35" of rainfall accumulation for the entire storm event that began 6 days earlier.
According to this article

These storms have happened before, lasting 45 days in the winter of 1861-62.
Back on Dec. 24, 1861 when the storms began and when it rains for almost four weeks, Neptune was in the last degrees of Pisces(28degres53minutes) where it is at maximum increase for demonstrating the spectrum of Piscean energy. Jupiter is in in a wide square to N Node and Sun in Capricorn. In the chart below I chose an arbitrary time when Neptune was on the ascendant in an opposition where Jupiter-Saturn in Virgo were applying to a deadly opposition.

The torrential storm of 1861-63 put nearly a third of taxable land under water and caused the state to go bankrupt.
At that time when the rain started on December 24, 1861, the moon, Pallas, Ceres were forming
Looking at the chart above we all so see that Chiron was transiting in Aquarius
with Venus magnifying the elements of moisture.
From a fixed star paran point of view: Venus was rising with Aldebaran
(Aldebaran means "follower" i.e., of the Pleiades). Even more of an influence was that both Alcyone and Scheat "known on occasion the deaths of a great number of people." are both in paran with Mars at the location of the downpour on 12-24-1861.
a cardinal TSQ to Astraea in Aries and the Sun-Mercury combo...
Chiron was also in Aquarius back then while Mars-Vesta were in Scorpio opposing Pluto in Taurus. ..
The mighty flood of 1861 was the largest flood in California's recorded history occurred from January 9-12, 1862. The entire Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys were inundated for an extent of 300 miles (480 km), averaging 20 miles (32 km) in breadth. The rain created an inland sea in Orange County, lasting about three weeks with water standing 4 feet (1.2 m) deep up to 4 miles (6 km) from the river.

Looking ahead toward April 4, 2011 when Neptune makes its entrance into Pisces.
The last time the Trident transit of Poseidon (God of the seas and the "Earth-Shaker" was in effect was around 164 years and 288 days ago.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mega Cancer Moon - the Mystic Rectangle Part One

Mysterious and Surreal Times Continue...

This is one Full Moon (exact tomorrow @ 1:21 PM PST or 4:21 PM EST) that won't disappoint the the conspiracy theorist, GLP doomtards or the revolutionary light bringers. Actually instead of hiding in our bunkers we might want to celebratethe demise of the NWO and surf those waves of the Zuvaya. Undoubtedly we can expect a fight from the elites as their planned Blue Beam charged deception scenario dissolves into the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar which begins on March 3rd. along with unity consciousness.

As we say good bye to Ruby Tuesday (Jan. 18th. )we wonder what can happen next. Are we ready to take the plunge toward tomorrow's " Wolf Moon" in the icy halos of mid-winter when the wolf packs howl hungrily outside our electronic villages.
Considering that there is not only a "bad moon rising" but that Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star Scheat, a yellow star on the leg of Pegasus the Winged Horse. In fact Scheat is associated with major catastrophes and tragedies including airline, mining and shipwrecks. I would have to include flooding in the category
as Uranus also in Pisces progresses near this star.

Looking back on some of the other Wolf Moons like this one back on Jan. 13, 2006 marked by Lunar Eclipse on 10-17-2005 and the Augustine Volcano Back to a time when things were more tame...
Oh just in case you forgot Mt. Etna is active again per Jan. 11th 2011. along with a number of other live calderas, fissures and peaks that are either erupting now or ready to blow -

maybe even Katla! or at least symbolically
What the hell we already had a strong 7.2 Magnitude quake in Pakistan with tremors felt from Delhi to Dubai a thousand miles away.

Full Moon below set for Jan. 19, 2011 @ 4:21 PM with Cancer rising, so the ruler
of the chart the Moon is in the first with the Sabian Symbol: "A daughter of the American revolution." which will oppose Mars and Ceres now in ultra radical Aquarius in the 7th near the Sun @ 29 Capricorn with a nihilistic Sabian:
"A military pilot radios his superiors telling them he is disobeying orders,
and leads a squadron of planes through a hold in the enemy lines. With this act of defiance, the course of history is changed. "

Ever since Mars entered Aquarius on Jan. 15th. the unexpected and push for ultimate freedom has enflamed the nights in Tunisia, Algeria and even Egypt with self immolation and catalyzed the political
process in that country
with the help of internet based social media.
Well what would you expect with transiting Mars in Aquarius in opposition to Uranus in the 9th house fo the June 15, 1956 Chart.
Back to the chart below where the Moon-Juno form a sextile on one side of the rectangle while the Sun-Jupiter forms the other side. So here we have classic
relationship opposition with Juno-Jupiter the mythic partners struggle with idealistic and philosophical differences. Sun-Moon on the cardinal axis of security and nature/nurture are apt to escalate with die-offs of more migratory
animals from seals to pelicans to thousands of dead octopuses wash up on Portugal beach. Until everyone wakes up to the fact that the Gulf Oil Catastrophe
has not only polluted the oceans waters but altered the Loop Current to shift
our weather patterns.

So what makes this Full Moon any different? Is it the Mystic Rectangle? or Maybe it is the fact that the Moon and Sun are both at 29 degrees - the Anaretic Degree or Karmic Degree. Sun-Moon
with Capricorn/Cancer will evoke deeper tones involving the archetypes of Father/Mother along with identity and sense of self in corporate Capricorn sense
along with release of emotions and expression in the natural world.
B. Hand Clow speaks of the profundity of this lunation in her Capricorn New Moon
report: "29 Cancer is the fruition of the Goddess, the one who inspires the feminine in both men and women. The 29 Gemini lunar eclipse in December and the 29 Cancer Full Moon in January are both aspected by the asteroid Juno." Yes as we deconstruct the Mystic Rectangle we see that Juno is exactly opposite Jupiter @ 29 Pisces on the axis of victim/savior or martyr/messiah where healing is happening
on many levels .

Today seemed like a non-stop carnival ride of disaster and mayhem for an old world crumbling and filled with ghosts. Horrible specters per dictators and former tyrants like Baby Doc' Duvalier a savage vulture and oppressor of the Haiti people. Or David Rockefeller, the NWO eugenicist and engineer of the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende returning to the scene of the crime an getting a traitor's welcome today - your world government will fail! Bravo!
The bottom line is we stand on the cusp of a Mega Full Moon in Cancer @ 29 degrees
(the same degree and minute as the historic Total Solar Eclipse on July 21, 2009)

Tomorrow's Full Moon set for DC above has Chiron-Neptune crossing the 8th house of secrets as we are just about to get the full effect of the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn yesterday - revelations are about to go nuclear.
It Was The John P. Wheeler III Who Was Involved In The Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was Found In A Landfill!
From the article Wheeler was the assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force in the George W. Bush Administration. It was the Secretary of the Air Force who discovered that Richard Cheney had set up an alternative chain of command to the nuclear weapons wing of the AF.
Get ready folks after the Full Moon, Moon heads into super-dramatic Leo
and then on Jan. 20th @ 2:19 AM the Sun enters Aquarius...
Everyone will have to deal with the truth in one form or another.
Per Wayne Madsen: Cheney says Obama learned from "experience" that Bush terrorism policies were correct. But Cheney is only half-right. Obama's "experience" in following Bush policies comes not from his two years in the White House but from decades of being an MK-ULTRA/COINTELPRO operative for the CIA.

Part Two coming...
Historic Full Moon Surrounded by Fixed Stars from Scheat to Alcyone

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tuscon Shootings, Inflammatory Rhetoric& Outrage or Deceptive Neptune Running Things?

My prayers go out to all of the victims of this terrible tragedy.
Now for an Astrological Perspective and More.

We were all shocked by Tuscon massacre on Saturn's Day which occurred on January 8, 2011. Twenty people were shot, six of them fatally, during a United States Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords meeting with constituents. Since the shooting things have gotten out of hand and are getting stranger by the day reflecting massive conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in hysterical Pisces. As Trinty, the owner of GLP says: So One Kid With A Gun Can Cause All This? Constant main stream coverage for days..New anti gun laws.. "New anti free speech laws..."
Something didn't seem right once you investigate the circumstances around the shooting . Something deceptive, something hidden like the risings sign for the shooting. And as we head toward tomorrow's magical and symbolic dates like tomorrow's illuminati number 1-11-2011. Why do I say that? Look here Christina Taylor Green, nine-year-old victim in Saturday's horrific was once an infant designated to be a "Face of Hope" by virtue of her birth on September 11, 2001. This beautiful Goddess was sacrificed in their take over bid.
Did somebody say False Flag operation - Flashback: Operative Mark Penn Says Obama Needs ‘Similar Event’ to Oklahoma City to Reconnect with Voters

She was one of the children born on 9/11, reports Tucson blogger David Abie Morales. And she is thereby featured in the book by Christine Pisera Naman, entitled Faces of Hope, Babies Born on 9/11. WTF
Of course with most of the general public was in a state PTSD, but officials were moving quickly to condemn then get ready to enact laws and repress.
We are seeing with today's
Mercury in Sag. (language-rhetoric) in a difficult square to Uranus
Per example
Arizona Sheriff Blasts Rush Limbaugh for Spewing 'Irresponsible' Vitriol

Astrological transit in action: Mercury in fiery Sag. Squares Uranus in Pisces today. Communications are interrupted and subject to breakdown and with Mercury to square Jupiter (laws) tomorrow. (Jan. 11th. )
With today's impulsive Aries Moon expect lawmakers to enact laws that would make it a federal crime to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress.

Drill Down on the Shootings and Mind Controlled Jared (Pisces Rising)

Let's look at the facts:
The shooting took place on January 8, 2011, shortly after 10 a.m. MST (UTC-7). A United States Representative from Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords, was holding a constituent meeting called "Congress on Your Corner" at a Safeway supermarket in Casas Adobes, a suburb of Tucson, Arizona.
The Middle Chart Below set for Tuscon, Pima County @ 10:02 AM MST
Pisces rising with Neptune (modern ruler) in the 12 house of deception near
Chiron (the wounded healer) near the Ascendant. Also Jupiter the ancient ruler and lawgiver is in the first house near the shocker Uranus. Wait a minute something is fishy, the rulers are all in one sector. So where was Mars the progenitor of violence represented at this massacre held tight in the 11th house of groups - there are a lot more involved than Jared Lee Loughner the assassin and poster boy for mental illness or is it mind control.
Things start to get really weird when
we compare Jared born Sept. 10, 1988 a mutable-dualistic Virgo Stellium of Vesta, Sun, S. Node and Moon all opposing the chart set for time of the shooting.
Jared the shooter represents the 7th house of open enemies.
Regarding his mental condition represented by a Grand Cardinal Cross with Mars-Chiron-Hygeia and Neptune. Of course his Mercury-Mars opposition with Mars retrograde and turned within the deep unconcious has a lot to do with his actions.
But another glaring coincidence is that his natal Mercury @ 14 Libra is the same
degree when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into World Trade Center's North Tower. The Sabian: "A man cranks a hurdy-gurdy while a trained monkey dressed in a red cap juggles three balls in the air.
rom: The Two Faces of Jared Lee Loughner
"When I saw his mug shot something stood out for me immediately: he looks like two different people. His left and right sides are so dissimilar that they do not seem to belong to the same person. "
From: The Two Faces of Jared Lee Loughner
The word schizophrenia broken down into its component parts literally means split mind. Although current psychology does not define schizophrenia as such, it is interesting that that armchair diagnosis has been passed around regarding Loughner, and that the ancient roots of the word imply the same thing as the pictures, above.

Of course Jared was a loose canon with his natal Mars in the most impulsive sign Aries. He was the perfect mind control slave with his ruling planet Mercury in Libra opposing his physical motivator Mars and quincunx his nodes of fate.
In Jared's chart, Pluto the destroyer is both Quincunx (adjustment-catalyst) to Mars the killer and Pluto is parallel to Mars like a conjunction.
Adding to the case of is mental issues: Washington Post Concedes: Gunman Acted On Mental Illness, Not Political Rhetoric

Friday, January 07, 2011

A Polar Vortex in Jan./Feb. 2011 - a Sudden Flash Freeze like Dec. 20, 1836?

Will the Capricorn New Moon ingress in Central USA presage an Extreme Weather event
like the catastrophic arctic blast or Illinois' Sudden Change of 1836.

A couple of friends of mine remarked that it has remarkably cold winter since December but here in SF Bay Area We are only supposed to hit 38F on Monday, Jan. 10th. - we will see especially with the earth's magnetic field radically impacting climate.
Since the Dec. 21st Lunar Eclipse/Solstice it has been extremely cold in almost
all of the USA. So when I saw this recent article, weather report about an Arctic blast called a Polar Vortex bringing massive cold weather, my intuition was piqued. After all on Tues. Jan. 4th we had
a partial solar eclipse after a rather cold Capricorn New Moon.
Many of the conditions for Black Swan meteorological event are present:
Majority of planets in Southern Declination for sustained cold.
Uranus and Jupiter descending into the IC for accelerated changes.
Multiple squares with Sun-Moon square Saturn, Venus square Neptune and Mercury
the weather planet applying to squares with Jupiter and Uranus.

So when I checked out this recent report about a similar Arctic blast called a Polar Vortex bringing massive cold weather, my intuition was piqued. After all on Tues. Jan. 4th we had
a partial solar eclipse after a rather cold Capricorn New Moon.
( -- A strong surface high known as a Polar Vortex will come down from the pole. This will deliver extremely cold air to the Central and Eastern United States, including areas in the Pacific Northwest and Montana by the week after next week.
A polar vortex is defined as a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near one or both of a planet's geographical poles.
Could this be the trigger for future event similar to that Flash Freeze on the afternoon of Dec. 20, 1836 with stories of chickens frozen in their tracks and men frozen on their saddles. As we will see in the charts below
a sudden change like this would involve the planet Uranus along with Mercury of course and planets in southern declination known for colder temperatures.
On that afternoon, an intense cold front swept across much of Illinois bringing a prodigious and rapid temperature drop. At 2 pm, the thermometer of Dr Samuel Mead of Augusta had recorded a drop from 40 oF to zero Fahrenheit in less than 8 hours. Many say that drop was nearly instantaneous.
See below that Uranus is both square the moon and opposes Mars
while Mercury at MidHeaven is applying to a TSquare to the Ascendant and the IC
Pluto is closely Quincunx Saturn and Sesquiquadrate Mars which creates a deadly
A Chart Set for Dec. 20, 1836 @ 12 PM when the temperature dropped dramatically.
In order to get an idea of what happened then and what can happen next week,
here is an account from that frigid day in 1836.
During the daylight hours of December 20, the arctic blast swept across Illinois. Whatever the actual magnitude of the temperature drop, the sudden change in temperature made a lasting impression on those who experienced it. Many accounts of the event have passed to us from Illinois residents through their memoirs and local histories.
Could this happen sometime next week

Here is an personal account of what happened...
Samuel B. Mead was one of two to measure weather conditions that day. His morning ( around dawn local time) temperature reading was 40, but at 2 pm the mercury had dropped to zero. (At the same hour, Ft Dearborn (Chicago) reported 39 oF.) Many remembered conditions suddenly change from quite warm to the severest cold in five minutes.
As we head into the weekend, weather conditions and temperatures are steady at 18F
but with volatile, cold mutable Venus-Mercury in Sag. ready to square Jupiter-Uranus, history could repeat over the next week with another a preciptous drop could happen in the next few days.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dark Sunrise/Eclipse and Cap. Moon Marks Continued Fish Die-Offs

Now that Jupiter's expansion in fishy Pisces is starting to separate from Uranus, the liberator - we would expect the fish bird kills will end. Even with Venus transiting in deathly Scorpio separating from a square,things persists. Perhaps it is the fact that asteroid Lilith is closely conjunct Venus. Yes another dark symbol with Lilith 1181 that orbits the Sun in about 4 years and has a notorious mythology of relating to suppressed rage, resentment, sexual manipulation and self-exile. This does not bode well...
Emergency Update: Jan. 5th from the UK.
40,000 'devil' crabs wash up on Kent coast after dying from hypothermia in freezing sea
(S. Node in Cancer (crabs) is opposed by the entire Capricorn Stellium in the New Moon chart for the UK below - especially N Node-Pluto-Pallas all in the 12 house
of the oceans opposing S. Node in the 6th house of health, small animals..)

Now the mass extinctions are not stopping as reports surface from around the USA and the world but actually increasing, theories of why this is happening are
ranging from HAARP to Cold Weather.

Yes mass deaths of aquatic vertebrates are expanding from croakers in Chesapeake Bay to snappers in New Zealand to the
horrific kill in Florida.
Thousands of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek Florida, Two Million Die In Chesapeake Bay

Cold Capricorn Moon over the UK
The cold is now being blamed for these recent kills per the one in Chesapeake Bay
where temperatures plummeted in late December to near-record lows and the average air temperature last month was 32.4 degrees, 4.3 degrees below normal, and reached 16 degrees at its lowest,
Looking back at the New Moon, this time over the UK @ 8:03 AM UT.
Rising over Greenwhich, UK. we have Pallas-Pluto-Moon-Sun and Mars all in the coldest sign of the Zodiac. Pallas in Capricorn deals with infrastructure and authority and when combined with Pluto a raw creative force for good and ill.
Also less obvious is that minor asteroid Icarus (who flew too close to the Sun) is conjunct Pluto another unfortunate Ineb, Icarus fell into the ocean and died.

Dangerous Fixed Stars in Paran with the Cap. New Moon over the UK
Starting with the Heliacal Rising Star - Facies, the nebula in front of the eyes of the archer. Per Robson, Facies is another destructive star combining the nature of the Sun and Mars, to causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death. Then for the Heliacal Setting
star we have El Nath again the tip of the left horn of the Bull. As the counterpoint to the other malefics, El Nath brings some stability with the nature of Mars and Mercury. Bringing fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil.

Menkar and More
Relating most to the fish deaths is Menkar, a bright orange star in the open jaw of the Whale, or Sea Monster. Menkar is on the nadir as the Sun is rising.
According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and of Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Venus and the Moon. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. Again Per Robson, Menkar with the Sun brings great trouble, sickness, throat ailments, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money, failure of crops. (We are going start seeing the sudden
failure of many crops worldwide.)
On the star list for tragedies and natural disasters, Menkar relates to fires.
But that is not the final story since Pluto is rising as Thuban is Culminating.
Thuban connects to the pollution of rivers and air ie. fish and birds dying off.
Thuban is a pale yellow star in the constellation Draco. Some 4,620 years ago Draco was the Polar Star. Thus Thuban is also still an important star in nautical reckonings, guiding the commerce of the seas, is represented as winding in his contortions round the pole of the world

Antares is rising as Saturn is setting - Antares the heart of the Scorpion and Watcher of the West is one of the Royal Stars is known for violence.
Also Per Robson with Saturn: Highly materialistic, dishonest through circumstances created by environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, much sickness to and sorrow from children.
Denebola another player and located in the Lion's tail is rising while Jupiter is on the Nadir. Traditionally known as an unlucky influence in astrology,
portending misfortune and disgrace. DENEBOLA is associated with Major Catastrophes
when we look at star lists
with Jupiter the law-giver, Robson says expect pride, hypocrisy, disappointed life, troubles abroad or through relatives, secret enemies, danger of imprisonment or death by sentence.
Aculeus the open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion is on the nadir as Jupiter is setting. Aculeus along with Acumen has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems.

Birds and Fish Die Off in Massive Quantities - Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces (ruler Neptune sq. Venus)

Is the Gulf Oil Disaster spreading around the world as the mysterious die off of fishand birds continues unabated?
One thing is for sure this is not an isolated phenomena. As we approach the exact conjunction of Jupiter (massive) and Uranus (shocking-sudden events) in oceanic Pisces, things are at least relating astrologically. But with Venus-Neptune square, the mystery evolves into a defeating, worrisome and rather weird horror story. Health worries abound to with the asteroid Hygeia @ 11 degrees Scorpio Sesquiquadrate (135 degrees of irritation) to both Jupiter-Uranus in Neptune ruled Pisces. Yes Hygeia is one of the daughters (actually a stepdaughter) of Aesclepius the great healer.
The asteroid Hygeia represents our attitude and belief system concerning health and fitness awareness. Hygeia also rules sanitation and with Juno in Virgo TSQ Mercury in Sag. and Jupiter-Uranus systems of health worldwide will be questioned during these times of natural disaster.
The newest plague is located on the coast of Paranaguá.
The original story in Portuguese is located here.
Translate with Google. A survey conducted by the Federation of Fishermen's Colony of Paraná, Paranaguá on the coast of the state, indicates that at least 100 tons of fish (sardine, croaker and catfish) have turned up dead since last Thursday off the coast of Parana.
Paranaguá on the coast of the state, indicates that at least 100 tons of fish (sardine, croaker and catfish) have turned up dead since last Thursday off the The president of the Federation of Fishermen's Colony of Parana, Edmir Manoel Ferreira, reports that between Paranaguá and Guaraqueçaba at least 2,800 fishermen depend on the daily seafood. We are experiencing a very sad situation on the coast, "reports.
Strange animal behavior for sure with three species of fish who failed to migrate to warmer waters this year when temperatures dropped. WHY are animals (not just the fish but multiple other species, birds especially are not following seasonal migratory patterns? They are dying, freezing to death and worse.

Let's back track and look at a list of countries and states in the US where fish
have happened in great numbers in 2011.

Kent Island, MD - [link to story] Due to the stress of cold weather due to change in loop current?
Wales UK - [link to story] Due to the stress of cold weather due to change in loop current.

List of Falling/Dying Birds
Earlier today as the Mainstream Media tried to assuage everyone's fears with various explanations including fireworks and lightening, the mystery of the bird die-offs continued to deepen.
"More Dead Birds Found In Kentucky - Identical To Birds in Arkansas - Media Downplays Find - video below

Astrologically migrating birds relate to Aquarius and birds in general to Neptune-Mercury-Uranus. Venus in Scorpio (death) squaring Neptune in Aquarius seems to reflect these events along with Mercury now in Sag. ready to square Jupiter-Uranus now in Neptune ruled Pisces
North Carolina
New Jersey
Japan - [link to story]
The Japanese and others will blame H5NI avian influenza which might create hysteria and panic ala Juptier-Uranus mixed with Venus-Neptune.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Capricorn New Moon - Not All Doom Some Dreams Too!

Not one to fall in line with the prevailing cover story of how things should be, I am going to say that events and revelations that occur over the next couple of days
effect everyone on this planet especially the US. Obviously the combination of a Partial Solar Eclipse over N. Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia is a counter point to the last Luanr Eclipse seen all over N. America including the DC.

(NASA / December 21, 2010)(Total Lunar Eclipse)
In a photo provided by NASA, the Washington Monument is seen as the full moon is shadowed by the Earth during a total lunar eclipse on the arrival of the winter solstice.
Scorpio rises over DC @ 27 degrees 50 minutes right before the eclipse
Yes tomorrow's partial solar eclipse is part of the same Saros Family to review:
Saros Sereis 13 North, a group of eclipses involving large groups or associations
relating well to Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces.
"The energy describes large group projects where which require a separation or breaking of a bond. At first individual members of these groups may experience a sharp separation at first then later a renewal as a joint achievement is accomplished. "
Drilling down we see Venus on the Ascendant @ 26 degrees Scorpio in an passionate demeanor
with the Sabian: A military band on the march. Venus is the ruler of the 2nd house where the Sun-Moon reside alongside the whole Cappy Stellium. Austerity measures anyone? Mars ancient ruler of the chart is parallel N Node in the 2nd house along with the modern ruler Pluto. Mars is separating from a square to Saturn marking the US 1776 Saturn return (@ 14 Libra 48). So the process of sharp separation for the US was kicked off on Dec. 21st. and tomorrow the second phase
pushes us over the edge. With the Cap. 2nd house expect the transformation to be heavily involved with money markets, banks and financial institutions, investments, national wealth and values. Let's not forget with Venus-Scorpio rising and square Neptune, the debt bomb will finally hit the fan - The real good news is that Neptune-Chiron have separated from the US Sibly natal Moon @ 27 Aquarius.


After yesterday's post highlighting some of the extinction type events in Arkansas and their relationship to the Jan. 4, 2011 - New Moon, I wanted to clear the airthat we will survive these shifts. Of course as Jupiter-Uranus square the Galactic Center @ 28 Sagittarius, spirituality of the heart will be required to weather these
storms. Let's not forget that Scorpio is rising with the Sabian (28 degrees) The king of the faires approaching his domain and sprinkling a sleeping Puck (Mid-Summer Night's Dream) with dust to infuse his dreams with visions. So here we have the clarity to
accept and use spiritual teachings from above to help us dream a new reality into existence. Or more succinctly to help us awaken from our dark illusions.
Change is never easy especially when no one road is clear to retreat from doom.
So what I mean is that even though tomorrow's early AM New Moon/Solar Eclipse
is in the the sign of the Goat, the road forks and we decide whether that be Baphomet or the Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus. In keeping with our theme of Jupiter transits including Jupiter-Uranus (drive for freedom) and Venus trine Jupiter (joy in interaction/intimacy) this an uber expansive element here
Mountain goats are the largest mammals found in their high-altitude habitats, which reach elevations of 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) or more.
Now the other choice symbolized by the inverted pentagram and during the lunation/eclipse
Venus is rising before the Sun in the Lucifer position. Baphomet & Illuminati

Without going into too much detail just suggesting that the Scorpio rising New Moon
over DC tomorrow early AM @ 4:03 AM, we are going to see many covers blown even those that go back to the founding fathers (Capricorn and Saturn)
Check out Wes Penre from Illuminati News Way back on Oct. 4, 2005
Baphomet and the Worship of him in a Masonic Temple
during the George Washington Era (Washington was himself a Freemason). Note the Knights Templar cross on the robes. Yeah these occult symbols have become commonplace but it will take tomorrow's Cap. moon to expose more of the esoteric agenda. Having Mercury-Vesta intercepted in the second house and in he sign of truth warrior, Sagittarius
triggers more shocking news especially with Mercury square Uranus on Jan. 10th.

Fixed Star View over DC.

Acumen - an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion constellation is the Heliacal rising star. Acumen the companion to Aculeus has the nature of Mars and the Moon. Acumen effects the eyesight and causes blindness of one or both eyes, Known for the bittersweet and tragic - Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumors (Neptune in the 3rd house of news.)
El Nath is the Heliacal setting star and found marking the tip of the northern or left horn of the Bull- Taurus. Practicality and with the nature of Mars and Mercury. El Nath gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil.
The bull charges ahead with a confronting attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues. We are going to have plenty of real issues.
Since Mars is so prominent we find that Alpheratz the double star in Andromeda's head is culminating as Mars is setting. In keeping with Sagittarian Mercury-Vesta, Alpheratz was known as "the Horse's Navel", since this star was formerly associated with Pegasus,
Risk-taking is empasized along with a challenge-oriented attitude. Per Robson: With Mars: Alpheratz brings a sharp mind, energetic, business success through own endeavors.
Hey aren't you glad you read this report to the end - there is hope yet once we began to take off the blindfolds of the planetary and national underworlds - not matter how forcefully it happens.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Capricorn New Moon of Doom - Arkansas Ground Zero?

So far 2011 has started off with explosive events from a fatal church bombing in Egypt to

Series of tornadoes kill 6, down power lines in US Midwest. Throw in a couple of 7.0 quakes
one in Argentina and the other a 7.1 Magnitude temblor in Temuco, Araucania, Chile striking today and we seemed to be headed for something big with the next eclipse/new moon on Tues. Jan. 4th.
Notice the map above for the Central and Southeast US, there are 844 earthquakes on this map and with around 640 of them in Arkansas in and around Guy and the New Madrid fault zone.
Heading toward the next solar eclipse on January 4, 2011 and a Capricorn New Moon shortly after the eclipse, strange extinction events have been happening.
New Years Omen?Thousands Of black birds,Fish Dead

Interestingly enough is the proximity of Beebe to the Guy AR Earthquake swarms. One thing is for sure this event reflects everything from the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in
Pisces (large groups of animals meeting shocking end)or Venus in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius (strange flight interrupted)
Chart set for New Moon in Guy, Arkansas
The chart below set for Guy, Arkansas has Scorpio rising @ 17 degrees and Venus in the first in a close square to Neptune-Chiron located in the 4th house of ground zero. Rulers of this chart Mars and Pluto are in Capricorn both in orb of squares to Saturn, the Lord of Karma and associated with death and limitations. Sun-Moon at 13 Capricorn are applying to a square with Saturn to translate the energies of Dec. 29th accident prone square from Mars. Looking at the fatalistic Sabian Symbol for the rising degree evoking the leaves of autumn - "After visiting the grave of her husband, a woman walks thru the woods and finds inspiration in the brightly colored leaves."

More on the birds of Beebe, Ark.

1,000 birds fall from the sky in Beebe, Ark.
BEEBE, Ark.-- Friday night, ringing in the New Year took on a whole different meaning for the citizens of Beebe. Around 11:30 p.m., enforcement
Officers estimated that over 1,000 birds had fallen out of the sky over the city before midnight. Most of the birds were dead, but some were still alive.
BTW: There have been reports of 1,000 birds falling from the sky in South America
dubbed "Ferdelas Negras" a black sea bird like a gull.

First the Birds then the Fish

It turns out that we are not done yet species die offs:
State commission says dead fish now cover 20-mile section of Arkansas River
he commission determined the fish died in the river from a dam near Ozark to a bridge along State Highway 109 near Clarksville.

Arkansas is filled with many geologic and volcanic anamolies which relate well to this coming new moon hosting an earthy stellium of planets. In fact the Sabian Symbol for Sun-Moon @ 13 Capricorn 38 degrees is: "An ancient bas-relief carved in granite. "
Some of these rare mineral and rocky locations iinclude Magnet Cove which which covers an area of irregularly oval shape about five square miles. The cove is made up of volcanic rocks which have gradually been forced to the surface of the earth.
Or Crowley's Ridge an unusual geological formation that rises 250 to 550 feet (170 m) above the alluvial plain of the Mississippi. Or the Legendary Hell’s Half Acre in Hot Springs National Park.
"Many places are said to be cursed or damned. One such place is called Hell's Half Acre. Another in the same area is an unbelievably deep hole in the earth which seems almost endless. In this one, the hole is a bottomless pit created to house a demon which is chained within it.