Thursday, July 26, 2007

The People and the Earth Struggle to Be Heard on an Explosive Aquarian Full Moon 2007

The King reeks of pride and needs to depart.
GWB has declared war on the American people as his popularity plummets...

Fires dominate as both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius push beyond the wildfires into the urban landscape. Explosions shake the underground as voices are heard from below.
(Underground blasts from New York to Detroit to Aurora to San Francisco as gas explosions)
Here is a list starting on the 17th as Mars @ 16 Taurus : Sabian:"A symbolical battle between swords and torches". The planet of action and war applying to a SQ (conflicts) to Neptune (ruler of gases, petroleum ) and to Saturn in Leo (rulers of the world and accountability)
UE-002: 2007-07-17 Aurora, IL [link to]
UE-003: 2007-07-17 Valley Center, KS [link to]
UE-004: 2007-07-18 NYC, NY [link to]
UE-005: 2007-07-20 Orem, UT [link to]
UE-006: 2007-07-23 Spokane, WA [link to]
UE-007: 2007-07-24 Detroit, MI [link to]
UE-008: 2007-07-24 San Francisco, CA [link to]
UE-009: 2007-07-24 Winnepeg, Canada [link to]
UE-010: 2007-07-24 Cincinnati, OH [link to]
UE-011: 2007-07-24 Annacis Island, Canada [link to]
UE-012: 2007-07-25 Dallas, TX [link to]
UE-013: 2007-07-25 Los Angeles, CA [link to]
UE-014: 2007-07-25 Minneapolis, MN [link to]
UE-015: 2007-07-25 Kersey, CO [link to]
UE-016: 2007-07-26 Bakersfield, CA [link to]
The frequency of larger earthquakes has increased as we examine:
Latest Earthquakes M5.0+ in the World - Past 7 days
Whoa was that just 4 more tremors in the last 1.5 hours averaging 4.4 + Magnitude OFF THE COAST OF OREGON?

As we approach one of the climactic lunations of the Summer in fixed, eccentric, leadership under scrutiny with new age orientations - Pluto now at the Galactic Center rewriting history sits at the ascendant of the chart set for 5:48 PM PDT on 7-29-07.