Monday, February 25, 2013

A Virgo Moon Rises Immersed in Dreams and Hunger- Feb. 25, 2013


 I started writing about this Full Moon a couple weeks ago and then caught a glimpse of the moon rising tonight. It was then that  I realized no matter how many astrological correlations, symbols or new spin you put on it this Full Snow Moon it a portal to a the other worlds. Transfixed is the best to describe the effect this moon will  has on people . I will go into more detail below yet this lunar goddess seems to inspire a hunger for the spiritual and metaphysical worlds of the unseen and etheric...

Monday, February 25th. was a day of dreams  floating thru our conscious minds, whether they were derived from angels or Oscar winners. We  had may have been overwhelmed by waves of high energy and dimensional shifts on the planet. A day when all things  watery, oils and oceans of fantasies continue to immerse . Much of the tidal ebbs and flows began on  Feb. 18th,  the day the Sun entered Pisces. Pisces the sign of the victim/savior. These Piscean bodies are  a perfect foil for Virgo, the thorough Virgin. The planet elevating Full Moon occurred @ 12:26 PM PST or 8:26 PM UT.

 The Moon is full @ 8 degrees Virgo - Sabian Symbol - a girl takes her first dancing instructions. This is a symbol of not just learning dance an attribute of pisces but the idea of acquiring new psychic skills taking us beyond imagination. Yes also waking up to service. Unlike the late summer when the living is easy and the harvest is abundant, we are at a time Native Americans dubbed the Full Snow Moon. A time when hunting and gathering is difficult. Since the last New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 10th the extreme cold weather has continued spawning storms and blizzards.
The other name the Indians had for the Full Moon in February was the Full Hunger Moon. As I said it is not just the visceral hunger generated but that of the need to connect to the stars within and without.

 Fixed Stars on the Virgo Moon No matter if we are in Hollywood or Washington, DC or even London, the Heliacal Rising star is Deneb Algedi and the Heliacal Setting Star Regulus. First Deneb Algedi a star in the Sea Goat's tail. This star is called the "Judicial Point of the Goat" per Robson. This known as the law-giver, justice-oriented and practicing the laws of the land and along with the metaphysical laws. Deneb Algedi connects to both dignity and authority along with Saturn by way of Capricorn. This is a star which inspires solutions and inventions to make life easier. Second the Royal Star Regulus is setting - "A strong belief in the correctness of one's position, or path." Regulus is known as the Lion's Heart or Cor Leonis and one of the Four Guardians of Heaven. Raphael The Healing Archangel corresponds with Regulus and is known as Watcher of the North. Regulus can bring success, honor and wealth if revenge is not sought. When setting Regulus can be subject to rumors and envy from those that try to discredit natural and divine abilities .

A Chart Below set for Washington DC has Leo rising relating to how "The Academy Awards suddenly turned into the Michelle Obama Oscars" or the fact that Venus in surprising Aquarius was opposing the Royal Leo Moon last night. 

OK this Full Moon has Leo rising meaning that the  ruler is the Sun posited in the 8th house dealing with taxes, the debt owed to the nation, interest rates and foreign investment. Since Chiron, Mars and Mercury are there too opposing the Moon in the 2nd house The second house is about banks/financial institutions, investments, national wealth and the debt owed by the nation to others. This headline reflects this While Sequester Looms, Congress Eyes Next Fiscal Deadline The word sequester derives from the Latin sequestrare, to set aside or surrender, a late use, is derived from sequester, a depositary or trustee. Taking us back to the Heliacal Rising Star,"Judicial Point of the Goat" since  the word sequester was  a term of used in Roman jurisprudence.


 Virgo represents the Virgin, the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Virgin Mary and the divine feminine relating directly to Mater (the latin term for mother) thus the material harvest, all matter and birthing Christ/Spirit. Yes Virgo opposes a host of Piscean planets in many ways representing transcendence of this mortal coil. Both signs Virgo and Pisces are feminine, mutable and can shape shift when needed.

Since Virgo as an archetype which symbolizes discernment and devotion, I suggest that if you want to see a major shift on this planet, you start praying. You may want to even send prayers to the Divine Mother. Be aware that this particular lunation relates directly to facing the duality of spirit (Pisces) and materialism (Virgo) in fact this is a time of a huge evolutionary shifts for humanity. Even before the Full Moon began their the Moon opposed Neptune @ 4:22 AM adding a foggy uncertain nature. Like the fluidity of water signs especially Pisces boundaries are ill-defined, merging and dissolving. At the time of this Full Moon - the Virgo Moon will Square Jupiter in Gemini (@ 12:35 PM) With Jupiter in Gemini - information is multiplied as are rumors, hoaxes and scandals. always a time when the powers of discernment are necessary since feelings may be misleading. To magnify all of this the Sun in Pisces squares the principle of Expansion, Jupiter in Gemini @ 2:26 PM and TSQ Virgo allowing us to use our analytical ability. Sun-Jupiter squares signal a time of over confidence, irrational enthusiasm and self assurance in the realm of leadership. An attitude of pomposity and imagined greatness could appear along with fraud and con games. Adding to the realms of illusion and romantic dreams, Venus enters more artistic and romantic Pisces @ 6:03 PM (Venus remains in sensitive and nostaglic Pisces till March 21st. ) This could be a good time to relive or redo Valentines Day with a dreamy dinner date out on the town. As the evening continues the Virgo Moon then trines Pluto @ 7:05 PM when letting go of preconceived notions allows us to enjoy. This is also a time when we may be motivated to dig deeper and investigate surface appearances. Finally this Big Full Moon evening ends with the Virgo Moon in a positive sextile Saturn in Scorpio @ 7:51 PM By now we may be more thoughtful and contemplative adding to intimacy along with sensitive conversations and diplomacy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI announces resignations amid prophecy and speculations


The religious shocker on Feb. 11th. that got everyone's attention! The pope's decision, which he announced in Latin one day after the unpredictable Aquarian New Moon. Pope Benedict XVI (born April 16, 1927) with his Natal Uranus at critical 0 degrees Aries intercepted in his first house. This the oldest pope at 78 years old to be elected made his announcement during a meeting of Vatican cardinals. Yes he is the first pontiff to resign in nearly 600 years. It was perhaps the most shocking moment of his nearly eight years as leader of the world's roughly 1 billion Catholics Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation

He is the first pope to resign in 600 years.
The last pope to resign was Gregory XII in the 15th century.
And with the Pisces Stellium relating to prophecy and the Uranus-Pluto waxing squares to historical upheaval.
It might be a good time to look at: The Prophecy of the Popes, attributed to Saint Malachy These prophetic writings purport to describe each of the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few anti-popes), beginning with Pope Celestine II (elected in 1143) and concluding with current Pope Benedict XVI's successor, a pope described in the prophecy as "Peter the Roman", whose pontificate will end in the destruction of the city of Rome. A Video below covers the most common interpretaton:
As I have been saying when introducing the Year of the Serpent which commenced on Feb. 10, 2013...

"Mars meeting Neptune (exact Feb.4th) for a fantastical, visionary and spiritual merging. The last time this occurred in the faith-oriented, oceanic and musical sign Pisces was on April 14, 1849. We have sailed into uncharted seas. By the Virgo Full Moon on Feb. 25th. both angels and demons will have been observed and touched." Well today we had the Moon in religious-oriented and ocean-oriented Pisces meeting Mars and Mercury and square Jupiter in Gemini the news of his resignation (Pisces relates to abdications and stepping down via Neptune the ruler.) We will look at a bi-wheel chart with Benedict's Natal chart ( April 16, 1927 @ 4:15 AM CET - 1:00)on the outer wheel and a close time of the announcement for 11:46 PM in Vatican per Giovanna Chirri, the journalist who first gave the world the news of the resignation of the Pope Scorpio, the occult sign was rising when the announcement was made in Latin. Mars and Pluto were the rulers indicating a transforming and deeper agenda. Mars/Mercury in Pisces posited in the 4th house of ground zero where shocking Aquarius is on the house cusp of the IC set up the surprising reactions. also the potential where the misuse of power will persuade others foreshadowing the picking of a new pope.
Chart Set for time of announcement

Now when we look at the dual wheel, we see the Pisces Stellium crossing Pope Benedict XVI's 12th house and where asteroid Astrea is positioned. Soon the Pisces grouping will be moving over his Ascendant @ 19 degrees 11 minutes and more secrets will come into the daylight. The Sabian Symbol for his ascendant : " A table set for an evening meal" relating to the fact that this was all planned ahead. The 12th house of course is about withdrawal, resignation, secrets and disolution - and bringing all this into the light as these planets cross his ascendant. The bottom line is that the 12th house deals with clandestine activities, prophecies and paradoxes nbsp;Speculations are running wild as to who will replace Ratzinger made even bizarre since ancient prophecy has a chance to be fufilled. Who Will Be The Next Pope
Paddy Power has Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson(born Oct. 11, 1948 in Western Ghana) ranked as a 4/1 favorite.
Peter aka Petrus Romanus is known as a superstar in the College of Cardinals,
a great communicator, and symbol of the global reach of the Church. Cardinal Peter Turkson not only has a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Libra trine Pallas in Gemini
and possibly Moon in Aquarius depending on time of birth a Mystic Rectangle and even a Double Yod Key. This rare double yod key would then include an independent Juno in Aries, Venus in cool,detached Virgo, Mercury, S. Node in secretive Scorpio and the Moon in the sign of the people Aquarius Chart below with Noon time of birth.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aquarian New Moon - Volatility Meets Ambiguity and Dissolution


February 9th/10th's wildling (per Song of Ice and Fire by RR. Martin) , spontaneous and ultra-progressive New Moon in Aquarius is one that everyone will be talking about for a while.

 Looking at the hourly forecast I posted on my website : February 9th started out with a pleasant Moon-Venus conjunction @ 2:25 AM even considered warm even for the intellectual sign of Aquarius there is joy and warmth. A Mercury-Venus square was next @ 4;08 AM when an information overload may have lead to hoax and fantasy - so stay grounded. A couple hours later a slightly depressing Moon-Saturn square @ 6:12 AM could trigger fear reactions along with possible delays when patience, organization, and restraint are needed. The day ends on the West Coast with an Epic New Moon @ 22 Aquarius is closely square the degree of the previous solar eclipse on November 13, 2012 @ 22 Scorpio. Since this Solar Eclipse multiple earthquake activity has increased in the South Pacific area where maximum visibility occurred back in November The Sabian Symbol for 22 Aquarius is A rug placed on the floor for children to play on. This symbol represents a safety net or place of protection. Since the New Moon also squares the lunar nodes in Scorpio/Taurus there is a challenge to deal with power and materialistic attachements. This challenge will be catalzying liberaton on many levels. This New Moon features multiple Yod's (finger of God) including one with Saturn in Scorpio as the apex involving a sextile from Vesta-Gemini to Pallas-Aries where all the darkness lurking in the shadows is being brought to light suddenly.

 In regards to powerful events happening, if we were just look at the super blizzard in the Northeast that would be enough but there is so much more happening. Suffice to say that this period of volatility and emergency is epic from the Northeast with Nemo to the Santa Cruz Islands where a state of disaster has been declared. First with Nemo - Nemo is a Latin word meaning "no man" or "no one" or "nobody" or Anonymous? This definition relates well astrologically to the Piscean dissolution  happening during this cold Aquarian Moon.   Please understand this Epic Storm didn't connote the cute, fishy Disney character in the movie, Finding Nemo
Without a doubt this Aquarian New Moon was a surprising day also filled with many positive social opportunities with the Sun TSQ the Nodes and trine Jupiter for some. But also the volatile and unexpected The New Moon occurred on Feb.9th @ 11:20 PM PST. and Feb. 10th @ 7:20 AM.UT
Winter Storm Buries Northeast; Leaves 10 Dead, 700,000 Powerless
A massive blizzard that dumped as much as 3 feet of snow in parts of the Northeast is heading out to sea, as workers across New York and New England struggle to get airports, trains and highways back online. And with a Saturn ruled Aquarian Moon and Venus (closely square Saturn) powering massive amounts of SNOW
since the white stuff, snow relates astrologically to Saturn, Capricorn (Pluto) and Neptune (Piscean transits). Regarding Nemo and the epoch blizzard - below is a chart set for the New Moon on Feb. 10th
@ 2:20 AM EST 

Looking at chart for the New Moon we first notice that Sagittarius is rising making Jupiter the ruler of this chart  opposing the Ascendant.  Jupiter is posited on the 7th house cusp near focused Vesta in Gemini expanding the high winds  The frightening part about this massive mid-winter storm
is that both the ASC in explosive Sagittarius and Jupiter in wind related Gemini
which are TSQ the build up of Piscean planets in the 3rd House relating to transportation snarls,disruptions and accidents
those planets included Neptune (oceans), Mercury (communications networks), Mars (activity and agression), Chiron (wounds-injury-disease)
And adding insult to injury Uranus is stationed at Ground Zero - NYC/Boston for some unexpected and sudden power outages

Since Uranus is the ruler of the always shocking Sun-Moon in Aquarius and Uranus continues in that waxing square Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn's ruler, Saturn shares the ancient rulership with Aquarius and Saturn  is about bitter cold and lots of snow. Add in multiple Yod's or (Fingers of Fate) especially a major Yod involving Vesta (gemini) to Saturn (Scorpio)-Pluto(Capricorn) add in Pallas @ 10 degrees Aries and you have a Double Yod Key.
 Pallas, the asteroid Goddess of wisdom connects to justice, health and even creativity for aritisans. Pallas in Aries is about activation and dangerous feats and just connected to Pluto is bringing about some major transformations by busting mentally obsessed and fixed thinking. With Double Yod Key's there are multiple events appear usually in threes (1) severe weather (2) earthquakes, (3) accidents or manhunts? All of this is expanded by  Jupiter now in high winds sign Gemini in a square to Mars and Mercury in Pisces relating to oceans and floods.

  Now to the Santa Cruz Islands where a crustal upheaval near Santa Cruz Islands signals planet undergoing massive change This is far from normal and all we have to do is just to look at the USGS navigation page and see the significant earthquakes listed starting on Feb. 1st. We see that in this subduction zone, two of Earth's major tectonic plates meet and one slides beneath the other into the mantle, the deeper layer beneath the crust. The Solomon Islands sits above the collision between the Australia and Pacific plates. In the region of today's magnitude-8.0 earthquake, the Australia plates dives beneath the Pacific plate toward the east-northeast at a geologically speedy 3.7 inches (94 millimeters) per year. 

The third event preccesed by the Double Yod Key and this volatile New Moon could involve the ongoing manhunt in Southern California where a $1 Million Dollar reward could be offered for Dorner. In fact per another story from RT. The manhunt has led police to three states and the north of Mexico. But is this a distraction from other things that brewing regarding moral ambiquity which is being revealed daily about leaders like Donald Rumsfield and the Aspartame approval and even those within the LAPD. Dorner himself according to sketchy bios from places like Wikipedia was born June 4, 1979.
Per a chart set for a noon birth in NYC.? We not only see the his mutable Sun-Mercury pairing in Gemini close enough to grab the media's attention but also a powerful Mystic Rectangle comprised of fire and air signs involving Mercury (Gemini)-Pluto(Libra) -Neptune(Sagittarius)and Vesta (Aries) demonstrating multiply conflicted ideas and actions to say the least. Consider that his natal Mars-Venus (passion and emotions) are in stubborn, persistent and sensual Taurus in a dangerous opposition to Uranus relating to the warrior who demands freedom at any cost even death. Chart below for Dorner
In Part Two I will look at the Fixed Stars during tis New Moon.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII - An entertaining but strange battle with Mars/Neptune in Pisces!


Taking a break from all the media hype around the Super Bowl or "the Harbowl" on February 3rd. isn't easy. Yet now that Mars has entered Pisces on Feb. 1st ready to meet Neptune. Along with the Last Qtr. Moon Phase (exact on Super Bowl Sunday @ 5:56 AM) emotional tugging, desire from a hot, passionate even vengeful Scorpio Moon square (90 degree angle) to a more intellectual but rebellious Aquarian Sun is coloring our reality and transforming the focus on tommorow's 47th Super Bowl.
The fact that Venus/Sun/Mercury all in super-unconventional Aquarius are at odds with the Moon/Saturn/N Node also in a fixed sign strange, intense Scorpio reflects baffling events like the Alabama bunker standoff  Or the latest news out of Glen Rose, TX where Ex-SEAL/author of American Sniper was fatally shot on a gun range The second story of this Navy Seal  course also relates, to warrior Mars near confusing Neptune plus Mars is the ancient ruler of retaliatoryScorpio.
As they article says: "And the man charged in his death was a fellow veteran, a military official says."

 In the chart below for the start of the Super Bowl @ 5:30 PM CST, Saturn is right at ground zero at start time meaning a potential delay in the game or serious incident to occur. Or with Saturn on the IC, patience is favored and a quality for the winner to exhibit. For today the Galactic Tone is Nine which is all about patience. The Mayan Day Sign for 2-3-2013 is Kan (Seed) dealing with the magic of germination and sexual activity relating well to Saturn in Scorpio. The energies of Kan or Seeds are also about freeing ourselves from the oppressive patterns of the past.

Looking at Mars, the aggressor coming close to Neptune. Sure Mars now in more compassionate Pisces seems to soften things. As this article speaks a  "divinely inspired " time in American history where a Third of Americans believe divine power decides the Super Bowl! 

These two planets Mars-Neptune meeting is also about gullibility, fantastical, visionary and spiritual merging can create hoaxes, delusions and far out ideas. Speaking of bizarre, there have been a number of videos speaking of a False Flag or this one describing this super bowl as the last one ever. Kind of like Pater Romanus as the last pope except  with some twists about a sacrificial event planned way ahead.  We see that both of these conspiracy videos below try to connect the Assumption Parish sinkhole which is a full 65 miles away from New Orleans to a massive False Flag explosion. 


Well after all this 47th Super Bowl which adds up to 11, one of the illuminati numbers is taking place in the North American Capitol of Voodoo.  This is the place where entities like Baron La Croix (pronounced Lakwa) is  revered as one of the Voodoo spirits of death referred to as the Guédé Barons. Since his name means  Baron of the Cross, we might consider the Fixed Cross on the angles. . This spirit is a Loa of the dead and like Scorpio relates to sexuality, and joins other Voodoo loas like Baron Samedi and Baron Cimetière. Baron La Croix is the  ultimate suave and sophisticated spirit of Death - quite cultured and debonair with a humorous quality. This Baron often reminded his minions to delight and enjoy life's pleasures.  I mention this strange loa because of his connection with the N. Node and  Moon in Scorpio  opposing from the IC (ground zero in Mercedes Benz Stadium) to S. Node and  MidHeaven in pleasure oriented Taurus.

Getting even further out from reality or is it taking the leap down the rabbit hole as the following video goes into elaborate description of perception and a story The Video below attempts to connect the . Hmmm Jupiter, the planet of expansion and story telling stationed direct in wordy Gemini on Jan. 30th. Jupiter stationed @ 6 degrees 19 minutes Gemini with this Sabian Symbol:
"An old fashioned well" - the question is how deep does the well or the rabbit hole go?! We will soon find out not just Feb. 3rd but onward toward the next Uranus-Pluto square on May 23d.   Could it be that these Piscean-Neptune type videos are awakening many  of the sleepers who  will be looking outside themselves for answers?


 The last time Mars-Neptune were together occurred in the oceanic, paranoid and musical sign Pisces was on April 14, 1849 Looking back on 1849 - specifically April 14, 1849: the Hungarian Declaration of Independence from Austria was declared.
  On April 25, 1849: "Lord Elgin, signed the Rebellion Losses Bill, outraging Montreal's English population and triggering the Montreal Riots."   Mars-Neptune together tends to have Guardian Angel aspect of artistic inspiration religious news both inspirational, deceptive and downright misguided Since Mars is softened in sensitive, feminine Pisces with a cold, moist and even lethargic temperament, and since Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter (relates to sports and sporting events) leading up to Sundays' showdown even the Chris Culliver Saga has taken on a new PR and Piscean twist
Chris Culliver to have sensitivity training, work with LGBT group Making it even more difficult is the last Full Moon in sports-minded, 5th house Leo.  In fact here is the chart below  set for the Super Bowl start time in New Orleans @ 5:30 PM CST with 14 Leo 08 rising - Sabian Symbol - A Street Pagean Just to add a slightly malevolent tone - 15 Degrees Leo is a critical degree sometiems considered the worst degree in the zodiac, the sign of serial killers, and convicted felons! This radiant and exhibitionist ascendant is opposing the chart's ruler the SUN
Reflecting and  asking whether "Rivalry and Competition" are synonyms. Astrologically both
rivalry and competition relate to Mars, the warrior. Rivalry which suggests an obsessive, bold or brash actions, overriding ambition and uncontrolled emotions appears more negative than
competition. Yet competition can be just as stressful and aggressive suggests a mutual respect. 

Before I go on, just look at all those planets in the 7th house of partners and rivals. Specifically look at  Mars almost conjunct Neptune in illusive Pisces in the 7th house of the competitor. Mars also followed by Mercury relating to angry words. In fact We are not just talking about lots of intoxicated spectators/fans but a different type of battle or game intermixed with a spiritual element.   Looking at fixed stars where Alphard is rising while Mars is setting which indicates a super aggressive and assertive team whether Baltimore or 49ers is debatable. Alphard is an orange star in the neck of the Hydra or Watersnake. Yes the year of the Black Water Snake starts on Feb. 10th right in sync withe the Aquarian New Moon @ 21 degrees Aquarius 43 closely square the last Solar Eclipse on Nov. 13th. @ 21 Scorpio 56. Suffice to say a dynamic and explosive connection. Back to Alphard paran Mars known to intensify aggressive drives and ruthless actions perfectly natural for sports has other more ancient ramifications. Per Robson: Alphard with Mars indicates: Trouble and scandal through love affairs. Attachment to a married person. Bad for childbirth, if a woman liable to miscarriage and death, together with death of child, danger of serious accidents or poisoning. More Game Details Scorpio vs. Taurus including Fixed Stars. Let's first look at the Heliacal Rising star which is Rukbat, the foot of the Archer, Sagittarius. Rukbat relates to steadiness an unswerving attitude. While the Heliacal Setting Star is Castor, one of the two twins in the Constellation Gemini, the other being Pollux. Castor is known as the story teller who is always seeking knowledge and wanting a voice. And VOICE IT HAS BEEN with the sportswriters, assorted pundits and otheer commentators with 24/7 coverage. Back to Mars the star of the show we also see El Nath rising as Mars is culminating or To take physical action even in the face of strong opposition. El Nath found in the tip of the northern or left horn of the Bull-Taurus is known to be a great and terrible weapon used for good or evil. Could the weapon be Colin Kaepernick (Nov. 3, 1987) - a strong Scorpio with a highly focused Sun-Pluto conjunction.
Colin's astrological opposite Ray Anthony Lewis, Jr. (born May 15, 1975) a full 22 years older than Colin and on the verge of retiring .
Ray is a persistent Taurus with Mars in Pisces (tricky) trine Sun in bull headed Taurus. Ray Lewis is a lot older than Colin but has a Thors Hammer involving Jupiter-Saturn-N. Node which could be lucky. Finally we see that El Nath has the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil To make this game even more interesting is that Algol the demon star is setting as Jupiter is setting relating to an obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual. Finally we see that Of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil. Bottom line no matter who wins, this mighty battle will have some strange overtones along with irrational exuberance.  No matter who wins this will be one crazy and powerful spectacle. .