Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Coup in Fiji or Just Another Quake

As the Aries Moon passes over the MidHeaven of the Fiji Independence Chart set for
October 10, 1970, the chief protagonist in this drama Commodore Frank Bainimarama raised the specter of another Coup. This Taurus strategist with Sun-Mars exalted in Capricorn trine is reacting to the current Cardinal Energy. He
rejected concessions offered yesterday (11-30) by the country's elected leader to avert a coup, and delivered a fresh ultimatum to the government to accede to his demands within less than 24 hours or face its ouster.

Revenge Fiji Style
When we start to drill down on the current transits to the Fiji Independence Chart
featured below, things become more obvious. Currently Mercury is applying to an opposition to Fiji's natal Saturn at 21 Taurus brining some serious news stories surrounded by intrigue and revenge (Mercury in Scorpio). It turns out that Frank Bainimarama whose Fixed Cardinal Cross tends to push the envelope, was insturmental in the Fiji Coup of 2000. He got the then-President Ratu Sir Kamisese to resign on May 29, 2000, in what some politicians have since called "a coup within a coup," It turns out that Frank holds a grudge since the interim government reneged in their accord. Remember that Bainimarama declared martial law back in 2000 and then appointing Qarase interim prime minister. Since 2000, the Commodore has taken a high profile role and now with N Node transiting his Pluto and Mars by opposition, he is on the world stage. On July 11, 2006, Bainimarama issued one of his strongest-worded challenges yet to the government, saying that it was forcing the country into the same anarchy as in 2000. In an eight-page statement, he warned that the Military was would take decisive action against any "destabilisers" (This all occured as Node opposed Pluto).

Besides the earthquake of a possible coup to the current Fijian Government led by Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, this has been a year of tremendous earthquake activity in Fiji Islands area. Lest we forget on 2-26-2006 there was a Magnitude 6.4 - SOUTH OF THE FIJI multiple 4.0 to 5.1 quakes this month.
Of course taking the big picture in the South Pacific, Tonga on May 3, 2006 had a Major Magnitude 7.9 - Temblor along with a bloddy, tumultuous riot in the last two weeks with New Zealand troops helping keep the peace.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mercury Transit Across the Sun Signals New Bosses or Just a New Mask?

Today November 8th, not only did the Democrats trounce the GOP and gain control of the House and Senate, but another phenomena occured: Mercury, the planet swift messenger of the gods transited the fiery Sun. Typically with Mercury Retrograde, the media responded with a repetitive Buzz all day blasting out news of the Democratic victories. These victories included a surge involving state legislatures, where more than 275 seats and nine chambers switched from Republican to Democratic hands.

The last transit of the Sun was May 7th when former Secretary of Defense was riding high as was that other Cancer Sun Sign, with Leo rising and Mercury-Pluto conjunct- Mr Mission Accomplished - the photo op idiot President GWB. Personally I am more interested in the Sun's transit which is considered a special kind of eclipse. As seen from Earth, only transits of the inner planets Mercury and Venus are possible. Planetary transits are far more rare than eclipses of the Sun by the Moon. On the average, there are 13 transits of Mercury each century. all transits of Mercury fall within several days of May 08 and November 10. Since Mercury's orbit is inclined seven degrees to Earth's, it intersects the ecliptic at two points or nodes which cross the Sun each year on those dates. If Mercury passes through inferior conjunction at that time (like today), a transit will occur. During November transits, Mercury is near perihelion ((the orbital point where a planet is closest to the Sun). What do these astronomical events mean besides a chance to view a spon on the sun?

Astrologically the Mercury Transit marked an exact Solar conjunction is at 16Scorpio20 and occured at 1:31PM PST with
the ominous Sabian Symbol for 17 Scorpio: "Having entered the Dragon's cave, a knight warily questions the beast to discover it's weakness. Behind the dragon is a minature city under a glass dome, painted with the stars of heaven." The course is set to look evil square in the eye and face our inner demons represented by political and social corruption and of course render a sacrifice like - Rummy the 74 year old tenancious Chicken Hawk.

Astro Transits to Rummy's Birth Chart The current Scorpionic Convergence today had Mars @ 11Scorpio applying to close SQ to his natal Mercury at 11 Leo 30 and in the line of fire of future SQ's from Sun-Mercury-Venus and Jupiter separating from his natal Jupiter at 23 Leo 15.
Perhaps it was the Moon (Rummy's ruling orb) which entered Cancer at 2:46PM EST today just before the transit began - Luna in the sign of the Crab conjuncted his Venus which is quincunx Saturn in Aquarius setting off the ultimate adjustment - I finally quit.

Mercury Transit Chart Set for Washington, DC at 4:31EST

Just as Rummy and Bush were the losers, Aries career politician, Nancy Pelosi was a big winner, taking on the coveted mantle of "Speaker of the House" a real Mercurial
title. The first female speaker of the house ever reflected by her natal Mars-Venus conjunction in Taurus.

Representative Pelosi was born Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (March 26, 1940)
She has an aries Sun (ruled by Mars) who was blessed with three point stellium of Taurean planets (known for persistence) Uranus @ 19Taurus -Venus @ 20 Taurus-Mars @ 25 Taurus. Incidentally, Nancy's Taurean Trio has been directly challenging Rummy's self-rightous and pride before the fall Leo duo (Mercury-Jupiter). Nancy's stubborn,fixed Venus ruled group today and the remainder of the week is being boosted by Merc-Transit Opposition's Mars-Mercury-Sun-Venus Conjunction Scorpio conjunction making her even a little sexier to the American public.

Shades of retribution or revenge by Power Brokers? Today's Scorpionic Convergence andMercury Transit is falling in the 7th House of the above DC Chart known for open enemies (Dems) plus it rules treaties, alliances, marriage and divorce issues, public relations, the conditions of women.
For the Demos there is a distinct feeling of retribution and pay back which needs to be leveraged into true Social Reform.

Even more fortunate for Nancy is that the Ascendant for the above chart at 7 Taurus
putting Ms. Pelosi's Taurean powerhouse in the Chart's first house symbolizing the nation and its people, first impressions, the image of the nation and outer persona of it's people - a real mandate.
Pallas the asteroid dealing with political strategy falls at 22 Cancer in Nancy's chat and almost exactly hit the IC (a place which reflects nationalism and patriotism, it is the folk-soul of the nation) of the Mercury Transit Chart.
Hera the asteroid in Greek, was the goddess of marriage and according to legend, her marriage to Zeus was out of duty and was afflicted with infidelity (on the part of Zeus, never Hera), jealousy (mostly on the part of Hera), possessiveness and cruelty - Sound like Nancy and the Dems with the Bush Neo-con gang of corrupt dirty old men! Or have we again met the New Bosses, Same as the Old Bosses just different Masks? This is the question the American people need to ask especially with such a deep, penetrating informational Mercury Transit - Scorpio is the sign of thee consumate detective.

In this astro analysis: it is necessary to also look at the position of Nancy's natal Hera is 00 Taurus 00 closely conjunct her Saturn at 00 Taurus 44 adding even more powerful, slow steady energy toward this big day when transiting Hera was at 03 Taurus and Retrograde. She had a boost along with her other cadre who are still afraid to say END ALL WAR NOW AND TAKE BACK THE MILITARY BUDGET FOR PEACE TIME USE!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Part Two - Polls Open for Mid-Term Election - Who Set the Traps?

Inroduction: My last posted Jog-Blog was concerning the Full Moon known by Native Americans as the Beaver Moon dealing with setting traps to get furs for the winter.
Of course it was also a time when the beavers were busy also in preparation for the freezing cold approaching...

Polls opened in DC at 7:00AM and the Scorpionic Convergence of Mars (Ancient Ruler) near Sun-Venus-Mercury Retrograde! all near the Ascendant signaling even more hidden agendas. In other words even if the Demos regain the House and make a dent into the Senate, we still have the old guard in charge. Saturn in Leo high in Mid-Heaven represents the Elite Mgt. Team whether they are politico pawns of the special interests (polite for Illuminati).
Of course anytime Saturn approaches Regulus as it will siderally, the King is either on trial as was Saddam or those Nuremberg defandants back in 1946.
In today's case it is King George and his corrupt minions who will face the wrath of
Jupiter-Law and yes democracy with the people represented by Gemini Moon. By 6:11AM EST on November 8th the Dems will have won and will be bouncing off the walls just as Pluto opposes the Moon.

With Sun-Mars together in Scorpio, the War in Iraq and wars all over the world are the main reason voters will get out to the polls. Afterall the Nodes have shifted to more peaceful Pisces-Virgo in June 2006, it will just take a while for the population to make their demands known.

Ascendant for the Election Chart is 17 Scorpio 37 which corresponds to Sabian Symbol for 18 Scorpio: "After visiting the grave of her husband, a woman walks alone thru the autumnal woods and finds inspiration in the brightly colored leaves dancing all around her. "
This is a major clue that we all want to get out of this stifling situation and find a new more colorful vision of the future!

Mercury is Retrograde and is applying to a Quincunx to highly communicative Gemini Moon which will mean multiple adjustments to deal with more Voter Problems and Election Dirty Tricks. Is this enough to ensure a GOP victory - I don't think so!
Mercury will also be separating from a Neptune SQ which will help the more realistic flow of information but it will still be in orb for the continuing disinformation campaign's waste of dollars.

Bright Spot: Fixed Star Zeuben Elgenubi the Southern Scale of the constellation Libra's Scales is close to Sun - Solar Authority promising positive social reform with this election day.

Fixed Star Zeuben Elschemali the Northern Scale is rising with the Sun to bring Negative Social Reform (never the less we will see reform on a large scale).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full Beaver Moon or Frosty Orb - Who Sets the Traps? Part One

It has been an intense buildup to this November's Full Moon known as the Beaver Moon by Native Americans of the northern and eastern United States. November was a time when traps were set before the lakes and swamps froze over. This was also interpreted by people of the Six Nations (one of the oldest participatory democracies on earth) also known by the French term, Iroquois Confederacy marked a time when beavers were actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon. Most importantly since Pluto (modern ruler of this season's Scorpio convergence) is now near the Galactic Center as it was in 1759 when the French Indian War began, we need to take considerable notice of the Iroquis Condfederacy and their influence on the foundation of the USA.
In the Introduction of the bood Forgotten Founders Bruce E. Johansen, writes,

By arguing that American Indians (principally the Iroquois) played a major role in shaping the ideas of Franklin (and thus, the American Revolution) I do not mean to demean or denigrate European influences. I mean not to subtract from the existing record, but to add an indigenous aspect, to show how America has been a creation of all its peoples.

The question we current citizens of the 21st Century must ask ourselves: Will this Full Moon US election on Nov. 7th be a trap for the Neo-Con, GOP elite or a time when we all must be busy as beaver preparing for a mighty cold winter. Are we ready to enter a winter season which could bring a "a cold to the bone" economy and poltical atmosphere for the next six years? Shouldn't we all be vigilant when constant Election Fraud and Tricks are can no longer mask over this debt denial society?

When you scroll down to today's Frosty Moon Chart set for DC, you will not that all those Scorpionic Planets fall in the mundane 12th putting a major spin on hidden agenda, behind the scenes manipulation, secret groups, secret government entities and the enemies within.

NOVEMBER SURPRISE! Will the real Saddam stand up?
If you look closely at the photo-composite, you will see four small inset photographs of President Hussein. In all of them you can clearly see his neat white even teeth, made possible in part by the fact that Iraq has [or had] more dental surgeons per head of population than any country in the world apart from Libya. This expert dental service was free to all Iraqis, and President Hussein's teeth were and are in pristine condition.'

Saddam's natal birth date is April 28, 1937 with Sun-Uranus conjunct at 7 and 9 degrees Taurus along with Mercury at 24 Taurus has been dealing with the Scorpion Convergence since October 23rd literally dooming any chances he had for life saving appeal. In fact Saddam's fate was sealed by those covert power brokers heading the project for the new american century back on March 2002, when transiting Pluto first conjuncted his point of destiny - N Node at 17 Sagittarius.

RELIGION AND STATE ARE FINALLY PARTED? Or is this just the decline of both?
The National Evangelical Association's president, Ted Arthur Haggard (born June 27, 1956), was forced to resign after it was disclosed (Scorpio reveals) that he paid a male escort to have sex with him, all the while preaching against the evils of homosexuality and gay marriage. Ted who is entirely too much of a megalomaniac with a natal Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28-26* Leo meeting the focus of our ongoing TSQ Saturn at 24* Leo (where the leaders seem like desperate children) SQ Jupiter at 25* Scorpio. Plus his own Venus at 27 Gemini is being hit by transiting Pluto exposing him as a typical hypocritical pervert.
Phony Ted Haggard ain't no Jimmy Swaggart whose repentant actions after being caught with a female prostitute brought tears to everyone - Jimmy boy had a close Grand Water Trine with Sun-Jupiter-Pluto that made all his congregation and believers highly sympathetic.

Well shouldn't this help the demos? Maybe but it has been recently disclosed that Karl Rove and other neo-cons in this administration think that the religious right is filled with idiots, suckers, and nut cases… even after these very same people have given the GOP millions of dollars in contributions and delivered massive votes.

Full Moon Chart Set for Washington DC at 7:59AM EST