Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Moon Mega Quake in Chile and Tsunami Waves

The 8.8 Magnitude Super Quake that struck at 03:34:14 AM at epicenter with Capricorn rising conjunct fated N Node with ruler Saturn @ MC in a dangerous square to Pluto in the 12th.
Moon as a trigger in Leo in the 8th house of destruction in an opposition to Mercury-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius is still bringing dangerous after shocks. The Map below shows
multiple strong aftershocks as powerful as 6.9 and covering a 600 mile area from Maule to Bio-Bio. The quake was devastating and structures (Saturn at MC)
have crumbled. This massive subduction tremor knocked down highway overpasses and buildings, and at least 122 are killed. The big after story is that it will produce giant waves on the other side of the ocean - with Sun and Jupiter in an expansive Piscean conjunction expect mighty tsunami like walls of water. From an inner emotional and soulful side the collective reactions to this event will be huge.

Tsunami Waves to Hit Across the Pacific
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has said there may be "widespread damage" from high waves.
As Sun-Jupiter-Venus and Uranus continue in oceanic Pisces generating waves of Neptunian power more compassion and emotions are also being felt for the victims across the world.

We are all awaiting news from Hawaii where a Tsunami warning and evacuations have been posted. The Quake hit at 1:34 EST. Hawaii is about 6900 miles away. The Tsunami moves about 400-500 MPH. It will reach Hawaii about 14 hours later.
Already there has been a 40 Meter Tsunami Wave Hitting the Juan Fernández
Juan Fernandez Islands is a sparsely inhabited island group reliant on tourism and fishing in the South Pacific Ocean, situated about 667 km (414 miles) off the coast of Chile, and is composed of several volcanic islands.

Since Mercury-Neptune-Chiron are all in electronic Aquarius people are watching and twittering live updates of where and when the Tsunami will hit Hawaii.
Moon in Leo is adding to the dramatic effect being opposed to this trio of internet oriented Aquarian bodies.
Live coverage here at Hawaii Now

Everyone in the Islands is on edge with Mars retro in Leo @ 1 degree 04 minutes
with this Sabian: "An epidemic of mumps" or "Having arrived at the site of the epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease and procedures for containment." Newscasters and the witness on hand for the coming Tsunami are trying to disseminate vital information in the wake of the total confusion.
Wave arrival estimates:
11:05 a.m. Hilo, 11:20 a.m. Maui, 11:35 a.m. Oahu, 11:50 a.m. Kauai, 9-12 ft. surge estimates.
Hopefully the waves in Hawaii will be small compared to waves in other places like Samoa as the Moon moves Void of Course @ 12: 15 PM PST. We all should be more concerned about the survivors in Chile with tons of aftershocks on the rise. We should all be preparing for coming quakes in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California along with mudslides.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lunar Spirals, Inner Compulsion and Irrational Revelatons

This picture of the spiral aurora above was taken in Tromsô, Norway by Dionys Moser on February 18, 2010. Yes Tromsô was ground zero for the Dec. 9th 2009 Norwegian Sprial.
The energies of this coming Full Moon on 2-28-2010 represent the essence of these spiral formations.

In my last blog entry I mentioned the visionary and boundless energies of the Neptune ruled stellium. This is a time of surreal connectedness which can make us dizzy in unlimited empathy and altered perceptions. We are all becoming mediums surfing waves of imaginations yet confronted with the dangers of the compulsions of Mars retrograde ready to station. Yes Mars is pushing it all out to the center stage with a desire for crazy risk taking. We are seeing the Year of the Tiger becoming the Year of the Shamu, slightly more ferocious daily. Just a little more fierce especially with an agitated quincunx to Pluto.

We saw today how that boundless irrationality that is Neptune can keep on giving.
Neptune/Poseidon the God of the sea and the might earth shaker struck 50 miles ESE of Okinawa, Japan in the Ryukyu Islands with a 7.0 Magnitude temblor. Continued after shocks in this spot and in Mindanao, Philippines.
These aspects are not just about earth changes they deal with resignations, scandals and belief systems falling apart. we see New York Governor David Paterson announcing he will not seek re-election on Friday amid domestic violence scandal involving aide - sound familiar? Pisces is sign of the abused and the victim..
Paterson: 'Never Abused My Office'

If that weren't enough, we find Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary saying she would also resign today. Her resignation was supposedly caused by multiple criticism (forebodings of the next Saturn-Virgo Opposition to Uranus-Pisces that pits those who are in power against those who are subject to power.

Just to make things interesting another Neptunian scandal hit the fan. In this case we are dealing with drug smuggling as the Pisces Stellium keeps swimming along
in coordination with the Moon in Leo opposing Mercury-Neptune together in Aquarius.
German company employed by Nato accused of drug smuggling in Afghanistan

Even these newsworthy improprieties reflect how things are finally dissolving and falling apart. We as collective humanity are finally ready to confront our deepest fears as we move thru the Galactic Sixth Night. This is the time of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli ("lord of the star of the dawn") Tlahuizcalpantecutli was the personification of the morning star, which is the planet Venus as seen in the morning. His brother Xolotl was the planet Venus as the evening star. Remember that the last stint in the morning sky, Venus appeared to go behind the sun — what astronomers call "superior conjunction" — on Jan. 11. For weeks it was not visible, mired deep in the brilliant glare of the sun. By this coming Full Moon on Feb. 28 the difference between sunset and Venus' setting will have improved and this God/Goddess is seen rising and plainly visible in the western evening sky.

The ancient Toltecs told of Spirals in Sky where gods were descending to earth.

Clearly the Venus conjunction with Uranus in Pisces exact on March 3rd is ready and willing to translate the chaotic and uncontrollable energies of the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition (April 26th). Financial Astrologer Ray Merriman defines the power of the unexpected energies ahead with these translations of forces. Uranus represents the principles of the unforeseen, that which was not anticipated. It hits with a surprise, “out of the blue,” so to speak. Uranus rules technology. It is in Pisces but about to enter the combative and military-conflicts sign of Aries, which also pertains to weapons as well as the world-wide web. Is there a cyber attack? Is there a launch of new missile, another “weapon of mass destruction?”

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mystical Channelings for this Full Moon in Virgo February 28, 2010

We are quickly heading toward perhaps the most "mystical and psychic" yet divisive Full Moon of the year filled with both spiritual and hallucinatory portents. Merriam-Webster offers this definition of mystical = involving or having the nature of an individual's direct subjective communion with God or ultimate reality or the mystical experience of the Inner Light. This might even sound like a magic mushroom trip and with the rumors and hoaxes multiplying by the hour it could be...From Benjamin Fulford to Sorcha Faal the stories will be woven in grandiose fashion (Jupiter-Sun in Pisces)with a lot of emphasis on religion and miracles.

Thus on February 28, 2010 @ 8:38 AM PST or 11:38 AM EST the Sun @ 9 degrees 58 minutes Pisces is separating from a conjunction with Jupiter also in Pisces - Jupiter in Pisces is known as the spiritual adviser who is willing to make sacrifices along with teaching redemption. The Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Pisces = "An aviator in the clouds" or a more modern version dealing with the new surveillance society that has formed since Dec. 25th 2009 when the false flag incident involving the "underwear bomber" accelerated the control grid. "The queen's cat scouts around the rooftops of the palace. Through a window far below it sees a mouse stealing some cheese. " Both these Sabian versions are about a duplicitious situation where we are able to look via psychic flashes from above into hidden meaning of what appears to be surface events.

From a purely physical side this coming moon is living up to the Native American moniker: The Full Snow Moon (nasty storm in the Northeast US and Europe) and it might become the Full Hunger Moon, due to these severe weather conditions.

Looking at the chart below set for 11:38 AM EST in DC, we see the Moon @ 9 degrees 58 minutes or 10 degrees Virgo in the 4th house with this Sabian: "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows." This alone is the perfect symbol for an instance of deliberate deceptiveness or should we say double-dealing. We should all be aware that at this lunation there can be some big errors in judgement as we look across the wheel at the Piscean Stellium holding court in the 10th house of the executive branch: Astrea-Jupiter-Sun-Venus and Uranus. So all these mutable planets in the sign of the victim/savior are positioned in the house which rules the government, the leadership or ruling class. In a nation's chart it rules the national reputation and prestige, world opinion, the party in power, the chief executive, and the nations influence in the world Efforts to deify our current president Obama will be attempted against the tide of revolutionary undercurrents and frustration with Mercury-Neptune-Chiron all in Aquarius opposing Vesta in Leo near the IC. Remember that the 4th house and IC symbolize forms of nationalism and patriotism, it is the folk-soul of the nation. The fourth house also rules underground water supplies, and indicates the weather conditions. It signifies the people versus the government, and signifies the party not in power. This is a lunation where the tea party continues to make rumblings.

What we really need to get about this Full Moon is for some it means that we are in the midst of tribulation and for others a giant step toward ascension. It all depends on our point of view both inner and outer. Knowing that we are transitioning daily into the Aquarian Age while accelerating forces are taking us to the middle of the Mayan Galactic Sixth Night, certain elements must be fulfilled. Regarding the end of the Piscean Age when the 12th house lets go of secrets and darkness to embrace the healing waters of the 11th house. In order for this to occur the previously hidden knowledge of Chirst and Mary Magdalene's divine union and legacy must come to light. I suggest that we all watch a documentary that is much more real and gritty than Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.
Blood Line the Movie Part 1 in an effort to reveal truth.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Religion, God Particles and NWO - The ‘THE APOTHEOSIS IS AT HAND’

Signs of the divine and your own path of redemption.

Since the 18th of February when the Sun entered Pisces. events and energies have quickened. Words of the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, stargates, LHC and Messiahs are starting to enter common language. Before we head deep into this multi-dimendional journey, let's look at the common definition of Apotheosis. The Apotheosis comes from the Greek, apotheoun "to deify", later the Italian gióvino, "to be made divine" ), refers to the exaltation of a subject to divine level. From Chaos to the search for the God Particle (CERN)a dimensional shift has occurred along with wormholes and messiahs.
William Henry in this article ponders the true and the false regarding a major NWO takeover including whether Obama is the false messiah. Henry maintains that until Obama talks of the unveiling of the ark, taking up the staff of righteousness, annointing oil and manna we won't have a second coming or APOTHEOSIS. Could Rahm Emmanual be the staff (Chief of Staff)of righteous - see this article from 2008.

As we approach the next Full Moon on Feb. 28th, Neptune aka Poseidon, the ruler of Pisces is assuming more power. Yes known as the planet of dissolution and dreams where the victim and savior switch places. Let those scandalous times roll... Pisces reflects events thru a fishbowl and lots of refraction helped by Solar Plasma Plumes. Things are all too real in effect yet associated with the realms of fantasy. Now that the faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter will translate the powerful light of the renovating and revolutionary Saturn-Uranus opposition (next exact April 26th). Once we get thru the mutable forces of duplicity when Aries starts the ball rolling in early June, fire and action hits the center ring.

Here we go and since we harken back to December 2009 a time of predictions, prophecies when that other Jupiter ruled sign, Sagittarius was moving forward with foreign, daring and explosive happenings like on Dec. 26th when Mercury stationed retrograde and the underwear bomber helped
"In theology the term apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual, group, or locale has been raised to godlike stature. This influx of Piscean energies with the benefics moves so quickly and tourches lives of the infamous and incomprehensible. From the Austin False Flag attack where Mars played such a crucial role to short but historic meeting between the Dali Lama and Obama, More than anything the battle for our souls was being played out in much more blatant where manipulations, vulnerabilities were pushing the edges and foundations of collapse.
William Henry wrote an article: WARNING: ‘THE APOTHEOSIS IS AT HAND’, WORLD GOVERNMENT IS HER back in December 2009 during the time of the COP 15 right after the Norway Spiral. The title was a reference to something the insider and proponent of climate gate uttered.

“Now the apotheosis is at hand. They are about to impose a communist world government on the world.”
- Lord Christopher Monckton, October 16, 2009

The Apotheosis Is At Hand (p.1/6) William Henry |

Now that you heard William back in December 2009, let's look ahead.
Remember after the Norway Spiral around Dec. 13th. towards the Sagittarius New Moon and the release of Avatar? This lunation happened near the final Neptune-Jupiter conjunction and that time period I said: This Sag. New Moon is a portal to next years incredible milieu of the fantastical and sudden change with Jupiter entering Pisces to conjunct Uranus. Just as the internet transformed social media with Jupiter-Neptune together expect video and movies to combine with the paranormal. So here comes the : Moon of Mystery with Virgo Full on February 28, 2010 Leap Year @ 11:38 AM EST when Gemini is rising in DC and ruler Mercury is near the top of the chart closely separating grom Chiron and Neptune. Mercury-Neptune in Aquarius is about searching for a vision of a more perfect world but hampered by illusions, nebulous thinking and those shadow-type wounds and soul retrievals.
Taking a closer look below we see Astraea-Jupiter-Sun-Moon-Venus and the electric trickster Uranus in the public but sensationalized executive house.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Austin Plane Crash - Pure Chaos with Neptune and Mars

In astrology speak of injuries by violence, fires, furious behavior, anger, impulse burns, crashes we are describing the actions and consequences of Mars gone mad.
Aries ruled by Mars is rising in the chart above is set for 9:55 AM CST when Joe Stack " plowed into the side of the hulking, seven-story, black-glass building just before 10 a.m." According to reports, he hit with a thunderous explosion that instantly stirred memories of Sept. 11"
This particular plane attack took place
Juno @ 27 degrees Aries is rising with Moon in the 12th which shows how Joe, the assailant was acting alone?
his AP article: (Man angry at IRS crashes plane into building) made sure that we thought about 9/11 and with S Node in Cancer (memories of the past right at the IC)seems to be the spin trying to peg him with domestic terrorism.
He was definitely angry and disturbed with Mars Void of Course in the astrological house (4th) representing ground zero. With Mercury moving toward a conjunction with Neptune in shocking aquarius(exact 2-27-10 right before the Full Moon) we have seemingly well timed suicide note as evidence. In the 7th house which would indicate his target is Pallas in Scorpio. Full text of Joe Stack online suicide note posted on website

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver Olympics, the New Moon and Omens

Cairns and the Inukshuk Mark the Vancouver Olympics

The controversy and foreboding surrounding the Vancouver Olympics started even before the luger from Georgia met his death in training this morning.
The tragic accident that befell Nodar Kumaritashvili, who lost control of his sled during training reflected a difficult Mars in Leo Retro (sports performance) @ ascendant in tight opposition to Mercury (skill) and Moon in Aquarius. Mercury-Mars in harsh aspect is relates to mishaps, crackups, calamities and resulting casualties. Mars is also in harsh quincunx to Pluto (lord of death)as we near the New Moon on Saturday.

For a few years now the logo named Ilanaaq the Inunnguaq has also been steeped in controvers. Ilanaaq is the Inuktitut word for friend. The logo is based on the Inukshuk (stone landmark or cairn). The Inuit erect human-shaped cairns, or inunnguaq as milestones or directional markers in the Canadian Arctic.
Cairns are monuments made of unworked stones that are used by the Inuit for communication and survival. But originally cairns where used In ancient times they were erected as sepulchral monuments, or used for practical and astronomical uses.

Saturn and Pluto Square with Mercury-Mars in Opposition.
The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path."The Inuit erect human-shaped cairns, or inunnguaq as milestones or directional markers in the Canadian Arctic. Cairns may mark a burial site, and may memorialize the dead and of course gravestones and graveyards relate to Saturn and Pluto. In the chart above set for the New Moon in Vancouver, Saturn in the first house is separating from a longstanding square with Pluto in the 4th house signifying the Olympics venues including the Whistler Sliding Center where Nodar was killed. Other venues like the Richmond Olympic Oval, are at sea level corresponding to Venus-Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. (exact on Feb. 16th).
So back to those potentially macabre cairns: In the mythology of ancient Greece, cairns were associated with Hermes, the god of overland travel and messenger to the underworld. The opposition with Mercury (Hermes) opposing Mars (Ares) is exact tomorrow @ 2:25 AM PST with Mars in the 11th house of groups and associations and Mercury in the 5th of sporting events. The opening and closing ceremonies are held at BC Place. BC Place which is also at sea level is a multipurpose stadium and Canada's first domed arena. BC Place is the largest air-supported stadium in the world. Another Saturn connection is that this stadium is owned and operated by PavCo (BC Pavilion Corporation), a Crown Corporation of the government (Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th)

The chart above using the Koch house system indicates a large 6th house with Aquarius on the cusp. Moon-Sun-Chiron-Neptune-Venus-Jupiter are all there. The sixth rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense and health.
When we see that Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is found in he 7th house of open enemies, we might consider all the warnings of a False Flag attack at the Olympics.
Video: Vancouver 2010 Olympics : Preparing for a False Flag Terrorist Attack

One thing is for sure with the Aquarian stellium including Chiron the wounded healer in the sixth, we should expect some kind of health scare or drama. Also the possibility of a major clash between the military and the protestors is likely

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meteor Crash in Mexico and Gulf of Aden Stargate

The march to the next New Moon on February 13th has been filled with conflagration and strange happenings from heaven to earth .
It was only a week ago that a fireball was reported crashing in Ireland and then today on February 10th a meteorite is reported falling between Puebla and Hidalgo. This rock from space not only allegedly caused caused a bridge to cave in but a hole around 30 meters wide. Here is a link which claims the indident occured between 3:30 to 6:30 PM CST. The conflicting reports bring up more Neptunian confusion, a little like the Middletown explosion on Super Bowl Sunday. The Chart below is set for 3:30 PM CST when the first reports came. "The preliminary version of the Police Huauchinango is talk that the impact occurred at 15:30 hours, no injuries despite the cave-a bridge and a crater about 30 meters."
So here we have Cancer rising with he ruler - the Moon in the opposite sign of Capricorn near the N Node (fated incident) in the 7th house of open enemies. Mars the fiery trigger is in Leo in the first house and in opposition to Mercury recently arrived in Aquarius for some sparks. There is so much on edge now with a Yod developing between Pluto-Jupiter (both sextile) and point to Mars in a Quincunx pattern. The Finger of God is raised and targeting Mars now retrograde (to examine our aggressive tendencies)

To recap we have had two major meteor crashes, a deadly explosioin at an energy plant in CT, two horrible avalanches and a Snowapocalypse from DC to Pennsyvania...
So if there weren't enough anamolous incidents, we have rumors (Neptune) of a Stargate opening in the Gulf of Aden has a few wondering as to what lies ahead. The Yemen rumor may have begun from this transmission: Galactic Federation Of Light KOS January 0 2010which is predicting peace to break out due an awesome ET intervention to immediately end all war and battles.

Then to put add snow to the blizzard, we have the Project Camelot interviews Aaron McCollum: McCollum is a third generation member of Project Talent, the MKUltra program used to develop psychic warriors and supersoldiers by the secret government. He goes on to talk about an impending False Flag event and his work in another "Seagate" in Puerto Rico

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Middletown Explosion and Conflicting Reports

One thing my spirit guides have been repeating is "Keep your eye on the ball." This warning is not just about the Saints vs. Colts in the Super Bowl but everything that happens during this Galactic Sixth Night from Nov. 8th 2009 to November 2nd 2010.

I heard about this event around 9 AM PST time from GLP which provided a link The major news wires and media behemoths like CNN
were too preoccupied with Super Sunday to get much details.
At that time all I knew was that a mighty explosion had occurred at the power plant on River Road in Middletown.
Explosion At Middletown Power Plant
It was obvious that only few details were available but
Dozens of ambulances and fire trucks raced to the scene of the explosion, and black smoke was visible for miles, witnesses said.

This story is getting more curious by the hour - as I said @ 11:30 AM EST was the time given (which I revised below to 11:20 AM )
The original time had Gemini Rising @ 4 degrees 25 minutes and Neptune was together with Chiron-Venus-Sun all in Aquarius in MidHeaven.
Sabian for 5 degrees Gemini: "A radical magazine displays a sensational front page. "
Neptune relates to confusion and fantasy to say the least and Mercury ruler of the chart (Gemini Rising) is in Capricorn is in a square to Juno in Aries and opposing S Node in Cancer
Juno in a stressful aspect to Mercury reflects these commuication difficulties along with arguments and disputes between police and the media (CNN)

More Updates: Police retract statement that 2 died in Connecticut explosion

Middletown, Connecticut (CNN) -- An explosion at an under-construction power plant rocked central Connecticut Sunday, causing some deaths and injuring at least 11 people, officials said.

Residents up to 20 miles away reported hearing the blast about 11:30 a.m. at the Kleen Power Plant in Middletown, a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut. Middletown police Sgt. Chuck Jacobucci initially said two people had been killed, but later told CNN he had misinterpreted something heard on a police radio.

Other officials including Middletown Sebastian Giuliano said there were fatalities, but did not give a number.
WTF this is getting crazy but with Mercury in Capricorn, he media reporting is controlled but something is not right.
heard a cop say to his lt. "I need to move a body from under a panel and I am being told NOT to do so until pictures are taken. Is that true?" The Lt. told him that it is true and who to get in touch with at the scene.

Later in the day as more info. was leaked from different sources
we began to see the true mayhem that had transpired with Pluto @ 4 Capricorn 33 minutes in the 8th. The Sabian for 5 degrees Capricorn: "Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance."
Obviously this was a lot more serious than they were letting on...
Here is a 3rd. Update from an impartial news service specializing
in worlwide disasters - RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service. The time of the explosion was now govem as 11:20 AM EST not 11:30 PM.
Chart Below set for 11:20 AM EST

RSOE Reports that the list of dead and inured increased (Moon in Sagittarius with ruler Jupiter in Pisces - mutable and expansion expected).
"Five people were killed and at least 12 injured after a Sunday explosion at an under-construction power plant in the U.S. state of Connecticut, CNN reported citing local officials. The blast occurred at the Kleen Power Plant in Middletown, near the state's capital of Hartford, at about 11:20 a.m. local time."

The chart above has Mars even closer to the IC signifying the local explosion of a very serious nature.
Also the new rising sign @ 1 Gemini 27 and a new Sabian Symbol: "Santa Claus filling stockings furtively."or a morde modern version: "Spellbound a child looks on as Santa dextrously gife wraps a children's book and some gold-foiled choclates, and ties them in bows. "
Here is a graphic symbol which characterizes harmless fantasy vs. self-serving misrepresentations or confabulations.

RSOE clarifies the confusion about how many workers were on scent when the explosion happened:
" reported earlier citing a deputy fire marshal that about 50 construction workers were at the scene when the blast occurred, however Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano said it is still unclear how many people were at the plant. "What I've been told by the owners of the project is that there could be anywhere from 100 to 200 people working on the site on any given day," cited him as saying. The mayor also said that there is no threat to the public health after the blast and it is unlikely to be an act of terrorism. "There is no present or continuing threat to anybody from either substances getting into the atmosphere or of a possible subsequent explosion," he said adding that "urban search-and-rescue teams are on the premises ... with dogs, attempting to locate and account for further victims.

Friday, February 05, 2010

"Snowmageddon" 2010 Like Katrina 2005?

February 5, 2010: It is all about the weather in our nation's capital where the Blizzard of 2010 is creating hysteria (Neptune ruled Jupiter in Pisces). Unquestionably this is a monster storm heading up the Atlantic seaboard and threatening to paralyze D.C.Saturn astrologically relates to Snow and in this case lots of hit with a square to Pluto. So Saturn has just passed over the IC
or home zero @ 3:20 PM EST.
The volatile weather will augment and increase with Mercury in colder Capricorn in an opposition to S Node

And issues involving food & security are on everybody's minds with Saturn in a close square to Pluto (the destroyer).
Chart Below for 12;41 PM EST when it will be at the worst:

Washington Gears Up for Big Storm

Yes appears that Washington, DC is ground zero for this KATRINA KAHUNA
A chart set for the exact Pluto-Jupiter sextile tomorrow Feb. 6th @ 12:41 PM EST has Venus-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius all near the MidHeaven for DC
and Saturn (snow) co-ruler of Aquarius will be speeding toward the IC or home base by 3:16 PM EST when the fury of this monster will be at it's height!
This monster is now in contention to break a record for the D.C. region, set in 1922 when a blizzard blew in from the Atlantic and crippled the city with a whopping 71 centimetres of snow.
Map of Ground Zero marked in red for Mars Retro in Leo..

News from DC today : "Rush hour set in hours earlier than usual as the snow began to fall at about 1 p.m. The city's famous Beltway freeway and other roadways leading out of town were jammed with vehicles as people left work early."

"Katrina-like event" for the Mid-Atlantic

Update: 10:45 PM FRIDAY 2.5.2010 Blizzard Warnings are now in effect until 10 PM Saturday for large portions of the Baltimore and Washington metro areas, much of Delaware and southern New Jersey. This one storm will have such far-reaching impact on so many people across such a large area this may become a "Katrina-like event" for the Mid-Atlantic. Is that an outlandish or unfair comparsion to Gulf coast residents still recovering 5 years later? Perhaps, but take a moment to read our reporting from August 2005 before you render judgment.

Comparisons to Katrina Might be justified.
Chart Below set for Aug. 29, 2005 when Katrina made landfall @ 6:10 AM in Buras, Louisiana
Both events are in the crisis-oriented 3rd Qtr. Moon phase with some serious TSQ involving Mercury-Neptune-Nodes with Mars playing a prominent role as ruler of the Scorpio Moon for tomorrow's event.
Katrina had Mars direct in Taurus in a Grand Cross with Mercury (the weather planet) in Leo to Neptune in Aquarius and Ceres in Scorpio. A Fixed Cross usually has a lingering and more diasastrous effect to weather events. Wtih tomorrow's configuration Sun in the most volatile sign Aquarius is opposing Hygeia (health) TSQ Pallas-Moon in Scorio. Of course the massive Aqurian stellium of Venus (moisture)Chiron (maverick) and Neptune are in a tight square to Moon in Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for 26 degrees Aquarius is a Hydrometer for tesing the density of water.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Huge Fireball Reported Over Ireland Creates an Uproar

Fireball Crashes Over County Cavan

Meteors and fireballs are nothing new to most amateur astronomers or to those that have been paying attention. Looking back to Montana fireball on January 18th to a curious Nebrasaka fireball on Dec. 16th that coincided with a 3.5 magnitude quake in Auburn. But this huge fireball spotted over Ireland at around 6pm local time on Feb. 3, 2010 is creating quite a sensation. (I mentioned in previous posts to watch these events being manipulated by media and TPTB). The hysteria and mania being generated is symptomatic of all the Neptunian aspects present including the upcoming Jupiter in Pisces exact sextile with Pluto in Capricorn on 2-6-10. Here is the report from the Irish Times.
The Times quoted Tommy Moore from Astronomy Ireland: “A major explosion happened in the sky over Ireland. We think it’s a fireball, that’s a rock from space the earth has slammed into and they burn up as huge shooting stars. This one appears to have lit up the whole country. The phones here in Astronomy Ireland are going crazy.”

Video from the Media: Meteor Spotted In Ireland from RTE NEWS

Mars and Neptune are Prominent

Looking at the chart below: Set for 6 PM in County Cavan, Ireland near where the fireball is supposed to have landed, we see Leo rising @ 24 degrees with fiery Mars retrograde in the 12th which speaks of an event which captures the imagination and unconciousness of the world. Mars is in TSQ to Taurus at MidHeaven and Sun in Aquarius. Perhaps the cause of all the rumors and wild stories about UFO landing and the military cordoning off the area is Leo rising with an opposition to Neptune in the 7th close to Chiron that shamanic trickster.
The diplomatic Moon in Libra is knocked off center with an opposition to Juno also in a fire sign this time Aries in the 9th house of foreign objects. Conflicting reports and sensational stories along with lots more video (Jupiter in Pisces) are a given.
It is interesting that Mars is playing such a huge part too with the Motto for County Cavan in the province of Ulster: Feardhacht is Fírinne (Irish)
"Manliness and Truth" Which speaks volumes for Martian energies.

Couple of quick notes about County Cavan where the Fireball Landed:
In medieval times, Cavan was known as East Brefnie, or Brefnie O'Reilly after its ruling Gaelic family since it was a major part of the 11th century Irish Kingdom of Breifne.
Meanings of Breifne
Going deeper down that leprechaun hole we find that the previous meaning of Breifne until recently was that it means "hilly" in Irish, a description which describes the topography of this part of Ireland. Hills that are high, hard and gravely relate to Leo. Going further with the etymology of the word we find some interesting correspondences. Recent advances in language studies indicate that the name is derived from the pre-Celtic substrate language spoken in Ireland before the arrival of the Celts and means "Ring" or "Loop". Breifne would therefore have one of the oldest placenames in Ireland, dating from prior to 500 B.C. This is by far an interesting place for this meteor to land..
More influence of Mars retrograde is found in this definition: Alternatively, the Metrical Dindshenchas states the name is derived from Brefne, daughter of Beoan mac Bethaig, a brave soldier-woman.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Jupiter-Pluto and the Giant Squid Invasion

Since Jupiter made an entrance into the most ocean oriented sign of Pisces on January 17th, all things relating to Neptune and Pisces have increased including the predominance of "fish" stories. Jupiter is gathering steam for a meeting with Uranus coming close together by the end of may but not exact till they are both in Aries on June. 8th.
So Jupiter is in Pisces coming close to a sexitle with Pluto (darkness). Just wait you will get sick of "paranormal" TV shows, ghost stories, Cryptozoological sightings and other fantastic creatures mostly from the sea. We even see the gruesome tales like the Punalu'u Whale Carcass floating in Hawaii but what is even more Piscean is that Native Hawaiians came by and performed a ceremony - a spiritual gesture of reverence.
Excess, magnification, the Biggest of the Baddest that describes Jupiter and this recent account dealing with the oceans of California and how:
Giant squids have invaded California
Shoals of giant squid are invading the Californian coast, providing rich pickings for fishermen. Actually the Giant Squid are not just in Newport Beach, California where this dude caught a 60 lb. monster. They have been recently spotted off San Diego, Oregon and Washington, on the West Coast of the United States.

According to the video below from KQED, these mysterious sea creatures aka. Giant Humboldt Squid
Calamar Gigante or Rojo Diablo
usually are 7 feet long, with 10 arms, a sharp beak and a ravenous appetite. In September September a record-breaking 19ft-long squid, weighing 103 pounds, was caught off the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fierce Humboldt Squid

Pluto gets in the act when we realize that they live in depths of 600 to 3000ft. Their natural range is the warmer equitorial waters. They first appeared in the 1930's and went away then again 1997 with el Nino (when Jupiter-Aquarius was in a Sextile to Pluto-Sagittarius and suddenly disappeared. Then in 2002 they returned in the millions with a range to They live in depths of 600 to 3000 ft. below the surface.

I am touching briefly on the Jupiter-Pluto conjunct which is exact on February 6, 2010
I will examine this event in depth in a latter blog. I have set the chart below for 9:41 AM PST in Fortuna California when Jupiter @ 4 degrees 31 Pisces is in an exact sextile with Pluto @ 4 degrees 31 minutes Capricorn.
This appears to be an auspicious time for something big to happen whether a repeat of the Jan. 9th series of quakes, volcanic eruptions or a decidely awesome sea event.
At the time of this conjunction (9:41 AM), the Moon has just turned VOC and is pregnant with energetic tones in Scorpio and won't enter Sagittarius till 4:03 PM. This chart with Aries rising and Juno-Mercury-S Node all in a potent cardinal TSQ just like Vesta-Moon-Neptune-Chiron in an out of sign TSQ.