Monday, August 31, 2009

Dangerous Harvest - Pisces Full Moon 2009

Wind and Fires Cross the West Coast as Evacuation Plans Move Forward

Are we heading for a Harvest Moon of despair or natural change as we approach the Sept. 4th Full Moon in Pisces ruled by both Jupiter/Neptune combining excess and hysteria?
Parts of the West Coast including Baja California are under potential evacuation orders.
Just in on Sept. 1st: Californians told to prepare for mass evacuation
California's Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has urged the residents of Los Angeles to prepare for a mass evacuation in the event of a public call to flee raging fires.
Down in Baja with Thousands Evacuated as Hurricane Jimena Swirls Toward Baja California

The doom keeps growing dramatically as we approach Friday's Full Moon @ 12 Degrees 15 minutes Pisces. Perhaps the fact that Venus/Vesta in Leo is applying to an opposition to expanding Jupiter in collective Aquarius could have something to do with our expectations and movement our of harms way. We astrologers are aware that even though things appear out of hand and perpetual, like a 6+ day fire that seems to never end, we can count on change especially as planets changes signs and triplicities. Even today with Moon now in cooler Aquarius, temperatures will drop in the fire zone. By the time the Pisces Lunation (the first Harvest Moon) the fires may be under control. Mars-Pluto-Juno-Nercurcy (moving retrograde on Sept. 7th) have formed a Grand Square on the solstice points it seems like new
catastrophes are generated everyday.

Another Financial Meltdown

So besides raging fires and hurricanes we are also hitting a crash in the financial markets with the Pisces Full Moon marking a year's anniversary of the economic meltdown
back on September 15, 2008. Last year the Full Moon was closely conjunct Uranus with Pluto in the last degrees of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius to form a mutable TSQ on Nov. 4th
(when the first Saturn-Uranus Opposition brought Obama's version of change with the eleciton.) Now we have Pluto in financially transformative Capricorn stationing and moving direct on Sept. 11th (how perfect is that...) Already today we are starting to see
change in the markets coming quickly. Sept. 1st: Banks Lead Decline in U.S. Stocks on Concern Over More Losses

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving Toward Full Moon - Mega Quake Potential increases

When both Mars and Mercury changed signs into cardinal, active Cancer and Libra respectively from mutable Gemini
and Virgo on August 25th a major seismic window was wide open. By August 26th both Mercury and Mars were exactly square with a dangerous TSQ to Pluto in Capricorn which is now stationing and ready to move direct on Sept. 11th.
Thus today we Aug. 27th we began to notice a series of quakes in the Oklahoma area. So if we add another quake SW of Higden, AR we are treading on the
New Madrid Seismic Zone, sometimes called the New Madrid Fault Line. New Madrid is a major seismic zone and a prolific source of intraplate earthquakes (earthquakes within a tectonic plate) in the Southern and Midwestern United States stretching to the southwest from New Madrid, Missouri.

Six earthquakes hit Oklahoma today Magnitudes of the quakes in Jones ranged from 2.5 to 2.7 on the Richter scale, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. All five epicenters were near the intersection of Main Street and SW 3. They were reported at 7:58 a.m., 10:17 a.m., 10:31 a.m., 12:13 p.m. and 1:32 p.m
For a complete list of quakes in the Oklahoma City area visit USGS and refresh the view.

Moving to the Banda sea where a real deep quake (633.2 km (393.5 miles)) with a magnitude of 6.8 hits this evening at August 27, 2009 at 06:51:19 PM (PDT).
Strong quakes hit China and Indonesia, no tsunami alert | Reuters
But as we see that is only the begining when we see that Asia particularly China (Da Qaidam, Qinghai,China) which is
his hosting more newsworthy tremors. Magnitude 6.2 earthquake shakes Northern Qinghai, China, followed by large aftershocks. Per USGS a total of 5 quakes strong with a shallow depth around 10 KM (known to correspond to HAARP waves).

the Sept. 4th Full Moon set above for ground zero of the New Madrid Fault system whic was responsible for the 1811-1812 massive New Madrid Earthquakes with magnitudes upwards of 8.0 +. These infamous earthquakes were felt as far away as New York City and Boston, Massachusetts, where the motion caused church bells to ring.
Actually the potential for large mega quakes to struck other areas from Puerto Rico to the Andaman Islands is especially strong as we approach this Pisce lunation which hosts soem really tight TSQ including Pluto (Capricorn)-Juno (Aries)- Mars (Cancer) and Mercury (Libra). Today we even got an earthquake warning by scientists for Northeast India
Quote: " our study shows that a big earthquake is due in this region. We have used a model, which is called a model. According to that model, a big earthquake should occur in this region within a short time."
Adding to all the above aspects we see that Mercury is ready to station retrograde on Sept. 7th @ 6 degrees 13 minutes Libra.
I will get into other more psychological, spiritual and geo-political aspects of the coming Full Moon on Sept. 4th in another post but it worth a warning that now that we are at 28 days+ since the last of the three eclispes (Aug. 5th).
Just a quick aside the Sabian Symbol for the degree which Mercury the trigger planet turns retrograde @ 7 Libra has a real defensive and survival orientation.
"A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from hawks." or " A witch stands next to her chicken coop chatting with a neighbor, keeping one eye peeled for a hawk that has been attacking her chickens." Despite our best intentions to keep an eye on secret enemies and conspiracies we may actually scapegoat innocent people. This will be a time of fantasy when unseen forces seem to pose real, palpable threats.

Let me close with the fact that the earth is awakening as evidenced by volcanoes like Mount St. Helens or the story that Six Kamchatka Volcanoes Exhibit Activity Simultaneously For the First Time in Sixty Years.
For the first time in sixty years six Kamchatka volcanoes exhibit activity simultaneously. They are Koryaksky, Shiveluch, Bezimyanny, Gorely, Karymsky volcanoes and Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano. All of them spout steam and gas almost simultaneously.
“This is a rarity. For the first time in sixty years the six volcanoes show activity,” Kamchatka scientists from the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology stated. At present they are trying to figure out the reasons behind the increase of activity of the Kamchatka volcanoes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon in Leo August 20th Tribal Drama, Grand Squares, Triple Conjunction and Yods

The Theatre is Open!
Sun/Moon Stage is Set for More Release and Healing?

The Joker face creeps up everywhere even Time Magazine on telephone poles and billboards and TV - OBAMA JOKER POSTER CONTEST IN THE NEWS In true Leo fashion - The Joker Contest ala radio personality and Aquarius Alex Jones makes center stage. All this is eclipsed by yesterday's Sun Opposing Neptune in Aquarius (Aug. 17th) On August 14th Sun opposed first Jupiter (our beliefs and sense of personal values)in orb of Chiron (need for true healing not medicine for profit) - So obviously leaders (Sun) are being challenged from the masses
The mask will soon be off.

Rebellion is in the air, filled with and today's exact Mars Square Uranus Transit (7:24 PM) will still be in effect for Wednesday's fiery NEW Moon @ 27 Leo. Smoke is still in the air especially on the West Coast where the he nearly 90,000-acre La Brea fire is almost over along with the Bonny Doon fire up in N. California. Not to be oudone Uranus in Pisces which represents sudden events and discoveries dealing with drugs
We are still in an unusually charged, nervous time when sudden, and unexpected events tend to occur like accidents and fights. This transit stimulates a tone of militancy and assertiveness. Besides earthquakes and radical weather from Typhoons to Hurricanes more strikes will come. Next shoe to drop wih Mercury first opposing Uranus
Healthcare reform is being both discussed and debated (with Mars in wordy Gemini) the need for care/nurturance (Moon in South Node into Cancer Aug. 21st) is currently augmented by Venus-Vesta Trine to Uranus adding to innovative, intuitive and artistic solutions. In the chart set for Vancouver, BC Uranus is almost in exact meeting with the MC for some truly unexpected events on the West Coast of North America.
Venus in Cancer sits on the Ascendant and adds beauty, feelings and sentiments directed toward our own family and all our relations. Vesta-Uranus is about dedication to spiritual, revolutionary or is it evolutionary visions championing causess of sexual liberation.
More importantly having Venus sextile Saturn (Aug. 19th) and still within orb. Like all Saturn/Virgo time to face reality be practical and confront the solid facts now. Also when the planet of Aphrodite is in easy aspect to Cronus we can reach settlements, formalization and solutions to many problems which surfaced during the whole mutable, monkey wrenching TSQ which surfaced when Mars changed signs back on July 11th right after
the first Lunar Eclipse (July 7th) of the Summer Series.

Grand Square- Increasing Potency.
An Anatomy of this configuration:
Saturn/Mercury in Virgo are in a close opposition to Uranus in Pisces (Aug. 21st). When Mercury-Uranus are in hard orb unusual and sudden weather changes are possible especially with all the hurricanes out there on the Atlantic. Mercury in Opposition to Uranus also deals with mental pursuits, scientific efforts of an innovative nature to say the least (also UFO's sighted). The other arm of the cross is represented by Mars in Gemini in in a close T-square to the intensifying Saturn/Uranus opposition (Sept. 15th). Pluto in earthy Capricorn is opposite Mars in Gemini (Mars will move into Cardinal Cancer on Aug. 25th) So all this forms a transformative grand square. Pluto, plumbs the depth as we all face our darkest wounds with Chiron another Chthonic (from chthonios, "in, under, or beneath the earth" - quakes and volcanoes are under pressure set off around the time of the July 7th Lunar Eclipse @ the critical 15 Capricorn. So here we have Pluto as the only planet in a cardinal (initiating) sign. Looking back to the final Aug. 5th Lunar Eclipse in volatile Aquarius we view the Aug. 3rd quakes in the Gulf of California and Baja (6.2 Magnitude) to three in the Gulf from 6.9 Magnitude to 5.0!

Nodes Change and Yods Appear

The August 20th lunation is more than just a gateway for earth but offers a ceremonial point for all the elements/elementals who crave to let loose from earth to air to water to fire getting us ready for the Cardinal Climax on July 2010 when Uranus takes the first impulsive step in Aries. Systems have disintegrated and pandemics of over protection will also dissipate into new frontiers. With the Moon's True Nodes moving from Aquarius/Leo to Capricorn/Cancer on August 21st this lunation will set the tones for the next 1.5 years. Perhaps more relevant to the next couple of weeks are the formation of
a YOD (finger of God and fate) from Saturn-Mercury (serious news) now in Virgo and Sextile the planet of pleasure Venus now in Cancer pointing to Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune all in Aquarius. Whether we look at the chart above set for the West Coast and Vancouver, BC
where the apex of the Yod is in a dangerous 8th house - we will all have to accept the healing changes in mass.

Sabian and Mayan World Tree
Thus tomorrow's New Moon takes place on August 20th. @ 3:02 AM PDT or 6:02 AM EDT at 27 degrees 31 minutes Leo

Sabian Symbol for this degree of Leo : "Many little birds on the limb of a large tree" The question arises will the birds fly away before the tree breaks.
A much more mystical Sabian might elucidate: "A mystic in an underground cell meditates on the Tree of Life, pictured as a tree with smiling Suns and frowning Moons as fruits. When he emerges into the sunlight the world seems strangely transformed. " This tells of the interface between dreams and reality especialy with Sun/Moon still in orb of an opposition to Neptune. Besides references to the Cabala, we are reminded of the Mayan World Tree - Its roots were in the underworld, its trunk in the middle world, and its branches in the highest layer of the other world. The tree represents the Milky Way. The tree had a physical counterpart for MesoAmerica - and was represented by the tall and majestic flowering tree, the Ceiba.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peter Jackson's Big Blowout: District 9 or Psyops Continues

Sun Opposes Jupiter as District9 Premieres
Time to Human-Up

From CNN shows to Exopolitics, it appears that "Alien Disclosure" is almost here as Holllywood and Advertising continue their campaigns for our sentiments.
During the coming years, more and more attention will be focused from the media and other sources on UFOs and the publicity will become popularized for the masses.

OK I am taking a short ramble and jog away from my main topic which reflects the middle of our current Jupiter/Neptune blowout and a movie called District 9 from a master of the big screen extravaganza - Peter Jackson.
Peter Jackson (born Oct. 31st 1961 @ 6:45 PM - A Scorpio born on Halloween with Moon in Leo
and fixed Taurus rising this could be a sleeper.
You might remember that Lord of the Rings the fantasy trilogy had a Domestic Total Gross: $313,364,114
Jackson who has his nodes: Leo/Aquarius across the 4/10 axis or home and public reflects his need to put his creative expression in the Spotlight. Our current cosmic publicity is helping Peter Jackson especially transits and timing with the Aquarian Super Conjunction-Mutual Reception crossing his 10th house and passing over his S Node in Aquarius to reach a chord with our subconscious.

One thing is for sure Peter's Sun-Neptune-Mars all together in Scorpio in the 7th not only helps his ability to garnish partnerships in the creative. Having Jupiter in good aspect to his Scorpio Stellium will be a huge help next year as will the N Node in Capricorn passing over his Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Cappy. Happy times could be coming for Peter.

My distraction is from my next article about how The Moons Nodes are Changing from Aquarius/Leo to Capricorn/Cancer - and it describes someone with the opposite Nodes where
South Node was in Cancer. This is an article about a global elite scum and minion of Kissenger and Associates along with the CFR.
Globalist Snob Rothkopf Says Town Hall Demonstrators Are Morons

The folks Mr. Rothkopf works for are all for eugenics and moving billions of useless eaters off this mortal coil. It was Rothkopf’s boss, Henry Kissinger, who wrote that “depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.” Kissinger’s boss and patron, David Rockefeller, is from a family that has long advocated and supported removing millions of little people from the planet.

A window into the superior attitude is Rothkopf's book:
In Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making, Rothkopf sketches out the end game of the elite (which correlates with teh current Neptune (dissolving of boundaries) place in the triple conjuntion. Rothkopf's a plan is to completely dominate the planet, destroy national governments and constitutions, and impose a global corporate totalitarian government. The global elite “have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing. Jeez

Back to the
Cancer-Capricorn axis, which is most naturally associated with the 4th/10th house axis, describes the child and the parent. What we will have to decide as the true nodes shift is who will need nurturing and who will be the nurturer. S Node in Cancer is highly emotional. and our need to belong to the tribe, the family. This will be accompanied by our need to stand on our own feet in the world. This is the parent-child axis, and of course there is no child without a parent and there is no parent without a child. The fight between Mommy and Daddy for the kids.
North Node entering Capricorn can describe the workaholic wanting to be too practical, efficient, organized, and ambitious. Also since Capricorn is in the collective area of the horoscope and the last quadrant the personal becomes political.
An added benefit is that as we grow towards our collective Capricorn North Node, those past Cancer traits & gifts can keep you from become too cold and aloof. The description could be efficiency with feeling especially with trines from Jupiter which will ingress into Pisces on January 19th of 2010.

Recent Nodal History
The opposite Nodes last occurred from April 10, 2000 to Oct. 14, 2001 as did a pair of contrived events from Y2K to WTC 7 or 9/11 they were inside jobs.

South Node in Capricorn, giving a tendency to be cool, calculating, cautious, reserved, withdrawn which fits he Bush Neo Cons and other sub-Illuminati slaves. At that time and with S Node in Cappy, we can be too concerned with bottom line and the material at the expense of emotional needs. The Cancer North Node means that the feelings and instincts have to be developed as well as that Cancer nurturing ability. The hardness of the Cancer shell needs to be softened.

Back to the ET Card

Henry Kissinger, after the Oklahoma bombing, when he spoke and said: "It is time to play the ET card." This Awareness indicates that the ET card was used in the Peace Accord at Dayton, Ohio, and this is a continuation of the ET card.

In Dayton, Ohio, the leaders of the factions in the Bosnia/Croatian/Serb war were brought in, taken down an elevator underground, shown the remains of the alien bodies, warned of the alien threat to humanity, and told that they had to find peace in their area because there was a great threat to humanity by extraterrestrials.

Notice the aliens in District 9 appear more Spielberg ET style with some endearing quality. Yes they also appear to be kind of crustacean like with a mouth like the being from "Predator" - Insect like or Zeta Reticuli or are wee going to be shown
Greys too? Via the internet and websites like stories of the 1953-1954 of contact by an alien race of Greys and places like Four Winds 10 reposting the story so a new audience could put some energy into it - especially with Mars in Gemini taking and shifting those energies of the Saturn (Cronos) Opposing his Father (Uranos).

Stories like this keep appearing -
Alien Invasion and Fake Rapture
Bringing us up to speed with the deal Eisenhower made in 1954 with the Greys and ultimately Reptillians was broken evidenced by millions of abductions.

Excerpt: Today, the government is on the verge of a dilemma, as too many anonymous sources are releasing alien information. The public could get angry at continued secrecy. So MJ-12 plans to make an "Official" announcement soon, under controlled conditions, probably at or near Area 51. Network TV will be called in to meet the staged 'landing' of the aliens, those being the "Greys". They will come bearing gifts, technology that will supposedly heal Cancer and AIDS, retard aging, etc. They will tell us that they are 'saviors of humanity', who have come to defend the earth against an invasion of man-eating aliens, called "Reptoids".

This story is a LIE! The Greys already work for the Reptoids! Their plan is to unify the world into a One-World Government, a 'New World Order' - with the argument that only this can defeat the invasion by Reptoids thus...
Let's get back to tommorrow's movie which premeires in LA around 12 PM at most theatres.

With out further adiew - District 9

Just as our nation seems divided on health care reform with that mutable schism of the owners vs. the without (Saturn in Virgo Opposing Uranus on Sept. 15th)
This Awareness there is of course factions within your nation in which there is both support and conflict with the scenario of the aliens. There are many who want to prevent this alien take over of the planet and are working toward that end, while others are currying favor from the aliens in hopes that by compromising with them and licking their boots they will be spared any adverse treatment.

The shift that will start on August 21st right after the Leo New Moon quickly fades into Virgo will become intense when Uranus enters Aries in the Spring 2010 on May 29th to completes the Cardinal Climactic TSQ to Saturn-Pluto. Note that Jupiter also moves quickly thru watery Pisces and changes signs into hot, cardinal active Aries on June 7thi. The stage is being set form something big.

More channeled inofrmation Awareness indicates that the true invasion that these entities are protecting you against will be that of the Sirians, those from Sirius and those from the Pleiades and those who are in fact true friends of humanity, and they will be preparing you for war against those entities who plan to come and rescue Earth from the Reptoid forces.

This Awareness indicates that it will thus be a false invasion in that sense; that there will be many who are opposed to the very entities who are trying to preserve humanity’s claim to the earth. In creating a false belief that they are fighting one group, when in fact they are actually working for the Reptoids, and believe that the human group whom they are in fact fighting against, are the Reptoids.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Culmination - Penumbral Eclipse August 6, 2009

Moon, Sun and Solar Winds Set the Stage for More Drama and Flash Transformation

Unlike the picture above of a lunar eclipse that took place on August 28, 2007, the August 6 eclipse will not be visible to the naked eye as its magnitude is only 0.402, In contrast to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 22nd, there is little chance of seeing more than the slightest hint of the earth's shadow passing over the moon.
Visibility or not, the astrological transits as enumerated below from the chart set for San Francisco the point of greatest eclipse occurs at about 00:39:11 PT will be awesome!

Pluto @ critical zero degrees void in Capricorn and retrograde sits on the ascendant and opposes Venus in the 7th to cross Juno-Aries Opposing Ceres-Libra in the 3rd-9th axis
describing a threat from a foreign land. Pluto as an authority is showing outright power. Some form of mandatory rule or just explosive destruction where our needs to be patience are pushed aside in favor of drastic actions. Lots of Bay Area and Southern California residents are naturally nervous regarding all types of potential disasters including those that nature sets off.

In the last 48 hours, both the Gulf of California (with a 6.9 and 6.2 Magitude quakes topping off four powerful after shocks). Just today another magnitude 6.1 hit near the Ryukyu Islands, Japan - this quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.5.

California a state in the grip of debt mirrored by the Sun in the 8th opposing the Moon in the 2nd. If we add the influx of so many immigrants with Saturn the 9th house position and square to Mars in the 6th. we have a recipe for disaster. Saturn signifies stress can bring defeat or indicate survival of the fittest. The 9th house rules the courts and judges, as news came out today via U.S. judges who told California to prepare to release more than 40,000 of its 150,000 inmates to reduce overcrowding in state prisons, which suffer from massive healthcare problems.

Like Mayan Sun Sign for August 5th Cimi - The Transformer there is a correlation to Pluto. Cimi deals with the cycle of life or death or rebirth and can bring strength and spiritual guidance. Cimi will be accompanied by the Galactic Tone 5 signifying empowerment which manages communications. Cimi also connects with our ancestors to enhance psychic abilities and telepathy.

Just as the crop circles in July predicted solar storms for the first Lunar Eclipse on July 7th when the Capricorn Full Moon was strong at critical 15 degrees,
talks of a solar wind stream flowing to Earth from a coronal hole. In fact this furious solar storm could reach Earth on or about Aug. 7th

Will the third eclipse this summer act like a charm or mystical magnet for something beyond the aethers? The Sabian for the Sun's degreee @ 13 Leo 43 connotes spiritual desire for 3D. "Cherub-like a human soul whispers, seeking to manifest."

History of the 11 South Series of Eclipses
As I have mentioned this trio of eclipses are part of the 11 South modified Saros series (no. 136 of the standard Saros). They describe reform, sudden even "flash" change, sometimes violent or tragic. The inaugural eclipse the 11 South series took place on an Aries point (0 Cancer) in 1360 and it ushered in a period of instability in Asia, Skipping to more recent times in 1901 the NYSE had one of its first crashes, there were racial tensions in the US South too. Since the next Saturn-Uranus Opposition on September 15th could be timed with another financial crisis lets take a peek at the Panic of 1901. This was caused in part by struggles between E. H. Harriman, Jacob Schiff, and J. P. Morgan/James J. Hill for the financial control of the Northern Pacific Railroad.
The eclipse of 1919 in this series coincided with the eruption of Volcano Kelut in Java, which killed 16, 000. This eclipse also was at the time of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which revolutionized the science of the day.

More recent times saw the 11 South eclipses of 1973 triggered the beginning of impeachment proceedings against Nixon, the death of Juan Peron. The 1973 eclipse corresponded to violent actions like the Weather Underground bombing of the US State Department and the Haicheng quake in China, killing 2,041.
In 1991, this family of eclipses occurred along with the start of the Gulf War with Iraq, the Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart prostitute scandal or Mikhail Gorbachev formally resigning as President of U.S.S.R.

Perseid Meteor Showers.
Regarding a more astronomically physical events, the annual Perseid Meteor shower it seems like there will be some fiery outbursts this year...This year's Perseid meteor shower could be even better than usual. "A filament of comet dust has drifted across Earth's path and when Earth passes through it, sometime between 0800 and 0900 UT (1 - 2 am PDT) on August 12th, the Perseid meteor rate could surge to twice its normal value,"

On the inner-emotional planes the big story is the transition of the Moon's True Nodes into the Cardinal Signs Capricorn/Cancer on August 21st. as symbolized by the Aquarian/Leo axis where the Full Moon sits in the 2nd house of the SF chart and the 12th house of the DC Chart.

Fixed Stars
HELIACAL RISING STAR is Phact known as the bow of the Argo (Dove) which is all about exploring, seeking the unknown and taking risks.
Mars is culminating when Denebola (the tail of the Lion) is rising to emphasize non-conformity, wag the lion style. When in paran with Mars, Denebola is about championing non-mainstream causes and shocking actions.

Saturn is culminating when Murzim, the announcer from the constellation Canis Major. which is about making a Big Noise and getting noticed.
When Saturn is paran iwth Murzim, it is about the ability to influence others with words.
With Obama's birthday merging with lots of media disinformation about everything to his birth place to his Obamacare plan, TPTB will help to capture the benefits of Murzim.
The eclipse chart for DC not only has transiting Pallas-Mercury in glib Virgo transiting Barack's natal Pluto which should spur words of authority directed at the many people who are waking up what is really being offered.

Whether we look at the nearby chart or one for DC or Greenwhich, the dangerous Mars applying to a dangerous and conflictive even accident prone square to Saturn (exact Aug. 10th)is apparent. In the SF chart Mars is in the 6th and Saturn in the 9th. In the 6th Mars could touch the realms of health to police to military to unemployment. Mars usually represents aggression or aggressiveness in some form, nations with military governments (Saturn) who use the threat of war as a way of controlling their people. Yes Mars will translate the light for the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition especially when he is in exact square to Uranus on August 17th. Saturn which represents eeks control, order and structure, in the San Francisco chart is found in the 9th. The 9th house connected to foreign relations and long distance travel - Clinton just was in N Korea helping with the release of the two UIS journalists captured by the N Koreans.

In the DC Eclipse Chart when we look at Fixed Stars we find that most of the stars are the same as SF except:
Mars is rising when Deneb Algedi from the constellation Capricorn is Culminating.
Deneb Algedi is known as the ancient law giver and when in paran with Mars, we are talking about taking the law into our own hands. In the last few days we have began to see a real rebellion foment against many of the proposed laws that Congress and the administration want to pass. Mars in this configuration with Deneb Algedi can represent an outlaw mentality and most likely represents HR 1207 which is picking up momentum in the halls of Congress. HR 1207 is Ron Paul's baby which calls for a true audit of the FED.

The Full Moon Eclipse Chart for Washington, DC set for 8:55 PM (ecliptic conjunction)
has Mars in the 4th with Saturn in the 7th making the threat of outside interference
even more imminent...This of course is not written in stone even though the 7th represents foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes. From a positive note toward resolving and reaching accords and agreements, both Mercury and Pallas are together in Virgo in a flowing sextile with Venus in Cancer (5th.) for enhanced creative expression along with mergers, agreements and successful business deals. The 5th is not just about creative arts, leisure and fashion but linked to the economy through speculation and the Stock Exchange. The market will go higher before sinking at least till Mars also trines the Aquarian Conjunction. in the Chart below that crazy, deceptive, expansive hopeful conjunction is found in the 12th house along with the moon and N Node. The 12th house represents hospitals, prisons, institutions and any place of confinement to secret enemies. With Uranus in emotional and imaginative Pisces in strong mutual reception found in the 1st. expect many qualities and features of the 12th to be touched. Examples of the preceiding include many things that have been hidden or secret. This house can rule terrorist activities, hostage situations. behind the scenes manipulation, slavery, human rights issues, criminals and crimes.