Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bangkok's Deadly Fireworks and Fire Worshippers with Mercury VOC

Already before the ball has dropped on Time Square, the first elemental tragedy of 2009 - a half a world away at a Bangkok night club.
At least 59 people who had gone to the club to welcome in the new year died in the blaze, which was thought to have been started by fireworks or an electrical fault; more than 130 were thought to have been injured.

Fireworks or electrical fault blamed as 59 killed in Bangkok nightclub blaze | World news | The Guardian

The Chart above set for 12:30 AM on 1-1-2009 with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all Void of Course. Some personal accounts from survivors: "We were all dancing and suddenly there was a big flame that came out of the front of the stage and everybody was running away," Benjamas said. "There was an explosion and people started running for the doors..." The time was established from the recount of another guest, Tos Maddy, said he heard an explosion at around 12.30am, followed by a stampede for the exits.
Mars and the Sun in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which recently stationed retrograde, were applyling to the IC or place of the catastrope. The degree on the cusp of the 4th House is 12 degrees 26 minutes with a rather, apt Sabian
Symbol: "A Fire Worshipper"

Looking a little closer for that deliberate spark - the only astrological evidence is not even a planet by the Moon's South Node carrying an energy and message from the past - 9 degrees Leo 26 moving toward the cusp of the astro house best known for groups, crowds, masses the 11th. Bingo, a hit in this cosmic detective game - Sabian Symbol for 12 Leo: "An other worldly costume party in a grove hung with Japanese lanterns. Nature spirits carouse and dance under the half-moon each wearing a mask painted with the face of a human being. "

More reports coming in from the Thai police say that they are not sure what really caused this devastating fire with both Mars-Pluto separating but within 2 degrees apart. Since December 28th, Mars being hot and dry and when paired with the scion of death Pluto has
been a major player in other tragic events like the Covina Christmas killer's rampage on December 24th. Covina Police Chief Kim Raney said said people at the party were jumping out of windows on both floors of the house trying to escape the gunfire and flames. This time Mars was void of course ready to ingress into Capricorn on 12-27-08 then meet the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto the next day.
Here is a Video of the Bangkok Fire:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Dark Side of the Capricorn New Moon 2008

A tremendous natural disaster that went almost unreported in mainstream news.
YouTube - TVA Coal Ash Spill Dec 22 2008
On Monday morning Dec. 22 around 1:00 am, the earthen retaining wall around
this mountain of coal ash failed and approximately 500 million gallons of
nasty black coal ash flowed into tributaries of the Tennessee River - the
water supply for Chattanooga TN and millions of people living downstream in
Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

This Tennessee TVA spill is over 40 times bigger than the Exxon Valdez spill
in Alaska, if local news accounts are correct.

*** This is a huge environmental disaster of epic proportions.

Earth-earth and more earth stories from quakes to snow storms are the shadow side of this lunation.
The earthquake window is widen open around the world during this lunation and both east and west coasts as Pluto crosses the ascendant and chart ruler Saturn is in the 9th house opposing Uranus in the 3rd. Avalanche warnings are the rule now across the western states as snowfall is building. Update from December 24th: CNN) -- Two snowmobilers died Wednesday in an avalanche on Logan Peak north of Salt Lake City Utah, a sheriff's department official said.

The chart above set for Capricorn's New Moon on December 27th has Cap. rising with both Mars and Pluto right on the Ascendant for a double whammy to the US infrastructure.
Besides this enviromental disaster which will have major ramifications as we head toward Christmas our Seagoat is surfing so major tidal waves this luantion.
Jupiter @ 27 Capricorn is conjunct the US Foundation chart's Pluto (1776)creating not just extreme weather but also harsh economic conditions with US Pluto in the 2nd house of money and investments. Also Vesta transiting in Taurus on the IC is asking for some focus on our currency and monetary situation at home.

Things have become all too real!

Undoubtedly other stories involving the darker side of Saturn in Virgo will be surfacing. Since Virgo is a sign that deals with both service in day to day activities like police or firemen, our radar should be on alert. For instance
in the case of the Dallas Freeway shootings:
Ex-policeman linked to Dallas freeway shootings
DALLAS (Reuters) - An ex-policeman who shot himself in the head as Texas police tried to arrest him is the main suspect in a freeway shooting spree this week that terrified motorists and left two people dead, police and media said.

The fixed stars for this chart tell the tale ala earthy, melancholy Capricorn with
Aculeus - Rising 00 mins 39 secs before Sunrise -
Hard Knocks which yield understanding...understanding that rough stones can be polished by life's difficulties

El Nath - Setting 32 mins 19 secs before Sunrise -
A confronting attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues

Difficult stars in this chart are:
Antares (heart of the Scorpion - a Watcher) is culminating as ¨ Venus is Rising orb 01 mins 07 secs -
Breaking down social or emotional barriers
Alphard the Serpent is culminating as Mercury is Rising orb 00 mins 40 secs -
The revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue

Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt Rocks the Capricorn New Moon in 2008

A recent article that appears during our historic Winter Solstice 2008 comes from NASA talking about the feature planet of the month's end: Saturn aka. Cronus (Krónos) the Greek deity. In the article, NASA - Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt In Roman myths, Saturn was said to have ruled, a great feast called Saturnalia was held during the winter months around the time of the winter solstice. It was originally only one day long, taking place on December 17, but later lasted one week. An aside during the time starting Dec. 17th right before the Last Qtr. Moon - Luna in Virgo helped translate the light via slower moving planets with an opposition to Uranus and SQ to Mars. A rerun of the Nov. 4th challenge has the principle of Saturn's function is contraction opposing the principle of freedom and transformation Uranus. More importantly with Jupiter finishing its last days in Capricorn (called since ancient times "The Greater Malefic") a somewhat polarized role against Jupiter (called "The Greater Benefic")

From the article:
Dec. 22, 2008: You look through the telescope. Blink. Shake your head and look again. The planet you expected to see in the eyepiece is not the one that's actually there. Too much eggnog?

No, it's just Saturn's crazy Christmas tilt.
Looking at the upcoming chart set for Universal Time in London -
Of course it is turning out to be a crazy month in a good kind of way with Uranus and Saturn still within two degrees away from opposition. Now that the cosmic trickster, Uranus is moving forward and Saturn stationing. Get ready for the next big blow out and second Opposition on Feb. 5th. to be exact 3:00 AM PST. Is this the period of time when a major surprise disrupts the economy or food supply?

New Moon Chart:
At MidHeaven where Capricorn is always the social climber and ambitious goat this time we have the Sabian for 11 degrees Cappy. as the pheasant or peacock displaying their brilliant colors on the lawn. With Sun-Moon-Pluto and Mars in that order locked in a stellium and close to MidHeaven we will see a crisis of power as to who is in charge. The two supposedly malifics Mars-Pluto the ancient and modern rulers of Scorpio to join together on Sunday December 28th. where something is bound to uncovered from deep within the earth. Mars and Pluto are two dominant, determined and extreme planets ready to fearlessly charge ahead up the mountain in Capricorn. Also Jupiter-Mercury and Juno are together in the public, career and house of government where powerful leaders are involved in a summit or major area of communications ready to lay down agendas for 2009. So Juno, the divine consort in conservative Capricorn with a need for control and dominance and augmenting the importance of mental and all verbal messaging. Since Jupiter is moving toward a perfect SQ to the Aries Ascenant @ 26 degrees
we can predict some communication difficulties.

Agriculture and Thor's Hammer
One of the prominent aspects of this lunation is a Thors Hawmmer including Jupiter-Vesta-Ascendant-Ceres. The Goddess of Grain, Ceres is the apex of an Arrowhead, otherwise known as Thor's Hammer or a Quadriform. ASC and Vesta are SQ Jupiter and both planets are sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Ceres @ 12 Virgo which is now within orb of Saturn. Lots of symbolism around not just power but farming. From myth and legend we find: The Thor's Hammer or "Mjollnir" represents power, protection and strength used with honor. The name "Mjollnir" actually means "miller". Though this aspect wasn't emphasised in Viking times, the Norse god Thor (or Tor) was originally an agricultural god. As the God of Thunder, Lightning and Storm, it is likely that he was called upon to protect the crops from the wrath of nature.

Pentagon's "Information Operations Roadmap" (IOR), aka Ministry of Truth
Thor's Hammer could also be coming down on all of us internet users for efforts of control
especially with Jupiter moving into Aquarius which could create more chaos for the military-industrial complex with everyone wanting to break the net of control.
The Pentagon has developed a comprehensive strategy for taking over the internet and controlling the free flow of information. The plan appears in a recently declassified document, “The Information Operations Roadmap”, which was provided under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and revealed in an article by the BBC.

So back to the ancient ruler of Aquarius and of Course Capricorn - the Lord of Karma where:
All year long, the rings of Saturn have been tilting toward Earth and now they are almost perfectly edge-on. The opening angle is a paper-thin 0.8o. Viewed from the side, the normally wide and bright rings have become a shadowy line bisecting Saturn's two hemispheres--a scene of rare beauty.

Knowing that Pisces is the all about feet and Uranus (the planet associated with internet/electronics) where the Bush shoe attack went viral then gamers took charge .

In anticipation of the next Uranus-Saturn stand off we get positive aspects like Mercury Sextile Uranus first on December 24th where more progressive or controversial decisions are reached as new inventions make the news. Then on January 9th an exact Sun Sextile Uranus so even more innovation, drive for freedom, quick thinking, and the willingness to accept new or unusual conditions.

Just as the Winter Solstice of December 21st marked an historic time of the Sun-Pluto meeting for the first time in 248 years, the Capricorn New Moon has both Mars exalted by traditional systems in Caprocorn conjunct Pluto. Earth is the element and cardinal is the quality. Agriculture is devastatingly important as we move into 2009 and Saturn stations on Dec. 31st at 21 degrees 46 minutes and won't move direect till May 17th in Virgo. Virgo is associated with Ceres, grains, farming and Spica is the main star. In Babylon he was called Ninib and was an agricultural deity. Saturn, called Cronus by the Greeks, was, at the dawn of the Ages of the Gods, the Protector and Sower of the Seed and his wife, Ops, (called Rhea by the Greeks) was a Harvest Helper.

With Jupiter moving into Aquarius on Jan. 5th. new legislation to help the little guy will bring out issues like GMO and Monsanto's Attempt to Rule. Plus of course sustainability and food. Here is one story (from September 2008) Michael Pollan and Hugh Grant, Chairman, President and CEO, Monsanto
Videos like this: Body 2.0 - Creating a World that can Feed Itself

As Mercury moves retrograde in Aquarius on January 11th and justice via revolutionary acts be a watchword as rights of organic consumers, small farmers and workers are slashed. We will see unexpected reactions from both rulers and the ruled with echo the assertive Aries rising in both the Winter Solstice and Cap. New Moon charts. SEE CHART OF SOLSTICE BELOW

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Super Moon and Super Quakes and Floods Coming Around December 12th 2008

Update: the Dec. 14th headline from UK's Mail-Online: First Venice, now Rome: River Tiber bursts its banks after storms strike Italian capital 'like an earthquake'
Obviously with a Super Moon - the tides are strong and floods are increasing just as the window for earthquakes and major weather events will now extend into the New Moon in Capricorn on Dec. 27th

Earthquakes around the world particularly the West Coast have accelerated as we move toward the Gemini Full Moon on December 12th 2008 set for 8:37 AM PST for the West Coast. Will this lunation mirror both perceived and imagined effects of a lunar perigee - when the Moon is closest to Earth - a precursor to large earthquakes. The chatter from earthquake sensitives and predictors like Luke Thomas have been steady since July 08's series of quakes. The tell tale sign of perigee-syzygy for this Full Moon obviously will have lots of people on edge - perigee meaning closest to Earth, syzygy meaning an alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth.
I will address the astrological implications of next Friday's Long Nights Moon which has intense aspects like a Grand Cross and Mars SQ Uranus (major indication of quakes, accidents and riots) later in this article

The incidence of both Magnitude 5+ and 2.5+ quakes are increasing around the world and especially the West Coast.
Just the other day in Ludlow, California news of a - 2nd Quake Hits SoCal Hours After 5.1 Temblor The first quake hit at 8:18 p.m. Friday, with an epicenter 117 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The epicenter was placed 35 miles east of Barstow and near Ludlow, a gas station exit on Interstate 40, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

USGS is claiming that this was the aftershock of a 1999 earthquake a Magnitude 7.2 which struck on October 16 at 09:46:44 UTC. This 1999 monster was known as the Hector Mine quake located about 47 miles ESE of Barstow. The first quake hit at 8:18 p.m. Friday, with an epicenter 117 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The epicenter was placed 35 miles east of Barstow and near Ludlow, a gas station exit on Interstate 40, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Gemini Full Moon from Seattle to San Diego has recently ingressed Mercury in Capricorn near Pluto also in the cardinal earthsign either crossing the ascendant or having just crossed the ascendant for some restructuring to say the least.
Sun has squared Uranus (earthquake precursor)on Dec. 10th @ 4:03 AM for the first window
of potential tremors with Taurus Moon.
December 11th: the most destructive Uranian square from Mars in Sagittarius manifests with the exact perfection @ 10:50 PM PST and 6:50 AM UTC of what has been a deadly aspect.
The day of the Full Moon a non-stop series of transits hammers home a strong mutable cross with Sun/Mars opposing Moon on one arm and Saturn opposing Uranus on the other.
Things will happen fast this Friday like a series of explosions or detonations: first Moon SQ Uranus (5:10 AM), Moon SQ Mars (5:29 AM), Moon Oppose Mars (5:29 AM),then 8:37 AM the Full Moon, then Moon SQ Saturn (9:14 AM) then Sun SQ Saturn (6:20 PM) and finally after Moon moves into Cardinal Cancer and Opposition to Pluto and Mercury @ 11:33 PM).
To top things off we even have a Thors Hammer with Moon-Saturn square and 135 degrees away from Venus now in Uranian ruled Aquarius. A Thors Hammer aka Quadriform, consists of two planets in square aspect (90 degrees) and both in an octile or sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to a third planet. The energy of this aspect pattern is a little like a T-square, since it has stressful, dynamic energy.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Alchemical Furnace of Sagittarius Transforms into the Ice of Capricorn

December 1, 2008: Two stories today really echo the changing of the guard as evidenced by Pluto in Capricorn
It's official: US has been in a recession all year: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Good bye irrational exuberance and the unbridled optimism of Pluto in Sagittarius as The NBER -- a private, nonprofit research organization -- said its group of academic economists who determine business cycles met and decided that the U.S. recession began last December.

The second story which finally hit the centrist media today December 1st after an early AM positive Venus-Jupiter conjunction in chilly Capricorn has been talked about by Alex Jones and others like Jim Marrs for years. Like a block of cold ice in a blizzard, this news revelation wasn't needed to restore faith in a flailing American government: Washington Post: 20,000 More U.S. Troops To Be Deployed For “Domestic Security”
The increasing militarization of America is part of a long term agenda to abolish Constitutional rule and establish a “military form of government,” following a large scale terror attack or similar disaster, as Tommy Franks, the former commander of the military’s Central Command, alluded to in a November 2003 Cigar Aficionado piece.

Mars and Sun TSQ Uranus-Saturn an Explosive Trigger
After November's total mandate for change symbolized by the signature aspect of the year Saturn Opposing Uranus on election day November 4th, many much more can happen in December? By the time the fiery Sagittarius New Moon on Thanksgiving November 27th brought some relief and hope, Pluto had entered a new cycle with an ingress into Saturn ruled Capricorn. Pluto represents power and Capricorn the government, the establishment and together they determine major restructuring. Today on December 1st extremist news broke big time in the centrist Washington Post that the U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe. This looks like some major change since the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old federal law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement is now about to be abolished. Looks like we have to look toward Uranus the shock which r moved went direct at 8:08 AM PST on November 27th shortly before the Sagiitarius lunation. The powder keg exploded first with the Mumbai attacks stretched an already thin veneer of peace between India-Pakistan towards a possible full scale confrontation. The November 27th lunation with Mercury-Sun-Moon and Mars in the sign of the archer brought did bring some temporary optimism but the building TSQ to Saturn-Uranus on the Dec. 12th Full Moon. is translating the light from the November 4th opposition. Sun-Mars coming together in Sagittarius (Dec. 5th) is creating a hot aspect that stimulates aggression and bold action on on December 5th the same day. Mercury Squares Uranus and with Mercury (Sag) in 90 degree angle, communications are interrupted and subject to breakdown. Transportation matters are unstable. Shocking news, attacks on authority figures, controversy abounds. To top all this off earthquakes will be grinding the seismic plates all month.

Mars leads the assault on the US Sibley Foundation Chart
One of the primary aspects of the US foundation chart set for July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia at 5:10 PM is the close Mars in Gemini SQ Neptune in Virgo. In our nation's chart this aspect involves a fantasy love-hate relationship between the US military (Mars in Gemini) and our ideals of service orientation (Neptune-Virgo). This is the core aspect of American empire. The Full Cold Moon; or the Full Long Nights Moon of December 12th challenges this long standing relationship not only with the annual Moon in Gemini at 21 degrees right on the Sibley Mars the incredibly powerful TSQ which now involves a Grand Cross of which I referred to in the paragraph above. Notice how the biwheel chart above has Sun-Moon Opposing and SQ Saturn-Uranus at all the angles of the Full Moon set for December 12th. This Grand Mutable Cross no doubt will set in motion some revolutionary changes in the thinking and hearts of many Americans about the inviolate nature of their heroic military establishment. With Pisces rising on 12-12-08 it will be the rulers Neptune and Jupiter which will keep things more confused yet diffused.
All those winter signs from Mars-Sun in Sagittarius to a new transit of Mercury into Capricorn to join Pluto for some extreme mental orientation along with Juno-Jupiter also in Capricorn to keep relationships restrained both politically and socially. Yet Venus-N Node, Chiron, Neptune all in Aquarius will be crossing the US democratically oriented Moon @ 27 Aquarius (Sabian: a tree felled and sawed) is that George Washington's cherry tree? By the Inauguration on January 20th a revolutionary spirit will be sweeping the land. By the time Osama is sworn in , Jupiter will have gone into Aquairus and Mercury due to retrograde will spend longer time in Aquarius and Capricorn before joining the collective energy of N Node, Chiron and Neptune.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dangerous Accidents, Explosions and Unexpected Events increase with the buildup to the Sun-Mars SQ Uranus

As we recoil in shock from the terrible events in Mumbai that unfortunately are continuing with hostage standoffs, we may have missed another story out of Ventura County: Three men enjoying the ocean view at Point Mugu were swept to their deaths Thursday afternoon by a wave that pulled them into the water along with two companions who were able to scramble to safety, authorities said.
A rogue wave! As Sun-Mars riding together in the sky notably in Sagittarius a sign connected to accidents are building up to Squares with Uranus in Oceanic Pisces. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and known for strong independence and at times militant attitudes.

Pluto-Uranus and Mumbai Strikes

A perfect storm of aspects has begun with Pluto ingress into Capricorn on November 26th @ 6:05 PM PST and Uranus stationing direct @ 8:08 AM on November 27th. Pluto is the destroyer who devastates to rebuild and with Capricorn we are talking about the establishment in other words the prevailing ruling Government. Uranus always means a drive toward freedom and revolution in many forms especially those that are seemingly unexpected and swift. The Indian government like the corporate media around the world immediately blamed every other group from Pakistan's ISI to Al Quida
uthor Tariq Ali points out today, “The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has insisted that the terrorists were based outside the country. The Indian media has echoed this line of argument with Pakistan (via the Lashkar-e-Taiba) and the work of Al-Qaeda listed as the usual suspects.”

“But this is a meditated edifice of official India’s political imagination. Its function is to deny that the terrorists could be a homegrown variety, a product of the radicalization of young Indian Muslims who have finally given up on the indigenous political system. To accept this view would imply that the country’s political physicians need to heal themselves.”

Domestic Accidents in US

7 Are Killed in Plunge of an S.U.V. in Colorado -

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Full Moon Rumblings for the FED with Sun-Moon TSQ Neptune

As the empire collapses with this financially sensitive Taurus Moon (1:17 AM EST)TSQ the Sun-Neptune square for even more confusion and a newly ingresed Venus (currency) now in constrictive Capricorn. Paulson's seemingly planned betrayal of a star crossed bailout ill timed with Mercury's retrograde in unbalance Libra.
Playing the trickster, two parts Mercury the messenger and one part the Uranian prankster, Rick Santelli held up a sign on CNBC in reaction to today's seemingly turn around of Fed Polices. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who acknowleged during a news conference on Wednesday, the initial decision to buy troubled mortgage assets of financial institutions was "not the most effective way" to use the $700 billion bailout package.
This mornings announcement (as Mercury is applying toward Sun in Scorpio - debt and more debt) "The Bush administration on Wednesday largely abandoned its plan to buy up toxic mortgage assets and said it will focus its $700 billion financial bailout fund on making direct investments in financial institutions and shoring up consumer credit markets."

U.S. backs away from plan to buy bad assets | Reuters

When we examine this highly sensitive Full Moon in relationship to the foundation chart for the Federal Reserve which was planned at the Jekyll Island Club by secretive bankers who journeyed from New York to Georgia in the dead of night to plan our current currency system - Exact Foundation date was December 23rd 1913 @ 6:02 PM and today's transits where closely aligned with asteroid Astraea (29-Sag.) Sun-Ceres-Jupiter all in Capricorn all being touched by current motion of Pluto (on the cusp of being in structural Capricorn)-Venus-Ceres and the expansion of Jupiter all are moving quickly to a point in on Nov. 29th when the natal opposition of Pluto in FED chart@ 0 Cancer 05 is exactly opposite transiting Pluto. We are in historic times for the Fed.

On the evening of November 22, 1910, Sen. Aldrich and A.P. Andrews (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department), Paul Warburg (a naturalized German representing Kuhn, Loeb & Co.), Frank A. Vanderlip (president of the National City Bank of New York), Henry P. Davison (senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company), Charles D. Norton (president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York), and Benjamin Strong (representing J. P. Morgan), left Hoboken, New Jersey on a train in complete secrecy, dropping their last names in favor of first names, or code names, so no one would discover who they all were.
(Today's Mercury @ 13 Scorpio is conjunct the privacy-oriented Fed. Reserve's natal Moon @ 14 Scorpio to begin to drop the veil on their clandestine activities.

Fed. Transformation is On.
In the Fed chart, the Sun represents the leader, or chairman, of the FRB who in this case is "Helicopter" Ben Shalom Bernanke who can't prevent a severe recession no mater how much $$ he spreads around. Transiting Pluto represents termination of his role or change of his duties in a substantial way and with the current Saturn-Uranus Opposition forming one arm of a mutable cross his natal Jupiter-Sun Opposition indicating a momentous change in fortunes. This transit definitely represents a major transformation in the institution itself.

When we look at this Bi-Wheel we see that not only Pluto represents the debt structure of the entity but so does Transiting Pluto in opposition along with an Aquarian stellium of N Node-Chiron and Neptune over the 8th house of other people's money. Finally the public is gaining the awareness that the FRB either does not have the money we thought it had, or its power as an independent and rather secretive institution is being threatened and will have to undergo major change very soon.

Taurus Full Moon and the Mayan Sixth Day Part Two

The Taurus full moon ( Nov. 12/13th ) becomes another focal point for November's shift with the Sabian symbol for 22 Taurus: "a white dove over troubled waters" planting the seed for peace. Looking at a chart set for November 13th at 1:17 AM EDT, a Mercury-Sun-Mars Scorpio lineup opposes the value oriented moon in the 9th. Here we have a major focus on transforming our current communication and transportation systems as we began to focus on local neighborhoods vs. putting all our energies into foreign affairs. Pluto, Venus and Juno are together in the 4th house trine Ceres (12th) and Vesta (8th) all in earth which signifies the people versus the government making changes with agriculture, farming, crops, land, houses, real estate finally.

Ahau - Lord of the Sun Promises Understanding today.

Today's Tzolkin Date: Galactic Tone (12) and Sacred Sun Sign (Ahau-Sun) Let the sun shine within, let go of disdain and resentments while encouraging artistic, musical, heroic and visionary pursuits Chiron, the deeper teacher of this current cycle now direct in Aquarius @ 16 degrees and opposing Mercury in Scorpio allowing sensitive communications to heal all. More then likely we will began to start a major dialogue about how ancient enemies like Israel and Palestine can create peace and healing.

New Goddess in Town
Incidentally this lunation occurs on the start of the Day Six of the Galactic Underworld (Nov. 2008 – Nov. 2009). The 6th Day Is a time of renaissance in each cycle and the last sixth day during the Planetary Cycle was 1955 to 1972 noted for Flower Children, The Beatles, orbital satellites and global communication systems. . During the 6th Day of the National Cycle was right when the European Renaissance happened. The Full Moon commences a time when opportunities abound as the Aztec Goddess Xochiquetzal or Yohualticitl ruler of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and agriculture takes the baton from Tezcatlipoca the the god of darkness, the night, the north, temptation, sorcery and war. Get ready for a new renaissance illed with life and death challenges...

Mighty T-Square in Fixed Signs Demands Sustainability on All Levels

An analysis of the major changes symbolized in the chart above for the east coast and in my previous Part One for the west coast demonstrates how this shift marks a change in conciousness for humanity. The already massive acceleration in time and cultural change with Saturn-Virgo (green awareness) in the 1st house still in orb to the Uranus-Pisces (massive spiritual shift) meets the fixed powers of Scorpio-Taurus-Aquarius. The Fixed TSQ harvests the energies from the fixed squares in 2005 when Mars was retrograde in Taurus. Mars representing the male-dominant force for the last 5,000+ years of wars and aggressions is again in Scorpio like 2006 when the passage of Pluto (ruler) was nearing the Galactic Center a time of great shifts for everyone. Looking at the Sabian for 22 degrees Scorpio from a different interpretation" we see a primary disgust with the trappings of war: "A soldier home from war sees his sweetheart standing by the calm waters of the mill pond. Dropping his gun, he runs to embrace her." If ever there was a time to Make Love Not War, it is now.

A Revolution is Afoot.
Neptune now direct in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius and progenitor to the ideals of democracy along with the confusion is another pillar in this TSQ on todays Full Moon.
Again looking at the Sabian Symbol for 22 Aquarius (from the Zodiac by Degrees) we get an idea of how both rebellion and revolution from Uranus the ruler manifests: "Guerrilla group runs along zigzagging, boulder-strewn mountain ridge in order to head off a munitions train." The danger of outright anarchy is high as many people are demanding social justice during a time of major liberaton of minds and bodies.
Now as we transition into the Mayan 6th day away from the clutches of Tezcatlipoca a lord of the underworld into the arms of Xochiquetzal's flower kingdom, who was also worshiped under the name Tonacacihuatl, meaning "Sustenance-Woman" Not only has the revolution of locally grown community agriculture taken hold but the need for a sustainable economy of local goods of all kinds is thriving. Now it is time for a true Green Festival.

With three planets in Scorpio indicating a non-sustainable debt that has increased for homeowners and families and Pluto-Venus now in Capricorn along with Ceres, dramatic changes to bolster up our foreclosure crisis will arise. Solutions will be proposed in this transforming process which will continue into 2009. Interestingly Mars now in Scorpio till November 16th has been in a functional SQ to the Pluto in Leo natal chart for the Baby Boomers. As Mars the older ruler of Scorpio makes an ingress into Sagittarius the SQ then falls upon a new generation right when the haze of the results of the election have subsided. Pluto squares are pivotal in getting rid of bad habits, dealing with joint finances and with Mars or Venus involved a total alchemical event involving the death of the ego can occur just as the phoenix rises from his ashes. Not to be really melodramatic but with Pluto changing signs for the next 14 years into Capricorn on November 26th the lower consciousness symbolized by the scorpion is about to be forged by the fires of this mighty quest.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Potent Taurus Moon Part One: Connecting Myths and Underworlds

The sun falls lower in the sky each day. The earth has turned the color of buckskin and one to sleep. I have been to the cemetery to talk to my ancestors. I left them food to eat, and water to drink, thoughts to comfort them. When my time comes, will I be ready? What if I don't want to die?
Mortality is the recognition of each day's purpose.

Taken from "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood

The Taurus Super Moon

Layers of power, creativity and destruction meet multiple dimensions on this November's
"super moon" starting Wednesday Evening 11-12-08 @ 10:17 PM PST.
As pointed out by the great astrologer, Richard Nolle this lunation called by the Pueblo Indians Corn Depositing Moon: Iatayaepana is one of two back to back full moons closest approach to the earth (perigee). So here we have portal that opens into a triplet of full moon SuperMoon alignments (including the closest one of the year, coming up on December 12th marks the closest approach of the year at 356567 KM distance.

When we look deeply into the astrological aspects, penetrating images and correspondences began to link thousands of years of ages, precessions, batuns. Starting with the corresponding rulers of the Moon and Sun: Venus and Pluto which actually meet on Nov. 11th @ 9:53 PM PST in the last degrees of Sagittarius adding a fiery reception. As we will see this is a time when secrets go public and the need to bond in deeply intimate form is strong. Yet change is not only in the air but in the earth, right before the exact time of this lunation on 11-12, Venus changes signs into colder Capricorn @ 7:25 AM. Unquestionably we are in a dangerous window for earthquakes, drastic weather and volcanic eruptions.

This chart set for 10:17 PM PT has fixed signs at all the angles ASC-DSC. adding more power to the entire west coast and central america. The TSQ that dominates this chart from Moon-Sun opposition across the MC-IC and in almost 90 degrees to Neptune could signify intense events from earth changes to busting of the cosmic egg. The see planted with the election on Nov. 4th and the passage of Prop. 8 has many people on edge, not just the Gay communities. If ever there was a massive shift of populations and demand for a more sustainable world, this is it!

It is finally sinking in that the Nov. 4th major opposition of Saturn-Uranus the first in a five part series of this historic alignment ending in July 2010 in early degrees of cardinal libra-aries. So the moon @ 21 Taurus 15 not only happens during a Taurid Meteor shower but being opposed by Mercury, Sun and Mars in obsessive and passionate Scorpio. A strong element of both atavistic energy along with deeper darker need for some type of vengenance or retribution is present. Again we are connecting images of the power of blood in these ritual bull slayings

Energies are indistinctly light and dark that shadows can cross with the time of flowering presented by the Mayan Sixth Day in this time accllerrated Galactic Underworld starting on the 12th. Now with this moon we have the light as represented by the Azetec Goddess of flowers We are also Mysteries of Mithras (also Mithraism) The Mithraic Mysteries or Mysteries of Mithras was a mystery religion practised in the Roman Empire, best attested in Rome and Ostia, Mauretania, Britain and in the provinces along the Rhine and Danube frontier. These rituals were deeply Chthonic (from "of the earth", from khthōn "earth"; pertaining to the Earth; earthy; subterranean) which connects them to Pluto and pertains to, deities or spirits of the underworld. On this lunation we have connections from as far back as the Age of Taurus and the consequential Mithraic Mysteries
to the Eleusian Mysteries held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone based at Eleusis in ancient Greece. As we will see in Part Two of this writing, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility and her daughter Persephone (abducted by her uncle, Hades, the god of death and the underworld relates to the Aztec Goddess XOCHIQUETZAL who rules the Mayan 6th Day in this Galactic Underworld cycle. Like Persephone,Xochiquetzal or Yohualticitl ruler of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and agriculture, was kidnapped and taken from her husband, Tlaloc, to the underworld by Tezcatlipoca a lord of the underworld.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ouroboros, the Serpent of Light on a Scorpio Moon

Sun, Moon and Mars together in the sign of Scorpio pave the way for momentous change. The primary image for today's Lunar phrase (sic) is the Ouroboros and the symbolic Serpent of LIght. Ouroboros is an ancient alchemy symbol depicting a snake or dragon [DNA] swallowing its own tail, constantly creating itself and forming a circle. It is the Wheel of Time - The Alchemy Wheel. The sign Scorpio relations to transformation of all kinds especially when inner archetypes meet outer archetypes - The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal.
Just as Pluto has moved back and forth across the Galactic Center for the last two years,
another mythic esoteric symbol inspired by: The Ouroboros, who is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way,as some ancient texts refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. With todays lunation, the serpent of light is ready to appear on earth, in the area of Chile and Peru per Drunvalo. In other words the Kundalini (coiled serpent) not only moved from Tibet around 1959 but is ready for full manifestation in the sacred mountains of Peru-Chile.

Scorpio is about going within to find the heart of gold to be refreshed or taught via gut instincts. Even though Scorpions and serpents live primarily beneath the earth, there is another side to this ancient symbolism. The Ouroboros is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way,as some ancient texts refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. Interesting that this lunation has Sun-Moon @ 6 degrees Scorpio with the primary Sabian Symbol of the Gold Rush - when dedicated, determined and at times obsessive men and women desire to dig deeply for new values hidden within... This New Moon is another portal like the Sept. 29th nova moon in Libra, this one is even more heavily populated with geocosmic signatures that starts on Halloween, October 31, and lasts through November 13. Yes on November 13th the Mayan Sixth Day begins.

In this lunation set for either 7:14 EDT not only are Sun-Moon applying to a conjunction with Mars in powerfully dignified Mars but they oppose Vesta in Taurus from 6th to 12th houses. With the lights and Mars in the house of Virgo, their is a direct connection to the military - we should remember that Scorpios can be formidable military strategists. Men like Patton and Rommel were Scorpios who embraced positions where they could calculate, control and hold back a concerted effort until its execution would result in maximum impact.
In the chart above, teh Sun-Moon and Vesta in Taurus relating to the money house the 2nd where currency and capitalism have ruled a now dissolving empire. These house also reflect the major opposition of the year Saturn in Virgo (6th house of workers who toil for a days $ wage) to Uranus in collective Pisces in the 12th where hidden knowledge is demanding new spiritual values in culture. Venus was acting like a wild card in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius as the wild card moving into a TSQ with the infamous Saturn-Uranus Opposition exact on Nov. 3rd spelled reversals and extremes for a market. The Dow rose 11% on big rally, yet October is still shaping up to be one of the worst months in Wall Street history.

Khemia, Alchemical Transformation of Quetzalcoatl

The Egyptians honored the Scorpion and Beetle who dwelt beneath the earth and the magical, alchemical processes of life, death and regeneration - fitting perfectly here. For the most blessed state was to be born in a 'rich compost' of power, and the black, fertile mud of the Nile delta was their Prima Materia. For the ancients in Egypt, their word for the rich black, muddy earth was Kemit, adopted as khemia by the Greeks, which formed the basis of the word alchemy. Also involved in this alchemical transformation is Quetzalcoatl: Winged God and Lord of Light - Feather Serpent who ended the Fifth Day and passed the baton to Tezcatlipoca Lord of Darkness on Nov. 19, 2007 . As we finish the Galactic Fifth Night on November 12th this lunation marks a time when we say good bye to Quetzalcoatl's opposite Tezcatlipoca, who supposedly sent Quetzalcoatl into exile. As the Goddess of birth and flowering takes over a new day arrives.

Don't forget that as magnetic, sensitive and willing to expose falsehood, the Scorpio also carries some powerful the energy of deceit and retribution. Common traits which have remained as a significator for liars, incurable backstabbers, traitors, thieves even lechers or perverts. As Pluto rushes on direct to an ingress into Capricorn another Chthonic sign, from the Greek khthonios "of the earth" or the interior. Chiron now direct as of October 25th carries the healing symbolism for a generation or two being in Aquarius. Also we see how quickly Mars moves toward a SQ to both N Node-Chiron-Neptune - an octave of energy relates to Tezcatlipoca. The Aztecs pictured Tezcatlipoca as rioting along the highways in search of persons on whom to wreak his vengeance, as the wind of night rushes along the deserted roads with more seemingviolence than it does by day.

VEGA Tempers the fires of Mars
Changing course we look toward the fixed stars for meaning.
Mars is rising when Vega is Rising orb 01 mins 41 secs which signifies motivation, energy, libido and a powerfully assertive nature tempered by imagination, musical skills and inventiveness. Vega is a pale sapphire star in the constellation Lyra.
Meaning when together with Mars - Scientific interests, unpopular opinions, moral courage, favorable for gain. (Robson*).
Legend tells of Vega from Arabic word Al-Waqi' (1), "The stooping" eagle or "The swooping Vulture", and is often referred to as "The Vulture Star", "The Sitting Vulture", "The Falling Grype" and figured with upturned head with a lyre in its beak from the story of Orpheus [who might be described as the prototype of our modern pop-star] who was torn apart by the Maenads, raving mad-women [or fans], they cast the lyre in the river. Jupiter sent a vulture to scoop it out of the river and then placed it in the sky.
Or from "one may see among the stars the Lyre, its arms spread apart in heaven, with which in time gone by Orpheus charmed all that his music reached, making his way even to the ghosts of the dead and causing the decrees of hell to yield to his song. Wherefore it has honour in heaven and power to match its origin : then it drew in its train forests and rocks; now it leads the stars after it and makes off with the vast orb of the revolving sky". [ Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 1, p.30]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The "Final Show" with McCain and Obama spurred by Moon-Vesta Opposing Mars and More

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams

Under a Hunter's Moon the final "show" debate between the two candidates perhaps created more exasperation then finality. In essence, this 3rd staged debate demonstrated that neither man has the true substance to lead America at this critical juncture. As Ralph Nader would say, corporate crime won along with the illegal war machine but that will change as capital dries up.

Tonight an exalted Taurus Moon put a heavy emotional focus on money and security. It is obvious that this election campaign has been more of a symbolic battle between the old and the new, authority (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus)comes about two weeks before the election when the exact opposition occurs. Obviously McCain the oldster is symbolized by Saturn and Obama, the first Afro-American candidate is Uranian. Neither candidate has the ability to heal, create real change in the undercurrent of major cultural battle that signals the end of empire for America.

Astrologically Gemini was rising in the chart above with Pallas carving out a strategy based on words. Pallas has been in close opposition to Juno-Sagittarius where religious beliefs and nationalistic chauvinism are fed by this energy. Mars now plowing ahead in passionate, obsessive Scorpio opposes tonight's Moon-Vesta duo for lots of competitive posturing especially on McCain's part.

Mercury stationing today in Libra @ 7 degrees 34 minutes set the stage for all the messes and investigations that need cleaning up into 2009. The Bailout Bill was passed while Mercury-Libra ruled by Venus was retrograde, The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees Libra is reflects some of the impending reformations coming: "A stranger investigates an abandoned house. He sees a fireplace blazing and another person's shadow on the wall, but no one else in the room." More of the darker forces of political, financial manipulations are about to be brought to light. The mystery of the current market destruction will be dragged into the firelight by the time those millions of foreclosed houses are abandoned.

Mercury's motion was a small plus for Obama he instinctively used the direct Mercury for diplomatic purposes since disgrssion was the better part of valor tonight. By refraining from the petty name calling that has characterized McCain-Palin strategies.
Perhaps we can see why Obama defended his reasoning to vote "present" and his explanation especially with Mercury trine his natal Gemini Moon and Mars right on his natal Neptune...

Here is quote from OBAMA: "With respect to partial-birth abortion, I am completely supportive of a ban on late-term abortions, partial-birth or otherwise, as long as there's an exception for the mother's health and life, and this did not contain that exception. And I attempted, as many have in the past, of including that so that it is constitutional. And that was rejected, and that's why I voted present, because I'm willing to support a ban on late-term abortions as long as we have that exception."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gateway to a New Strange World - Aries Full Moon 2008

The Aries Full Moon (Oct. 14th) has lots of elements of drama, first time events, myth, visionary ideas, fires in LA, erratic weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and commands to be strong as we traverse a new fearful time. This fiery moon set for 4:02 PM EDT or 1:02 PM PDTis at 21 degrees Aries 51 minutes with an adventurous, imaginative Sabian symbol:
"Standing before the huge gateway of a lost African city, the commander of an expedition
exhorts his men to bravery. "
Stirring oratory along with enhanced visual imaginings to spark us into testing our limits will be the watchwords as bold moves
are afoot. Myths and magic merge to mark this time as fools become intrepid and wise men
monkey around with explosive situations. The Galactic Tone for October 14th 2008 is 9 which deals with higher frequencies and the Mayan day sign is Chuen the Monkey. The monkey is a performer who relies on his creative ability, innocence, curiosity and magic kind of like our Aries moon.

Xquic and the Blood Moon
This moon in October known as the "Hunter's moon", a name given to the first full moon after the harvest moon has also been called a blood moon. Since Neptune the harbinger of imagination and wild visions is so prominent in this chart sitting on the Ascendant, we can digress a bit. "Blood Moon" or "Blood Girl/Maiden" is the English translation for Xquic (pronounced sh-KEEK), the Mayan daughter of Cuchumaquic, one of the lords of Xibalba, the Maya Underworld. Xquic is noted for being the mother of the Maya Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, she is sometimes considered to be the Maya goddess associated with the waning, post-full moon.

This is a time when things are just not quite stable. Mercury is void of course and ready to station direct on October 15th A time when communications can fail, and glitches occur Changes or unusual conditions in the weather occur along with high winds in fact a new tropical storm Omar off the coast of Venezuela is on track for hurricane statusj within the next few days.

Daring and Bold, Financial Moves the Hunter's Moon

Whenever Aries the pioneer enters the picture it is a time of action, new projects and first time events. With Sagittarius the adventuring pirate sitting at the highest point in the sky - MidHeaven, the theme of speculation is still hanging in the air with today's massive Wall Street uptick - a first time gain of 936 points for the Dow.
The Algonquian tribes called this full moon in October the Hunter's Moon since it was a time when Indian braves tracked and killed prey by moonlight, stockpiling food for the coming winter. Lately we have seen the Federal bailout crew led by Aries, Hank Paulson (March 28, 1946) tracking the dollars of the American taxpayer and literally stealing to stockpile for their own purposes. Tomorrow's Full Moon falls right on Paulson's Venus and opposes his Jupiter putting him right in the middle of the mele as
Fed Releases Flood of Dollars an unprecedented push by central banks to flood the financial system with as many dollars as banks want... WTF is this the primary scheme to monetize the dollar as Hal Turner said a few days ago - opening the gateway to the Amero?
Not so fast! Remember with Mars applying to a Square to Neptune (confusion-illusion) we are in an intense atmosphere of fear. Notice that things are not quite what they seem when we see Neptune right on the Ascendant with Mars in Scorpio (8th house) a major signifier of debt
but it also can be a catalyst to motivate many to get it together and investigate.

Mars, sexual expression, aggression and fascination with blood.
Mars ruler of Aries is intercepted in the 8th house of debt, taxes and death but near the cusp of the 9th in the above chart. Mars is opposed to the asteroid Vesta (sexual expression in its many forms) and leads to blocks, restrictions and sometimes over compensation by acting out with aggressive behavior. In terms of fixed stars Capulus from a star cluster in the sword hand of Perseus is culminating when Mars is on the Nadir: Willing to deal with the difficult or macabre - sounds scary kind of like the new HBO Series True Blood. Afterall this "blood moon" is coming right before Samhain with shivery chill in the air. Mars is also on the nadir when Altair is setting which nails some of the bold and rash action taking place.

Where there is Mars, there is Venus Void of Course in Scorpio
So we have not only a dramatic full moon but one that is down right sensationalist whether or not Blossom Moonchild's pronouncements from the Galactic Federation about Mass Contact from our Space Family comes true...It will be the indigenous peoples that will keep us grounded especially with risks of Venus Void of course where cultural matters are important themes now. Alcyone is rising as Venus is Setting on this moon where a ove of theatre or the rituals of magic will dominate along with a poetic soul.

Venus is alternately separating from a square to Neptune (financial resignations), SQ Ceres (personal needs of intimacy conflict with family desires) plus a Venus SQ Ascendant... Today (Oct. 13th) many are celebrating Indigenous People's Day to ameliorate the horrors created by European explorers who spawned genocide in the Western Hemisphere.
As the images of the lost, ancient African city swirls near the 12* East Longitude of the Mayan World Tree, we touch some of the legends which might coincide with this Blood Moon. Tomorrow's lunation Venus representing the Goddess is conjunct Astrae to bring justice to those native peoples who have suffered at the hands of the conquering hordes.

Indians of South America said all mankind was made of ’moon blood’ in the beginning. The same idea prevailed in ancient Mesopotamia, where the Great Goddess Ninhursag made mankind out of clay and infused with her "blood of life." Under her alternate name of Mammetun or Aruru the Great, the Potter, she taught women to form clay dolls and smear them with menstrual blood as a conception-charm, a piece of magic that underlay the name of Adam, from the feminine adamah, meaning "bloody clay," though scholars more delicately translated it "red earth."

Besides a Moon of action, fires, imagined spectacles this Hunter's Moon incorporates a promise of major transformation in a short time since Venus changes signs into Sagittiarius on October 18th. Then on October 21st before the Scorpio Sun ingress, the Libra Sun Sextiles Pluto - A time for major investigations, cleanups, planetary purifications, renewals and renovations, and hopefully the sharing of power.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nashville Knockout or Does Obama Win by Decision? Mars ruled Tonight and Mercury Dominated

Round Two of the rumble between a gnome-like McCain and over-confident Obama
marked the second debate series in the last week where the Moon was Void of Course and Mercury is Retrograde. So here we have a Venus ruled chart (set for 8PM CDT) so $ and how well the economy will fair in the near term is what is up for everyone watching this battle in the music city.

Let's get it srtaight: Both of these candidates for president voted for the phony bailout and had to spin their support for the bankers coup. Obama on this Capricorn Moon with Jupiter still in close orb to Mercury in Libra immediately brought down to earth
(his natal Mars in Virgo) the current US financial situation:
QUESTION: With the economy on the downturn and retired and older citizens and workers losing their incomes, what's the fastest, most positive solution to bail these people out of the economic ruin?
"I think everybody knows now we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." Barack went on to jab at McCain's midsection: "I believe this is a final verdict on the failed economic policies of the last eight years, strongly promoted by President Bush and supported by Sen. McCain," By the time McCain was reeling, Obama sent out another flurry of punches and stung like a bee: "we just found out that AIG, a company that got a bailout, just a week after they got help went on a $400,000 junket."

We see from the chart above that Mars @ 2 Scorpio was dignified by rulership, face and term and McCain whose natal Mars in Leo trines Jupiter and also has that volatile SQ to Uranus is always ready to attach. McCain scores one: "We obviously have to stop this spending spree that's going on in Washington. Do you know that we've laid a $10 trillion debt on these young Americans who are here with us tonight, $500 billion of it we owe to China?"

QUESTION: Well, Senators, through this economic crisis, most of the people that I know have had a difficult time. And through this bailout package, I was wondering what it is that's going to actually help those people out.

McCain: Who kept boring the audience by invoking Ronnie Reagen's ghost and railing against cronyism kept trying to muster up some punches.... Except tonight the chart ruler in Venus in somewhat of detrimental position in Scorpio was SQ McCain's Mars. His lame response: "But Fannie and Freddie were the catalysts, the match that started this forest fire. There were some of us -- there were some of us that stood up against it. There were others who took a hike."

Instead of spending precious time analyzing all the "set up" questions and boring everyone, let's take a look at how the Nashville Debate Chart looked compered to Obama's natal.
The Mc @ 2 degrees Aquarius is conjunct Obama's Jupiter to expand his famous audacious hope and mainly push his agenda for the work camp movement and supposed compassion for the middle class. Uranus the ruler of his own natal Aquarius rising was transiting his first to give him the surprising response "coming out of the blue" just enough trickster edge over aged, hobbling McCain. Neptune also near Mc was another plus especially with a current on and off trine to transiting Mercury giving Barack the advantage of seeming like the futuristic leader filled with ideals of fairness.

Then Obmama swung for the fences but just barely got a single but that got him on base as transiting Mars was in close orb SQ his Jupiter in the 12th and exactly square his Mars turning him into the aggressor! :
" Now, with respect to Fannie Mae, what Sen. McCain didn't mention is the fact that this bill that he talked about wasn't his own bill. He jumped on it a year after it had been introduced and it never got passed.

And I never promoted Fannie Mae. In fact, Sen. McCain's campaign chairman's firm was a lobbyist on behalf of Fannie Mae, not me.

So -- but, look, you're not interested in hearing politicians pointing fingers. What you're interested in is trying to figure out, how is this going to impact you?"

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Astrology of the Calamitous Web Bot Predictions for Oct. 7th to 9th

Is the critical First Qtr. Moon in earthy Capricorn (Oct 7, 2008) the trigger for major economic collapse, earth changes and a new 9-11 type event?

On the Urbansurvival website and of course on Coast to Coast references
to the question: Is America "On Final Approach" to Financial Collapse? Daily News Update
UrbanSurvival goes on to quote Cliff and Igor of the Webot forecasters

Before I list their quotes...
I have taken the liberty to pinpoint a time for the start of what is traditionally a critical time in the Moon's cycle - start of the first qtr. on Oct. 7th (above chart set for 5:05 AM Washington DC)
Don't forget that a little over 24 hours from this time at 9:03 AM PDT, the Moon moves into Aquarius ruled by the both Saturn and Uranus the stars of the Nov. 4th ultra opposition in mutables.

I recently wrote about this on my October Report - Balancing Order with Judgement:
From the new moon (Sept. 29th) major energies have been building in primal forms as the October 1st Scorpio moon hosted a powerful Mars sextile Pluto in air and fire. Those who engineered the takeovers and power plays in August want their way no matter the cost! At this point 700 to 800 Billion is cheap to keep the Pluto-Sagittarius casino economy going until North American Union and new currency burst on the scene next year. As the steam releases with those airy Mars in Libra transits morphing into an intense Mars in Scorpio - suddenly everything seems real precarious with lots of 90 degree angles forming into TSQ's by the critical first qtr. October 6th brings exact Sun-Mercury squares to ideological and expansive Jupiter but in strutural Capricorn. I am getting vibes that we are seeing a crumbling, dissolving and destruction of the capitalist system as practiced by Illuminati Bankers - this feels just like when the Berlin wall came down On November 9th 1989 when the wall came down we had Uranus-Venus-Saturn-Neptune all in Capricorn and as we approach the exact oppositon of Saturn-Uranus in mutables on Nov. 4, 2008, a historic time approaches. Pluto enters Capricorn on November 26th and this current Cardinal timeline will be completed.

Back to October 7th with Sun-Mercury in Libra SQ Moon-Jupiter in Capricorn in Cardinal, swift energetic forms of release like a volcanic eruption on Wall Street spreading to the ATMS on Main Street! Again we have a mutable cross (including of course Saturn-Virgo-Uranus-Pisces and Pallas-Gemini Opposing Juno-Pluto in Sagittarius. This is a changeable cross current of energies that are charged with craziness (notice above chart set for DC when first qtr. starts at 5:05 AM) Saturn sits on the ASC Opposing Uranus on the 7th while Pluto in the death throes of the casino economy sits in the 4th along with Jupiter-Moon intercepted in Capricorn. Actually what hit me was the Mars-Venus Scorpio push in the 2nd (Martial energies are highlighted) holding the TSQ(in the house of Money$ and Vaules ) to S Node-Cerese Opposing Chiron and N Node. A Worldwide Economic Crash, Martial Law in the US, Revolution of the bottom of the pyramid against the elite controllers or major earth changes from weather to quakes? All this building toward the Full Moon on Oct. 14th

Before I list their quotes...
I have taken the liberty to pinpoint a time for the start of what is traditionally a critical time in the Moon's cycle - start of the first qtr. on Oct. 7th

A major event which could dramatically impact 2, 2.2, or 22-million Americans.

This 'impact' could be the range of something fairly minor like "My bank card doesn't work anymore" to a 'blinding flash from a terror attack' on US soil.

This latter is somewhat supported by references early in the data to 'attack on US interests" and the fact that al Qaida has a nasty habit of trying to influence outcomes of elections, such as was the case with the Spanish train bombings a few years back.

The 'events' of next week will linguistically be characterized by about a 20% natural disaster/earth related component, a 40'ish percent impact that will be 'military' in nature and a 40% (or higher) impact that will be 'economic' in scope.

Notice that their prediction is for 7:10 AM UTC which puts a 23 degree Libra ascendant
(same as the degree Mercury stationed retrograde on Septebmer 24th)
In the chart set for Greenwhich UK Sun-Mercury in justice, indecisive Libra are in the 12th SQ the exaggerated communications of Sagittarius 3rd house cusp with Jupiter-Moon in contracting Capricorn intercepted and getting ready to let go with financial delays.
Without going into too much analysis 1 Degree 33 Leo sits at Mid Heaven - Sabian: An epidemic of mumps or a more modern intrepretation:
"Having arrived at the site of an epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease and the procedures of containment. "
Does this mean some insidious disease like the Bird Flu is spreading and there will be worldwide announcement? Should we expect quarantines or is this just a virulent propaganda pitch by the elite to keep us controlled? With Mars SQ the MidHeaven in the sign of poisons (Scorpio) along with Venus SQ Chiron in Aquarius representing the world healer and our chronic wounds.

Cliff and Igor go into more details in their audio interview with George Noory of C2C

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simpson Is Convicted After 13 Years As Libra Sun-Mercury SQ Jupiter to Extract Justice

We may have this headline in the NY Times marking comparisons to OJ's current conviction and his acquittal 13 years later on October 3rd. 1995. Many Stark Contrasts as Simpson Is Convicted - The NY Times:
Acquitted in 1995 of murder, Mr. Simpson was convicted on Friday of rounding up five men, most with lengthy criminal records, and bursting into a $35-a-night Las Vegas hotel room to steal a trove of sports memorabilia from two collectibles dealers.

One thing is for sure on Friday Oct. 3rd. 2008 the Sun may have been at 10-11 degrees Libra just like it was at 10 a.m. on October 3, 1995 along with Mercury in Libra. Of course there are obvious differences besides the fact that after only three hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Estimates were that 150 million people watched the delivery of verdict on TV. Yes instead of millions of Americans obsessively stewing over the daily details in the case against him, a city block set aside for media tents was largely empty for the four-week trial. With Jupiter in stark, serious Saturn ruled Capricorn, everybody has their eyes on the bailout and what it will do to the current economy.
So here we have yesterday's verdict which the jury took 13 hours to reach a guilty verdict around 11 PM Friday when Mars was no longer void of course and had entered Scorpio near OJ's natal Chiron @ 2 Scorpio. Mainly we saw a judgment promulgated by transiting Jupiter SQ Sun-Mercury in a definitive TSQ to OJ's Sun (Identity). Of course having transiting Pluto opposing his natal Venus @ 1 Cancer and Uranus @ 23 Sagittarius was a disastrous recipe for a verdict which included 12 felonies, led by kidnapping and armed robbery. He could spend the rest of his life in prison which reflects a transiting Uranus/Pisces-Saturn/Virgo Opposition passing to Pallas-Moon in Pisces placement in his natal chart

Back on Tuesday Oct. 3rd 1995, Uranus the trickster and master of quick, unexpected change was stationing @ 26 Capricorn ready to turn direct three days later and closely TSQ the Nodes at Libra-Aries! Moon was in Aquarius that historic day with Venus 21 degrees -N Node 26 degrees in Libra trine OJ's own natal Uranus @ 23 Gemini.
Perhaps the most indicative of all aspects was that Chiron with a recent ingress into Libra @ 3 degrees was trine OJ's own N Node at 1 Gemini and Mars @ 6 Gemini.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate Charged with Emotional Drama but Not Much Change

During the Galactic Fifth Night when time acceleration is evident per Calleman and Clow, tonight's debate seems rather insignificant. Yet there is only 30 days left for November's election and each event has hidden powers of persuasion even this bit of bread and circuses to keep many of us stuck in the old planetary underworld (AD 1755 to 201l).

For tonight's debate, the "slick" Senator and at times the painfully inept (Palin) brought out the TV Zombies and political pundits on this Scorpio Moon now Void of Course.
Palin of course was well coached and has a sportscaster's presence and affected style
hit the key emotional words for those chauvanistic, evangelical fanatics. Unfortunately neither of these NWO sock puppets represent any real positive, spiritual change for the American people but they did put on a good show for the mainstream.

First I will take a quick look a Sarah the Barracuda's forceful style almost strident style with Sun-Mars-Saturn all together in her natal 7th. Tonight's Mercury (communications) SQ Jupiter (belief systems) created a difficult TSQ to Palin's own natal Jupiter-Aries in the 9th. Perhaps we should call her Sarah the Dominatrix? Wait a minute let's get a look at the chart above and we see a Venus ruled wheel with a Taurus ascendant and a Capricorn MidHeaven. Hmmm Venus is sitting at Sarah's IC bringing that down home colloquial delivery to a good advantage except that even mentioning Henry Kissinger as a diplomat in the same sentence - please.
To acclaimed journalist Christopher Hitchens, Kissinger is nothing but a cold-blooded killer. "I think he's a war criminal. I think he's a liar. I think he's responsible for kidnapping, for murder," says Hitchens

Biden Had the Advantage From the Planets
I am not a political analyst or sociological reviewer but as a mundane astrologer, the transits were favoring Joltin Joe Biden. The start of tonight's debate had an ascendant
at 12 Degrees Taurus making Venus ruler of the chart and sitting near the 7th in Scorpio
separating from a passionate and vindictive Scorpio Moon in it's fall. Jupiter at 12 Capricorn Capricorn a plus for Joe since his Mars sits at 12 Scorpio and this was powerfully, positive sextile. Both Sun-Mercury in Libra sat over Joe's own dominant 10th house and let a polite, savy negotiator style shine tonight. Uranus the transiting wild card was near his natal Ceres in Pisces added compassion, nurturing and supporting individuality. Biden showed a face of identification with the suffering of middle class families. Joe even bit his tongue when he may have wanted to attack the Palin-McCain policies with true vengance. Of course there were times when his Natal Mars kept plunging like a sharp knife into Palin's exaggerations.

Tonight's Debate Chart on Outer wheel and Joe Biden's Natal Chart (Nov. 20, 1942) in the Middle
Biden who is not only a known Zionist made a point how much he loved Israel along with Palin. The Capricorn MH might have something to do with this point of view. Biden's own reflection of Obama's desire to continue killing in Afghanistan and Pakistan played to what he thought was the crowd as Mars now void of course in Libra can create panic and the motivation for personal survival before group cooperation....

Tonight's Debate Chart on Outer Wheel and Sarah Palin's Natal Chart (Feb. 11, 1964) in the Middle
Tonight's Ceres-Neptune opposition crossing Sarah's Asc/Descenant axist was a double edged sword or should we say speaking out of two sides of her mouth too. Ceres on her ascendant offered a certain pride, sympathy for children but the whole unrealistic, deceptive way of needing attention didn't play well. Her her special needs child held captive to can support, what a travesty. She kept repeating McCain's name like a mantra to create some type of evil fearful spell but the Uranian portion of America's voters won't be buying this.
Notice that there will be some unexpected changes with the nature of this campaign in relationship to Sara as Uraanus continues to transit her 8th house of secret influences and the $ war chest raised by McCain's illuminati controllers. By the next Full Moon on Oct. 14th when Mars @ 7 Scorpio sits in her 4th house of family, domestic activities and mothering - will this involve her 17-year-old unmarried, pregnant daughter Bristol?
Ok I am getting ahead of myself, let's just sit back and see what happens in this
distracting drama which tends to keep many from seeing the real changes happening.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DejaVu Religious Stampede in India Kills at Least 147

Like a bad dream running over and over again, these horrific stampedes occur in India on a regular basis (last one on August 3, 2008). India and the places like Chamunda Devi temple, at the southern edge of the 15th-century Mehrangarh fort can become places of death and ecstasy. In India, where a nine-day festivals like Navratra that celebrates the nine incarnations of the Hindu mother goddess Durga occur. The last major stampede occurred on August 3rd 2008 in Bilaspur, India when Mars was applying to a wicked opposition with Uranus (exact on August 6th) right after the historic Solar Eclipse August 1, 2008. The eclipse path put the eclipse in the 8th house, with Mars and Uranus opposition were active. The August 3rd. tragedy was another sacred nine-day festival to celebrate Shravan Navratras,that honors the Hindu goddess Shakrti, or divine mother. All incarnations of the Divine Mother or Kali-Ma are angry to say the least considering how humans are treating this planet!

Still all for many of us are now feeling DejaVu rather psychic feelings, spiritual revelations from the Mercury-Neptune trines in September and October
Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in Libra in the first in hard aspect to Jupiter reflected this second tragic stampede in the Jodphur. Jupiter which is about expanded religiousity
is intercepted in the 4th house which signfies the foundation or base of the society and its traditions or the folk-soul.
The chart above shows critical mutable degrees (29*) at the angles and Pluto the incarnate of Shiva and Kali almost exactly at the IC.

Chiron near N Node of destiny in the 5th house of celebrations and festivals is closely opposed both S. Node and Ceres in Leo (letting of adulation) in the collective, group orientation in the 11th. Also to note that the Mega Saturn-Uranus Opposition sits in the 12th and 6th houses respectively reflecting so many injuries from being involved in spiritual ceremonies.

Television footage showed dead pilgrims strewn on the narrow walkway about 150 yards from the Chamunda Devi temple, at the southern edge of the 15th-century Mehrangarh fort in Jodphur, in the western state of Rajasthan. It was the second deadly religious tragedy in the past few months in India, where pilgrim stampedes are not uncommon.

Stampede in India Kills at Least 147 -