Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bangkok's Deadly Fireworks and Fire Worshippers with Mercury VOC

Already before the ball has dropped on Time Square, the first elemental tragedy of 2009 - a half a world away at a Bangkok night club.
At least 59 people who had gone to the club to welcome in the new year died in the blaze, which was thought to have been started by fireworks or an electrical fault; more than 130 were thought to have been injured.

Fireworks or electrical fault blamed as 59 killed in Bangkok nightclub blaze | World news | The Guardian

The Chart above set for 12:30 AM on 1-1-2009 with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all Void of Course. Some personal accounts from survivors: "We were all dancing and suddenly there was a big flame that came out of the front of the stage and everybody was running away," Benjamas said. "There was an explosion and people started running for the doors..." The time was established from the recount of another guest, Tos Maddy, said he heard an explosion at around 12.30am, followed by a stampede for the exits.
Mars and the Sun in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which recently stationed retrograde, were applyling to the IC or place of the catastrope. The degree on the cusp of the 4th House is 12 degrees 26 minutes with a rather, apt Sabian
Symbol: "A Fire Worshipper"

Looking a little closer for that deliberate spark - the only astrological evidence is not even a planet by the Moon's South Node carrying an energy and message from the past - 9 degrees Leo 26 moving toward the cusp of the astro house best known for groups, crowds, masses the 11th. Bingo, a hit in this cosmic detective game - Sabian Symbol for 12 Leo: "An other worldly costume party in a grove hung with Japanese lanterns. Nature spirits carouse and dance under the half-moon each wearing a mask painted with the face of a human being. "

More reports coming in from the Thai police say that they are not sure what really caused this devastating fire with both Mars-Pluto separating but within 2 degrees apart. Since December 28th, Mars being hot and dry and when paired with the scion of death Pluto has
been a major player in other tragic events like the Covina Christmas killer's rampage on December 24th. Covina Police Chief Kim Raney said said people at the party were jumping out of windows on both floors of the house trying to escape the gunfire and flames. This time Mars was void of course ready to ingress into Capricorn on 12-27-08 then meet the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto the next day.
Here is a Video of the Bangkok Fire:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Dark Side of the Capricorn New Moon 2008

A tremendous natural disaster that went almost unreported in mainstream news.
YouTube - TVA Coal Ash Spill Dec 22 2008
On Monday morning Dec. 22 around 1:00 am, the earthen retaining wall around
this mountain of coal ash failed and approximately 500 million gallons of
nasty black coal ash flowed into tributaries of the Tennessee River - the
water supply for Chattanooga TN and millions of people living downstream in
Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

This Tennessee TVA spill is over 40 times bigger than the Exxon Valdez spill
in Alaska, if local news accounts are correct.

*** This is a huge environmental disaster of epic proportions.

Earth-earth and more earth stories from quakes to snow storms are the shadow side of this lunation.
The earthquake window is widen open around the world during this lunation and both east and west coasts as Pluto crosses the ascendant and chart ruler Saturn is in the 9th house opposing Uranus in the 3rd. Avalanche warnings are the rule now across the western states as snowfall is building. Update from December 24th: CNN) -- Two snowmobilers died Wednesday in an avalanche on Logan Peak north of Salt Lake City Utah, a sheriff's department official said.

The chart above set for Capricorn's New Moon on December 27th has Cap. rising with both Mars and Pluto right on the Ascendant for a double whammy to the US infrastructure.
Besides this enviromental disaster which will have major ramifications as we head toward Christmas our Seagoat is surfing so major tidal waves this luantion.
Jupiter @ 27 Capricorn is conjunct the US Foundation chart's Pluto (1776)creating not just extreme weather but also harsh economic conditions with US Pluto in the 2nd house of money and investments. Also Vesta transiting in Taurus on the IC is asking for some focus on our currency and monetary situation at home.

Things have become all too real!

Undoubtedly other stories involving the darker side of Saturn in Virgo will be surfacing. Since Virgo is a sign that deals with both service in day to day activities like police or firemen, our radar should be on alert. For instance
in the case of the Dallas Freeway shootings:
Ex-policeman linked to Dallas freeway shootings
DALLAS (Reuters) - An ex-policeman who shot himself in the head as Texas police tried to arrest him is the main suspect in a freeway shooting spree this week that terrified motorists and left two people dead, police and media said.

The fixed stars for this chart tell the tale ala earthy, melancholy Capricorn with
Aculeus - Rising 00 mins 39 secs before Sunrise -
Hard Knocks which yield understanding...understanding that rough stones can be polished by life's difficulties

El Nath - Setting 32 mins 19 secs before Sunrise -
A confronting attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues

Difficult stars in this chart are:
Antares (heart of the Scorpion - a Watcher) is culminating as ¨ Venus is Rising orb 01 mins 07 secs -
Breaking down social or emotional barriers
Alphard the Serpent is culminating as Mercury is Rising orb 00 mins 40 secs -
The revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue

Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt Rocks the Capricorn New Moon in 2008

A recent article that appears during our historic Winter Solstice 2008 comes from NASA talking about the feature planet of the month's end: Saturn aka. Cronus (Krónos) the Greek deity. In the article, NASA - Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt In Roman myths, Saturn was said to have ruled, a great feast called Saturnalia was held during the winter months around the time of the winter solstice. It was originally only one day long, taking place on December 17, but later lasted one week. An aside during the time starting Dec. 17th right before the Last Qtr. Moon - Luna in Virgo helped translate the light via slower moving planets with an opposition to Uranus and SQ to Mars. A rerun of the Nov. 4th challenge has the principle of Saturn's function is contraction opposing the principle of freedom and transformation Uranus. More importantly with Jupiter finishing its last days in Capricorn (called since ancient times "The Greater Malefic") a somewhat polarized role against Jupiter (called "The Greater Benefic")

From the article:
Dec. 22, 2008: You look through the telescope. Blink. Shake your head and look again. The planet you expected to see in the eyepiece is not the one that's actually there. Too much eggnog?

No, it's just Saturn's crazy Christmas tilt.
Looking at the upcoming chart set for Universal Time in London -
Of course it is turning out to be a crazy month in a good kind of way with Uranus and Saturn still within two degrees away from opposition. Now that the cosmic trickster, Uranus is moving forward and Saturn stationing. Get ready for the next big blow out and second Opposition on Feb. 5th. to be exact 3:00 AM PST. Is this the period of time when a major surprise disrupts the economy or food supply?

New Moon Chart:
At MidHeaven where Capricorn is always the social climber and ambitious goat this time we have the Sabian for 11 degrees Cappy. as the pheasant or peacock displaying their brilliant colors on the lawn. With Sun-Moon-Pluto and Mars in that order locked in a stellium and close to MidHeaven we will see a crisis of power as to who is in charge. The two supposedly malifics Mars-Pluto the ancient and modern rulers of Scorpio to join together on Sunday December 28th. where something is bound to uncovered from deep within the earth. Mars and Pluto are two dominant, determined and extreme planets ready to fearlessly charge ahead up the mountain in Capricorn. Also Jupiter-Mercury and Juno are together in the public, career and house of government where powerful leaders are involved in a summit or major area of communications ready to lay down agendas for 2009. So Juno, the divine consort in conservative Capricorn with a need for control and dominance and augmenting the importance of mental and all verbal messaging. Since Jupiter is moving toward a perfect SQ to the Aries Ascenant @ 26 degrees
we can predict some communication difficulties.

Agriculture and Thor's Hammer
One of the prominent aspects of this lunation is a Thors Hawmmer including Jupiter-Vesta-Ascendant-Ceres. The Goddess of Grain, Ceres is the apex of an Arrowhead, otherwise known as Thor's Hammer or a Quadriform. ASC and Vesta are SQ Jupiter and both planets are sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Ceres @ 12 Virgo which is now within orb of Saturn. Lots of symbolism around not just power but farming. From myth and legend we find: The Thor's Hammer or "Mjollnir" represents power, protection and strength used with honor. The name "Mjollnir" actually means "miller". Though this aspect wasn't emphasised in Viking times, the Norse god Thor (or Tor) was originally an agricultural god. As the God of Thunder, Lightning and Storm, it is likely that he was called upon to protect the crops from the wrath of nature.

Pentagon's "Information Operations Roadmap" (IOR), aka Ministry of Truth
Thor's Hammer could also be coming down on all of us internet users for efforts of control
especially with Jupiter moving into Aquarius which could create more chaos for the military-industrial complex with everyone wanting to break the net of control.
The Pentagon has developed a comprehensive strategy for taking over the internet and controlling the free flow of information. The plan appears in a recently declassified document, “The Information Operations Roadmap”, which was provided under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and revealed in an article by the BBC.

So back to the ancient ruler of Aquarius and of Course Capricorn - the Lord of Karma where:
All year long, the rings of Saturn have been tilting toward Earth and now they are almost perfectly edge-on. The opening angle is a paper-thin 0.8o. Viewed from the side, the normally wide and bright rings have become a shadowy line bisecting Saturn's two hemispheres--a scene of rare beauty.

Knowing that Pisces is the all about feet and Uranus (the planet associated with internet/electronics) where the Bush shoe attack went viral then gamers took charge .

In anticipation of the next Uranus-Saturn stand off we get positive aspects like Mercury Sextile Uranus first on December 24th where more progressive or controversial decisions are reached as new inventions make the news. Then on January 9th an exact Sun Sextile Uranus so even more innovation, drive for freedom, quick thinking, and the willingness to accept new or unusual conditions.

Just as the Winter Solstice of December 21st marked an historic time of the Sun-Pluto meeting for the first time in 248 years, the Capricorn New Moon has both Mars exalted by traditional systems in Caprocorn conjunct Pluto. Earth is the element and cardinal is the quality. Agriculture is devastatingly important as we move into 2009 and Saturn stations on Dec. 31st at 21 degrees 46 minutes and won't move direect till May 17th in Virgo. Virgo is associated with Ceres, grains, farming and Spica is the main star. In Babylon he was called Ninib and was an agricultural deity. Saturn, called Cronus by the Greeks, was, at the dawn of the Ages of the Gods, the Protector and Sower of the Seed and his wife, Ops, (called Rhea by the Greeks) was a Harvest Helper.

With Jupiter moving into Aquarius on Jan. 5th. new legislation to help the little guy will bring out issues like GMO and Monsanto's Attempt to Rule. Plus of course sustainability and food. Here is one story (from September 2008) Michael Pollan and Hugh Grant, Chairman, President and CEO, Monsanto
Videos like this: Body 2.0 - Creating a World that can Feed Itself

As Mercury moves retrograde in Aquarius on January 11th and justice via revolutionary acts be a watchword as rights of organic consumers, small farmers and workers are slashed. We will see unexpected reactions from both rulers and the ruled with echo the assertive Aries rising in both the Winter Solstice and Cap. New Moon charts. SEE CHART OF SOLSTICE BELOW

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Super Moon and Super Quakes and Floods Coming Around December 12th 2008

Update: the Dec. 14th headline from UK's Mail-Online: First Venice, now Rome: River Tiber bursts its banks after storms strike Italian capital 'like an earthquake'
Obviously with a Super Moon - the tides are strong and floods are increasing just as the window for earthquakes and major weather events will now extend into the New Moon in Capricorn on Dec. 27th

Earthquakes around the world particularly the West Coast have accelerated as we move toward the Gemini Full Moon on December 12th 2008 set for 8:37 AM PST for the West Coast. Will this lunation mirror both perceived and imagined effects of a lunar perigee - when the Moon is closest to Earth - a precursor to large earthquakes. The chatter from earthquake sensitives and predictors like Luke Thomas have been steady since July 08's series of quakes. The tell tale sign of perigee-syzygy for this Full Moon obviously will have lots of people on edge - perigee meaning closest to Earth, syzygy meaning an alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth.
I will address the astrological implications of next Friday's Long Nights Moon which has intense aspects like a Grand Cross and Mars SQ Uranus (major indication of quakes, accidents and riots) later in this article

The incidence of both Magnitude 5+ and 2.5+ quakes are increasing around the world and especially the West Coast.
Just the other day in Ludlow, California news of a - 2nd Quake Hits SoCal Hours After 5.1 Temblor The first quake hit at 8:18 p.m. Friday, with an epicenter 117 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The epicenter was placed 35 miles east of Barstow and near Ludlow, a gas station exit on Interstate 40, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

USGS is claiming that this was the aftershock of a 1999 earthquake a Magnitude 7.2 which struck on October 16 at 09:46:44 UTC. This 1999 monster was known as the Hector Mine quake located about 47 miles ESE of Barstow. The first quake hit at 8:18 p.m. Friday, with an epicenter 117 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The epicenter was placed 35 miles east of Barstow and near Ludlow, a gas station exit on Interstate 40, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Gemini Full Moon from Seattle to San Diego has recently ingressed Mercury in Capricorn near Pluto also in the cardinal earthsign either crossing the ascendant or having just crossed the ascendant for some restructuring to say the least.
Sun has squared Uranus (earthquake precursor)on Dec. 10th @ 4:03 AM for the first window
of potential tremors with Taurus Moon.
December 11th: the most destructive Uranian square from Mars in Sagittarius manifests with the exact perfection @ 10:50 PM PST and 6:50 AM UTC of what has been a deadly aspect.
The day of the Full Moon a non-stop series of transits hammers home a strong mutable cross with Sun/Mars opposing Moon on one arm and Saturn opposing Uranus on the other.
Things will happen fast this Friday like a series of explosions or detonations: first Moon SQ Uranus (5:10 AM), Moon SQ Mars (5:29 AM), Moon Oppose Mars (5:29 AM),then 8:37 AM the Full Moon, then Moon SQ Saturn (9:14 AM) then Sun SQ Saturn (6:20 PM) and finally after Moon moves into Cardinal Cancer and Opposition to Pluto and Mercury @ 11:33 PM).
To top things off we even have a Thors Hammer with Moon-Saturn square and 135 degrees away from Venus now in Uranian ruled Aquarius. A Thors Hammer aka Quadriform, consists of two planets in square aspect (90 degrees) and both in an octile or sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to a third planet. The energy of this aspect pattern is a little like a T-square, since it has stressful, dynamic energy.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Alchemical Furnace of Sagittarius Transforms into the Ice of Capricorn

December 1, 2008: Two stories today really echo the changing of the guard as evidenced by Pluto in Capricorn
It's official: US has been in a recession all year: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Good bye irrational exuberance and the unbridled optimism of Pluto in Sagittarius as The NBER -- a private, nonprofit research organization -- said its group of academic economists who determine business cycles met and decided that the U.S. recession began last December.

The second story which finally hit the centrist media today December 1st after an early AM positive Venus-Jupiter conjunction in chilly Capricorn has been talked about by Alex Jones and others like Jim Marrs for years. Like a block of cold ice in a blizzard, this news revelation wasn't needed to restore faith in a flailing American government: Washington Post: 20,000 More U.S. Troops To Be Deployed For “Domestic Security”
The increasing militarization of America is part of a long term agenda to abolish Constitutional rule and establish a “military form of government,” following a large scale terror attack or similar disaster, as Tommy Franks, the former commander of the military’s Central Command, alluded to in a November 2003 Cigar Aficionado piece.

Mars and Sun TSQ Uranus-Saturn an Explosive Trigger
After November's total mandate for change symbolized by the signature aspect of the year Saturn Opposing Uranus on election day November 4th, many much more can happen in December? By the time the fiery Sagittarius New Moon on Thanksgiving November 27th brought some relief and hope, Pluto had entered a new cycle with an ingress into Saturn ruled Capricorn. Pluto represents power and Capricorn the government, the establishment and together they determine major restructuring. Today on December 1st extremist news broke big time in the centrist Washington Post that the U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe. This looks like some major change since the Posse Comitatus Act, a 130-year-old federal law restricting the military's role in domestic law enforcement is now about to be abolished. Looks like we have to look toward Uranus the shock which r moved went direct at 8:08 AM PST on November 27th shortly before the Sagiitarius lunation. The powder keg exploded first with the Mumbai attacks stretched an already thin veneer of peace between India-Pakistan towards a possible full scale confrontation. The November 27th lunation with Mercury-Sun-Moon and Mars in the sign of the archer brought did bring some temporary optimism but the building TSQ to Saturn-Uranus on the Dec. 12th Full Moon. is translating the light from the November 4th opposition. Sun-Mars coming together in Sagittarius (Dec. 5th) is creating a hot aspect that stimulates aggression and bold action on on December 5th the same day. Mercury Squares Uranus and with Mercury (Sag) in 90 degree angle, communications are interrupted and subject to breakdown. Transportation matters are unstable. Shocking news, attacks on authority figures, controversy abounds. To top all this off earthquakes will be grinding the seismic plates all month.

Mars leads the assault on the US Sibley Foundation Chart
One of the primary aspects of the US foundation chart set for July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia at 5:10 PM is the close Mars in Gemini SQ Neptune in Virgo. In our nation's chart this aspect involves a fantasy love-hate relationship between the US military (Mars in Gemini) and our ideals of service orientation (Neptune-Virgo). This is the core aspect of American empire. The Full Cold Moon; or the Full Long Nights Moon of December 12th challenges this long standing relationship not only with the annual Moon in Gemini at 21 degrees right on the Sibley Mars the incredibly powerful TSQ which now involves a Grand Cross of which I referred to in the paragraph above. Notice how the biwheel chart above has Sun-Moon Opposing and SQ Saturn-Uranus at all the angles of the Full Moon set for December 12th. This Grand Mutable Cross no doubt will set in motion some revolutionary changes in the thinking and hearts of many Americans about the inviolate nature of their heroic military establishment. With Pisces rising on 12-12-08 it will be the rulers Neptune and Jupiter which will keep things more confused yet diffused.
All those winter signs from Mars-Sun in Sagittarius to a new transit of Mercury into Capricorn to join Pluto for some extreme mental orientation along with Juno-Jupiter also in Capricorn to keep relationships restrained both politically and socially. Yet Venus-N Node, Chiron, Neptune all in Aquarius will be crossing the US democratically oriented Moon @ 27 Aquarius (Sabian: a tree felled and sawed) is that George Washington's cherry tree? By the Inauguration on January 20th a revolutionary spirit will be sweeping the land. By the time Osama is sworn in , Jupiter will have gone into Aquairus and Mercury due to retrograde will spend longer time in Aquarius and Capricorn before joining the collective energy of N Node, Chiron and Neptune.