Monday, August 04, 2008

Morgan Freeman injured in car wreck - Mars-Uranus Again

By now you have heard the news that the beloved, oscar wining actor Morgan Freeman has sustained some serious injuries in a car crash Sunday Night. Morgan a steady but unusually less talkative Taurus ruler of his Gemini Sun, Mercury in Taurus but near Uranus for a mental acuteness. His egoic Sun near S Node bringing all kinds of solar gifts to his acting career also has other mutable points like Chiron @ 23 Gemini besides Neptune @ 16 Virgo and Juno @ 25. With the current Mars/Virgo-Uranus/Pisces Opposition now at 20 Virgo Opp. 22 Uranus Pisces. Besides the Dark Knight curse which got Heath and recently put Christian Bale behind bars, we find Juno (asteroid of partnership) @ 14 + Sagittarius opposing his S Node and SQUARE his Neptune (sleeping at the wheel) while his female passenger, Demaris Meyer was beside him.
Morgan Freeman injured in car wreck | U.S. | Reuters
Freeman, who currently stars in “The Dark Knight,” and a female passenger, Demaris Meyer, were driving on Mississippi Highway 32 in a rural area of Tallahatchie County approximately four miles west of Charleston at 11:30 PM when Freeman’s car went off the right side of the road and proceeded to flip over. The doors were jammed on the vehicle and both of them had to be removed from the car with the jaws of life...

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