Monday, January 28, 2013

A Wild Wolf Moon Filled with Fire


I started writing this right before the Moon entered Leo and the excitement was growing. By the time Saturday arrived and the Moon was Full it was hard to even stop and continue as she expanded in brightness and definition as the evening lingered.
Traditionally the first full moon of January is known as the Full Wolf Moon. This year though there is an electric fire element present with the Sun-Mars in Aquarius . The Native Americans tribes including the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior, designated this lunation as at time when the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages.
Seasonally as Mid-Winter will be arriving a time when snow banks are piled high. There other names included the Old Moon or even the Full Snow Moon depending on blizzards and storms. Yes this year with an ultra-dramatic Leo Full Moon where the Lion might meet the wolf along with the reaper as Saturn in Scorpio will lead the ongoing locomotive chart shapes.

 THIS IS ANYTHING BUT A QUIET or DULL LEO FULL MOON First of all this is a time when courage, creative intelligence and the joy of living life can overcome struggles and tragedy! A time when the fire element can lose control as pyrotechnics go awry. It is also a time when we can veritably touch the electrified excitement. A time when we see both a literal and metaphorical FLASHES OF LIGHT. Update from Sunday evening: Dozens Report "Fireball" Streak Across the Sky in Virginia Sunday Night
Lynchburg, VA - Dozens of viewers, nearing over 100 as of Sunday Night, report seeing a very bright "fireball" streak across the night sky.
Witnesses report a vivid tail of fire-like red particles extending from the fireball.

 Speaking of pyrtotechnics getting out of control we noticed on Sunday (Jan. 27th) such a tragic inferno occurred early AM. We look briefly at the horrific fire that "broke out at 2 a.m. at a nightclub called Kiss in Santa Maria, Brazil, at the southern tip of Brazil near the borders with Argentina and Uruguay." 'Complete panic' as 232 killed in Brazil nightclub fire

 A chart below is set for 2:00 AM just as the fiery Leo Moon was separating from an exact opposition with the Sun
in the sign of the unexpected Aquarius.
The sign relating to fireworks, Sagittarius was rising, with Jupiter the ruler of the chart in the 6th. house
relating to students and a day to day activity per the article above "The facility was hosting an event for a local university. Most of the attendees were students of that school">
The Moon in theatrical Leo in the 9th house relating to the band
"that was onstage began to use flares and, suddenly, they stopped the show and pointed them upward. At that point the ceiling caught fire."
The Moon was applying to a square with Saturn in deadly Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th house relating to chaos, helplessness, panic and instability... Chart set for 2:00 AM with LMT for Santa Maria, Brazil:

The Fixed Star Acumen is the Heliacal Rising Star over London, Washington, DC, Brazil and the West Coast USA. Acumen is found in the Stinger of the Scorpion Constellation.

Acumen is actually an open cluster of stars above the stinger and a companion to Aculeus Most importantly, Acumen is about attacks not only physical, but mental and emotional. Acumen relates to suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumors We are talking about rumors and falsehoods which can be damaging to career, social and emotional lives. Acumen has the same nature and influence of Moon and Mars. Acumen is also said to afflict eyesight and causes blindness of one or both eyes..
 In a chart set for London, UK for the Full Moon @ 4:38 AM on the 26th. The Heliacal Setting Star is El Nath found at the tip of the horn of Taurus is Setting before Sunrise. El Nath can relate to a weapon of attack. Relating to a confrontational attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues.

On another note, all charts for this lunation have the Sun @ 7 degrees 24 Aquarius and the Moon @ 7 degrees 24 Leo are within orb of the critical degree of Fixed signs - 8 34', Also the moon is even closer to the Arabic Mansion Al Nathrah - Called the Gap or Crib. Causes love, friendship and society of fellow travelers, drives away mice, afflicts captives and causes their imprisonment. With Moon here, navigate. On the positive side Mercury which is separating from the Sun now in progressive Aquarius @ 13 degrees 29 minutes is known as Al Sa'd al Bula. mu which was 13AQU05' in 2007. This Arabic placement yields what has been dubbed "The Good Fortune of the Swallower" and alternately results in letting go liberty of captives and healing the sick.

 Let me emphasize, with this Leo Full Moon, don't ever underestimate the primary Fixed Square involving the Moon-Sun in Leo/Aquarius TSQ Saturn in passionate, retaliatory and vengeful Scorpio. In other words passions and emotions are running hot and intense.
Like I said it won't be quiet or demure.
 From Queensland where the Mercury-Saturn square brought extreme weather
Once in a century flooding gives Queensland an unexpected sequel 
To Egypt where violence has escalated to an emergency situation:
Egypt’s Leader Declares State of Emergency in Three Cities

Or over in Davos, Switzerland where: Topless protesters take on elite Davos forum

Finally regarding the highly active Full Moon over Washington, DC set for 11:38 PM on January 26th. Libra is rising stimulating negotiations and compromise as laws are will be passed with breakneck speed. Castor is the Heliacal Setting Star one of the Twins along with Pollux in the Gemini Constellation Castor tends to seek the lighter side of situations along with a quest for knowledge and demanding a voice. A primary example involves sweeping immigration reform where the voice of the people - in this case undocumented immigrants is being heard. Of course with Jupiter in Gemini (communications expanded)near Vesta (focus) and trine the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius this is inevitable. Chart Below.

In a clear reference to Saturday'sFull Moon in Leo TSQ Saturn in the sign of debt,taxes and other sure things, Scorpio < with Libra rising over DC and Jupiter-Vesta in the 8th expanding all of the above. Jupiter relating to ethics and morals and of course the letter of the law.
Court says Obama exceeded authority in making appointments More on the effects of this first Full Moon of 2013 later...

Monday, January 21, 2013

49ers Colin Kaeipernick & Sun-Mercury in Aquarius meant Reversal of Fortune for the Falcons


Yesterday one best and biggest examples of sports reversals and strong athletic performances by a young star reflected the combo. of Mercury (youth) and Sun (ego-hero) in Aquarius.
 The game I am speaking of was the 49ers beating the Falcons for a shot at the Super Bowl led by Colin Kaeipernick

Per the sports writing above: Helped by the defense in the final minutes, Kaepernick didn't put up the same dazzling numbers he did in the divisional playoff against Green Bay. But he was solid enough to justify coach Jim Harbaugh's decision to bench Alex Smith and go with the youngster.

Colin Kaeipernick (born Nov. 3, 1987) as a quarterback brings an ultra-powerhouse with Sun-Pluto in Scorpio and has been aided by transiting Saturn also in the sign of the passionate, persistent Scorpion/Eagle. In his case discipline and skill have meshed. Actually it was Colin's Pallas-Saturn-Uranus planets in Sagittarius that helped defeat the Falcons. First: Pallas in Sagittarius is about looking at the big picture and helped him form a unifying strategy come back in the 2nd half. Secondly his natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction allowed him to balance individual freedom with team welfare and in Sagittarius added a rock-hard faith and willingness to take chances. View Colin's Natal Chart Here (using Noon time)

Now as we look at the game via a chart below set for the start of NFC championship game (inner wheel)
and Colin's natal chart (using noon birth) as the outer wheel...
Gemini was rising @ 24 degrees to start the game - Sabian Symbol - "Children skating on ice." Thus the game could have gone either way with mutable Gemini rising. Chart below set for 3 PM EST in Atlanta.

Mercury, representing youth over age (Colin) is the ruler of the chart above. And adding to Mercury combust the Sun (extreme closeness to the Sun) in the sign of the unexpected events and reversals Aquarius. Mercury combust the Sun added to the mind (thus helping reflexes) the ability for intense concentration and eliminated distracting or diverting influences for players. One thing for sure is that fans in Atlanta were LOUD so this was an aid.   In the chart above Sun-Mercury are in the 8th house relating to Colin's own natal Sun-Pluto conjunction by sign. More importantly Colin's natal Saturn-Uranus were near the 7th representing the plays and his execution for the 49ers as the opponent. Jupiter is the ruler of the 7th. the opponent to home team Falcons. Plus with Jupiter in the 12th house and conjunct Vesta (focus-commitment) relates to coming from behind and from a hidden place. Also with Neptune-Pisces on the Mid-Heaven representing the public temperment of the game we look toward Jupiter co-ruler of Pisces. To reiterate, the ruler of the 7th/the 49ers as the opposing team - ultimately beating the Falcons and their quarterback Matt Ryan 28 to 24.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Giant Wave Alert Ahead of February's Mars Pisces Transits


Aquarian Solutions Special Update 1-17-2013:

From Aries fire to coming giant waves and their impact!

Just ahead of the Mavericks surfing competition on Sunday - January 19th. For the first time in three years, Mother Nature has delivered conditions worthy of holding the Mavericks Invitational, which will begin at 8 a.m. with a field of 24 renowned surfers from around the world.

Expect some major surprises this Sunday along with giant swells with the contest kicking off at 8:00 AM PST with Aquarius rising with Sun/Mercury! Before we look at this chart's rulers, we notice that Scorpio is at Mid-Heaven @ an ominous 29 degrees near the North Node. Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees Scorpio "An Indian woman pleading to the chief for the lives of her children." Obviously there is potential danger along with some breath taking and record breaking rides. Uranus, the shocker in high-energy Aries is in a semi-square to Mars in Aquarius at a powerful angle in the first house.  Maybe even a small earthquake will strike near Pacifica or El Granda? 
Whoa one thing for sure, semi-squares tend to test endurance, persistence and patience. (Make a note for the 49er game later today at high noon). Semi-squares tends to attract obstacles and rigid situations which will add challenges. The winner of this contest will be highly adaptable. Since the Sun will enter Aquarius @ 1:52 PM expect one incredible ride which till totally wow this great line-up of world class surfers . 
 Chart set below for the start of the start of the Mavericks surf contest:

Here is the BIG picture regarding the current/future waves, storm surges and consequent flooding in February/March 2013
Jupiter is ready to station direct (Jan. 30th.) which will square Mars/Neptune/Chiron (Pisces) moving into a period of huge oceanic events and danger for those living near the coasts of the world.
Already in the last two days with cruise ship and high tides: 

Giant Wave Hits Cruise Line Silversea
Luxury cruise line Silversea has been forced to cancel a cruise onboard the Silver Explorer after the ship was damaged by a giant wave in rough weather while on an 18-night voyage in South America. Media reports claimed four crew suffered minor injuries when a wave struck in the waters between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. The cruise line confirmed all 133 passengers and 113 crew were safe, but the damage to the ship was severe enough for Silversea to cut short the cruise...

Another recent example... Storm Surge in Guyana on Thursday, 17 January, 2013
Strong winds and unusually high tides swamped Cornelia Ida and Anna Catherina, on the West Coast of Demerara on Monday afternoon. The villages were flooded after the enormous waves surged over the sea defences leaving some homeowners contending with water that was waist-high.

Before Mars enters Pisces on February 1st it would be could idea to take some precautions if you live by the coasts of the word.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong Under Oath - the Perfectionist with a Taste for Boundless Redemption


We found out today that Lance's confession yesterday to the Queen of Exposure, Aquarian Oprah Winfrey (Jan. 29, 1954).  But this is just the beginnin the law's point of view. It appears that the inquisitors want blood. Anti-doping officials want Armstrong under oath In fact under the rays of the last limiting Capricorn Moon including tomorrow's Venus-Pluto power play - Anti-doping officials want the disgraced cyclist to admit his guilt under oath before considering whether to lift a lifetime ban clouding his future as a competitive athlete. Everybody wants a piece of this story predicating a redemption. What I find interesting is not just Lance's confession and subsequent conversations with the law but from astrological point of view because of his crazy career. Chart set below using a noon time per set for September 18, 1971 in Plano, TX
Mot only is he a persistent and a strong Virgo and paragon of physical perfectionism. (Sun-Pluto-Hygeia-Moon-Juno-Mercury all in the sign of the Virgin.),there is a totally expansive Jupiter-Neptune conjunction relating to both super achievments deceit, moral dilemnas, spiritual quests and most notabley performance-enhancing-drug user! As  Virgo astrologer Liz Greene says in her mighty tome - The Astrological Neptune - the Quest for Redemption: "The co-rulers of Pisces share a taste for the boundless. When Jupiter and Neptune are in aspect, the longing to extend oneself beyond material and moral confines might take many forms;"  Of course their is usually no malice directed with Jupiter-Neptune combos.  Here is another article about Lance and using the word redemption:

Lance Armstrong's week of discordant redemption

Lances' also has a Saturn-Pallas conjunction in Gemini which adds to whole interview process. Saturn-Pallas together are known for self-discipline, consolidating assets and structure. In Gemini their is the element best described as the power of words no matter how limited will have power
as Jupiter transits in the sign of the twins. 

 Lance also has a Mystic Rectangle or a soft rectangle with planets in sextile in the corners. First Mars the warrior in Aquarius in a 60 degree angle to Chiron in Aries On the opposite corner: Uranus/Libra and S. Node/Leo. The opposition from S. Node to Mars especially with a priveliged S. Node in Leo (past gifts, adulation, hero status) opposing Mars in Aquarius (unpredictable athletic career). But there is also Chiron in Aries relating to his winning the the Tour de France cycling race in Paris despite his being diagnosed with cancer of testicles, abdomen, lungs and brain 10/02/1996! Doctors gave him a 40% chance of recovery - and no chance of returning to his sport this relates directly to his healing abilities aided by this mystic rectangle. Quote: "Here there can be exceptional skills which overcome immense obstacles, through synthesizing apparently different elements into an original and appropriate package. " Below is only a representation with this rare but powerful aspect:

Lance also has Mars and N. Node in Aquarius (if you read my forecast ) and is being activated by the current Mars movement and all fixed transits. The future will be crucial for him as the Sun enters Aquarius (January 19th.)  and Mars enters Pisces (Feb The first week of February will add a new element to this huge drama.

The bottom line for me is that he was an amazing athlete who will either  re-invent himself
or crash and burn unexpectedly with his Mars-North Node conjunction.  Perhaps after Saturn,  now in dangerous Scorpio stations on Feb. 18th then moves direct again in July 2013...
then in the middle of October 2013 squares his natal Mars for devastating accident.

Friday, January 11, 2013

More Thoughts about this Cold Capricorn New Moon


January 11, 2013 A New Moon in disciplined but serious Capricorn (exact 11:44 AM Pacific Time) when persistence and resilence are featured. A tip off to this new cycle which initiates today is the Sabian Symbol for 22 degrees Capricorn where the Sun-Moon meet: "A general accepting defeat gracefully." A time of surrender and acceptance to the orders of the day when many have to admit that things aren't working with US. Empire.
White House weighing full withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 Some of the issues involving surrender will be admiting the diminishing resources here on the planet and that capitalism is a dying system. Since Capricorn can be the grumbler/critic who demands accountability
and Capricorn is a sign dealing with business, we will need to look deeper at ongoing debt. (Saturn in Scorpio) and financial failures

  this serious Capricorn Moon is a time of warnings. Yes the goatfish can be a sign of over worry and burdens but their is a deeper occult side and with Sun-Moon-Mercury-Pluto-Venus-Juno we should heed some of nature's warings! I am specifically speaking of two recent events off the coast of Dana Point in Southern California on Satuday and Sunday when:
  1,000 Dolphins Stampeded In Extremely Rare Phenomenon

 Below is a chart set for today's New Moon over Dana Point with Aries rising like in San Francisco. The ascendant is at critical, karmic 29 degrees it should be noted being close to Taurus. (In Seattle the Moon is at even more critical 0 degrees Taurus)
In fact speaking of precursors of great quakes and warnings, NBC Los Angeles just published this article today - Single Super Quake Could Affect Both Northern, Southern California: Study

The ruler of this So. Calif. chart is Mars in the sign of the sudden and unexpected Aquarius
Mars is intercepted at the top the chart where the Sun-Moon in Capricorn square the ascendant.

What is up with this super flu? Since Mars enters Pisces in February. Just when you thought it was safe to go out and play in the streets, a paranoid Capricorn Moon and a stellium of big daddy planets warns. This warning has morphed into a growing panic since another player in this drama, Jupiter the symbol of expansion/exaggeration is in over-communicative Gemini and closely square Chiron (wounds)-Hygeia (relates to health) and of course Neptune (crazy illusions) are all in Pisces relating to illness, influenza, hospitals and institutions.
Flu picks up steam across the U.S.since 41 states have widespread influenza activity

Looking ahead into February when Mars enters Pisces, we may even see a full-blown pandemic as unrestrained Mars in a more sensitive, mysterious Pisces will meet Neptune-Chiron and make difficult 90 degree angles to Jupiter in mutable Gemini when we will revisit the H1N1 scare but with a possibly weaponized flu! One thing is for sure alcohol and drugs especially those coming from Big Pharma will play a part in February's "mummer" soap opera. along with the big question: Now that states have started legalizing recreational marijuana, will the president continue the government’s war on weed?

Jan.  11th: Review - So with Saturn, planet of control and ambition in passionate Scorpio, the forces of anarchy (Mars in Aquarius)  were  again held off...
Even CNN's pontifical mouthpiece and noble darling from the land of Royal bloodlines got a reprieve - Yes Piers Morgan, won't be deported

Bottom line Forget the phony-ass Piers-AJ confrontation. 

Mars in the sign of humanitarian struggle has even more important causes than the right to bear arms. That being championing the oppression of Native Peoples and protecting Mother Earth. not just in Canada but all of the Western Hemisphere. Idle No More: Indigenous Uprising Sweeps North America
Here is the story combining Chiron in Pisces and fixed, stubborn Mars in AquariusIt took weeks of protests, flash mobs, letters, rallies, and thousands of righteous tweets, but Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper finally caved. He agreed to a meeting with the woman who had been petitioning him for twenty-four days, subsisting on fish broth, camped in a tepee in the frozen midwinter, the hunger striker and Chief of the Attawapiskat Theresa Spence.
As an astrologer, I forsee this movement riding an emotional tsunami and with Mars entering Pisces, the spiritual warrior
square Jupiter in social media Gemini, this movement along with the "dancing, drum circles" and flash mobs will be big.

 Helped by Jupiter/Vesta and Ceres in Gemini,
the movement (Mars) of building a sustainable food system
gets a communications boost.
which relates directly to Food Democracy, activism and even the Cap. New Moon : Farmers vs. Monsanto
On January 10, family farmers entered a courtroom in Washington DC to take part in the appeal of OSGATA vs Monsanto et al, a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits by Monsanto. Note that this Capricorn New Moon on 1-11-2012 @ 2:44 PM for Washington,DC has Ceres, the Goddess of Grain/Food and true nurturing is rising in Gemini opposing Astraea, the asteroid of justice in Sag. Plus the ruler of this New Moon chart, Mercury is translating the energies from Pluto(power) to the Sun (leadership)
and like all earth signs, Capricorn relates to farming.

 Chart Below:

As I have been trumpeting:2013 will be a much more realistic year then 2012, All the hoaxes and disinformation aside
there is an actual awakening happening in January. After we saw the truth warrior, Mars in Aquarius square the Dark Magician of Secrets on January 7th. revelations came tumbling down faster than expected for some people who are protecting Geo-Engineering. Global Weather Modification Assault Causing Climate Chaos And Environmental Catastrophe Please consider that asteroid Juno (now in Capricorn) not only deals with all kinds of relationships but also rules our atmosphere and meteorological landscape
and is square Uranus, the planet of sudden outbursts for freedom. January has turned one of the most "austere" and "brutally cold" month in the Northern Hemisphere this trend will continue thru the month. In fact for this icy Capricorn New Moon Winter Storm Gandolf to Bring Cold, Snowy Blast to the West and Plains Or in Southern California where: Snow on Grapevine: CHP escorting traffic on southbound Interstate 5 Also in diverse/unusual places like Bangladesh and India where temperatures of 3 degrees Celsius have been recorded. Record cold kills 80 in Bangladesh
And deeper into the Southern Hemisphere like Australia,
it is dangerously HOT with record temps.
as Mars in unpredictable Aquarius squares Saturn in Scorpio.
Where Wildfires Scorch Australia As Temperatures Reach Record Highs

Other factors not originating on earth are accounting for climate change verified by new report issued by the National Research Council, "The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth's Climate," The Sun and Mercury meet in an inferior conjunction on January 18th: as you know conjunctions are a time when two astronomical objects have either the same right ascension or the same ecliptical longitude. With Sun-Mercury in Capricorn, this not only is a time of big news coming from leaders but when there will be a focus on our own bright, active Sun.
Also Per NOAA forecasters have upped the odds of an M-class solar flare today to 50%. The likely source would be big double-sunspot AR1654. At the moment, the active region is crackling with lesser C-flares, such as this one recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory during the late hours of Jan. 10th:

Per this website: AR1654 is a monster ready to explode

Thursday January 11th. A Capricorn New Moon what could be more cosy? Maybe an iceberg. But this is a time of not just extremely cold weather but new disciplines and novel look at time itself (Cairos). The Moon made determined entrance into a more organized, patriarchal Capricorn yesterday Jan. 10th. @ 12:54 AM. Be aware that this limiting Cap. Moon joins the Sun tomorrow early @ 2:21 AM PST for a somewhat conservative but slightly scary New MOON. All these planetary changes put focus on the tribe or family represented by the goat. Many consider Capricorn to be the most responsible and sometimes the most withdrawn or hermit like of all the 12 tribes

This tribe of players is comprised of the Ascetics, Managers, Conservatives, Politicos, the Dependable Workers. The sign Capricorn is represented by the Seagoat or Mountain Goat and is a feminine sign with characteristics of being cold and dry. The word Capricorn comes from the Latin word caper meaning 'goat'. Latin caper comes from (according to the American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots) the Indo-European root *kap-ro- 'He-goat, buck'. Derivatives: cabriolet (a two-wheeled, one-horse carriage, French cabriole, 'leap of a goat, caper'). The Sea-Goat expresses the more esoteric nature of Capricorn. Per Manilius in referring to this sea-goat tail part of the figure says: "The last part of Capricorn, which consists of the sting at the end of its tail,prescribes for its children service upon the seas and the handling of ships, a hardy calling and one which is ever close to death." Thus the connection to the word captain or master of the high seas with Capricorn. Now we see how those two crashes one in San Francisco with the Overseas Reymar The other in New York where 57 people reportedly injured after ferry crashes into New York pier The sign Capricorn is steeped in history and tradition and colors much of our collective conscious. First of all there are two goats:the climbing mountain goat and the sea goat. On Yom Kippur, the festival of the Day of Atonement, two goats were chosen and lots were drawn for them.One goat was sacrificed and the other allowed to escape into the wilderness. Speaking of "scapegoats'" lets go to recent news about the ongoing Libor Scandal and other financial scandals which relate directly to Pluto in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Scorpio. Not to mention all the transits of inner planets like Venus recently entering Capriorn which will conjunct Pluto on Jan. 16th. On this lunation we are seeing the real fallout from the bailout
Matt Taibbi & William Black on Bailout Secrets & How New Foreclosure Deal Spares Banks from Justice Back to Capricorn and the Days of Atonement involving the two goats The second goat who escapes is symbolically carrying with it the sins of the community.
Obviously this is where the word 'scapegoat' has its origin. When used as a metaphor, a scapegoat is someone selected to bear blame for a calamity.
Capricorn as the 'Gate of the Gods' where one 'escapes' this life on earth.
According to Chaldaean legend and Platonist philosophy, Cancer was the 'Gate of Men' through which souls descended from heaven into human bodies, or into creation. Whereas Capricorn, represented the 'Gate of the Gods' where souls of the departed ascended back to heaven. Back to the the natives of the Capricorn tribe, who represents the clear, concise evaluator and the most practical even to a fault compared to any of the 12 other constellations since he is able to concentrate even to being closed to newer innovations. Capricorn is known as one of the paragons of humilty and maybe , David Brooks (born Aug. 11, 1961) a strong Leo
should think twice about Teaching Humility at Yale Capricorn unlike neighboring fire sign Sagittarius, tends to be too serious and even mistrustful of the novel or revolutionary. To say that Capricorn is highly controlling is an understatement! Capricorn is part of the Cardinal Triplicity stemming from the Latin word Latin word "cardinalis," with the meaning of principal or pivotal.
these are the self-appointed leaders who forge ahead with plans in a restless fashion. Expect the other Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer and Libra to be focus and with today's transits. Time to embrace the humble yet ambitious Capricorn and his stars

Monday, January 07, 2013

Mars Square Saturn precedes the Capricorn New Moon - January 11, 2013


January 7th - the day has finally arrived for Mars, the warrior and symbol of strength of will and stamina transiting in eccentric, unpredictable and always revolutionary air sign Aquarius to make a difficult 90 degree angle to Saturn. Saturn is now in the sign of extremes, life & death Scorpio. This square is exact on Jan.7th. @ 11:33 AM) Plus with Mars the ancient ruler of Scorpio, the Scorpion and Eagle symbolically and Saturn, the ancient ruler of Aquarius also a fixed sign, there is mutual reception but antagonism.
Mars says all systems go! Mars wants forward movement no matter what it is forge ahead..
and Saturn offers Forced Resistance and Limitations resulting in high profile accidents crashs and a whole lot more. Before we go on also consider that Saturn relates to the principle of structure and crystalization. An aside before we present some of the examples of what was considered a dangerous meeting of two "malefics" in traditional astrology check this out. With Mars in the sign of scientific discovery, Aquarius today's latest from Hitachi: Quartz glass can preserve data for millions of years - WOW! Crystal technology is finally being applied just as ancient civilizations did. Researchers in Japan have come up with a novel way to store data — in a wafer of quartz glass — that could preserve it for eons.
Update January 7th: from SF Bay Area where a moving force an oil tanker hit an immovable structure, the bay bridge. This is to me the poster event for this Mars-Saturn shockwave. Oil tanker hits Bay Bridge; no leak seen
The tanker, the Overseas Reymar, swiped the easternmost tower of the bridge's western span at 11:20 a.m., the Coast Guard said.

In fact this is the first square from Mars (the ancient ruler of Scorpio)
since the ringed-planet entered Scorpio on October 5th. 2012 @ 1:33 PM PST.
Saturn in Scorpio relates to topics which are borderline, taboo, sexual, occult and relate to power
Saturn in Scorpio is both afraid of the destructive forces, passionate feelings and of death
while at the same time is obsessed by sexuality, dark, forbidden, esoteric and breaking taboos.
Saturn is also the ancient ruler of Aquarius (reception)
Add Mars the ancient ruler of Scorpio and you have total reception meaning some huge changes...
Mars in Aquarius always deals with the unpredicable, unexpected, uncompromising violence or actions
Mars in Aquarius relates to forces of technology and esoteric activities.
Mars in Aquarius is about the individualist and revolutionary who might enforce his opinion on others.
Examples reported in the media  of Saturn square Mars over the last few days:
Regarding issues around uncompromising spying and the community reaction (Mars-Aquarius)
(1)CIA being sued over domestic spying collaboration with NYPD
The CIA is being sued for withholding information about its cooperation on domestic spying as part of the New York Police Department’s counter-terrorism surveillance program.
(2) More revelations of the abuse of power during the federal rescue of Wall Street
Of course this ongoing story also relates to Pluto in Capricorn and misuse of corporate power
Secret and lies of the bailout
Descriptive candid, down to earth words from Matt Taibbi:
"It was all a lie - one of the biggest and most elaborate falsehoods ever sold to the American people. We were told that the taxpayer was stepping in - only temporarily, mind you - to prop up the economy and save the world from financial catastrophe. What we actually ended up doing was the exact opposite: committing American taxpayers to permanent, blind support of an ungovernable, unregulatable, hyperconcentrated new financial system that exacerbates the greed and inequality that caused the crash, and forces Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup to increase risk rather than reduce it."
(3) Obsessive violence with unexpected consequences also relating to Venus VOC in Sagittarius
BTW on Dec. 28th at the time of the Full Moon in Cancer @ 2:21 AM, Saturn was rising in Scorpio per my last blog entry. In fact the Last Full Moon over SF. had Aculeus as the Helical Rising sign. Aculeus which is linked to attacks of al kinds from physical to verbal is found in the stinger of the Scorpion.
San Francisco police: Man set fire to girlfriend
"The victim's sister, Precious Craig, told KGO-TV that Oliver used gasoline and lit the woman on fire during an argument at a nearby Laundromat."
(4) the high profile nomination of John O. Brennan (born September 22, 1955) as director of the Central Intelligence
will create controversy to say the least.
From an astrological point of View, Brennan with Sun in Virgo @ 29 degrees
is facing a short term square to transiting Venus in latter degrees of Sagittarius
but more importantly Brennan has natal Juno and Saturn in Scorpio
a combination which relates to control. limitations and obstacles to moving forward.
Obama’s Cheney? "Assassination Czar" John Brennan Brings Legacy of Drone War and Torture to CIA Nod

(5) increase in riots and mass civil unrest per Mars transit in Aquarius setting off a European Spring??! Since 2013 has been shaping up to be a year of enforced austerity, expect some severe reactions.
Britain warns of more riots, as civil unrest sweeps across Ireland, Bangladesh, and India
BBC article where the Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross has warned "that Britain could face further riots as a result of the economic crisis. Yves Daccord also said he believes there is the prospect of further violence throughout Europe, drawing parallels with the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt."
(5) What else but more "sensationalized" controversy over gun control  with Aquarian Alex Jones (born Feb. 11, 1974) with with bombastic an stubborn aspect of Sun-Jupiter in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus. Alex has been described aptly as the man with the bullhorn.
Still all in all with Sun-Jupiter in Aquarius, Alex is a progressive but tends to push his way around. 

Controversial radio host and conspiracy theorist 'detained by TSA agents because he refused to take his shoes off'

It get's better with Alex on the Piers Morgan show latter in the evening. Alex calls Piers out as the shill of the NWO but comes off as a maniac... In other words those obsessive tendencies of Saturn in Scorpio overwhelm the progressive motives of Mars in Aquarius. Let's take a deeper more probing look at this confrontation as would befit Saturn in Scorpio. First of Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O'Meara; on March 30, 1965, is known professionally as Piers Morgan. Piers is a formidable opponent and shill for the establishment with Sun-Venus-Mercury-Vesta all in out front Aries. Piers Stefan has the credentials as a former judge on America's Got Talent and a former winner of The Celebrity Apprentice. He also was kind of a "Wonderkid" who at 28 years, was appointed editor of News of the World by Rupert Murdoch. Since we are on the subject of Saturn-Mars interacting, Piers has natal Saturn in mutable Pisces opposing Mars-Uranus-Pluto in cool, methodical and critical Virgo. In other words Piers has his own issues around authority, power struggles and questionable morality even before the phone hacking allegations. Not that Piers has Jupiter (Taurus) defining persistent advancement in opposition to Neptune in Scorpio (deceptions of moral turpitude.)
As we head toward the Capricorn New Moon on January 11, 2013 @ 11:44 AM Pacific or 2:44 PM Eastern, I expect even more fall out from today's Mars-Saturn conflict. I also expect that this lunation will represent a degree of mastery since Sun-Moon-Mercury-Pluto-Juno-Venus will all be in the sign of discipline, responsibility and organization. But also we will see highly constrictive austerity which will continue to create frustrations for many people. In fact we see that his Mars-Uranus opposition to Saturn also forms a "focussed Yod) to include his Sun (idenity) and Venus (material acquisitions). In his case the focussed Yod provides a reaction point with volatile Mars-Uranus in mercurial Virgo offering him a a pressure valve. This has allowed Piers to skate away from trouble during the interview process or at least has made it easier for him release the pressure buildup. Chart below shows the New Moon set for 11:44 Pacific in San Francisco where assertive Aries (relating to Mars) is rising - so expect more fireworks in the SF Bay Area. The chart below has it's own Yod (finger of God) comprised of powerful and influential Pluto in Capricorn sextile Saturn in extreme Scorpio focussed on Vesta in Gemini where communications are honed to provide sexual satisfaction. Aldebaran, a Royal Star found in the eye of the Bull, Taurus is conjunct Vesta where commitment to social issues will be strong.