Monday, August 04, 2008

Ventura County hot spot puzzles experts - Moon-Mars Trigger

Today a traditionally hot aspect Moon-Mars meeting as in emotionally and yes materially hot aspect occurred in the Summer-Mutable sign of Virgo @ 2:13 AM. So at this time we had not only earthy moon and pushy mars in the sign of the Virgin but also applying to Saturn and Yes Mars.. A story broke in the LA Times this morning.
Ventura County hot spot puzzles experts - Los Angeles Times A patch of land in Ventura County's Los Padres Forest where the ground heated up to 812 degrees Friday continues to puzzle firefighters and geologists after a month and a half of monitoring. This has been going on for a couple of months folks considering Saturn moved direct on May 3rd.
Now with the applying Mars-Uranus Opposition growing stronger and Moon as quickest trigger.

The area is considered an active landslide that in the last 60 years has moved and trapped hydrocarbons, found in petroleum products, natural gas and coal, some several hundred feet deep, Oatman said. After it dried out, the earth began to crack and oxygen crept in, causing "some sort of combustion," he said.

This same land area has recorded high heat about five or six times since 1987 and has always been dubbed a "natural phenomenon," Oatman said.

But Hold the Phone: Oil is involved big time (Uranus in Pisces) with ruler Neptune-Aquarius
in a series of oppositions in Fiery, Fixed Leo.
A second article reflects the pow4er of Pallas recently ingressed into Gemini:
The 3,000-acre Sespe Oil Field was discovered in 1887 and has since produced about 50 million barrels of oil, said David Christy, spokesman for the Bureau of Land Management. The field contains more than 300 oil wells, 210 of which are active. In January 2007, about 200 to 300 gallons of oil were spilled into a nearby creek after a pipe containing a mixture of groundwater and oil burst.

Part Two: Five die in plane crash on Oregon Coast
GEARHART - Two adults and three children died this morning when a small airplane crashed into a beachside house in the coastal community of Gearhart.
The early AM crash around 7 AM had Moon-Mars separating from an Opposition to Uranus in Oceanic Pisces causing the unexpected. Pressure on Leo planets reflects the death of young people.

The plane and house burst into flames seconds after the crash.

Both of occupants of the plane, believed to be a four-seat Cessna, died in the crash. A woman and five children were in the house. Three children died.

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