Sunday, June 28, 2009

Army overthrows Honduras president in vote dispute Amid Fixed TSQ

Army overthrows Honduras president

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - The Honduran army ousted and exiled leftist President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday in Central America's first military coup since the Cold War, triggered by his bid to make it legal to seek another term in office.

Time for Outer Chart Wheel is 6:30 AM LMT and Inner Foundation Chart for Honduras Independence in 1838.

Natal Mars in the Oct. 26, 1938 Independence Chart was @ 25 degrees 07 Leo now opposed by
a driving, applying TSQ from the Neptune-Jupiter Stellium in Aquarius and stubborn bull like Mars and Venus @ 20 degrees and 23 degrees in fixed Taurus. This along with the trigger from the Moon-Uranus combo was a recipe for disaster.
Notice that Moon-Saturn were transiting the 1838 Chart's 8th house for major "behind the scenes power play" especially with Pluto was transiting the 12th. Military pressure was represented by Mars in Taurus transiting the 4th house.
Two areas of of serious foreshadow has the Sun Rising when Facies is Setting orb 01 mins 51 secs - Facies is about a piercing focus to the point of ruthlessness, or prophetic vision
Also much more destructive is that by Longitude Algol will be conjunct both Mars-Venus transiting in the 4th house of national soul. As we know Algol, is a bright star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying...
With Mars: or if Mars be elevated above the luminaries when Algol is angular, the native will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end.

When we examine the motives regarding voter dispute, the obvious element of change is N Node in Aquarius near asteroid Astraea and the Aquarian Triple Conjunction dealing with voting and democracy all heavy in the first house of the Honduran Foundation Chart.
President Zelaya (represented by the transiting Sun in a weak position in the sixth opposing Pluto) who took office in 2006 and is limited by the constitution to a four-year term that ends in early 2010, had angered the army, courts and Congress. Zelya was pushing for an unofficial public vote on Sunday to gauge support for his plan to hold a November referendum on allowing presidential re-election.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. local time, heavily-armed elements of the Honduran military began circulating outside the presidential palace. The president was reportedly arrested, taken to the airforce base in Tegucigalpa and transferred out of the country. This is a rapidly developing situation, with protestors now gathering in Tegucigalpa. Electricity has been cut and local media interrupted. Consider this a live blog of a coup . . . to be updated with background.

Update: New Honduran leader sets curfew
The coup occurred when Moon was in a reckless crescent phase in Virgo opposite the rebellious Uranus (exact @ 11:26 AM EDT) when disruptions and takeovers happen suddenly or so it seems.
Interim President Roberto Micheletti has imposed an overnight curfew in Honduras, hours after being sworn in.
The Congress speaker took office after troops ousted elected leader Manuel Zelaya and flew him to Costa Rica.
The removal of Mr Zelaya came amid a power struggle over his plans for constitutional change.
Mr Zelaya urged Hondurans to resist those who had removed him, calling his ouster "a plot by a very voracious elite, an elite which wants only to keep this country isolated, in an extreme level of poverty".

Saturday, June 27, 2009

‘July 22 solar eclipse to be most significant in century’

Evolution, Solar Storms and the Activation of the Anaretic Degree of Cancer

Many signs especially the now familiar crop circles have been pointing the upcoming eclipses and the potential for major reform of this SS Series 11 South of solar storms as we move into 2010. Thanks to Thomas for pointing out the significance of the crop circle which appeared at Wayland's Smithy on May 29, 2009 and it's connection to the upcoming eclipses. In fact the opinion of the Crop Circle Connector which relate quite well to the sign water sign of Cancer and the
18th Tarot card...
The tentacles are non-symmetrical and seem to depict an organic, moving layer or sheath around the jellyfish. Their purpose is protection. Once activated the 12-point chakra system, through the crown's doorway, will open human Beings to multi-dimensionality and envelop the physical body in an ethereal, protective shell.

The second in the series of solar eclipses this summer occurs on July 22nd @ 29 degrees and 26 minutes the anaretic degree of Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees Cancer:
"A daughter of the American Revolution." which incidentally is conjunct South Node at 0 Degrees Leo a purveyor of past gifts and karma.
The July 22nd Eclipse wil be visible from a narrow corridor through northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including the Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati. Totality will be visible in many cities such as Surat, Varanasi, Patna, Thimphu, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shanghai, as well as over the Three Gorges Dam.
(Undoubtedly their will be some major earth changes along the path of this eclipse most notably from what I gather in Myanmar (Burma), Ryukyu Islands, Japan and parts of China.)
*Notice my blog entry for January 13th 2008 which talked about the Tsunami and Quake of 1762
In fact Ray Merriman in his weekly financial preview spoke of Uranus coming change directions (station retrograde) this July 1st: "taken within the context of Jupiter and Neptune, the symbolism is more like a tsunami. It may be way off from land as it starts. People may not be aware of the power that is about to be unleashed."

The eclipse degree for July 22nd Total Solar Eclipse is a Karmic degree (29th) and with the Sun generally indicates a need for all of us to focus more on our identity as a race and culture. In Cancer our sense of self with be explored via the gates of spirit.
the Cancer-Capricorn axis, naturally associated with the 4th/10th house axis, describes the child and the parent, the one who needs nurturing and the nurturer. Fate is working overtime since the Sun-Moon are both applying to an exact meeting with the South Node in 0 degrees Leo.

This solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the twenty-first century, and will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132. Totality will last for up to 6 minutes and 39 seconds, with the maximum eclipse occurring in the ocean at 02:35:21 UTC about 100 km south of the Bonin Islands, southeast of Japan. The North Iwo Jima island is the landmass with totality time closest to maximum.
According to this article concerning the July 22nd eclipse and shadowbands...
‘July 22 solar eclipse to be most significant in century’
shadow bands that occur before and after a solar eclipse..Anupam Chakravartty, Dr Vats explained the importance of studying the shadow bands.

* A theory suggests that shadow bands are not just visual events but also sonic, as the moon is believed to move at a supersonic speed, creating various sound waves during the solar eclipse.

Even more foreshadowing and omen like are the fact that this is in the middle of a triple eclipse with all those implications both imagined and real.
Note this article which begins to lift the dimensional veil as does the upcoming Saturn-Pluto square on November 15th 2009: Does a Triple Eclipse Foretell Disaster?

The now famous Jellyfish formation of May 29, 2009, may be warning of a solar event, specifically a Coronal Mass Ejection, beginning with the July 7, penumbral lunar eclipse. The website specifically refers to the jellyfish shape of the Earth's magnetic field when hit by a CME of the Sun:
If directed at Earth, a coronal mass ejection ... slams into Earth's magnetic field, thereby distorting it into the shape of a jellyfish buffeted by a strong current.

The most severe CMEs may cause geomagnetic storms capable of disrupting satellites, radio communications or power systems.
(Actually the evolutionary results of a full on CME may also destroy or dissolve the false electro magnetic grid or net which has kept humanity locked in an endless war and pursuit of false religious goals. )

The Martinsell Hill formation (discovered June 25, 2009)
clearly depicts a solar eclipse with 9 planets that appear to be affected magnetically (note that the sixth planet is in the shape of a donut - a clear depcition of Saturn—which is indeed the sixth planet from the Sun). (As I mentioned above the upcoming exact Saturn-Pluto square in November is a direct result of Saturn's ingress into Libra (exalted) on October 29th! )
And just like the jellyfish formation, this crop circle also appears to depict a CME event.
See Below: Martinsell Hill formation

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shocking Eclipse Series Begins on July 7th with Lunar Appulse Event

On July 1st the planet Uranus which rules sudden changes, high winds, tornadoes, and earthquakes stations retrograde and preps. us for the eclipse season.

The first eclipse in this summer series takes place at 9:38:38 UTC for greatest point.
Yes a penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on July 7, 2009, to mark the second of four lunar eclipses in 2009.

All three eclipses from July 7th to July 22nd - the mighty Solar Eclipse to the final Aug. 6th Lunar Appulse Eclipse with Sun and Moon at 14 degrees Leo and Aquarius respectively are
part of the S.S. South 11 series.
(This eclipse is a member of Saros series 110. The previous event occurred on June 27, 1991. The next event is on July 18, 2027 which will end the series.)

This series started on June 14th. 1360
Where a Mars-Pluto Conjunction and Uranus are on the midpoint of a Mercury/Venus
Per B Brady:
This family of eclipses is served by the need to make sudden reforms Old ideas and systems will fail and new systems are required to deal with the events brought by the eclipse! As a consequence the person will need to think of new ways to handle the issues.
Ominously the next statement seems to foreshadow violent changes even revolution along with a mighty earth shaking event.
Any blocks could be violently or tragically removed!

The chart below has Saturn and Ceres close together in Virgo right on the Ascendant so the scientific details or research oriented ways involving letting go.
Service food diet nutrition are all keywords along with health or is it illness with the Aqurian Stellium including Chiron in the sixth house of service and healing.
@ 15 Virgo 53 minutes or Sabian says: Children crowd around the orang-utang cage in a zoo. Or even more in line with coming food crisis?
"An aborigine seeking food and companionship enters the crumbling outskirts of an old Australian city."
This last image takes us into the collective elements of humanity when challenged basic instincts and primitive drives. Overcoming inhospitable conditions while maitaining human dignity.

Interesting that Juno now in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn alongside the Moon in controlling capricorn. Note that Juno in Aries can indicate outbursts of vitrolic temper tantrums and sometimes domineering relationships. The Square to Pluto relates to compulsive even obsessive power struggles along with resentments. We may see some knock down drag out even violent deaths of certain high profile couples.

Atlantis is contraparallel the Nodes (acting like a subcconcious opposition) a very subtle

Neptune Strikes Again - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All

From EthioBlog - after Mercury and Saturn have separated and Moon in Virgo will Conjunct Saturn tomorrow
and things get a whole lot more serious as the mysterious announcement from Rome is diffused into dissapointment.

Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All EthioBlog - Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All

This incident of more than misunderstandings bordering on lies reflects the elements of Venus Square Neptune (exact July 1st) where both lovers Venus-Mars in the sign of the great voice to be in difficult relationship to Neptune-Jupiter two planets relating to ideals both religious and political. Being in Aquarius along with Chiron, Lord Neptune and Zeus (Jupiter)are highly impractical and magnify illusions.
This transit bring up strange feelings and emotions. Resignations and defeats, deceptions, disappointments, and unexplained losses may occur now.

Ethiopia - Ark of the Covenant Not To Be Revealed After All

If initial reports were to be believed, the patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia would have unveiled the Ark of the Covenant by now. Friday June 26, is almost over in Ethiopia. According to one blogger's account, it appears there is some misunderstanding between what was first reported in Italian and later translated to English. It appears that, adnkronos, the Italian paper that first reported the news, run a clarification in Italian, which you can read here.
Lost in Translation:
"I am not here to give proofs that the Ark is in Ethiopia, but I am here to say what I saw, what I know and I can attest to. I didn't say that the Ark would be revealed to the world. It is a mystery, an object of veneration."

Drilling down on Mars in the sign of the Bull Square Neptune in the sign of Man, where suspicions have been aroused on everything from the results of the Iranian election to
the motivations of Gov. Stanford who appears close to resignation. Resignations as you know from Venus square Nept. is a sure indication of thses aspects. With Mars actions from sex to sudden disappearances seem to mark the shady initiatives and highly questionable motivations. This is a time when some people are driven more by ideology or beliefs than by reality. Like Abuna Pauolos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church,

In another mythical Christian tradition, this time Coptic -
In Coptic tradition he is identified as the first Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Traditionally, Mark is said to be the man who carried water to the house where the Last Supper took place (Mark 14:13).

The bull image on the left side of the throne. Notice the absence of any palm trees in the corners.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holy Ark Announcement Due June 26, 2009

Mystery of the Ark of the Covenant Revealed on June 26th. ?

The Treasury of the Arc of the Covenant Axum, Ethiopia

The events leading up to the 2nd Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on July 10th are shaping up into something unexpected (besides the death of Jacko). As Saturn and Uranus (rulers of Aquarius) move into exact opposition for the 3rd time, we should be prepared for a world event more epic in a mystical sense than just political in nature - like Iran's coming dissolution. In my previous writings I have given hints of even a possibly Blue Beam type event which will change the world - not sure if that it will happen quite that way.

Since the Neptune station on May 29th and Jupiter turning retrograde on June 15th. religious leaders around the world seem to sense a collective desire for dissolving the differences which in the last millennium which have lead misunderstanding, prejudice and bloodshed.

The Ark of the Covenant was crucial to the success of the Exodus of Moses. It was not just a ceremonial figurehead, it was used as a weapon and possibly a source of food (It is thought by some to have been involved in the production of the manna.).

Right after Jupiter (the law giver) stationed, Religious leaders from around the world held their own not-so-mini “G8 summit” in Italy on June 16-17. The “Fourth Summit of Religious Leaders on the occasion of the G8,” as the meeting was officially called was comprised of 130 religious leaders and diplomats. This group not only visitied L’Aquila, the central Italian city severely damaged by an earthquake on April but hosted some unusual pronouncements.
This was announced on June 17, 2009, during the exclusive video interview to ADNKRONOS, available at the site Ign, internet front of Adnkronos (, by the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia, Abuna Pauolos, who was yesterday received by Pope Benedict XVI for the first time.
The Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia Abuna Pauolos declared that he wil give the world the keys to the secret part of the millennium - by revealing the truth about the Ark of the Covenant which has been the center over the centuries, of research and studies.

Per Wikipedia:
The Ark of the Covenant is the sacred container, wherein rested the Tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments as well as Aaron's rod and manna. The Ark was built at the command of God, in accord with Moses' prophetic vision on Mount Sinai (Exodus 25:10-16)
In the ensuing two hundred and fifty years, between the time it was taken from Mt.Sinai to when it was finally installed in the first great Jewish temple in Jerusalem, the Arc was kept for two centuries at Shiloh, was captured by the Philistines for seven months, and then, returned to the Israelites, was kept in the village of Kiriath-Jearim. During this entire time it was associated with numerous extraordinary phenomena, many of which involved the killing or burning of often large numbers of people.
These stories were the foundation of the The Raiders of the Lost Ark Biblical and other archaic sources speak of the Ark blazing with fire and light, inflicting cancerous tumors and severe burns, leveling mountains, stopping rivers, blasting whole armies and laying waste cities.
Rumored Locations of the Ark
Perhaps the most persistent of al rumors is the location is in Axum Ethiopia - the Tabot in Axum referring to a replica of the Tablets of Law, onto which the Biblical Ten Commandments were inscribed. A tabot is usually six inches (15 cm) square, and may be made from alabaster, marble, or wood from an acacia tree...
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church claims to possess the Ark of the Covenant or tabot in Axum. The object is now kept under guard in a treasury near the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, and used occasionally in ritual processions

Courtyard of St. Mary of Zion, Axum, Ethiopia

Other Locations Continued...

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
King Solomon, when building the temple, is rumored to have put the Ark of the Covenant on a platform which could be lowered down into a tunnel system if the Temple were ever overrun.
Southern Africa
The Lemba people of South Africa and Zimbabwe, who believe they are of Jewish descent, have claimed that their ancestors carried the Ark south, calling it the ngoma lungundu or "voice of God", eventually hiding it in a deep cave in the Dumghe mountains, their spiritual home. Lemba tradition maintains that the Ark spent some time in Sena in Yemen. Later, it was taken across the sea to East Africa and may have been taken inland at the time of the Great Zimbabwe civilization. According to their oral traditions, some time after the arrival of the Lemba with the Ark, it self-destructed. Using a core from the original, the Lemba priests constructed a new one. This replica was discovered in a cave by a Swedish German missionary named Harald von Sicard in the 1940s and eventually found its way to the Museum of Human Science in Harare.

Astrological Correlations
Right in line with our current powerful fixed aspects and the four fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the Four Holy Creatures These amazing creatures have features in common with both the Seraphim, in having six wings and continually praising God; and like the Cherubim, that they number four, are covered in eyes and look like a lion, ox, man and eagle.

The Four Fixed Signs. (The Latin root fixus means "to latch on to," or "to fasten." Fixed signs fall in the middle, and as the continuation of what's begun, often they're steady, sustained and stable. ) We are now moving from a more mutable to highly active period involving Cardinal signs but the fixed Aquarian Stellium dominates in both July and August.

Fixed Stars.
Taking a quick look at the Fixed Stars for the time of the announcement in Rome.
HELIACAL RISING STAR is Ankaa (Ankaa, is a star on the neck of the mythical Phoenix. )
Ankaa is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame. Look for a fiery explosion. The "fawkes" in Guy Fawkes is said to be related to "phoenix", and it is said that the naming of Fawkes arises from the phoenix's tendency to burst into flame
Mercury is also setting with Ankaa
An inventor, engineer, or one who brings order and structure

HELIACAL SETTING STAR is Arcturus (the wandering explorer of new territory Always seeking a new pathway)
Arcturus, is a golden red star situated on the left knee of the Herdsman,
Regulus is culminating as Mars is rising
(Maintaining faith in one’s skills)
Algol, the evil one, is culminating while Jupiter is setting
An obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual
Algol is also on the Nadir in paran with Mars
A constructive, but also destructive, person

I mentioned in my last new moon report for Cancer (esoteric ruler) that the "revelation" of he Biblical Ark of the Covenant was to happen on Friday June 26th.
Abuna Pauolos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was in Rome this week to meet with Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican has chosen this day strategically which coincides with the continued Neptune/Jupiter conjunction is seemingly a harbinger of religious or pseudo religious events and now with tomorrow's announcement

Holy Ark Announcement Due on Friday - Travel - Israel News - Israel National News

Paulous said he would make the full announcement this Friday, June 26, 2 PM local time (3 PM Israel time, 8 AM New York time) at a press conference in Rome. As you can see in the chart set for Rome at 2 PM LMT we have
Libra rising @ 13 degrees to set a cardinal, active dominant tone with all four corners in middle degrees of cardinal signs. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (relating to authorities of the church) is in a TSQ with asteroids Juno and Vesta.
On June 26th a waxing crescent Moon @ 26 Leo in the Aquarian 11th house applying to an exact opposition to Jupiter @ 8:28 PM and separating from Neptune both in Aquarius in the Leo 5th House. Right before the VOC period began.
12 Tribes of Israel
Leo energies correspond to the tribe of Judah and Aquarian planets to the tribe of Rueben. Note that Mathers begins his list with Leo, but, because of various considerations, does not then follow the order of the zodiac. (Other attributions have the Zodiac starting in Taurus with Judah
Mathers rather eccentrically insisted on beginning the zodiac in Leo at the star Regulus; hence Judah falls to Leo.
So in the chart set for Rome below, Moon is direct on a Venus Day in a Solar Hour with Venus in Taurus the most dignified planet by rulership
by triplicity and term in the mysterious 8th house

More on the twelve tribes (clans) of Israel derive from the twelve sons of Jacob, aka "Israel."
One might also consider whether, at the time of the Exodus, the Vernal Equinox might not have been in Taurus. That would require a date previous to something like 2200 B.C., which is unlikely, but the nomadic Jews had no astrology of their own and may have borrowed what they knew from an ancient Chaldean culture in the Taurean Age. How else can one explain the prominence throughout scripture of the fixed signs of the zodiac?
The Ark has a rich history regarding the Axum which has been enumerated

In The Sign and the Seal, Graham Hancock presents a radically different explanation for the Arc’s disappearance. Based on compelling evidence gathered from years of research, he suggests that Jewish priests from Solomon’s temple removed the Arc during the rule of the apostate King Manasseh (687-642 BC). The Arc was then hidden for two hundred years in a Jewish temple on the Egyptian sacred island of Elephantine in the Nile. Next it was taken to Ethiopia, to the island of Tana Kirkos in Lake Tana, where it remained for over 800 years. When the Axumite kingdom converted to Christianity after 331 AD, the Ark of the Covenant was co-opted by the Christian hierarchy and brought from Tana Kirkos to the newly constructed church of St.Mary of Zion in Axum.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Moon Crash as Trains Collide

DC trains collide, killing 6 and wounding scores

Today's New Moon in the active, cardinal sign Cancer has not been all nurturing and flowers by any means especially with a nasty Sun/Moon opposition to the lord of the underworld, Pluto.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two Washington, D.C., subway trains collided during the Monday afternoon rush hour, killing four people and injuring 70 in a mass of tangled metal.
A day filled with confusion, now has another tragedy in the US capital to add to Iran's woes. A fatalistic shadow
was formed when the Moon's Nodes in Aquarius/Leo were in 150 degree quincunx to Sun and Moon.

Washington subway crash kills 4, injures 70 | U.S. | Reuters

"What happened at approximately 5:02 or 5:03 (was) one train was stopped waiting to get the order to pass because of a train stopped at the platform. The next train came up behind it and for reasons that we do not know collided into the back of that train," John Catoe, general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, told reporters.
From Catos description above we can see a pure perplexing situation with no time for misunderstanding which reflected the Venus/Mars conjunction in the sign of the bull Taurus posited in the 6th house of the daily commute in hard aspect to
Neptune in the 4th house. Anytime Neptune aspects are involved with our conscious motivations, out actions and initiatives are questionable to say the least.
Topping this off was the fact that Mercury in rapid thinking Gemini in the 7th has been in hard aspect to Saturn - a classic aspect of transportation problems involving restrictions and delays.

The Chart below is set for 5:03 PM EDT in Washington DC

Ascendant Scorpio is ruled by both Mars (difficult aspect in the 6th) and Pluto (on a collision course in the 2nd house). Mercury ruler of the 8th house of malefic events and death is the almuten of the house where Sun/Moon are separating in Cancer
All reports say that the dead included the female operator of the trailing train (Moon in Cancer and Mars/Venus in Taurus indicated women)

As Mars applies to an exact 90 angle to both Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron by July 6th. and Uranus stations retrograde on July 1st, we should expect to see other large scale crashes and accidents.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Moon in Cancer and Esoteric Neptune begin Summer's Phantasms

Lunar Magic or is it Madness?

This year's Cancer New Moon for the East Coast/DC is set for June 22nd @ 3:35 PM EDT begins less than 48 hours after the advent of teh Summer Solstice on June 21st. Emotions and passions have been running hot especially with the Mars-Venus conjunction this morning. Fixed signs are holding structures in 3rd dimensional overtones especially with lunar North Node in Aquarius exactly quincunx the Solstice Sun. Yet with Neptune (the esoteric ruler of Cancer) so prominent all month and into July, many older structures are to be dissolved. One of the structures that will undergo some major changes is religion and many of the titular heads of major belief systems might be caught by surprise.
Or will they be ready as prophecy, myth and legend are converging into reality...

World religious leaders hold their own G8 summit
Religious leaders from around the world held their own not-so-mini “G8 summit” in Italy on June 16-17. The “Fourth Summit of Religious Leaders on the occasion of the G8,” as the meeting was officially called, started with a visit to L’Aquila, the central Italian city severely damaged by an earthquake on April 6. That will be the venue in July of the actual summit of the G8 club of industrial nations.

Nearly 130 religious leaders and diplomats then moved to Rome where they held two days of talks under the auspices of the Italian foreign ministry.
Rumors of revelations and other fantasticalimages have been building on the internet since this conference.
"The world will know the Ark of the Covenant"
The Date given for the supposed unveiling is June 26th the same day that the restrictive Mercury Square Saturn aspect (exact 1:32 AM PDT) starts separating.
The Leo Moon will oppose both Neptune and Jupiter the perfect time for an over the top
phantasm (Something apparently seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or an apparition.)
Here is the quote from the Orthodox Patriarch, Abuna Pauolos

"The Ark of - reaffirms Pauolos - is in Ethiopia for many centuries. Patriarca As I saw with my own eyes and only a few very qualified people have been able to do the same, so far." According to the patriarch is kept in a church, but to defend the authentic copy of a religious symbol and 'been placed in every church in the country.

The official announcement that the Etopia give the world the keys to the secret part of the millennium, will be given next Friday (June 26th) during a press conference at the Hotel Aldrovandi 14 Rome from the Orthodox Patriarch of Ethiopia.

The Chart above set for for June 22nd @ 3:35 PM EDT a Leo in MidHeaven @ 5 degrees 27 minutes with an interesting Sabian Symbol in light of the notoriety given to Neda.
Sabian for 6 degrees Leo: "An old fashioned woman and an up-to-date girl."
France's President Sarkozy made a controversial pronouncement on the New Moon that will affect women everywhere in the Moslem world.
Sarkozy: Burqas not welcome in France

Looking at the 9th house which deals with foreign affaris (whether it be France or Iran)
we view Vesta (dedication)in a tight conjunction to Sun/Moon in Cancer. Twitter and the internet have aroused that famous Cancerian empathy toward the people of Iran and particularly that up-to-date girl young Neda who died in the protest.
With Moon-Sun @ 1 degree Cancer 30 minutes Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees Cancer: A man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him

Time to go beyond appearances and see the truth behind so called reality.

Scandals, resignations, deception and much more is in store as we head toward the first week in July.

Cancer and the Moon always represent Mother archetypes...
Last year (2008) I wrote about a positive Cancerian image:
Legend of Kwan Yin the Gentle Mother
One of the other distinct personalities of the Great Mother archetype is the gentle understanding Mother like Kwan Yin the merciful. Kwan Yin means “She who hears the cries of sentient beings.” Kwan Yin, as also known as "Guanyin", had vowed to never rest until she had freed all sentient beings from samsara (cycle of reincarnation or rebirth in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other related religions.) Other forms of this healing goddess include, Tibetan Tara, African Yemaya and the South-American Virgén de Guadalupe. All of these incarnations offer unconditional love and assistance in this world: blessings of children, health, and long life, including rescuing people from drowning, lightning, and poverty. This energy to be a protector of women will materialize most strikingly in July. During the new and full moons both Venus and Mars (Virgo) will be in feminine oriented signs.

This year (2009) we will descend straight into more life changing and even negative symbols like Kali Ma Kali has many faces in India and even if many of them are projections the notion of her terrible fierce fury is well known. As tectonic plates shift and extreme, even shocking, weather mirrors the exact opposition of Sun to Pluto June 23rd leading to July 1st when all hell can break loose for good and evil with Uranus stationing retrograde.

Eclipse Season Begins
On the same day (July 7th) that the first in a series of three historic eclipses occur
Mars will Square Neptune to put a seemingly magical spell on the old ideas of war and conquest. By the time Jupiter-Neptune meet again for their second dissolution event, the crisis in Iran will be supplanted by the breaking apart of the US
July 22 solar eclipse to be most significant in century’

Updated with the feminine symbol of Sacrifice Neda
Neda Agha-Soltan has become a poster child for the CIA-sponsored color revolution in Iran after tragic and shocking scenes of her death were uploaded to You Tube the day after she was gunned down in Tehran on Saturday.

Soltan is being hailed as a “martyr” and “the face of the Iranian protests” by major western media outlets in emotional news reports...
In typical Neptune square Venus-Mars a reflection of a deceptive, hyper-sensational style and the next lines say it all:
The hypocrisy is almost impossible to stomach. Hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children have been slaughtered in similar fashion by coalition forces during the bombardment and occupation of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and many of these deaths have been caught on camera. And yet the establishment media has blindly refused to broadcast any of it. Indeed, it could be claimed that the footage of Neda’s death has already been broadcast more times by the corporate media than the thousands of victims whose deaths were caught on film in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last eight years.

Neda has not only become a martyr with Saturn direct and moving into the next opposition with Uranus in the sign of sacrifice Pisces on Sept. 15th

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chaos/Revolution with Solstice in Iran Amid Fixed Squares and Twitter

Part One Wag the Dog?

Since the elections on June 12th Iran has been in a chaotic, hyper boiling point mixed with hystera and panic. Since the presidential elections, when voters choosing among hard-line incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, main reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and two others.
So Ahmadinejad initially won? but in typical surprise Uranian fashion
S(reflecting rulership and mutual reception ala Neptune/Jupiter in democratic Aquarius receptive to Uranus in driving the masses in idealistic Pisces) - At a press conference around midnight, Mousavi declared himself "definitely the winner" ?
Before I go on, let me note as an Astrologer, anytime Neptune is heavily involved with
world and national events, deception, illusion and potential trickery is afoot. Neptune/Jupiter the rulers of Pisces will always reflect both an ideololgical and religious element mired in confusing elements including grand ayatollah Montazeri’s influence.
"A number of commentators have expressed their idealistic belief in the purity of Mousavi, Montazeri, and the westernized youth of Terhan. The CIA destabilization plan, announced two years ago (see below) has somehow not contaminated unfolding events."
(Wag the Dog or should I say the tail is wagging the Dog?)
Some are asking: Are the Iranian Protests Another US Orchestrated “Color Revolution?”
Looking back to ABC's Brian Ross's article on May 22nd, 2007:
Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

It has been around 30 years (Saturn Cycle) since the last Iranian revolution in 1979
when Saturn was in Virgo Retrograde as was the North Node all opposed to a weighted Pisces Stellium (see Chart Below)
Back in 1979 all the outer planets were retrograde with and with our current Uranus now in Pisces stationing retrograde on July 1st 2009 @ 26 degrees 37 minutes we could see another revolution as Uranus starts to again to cover the degrees of Mars (25 Pisces 37) and Vesta (23 Pisces 10) over the next four months.
The Chart Set for Mousavi's declaration: June 13th, 2009 @ 12:05 AM has 24 degrees Aquarius rising with Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter all near the ascendant and stationing retrograde - a call for protest and revolution. Of course in typical CIA wag the dog fashion, with lots of Neptunian confusion to say the least, Mousavi who is supported by growing youth-oriented movement using internet video and twitter to communicate subsequent days of horror and repression. Yes Mousavi based is victory on "all indications from all over Iran." He accused the Islamic ruling establishment of "manipulating the people's vote" to keep Ahmadinejad in power and suggested the reformist camp would stand up to challenge the results. Whoa

BiWheel Chart with the Iranian Revolution Foundation Chart (April 1st 1979) in the center
and Summer Solstice on the Outside Wheel
- More in Part Two

Writing this on June 20th, just a few hours from the advent of the Summer Solstice on the Pacific Coast @ 10:46 PM, I have to step back as the violence escalates in Iran and the media mavens seem to salivate now. Yeah I got to get clearer view especially with a Mars-Venus conjunction in feminine earthy Taurus applying to some major squares to the Aquarian Triple Conjunction starting on July 1st with Venus first and forging ahead to July 6th when Mars makes an exact Square to Neptune (7:43 AM) then to Jupiter (1:49 PM).
Before we examine the chart below (BiWheel with Iran Revolution 1979 and Summer Solstice set for June 21st in Tehran (10:46 AM IRDT - 4:30 ) we will examine some of the transits since Neptune stationed retrograde on May 28/29th right after the historical Triple Aquarian Conjunction May 27th (bringing the principle of dissolution (Neptune) together with Expansion/Belief systems(Jupiter) and the Wounded Healer/Shamanic Teacher (Chiron)
Timeline: Neptune Transits since first conjunction May 27th.
(Note the second conjunction is July 10th @ 2:08 AM PDT with all planets retro. )<

May 29th, Neptune stations retrograde.

This is a time when our sensitivity and feelings tend to be more "acute" and sometimes able to picking up and perceiving the illusive. Adding a perceived psychic sensitivity.
For some it is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us while Neptune was direct and with use of the Internet and social media expanded and accelerated communications - even overload will be the order of the day.
Events and energies have been happening fast with Neptune stationing retrograde (May 28/29th) near Jupiter in the collective sign Aquarius as denial takes over on a mass level for many. For others Neptune's station near Jupiter offers new spiritual portals as sensitvity heightens.

May 30th Mercury moved direct in Taurus
to help ground these energies to set up another square to Neptune June 9th.
A sense of unreality and confusion can dominate as can an irrational enthusiasm along with hysteria

May 31st. - Mars made a significant transit into fixed earthy Taurus @ 2:18 PM
Hot, angry Mars was setting up a TSQ to the Nodes for more historic events. as GAIA wakes up!
(Mars and Venus will be together in the feminine sign Taurus on June 21st right after the advent of the Summer Solstice )
June 6th: Now that Venus as entered a fixed sign and a highly dignified one at that Taurus, the sensitivity of Neptune is even stronger.
June 9th: Mercury exactly Squares Neptune @ 2:54 PM PDT
this was a day when our imaginations play tricks on us. Fantasy, illusion and escapism
are the watch word while responsibilities might be shunned.
We will still find that ongoing events creating almost a manic type of hysteria especially since it sets up a TSQ to the applying Mercury square Neptune (
June 10th:
From a more meditative, spiritual side we are watching Sun applying to a Trine with Neptune (exact June 17th)
this aspect is about visionary experiences that offer a window into the future.
June 11th:

the Aquarian Moon will begin translate the light from the upcoming Venus-Mars difficult squares to Neptune today.

(Iran elections hitting the news with Timezones)

Even though Moon won't contact Neptune till June 13th, lots of hysterical and sensational announcements will be coming out today.
(Mousavi Declares Victory June 13th)

June 15th:

Jupiter moved retrograde (@ 12:51 AM PDT) putting emphasis on political beliefs, also adding to a worldwide sense of mis-perception and denial which will continue into July.
June 15th. Pisces Moon Squares Gemini Sun (@ 3:51 PM) to start last qtr. moon phase where Neptunian dream like energies are most intense. (SHTF in Iran)

Hundreds of thousands of protesters march in Tehran, and militia gunmen fire on a crowd trying to storm their compound. State media later report seven people were killed in clashes during the day. Smaller protests are reported in several other cities. President Barack Obama takes cautious line in his first comments on the crisis, saying he is "deeply troubled" by the violence but not assessing election's validity.

June 17th: Sun Trines Neptune
This usually benefic trine was offering a glimpse into the spiritual side of this phase but murky Neptune is also ruling Uranus which is
square Sun today demonstrating some of the shockwaves and collisions we are facing before humanity can evolve.
Large protests continue in Tehran. Human rights organizations say many prominent activists and politicians have been arrested. State-run TV blames United States for "intolerable interference."

June 18th:
Stubborn Fixed Taurus Moon begins (@ 7:20 AM PDT) united and immutable forces are ready to clash and bump heads ala Taurus as Moon meets Pluto to pick up speed and power.
Thousands of black-clad pro-Mousavi demonstrators mourn those killed in clashes. Cellular phone service in the capital goes down as gathering begins. Guardian Council calls on Mousavi and the two other opponents of Ahmadinejad in the race to a meeting Saturday to discuss their complaints

June 19th

a Black Friday for those in Iran and for others a portal opening with Moon meeting both Venus and Mars for a triple conjunction which may have created a passionate response to Ayatollah Khomeini's speach with the difficult Taurus (house of religious leaders) square Aquarius triplets ( a collective group set on supposed democratic path)
Khamenei addresses country during Friday prayers at Tehran University. Calling the election a victory, he sides with Ahmadinejad and says the vote was not rigged. He also warns protesters of a crackdown if opposition demonstrations continue.

These past and continuing aspects filled with emotion and confusion are even more star crossed when we examine some of Khamenei's own reference to deception in elections

Transcript: Ayatollah Khamanei’s Speech at Prayers (19 June)

"The Zionist, American and British radio are all trying to say that there was a competition between those who support and those who didn’t support the state"

June 20th with mutable - highly changeable Gemini Moon to meet Mercury then move into a
triggering TSQ to Saturn-Uranus. Communications out of Iran involve increasing draconian measures by Khamanei and the state:
Tear gas and water cannon used on 3,000 Iranian protesters

Part Two
Separating Fact From Fiction

Western Stooge Pahlavi Positioning Himself To Take Power In Iran