Saturday, August 09, 2008

As Olympics Kick Off: US Coach Stabbed and Fatal blasts hit Chinese province

August 9th: One day after the start of the Beiing 2008 Olympics, the USA team leads in overall metal count - no surprise.
We are also seeing the prediction of violence hitting China at this time coming true. The Chart Above has both malefics Saturn-Mars in the 7th house of open enemies with ruler Mercury now void of course till August 10th when an ingress into Virgo occurs.
Mars is in a devastating transit to SQUARE Pluto the Dark Lord on August 16th is ramping up fatal attacks from the get go.
5:44pm UK, Saturday August 09, 2008
The father-in-law of a US Olympic coach has been stabbed to death and his wife seriously injured by a lone knifeman at a Beijing tourist attraction.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Fatal blasts hit Chinese province
Olympics threat

World Uighur Congress spokesman Dilxat Raxit told the BBC that the Chinese government was responsible for the latest blasts because of what he called repressive policies in Xinjiang.

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