Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aquarius Full Moon Rising - Orange County about to Explode?


August is shaping up to be one wild month which may even top July and it starts with tomorrow's Full Moon in "Electric" Aquarius. The operative words may be more like blockage, outage, stand-off, delay, controlled energy, resistance, confrontation..Don't forget Aquarius is a fixed sign while Libra-Aries-Capricorn are cardinal combinations when impulse is heightened and action is ready to begin on the drop of CME. We have already seen India hit by second grid collapse in two days: 670 million without power in larger outage. The mega outage in India was not isolated since we had another major power failure in Pakistan where things turned violent and even the Cayman Islands. The outages reflect both the Mars-Saturn applying conjunction exact on August 15th along with Mercury now retrograde and void of course near the Sun in Leo the power sign. Even the most amazing athletic feats at the London 2012 Olympics won't be able to totally distract us from some of the explosive disruptions that are yet to come in August. In fact I am writing this as a heads up for folks in the Orange County area and the West Coast.

I have been following this story since the murder of Manuel Diaz on Saturday July 21st. Manuel Diaz Allegedly Shot, Killed By Police: Protests Arise In Anaheim, CA On Saturday, the 21st of July, Mars the planet of action, sometimes brutal and aggressive outbursts was separating from a dangerous opposition to Uranus in risk-taking and militant Aries that day. The Moon was in Virgo ruled by Mercury except that Mercury was retrograde in expressive Leo which meant a fatal mistake in the world of law enforcement. Consider that Mars is in the sign of the peacekeeper who prefers indecision to aggression on one hand.  While on the other, immense pressures have been building since the exact opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto the destroyer on July 18th. In fact Mars is translating the frequencies of all the energies from the perilous TSQ and is moving toward a pressure filled conjunction with Saturn, that old devil and planet of structure. I have alluded to the Red Moon Moon coming on August 1st.  It appears that we may be on the brink of Martial Law and in all places
Disneyland even the Daily Kos is chiming in from an article published on July 29th - Police with grenade launchers guarding the entrance to Disneyland. 

The chart below is set for Anaheim on August 1st @ 8:27 PM. Aquarius is rising not just in Anaheim but the entire West Coast.

For the my astrologically challenged friends - Aquarius rising in this chart means lots of unexpected stuff will go down. Some of these surprises will be quite exciting and pleasant but other happenings will be more than a little shocking. So with Aquarius rising, the co-rulers of the Chart above are Uranus and Saturn which are in opposite houses. Uranus is posited in the 2nd house of values, banking and money. Uranus known as the cosmic revolutionary and is in Aries (militant sign) opposing Mars and Saturn in Libra (demanding justice but also creating disruptions-stalls) in the 8th house of destruction, debt, taxes and money put for supporting militarized police to keep order. Both the Sun and Mercury are both in dominant, super-dramatic Leo with Mercury retrograde when lots of mistakes, glitches happen are in the 6th house relating to public servants and the police. Remember that Mars, the archetype of the fighter/warrior had a long transit in Virgo (the sign relating to service) from November 11, 2011 all the way till July 3, 2012. Now that Mars is in Libra, the urge for justice and equality is strong. The chart above also has the Sun and Mercury opposing the Moon (represents the people but in the 12th house this relates to suppression). Hopefully nothing will happen with this lunation and things will calm down with peace prevaling but I am not betting on it. There are forces which are way beyond human control particularly the driving tumult and transformation of the Uranus-Pluto square which will remain in orb till March 2015. Nature's forces from quakes to fires to volcanic eruption are baked into the equation and the entire West Coast is overdue for a large quake as are other areas in the US and at Japan's nuclear powder keg - Fukushima Dai-ichi (dai-ichi means "number one"). The most crucial time period starts tomorrow and goes to August 17th and the New Moon in Leo.   This is a time when prayers are needed along with positive visualizations for a better world after the rotting system collapses and rises from the ashes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bill Gates and Full Red Moon is Coming


I was originally going to base this blog on the recent paranoid and elitist moves by Bill Gates but I decided that a brief preview of the next Full Moon in electric Aquarius was more captivating. This coming lunation on August 1st 2012 was commonly known as the Full Sturgeon Moon by many Indian tribes but some tribes named it as the Full Red Moon due to the fact that as tis Moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry and intense haze. Could this be the well hyped Blood Red Moon? Even though the image above was taken during the Dec. 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse, you get the idea.
Back to Gates, a strong fixed sign but a Scorpio extremist with Sun-Venus-Saturn-Hygiea and Juno all in the sign of the Scorpion. In fact his colder, steadfast but almost embittered Venus-Saturn in a total power struggle with his fanatical and arrogant Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo. Gates recently dumped another $10 million into researching new GM crops for agricultural takeover of Africa. This action by the The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation comes on the heels of his a multimillion dollar geoengineering research fund which are sponsoring the Release Tons of Sun-Reflecting Chemicals Into the Air Above New Mexico. Well William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born October 28, 1955 @ 10 PM in Seattle) is just another Plutocrat and not as interesting as the next Full Moon. Yeah considering his stance on vaccinating the entire 3rd. world, his NWO roll out is not warm and fuzzy like TED makes it out to be. Besides his Scorpio-Leo aspects relating to dominance and discipline notice the chart demonstrates a lot of self-absorption. Also his rising sign in Cancer is at the same degree as the July 18th New Moon which makes the Moon ruler of this natal chart. The moon positioned on the Mid-Heaven in Aries, the conqueror. His pioneering Aries Moon is in an angular and prominent position closely opposing Mars on the cusp of the 4th house and highly activated since Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio Billy is experiencing a Mars return and in spades with his natal Mars/Mercury is locked in a TSQ with the Moon and Astraea in Capricorn. Moon-Astraea represents his sense of justice which is conservative and fearful. Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 2nd $$ money house defines the exoteric power of this oligarch. Gates Natal Chart Here

Let's talk about the August  Full Red Moon or aka the Corn or Full Sturgeon Moon
Below a  chart is set for Washington DC @ 11:27 PM EDT on August 1st.
This lunation is blessed on one hand with Grand Trines in Air (Moon-Ceres-Mars) and Fire (Mercury-N Node-Uranus) and a building Mars-Saturn conjunction on the other which can relate to either an ascetic warrior or a bitter, wicked mercenary on the other. We may expect that those pent-up emotions, rage and even brutal acting out. Back to the good part:  Grand Air Trines are highly social, super idealistic, communicative and mentally challenging. Fire trines are all about being confident while being constantly busy with one activity or another. form the basis of a number of kite configurations and a mystic triangle. Since the Kite configurations are an extension of the Grand Trines but with a fourth planet opposing one of the three trine planets. Per example with the Moon in eccentric Aquarius trine Jupiter-Gemini and Astraea-Libra, we see that the power of the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon creates the tension. The Kite actually will put more emphasis on the fulfillment of the people (Moon) and the Sun (executive-congressional leadership) These powerful trines will keep everything moving along with the weather including more possibility of thunderstorms or derechos forming. Sirius the scorcher, the Dog-Star and brightest star in the sky found in the constellation Canis Major is the Heliacal Rising Star over DC. Sirius rising speaks of a sacrifice, devotion and the struggle to find the sacred in the most humdrum daily tasks. Sirius also tells of honors and special privilege along with passion and resentment. The Heliacal Setting star is Ras Alhague found on the head of the Snake Charmer Ophiuchus. Note that Ophicuhus is sort of a wounded healer who is "blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced. A victim of unseen dangers, enmity and slander. Undoubtedly there will be some major political slander coming with this lunation. Aries is rising @ 26 degrees - Sabian Symbol reveals: "A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold. " The Ascendant is opposing Saturn and Mars in Libra in the 7th house of open enemies and partners could even relate to wicked mercenaries coming home to roost. But more than likely the push for new legislation and change which needs to bring justice and end the war machine's power. The controversy surrounding these hard aspects will be about gun control in light of the Colorado killings. Today (July 25th) Obama is touching the sensitive nerves around altering the 2nd amendment. Obama: AK-47s belong on battlefield, not streets
A more detailed analysis of this Full Red Moon in the next entry.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cancer New Moon - Psychic Protection from the Great Mother


The Great Mother Arrives with a New Moon in Cancer 

 On July 18th/19th a new moon in the sign of the crab, with two spirals moving in opposite directions adds to the Great Mother's power to change her mind.
There is also a defensive feeling that something isn't quite right since the usual romantic and childlike dreaminess of the sensitive Cancer are being challenged. Imagination will be expanded psychic senses including clairvoyance and clairsentience (where we acquire knowledge primarily by feeling/touching).

Already the spirit of the crab is on the move along with the mystery of life unfolding from the ocean. Notice too that one of the observers makes a joking
reference to "Tsunami stuff."

Mars Translates the Light from the Uranus-Pluto square
So far the archetype of the mother has been more like the fierce Kali than the gentle Kwan Yin since Mars entered Libra on July 3rd. the day of the Capricorn Thunder Moon. Mother nature has been hitting hard with devastating floods in Japan and China, tornadoes in Poland, heat waves in the US heartland followed by insane storms. This is a momentous time for astrologers and historians per the mighty Uranus-Pluto square on June 24th. In fact on July 17th. Mars in the sign of karma, Libra will began to translate the explosive energies of this square with first a square to Pluto in active earth sign Capricorn. Pluto is known as the Lord of Destruction/Transformation and the Underworld. Then on July 18th @ 7:56 PM PDT, Mars will oppose chaotic fire sign Aries. Cancer along with Pisces are known as the most psychic signs based on deeper gut feelings and so far predictions are rampant for a major calamity like a horrendous earthquake or the start of a great war in the middle east.
An update from early July 16th. with news off the coast of Dubai
US Ship Mistakenly Fires On Friendly Boat Off Dubai, As Russia Condemns Saudi Treatment Of Religious Protesters

  Yes on July 18th @ 9:24 PM Pacific Time, the Sun-Moon meet in Cancer @ 26 degrees 54 minutes. In fact the Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Cancer is appropriately: A furious storm rages thru a residential canyon. Looking ahead to fixed stars over San Francisco during this new moon, we see that Mars is rising with Algol relating to a powerful obsession which can destroy. Along the lines of obsessions or being carried away with a cause the Heliacal Rising star over San Francisco and most of the West Coast is Alhena, the marching one leading more protests.
 Plus Pluto (representing The Crises/Changes) is Rising when Aculeus is Rising Aculeus is a cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion. Aculeus is known for savage attack on a person or a group. More notable is that Aculeus along wtih Acumen has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems. Besides those two eyes which will be scanning for rapid change, our third eyes or pineal glands will began opening for many as solar storms continue.  Not only was it the  massive X-1.4 class flare on July 12th which unleashed a powerful CME but on July 17th.
This could be the time when we finally realize the effect of solar flares on our pineal glands. 

  The chart below is set for this mega new moon for Greenwhich, UK in Universal Time on 7-19-2012 @ 4:24 AM with Cancer rising @ 29 degrees or the anaretic degree or karmic degree. Aries is on the Mid-Heaven near Uranus putting the warrior, Mars and ruler of the this house conjunct the fixed start Diadem by degree. Diadem, found in the constellation Coma Berenices (the Woman's Crown) alludes to a sacrifice. Diadem is linked to feminine strength which comes from personal sacrifice beyond recognition or the bright lights of fame. In this case Diadem speaks of a quiet and undying tenancity like Cancer. There is also a mixed blessing with Spica, the star delineating great gifts from the goddess conjunct Saturn, the taskmaster. Spica is found in the constellation Virgo and offers the gift of knowledge and brilliance if we just push a little harder adapting the tenacity of the Crab.

Also in the chart above the Sun and Moon are conjunct Procyon by degree. Procyon found in the constellation Canis Minor (the little dog or puppy) was Orion's second hound. Procyon is about transition and traditionally comes before the great scorcher, Sirius. Procyon conjunct the Sun tells of early gains which can disappear quickly so we need to prepare and diversify in order to survive. With the moon Procyon here refers to some swift and moody shifts in the feelings of the masses being on the ascendant.

  More on Fixed Stars for the New Moon The Heliacal Rising Star over the UK and DC is Rigel. Rigel is the 7th brightest star in the sky, located the left foot of Orion the Hunter. Rigel per Brady represents the desire to bring order to chaos, with words or actions. Sounds like something out of the "illunminati playbook" especially with Uranus now retrograde (since July 13th) augmenting rebellion worldwide. Who would ignore the Latin version Ordo ab Chao, the slogan of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry? But wait this reference to Rigel actually relates to the ability to see the patterns of life and nature . Per Robson a positive spin: Rigel, when rising has the nature of Jupiter and Saturn, but later authors consider it favorable and similar to Jupiter and Mars. Rigel bestows benevolence, honor, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability. That sounds pretty good despite the apocalytpic beat being put down .

 The Heliacal Setting Star for the UK is Arcturus, found in left knee of Bootes, Herdsman and the 4th brightest in the sky. Always seeking a new path seems the watchword along with innovative solution found in the road less traveled. Robson only speaks of great honors with Arcturus have the nature of Mars-Jupiter aiding reputation and self determination. Elizabeth Ebertin is not so kind in her interpretation of Arturus: She agrees with Ptolemy that Arcturus has Jupiter-Mars nature, and a reputation of achieving "justice through power". It therefore makes the native belligerent and quarrelsome, especially if attached to Mars and Jupiter by conjunction. It should come as no surprise that Rigel also relates to meteorological phenomena like violent storms and rain.  Suffice to say we are still in a dangerous weather pattern driven by Mars-Uranus as evidenced by this story from the Northwest: Violent storm turns night into day over Washington- residents claim the ‘most intense’ lightning storm ever seen

More to follow in my next transmission and be careful out there since we are in a time when accidents and confrontations both in the air, the water and the land will happen swiftly and without warning.