Saturday, April 21, 2012

Taurus New Moon April 21, 2012 : Overview and Fixed Stars


April 21st. Today's New Moon @ 2 degrees Taurus happens in the early morning around the world from 12:18 AM on the West Coast to 7:18 AM UT in other parts of the world. The Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees Taurus - An electrical storm. may not seem appropriate at first since Earth Day coincides with this pragmatic salt of the earth lunation but considering the weird weather, thunderstorms and tornadoes leading up to this lunation it fits. In the UK where the New Moon has a curious, versatile and highly mutable Gemini rising @ 22 degrees we see another (Sabian Symbol) "Three fledglings in a next high in a tree." Birds that are ready to take their maiden flights. Angry birds strike again. On Thursday, there were three high profile incidents of birds flying into jet engines. Bird Strikes Hitting Senior Obama Administration Officials' Planes including Biden

Fixed Stars at UT
 In this chart set for 7:18 AM UT Deneb Algedi the Heliacal Rising Star Deneb Algedi has been strong in March/April with high profile court cases. Deneb Algedi a star in the Sea Goat's tail. According to Robson is symbolically called the "Judicial Point of the Goat". Regulus, the heart of the Lion is the Heliacal Setting Star one of the Royal Persian Star and the Watcher in the North. Since Regulus is setting the next couple of weeks will bring news of a worldwide celebrity or leader who has natural talents but will be attacked by rumors.

 Gemini Rising in the New Moon chart for UK/UT  relates well to the symbol of birds and with a close square to Pallas in mystical Pisces. Pallas in Gemini enhances the theme of psychic, faith healing along with guided imagery. With Pallas in Gemini in this 90 degree aspect there is merging and diffusion which occurs in conjunction with spiritual techniques along with film and movies. In this chart Venus in flirtatious Gemini is in the 12th house @ 14 degrees. where secret loves and eroticism can blossom. The other side of Venus in the 12th is to underscore the Sun (Taurus) spiritually oriented trine with Neptune in Pisces.

  Venus Retrograde from May 15th to June 27th. I digress to emphasis the fact that Venus will station retrograde on May 15th @ 24 Gemini and won't move direct till June 27th @ 8:07 AM PDT @ 7 degrees Gemini. When Venus, the sign of love, pleasure, relaxation, harmony, money and values is retrograde there is more obsession in relationships along with doubts about love that is offered. In fact we may notice that relating others could be more awkward. With Venus retro. we are likely to find our ability to attract or magnetize what we want restricted or inhibited. Many people will be more concerned with achieving or external beauty, enhancing the flow liquid cash, questioning your ideas of pleasure, aesthetics, or even revaluating their feelings about romantic relationships.

This solid New Moon acts as a gateway for several world initiations and rebuilding efforts
New Moon over San Francisco and the West Coast with Fixed Stars Sagittarius is rising at the degree of the Galactic Center describing swift changes within and without the bay area. Jupiter though is the ruler of the chart and @ 17 degrees Taurus in the 5th house will light up the music, singing and entertainment industry.
Looking at the Fixed Stars for this New Moon over San Francisco, California we see: Fomalhaut is the Heliacal Rising Star from the constellation the Southern Fish (Pisces Australis) Fomalhaut, is one of the Royal Persian Stars or one of "four Guardians of Heaven", sentinels watching over other stars. When rising per Robson brings great and lasting honors This royal star also aligns with the archangel Gabriel (Fomalhaut) watcher of the South. Fomalhaut which bestows magic on charisma on this lunation and stimulates dreams and ideals for a better world. Also deals with a hubris or pride which can bring downfalls. Denebola the non-conforming tale in the Lion constellation is about finding alternate solutions to problems by stepping outside of the established order. My guess is that not only will this involve the much touted silicon valley entrepeneurs but much more pervasive reaction from the populous.

 April 21st. Today's Venus ruled New Moon will signify a calmer day with much of the action happening in the morning
with the Taurus Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces @ 2:25 AM
A greater sense of spirituality meets sensitivity and compassion now.
Our intutition is strong. Since the Moon Trines Mars @ 5:12 AM it is a time of action but also the formation of a Grand Earth Trine Today's Grand Earth Trine features the Moon Trine Mars in Virgo and trine Pluto now retrograde in Capricorn At 4:25 PM today the Moon trines Pluto which helps us let go of inhibitions and opens us up to major transformations. This is a major trine which is helping the earth herself rebuild and will include tectonic earth changes. In fact today's Grand Trine is a preview of what is to come when the Sun trines Mars on April 23rd. The Taurus Sun is now in charge meeting the Moon in a peaceful encounter, as issues around security and possesions become more important News about real estate, jewelry and sustainable agriculture will began to take shape. The battle heats up as the people demand a sustainable future without GMO food Monsanto threatens Vermont legislature over GMO labeling bill, says it will sue state Taurus the Farmer in the Shadow of the Volcano Looking back to April 20th: Mexico volcano spews glowing rock, tower of ash
The image above of a farmer working his land as the Popocatepetl volcano spews a cloud of ash and steam high into the air captures the essence of this time period. One thing for sure there was a major shift as the Sun entered Fixed Taurus on April 19th. @ 9:12 AM the sign of the farmer with the symbol of the bull and minotaur. Since the Sun is on track to meet Ceres (nurturing with food and sex) and also Jupiter (ethics-morals) expanding all things Taurus We should expect even more PR and revelations from the Secret Service Hooker Scandal EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Colombia escort in explosive Secret Service hooker scandal Aries represents the Ram who demonstrates adolescent bravado that can go on a berserk rampage when he doesn't get his way But whenTaurus which is slow to anger, finally blows his/her top - watch out and don't mess with the horns! Taurus is also the sign of the protector who preserves and enjoys the pleasures of life ruled by Venus Esoterically, Taurus has another ruler Vulcan - the ancient Roman god of both beneficial and hindering fire which includes the fire of volcanoes.
The Greek counterpart was Hephaestus, the god of fire and smithery Taurus is also the sign of the builder who will plod and persistent to create a structure dedicated to security
Indonesia embarks on quixotic quest to build earthquake and volcano-proof bridge across violent Sunda Strait Taurus native and creative musical icon, Willie Nelson (born April 30, 1933 with Sun trine S Node and Neptune in Virgo:
with the Sun sextile Neptune the controversy over medical marijuana is reaching critical mass. Ground zero in Boulder, ColoradoUniversity hopes to repel stoners on '420' day

BIG NEWS in alignment with Mercury meeting Uranus on April 22nd. : Solar poles to become quadrupolar in May As amazing and beautiful the  Lyrid meteor shower is this  weekend on the night of April 21-22, as the Earth passes through a stream of debris from ancient Comet Thatcher.changes on the sun will dominate.The Sun now has 4 more sunspots crackling with potential C-Class flares as new sunspot, AR1465 through the stellar surface to join the action. 
 Mercury has been in conjunction with Uranus the shocker of the unexpected has  met in Aries three times since March 5th.  These intense encounters will have happened three times: first March 5th, then March 18th after Mercury moved retrograde and finally on April 22nd. after Mercury stationed on April 12th.  Mercury-Uranus in Aries is about the controversial and progressive along with sudden changesdisturbances which clear the air bringing innovations that rock the world. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hillary Takes Cartagena By Storm as the Venus Transit Approaches


this photo taken at the salsa hotspot, Havana next stop. Mrs Clinton showed her fun side earlier this week and made headlines when she poked fun at her alter-ego that is the subject of an internet meme that plays on her tough-girl image.

Ahead of the influential Venus Transit on June 6, 2012 @ 1:10 AM UT - we should expect a boost to all things involving Venus and women. Mars now direct will be transiting in orb of a square with Venus, Goddess of Love in Gemini. On the last Full Moon in Libra (Venus ruled) Mars and Venus were square. We have seen how Mars-Venus in hard aspect amplifies unbridled passion and desire to succeed with stimulating a liberal amount violence, jealousy and mistrust. The Venus tranis which is a rare, twice in a lifetime occurrence. This transit always happens in pairs, 8 years apart, but those pairs can be as much as 105.5 to 121.5 years apart.
Venus is connected with a nations resources and finances through bankers, financial institutions and farming. More importantly Venus relates to the 7th House where Hilary's N Node resides in Taurus. This relates to foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, business relationships, agreements.
The chart below has the outer wheel as Hillary's natal chart Oct. 26, 1947 with Scorpio rising at the powerful 22nd degree along side Mercury and S Node in Scorpio. The inner wheel dipicts last Full Moon in Libra over Washington DC.
Notice that Hillary's power packed Saturn-Pluto-Mars all in dominant Leo in the 12th house of hidden secret groups, secret government entities and enemies within.
More importantly her Moon @ 22 Pisces is conjunct transiting Mercury getting her more publicity
and changing her image.

There are many predictions and prophecies from Mayans to Mystics, that the Venus transits change the course of history. In the following article by Richard Giles, he look back at the last several occultations: in 1518/26, 1631/39, 1761/69 and 1874/82 and the patterns presage great shifts in human consciousness.
The transit of Venus over the Sun in tropical degree 15 degrees. Gemini 41 minutes
The Sabian Symbol: A woman agitator makes an impassioned plea to a crowd. with the obvious reference to a woman who is forceful as a leader. Some one like Hillary Clinton - It appears that she is letting loose while her star is shining with her Natal Sun identity - leadership @ 2 degrees Scorpio is now opposing Ceres in sensuous Taurus when she was in her photo op.
Livin' la vida loca! Hillary Clinton knocks back a beer and dances the night away at a Colombia nightclub
You may remember that on April 3rd right after Venus entered Gemini,
Venus met fixed star Alcyone (the principle of inner vision but judgemental which enhances poetry, music and theatre. Alcyone, aka "The Central One", Alcyone is themain star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, the seven stars that are situated on the shoulder blade of the Bull.
Per Robson: Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face.
Looking at the other really big news out of the Summit of the Americas - the Sex Scandal which mars Obama's wooing of Latin America
Notice that the interpretation of Venus in conjunction with Alcyone stimulates immoral, erotic passions, disgrace through sex and sometimes sickness, loss of fortune.
Are we seeing a changing of the guard? Will Hilary be able to move her chess pieces further since this "prostitution scandal involving U.S. security personnel in Colombia and an unprecedented regional push to end the isolation of Cuba threatened on Saturday to eclipse President Barack Obama's charm offensive to Latin America."

Hillary dancing (her natal Mercury trines transiting Mercury in Pisces) dancing into the VP position and taking more power in this faltering administration.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Libra Full Moon Comes Swiftly with Venus-Mars Continuing the Dance


It seems that in this year of 2012, things keep building toward one big events to the next. We are even seeing similar events cross in kind of a multi-dimensional wave. One of those big events will occur around the Libra Full Moon on Jan. 6th and on Jan. 7th with Mars in an exact square to Venus. God of War in a battle with the Goddess of Beauty. From early January 2012, the anticipation built on MSM propaganda for the Iowa Caucus on Jan. 3rd. to the Concordia Disaster which happened this year the One Hundredth Anniversary of the RMS Titanic disaster the night of April 14/15, 2012. Yes we continue to move from large event like yesterday's Tornado swarm in Dallas/Ft Worth. Since January 23rd the day the Year of the Black Water Dragon began and when Mars stationed and moved retrograde controversy and revolution have jumped the graph's limits.
On January 27th for instance there was an X-2 Class flare and by March, both X and M-Class flares were commonplace. In fact just yesterday the destructive power of tornadoes was filmed and broadcast to millions.

So as we rush toward this coming Full Moon with Moon-Saturn together in Libra to cool things off and demand tough negotiations...But the opposition to Sun-Vesta-Ceres in wild, chaotic Aries a dangerous turning point might be looming. In my previous blog entries like this one for the Aries New Moon on March 22nd. I have mentioned the power of the Super Moon and its theorized
effects on the earth's tectonic plates. Synchronized with this Paschal Libra Full Moon aka the Pink moon of the Phlox flowers a perigee point is reached.
The moon will arrive at its perigee point on April 6th @ 10 PM PDT or on April 7th at 17:00 UT (1 p.m. EDT.

The chart below is set for Washington, DC @ 3:19 PM EDT on 4-6-2012 two months away from both the Venus Transit and the Lunar Eclipse.
In the chart below, Leo is rising @ 26 degrees 26 minutes with the chart's ruler the Sun in the 8th house of death and taxes. Strikingly Mars is intercepted in "critical" 4 degrees Virgo
opposing Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (relating to water and oil) in the 7th. The descendant or 7th house relates to open enemies and trading partners - all of this will involve the oceans and waterways around the USA.

Consider that Libra is co-ruled by Venus, and Venus now opposes Juno in adventurous Sagittarius. So the nodes of destiny (future and past) are in play and crossed by the sign of the prepper, Mars in Virgo. Mars in this highly analytical sign fo the Virgin is retrograde and frustrated. Mercury has finally stationed and even in his fall in perplexing Pisces it is getting better. It won't be long before, Mars, the warrior and athlete can finally move direct on April 12th. Except that Mars will be in orb of an opposition to Neptune and Chiron for awhile as more news of the Elgin Gas Leak in the Atlantic surfaces with the help of Greenpeace. Greenpeace Observes 'Oily Sheen' Miles from North Sea Leak Site Thus with Mercury also in Pisces now direct the truth about the serious environmental impacts of this ongoing gas leak are coming out. This is a leak which has been ongoing since March 25th off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea. Also news of more dolphins dying off the coast of Peru is finally being revealed with Mercury direct in Pisces. 615 dead dolphins found on Peru beaches; acoustic tests for oil to blame?

The complimentary and oppositional qualities of Venus and Mars are in play. Here we see themes which concern the feminine and masculine aspects of desire and sexuality being in played out with the mutable cross. Consider that Venus representing the force of attraction and Mars representing the force of assertion and Mars move direct then Venus moves retrograde on May 15. setting up these same dynamics into June 2012. In the chart above all four angles are covered with Venus and S Node at the apex (past gifts and themes). Venus in the sign of the Twins near the S. Node and all that implies from twin events to physical twins and other reflections of duplicity.

Fixed Stars for the Full Moon set at 3:19 PM EDT in DC:
Algol is culminating at Mid-Heaven - the passionate of the Ghoul is featured in a life of fighting against injustice, either for yourself or for others. The attempt to "achieve justice" in the Trayvon Martin case will continue with highly obsessive and fanatical mass movement.
Note: Saturday April 7th will be a crucial day as the Moon begins in Scorpio, the sign of retribution hosts a Mars-Venus square in mutables: Virgo-Gemini.

Deneb Algedi is the Heliacal Rising Star again dealing with judicial and legislative issues.
New laws and an outcry for justice with shades of fantacism.
While Venus is conjunct Mirfak by degree and Mirfak the warrior in the constellation Perseus whose sword is raised in victory holding the head of medusa. Mirfak with Venus is about challenges
Denebola is the Heliacal Setting Star.
Denebola the fixed star in the tail of the Lion represents non-conformity and connects with goddess worship form ancient myth. Since Denebola is the setting star over DC, more and more people will start to move beyond the restrictions of the established system.
Another portend relating to Denebola (now transiting in Virgo) involves sedition and the deaths of great men. Since Regulus has also been prominent in the last few lunations, we should expect something regarding some great leader passing during this Full Moon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Libra Full Moon on April 6, 2012 Dancing with Mars and Hard Rectangles


Approaching what has to be one of the true Dragon Moons of 2012, the Libra Full Moon on April 6th
we began to feel the heat rise all around us. Two of the primary influences of this Full Moon besides the Grand Mutable Cross are Mars and Venus. And today April 3rd.
One of the unusual aspects of this lunation is the 'Hard Rectangle', comprised of the Moon-Neptune-Sun-Mars. In the chart set for April 6th. @ 7:19 PM UT has multiple TSQ's along with even a Thors Hammer aka an Arrowhead, or God's Fist. In this Hammer configuration, Mars (Virgo) leads again along with N Node (Sagittarius) and Vesta (Aries) and consists of of two planets in square aspect (90 degrees) (Mars-N Node) and both in an octile or sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to a third planet or asteroid in this case: Vesta @ 19 Aries near the Sun @ 17 . The energy of this aspect pattern is a little like a T-square, since it has stressful, dynamic quality.

In fact this hard rectangle includes the opposition from Mars to Neptune adding a decidedly spiritual but a series of weird overtones. For example out of Wisconsin where the Clintonville booms were heard, enter Baraboo and mysterious light flashes too. So this was on April 4, 2012, Back to the description of the hard rectangle, which consists of two oppositions, the ends of which are joined by two semi-squares (45 degrees) and two sesqui-quadrates (135 degrees). Both of these "minor" aspects are active and challenging leading to swift change. The sesqui-quadrates are about sometimes painful adjustments. Like the grand cross, this rectangle is a closed aspect pattern, which means that it is self-contained and fiercely self-sufficient generating lots of actual physical energies with the Sun/Moon on the axis of conflict/resolution. Fortunatly there is less resistance than with the grand cross because the hard rectangle belongs to the eight series of numbers. I see this Hard Rectangle dealing with the integration of spirituality into daily life. Also preparing us for the next series of momentous shifts as we move deeper into April.
Then toward the historic Venus Transit on June 5, 2012 @ 6:10 PM PDT or June 6, 2012 @ 1:10 AM UT.
Tropically the Sun-Venus will be @ 15 degrees 44 minutes of Gemini
Sabian Symbol:A woman agitator makes an impassioned plea to the crowd. That just about sums up these times of revolutionary upheaval with the Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square in sessio.
Suffice to say Venus Transits, historically have presaged shifts in human consciousness.
More on the Venus Transit in June 2012 and the Full Moon Partial Eclipse, the day before in future blogs.