Sunday, August 31, 2008

Storms Rage, First Gustav as Part One: Order is Demanded From Chaos. September Begins

On this Virgo New Moon (above chart set for DC a weather phenomena has taken front and center on all the mainstream media.
Gustav has become one of the most tracked storms in history and even has trumped the RNC
coverage (Mars-Mercury-Venus in Libra at MC of New Moon Chart Above)
The evacuation process from New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf is probably the biggest in history. Incidentally Pluto (stationing direct on Sept. 8th!) sits on the Ascendant for the national chart set for 11:45 AM September 30th. Gustav has taken on a life of it's own perhaps rivaling Katrina in publicity. Hurricane Gustav is the seventh tropical cyclone, third hurricane and second major hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. Next up is an active tropical storm called Hanna located about 91 miles away from Mayaguana, the most easterly island and district of the Bahamas. Hanna has wind speeds of 45 mph. with barometric reading of 997 mb. moving slowly at 9 mph.

Quick to Form Shades of Haarp and Scalar Weapons

Gustav formed on the morning of August 25 (with Mercury-Venus in Virgo applying to SQ with Pluto) about 260 miles (420 km) southeast of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and rapidly strengthened is the operable word into a tropical storm that afternoon and into a hurricane early on August 26. The question is asked: Is GUSTAV a Man-Made "SCALAR STORM"?
From a similar article - Let me be clear, very clear about this… It is my opinion, that from my observations of these many many worldwide weather events, about 92-96 pct of the weather over North America, Europe, and Australia are persistently being manipulated. That is, the vast majority of all weather these days is tainted by these technologies.
It is already known that this form of weather manipulation is possible through the use of the HAARP station based in Alaska.

Storms Rage as Order is Demanded From Chaos.

Just like August, September is ushered in by a New Moon and this time in the sign
of Virgo. Virgo is where preparedness, service, labor, health, and practicality are stressed. Dominating the news is the efforts to prepare for a catastrophic hurricane dubbed Gustav. Déjà Vu seems to have gripped our conscious minds as we harken back August 2005 with Katrina. Gustav (meaning staff of the Goths - an Germanic tribe who vexed the late Roman Empire) is on path to create havoc first in Cuba and then land between Mobile, AL and Houston, TX. Gustav will soon grow into a Cat 5 storm with winds increasing by the minute to 150+ mph. The distinct memory of Katrina (2005) is forcing evacuations for millions in New Orleans and the Gulf. Is Gustave Katrina the Second?
A difficult Mars-Libra square to Jupiter is demanding cooperation from many residents who may end up in FEMA interment. Gustav is expected to make landfall early AM Sept.2nd as S Node (Leo) Chiron (Aquarius) Vesta (Taurus) are locked in a close TSQ On Sept. 2nd Sun-Saturn are applying to an exact conjunction where despite delays and obstacles, patience and organization are favored. Also both Mercury-Venus-Moon and Mars are all in Libra together on Sept.2nd when Gustav is to make landfall. As the literal and figurative storms approach, major efforts to balance opposing forces are in motion. Virgo can be both the sign of analysis and synthesis always making an effort to create order out of chaos.
Continued to Part Two

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