Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Part One

Today is more than just a New Moon and Annular Eclipse in mutable Gemini, which in itself is significant. Today marks the start of a new way of thinking and mendacity. Actually we are now in the middle of a battle for consensus reality on the Internet or what it was formerly known the Darpa Net. For many this is time of revisiting the battle for war and peace that drove the the mid-sixties when Uranus-Pluto where together in Virgo. Today at the Nato Summit we seem to be having a replay of the drama that occurred at the democratic convention in 1968 as Uranus-Pluto in cardinal signs are heading toward their first waxing square on June 24th: Police, protesters clash outside NATO summit This is a time of manic, hysterical and wild awakenings for the inhabitants of this planet as the earth herself is not holding back. Looking back on yesterday, May 19th and a powerful but shocking opposition of the Sun in the last degree/minutes of Taurus (the Anaretic Degree or Karmic Degree) Opposing Juno..not to mention a Jupiter opposition which is building, the earth accelerated her activities. In other words early in the morning of May 20th in Northern Italy (Bologna, Italy) at 4:03:52 local time sesimic shockwaves .
Strong earthquake strikes near Bologna in Italy upgraded to Magnitude 6.0 As you can see from this picture, buildings crumbled under this series of quakes.
May 20th. first @ 8:16 AM the Sun changed signs from more inflexible fixed Taurus a sign of the epicurean and sensualist into a more intellectual, literary and curious Gemini. Gemini is the sign of quicksilver, superficiality and cynicism where constant motion and activity is favored Then @ 4:47 PM the New Moon in Gemini begins on the West Coast of the USA. and the eclipse starting around 5:30 PM on Sunday May 20th. New Moon's are times of visions and new ways of looking at things and with Gemini this will mean communication, education and data collecting. Newer agendas and inspiration mix with passions since Mars in Virgo is applying to a square with Venus now retro in the sign of the twins. There is a strong push for new initiatives to take us into the future. After the eclipse we have a rather confusing and strange Lunar square to Neptune in Pisces @ 10:23 PM Religions overtones, institutional dramas in prisons and hospital along with artistic/entertainment celebrities and their endeavors will continue to make the news along with scandalous happenings. This is a time to stay grounded in reality! In fact this aspect translates the light from the upcoming Sun-Neptune square on May 23rd. In fact with the Sun-Neptune in hard aspect expect more resignations, scandals, and other uncertain conditions to make this a difficult time to make accurate predictions. Sunday May 20th. begins the "eclipse season" with the first of four eclipses for 2012: First an Annular Solar Eclipse @ 4:47 PM PDT. Then on June 4, 2012 right before the Venus Transit on 6-6-2012, a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Sagittarius @ 4:12 AM PDT. On the Partial Lunar Eclipse the Moon will be in the sign of the archer-Sagittarius @ 14 degrees 14 minutes. The Sabian Symbol being the "ground hog looking for his shadow."

At the time of today's eclipse the Sun and Moon meet Alcyone - "The Central One" and the central or main star, the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. Alcyone which is one of the most mystical fixed stars has been considered to have a mixed blessing. As you know the Pleiades have had deep connection with many cultures living on the earth into the present. when conjunct the Sun or Moon Alycyone has been connected to extreme weather activities including major floods and also fires. Alcyone is said to bring honor and glory along with new politcal undertakings but also throat ailments, blindness, bad eyes, injuries to the face, sickness, disgrace, wounds, stabs even imprisonment. Today's New Moon occurs @ 0 Gemini 20 degrees with a Sabian Symbol seemingly more suited to Pisces "A glass-bottomed boat drifts over under-sea wonders." There will be a connection to the ocean during this eclipse especially with the Sun-Moon square Neptune in Pisces. Many supposed prophets are predicting a literal tsunami and news of oceanic disasters. I say look beyond those changes even if they occur and consider a renewal of the earth's vast seas and resources.

Visibility for the eclipse : The annular phase will be visible from the Chinese coast, northern Taiwan, the south of Japan, and the western part of the United States and Canada. Guangzhou, Taipei, Tokyo and Albuquerque will be on the central path. Its maximum will occur in the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian islands for 5 min and 46.3 s, and finish in the western United States. The animation below demonstrates the eclipse action over Albuquerque, New Mexico

The chart set for 5:47 PM MDT in Albuquerque, New Mexico has Scorpio rising just like others on the West Coast. Scorpio rising continues to put emphasis on Mars (action) and Pluto (transformation-debt and death). Mars@ 10 degrees Virgo is in the angular 11th house of groups and associations forming a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in the 3rd. and Vesta (dedication) in Taurus and located at another angle in the 7th. A major event will definitely occur in this New Mexico region by the Summer Solstice on June 20th. The Heliacal Rising Star for the Eclipse crossing Albuquerque is Al Rescha or Al Risha a star found in the the Knot of the Cord in the Constellation Pisces. This star which is also rising over San Francisco, Chicago and New York symbolizes a person who an bring ideas and/or people together. The Heliacal Setting Star for the Eclipse crossing Albuquerque city is Zubenelschemali,
Zubenelschemali is a pale emerald star marking the Northern Scale of Libra and relates to both positive and negative social reform.
Today's eclipse begins at 5:30 pm PDT and lasts for two hours. Around 6:30 pm PDT, the afternoon sun will become a luminous ring in places such as Medford, Oregon; Chico, California; Reno, Nevada; St. George, Utah; Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Lubbock, Texas. Outside the narrow center line, the eclipse will be partial. Observers almost everywhere west of the Mississippi will see a crescent-shaped sun as the Moon passes by off-center.
Part Two will Follow

Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Scorpio Full Moon, El Nath, Venus and Nemesis as Extremes Come Together

Tommorow's Full Moon in Scorpio is generating a lot of ominous buzz from astrologers and those who are prone to emotional waves. The occult, the shadow side of life and primal passions are boiling and aroused to say the least. The Scorpio Moon will pick up speed in the morning with sextiles to both Mars and Pluto (twin rulers of the Scorpion. Before the Full Moon hits the last of the explosive Mercury Aries transits in hard aspect occurs, this time to Saturn (exact 6:09 PM UT). The Moon will be not only at 16 Scorpio 01 degree with a conjunction to fixed star Zuben Elgenubi - indicating major social reform. The Heliacal Rising Star for the chart set for London @ 3:35 AM on this powerful but strange full Moon is Deneb Algedi -a star in the Sea Goat's tail. called the "Judicial Point of the Goat" per Robson. This again is about the rule of law or the rule of justice. Supreme court decisions and major legal cases are set to be completed. Symbolically it is about desiring the legal, physical or metaphyical laws that govern the world. For the chosen it can bring great glory, fame, wealth, dignity and authority with the help of influence. the Heliacal Setting Star is Zosma a multicolored triple star on the Lion's rump, near the tail of the Lion. Zosma is about victimization or being made powerless. Zosma relates to sacrifice yet independent, one who would prefer death rather than servitude to an unloved career. This also relates to the wounded healers who become advocates for equality. This is pertinent since Mars, ruler of this chart is opposing Chiron in Pisces. Jupiter will be at 21 degrees 47 minutes of Taurus expansion of pleasure seeking, food trends, farming, abundance, extravagance in art. Note that this is a critical degree: 21 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are critical degrees but with a tendency to misfortune. Where there is Venus the Goddess there is surely Mars, the Warrior. Below is a chart set for May 6th @ 3:35 AM UT in London England with Aries rising and Mercury in aggressive Aries in the first house. Right before the Full Moon Mercury exactly opposes Saturn (@ 2:09 AM UT). This has already been an explosive transit like all the preceding Mercury-Uranus conjunctions in Aries or the last Mercury square to Pluto on April 25th. Looking back to 4-24-2012 Huge Blast rocks central Damascus

Lunatic Alert for extremists of all signs especially on the fringe of the pseudo occult. Yes there will be rituals and sightings of famous illuminati members creating a world of illusion and paradox. The bottom line is that another "super-Moon" is in the offing. We should expect some major earth changes both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. This perigee full Moon starting in May will be as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons of 2012.
Venus met El Nath by longitude/aspect at Sunset on May 4th. On he Full Moon over London or SF. El Nath is rising with Venus via paran putting even more emphasis on the anti-social or should we say contra-social aspect of this Full Moon. Yes the brillant Evening Star, Venus, was not alone meeting the Second-magnitude star El Nath is less than a degree away Per Robson: Venus with El Nath is favorable for gain, while enemies who are powerless to injure (El Nath the horn in the constellation Taurus). El Nath marks the tip of the northern or left horn of the Bull. Venus will also be conjunct Capella (constellation Auriga), Phact (constellation the Dove ) Phact is about the quest for adventure. Venus also conjuncts Bellatrix (marking the left shoulder of Orion the Hunter. Bellatrix is the known as the Amazon star or Roaring Conqueror - the Female Warrior who succeeds via the shadow side of life. Bellatrix with Venus is the rogue. Whether you are a rogue or a conventionalist those who want to succeed and overcome will be aided also by a Grand Earth Trine. This trine will involve Mars in pragmatic yet pedantic Virgo to Vesta-Ceres-Sun in fertile Taurus and to Pluto now retrograde in Capricorn offering a behind the scenes approach. The Grand Earth Trine also coincides with major earth changes especially since the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square is affected. Speaking of sudden seismic shifts and volcanoes erupting as the earth herself continues in this "ascension" process. Energies deep within the earth's core up toward the mantle and ready to burst are much stronger during this lunation and the subsequent days after.
On May 5th at the Full Flower Moon the ruler of the Taurus contingency, Venus is @ +27 degrees 49' North by declination marking a long period of time till June 2nd
when this goddess of love and beauty is Out of Bounds and wild. This is a time when the limits are being broken in these arenas.

A new element is added to this Extreme Venusian Saga - asteroid Nemisis @ 22 degrees Sagittarius Rx is closely opposing our Goddess of the feminine and harmony.

In Greek mythology, Nemisis or "the goddess of Rhamnous" relates to divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods).
On Saturday's Full Moon Nemisis and Venus will be only 28 minutes apart! As I have the "War on Women" is in synch with this OOB period which started on April 2nd) Venus transiting in Gemini will enhance communications, aiding more of us to talk about our feelings of love and senses. The Out of Bounds Venus triggers us to go beyond limits in those more feminine areas of VENUS - Goddess of Love, Beauty and sensory pleasures is reacting to a critical, pedantic yet service oriented Mars in Virgo This Full Moon will be exciting, highly transformative, dangerous from the overly extreme nature inherent in the above configurations. Scorpio as I have mentioned in a previous entry is rising over San Francisco at the time of the Full Moon. This adds a an investigative element to this lunation when the phoenix will rise as the revelations about the truth behind the news is brought into the light.
The Heliacal Rising Star over SF. and the West Coast is is Al Rescha or Alrisha which is the Knot of the Cords, which joins ends of the ribbons that binds the two Fishes by tail in the constellation Pisces. In this placement Al Rescha will help bring together differing ideas, concepts and knowledge much like joining the two hemispheres of the brain. Another factor relating to this Rising Star involves the disparate opposition of Mercury-Saturn but in a positive light. Per Ptolemy "Those stars in Pisces which are in the head of the southern fish have the same influence as Mercury, and, in some degree, as Saturn...those in the tail and in the southern line are like Saturn, and, moderately, like Mercury. This is the joining of the Northern and Southern Fishes. This star will help join many of the extreme ideas and crusader-like concepts to a more, solid grounded footing as the Grand Earth Trine continues. The Heliacal Setting star over the West Coast is Vindemiatrix a bright yellow star in the right wing of the constellation Virgo- the Virgin Angel. Vindemiatrix is the collector and a person driven to complete things. Vindemiatrix is culminating as Venus is Setting adding to cultural change. In this position we should expect a real boost to agricultural production and research which of course relates to Jupiter in Taurus. Consider the original name and myth per Robson: Vindemiator, the Gatherer of Grapes, represented Ampelos, the son of a satyr and a nymph, to whom Bacchus, in token of his fondness, gave a vine planted at the foot of an elm. While gathering grapes Ampelos fell and broke his neck, whereupon Bacchus, God of Wine and reveries, placed him among the stars as a memorial of his former affection. There will be some major news about the grape producing regions of California and the West Coast. The sustainable farming movement will be one of the best parts of this Full Moon.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beltane and a Scorpio Full Moon Begin the Month of May


Speaking of Beltane or Beltaine, tommorow is the time of converging celebrations, protests and rituals. In Neopaganism, Bealtaine was considered a cross-quarter day, marking the midpoint in the Sun's progress between the spring equinox and summer solstice. The astronomical date for this midpoint is closer to 5 May or 7 May, but this can vary from year to year In 2012, the mid-point occurs on the Scorpio Full Moon which occurs @ 8:35 PM PDT set for San Francisco. One more thing as we look a this Scorio/Taurus axis is a Gaelic festival celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Bealtaine and Samhain (Oct. 31st) were the leading end dates of the civil year in medieval Ireland, though the latter festival was the more important. The interplay between the dark and light is quite obvious in this chart below where Scorpio is rising @ 23 degrees 03 minutes - Sabian Symbol: "Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man." Christian symbolism you say but the Moon is @ 16 degrees Scorpio 01 minutes with this odd Sabian Symbol: "A woman the father of her own child."
With Mars so prominent in the chart above at Mid-Heaven and opposing both Neptune and Chiron there is crusader aspect to this day. Not to mention that Mercury in Aries is in an exact opposition to Saturn in Libra. use of foreign enemies. Consider that training events are happening all of the US in May. This is from Minnesota U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed
Also another story which is striking fear into the hearts of Chicago Land: Is Chicago now under Martial Law? Evacuation and Blockade of Downtown Chicago The Illinois Department of Transportation is testing an emergency plan to shut off access into and out of downtown Chicago. The plan uses a network of highway security gates that are designed to shut down all traffic coming in and out of Chicago in the event of a terrorist attack. Now last year at May Day per this article by David Icke centered around the Royal Wedding - But energetically, Beltane is not just May Day. It begins to build through April 29th and on to April 30th for its culmination on May 1st. The Roman celebration of Beltane was called Floralia, the Festival of the Flowers in honour of the Roman goddess, Flora, and ran through April 29th and May 1st. Native Americans also called the full moon in May the Full Flower Moon – of course flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.