Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lunar Eclipse Sept 7 and The Escherichia coli Outbreak Keeps on Giving

E. coli Outbreak as Fall Eclipse Season Commences with Virgo Sun Eclipsed
Is the scare over?

Today October 8th, more headlines about disease ridden veggies greet us: New E. coli fears prompt recall of lettuce text from the San Jose Mercury. Already the hysterics are beginning anew as The lettuce recall was announced just nine days after the government lifted an advisory against eating fresh bagged spinach, following an outbreak of E. coli contamination that has killed three people and sickened nearly 200 others nationwide. Obviously it is not the spinach or lettuce which is to blame for foodborne illness but the cleanliness associated with the packaging (Virgo is the first sign to come to mind).

By September 15th, the number of cases of a virulent strain of E. coli linked to fresh prepackaged spinach grew to at least 94 in 20 states. And it was organic produce to blame or was it?
As we dig deeper into causes including the health and safety practice of workers we find that in the most recent outbreak with lettuce, the he grower, the Salinas-based Nunes Co. said his company's tests showed the problem water came from a reservoir that served as a "secondary source" of irrigation water, meaning it is not used all the time. But he said it's not clear how the reservoir became contaminated. So now it is the WATER so we must taken into consideration, the other end of the axis to Virgo-Pisces to be exact.

Today October 8, 2006, we may know the origin of this epidemic in legal and scientific terms but those of us who follow astrological changes look toward the nodes for large changes and trends. On June 22, the Dragon's tail (South Node) entered Virgo while the voracious Dragon's head (North Node) point of future destiny, new horizons made an entrance into Pisces sign of the two fish.
Eclipse and the Nodes Marking Our World
On September 7th the world experienced a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 15Virgo - 15Pisces
At this time the Moon was conjunct Uranus and applying toward a meeting with North Node. Here we have a Piscean Node that always represents Hospitals-Institutions and in the 4th House of family, food, nurturing the Uranian surprise is headed for our own kitchens. Just as the N Node in Pisces tells us the we must use our imagination in healing those confined in hospitals-institutions, the South Node talks of the South Node behavior has been overdone with bad habits.
William Lilly the great 17th century Astrologer assigned each sign it's own set of diseases in a book called Christian Astrology - from chapter XVI and page 95 on The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Virgo.
DISEASES. The Worms, Winde, Choslicke, all Obstructions in the bowels and miseraicks, croking of the Guts, infirmenesse in the Stones, and disease in the belly.

Escherichia coli or E. coli, discovered by Theodor Escherich, a German pediatrician and bacteriologist, is one of the main species of bacteria that live in the lower intestines of mammals, known as gut flora.
Mercury ruler of Virgo rightly exalted but ready to crash into South Node which already has been locked in a SQ to Pluto in Sagittarius moving direct since August 31 and ready to wreak destruction onto society.

The Eclipse chart has Venus-Sun-Mercury all applying to a meetup with that nasty Dragon's Tail in Virgo which can be overly critcal and quite literally Gut Wrenching.
From the eclipse familiy Saros Series 8 South which is known for:" Separation and loss. To be parted...Physical injury is possible through over-straining one's strength."
Chart is set for Salinas where the Natural Selection company grew the tainted spinach

Spinach is a plant which corresponds to the planet Saturn per William Lilly in Chapter VII: Of Saturn, his signification, nature and property. Now for those who are not aware that the Second Major Oppositon between Saturn-Neptune occured on August 31st and will help dissolve our precious need for secure structures. In the above eclipse chart, the ringed planet and old man Saturn is moving direct in the 9th house of foreign borders, travel far and wide - Epidemic proporations opposing Neptune or hysterics in the sign of the people Aquarius now retrograde in the third house of communications. Lest we forget Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces accounting for the decline of oil prices with the Jupiter in Scorpio Square getting into the act.
Yes Pisces ancient ruler, Scorpio sits right on the mid-heaven of the Sept. 7th Eclipse chart. The public is going to hear lots more about E. coli and diseases like Botulism which was recently generated by carrot juice.
In fact one day after this article on October 9th: 3 More People Infected With Botulism After Drinking Carrot Juice With the last two eclipses emphasizing the energy of the sign Virgo and generating energy around the nodes, we should expect crisis and danger in the area of health. The September 22nd Solar Eclipse had both Sun-Moon at critical 29th Degree along with Virgo applying toward conjunction with Dragon's Tail.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Aries Full Moon Face to Face Revelations

This lunation taking place the evening of Oct. 6th in the US has accusers facing the accused and victims facing their perpetrators. Nothing will be held back.
Already the Aries-Libra, I and you, partnership and partner dynamic is blowing up on the morning of the Full Moon.
(2)Jack Straw, leader of the lower house of parliament is asking Muslim women in the UK to take off their veils so he can face them. Jack says: the veil is "a visible statement of separation and difference". Symbolic or as I have said Astrological events reflect deeper causual forces from many dimensions and cannot be explained away by trivial media stories.
(2) From the violence in Iraq rivaling the My Lai massacres of Viet Nam, we have Petty Officer 3rd Class Melson J. Bacos, 21, admittng that he saw two Marines fire at least 10 rounds into 52-year-old Hashim Ibrahim Awad. We are not just talking about the Libra legal compromise here since Venus-Sun-Mars all in the sign of the scales is located in the 4th house of chart set for DC opposing Aries always the pioneer. Yes Bacos is in exchange for immunity and dropping the murder charge, testifies against seven Marines - the accused and perpetrators of this horrible action.
(3)Marriage is distinctly connected to Libra and ruler Venus. So today we find that Gay marriage advocates vowed to appeal a state appeals court ruling upholding California's ban on same-sex weddings Since the entrance of Jupiter in Libra then into Scorpio, we have see the battle over same sex marriage escalating. The momentum will not be curtailed by more laws.

Initiation from Lunar Regions
On 11:13PM EDT on October 6th the US receives an initiation into ancient wisdom as Aries moon at 13 43' From the deeper meanings of the Sabians we can visualize a T
emple of Wisdom, whose four entrances are bordered by columns in the shape of intertwined serpents. Inside a man and a woman face each other and exchange gifts.
(from Martin Goldsmith) The drums have been beating since the country fell under the spell of the wicked Neo-con blackest of black wizards. Now the people are using the occult knowledge and are ready to shake things up.

Libra Sun Eclipsed and the Lazy Attitude Disappears
On the solar side we have Libra corresponding to the 14th degree and in Sabian terms:
A man wrapped in a serape takes a siesta on a hammock and dreams pleasant
dreams.(from Martin Goldsmith) In this case we can no longer tune out the unpleasant, aweful truth of Global Warming and empire building yet we respect the need to unwind.

Chart Set for Washington DC at 11:13PM EDT for October 6, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Woodward with Fame and His Own Agenda in a State of Denial

Bob Woodward is no stranger to fame, fortune and massive buzz. His most dignified planets are Venus, Jupiter and the Sun adding money, power and influence to his literary répertoire. With Neptune rising at 00 Libra, what a supply of drama can be offered by Woodward to the world stage. It certainly seems like his new book, State of Denial, has the public audience enthralled: out for only a few days and it's already a best seller at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles online.

Unfortunately it should be said that the Amercian public better wake up now that the 60 minutes piece has been aired:
Bob, the consummate insider and part-time assassin whose real job is not to maintain an "informed public" or preserve the free flow of information, but to use the privately-owned media in a way that serves the exclusive interests of the ruling elite.
as taken from op ed. off

Comparisons to Watergate pale before the four horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hold the curtain folks, 2006 with Bush-Cheney is not Watergate. We are in a much more dangerous, darker tragedy then 1973 and the Watergate years. The Bush takeover, war years and subsequent scandals make Nixon and his cronies seem like light hearted comedians. Back on November 18, 2005, I talked of how Woodward's secretive ways coincided with a Full Moon last year seemed like the latest Harry Potter adventure. I predicted the excess of secrets that would be spilling forth as Jupiter's cycle in Scorpio reveals hidden agenda's of the Neo-con white house.

Robert Ushur Woodward has the cabinet in defensive posture and GWB's running mate and fellow Skull and Bones member, John Kerry drooling. "With the new facts we now have available, I think Americans are going to be realizing that this is the Katrina of foreign policy," Kerry said. Despite his journalistic past, we shoul not forget where Woodward came from as a member of Yale's Book and Snake Society like the former CIA Director Porter Johnston Goss. Lest you forget, since Jupiter stationed direct on July 6th, many dirty secrets in high places are escalating a war between vertiable occult groups on the Beltway.

Transits add glamour to Woodward's communication style featuring a receptive opposition from debilitated Mercury in Pisces and it's modern ruler Neptune of smoking mirrors. If we look below at current transits for 9-30-2006 we see Venus entering Libra to meet his planet of great illusion Neptune. Plus Sun and Mars have crossed his first fot focus even more attention and energy on his book.
Both Jupiter and Saturn as the move toward another transiting SQ are pushing Woodward's fated point of destingy a Yod. As I wrote last November: When we analyse the Yod in his natal signature: Node/Chiron @ 23 Leo, Juno @ 21Cap and Pallas @ 20 Pisces one may wonder if Mr. Robert Ushur Woodward is swimming around with Lord Voldemort or worse? N Node in the 11th tends to make Robert overly attached to the drama and romance of being unique and can be willful and focused on self-serving needs. Of course in Leo, he may tend to rely on his peers in the Beltway community at the expense of his own individuality. A dangerous situation indeed since the illuminati controllers are ready to move Bush-Cheney out to bring in the next step of New World Order.

Sept. 30, 2006 Transits Surround Woodward's Natal Chart