Monday, August 04, 2008

Four die after freak tornado hits French towns - More Mars-Uranus Fallout

Sunday brought the unexpected to the people of Northern France as the deadly combinations of
Mars-Uranus battling each other with rulers Mercury-Neptune also in close opposition. Things of course were especially intense with the Moon-Mars meeting to Oppose Uranus triggering the ferocity.
Note that ruler of Mars-Virgo is Mercury which is currently opposing the ruler of Uranus-Pisces, Neptune exact on August 6th @ 11:40 AM .

Packing violent winds and lashing rain, the tornado carved across a 10-kilometre (six-mile) swathe late Sunday, destroying some 40 homes in the space of minutes in Hautmont, the worst-hit of the four towns on its path.
"There was a deep roaring sound, like a bomb raid,"
local resident Erick Filleur, who was jolted out of his sleep by the storm, told AFP.

Tonight August 4th : Chicago tornado warning sounded; Wrigley cleared

CHICAGO (AP) - A powerful storm has led to tornado warnings in downtown Chicago and the evacuation of fans from the stands at Chicago's Wrigley Field on Monday night.
Again Mars-Uranus are the triggers for havoc with a developing very wide TSQ to Pluto in electrical Sagittarius. Passengers at O'Hare International Airport were evacuated into the lower levels of the complex's buildings. All flights were temporarily halted.
Chaos ensues
More than 350 flights were canceled at O'Hare.
Power outages are now becoming commonplace as we head thru August 6th.
Crescent Moon filled with risk and imbalance kicks off as Libra Moon is also contraparallel Mars...
More than 200,000 customers in northern Illinois are reported without power.
Mars contraparallel Uranus as Nemis (the revengeful destroyer) Opposes the Sun.
More to follow...

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