Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cleaning up from the Eclipse Before Another One Arrives

Since the moon literally turned a blood red on March 3rd at the time of Greatest Eclipse:23:20:56 UT, many surprising an unexpected events have transpired.
This time of constant anamolies and shocking changes reflects a URANUS-SUN CONJUNCTION IN PISCES which perfected finally on March 5th exact @ 7:38 AM PST or 11:38 AM EST or most importantly 4:38 PM UT.
When we look at the stories embraced by media frenzy we began to wonder if Hollywood
script writers had a hand in creating these sometimes outlandish events. By tapping into the astral images of Sabians we see that Luna was eclipsed at 13 Virgo which translated to: A producer of B movies uses a flowchart to explain production and distribution to his managers and assistants. We began to see a pattern of what appears to be a blatant pandering or even sensationalism around the fast moving events. Some of these happenings are turning traditional social roles upside down - yet an undercurrent of getting down to business. Scientists have finally exceeded the speed of light, causing a light pulse to travel hundreds of times faster than normal.
(1)March 2nd or 3rd a little published story of how the Earth's Crust Missing In Mid-Atlantic - this is really incredible! We are talking about a huge area thousands of square kilometres, smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic where the Earth’s crust appears to be missing.
(2)March 6th - Indonesian quake which killed over 70 a 6.3 Magnitude with several aftershocks
(3)NeoCons taking it in the shorts as Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is convicted Tuesday-March 6th of lying and obstructing a leak investigation. Rumors began circulating about Cheney's retirment or resignation.
(4) Ann Coulter's calling John Edwards a faggot virtually ends her career and her political "Shtick" - took place on Saturday March 2nd...By Monday - March 4th major companies like Verizon and Sallie Mae demanded their ads pulled from Coulter's website.
(5)March 6th Scientists have finally exceeded the speed of light, causing a light pulse to travel hundreds of times faster than normal.
(6)By March 8th Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) is calling for Bush impeachment saying he is not accountable anymore (sure seems that way).
(7)Then by the following Saturday - March 10th (barely one week after) Syria deploys thousands of rockets on Israel border according to major sources for dramatic showdowns. (by then Mercury in Aquarius had stationed direct on 3-7-07) with events centering around large groups, society, the underdogs.
(8)Democrats are calling for the resignation of NWO Attorney General Gonzales, his dismissal of at least eight U.S. attorneys has lawmakers on both side of the asile up in arms.

All right you get the picture with Moon in Virgo near South Node opposing Uranus we have some downright messy situations. So what are we in store for with the New Moon coming at the end of Pisces @ 28 07' degrees like the last six nove lunations since October 22nd at 28 Libra.
Breaking it down to Sabians we have 28 Pisces translating to: "A prism" or Trowel in hand, a woman stands in the midst of a brillantly colored flower garden and surveys her work. Over her shoulder a rainbow is shining."
Such a lumninous vision or transcendence or is it a series of false images and reflections? Prisms refract light (Refraction is the change in direction of a wave due to a change in its speed.) Doesn't a hologram have the ability to bend or change light?
Expanding our definitions, we find that Prism (real name Robbie) is a mutant supervillain in Marvel Comics Universe.
His bio as a Marauder says he is has the ability to absorb, reflect and amplify beams of light and other energy with his crystalline body. He is a cold-hearted killer and was willing to murder dozens of innocent mutants during the Mutant Massacre

Friday, March 02, 2007

Total Lunar Eclipse Dominated by Infinite Power and Volcanic Imagination

The first Total Lunar Eclipse in 3 years, begins @ 8:18 PM UT and almost as an afterthought the Full Moon commences in Virgo @ 11:17PM. UT. or 3:17 PM PST 6:17 PM EST. This Total Lunar Eclipse will last 74 minutes for viewers favorably positioned in Europe, Africa, or the eastern half of North America. favorably positioned in Europe, Africa, or the eastern half of North America. Note that this eclipse series (A Partial Solar occurs 3-19-07) is known as Saros Series 9 New North which has the flavor per B Brady of a Venus-Mercury conjunction on a Mars-Pluto Midpoint and Mars is on a Uranus-Pluto Midpoint.
Saros Series 9 New North which is also known to be extremely physically active with a large preponderance for accidents. It is best to engage in physical exercise that we know well or feel comfortable with participation.
Both of these eclipses will be precursors to major earth changes especially connected with the deep sea earthquakes. In fact if we look at the energies coming from the Dragon's Tail or Moon's South Node @ 16° 23' Virgo we are talking about gifts from the past and ancient frequencies coming to light. South Node will be opposing the Sun on 3-7 and Uranus in Pisces (the cry for freedom-unexpected events) on March 31st, we see tremendous power and energies bubbling up from earth-sea and sky.
Sabian Symbol for 17° Virgo: A Volcano in Eruption per Dr. Jones with the emphasis on the word: Explosion which will auger not only outbursts from earth's core but our own deeper creative potentials.

Venus the only planet not in a Universal Sign and the New Beginning:
Looking at Venus @ 13° A serpent curling between a man and a woman ala Dr. Jones or more modern and detailed: The Temple of Wisdom bordered by four columns in the shape of intertwined serpents. Inside a man and a woman face each other and exchange gifts of knowledge. this has a certain reminiscence to Adam @ Eve scene and Kundalini and the mixing of DNA or much more

Unfortunately The last week has been dominated by mutability, reactive forces like the world markets from China to the Dow dropping, fear of US or Israel attacking Iran, tornadoes hitting the SouthEast US. Added to real like events there have been wild conjectures amidst even wilder weather. We are in the throes of unexpected Uranian mutual reception to fantasies-dreams of true Neptunian nature. In fact we are just a few days from an exa ct opposition from Saturn (representing structure, crystallized energy - BONES) to the Lord of the Oceans. Poseidon's brother was Zeus (Jupiter) ruler of the skies and Hades (Pluto) ruler of the underworld. Yes Poseidon (Greek: Ποσειδών) was the god of the seas, as well as of horses (resonant with current Jupiter in Sagittarius) and, as "Earth-Shaker", of earthquakes (latest a 6-2 temblor on 2-28-07 off SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION. And yest Poseidon rules volcanoes too with latest-Stromboli off coast of Sicily the latest headline grabber. Whichever way we turn whether to the oceans or the sky things are reapidly dissolving and expanding...the Gulf Stream may actually shut down due to the fresh water from the rapid melting of the poles. Yes with Saturn also reflecting the fact that Earth is overheating and in the sights of solar flares and CME coronal mass ejections. Lately the internet has been buzzing about massive UFO sightings and a Massive Galactic Tsunami coming from Deep Space around the middle of March? or is that March 21st day of the Equinox 0 Aries Ingress.

Since Uranus passed Venus in Pisces on 2-7-2007, Stargates began to open on 2-11-2007 with massive energy felt on the Aquarian New Moon @ 28° . Then talk of a Galactic Super Wave - is this caused by the gamma ray bursts from the GC. Rumors spread like proverbial wildfires and have increased on Forums like Godlike Productions these discussions have wound for miles like Giant Cosmic Pythons. After Pluto passed the Galactic Center @ 26° 55' Sagittarius on December 28th havoc has broken loose compounded by the expansive news and prescence of multiple energies from Deep Space - Jupiter in Sagittarius. Unquestionably the Oceans are on the Move and land masses are activated by more frequent quakes.
Let's backtrack, when looking at the Full Moon chart (set for 11:17 PM UT) our Sabian Symbol for 14° Virgo (luna full at 13° 01) old version: A family tree - Dr. Marc Edmund Jones talks of living "the lives of forbears or aceptance the guidance coming from their spiritual presence in the blood" along with Jones Sabian for 13° Pisces (with Sun @ 12° 59') A Sword in a Museum reflects more past traditions. Ancient discoveries and pronouncements have been rampant since the Neptune-Oppositon-Saturn with James Cameron and fellow filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici announcement that Jesus tomb has been found and he was married to Magadalene and had a child named 'Judah, son of Jesus. Hera's statue being found inside a wall near Mt. Olympus-Greece,

CHART BELOW IS SET FOR 10:44 PM UT for London, UK when Eclipse is at Totality
Here we see Saturn-Leo at MidHeaven almost exact opposing Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. So the authorities whether they be the Bushies or the Royals or Illuminati think they hold all the cards or is it bones but are ever rapidly meeting the power of dissolution (Neptune) and societies wounded healers (Chiron)
(2)Large 4th house signifies the Weather, the land, its values as real estate and agriculture, housing and living conditions with Sun moving to conjunction with Uranus - TOTAL UNEXPECTED CONDITIONS ALL AROUND - Snowstorms sock upper Midwest, move East
(3)The nodes occupy the 5th-11th house axis putting emphasis on groups feeling the effect of highly speculative nature (5th house N Node or Dragon's head)