Friday, February 24, 2012

A Time of Duality with Worldwide Accidents, & Mayhem Mixing with the Jupiter-Venus Alignment


From upper left to lower right, the lights are Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon--all three bright enough to beam through wispy clouds.

I wasn't planning on talking about such a downer topic but I guess I will have to wait for another cosmic communique to go into depth about the upcoming positive alignment of Moon-Venus-Jupiter onto March 13th. . All in all best to start watching tomorrow evening when the Moon and Venus
are conjunct @ 20 degrees Aries - Sabian Symbol of the fighter with his/her fists raised: "A pugilist entering the ring. " Yeah every silver lining has a cloud especially when Mars and Saturn are both retrograde. Not to mention that we have seen multiple accidents occurring in and around Wednesday's exact Mars (now retro. in Virgo ) dangerous opposition to Mercury (confusing in Pisces)exact @ 3:25 AM 2-23-2012 but things did not stop there. Using reception and dispositors (the planet which is lord of the sign where another planet is located or "posited" using traditional astrology.) With Mars prominent in the sign Virgo - the servant both civil and military is ruled by Mercury now in his fall in the sigh of the two fishes. without looking far we see Mars relating to Aries where Uranus is square the lord of destruction, Pluto. There has been accident after another.
Today- Friday Feb. 24th: Twelve killed in protests across Afghanistan
The religious wars over the Koran burning (Mercury in Pisces) square Mars in Virgo (books) where fomented on the religious oriented Pisces New Moon on 2-21-2012. a href ="">Bagram base besieged after US troops burn Korans with rubbish

On Tuesday 0 2-22-2012 Military Collision: When the two U.S. military helicopters collided @ 8:00 PM PST over a training range, Virgo was rising and Mars was close by in the 12th

Ruler of the chart Mercury in confusing Pisces was near the Moon and the 7th angle adding to unsure conditions .

Since Mars (military-action) is retrograde and in "Mercury-ruled" Virgo we all need to be cautious when these hard mutable aspects occur.
Seven U.S. marines killed in Arizona helicopter collision

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two U.S. military helicopters collided over a training range in Arizona on Wednesday killing seven Marines, the Marines said on Thursday.
Also on 2-22-2012 - Two cars crash behind reporter in Florida. Anchorwoman claims they were shocked by gas prices. (blame Mercury in Pisces)
With Mercury (Pisces-disease)close to an exact oppositon to Mars (Virgo-letters)
Poison Pen Letters are take to a whole new dimension.
This not only sounds like the 2001 anthrax attacks
and with Pisces so strong we have to shout hoax or false flag.
Another one on Tues. Threatening Letters Claiming to Have "Pathogens" Sent to Senators, Media
Epic Train wreck in Argentina: Moon-Mercury in confusing Pisces
is heading toward an exact opposition with Mars in Virgo (Feb. 23rd)
Mars being the ruler of Aries ties in the mutable Pisces/Virgo to the accident prone cardinal aspects.

Dozens dead, hundreds injured in Argentina as train crashes into platform

But since next two days with be high energy with the Moon in the sign of the independent and risk taker, teh Ram. will touching Uranus-Ceres and Venus in Aries will involve more crazy accidents, survival, bravery
along with women who become super-heroes. especially as the Moon translates the territory they made in squares to Pluto.

Also with Mars in Virgo (the Virgin) along with Venus in dare-devil Aries, we see the return of the Super Woman

Danica survived, unhurt on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012 after a the nearly 200 miles an hour.
With natal Aries Sun-Moon - Danica Sue Patrick (born March 25, 1982) whose own Mars in Libra opposing Sun-Moon TSQ the Nodes in Cardinal Capricorn (discipline) and Cancer (protection)
like Danica Patrick who was unscathed and racing again after wreck in Daytona 500 qualifier
Danica acknowledged this as "the hardest wreck of her career," a last-lap crash in which she got spun out and slammed nose first into a Daytona International Speedway wall going nearly 200 miles an hour. Looking at the chart below which has an approximate time of the crash @ 3:40 PM PST
and Danica natal (time unknown in the center). Not only was transiting Uranus in reckless Aries conjunct her Sun-Moon but the Mercury in the spiritual even miracle sign of Pisces was conjunct her natal Mercury along with that detailed Mars opposition where she threw her hands off the wheel to avoid injury. Also transiting Saturn is applying to her natal Pluto in Libra adding the super hero element in this amazing recovery.

Into March 2011

Looking ahead to Feb. 25th with with Sun-Jupiter are in favorable aspect:
Along with the danger comes luck, monetary gain and success as the Sun will sextile Jupiter on Saturday the 25th. Not to mention the brightest of all a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Taurus (exact March 13th. ) we expect March to be a huge month for duplicity as we head toward a Grand Mutable Square. This shifting and unstable energy formation includes Mars (Virgo)
interlaces with a Grand Earth Trine - March 14th in time for the ides of March.
In fact two days before, Mercury stations retrograde on March 12th @ 12:49 AM PST
for an even more bizarre ride in the Media since Mercury is the sign of verbal outbursts in impulsive Aries (ingress March 3rd.)
Chart Below set for Pacific Time 3:00 AM when Pluto @ 9 degrees Capricorn is closes in a Trine to both Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. The earth is ascending a lot faster than us humans
and we should expect some dramatic seismic shifts and volcanic outburts.

Then into the Spring Equinox on March 19th @ 10:15 PM PST with the Sun into Aries setting up some announcements involving aggressive and violent situations (hopefully not an incursion into Iran but Syria for sure). Those annoucements coincide with the Sun meeting Mercury on Wed. March 21st
right before the chaotic yet progressive New Moon in Aries on March 22nd as the Moon meets Mercury-Sun then Uranus for explosive times.

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Moon in Pisces touches Neptune for Supernatural Deception and Thrillers


The Year of the Black Water Dragon commenced on January 23rd. with an awesome Aquarian New Moon and on Februrary 3rd. the Dragon is immersed in water with Neptune entering Pisces.

Tomorrow we see how the Dragon swims in his element, water with an incredible alignment of Piscean Planets mots notably Neptune-Pallas-Sun-Moon-Chiron. Not to mention that Mercury leads them @ 15 degrees (Sabian) An officer preparing to drill his men. And Mercury is set to oppose Mars on the long critical and frustrating journey retrograde in the sign of the Virgin and Critical scientist.
Vesta leads them all with diffuse, scattered and even martyr like energy in Pisces - where there is a blending of dreams, poetic memories and sexualtiy.
Despite all the imaginative imagery, we are in a time of major deceptions and distractions.
Yes my friends we are immersed in Jeremy Lin mania as Oil jumps to 9-month high after Iran cuts supply.
Just an aside with Jeremy Lin (born Aug. 23, 1988) with Vesta-Mercury @ 19 Virgo and South Node @ 14 Virgo is getting a boost from the Mars transit in his sun sign.
Another major theme to watch out for with the 12th House the home of Pisces are secret societies
like the Masons and some of their programs like the Masonchip.
In fact this recent video examines how the Masons microchip poor kids in exchange for food a few years ago at a Freemason sponsored fair in Flint, MI.

The last time Neptune made an ingress into Pisces was 164 years ago on Feb. 17, 1848 and this was the birth of "Spiritualism" Also Neptune relates to abdications, resginations and new territories with boundaries expanding - looking back
at 1848.
2-24-1848: King Louis-Philippe abdicates, 2nd French republic declared
3-20-1848: King Louis I of Bayern abdicates to marry dancer Lola Montez
5-19-1848: Mexico gives Texas to U.S., ending the war
5-29-1848: Wisconsin becomes 30th state
5-30-1848: Mexico ratifies treaty giving U.S.; New Mexico, California and parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado in return for $15 million
12-5-1848: President Polk triggers Gold Rush of '49, confirms California gold discovery

Looking at recent news for February 2012:
2-7-2012: Komen Foundation VP Resigns in Wake of Planned Parenthood Dispute
2-10-2012: Political resignations and general strikes hit Greece
2-15-2012: World Bank President Zoellick Resigns
2-16-2012:CFO of ANZ Bank Resigns Amid Turmoil
2-18-2012: Embarrassment for Merkel as German president resigns in disgrace after trying to bag the press

At that time (1848) there was a grand water trine with Chiron in Scorpio to Jupiter in Cancer (exalted) to Mercury-Saturn both in Pisces, Lots of emotional turmoil accompanied the Neptune ingress in 1848. As you will see below with the Feb. 3rd. ingress of Neptune this year, we have downright divisive and contentious actions and beliefs per the passionate Venus (Pisces) opposition to Mars (Virgo).

On February 3rd. we had the rebirth of "the Supernatural" more mysticism and channeling too along with Secret Societies with the newly birthed Neptune-Pluto Sextile applying from mutable Pisces to Cardinal Capricorn. This is a fantastical time with some darker, occult overtones yet ideally mystical hero theme/meme along with supernatural thrillers. Per astrological transit Neptune is in an orb of about 4 to 6 degree trine with Pluto all the way till 2024. which moves into retrograde motion starting April 10, 2012 @ 9:24:07 AM PDT while King Neptune won't move backwards till June 4, 2012 @ 2:04:30 PM PDT. The Neptune ingress was also enhanced by a Grand Air Trine per the Moon in Gemini aligned in 120 degree angles with Saturn in Libra stationing and to Pallas in Aquarius.

At the time of this Neptunian ingress 2-3-2012 @ 7:04 PM UT, Neptune's waves entered the Piscean seas Chiron-Vesta-Venus in Pisces
with mutable signs at all the angles from Ascendant to Mid-Heaven
Virgo was rising @ 9 degrees with this prophetic sabian symbol: "A man making a futurisitc drawing. "

The First Pisces New Moon with Neptune Conjunct.
On Feb. 21st the Moon will meet the Sun which entered Pisces (Feb. 18th) to make an incredible and confusing alignment
with Neptune-Pallas-Chiron-Mercury-Vesta all swimming
in the sign of illusion, music, magic, scandals, oil, water and limitless boundaries.
Update: February 20, 2011: Here it is folks the incredible Pisces New Moon begins tomorrow Feb. 21st @ 2:35 PM PST or @ 10:35 PM UT - look at the chart below along with the introduction the Year of the Water Dragon, Saturn Lord of Karma is in the sign of courts, legal rulings and balancing acts - Libra.

So Saturn transiting in Libra till mid-October reflects courtroom drama. The sign of the scales is none other than Blind Lady Justice with Acumen as the Heliacal Rising Star in the New Moon Chart. Thus Saturn in Libra is also connected to Pallas in Pisces and Astrea in Virgo (the asteroid that embodies the myth. Something tells me our courts are going to be very busy until about mid October, when Saturn finally goes into Scorpio and Pluto retro. in June gets some forward momentum moving direct on September 17th. Already we have had a Mercury in Pisces sextile to Pluto on Feb. 18th to translate the light
Saturn also connects to Pluto posited in the 3rd. house of communications and news media indicating a transformation that is about to occur on a world wide level.
Actually with a Pisces New Moon and the start of something kooky or spooked we could be alternately talking about Happy Feet and Global Hysteria!
This predominant Pisces grouping ultimately opposing Mars within orb is creating variable, fluctuating weather like in Miami on Sunday: Record-breaking heat in Miami, but only briefly While other parts of the Southern US receive heavy snow from Kentucky to Virginia to Tennessee to North Carolina.
Another symbol of this upside down New Moon is the 12th house which relates to prisons, prisoners
and rights of prisoners.
Just look at the recent news:
A deadly fight at the Monterrey prison in Mexico, as a prison fight kills 44.
This was the second deadly incident at a Latin American prison within a week.
On February 15, 2011: We had the horrendous fire which killed more than 300 in Honduras.
This prison fire fire started around 10:50 PM LMT on Tuesday, Scorpio was rising
Mars the ancient ruler of the chart was in the 11th house of groups-associations transiting retro. in Virgo and opposing the Pisces stellium in the 4th house relating to subterfuge and revenge by the prisoner who set his bedding on fire.
That's not the last of the Honduras inferno as Relatives storm Honduras morgue demanding remains keeping with the themes of the 12 house and death of children.
Then today - Feb. 20th. Hundreds of Occupy Protesters Gather Outside San Quentin State Prison
here we see Saturn prominent in Libra in an out of sign trine to Neptune.

We should look toward the aggressive and contentious transits of Mars in Virgo, we should note that another difficult aspect to Mercury in Pisces occurs on Feb. 23rd.
Funerals particularly of Whitney Houston and the theories of her sacrifice persist.
The Madonna Performance at the Super Bowl halftime show a week before her death on Feb. 11, 2012 - a master number for the occult members of illuminati like shadow groups.
Even at the funeral home where her ritual ceremony was held. Egyptian theme? A statue of what appeared to be Tutankhamun outside the funeral home.

Unusual Historic Alignment with Both Neptune and Pluto
This article alludes to the Revolutionary War, they are speaking of Pluto - Lord of Death and Rebirth which entered Capricorn on 2008 and was last in Capricorn in 1759.
Don't freak out or be an alarmist with Neptune last seen in Pisces on Feb. 17,1848 when we had the birth of Spiritualism and the New Age Movement
Today we are seeing the "Supernatural" and 12th house matters like Whitney's funeral on 2-18-2012 (right before the Sun entered Pisces) compete with too much technology
Actually it is Uranus-Ceres-Venus all in Aries that are in a difficult squares to Pluto but the Pisces Stellium will be in a positive sextile to Pluto which which be more in line with occult, mystical, investigative deeper secrets being revealed.
Of course we are in a period when the drum beat to a war with Iran is becoming stronger and false flag operations have been ongoing...
This article and video Expect HUGE Changes With Upcoming Rare Astrological Alignment! talks around a recent (Feb. 16th) Cliff High's prediction that mainstream media whores burst out truth attack... Always the master of hyperbole and symbolism - a symbols are the stock in trade of the Piscean imagery.
Sorry folks they won't be suddenly telling the truth but will make plenty of major mistakes and we will see some bizarre media glitches due to the upcoming Mercury retrograde on March 12th @ 7 Aries near Vesta (focus) the Sabian for 7 Aries - A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.
A believe that with the merging of boundaries, all of us will "feel" a shift where the 4th and 5th dimensions become visible. Add the opposite mutable sign to Pisces as in Mars transiting in Virgo @ 17 degrees 47 mintues - Sabian Symbol: "Two girls playing with a ouija board. "
Nature is chiming in too for volcanic activity
Aries involved as Venus moves to conjunct Jupiter as volcanic activity elevates.
As the balsamic moon began on Feb. 19th Aquarian Moon with a fiery sextile to Uranus-Venus in Aries added to the powerful earth changes and continued seismic awakenings.
Massive explosive eruption seen at Japan’s Sakurajima volcano.
It is not just Sakurajima or volcanoes in Costa Rica but big bad Katla in Iceland is starting to rumble in the "Dead Zone" where seismic activity is rare.
It contains the fissure swarms of Bárdarbunga, Grimsvötn and Katla. Grimsvötns fissure swarm is called Laki and Katlas is called Éldgja.
When Katla, Bardarbunga or Grimsvötn has a major and sudden influx of magma from the hotspot, and the fissure swarm of the volcano in question suffers a rifting of the Eastern Icelandic Seismic Zone opening it up. My prediction is that Katla will erupt by the Vernal Equinox along with the Mercury retrograde and spring equinox begins on March 22nd.

This is a time of multiple accidents and nature is not really cooperative as witnessed by Washington Avalanche Kills Three Advanced Skiers on Saturday
From the story where one survives: Three advanced skiers died Sunday when an avalanche pushed them down the back side a mountain pass and ski area in Washington's Cascade Mountains, while a fourth survived the slide by using an inflatable safety device. Sunday's deadly avalanche featured an Aquarian Moon (unexpected sudden event) in a square to Jupiter in fixed earth.
Just two days earlier on February 17, 2011: The Moon had entered colder Capricorn today @ 6:04 AM CET - 1:00 in the Austria Alps to square Uranus in Aries this was a dangerous time for accidents and snowy avalanches. Dutch prince buried in avalanche, condition critical

The other meme which will be significantly stronger after this Piscean New Moon is contact both ongoing and first time with ET. Notice stories like this one surfacing into this time period:
Extraterrestrials: China releases Moon footage of alien bases
Tonight (Feb. 20th.) on Coast to Coast AM we find extrapolation of the theme of alien life, disclosure and hybridization.
"Hebrew scholar and expert in biblical prophecy, Douglas Hamp, warns that we're entering into an era of genetic manipulation that will set the stage for celestial intervention into the affairs of mankind. He predicts that within the next ten years a major disclosure event will take place which will convince the public to cooperate with aliens to participate in the next level of evolution."
Neptune and Pisces stellium are rampant with this program and the world's impending meeting with the creators.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

West Coast Getting Nervous Over Quakes


Now that a Second Bay Area Quake Hits Same Spot in Crockett, folks might be getting a little jitteery.
Today and Wednesday Night's quake took place near the W. Napa fault or part of the dreaded San Andreas Fault. and not far from the dangerous Hayward fault.
a geologic fault zone capable of generating significantly destructive earthquakes. This fault is about 74 mi (119 km) long.

Today's shaker hit @ 9:13:20 AM and a chart set for that time in Crockett has Aries rising.
Notice chart below has tremendous power ready to be unleashed with Vesta, Uranus, Ceres and Venus
all in the 12th house. The ruler of the chart Mars is in Virgo in the day to day sixth house adding weight to house ruler Mercury now in Pisces opposing Mars. None of the mutable aspects alone even the TSQ to the Nodes are enough to produce a massive quake over 6.0 but add in the fact that Venus in Aries will oppose Saturn in "cardinal" Libra on March 4th and you have the potential
for a larger seismic event. Now to top this off is that on March 14th we will have a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto rising on the West Coast to trine Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo (Retro).
A whole lot of shaking is possible around the time of the Full Moon in Virgo on March 8th.
San Andreas Fault is a continental transform fault that runs a length of roughly 810 miles (1,300 km) through California in the United States. The fault's motion is right-lateral strike-slip (horizontal motion). It forms the tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. Don't forget that the San Andreas runs underwater along the coast until it nears Cape Mendocino, where it begins to bend to the west, terminating at the Mendocino Triple Junction.
Over the last week the entire West Coast has been busy:
Magnitude 4.7 struck Vancouver Island Region - Feb. 15th.

Magnitude 6.0 hit off the Coast of Oregon - Feb. 14th.

Magnitude 4.2 hit Vancouver Island - Feb. 14th.

Magnitude 4.9 struck near Guadalupe Victoria, Baja California, Mexico on Feb. 14th.

Magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Northern California near Weitchpec, CA on Feb. 13th.

Neptune Brings Weirdness on this Long Strange Journey to the Pisces New Moon


Just since the last Full Moon things have gotten a lot stranger as we embark on the last leg of the journey to the Pisces New Moon on February 21st. Just a quick preview, since I will devote a whole blog to this lunation...Below a chart set for Tues. the 21st @ 10:35 PM UT in London
has Saturn rising @ 29 degrees trine Neptune-Sun-Moon-Pallas and Chiron all in the sign of the swimming fishes. A sign of illusion, confusion, confinement, deception and oceanic imagination.
Acumen is that dangerous open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion is the Heliacal rising star. One of the fixed stars associated with eyesight problems and suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumors. Acumen is defined as a negative Mars-Moon quality with extreme religious views.
Regulus, the heart of the Lion, one of the Four Royal Stars or Guardians of Heaven is the Heliacal Setting star. This will undoubted relate to a leader with a strong belief in the correctness of one's position. I also suspect that more than one leader will fail and even abdicate or loose their throne or position during this time period.

In fact since Neptune entered Pisces on February 3rd. the term bizarre has taken on a new meaning. Sure we expected Neptune or Poseidon the God of the Seas and Earthquakes to bring massive waves and tremors from fault to continent to back but not this fast. The last quarter moon which normally deals with turning points and pressure cookers on Valentine's day set the stage with a Scorpio Moon turning into Sagittarius in the afternoon Pacific time to square Neptune. A time of major confusion and as I have said be apprised that every time the moon changes into a mutable sign we are playing with fire setting off the Mars transit in Virgo. This afternoon here in the SF Bay Area, a large outage caused 8,713 customers to lose power.
But that wasn't all since 272 people are confirmed dead in a Honduras prison fire last night.
"Fire officials said the fire started around 10:50 p.m. Tuesday when the inmate set his bedding alight." When the fire started on Tuesday, a Mars ruled day, Scorpio was rising and across from Jupiter in stampeding Taurus thus
Mars the ancient ruler of the chart was in the 11th house of large groups-associations transiting retro. in Virgo. Mars was in opposition to Vesta-Chiron-Mercury all in the sign relating to the 12th house dealing with institutions from prisons to hospitals. Yes Mars which will be retrograde till April 14th hits all the sharp octaves with the growing Pisces stellium (Sun moves into Pisces on Feb. 18th. )
and opposing the Pisces stellium in the 4th house relating to subterfuge and revenge by the prisoner who set his bedding on fire.

The last Full Moon in Leo was all about entertainment, the famous and infamous with the fixed fiery Moon trine Ceres-Uranus in primal fire sign Aries with the last leg of the triangle piinting to N Node-Juno journeying in the independent sigh of Sagittarius. And on Saturday the 11th. Whitney Houston Leo entertainer and diva was pronounced dead @ 3:55 PM PST with Leo rising and the Sun (identity) and chart's ruler in the 7th. near Mercury for the shocking news of her demise.
Then the news on Monday: Prescription drugs found in Whitney Houston's hotel room, report says Neptune strikes again as the media mourns all week fanning the flames of scandal or sacrifice?

This should come as no surprise with Whitney's past history of drug abuse
and her own natal (born Aug. 9, 1963) oppositon from Mercury-Pluto-Pallas (in Virgo) to her birth position of Chiron in Pisces
Chiron in Pisces can reflect struggles with drug-alchol problems and in Whitney's case transiting Mars in Virgo where agravating the situation.

Grammy Strangeness
Then the Grammys on February 12, 2011: And the shocking video and performance from Nicki Minaj (born Dec. 8, 1982) will be debated as "satanic" and "illuminati-inspired" along with lots of over-hyped explanations. Minaj or Onika Tanya Maraj is a flamboyant Sagittarius with Uranus-Pallas-Sun-Venus-Neptune-Mercury and Ceres all in the bold, daring and sign of the sensationalist.

Like Gaga (born March 28, 1986) she is a fire sign with Uranus (the shocker posited in the Archer). Plus both of them are battling to be fashion icons for a generation of Pluto in Scorpio
Sunday's Moon in occult Scorpio was trine Neptune in weird and mystical Pisces
then around the time of the Grammys the Moon was opposing Jupiter known for over-the-top speculations.
while you ponder the meaning of her performance don't expect any type of trite definition
since Neptune in Pisces breaks boundaries artistically and experiments with emotional current.
Plus Mercury the lord of the Virgo transit of devil Mars the malefiic or more importantly the aggressor.

As the creative yet bizarre Leo Full Moon cycle completes on Feb. 21st we still have a week of
mourning Whitney as her funeral is streamed live. Other celebrities like Costner will eulogize
and add to her legacy.
There is a certain odd fascination with the death of this celebrity and other which despite deeper investigations via Mercury (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
will define mainstream news distractions. With Neptune and Pluto (sexitle) so strong this week expect religion, spiritualism and the supernatural to intermix adding a mysterious twist.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Full Snow Moon Meets Saturn Retrograde


The Native Americans who of the north and east designated February’s full moon as the Full Snow Moon when heavy snow and ice accumulated. Some tribes even referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, when severe weather conditions in some areas made hunting difficult. I wonder if they thought that the extreme freezing weather which hit Europe recently would be this bad. Currently the plunging temperatures have claimed over 400 victims from Serbia to Greece and are causing widespread disruption.

This Full Moon which began @ 1:54 PM PST or 4:54 PM EST is anything but quiet and complacent.
Lots of swift, dramatic changes akin to the Aquarian New Moon on January 23rd. when not only the year of the Water Dragon commenced but Mars was exactly trine Mercury then a highly potent Mars station begin.
From the early morning, we will have various world leaders and the media making big announcements
while fighting in Syria reaches a fever pitch as leaders try diplomatic efforts to get them to stop.
Other announcements and reversals involving Leo the sign most connected to weddings is that Prop 8 OVERTURNED: Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down In California. Mercury meets the Sun in wild, unusual and internet oriented Aquarius @ 1:03 AM Pacific Time. Major technological breakthroughs are unveiled: Scientists develop biological computer to encrypt and decipher images.
"Instead of using traditional computer hardware, a group led by Professor Ehud Keinan of Scripps Research and the Technion created a computing system using bio-molecules. "
The future is here and really scary with the possibility of bio-borg controlled societies via wifi, most likely ran by the most advanced AI systems in the world.
In the evening we have the surprise political win for Rick Santorum in Colorado,Minnesota and Missouri.
(Santorum besides being a conservative fixed Taurus Sun with a square to Chiron in Aquarus
rode in with a natal Uranus (Leo) trine to Venus in Aries as Venus shifts from changeable, moody Pisces into cardinal and aggressive Aries this evening @ 10:01 PM PST.

Saturn stations before most of most folks in the Western US have breakfast, the taskmaster and ringed planet appears to be stationary @ 6:03 AM PST. This Saturn retrograde lasts till June 25, 2012, we are in for a time of increased responsibility, when declaring social and personal boundaries are essential.This is a time to understand karmic limitations, slow down, embrace discipline and to be aware of more efforts toward austerity. Another factor here on the West Coast is the potential for swift changes with cardinal rising and descendant. In other words it doesn't matter whether the chart is set for San Francisco or Los Angeles both cardinal Cancer rising opposing Pluto(Capricorn) in the descendant TSQ Uranus-Ceres (Aries intercepted in the 10th - meaning sudden reversals or earthquakes? Actually two quakes struck in the Gulf of Santa Catalina Region and both are E of Avalon, CA. Then just a couple minutes later another 2.7 Magnitude tremor struck 11 miles from Mt. Baldy outside of Glendora, CA

The Full Moon set for Washington DC @ 4:54 PM PST has Leo rising 12 degrees with this curious Sabian: "An other worldly costume party in a grove hung with Japanese lanterns. Nature spirits dance and carouse under a half-moon, each wear a mask painted with the face of human being."
Fixed signs on the rising and descendant reflects a stubborn polices with the unexpected on the horizon. A reflection of these intractable diplomacy is that the U.S. Maintains Embargo of Cuba After 50 Years, Despite International Condemnation started on 2-7-1962.

Fixed Stars and Their Effects
In the SF. Chart the Heliacal Rising Star is Rukbat a star in the foot of the Archer (Sagittarius Constellation). Rukbat is the symbol of steadiness and consistency. When rising Rukbat is all about leading a life that is unswerving from our convictions.

The Heliacal Setting Star is Castor a binary star in the constellation of the Twins. Castor is the mortal Twin famous for his skill in taming and managing horses sort of goes with the N Node in Sag. , Castor is the Northern Twin (western). The immortal Twin is Pollux, the Boxer.
Castor is the story teller who dedicates himself to research and ideas but fails to incorporate the shadow side of life. As the setting star, Castor
seeks the realm of opposites and usually has to defend his ideas and lifestyle.

Wherever the Full Moon occurs the Sun (Aquarius) conjunct fixed star Sualocin which is pale yellow star in the constellation Delfinus the Dolphin.
This relates to: Scientists mystified by largest dolphin stranding in northeast U.S. in 20 years.
More strandings are expected after 129 dolphins beached themselves on Cape Cod in the last three weeks, with 92 dying in "the single largest stranding" of dolphins in the Northeast since at least 1999, the International Fund for Animal Welfare reported Monday.
Saturn the ancient ruler of Aquarius is stationing retrograde adding to the magnitude of "this is the largest, most protracted stranding event in recent decades,"
These dangerous strandings on Cap Cod started on Jan. 12th 2012 right after the Cancer Full Moon when the Moon and Mars were in Virgo opposing Ceres in Pisces.
Now that Neptune has entered oceanic mysterious and more compassionate Pisces (Feb. 3rd) the news media is finally understanding the seriousness of these events and how they reflect the health of the oceans and continued earth changes.