Sunday, August 17, 2008


When my wife and I witnessed that split second Michael Fred Phelps (born June 30, 1985) inspired victory (by 0.01 of a second) over Milorad Cavic we were skeptical, to say the least. As the article below states: "Milorad Cavic led the race from start to finish, including at the 50-meter mark. Toward the end of the race, it appeared that Phelps closed on Cavic's lead, but still could not manage to beat him. The eyes of all the spectators in the aquatic center in Beijing, as well as those millions around the world, clearly saw that Milorad Cavic has won the race. Televised replays from all the different angles, including the one from underwater cameras, clearly showed that Cavic was the fist one to touch the wall."

One thing was for sure with current transits of Mercury-Venus-Saturn and Mars in Virgo all applying to past or future opposition with Neptune ruled Uranus (quick and unexpected deception is possible) Not to mention the strategic asteriod Pallas
@ 04 Gemini along with Hygeia (health fitness) @ 12 Gemini creating even more of an environment for "flexible realities."
Chart below set for starting time per: National Aquatics Center / Sat Aug 16 2008 / Start Time: 10:10 + 50:58 seconds AWST - 8:00 Beijing Time has Libra rising 19 degrees Sabian : A Jewish Rabbi or A Rabbi shares a moral fable with his congregation that is based on his struggles with personal demons. Looks like a bit of propaganda or manipulation - But Wait!
Venus is the ruler of the ascendant posited @ 12 Virgo 10 near the 12th house cusp. The Sabian for 13 Virgo A powerful statesman wins to his cause a hysterical mob.

Michael Phelps - The Greatest Amphibian of All Times* - or just another corporate created Frankenstein?

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