Thursday, December 23, 2010

Romania in the News - Eclipse Triggers Sinkhole/Suicide Attempt

Romania Leads and Bleeds after the Eclipse -
Two shockers in today's news come from Romania harking bak to the revolution of 89.
Both just as dramatic - the first was a Huge Sinkhole and the Second an Attempted Suicide to protest austerity (sounds like Capricorn right).
Before we drill down on the stories, let's look at the Romanian Democratic Chart from 1989. Back then there was a week-long series of increasingly violent riots and fighting in late December 1989. These destabilizing events overthrew the government of the totalitarian president Nicolae Ceauşescu. The" moment of revolution" was based on accounts that said that Ceauşescu fled the anger of the mob @ 1 PM.
The inner chart is set for Dec. 22, 1989 @ 1 PM EET - 2:00
and the Outer Chart for Tues. Lunar Eclipse DEc. 21, 2010 @ 10:17 AM EET - 2:00
Big time transits of Pluto and Mars right over the Mid-Heaven Point of the Independence
chart @ 11 degrees Capricorn. Then Sun-Pallas-N Node following in the sign of structure
Capricorn at the Solstice and transiting over the 1989 revolution chart. In fact the current capricorn stellium is right on the freedom-revolutionary Sun-Uranus conjunction
in the 1989 Chart for those two unexpected events. Even more destructive is that the eclipse stellium is also opposing Ceres-Jupiter-Chiron all in the 3rd/4th houses of the
Romanian Revolution Chart with Ceres as letting go of communist control and Jupiter the defensive attitude and Chiron the wounds to the populace from these government programs.
What sparked the rioting in 1989 was Nicolae Ceauşescu's draconian austerity program, forcing Romania to liquidate its entire national debt in only a few years. Sound familiar? Could the current polices plunge the population into painful shortages and increasing poverty again? Like down a sinkhole of no return!


Be prepared to translate...
State of Emergency Declared in Romanian Town - Authorities declared a state of emergency in Ocna Mureş in Romania. There are so many sinkholes appearing worldwide as seismic and earth shifts continue daily. Again the effect of Pluto in orb other planets/points
in Capricorn is radical ground shifts.

The second event as a protestor who attempted suicide while the parliament was in session.
Dec. 23, 2010: With Sun-Leo (attention) square Venus in Scorpio(suicide attempt) as a trigger
The Protestor who jumped (Uranian) was "angry at austerity measures" which of course reflects the current Pallas-Sun-N Node-Pluto-Mars all in Capricorn.

Man jumps from balcony of Romania’s parliament
It was always going to be a dramatic day in Romania’s parliament with Emil Boc’s government facing yet another no-confidence vote.
But no-one could have predicted the tragic turn of events that interrupted the prime minister’s speech.
A protest plunge from a TV technician sent shockwaves through the chamber. Angry at austerity measures, the man wore a T-shirt saying “You killed our children’s future.” Media reports said he had lost benefits for his autistic son.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After the Solstice, Solar Eclipse and Jupiter-Uranus Swim thru Stargates

Now that yesterday's Total Lunar Eclipse/Solstice is still leaving waves in the wake
of indiscriminate forces. let's look ahead to Jan. 4, 2011 and the Partial Solar Eclipse.
Visible in : the UAE and other nations will be in path of partial solar eclipse The eclipse will also be visible in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and other countries in the Middle East. IE the Middle East including
Yemen where the Gulf of Aden Stargate is located
You know the same place where the major earthquake swarm occurred back in November 2010.
Looking below we see a chart set for Dubai at time of Greatest Eclipse
The exact conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in the realm of Psoidon, Pisces occurs a few
hours after @ 6:18 PM. This conjunction, no matter the sign is known to trigger shocking reversals which have been happening in diverse areas from religion, sports, law, weather and transportation.

As I said in my blog entry on Dec. 17th. (Total Lunar Eclipse/Solstice Event 12-21-10 Part One ) "this Lunar and the following
Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011 are part of the family of eclipses called Saros Sereis 13 North. This is a family of eclipses that deals with large groups or associations
relating well to Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces.

The energy describes large group projects where which require a separation or breaking of a bond. At first individual members of these groups may experience a sharp separation at first then later a renewal as a joint achievement is accomplished."

One thing is for sure the aftermath of Tuesday's Total Lunar/Solstice Eclipse has
elements of breaking bonds was anything but boring or normal. Right out of the gate a major 7.4 Magnitude Quake struck at 03:19:40 AM on Dec. 22nd E of Chichi-shima, Bonin Islands, Japan or 09:19:40 AM (PST) on Dec. 21st. Ok this quake validated the earthquake predictions considering: "The end of the total eclipse will be visible rising at sunset for Japan and northeastern Asia." But the shaking hasn't stopped with over 64 aftershocks Things are still shaking in this area known as the Dragon's Triangle.
The Dragon’s Triangle follows a line from Western Japan, north of Tokyo, to a point in the Pacific at approximate latitude of 145 degrees east. It turns west south west, past the Bonin Islands...

Islands and lands masses have formed and disappeared literally overnight through volcanic activity and seaquakes

Today a 6.3 Mg. struck around the same depth 10 km (6.2 miles)
(the notorious HAARP Depth). The facts: in the last two days have been 64 earthquakes occurred in the region, all with a force between 4.7 and 7.4 on the Richter scale.
Speculations is it another Stargate forming near the Bonin Islands
or is it an undersea volcano or perahsp a Mega-Tsunami to hit after the next eclipse?

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Rare Mega Lunar Eclipse-Solstice Part Two

It has been established by the mainstream news that this is a "Rare Eclipse" and hasn't happened on a Winter Solstice for 392 years. Thus the Meme of the unexpected and uncommon has been spread like a fad that travels quickly through the Internet. A Meme has been defined as a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another. The other unusual quality is the length of totality - a full 72 minutes of an eerie amber light which plasy across the snows of North America. One thing for sure about this Solar Eclipse is that when the Moon is in the deepest part of the shadow, she will display a fantastic shade of coppery red. The other thing is try not to hold onto anything material for too long because it will be separated from you.
Separated to become part of an alchemical process that will touch all of us as Chiron/Neptune trine the Moon to enhance our sensitivity to others wounds. This is also
a really psychic moon in a TSQ to Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces and the Sun...

Emotions are high and spirits are restless tonight in Cali. waiting for the Eclipse to start. Here in California we are starting to see the moon shine in all her glory thur
the clouds. As I mentioned in my last blog, the predictors are coming out of the woodwork talking about an Uber Quake on the West Coast. From the examiner
Will quake follow California storm event
Kevin Martin, the hip hop weatherman says: "Quakes hit without warning and I've noticed at times they have hit during certain weather conditions across the area, this is one of them".
Betelgeuse found in the right armpit/shoulder of the Hunter, Orion is conjunct the Moon
by aspect or longitude which can aid success to any venture. Betelgeuse by paran is culminating with the Sun on the Nadir adding to the power of persistence.
Sirius is culminating with Mars On Nadir
The scorcher adds to the fire of Mars and produces a dedication which can leads to brilliance. This a great time to use such a strong focus with Mars now in Capricorn and exalted. Betelgeuse with the Sun gives the acute ability to understand and use occult and mystical subjects. Also brings acute diseases, fevers, honor and preferment ending in final ruin. [Robson) Another combo made for the "doomers in the house."

Cardinal Cross and Rare Eclipse Meme event.

Review the chart abover for LA at Maximum Eclipse @12:17 AM has Libra rising at 4 degrees 53 minutes opposing Uranus-Jupiter near the descendant for one arm of the cross
with Sun-Pallas-N Node-Pluto-Mars all congregating at the IC opposing Moon-S Node at
the Zenith. In fact another record is being made by this Solstice Eclipse - From the Griffith Observatory where they are celebrating this event: "The eclipse occurs on the longest night of the year, and its maximum is only about fifteen hours before winter begins. It is also the highest in the sky that a totally eclipsed Moon has appeared from Los Angeles in 1,591 years and it will not be this high again for at least another millennium. "

In the LA chart Mirfak,a star on the right side of Perseus aka the Elbow is both the Heliacal Setting Star and rising with Jupiter. The element of Mirfak relates to heroic and decisive actions take to further a cause. The myths tell of how, the hero Perseus undertook a mission to kill the Medusa. Perseus was furnished with the sword, cap and wings of Mercury and the shield of Minerva. We may all know that Perseus killed the Medusa by cutting off her head, Later perseus went on to kill the sea monster Cetus and marry Andromeda. Perseus founded a city, having dropped his cap or found a mushroom (both named myces) at Mycenae.

One thing for sure it is cold all over and the weather is making the news with Mercury square Uranus today. Lots of cold rain and snow in the Western States
Water, water everywhere as we look ahead to 1:22 PM PST when the Moon moves from mutable air in Gemini into active water in Cancer. Even the Mayan Calendar which is now in the 7th Day of the Galactic Underworld reflects this element. The Tzolkein Date for December 22, 2010 Galactic Tone 1 Water-Offerings/MULUC

In Washington DC where the eclipse will be at maximum @ 3:17 AM EST for photography and sky watching we have a Scorpio rising chart (Venus in the first) with ruler Mars in the 3rd. house ahead of Pluto both in controlling, limiting and regulating Capricorn.
Note that all the recent laws have been passed under a Mercury retrograde session since
Mercury the messenger appeared to move backwards (Retrograde) back on Dec. 10th
Everyday new articles are surfacing about government spying:
Monitoring America: The Government’s Development Of A Vast Panopticon Spy Network
not just from sites like Infowars but right out of the Washington Post.
Come to think about with Venus in Scorpio in the first representing debt, I think that the spy minions won'tbe able to keep going much past the end of 2011.
Plus the Sun-Mercury retrograde-Pallas-N Node are in the 2nd house of values-resources and money opposing the 8th house of debt/taxes/death where the Moon-S Node reside .

Eclipse Fixed Stars for DC as Empire is Collapsing
Break it down with HELIACAL RISING STAR being Antares the heart of the Scorpion
representing passion and obsession as the legislators are driven to pass as many
bills as possible during this lame duck session.
To Review when Royal Star, Antares is rising - We have riches and honor fading, violence, sickness, benefits that seldom last. per Robson

The HELIACAL SETTING STAR is El Nath which is a brilliant pure white star that marks the tip of the northern or left horn of Taurus the Bull. In Babylonia El Nath was known as Shur-narkabti-sha-iltanu, the "Star in the Bull towards the North", or the "Northern Star towards the Chariot", referring to the Chariot of Auriga. El Nath confronts life head on
dealing with real life and real issues.
Back to the Washington District of Criminals and this eclipse, El Nath is said to portend the results of the beginnings of political undertakings. Undertakings or more like blatant takeovers like SB 510 to control the production of food.
Acumen Strong
Yes we are talking about M7 that open cluster of stars above the Scorpion's stinger.
Drilling down we see that Acumen is culminating with the Sun
Personal attacks on one’s credibility - Arising and lying hidden
Acumen is also culminating as Jupiter is Rising
A person who puts themselves at risk in response to their social conscience - Arising and lying hidden
This star along with Aculeus has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems. These stars shows up a negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected, with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse/Solstice Event 12-21-10 Part One

Predictions are being made about the next Full Moon on Tuesday Dec. 21st (exact @ 12:13 AM PST ) in the last degree of Gemini. Wait minute this is also a Total Lunar Eclipse that
is really rare! The lunar eclipse of Dec. 21st falls on the same date as the northern winter solstice. Is this rare? It is indeed, according to Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory, who inspected a list of eclipses going back 2000 years. "Since Year 1, I can only find one previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the solstice, and that is Dec. 21, 1638," says Chester.

Before we look at the path of visibility, we should not that this Lunar and the following
Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011 are part of the family of eclipses called Saros Sereis 13 North. This is a family of eclipses that deals with large groups or associations
relating well to Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces.
The energy describes large group projects where which require a separation or breaking of a bond. At first individual members of these groups may experience a sharp separation at first then later a renewal as a joint achievement is accomplished.

The eclipse is visible after midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 21 in North and South America. The Total eclipse lasts more than an hour from 02:41 am to 03:53 am EST on Tuesday morning, Dec. 21st The beginning of the total eclipse will be visible from northern Europe just before sunrise. The end of the total eclipse will be visible rising at sunset for Japan and northeastern Asia, it also appears very visible to the Philippines just after sunset (as in Partial lunar eclipse).

To get a better understanding of the geological effects of this coming Eclipse/Solstice
check out this recent story:
Earth’s Core ‘Mysteriously’ Shifts Causing near Simultaneous Antipodal Earthquakes in Central America, South America and Indonesia

Chart Below Set for Los Angeles which is supposed to be an area to be hit by a Mega-Earthquake.

This lunar eclipse appears as a (BLOOD MOON) which is predicted to create major earth changes and earthquakes and volcanoes in other parts of the world besides the West Coast
of the US.

Azores Alert started to be announced today due to an oceanic volcano eruption.
More on the undersea volcano in the Azores and the recent quakes.
Mega Tsunami Alert to US East Coast

Second, Jack Coles predicts a major earthquake to hit between NOW and January 1st and he's never been wrong. The prediction has been made for Southern California and is predicted to be a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE.

Third, there was a prophecy made from the prophecy club that said, when we see a major earthquake occur in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, THREE DAYS LATER nuclear war starts in the U.S.

Fourth, N and S Korea are beginning to look like a tinderbox where nuclear war could
start especially with Mars in Capricorn applying to a tense square with Saturn

Fifth, the lunar eclipse will be seen in N. America which could indicate that this region will be effected in spades. The New Madrid fault is also awakening steadily with
continued quakes near Guy, Arkansas.

Looking at the Fixed Stars for LA and the West Coast
Fixed Stars
Antares the heart of the Scorpio Constellation - is Rising 73 mins 11 secs before Sunrise - All about being driven by passion and obsession

Mirfak a star on the right side of Perseus, the hero - Setting before Sunrise -
Eagerly engaging in, and pursuing, the events of one's life
The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others. [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.14.]

RISING - Stars of Your Youth
Mirfak is rising Jupiter is Rising orb 01 mins 44 secs -
Achievement through decisive action
Algol, the demon star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying. is is rising with another malefic Mars which is Culminating orb 01 mins 52 secs -
A time of extremes with constructive, but also highly destructive events.

Acumen is an open cluster of stars (M7) and found above the sting of the Scorpion.
Yes Acumen has a strong presence and is culminating as the Sun is Culminating
Personal attacks on one’s credibility - Arising and lying hidden
"It means sting in Latin, smarts in English. [K]HaKHMaH means smart in Hebrew

Deneb Adige is a brilliant white star in the tail of the Swan. Deneb is setting as Jupiter is Setting orb 01 mins 49 secs -
Adept physically, or desiring to solve problems of the physical world
Betelgeuze, is an orange or "ruddy" star marking the right armpit or shoulder of the Hunter, or Giant, and the 9th brightest star in the sky.
Betelgeuse is culminating Moon is Culminating orb 00 mins 23 secs -
Great military fortune, command, invention, ingenuity and helps in the perfection of arts and sciences. If at the same time with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, ample fortune and great honor. [Robson*, p.147.] An empowered person who is concerned with the quality of life
Alnilam is culminating Jupiter is Setting orb 00 mins 27 secs -
Success in bridging the gap from one social status to another

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fixed Stars and Geminids Over the West Coast

I almost forgot to list the climactic stars for last Sunday's (dec.5th) New Moon set for San Francisco.
Right from the jump off the platform we had daredevil Sag. featured but first.
There was a prophetic quality to the last new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. 5th.
@ 9:37 AM PST That Lunation had Mars in a TSQ to Juno in analytical and the not so Virgin,
Virgo opposing the massive trickster conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus demanding surprises
to awaken everyone!

Now over the West Coast an aura or is it a high pressure system bringing clouds of mystery. As I write clouds which are building Moving toward the first quarter on Dec. Moon 13th/14th. Checking into SpaceWeather we find:
That Monday and Tues will aligns with the peak of The Geminid meteor shower this year.
On Dec. 13th. @ 8:13 PM chart below where something is coming.
the mighty Capricorn Conjunction with Mercury-Mars-Pluto aligning @ 4 degrees 41 Capricorn - Sabian: Indians rowing a canoe
and dancing a war dance.
A war dance in the sky or as Phaethon myth says :
Phaeton wanted to drive his chariot (the sun) for a day. Helios tried to talk him out of it by telling him that not even Zeus would dare to drive it,
(Perhaps the human race needs some advice like this before we destroy our planet)
Phaethonveered too high, th earth grew chill. Then he dipped too close, and the vegetation dried and burned. He accidentally turned most of Africa into desert;

"The running conflagration spreads below. But these are trivial ills: whole cities burn, And peopled kingdoms into ashes turn.
Eventually, Zeus was forced to intervene by striking the runaway chariot with a lightning bolt to stop it, and Phaëthon plunged into the river Eridanos. Helios, stricken with grief, refused to drive his chariot for days.

This week, Earth is entering a stream of debris from asteroid 3200 Phaethon, source of the mysterious Geminid meteor shower. Although the shower's peak won't come until Dec. 13th and 14th, people are already seeing a smattering of bright shooting stars. Fredrik Broms photographed this Geminid streaking over the snowy hills of Kvaløya, Norway, on Dec. 7th:


Antares the heart of the Scorpio - Rising 01 mins 38 secs before Sunrise -
One of the four Royal Stars known for passion and obsession. Yet when rising Antares If will bestow: Riches and honor, violence, sickness, benefits seldom last.
Antares makes people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. This is an important star for military personnel and is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage and to make dare-devils,

is Algol - can't get much clearer:
Algol, the Demon, the Demon Star, and the Blinking Demon, from the Arabians' Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head
Algol, is a bright star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying - is also about fame or making someone famous. and is setting 04 mins 09 secs before Sunrise -
Led by one's passions, to create or destroy.
Algol is also culminating as Mercury is Culminating orb 00 mins 37 secs -
Here the intensity and passion is channeled into writing and communicating.
It is interesting also that Algol is found on a list with other fixed stars reflect
strange Meteorological phenomena The same list where Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are found relating to violent rains.
In the New Moon chart Betelgeuse from Orion is culminating with Mars
Betelgeuse, is an orange star marking the right armpit or shoulder of the Hunter, or Giant and inspiring the undertaking of large and painstaking projects.
According to Robson: With Mars, Betelgeuse reflects Caution, reserve, good leader and organizer,receiving honor and preferment in military matters.
Bellatrix, the female warrior is also found in Orion,a pale yellow star marking the left shoulder of the Hunter. So Bellatrix is culminating with the Moon which is on the Nadir orb 01 mins 24 secs - Usually marking compassionate and one who helps others.
Yet the Amazon Star with Moon per Robson: has a feminine touch but represents multiple
virtues and immorality with Luxury, lust, vain ambition, waste, ruin, blindness by accidents, great power, honor and wealth, honor in martial matters, as soldier, surgeon, metal worker; may attain distinction through courage.

For Star Aspects we have Mars @ 28 Sag. conjunct Acumen found in the constellation Scorpio
representing enduring attacks which weaken. Mars is just plain prominent especially in paran wwith Acumen which is culminating while Mars is Culminating orb 01 mins 38 secs -
Motivated as if on a mission to to act even in the face of hardship or negative social opinion

What Makes Bernie Stand and Twitter?

Site Last Updated Dec. 10, 2010: Bernie Marathon-Manned Up and Busted Twitter on this Aquarian moon
He took the floor at 10:25 AM EST. which guess what?! This is Aquarius, the media/internet sign which can bring notoriety and Plus rising at 4 deg. 57 minutes = this appropriate Sabian Symbol: "A council of ancestors" and another version has: "A man marches resolutely out of the crypt into the sunlight."
Sanders was sticking to his ideals and in the midst of debate a current trend with Sagittarius Sun square Jupiter He took the floor at 10:25 AM EST. with guess what Aquarius the media/internet sign
Bernie (born Sept. 8, 1941) with a major grouping of planets from Virgo to Libra - getting triggered by mutable and cardinal transits.
there are many contacts like transitng Juno (partnership) in Virgo hitting a Mid Point between Bernie's Karmic S Node and idealistic Neptune
So what makes Bernie continue on his feet orating for over 8 hours, one this is his natal passionate Moon-Mars Aries conjunction opposing Venus in Libra (aka the charmer) there are so many close aspects in the Filibuster today which incidentally took place with transiting Mercury in Cap. moving retro. this morning @ 7:06 AM EST.
@ 5 Cap.
Let's take a look at a Bi-Wheel Chart with Bernie's natal time unknown
and outside wheel with exact time the Filibuster started (10:25 AM EST)

Yes today's retrograde Mercury (stalling and going over the same territory) now is moving closer to Pluto-N Node-Mars in political animal Capricorn in a close 90 angle to his natal Juno-Mercury combo in Libra the ability to articulate the importance of equality, give and take in all relationship along with maintaining a balance of power.

A mainstream description tying in the NET, and twitter popularity with Uranus co-ruler in the 2nd slightly ahead of Jupiter both in the sign that is helping move social networks ahead Pisces. Also the other ruler of the ascendant, the Karmic Teacher and Taskmaster, Saturn now in Libra and in the 8th house which deals with taxes and other peoples money! also the house most related to Pluto the Power Hungry Lord.
This takes us back to the 11th house wher the Capricorn powerhouse of Mercury-Pluto-N Node-Mars which relates to his staff twitting to the social community (11th house of Aquarius).
Bernie Sanders filibuster
turns Twitter-buster

Sen. Bernie Sanders went from filibuster to Twitter-buster hours into his nine-hour stand Friday against the proposed tax cut deal, the first
genuine filibuster seen in the Senate since 1992.

Twitter users flocked to Sanders' page to express their support for the

independent senator from Vermont, a longtime critic of extending tax cuts for America’s wealthiest and a vocal critic of the deal President Obama

negotiated with Republicans, as he stood talking for hour after hour with only water as sustenance.

Sanders added more than 4,000 new Twitter followers, and his name trended at No. 1 on Twitter throughout much of the afternoon. His name was
also a top search term on Google Trends.

Sanders took the floor at 7:25 a.m. PST and eventually ceded it just after 4 p.m. His staff tweeted continually through his stand, the latest being: "Sen.

...non-stop #filibuster. Sanders has not left the floor once in that time."

Sen Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mars-Pluto-Mercury in Cap. Demolition, Fire, Propaganda

The few days on my website I have harping on the dangers and energies opened up by
the Sagittarius New Moon and the ingress of Mars into Capricorn on Dec. 7th.
After today it seems like we are heading into a proverbial hell shoddy hand basket.

Since I am an astro journalist, who tells the story using the movement of the stars and today's Moon in Aquarius really was about shocking stories,
these glaring stories of chaos and planned destruction caught my eyes.
Demolition teams torch California "bomb house"
Flames roared, and thick, toxic gray smoke billowed from the single-story, wood-framed "bomb house" as the long-planned controlled incineration began shortly before 11 a.m. local time, touched off by remote control. Capricorn is the sign that most matches such
careful planning along with Uranus.

The other story: 'Vandals have hacked at the heart of Christianity': 2,000-year-old Holy Thorn Tree of Glastonbury is cut down.

(astrologically) Thorns relate to Mars now heading for a destructive meeting with Pluto
As this senseless act of vandalism to one of Britain’s most important symbols of Christendom the Glastonbury Thorn
relates to Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces ( to Christianity)
Both planets in a TSQ to Pallas in Sag. and Juno in Virgo (also relates to Christ)

More on the Legend of the Glastanbury Thoron :
"According to legend, Saint Joseph traveled to the spot after Christ was crucified, taking with him the Holy Grail of Arthurian folklore.
He is said to have stuck his wooden staff – which had belonged to Jesus – into the ground on Wearyall Hill before he went to sleep. When he awoke it had sprouted into a thorn tree, which became a natural shrine for Christians across Europe.
To add to its sacred status, the tree ‘miraculously’ flowered twice a year – once at Christmas and once at Easter. "

After this could the attacks get any worse?
What is Coming NEXT WEEK

Chart Set for Dec. 13th. @ 11:13 PM EST in DC.

Coming Monday, Dec. 13th. a monumental day hosted by a Pisces Moon that changes into Aries a few hours later with Mercury-Mars-Pluto all conjunct.
This is the start of a critical first qtr. moon.
and this unusual series of close conjunctions in Capricorn the sign of planning occurs @ 4 degrees and 41 minutes of Cap. with the ominous Sabian: "Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance. "

As you can see it is all coming down a lot faster and Mercury moving retro. will
hasten the demolition. fire and take overs. Ordo Ad Chao
Have You Seen This? - I think they are European

Anonymous Attacks relate to Pluto and Mars in orb of Uranus (Internet)
Operation Payback - Anonymous Message About ACTA Laws, Internet Censorship and Copyright

Monday, December 06, 2010

New Moon in Sagittarius - Fixed Stars of Troubles and War

We are one day away from Dec. 7th the 69th. anniversary of Pearl Harbor 1941

Upon examination of the last new moon in Sagittarius, the most striking Fixed Star is the
HELIACAL RISING STAR - Antares. Per Robson If Rising: Antares will bring riches and honor, violence, sickness, benefits which seldom last.
Antares is one of the Royal Stars of Persia and one of the four key stars in the heavens, also called archangel stars. Antares is the Watchers of the WEST: Oriel. Antares, is a red binary star, the center of the constellation Scorpio called "the Heart of the Scorpion". Antares is known to make people tough, belligerent and pugnacious. Antares is rising with the Sun & Moon adding a ration of emotional turmoil.
Even if we just look at the longitudal or star aspects we find Mars conjunct Acumen. Yes Acumen is on the nadir with Mars - when people are motivated to act even in the face of hardship or negative social opinion. Myths says that Acumen or M7 is an open cluster of stars above the sting of the Scorpion. This star along with Aculeus has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems.
Note that Uranus is Setting when Aculeus is On Nadir. Another dangerous indication
of potential attacks, aggressive action against a culture or a community.

The HELIACAL SETTING STAR is Alcyone. Alcyone aka "The Central One", is the central or main star and also the largest star of the Pleiades found in the shoulder blade of the Bull. There is bright side along with a tragic as Robson says: Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face...
Relating to the weather, Alycyone is also prominent when it comes to deluges and floods and along with Bellatrix and indicate calamatous rain and violent storms.
Bellatrix is one of the stars on the angles also relating a life of struggles.

Mirach is rising as the Sun is culminating. Mirach is found "in the Girdle of the Chained Woman" or Andromeda and sometimes relates to earthquakes. Per Robson, Mirach with the Sun can deal with difficulties through opposite sex, disappointments in expectations with love.
Also Alphard the sea serpent found iin the neck of the Watersnake plays a part in this lunation. Alphard is on the nadir as the moon in setting - A ruthless attitude to life, a passion for nature...Laying on the doom Robson speaks of Alphard with the Moon : A star relating to lust, wantonness, profligacy, failure in projects even danger of death by asphyxiation!

Betelgeuze, is culminating as Mars is on the Nadier. Betelgeuse is an orange star marking the right armpit or shoulder of the Hunter, Orion. Per Robson: Betelgeuse with Mars brings a cautious , reserved, quality of leadership and organizing, honor and preferment in military matters.

Algol is still in the picture and Neptune is setting when Algol is Culminating - be wary
since this mirrors potential fatal accidents, loss of life - Plus Algol is in Curtailed passage.

Sage New Moon - Julian hits a wall with Vesta-Saturn

Since yesterday's Sag. blast of New Moon freshness, it has been quite a day with Mars leaving Sagittarius and applying to a conjunction to Pluto in Cappy. right on the First Qtr. Moon: Dec. 13th. Just a hint: Dec. 13th will be a big day for difficult news. Mars-Pluto is known as a combo of tremendous power, passion, invisible strengths and sometimes black magicians. So all this is happening to the sound of horse hooves. The picture above is from "Cavalia II" the Cirque style horse show reflects a kind public empathy a celebrating the nodal change coming in March 2011 as N Node moves into more boundary breaking Sagittarius. On a more human level: a celebration of the relationship that horses and humans have enjoyed together.
Some more immediate timing deals with Mercury's stations retro. on Dec. 10th and will no longer separate from this noteworthy meeting with the Dark Lord of transmigration. With Sag. we can't forget that the far reaches of the galaxy are covered.
Also of major note today the MEGA-FILAMENT BREAK: A magnetic filament snaking around the sun's SE limb erupted. Check out the movie with the CME tongue exploding toward earth.

Back on earth some kind of financial eruption might be nigh as the Fed. continues to get hit. Finances, economic breakdowns leading to this story: Government can’t print money properly
As a metaphor for our troubled economic and financial era -- and the government's stumbling response -- this one's hard to beat. You can't stimulate the economy via the money supply, after all, if you can't print the money correctly.
Mercury rules printing along with the 3rd. house and this story hits the airwaves with Mercury-Pluto together with Pluto synonymous with mistakes and obsessions.
Also currency/money relates to Venus in Scorpio in close sextile to Pluto...

Pressure mounts on WikiLeaks as net tightens around founder Julian Assange

After eight days of leaks, old allegations have come back to haunt the 39-year-old Australian
Well let's get back to Julian the elephant in the middle of room and a chart showing him
as the man of he Media Hour and held under skeptical arms length by the alternative blogsphere and truth warriors. The Sag. Moon populated by Vesta-Sun-Moon-Pallas-Mars all
in the sign of the archer and sage. In my crudely illustrated dual chart below Juian's natal chart represented by the inner wheel and the Sag. New Moon set for the UK. on the outside. The connections are numerous starting with transiting Saturn in wide conjuncton to Julian's own trickster-shocker and symbol of freedom Uranus in Libra (words-communications) (man without a home) in a TSQ to Julian's Sun @ 10 Cancer and Chiron in Aries (personal wounds and abuse driving him on to disclose). Then there is the Vesta connection in a close opposition to Julian's karmic taskmaster, Saturn Vesta in Sag. relates to spreading an elaborate vision and in a negative aspect to Saturn means alienation and suffering under the burden of too much responsibility. Vesta besides ruling devotional activities, investments, scholarly pursuits also rules sexuality and sexual complexex.

Also as I mentioned in yesterday's New Moon report the Galactic Center (28 Sag. 40 minutes) is a point which is being activated on many levels even with Assage. Look above and see that the New Moon Mars at GC is opposing his natal Ceres @ 28 Gemini near Venus.
Ceres is the asteroid which signifies the mother, nurturing, the helping professions. Julian with Ceres in Gemini tends to nurture others by communicating intellectual messages or at least this is what he believes. Transiting Mars in risk taking Sagittarius is closely opposed his natal Ceres forcing him to let go by acting in a masculine style.

Opinions about Disinfo-WikiLeakss

Back on July 26th near the Full Moon in Aquarius Corbett and Pilato nailed the hype behind the WikiLeaks
Considering that Uranus-Jupiter were retrograde in early degrees of Aries opposing Saturn-Libra and Mars in late degrees of Virgo. Now we have Mars separating from squares to Jupiter-Uranus. Knowing of course that Jupiter-Uranus represent shocking leaks of info. As Jeremy Scahill says: Corp. media discloses what we already know.
story early on with: Wikileaks + MSM Hype = ?

Back to Juian represented by the inner wheel and the Sag. New Moon set for the UK.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Pyramids and the Sphinx a Far-Away Sagittarius New Moon Story

Location: Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories CANADA
Image Taken: Dec. 4, 2010
" These Aurora's were SO BRIGHT ...they did cast shadows on the ground !! photos taken just after midnight December 4th, 2010 here in Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Terrtories

Sagittarius, the sign of abundance, travel,all things foreign, hunting and hope. The seven league traveler and space adventurer. Pyrotechnics, swift arrows, broadcasts, publications, preachers, authors all fall under the rulership of this ninth sign of the zodiac.
Just looking at the Sabian Degree we find Moon-Sun @ 13 degrees 28
or 14 degrees Sagittarius - The pyramids and the sphinx. Or a more modern version
A tourist and an Egyptian Guide argue in the front of the Great Pyramid. This is a metaphor for being a tourist in life and trying to force your beliefs on others. This is the New Moon when the issuers and conflicts about the TSA'S invasion of privacy. As we head toward Christmas, resentment and anger against this facist attempt to steal American dignity will intensify.
Another side note with the pyramid imagery and the country of Egypt and Mars sq. Uranus/Pisces.
a grim story:
Sharm el-Sheikh tourist killed in new shark attack
"A 70-year-old German tourist died after being mauled by a shark off the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh today – the latest in a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea over the past five days." Mars was exactly square on Dec. 3rd. @ 6:01 AM PST.

Today's Nova Luna takes place @ 9:36 AM PST or 12:37 EST (lots of drama in DC so we will use that chart.
With Jupiter and Urranus so prominent with the Sag. stellium relating to ethics, morals, legislation, along with corruption. Since both Jupiter-Uranus are in Pisces ruled by Neptune and this tends to massive icing on the cakes with scandals bigger than the next.
From Maryland with Corruption scandal shocks Md. county
From a flushed $100,000 check to $80,000 stuffed into a bra, an ensuing corruption scandal in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Prince George’s County, Md. unfolds

Neptune and Chiron are still traveling close together in 26 Aquarius, so the core wounds just keep on being exposed. Since both Chiron-Neptune have been in a close sextile to Mars we are seeing the dismantling of the Iraq and Afghanistan war with this incredible story and statistic now readily available. This is a true Sign of Empire's Twisted Pathology
More US military personnel have taken their OWN lives than have died in action

Getting back to the chart below set for 12:37 PM in DC. today:
Pisces is rising so compassion is at least brought into the discussion while a benefic and hopeful Sagittarius MidHeaven at 22 degrees (immigrants entering a new country) presides over the House-Senate and lawmakers. Pallas Athene is near the MidHeaven and she is happy that despite past arguments, efforts to bring justice are in the works. Optimism and agreement reflect the desire to keep tax cuts in place as the bluebird is singing near the door (Sabian for 24 Sagi).
In the 10th house are also N. Node-Mercury-Pluto bringing in the agendas for austeriity in 2011. Perhaps the fear campaigns will transform in to more realistic and down to earth
praciticality to deal with debt. It has been pointed out by B. Hand Clow in her New Moon
report that per the US Sibley Chart, that Saturn is going thru the 8th return.
"Saturn in 15 Libra is conjunct the USA Saturn in 15 Libra, so we are experiencing the eighth USA Saturn Return;" This is a chart steeped in growth and change for the US
with the Nodes: Capricorn/Cancer closely crossing Jupiter-Venus @ 5 and 3 degrees Cancer
respectively. So North Node now in restrictive Capricorn will move backwards into more speculative Sagittarius on March 4th. marking the start of an economic recovery.
Jobs will increase along with confidence but not in the old tired out Empire/Slave System. People with be inspired to try new things and build even with all the risks from weather and earth changes.
Venus now direct in Scorpio is in the 8th house of taxes but in a sexitile to Pluto exposing the dark, secret agendas of illuminati-like leaders all done via feminine intuition and pre-cognitive powers. Despite silly movies like the Season of the Witch

Big time Jupiter energies rule both the Sagittarian and Piscean planets. Jupiter deals with ethics, morals, laws, legends, legislators, courts of law, while Neptune (currently conjunct Chiron) hits right on the scandals, corruption
are pushing the envelope with the most outrageous and funny scene.

Mars now VOC in Sagittarius is near the Galactic Center (28 degrees 40 minutes)
complex astronomical radio source Sagittarius A appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center. Note: Sagittarius A*, which coincides with a supermassive black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Finally Sag. A consists of three components, the supernova remnant Sagittarius A East, the spiral structure Sagittarius A West, and a bright compact radio source at the center of the spiral, Sagittarius A*.

So here we are after the New Moon towards not only some major geo-political changes
with Mars entering Capricorn on Dec. 7th and Mercury turning retrograde in Cap. on Dec. 10th but geo-cosmic changes with earth and weather. Following the story of torrential rains in Colombia which have left 174 dead, 1.5 million homeless As Jupiter moves closer to a conjunction with Uranus (stationing direct today) exactly on Jan. 4, 2011 - floods, rains, landslides, tsunamis and other aberrations are sure to get worse.
The toll from weeks of heavy rains across Colombia has risen to 174 people dead and over 1.5 million homeless, the Colombian Red Cross said Saturday.

Get ready since we are heading non-stop into a Gemini Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 21st @ 29 degrees Gemini leading right into the Winter Solstice. The Full Moon is on 3:13 AM EST
for DC crossing the 2nd-8th houses again dealing with the Fed. Reserve-Central Bank-Financial showdowns.
Juno the asteroid dealing with everything involved with relationships and power will be
exactly opposite Jupiter/Uranus in Pisces. Expect a bold, potent transformation to occur with the sexes and their deeper issues around jealousy.
Don't forget that Juno is also associated with weather, the atmosphere besides social ritual, protocol, the matriarch, rights of the powerless, performing arts...
Getting back to quakes and volcanoes - we should be prepared heading toward Winter Solstice. Tremors are happening all over the world from SE of Hanga Roa, Easter Island
to ESE from Guy, AR within earshot of New Madrid lines.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Arsenic, Bravado and Danger with Mars Square Uranus

Things have been chaotic, explosive, shocking and just plain filled with dangers and accidents. Big Hypes and sensationalized stories have taken over and even though Jupiter-Uranus won't meet again in Pisces till Jan. 4th. - The Sagittarian Squares led by Mars
are having a pyrotechnic effect. While oil and water are beginning to overload the price of oil. Today: Oil rally continues despite discouraging jobs data
What about a ship adrift at dangerous seas>?
Weather improves for disabled ship adrift in Bering Sea!
Published: 12/03/1012:17 pm | Updated: 12/03/10 6:42 pm
Definitely a Mars square at sea:
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Coast Guard says a disabled cargo ship carrying canola seeds and thousands of gallons of fuel near Alaska's remote Aleutian Islands has begun moving again on limited engine power.

Forget about Julian Assage and the Wilileaks drama and other distractions.
So very 12 house with hidden enemies exposed, clandestine, intrigues and foreign agens.
GOP resolve dominates the agenda in Congress Whoa, all of
a sudden a party just in power is playing hardball with typical Saturn limitations in the interst of control - Mercury meeting Pluto in Capricorn for sure. In fact they are taking
those on unemployment hostage: GOP fights to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers ...prepared to let unemployment insurance benefits run out for 2 million jobless Americans.

So back to the chart below with Jupiter-Uranus close together in secretive, video, musical
hysterical, risky, speculative where reversals are happening in areas including religion,oil and oceans, sports, law, and transportation.

Just yesterday - BREAKING: Offshore Oil Rig Explodes 20 Miles From New Orleans More about oil rigs and fires in Haifa later.
No the really big story if NASA has their way is:
NASA scientists find bacteria that can live on arsenic So now it gets interesting...
Arsenic relates to Mars in Astrology & on Dec. 3rd, Mars @ 26 degrees 40 minutes will exactly square Uranus - a combination known for surprises and being in Sagittarius there is an enthusiasm for great discoveries. In this case being hailed as
"add deadly arsenic to the six basic elements believed needed for life — carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. with Sagittarius planets moving thru
TSQ with Juno in tech. oriented Pluto and of course Jupiter-Uranus in watery Pisces.
Today's momentous announcement was centered around a non-conforming bacterium from Mono Lake. Bacteria relates to Pluto the modern ruler of today's Moon-Venus in Scorpio. The much hyped news relates to both hyperbole yet this Jupiterean story will get NASA off the hook once they finally announce the more presence of more complex, intelligent aliens
who have been on Mars and the moons of Saturn along.
Newfound bacterium casts life in a new light
After days of rampant speculation that NASA was on the cusp of revealing it had detected extraterrestrial life, the reality was slightly more down-to-Earth.

Back to the other explosion off the roughly 20 miles south-southeast of New Orleans
News organizations in Lousiana are reporting that three people were injured -- two badly burned -- in an oil rig explosion Wednesday

Sound familiar? Come on it wasn't that long ago that on that fated April 20th evening
(yeah Hitler's birthday) with Mars also in a fire sign, that time Leo that the Deep Water Horizon went up in flames and smoke. Back then we had Mars square Mercury not Uranus
but Saturn was in opposition to Uranus on April 26th a synodic transit known for breaking
limitations and being like a demolition charge to the existing framework. This time
Mars in risk taking Sag. has been a trigger with squares to Jupiter (beliefs in the sign of secrets and secret societies. One of the secrets that has been blown sky high this time as Mercury moves to conjunct Pluto on the New Moon - it is all about the FED
Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms and their blatant arrogance an independence in rushing trillions of dollars in emergency aid not just to Wall Street but others .
Looking below we see the strong restraint and financial signature of Mercury - N Node - Pluto all close to the ascendant in colder Capricorn opposing the S Node
Chart Below - Mars SQ Uranus @ 9:01 AM on 12-3-2010 in DC. Which closely matches the Foundation Chart of the Fed. Reserve. (Dec. 23, 1913) Transiting S Node conjunct Pluto in the 1913 chart bringing up the karma of misuse of power all these years - an bringing massive transformation.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ronni Chasen Murder - The Mystery Unfolds

Another bizarre killing with a hidden agenda unfolds around the death of Ronni Chassen.
Police: Suspect in Publicist Murder Kills Self

Man's Connection to Chasen's Murder Was Not Immediately Known

Looking back the circumstance were pretty strange regarding her murder which occured shortly before Venus was set to station direct. on Nov. 18th.

There was always the suspicion that this was a planned hit.
Looking back on her murder - which occurred while she was behind the wheel of
her Mercedes
The Video

Now Detectives say it appears the shooter was an expert marksman.

Chasen, 64, who represented A-list movie stars and promoted some of Hollywood's top films, was driving home Nov. 16 after attending the premiere party for the movie "Burlesque" when she was gunned down.
This bi-wheel chart with Ronni's natal (Oct. 17, 1046 time unknown) in the middle of the wheel and the time of the murder 12:28 AM on Oct. 16th we look toward transiting Mars (for violence) in the sign of the marksman Sagittarius near Mercury in a close opposition to Ronni's N Node of fate in Gemini. Plus both Mercury-Mars are applying to
to an opposition to her natal Uranus for shocking results.

Looking at the chart above with Ronni born Oct. 17, 1946 in the middle of the ring
Chasen was born Veronica Cohen in Kingston, New York in 1946. She was raised in both the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx and the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. [5] She won a series of Duncan Toys Company yo-yo contests held in Morningside Heights as a child.[5][6]

Chasen began her early career as a publicist for her brother, film director Larry Cohen, who hired her as a publicist for his 1973 blaxploitation film, Hell Up in Harlem, which became one of her earliest jobs in the industry.