Friday, May 24, 2013

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius - Full Flower Moon Rocks


May 24th.. after Monday's exact Uranus-Pluto SQ comes the third eclipse since April 25th. Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. This one is the most Powerful
In my latest blog entry I spoke of the third passage Uranus-Pluto waxing square
Still Under the Influence of the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square 5-20-2013 With the 3rd. Eclipse at 9:25 PM PDT May 24th. or 4:25 PM UT Uranus representing sudden, unexpected and explosive energies and in Mars ruled Aries will shock still within orb of conflicting 90 degree angle to the Lord of Destruction and Transformation Pluto in structural Capricorn, events like the collapse of
In SKAGIT COUNTY, Wash. — The Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River at Mount Vernon collapsed Thursday evening, dumping vehicles and people into the water shortly after 7 p.m.
I-5 Skagit River Bridge collapses; people, vehicles in water Back to this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius Looking ahead to Friday, May 24thwhich marks the "epic eclipse day for the West Coast of the USA" The eclipse occurs @ 9:25 PM PD Twith Moon in early Sagittarius. Actually the image below show's moon's hourly motion across the Earth's shadow in the constellation of Scorpius In fact the moon conjuncts the Fixed Star, Acrab a pale white and lilac star found in the head head of the Scorpion. Graffias, was a title for this star Acrab, said to be related to the Greek Grapsaios signifies "Crab," it may be that here lies the origin of the title, for it is well known that the ideas and words for crab and scorpion were almost interchangeable in early days, from the belief that the latter creature was generated from the former. According to Robson and Ptolemy, Acrab has the nature of Mars and Saturn; and, to Alvidas, of Jupiter in square to Saturn and the Moon. Acrad is said cause extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness, repulsiveness, malice, theft, crime, pestilence, and contagious diseases A chart set for San Francisco @ 9:25 PM PDT has Sagittarius rising @ 19 degrees near fixed star Grafias Grafias is situated in the tail of the Scorpion. In reference to the tail of Scorpius, [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, p.239-240]. says that "By virtue of his tail armed with its powerful sting, wherewith, when conducting the Sun's chariot through his sign, he cleaves the soil and sows seed in the furrow, the Scorpion creates natures ardent for war and active service, and a spirit which rejoices in plenteous bloodshed and in carnage more than in plunder. " Sounds like the mercenary spirit in places from Syria to the Congo to Iraq. More importantly the most angular star being the Phoenix Light - Ankaa - On Nadir orb 00 mins 01 secs - A resilience to life's ups and down Heliacal Rising Star is Menkar - bright orange star in the open jaw of the Whale/Sea Monster CETUS. The nature of Menkar per Ptolemy or Robson is either like Mars or Saturn and causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune According to Robson: When Menkar is rising, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil. Heliacal Setting Star is Zuben Eschamali is a pale emerald star marking the Northern Scale of Libra. Usually Zuben is seeking to influence society from a position of power. This star is known to for mutually beneficial relationships This is a positive star which Alvidas likens it to Mars in sextile to Jupiter. It gives good fortune, high ambition, beneficence, honor, riches, and permanent happiness. Antares is rising with the Sun. Antares is called "the Heart of the Scorpion". Antares is a red binary star, fiery red and emerald green, near the center of the constellation Scorpius. Antares is also one of the Archangel Stars. Oriel is the Archangel (Antares) and Watcher of the West. Robson takes us down the darker path with this description of Antares with the Sun - "Pretended religion (relating to the Priest Moon), insincere, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, military preferment, danger of treachery, violence committed or suffered, fevers and sickness, injuries to the right eye, violent death." Sounds like what is happening at the District of Criminals as lawmakers are corrupted every day. There will be building tension and a super charged drama as the Scorpio Mooon Opposes Mars in latter degrees of Taurus @ 6:55 AM This transit will coincide with stressful conditions, quick responses, and competitive reactions. We will start feeling the shifts which will raise challenges to cooperation starting on Wednesday May 22nd. Best to focus on home improvement and onstructive projects which will channel negative energies. On a highly positive note the muse shines with new artistic, verbal, musical and literary dimensions are added with Mercury in Gemini conjunct Venus @ 4:54 PM. An excellent transit to bolster all types of communications, conversations, social interactions along with creative endeavors. Then the mega event of the day: A Partial Lunar Elipse occurs on May 24th @ 9:25 PM for the West Coast and 12:25 AM on May 25th. for the East Coast. This is the second of three lunar eclipses in 2013 with the first one exploding on April 25th in Scorpio. This eclipse visually imperceptible due to the small entry into the penumbral shadow.Visibility for this short-lived eclipse with a total of 34 minutes is covered in the Map below includes all of North and South America, Western Africa and most of Europe. This eclipse like the two preceding is part Saros Series 15 South aka Saros series nr 150, which is composed of 71 eclipses and will last until 30 June 3275. As we know this eclipse series involves a situation which has been ongoing and languishing for a while. A situation which will suddenly clear up. In the process of this major resolution there will be a collective sense of loss and grief. The Moon will be Full @ 4 degrees 8 minutes of Sagittarius with the Sabian Symbol: "An old owl up in a tree." The Sun @ 4 degrees 8 minutes Gemini with an appropriate Sabian Symbol: "A radical magazine displays a sensational cover." More than ever we need to look at Jupiter, the law giver, Zeus, the Thunder-God ruler of the Sagittarius Moon will be expanding hype. Jupiter in detriment in Gemini, which symbolizes hoaxes, fraudulent actions, rudeness, carelessness and ignorance. Jupiter is conjunct Mercury, ruler of Gemini. Mercury is the trickster, adding his weight to any of the planets he is closely connected. Another significant, intense and passionately obsessive force is that Mars at the latter degrees of Taurus conjuncts the Medusa Star Algol. Heads will continue to roll literally. Right after the eclipse more confusion and weirdness can ensue along with temporary uncertainty, the Sagittarius Moon makes a confusing Square to Neptune @ 11:19 PM. Moon-Neptune in hard aspect reflects perceptions that are altered, leading to misunderstandings. Imagination, escapism, and gullibility are factors to contend with. It will be obvious that this eclipse dubbed by Native American's the Flower Moon is connected with an abundance or seismic activity is at a record pace. Quakes Increase: On the West Coast a trigger quake measuring 5.7 on the Richter Scale sets off hundreds of after shocks. More on the EQ SWARM near Greenville, CA located 43km (27mi) SW of Susanville, California
In the Mt. Lassen Area where an intitial Magnitude 5.7 quake struck. 11km WNW of Greenville, California
on Thursday Evening @ 8:47:08 PM when Sagittarius was rising opposing those Gemini planets and setting off numerous smaller quakes with up to 24 after shocks! A lot of aftershocks ratteled the area in the last hours. Some of them stronger than M 4. It is expected that more of them will occur in the coming days and weeks. Today’s quake was the strongest in this part of California for nearly 63 years.
Then a Monster, Deep Magnitude 8.3 Quake strikes in the - Sea of Okhotsk at 374 miles deep.
The Kuril-Kamchatka arc extends approximately 2,100 km from Hokkaido, Japan, along the Kuril Islands and the Pacific coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula to its intersection with the Aleutian arc near the Commander Islands, Russia. It marks the region where the Pacific plate subducts into the mantle beneath the Okhotsk microplate, part of the larger North America plate.
And into May 24th. another strong, deep quake in the Kuril-Kachatka region this time a Magnitude 6.8 Tremor
Also Earlier today:
May 23rd. Mega Quake 282km (175mi) SW of Vaini, Tonga!
Magnitude 7.4 quake strikes in sea off Tonga: USGS
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center on its website said that no "destructive Pacific-wide tsunami" was expected.
The quakes keep coming off Tonga - another here.
A Magnitude 6.3 hits - 84km NW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga Looking ahead, beyond this eclipse notice with all the Scorpio and Taurus/Gemini transits including the Sun, Pallas and Mars all have or are touching Alcyone and Algol, we see even more tremendous forces are being unleashed! On May 23rd. Pallas Athene in the earthiest and sensual signs Taurus was conjunct the Demon/Medusa Star, Algol On May 24th. for this Mega-Lunar Eclipse - Algol is conjunct Mars! Algol relates to obsession and passion where attacks can result in be headings/violence. Per this weeks escalating tension from the Shocking and vicious attack in London on a soldier Algol is of course found in the constellation Perseus is carrying the head of Medusa where Algol the Demon Star shines from her head. In Greek mythology Perseus undertook a mission to kill the Gorgon Medusa, the snake-haired monster who had the power of turning anyone who looked at her into stone. While another star Aldebaran, the pale rose star marking the right eye of the Bull
With Mercury (per Robson) - "Affects the health and domestic affairs, prominence through mercurial matters, offers material gain, and the beginnings of new political undertakings."
Aldebaran (now around 10 degrees Gemini) is known to both offer great honors and incite wars.
Since Mars will conjunct Aldebaran around June 14th. With Alcyone alone now around 2 degrees Gemini touching the Sun on Monday and relating to the deaths of a great number of people and potentially deadly fires. Some interpretations of these stars in Gemini via the mundane representations could mean Wars, incest, immorality, death of young people, abortive births, famine, storms and death of birds.
If in the east, trouble to kings, and, if in the west, rain and floods.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still Under the Influence of the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square 5-20-2013


The Uranus-Pluto waxing square reached perfection on Monday May 20th.
This is the third of the seven passages of the Uranus-Pluto waxing square,
which has been described as " the most potent and enduring aspect of our lifetime.
Today we reach the midpoint of this explosive and transformative dynamic that started in June 2012 and will not end until mid-March 2015,
(Remember that in between thes squares other energies will be building.
Per example Jupiter enters cardinal water sign Cancer on June 24th.
and Mars enters Libra on December 7, 2013 which creates a Grand Cardinal Cross on April 22, 2014.

This Uranus-Pluto square was the same transit that America and the World experienced from 1931 to 1934 during the depression
except that Pluto was in slightly more compassionate Cancer. With Pluto in Capricorn, the urge to control, limit and build structures is strong!
Back in the 1930's there wasn't an Internet sponsored by DARPA
LulzSec hacker: 'Internet is a world devoid of empathy'
Back to Uranus-Pluto in a hard 90 degree angle which is considered a precursor for dangerous weather including tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons
and of course tectonic and magma shifts. Yesterday's horrible devastation in Oklahoma with a Monster Tornado in the F-5 category
and with the entrance of the Sun also entering Gemini - two schools Plaza Towers Elementary and Briarwood Elementary were leveled by the tornado!
A devastating, two-mile-wide tornado touched down near Oklahoma City on Monday
And today either from confusion or an act of mercy, the death toll was lowerd from 51 to 24.
7 children among 24 people confirmed dead from devastating Oklahoma tornado
Wait a minute, questions are arising as to whether multiple radar pulses and HAARP type scalar/ring outbreaks detected yesterday were involved in creating these Killer Tornadoes to possibly distract the public from white house scandals?

The reality is that we also have
Volcanoes are Erupting Around the World
Volcanoes are rumbling in both the Arctic and the tropics of North America, while other eruptions continue on an Italian island and in the frozen tundra of Russia

On the economic and socio-political side there are explosions followed by more upheaval.
With Pluto in Capricorn as a major focus of this inexorable 33 month transit
and Saturn in Scorpio forming mutual reception revelations of government cover-ups break thru the news cycle. There is a surge of regulatory laws and criminal investigations related to tax issues, environmental cover-ups and securities malpractice.
Also with Alcyone and Algol (the Medusa Star) heads will roll all thru governments and corporations alike.
A chart below set for Washington DC @ 6:21 PM EDT when the Uranus-Pluto square is exact has Saturn rising in secretive Scorpio relating to the IRS scandal.
 Saturn in Scorpio relates to more security and laws involving privacy Senate Panel Approves Even More Stringent Biometric Measures
Also expect that secrets of government abuse will continue to bubble up.
Interestingly enough the 8th house in this chart aligned with Scorpio relating to debt, taxes and multi-national corporations like Apple Posited there are Mercury-Venus-Jupiter all in Gemini Stellium. Gemini relates to phones and hand-held devices like the iPhone etc. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Lawmakers Square Off Over Taxes Speaking of squaring off, Mars the ancient ruler of the chart is in the 7th house
An astrological domicle relating to open enemies, partners, foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, demanding a more down to earth approach being close to Pallas in the sign of the farmer and the Bull - Taurus. Public opinion regarding monopolistic and death oriented corporations like Monsanto is shifting.
 Speaking of Monsanto and the worldwide protest relating to Uranus is a a powerful action to oppose these merchants of Atlantean doom. Let's call it a passionate action for life which occurs worldwide on the next Lunar Eclipse (May 25th) in the fervent and pious sign of Sagittarius. Yes the opinions are changing about GMO and Vermont could be first US state to mandate GMO food labeling and defy Monsanto. Speaking of protests this time against the IRS, so clearly defined in the chart above: In fact there were Armed DHS Guards  there to  Meet Tea Party Protesters Outside IRS Rally in St.Louis  Regarding both foreign relations and scandals - this one is getting bigger Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama  In the chart we see an independent  Juno @ the IC in Aquarius relating to ground zero for the need for autonomy and with Uranus, modern ruler of Aquarius more  weather tragedies today and for sudden revelations. Notice too that a loose Grand Fixed Cross is formed with Saturn/Asc. in Scorpio opposing S. Node in Taurus crossed by Juno opposing the Mid-Heaven in Leo Pluto, the modern ruler of this chart is posited in the 3rd. house of communications, journalists, news networks where Obama’s media shield law makes prosecuting journalists even easier This is also the house relating to transportation of all kinds from autos to trains to planes to boats, aerospace and vehicle to move us from one place to another. and opposing Ceres-Vesta in Cancer relating to slow downs and traffic jams.We may see another incident in the next few days similar to the commuter trains collision in CTUranus the explosive shocker is now in the the sixth house dealing with public health, epidemics civil emergencies along with the police and military as a service.This has tremendous significance when we notice that Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over ‘Civil Disturbances’

Solar Storms or HAARP Radical Weather with  Oklahoma Tornadoes and More
It seems that the Uranus-Pluto squares have aligned with more than our share of vicious tornadoes.
Before the tornadoes: The Solar Hits keep Coming! 

Sunspot AR1748 unleashed an M3-class solar flare on May 17th at 0858 UT 
Image here: And this video Although this is not the strongest flare we've seen from AR1748, it could be the most geoeffective.
The sunspot is facing Earth more directly than before, and the explosion might have hurled a CME toward our planet. Looking back in summary, Super active sunspot AR1748 has produced an X1.7-class flare (0217 UT on May 13), an X2.8-class flare (1609 UT on May 13), an X3.2-class flare (0117 UT on May 14), and an X1-class flare (0152 on May 15). These are the strongest flares of the year, and they signal a significant increase in solar activity.

 And then on Sunday May 19th. right before the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday! Chaos Broke Loose! Millions at risk as deadly tornadoes rip through US including Kansas, Oklahoma Sunday
Life-threatening tornadoes ripped through five states on Sunday, killing two and injuring more than 20. Meteorologists predict that more than 60 million Americans remain at risk as the twisters continue to make their way through the US on Monday. A multi-day severe weather outbreak began Saturday in the Plains states from the Dakotas to northwest Texas, and continues Sunday into Monday. Was weather modifcation or HAARP involved? How about the West Coast or East Coasts? Yes that about the entire lengths of coasts running down to Chile and Peru. First: Hundreds of dead animals litter Chilean beach
Then: Shallow 6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Aisen, Chile Then today May 21st in Peru A magnitude 5.8 quake struck 45km SW of Anta, Peru

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pentecost Arrives Before the next Uranus-Pluto Square

Today May 19th.- On the cusp of the 3rd Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square: The Pentecost! Since we are less than 24 hours away from the 3rd. transit a time of major social and political upheaval and even revolutions. Since the first Waxing Square on June 23, 2012 @ 9:53 PM we have seen the tumoltuous effects including geological and technical disasters. Since the 2nd Waxing SQ on September 19, 2012 @ 2:55 AM EDT also extreme, intense and life-changing conflicts between different factions of society where the very fabric of our culture has been shaken. First of all this Sunday is recognized in both Christianity and Juadaism as a Religious Holiday commonly known as Pentecost. Pentecost the Greek name for the Feast of Weeks translated to the "50th Day" Since the asteroid Chiron takes around 50 years to circle the Sun there is a relationship. Chiron has an irregular orbit that lies between Saturn and Uranus, strange because it actually crosses over the orbits of those planets. Just as 2008 marked the Saturn-Uranus opposition when the old ways (Saturn) were at direct odds with the new, innovative and radical elements (Uranus). But first the 50 year cycle is significant in hour lives known as the Chironic Return. The Chiron Return can have a significant time in our lives when we face our mortality and experience a catharsis. Usually the catharsis when our spirituality is faced along with our mortality. Chiron tends to illuminate problems that tend to keep recurring, problems that become wounds. Notice that a chart set for the West Coast of the USA @ 12 Noon with Leo rising @ 19 degrees + with the Sabian Symbol: "American Indians perform a majestic ritual to the Sun. " In fact the ruler of this chart, the Sun is positioned at the top of the chart alongside Pallas and Mars all in stubborn yet persistent Taurus, the sign that preserves security. In the chart above there are two intertwined Grand Trines making a Star of David or a hexagram, the combination of two equilateral triangles. There are many instances of this symbol throughout history Per example: The alchemists of the Middle Ages used first and foremost, the hexagram as a general symbol representing the art of alchemy
and secondly as a sign for combinations of water and fire.
Combined these two triangles formed the symbol for fire water, the essence or spiritus of wine: alcohol. It was also used as a sign for quintessence, the fifth element. Back to the Chart Below where One Equilateral Triangle or Grand Trine is comprised of manifesting Earth signs including the Moon in Virgo trine the S. Node in Taurus where gifts arise to trine Pluto in Capricorn and later Astraea. These two interlaced trines reflect a force of power making a a Six Pointed Star The other Equilateral Triangle or Grand Trine is in the flowing, emotional and compassionate element of water With nurturing Ceres in Cancer trine N. Node of destiny in Scorpio adding passion/extreme action then making a 120 degree angle tothe wounded healer Chiron in spiritualized and sensitive Pisces. Those folks who have natal Chiron in Pisces tend to have problems with unearned guilt. We are talking about the Victim/Savior axis where these natives have a tendency to play the "victim" or more likely become. the victim). More on today's Pentecost In Eastern Christianity (traditions and churches that developed in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Africa, India) Pentecost can also refer to the whole fifty days between Easter and Pentecost. This is prominent feast day in the calendar of ancient Israel celebrating the giving of the Law on Sinai. This feast is still celebrated in Judaism as Shavuot. (A day when God supposedly gave the Torah to the entire nation of Israel assembled at Mount Sinai ) In Christianity, this day commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ, (120 in all) Described in the Acts of the Apostles 2:1–31 reflecting the power of Mercury ruler of both the Moon in Virgo and more importantly dignified with Mercury and Venus together in Gemini relating to telepathic communication "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other languages, as the Spirit gave them utterance." This holiday is also called Whit Sunday, or Whitsun,especially in England,
where the following Monday was traditionally a public holiday - the following Monday is May 20th when the generational and upending Uranus-Pluto SQ is exact. The Uranus-Pluto waxing square reaches perfection on Monday May 20th @ 1:33 PM PDT. Uranus-Pluto in a hard 90 degree angle is a precursor for dangerous weather including tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and of course tectonic and magma shifts. Plus the Sun, Pallas and Mars will all be touching Alcyone and Algol tremendous forces are unleashed. Tomorrow the Sun meets Alcyone when the inner vision of Alycyone known as the third eye of the Pleiades and linked to mystical activities along with ruthless and judgmental anger. There will undoubtedly be an event where harsh judgement is devoid of compassion. Aldebaran, the pale rose star marking the right eye of the Bull . Alcyone with Mercury (per Robson) - "Affects the health and domestic affairs, prominence through mercurial matters, offers material gain, and the beginnings of new political undertakings." Aldebaran (now around 10 degrees Gemini) is known to both offer great honors and incite wars. Since Mars will conjunct Alcyone first then Aldebaran around June 14th. With Alcyone now around 2 degrees Gemini touching the Sun on Monday and potentially relating to the deaths of a great number of people and fires - we should be careful. Alycyone with Mars per Robson relates to Many accidents to the head, loss and suffering through fires. Thus the combination of Pluto-Uranus waxing square at full strength
as Pluto @ 12 degrees of Capricorn with an interesting Sabian Symbol "A student of nature lecturing."
makes a 90 degree angle to Uranus @ 12 degrees Aries "A flock of wild geese."
Both of these symbols refer to the incomprehensible forces represented by earth and nature. “Men argue; Nature acts.” -- Voltaire Or “With beauty before me I walk With beauty behind me I walk With beauty above me and about me, I walk, It is finished in beauty It is finished in beauty” -- Navaho night chant, in Looking Far West by Frank Bergon and Zeese Papaniklas, 1978 Now is the time to envision the most positive perspective of the coming transits here where the Family of Light is successful with numerous activations to help our Earth Ascend into 5D.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus - Sedna, Vulcan and Aphrodite Show their Power


 We are on the eve of tomorrow's powerful eclipse @ 19 degrees 31 minutes of Taurus with this Sabian Symbol - "Wisps of clouds like wings are streaming across the skies." This symbol which alludes to higher dimensions and spiritual forces which will be aiding us during this period. Even with the seemingly dense, earthiness being projected and the emphasis on ownership and having value, there is a finer quality inherent. One of the prime spiritual force working with us directly is via the exoplanet Sedna conjunct this eclipse. I spoke of Sedna and her myth in my blog back in 2005

In the case of this eclipse, Sedna is representative of the divine feminine much like Ceres, the Goddess of nurturance and grains, now transiting in Cancer and opposing Pluto. In the Intuit myth, Sedna controls the food supply for the tribe, she is given the highest status of the various Inuit gods and goddesses. Astronomically Sedna is one of the many trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) spotted in the last few years (Sedna discovered in 2003) they orbit the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune. In this case Seda takes approx. 10,500 years with a highly elliptical orbit. Pluto, takes about 248 years to go around the Sun. Sedna per the Intuit people is a protector of the oceans and she reminds us to honor the waters and our earth mother. You will be hearing lots about issues of our food supply in relationship to the oceans as the eclipses progress this year. In fact with Venus or Aphrodite in the last degrees of Taurus near Alcyone and ruling bees, those essential pollinators stories of colony collapse are getting our attention. One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply How many more times do we need to hear this? Nearly one in three commercial honeybee colonies in the United States died or disappeared last winter, an unsustainable decline that threatens the nation’s food supply.

  Ring of Fire Eclipse This partial or annular eclipse is being called the Ring of Fire Eclipse since it will primarily be centered over Australia and the Pacific Ocean. This narrow track of Maximum Eclipse which 13,300 kilometers long and only about 200 kilometers wide is the place where new islands, lands will be springing up from the Pacific due to volcanic eruption/vulcanism, erosion, glacial retreat, or other mechanisms.
Afterall Vulcan is the esoteric ruler of Taurus connecting to the myth of Hephasteus and Aphrodite. Speaking of volcanoes when fixed Taurus energies Blow His/Her Stack!

Of course the conjunction of hot Mars near S. Node, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Pallas puts the spot light on the raging Bull and I don't mean DeNiro. One thing is for sure Taurus like volcanoes builds slowly and finally blows. The most recent eruption as of last night was outside of Mexico City: Explosive Eruption at Mexico’s Popocatépetl Popocatépetl aka the Smoking One outside of Mexico City has been restless and produced steam-and-ash plumes intermittently over the past year, but last night emitted a significant ash plume accompanied by large incandescent blocks being thrown down the slopes of the volcano.

 Fortunately this eclipse marks the end in 2013 for the fixed planets representing the Life Force in Taurus opposing to those representing the Dark, Death and Transformation in Scorpio As they say in the High Valyrian language in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels and HBO series - Game of Thrones "Valar Morghulis" or All Men Must Die. The Reply is "Valar Dohaeris" or All Men Must Serve. These phrases connect the fact that as Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Pallas and Venus in the sign of Bull reflecting the rites of Spring and life will separate from the thoroughly eclipsing energies represented by N. Node of fate and Saturn, Lord of Karma in Scorpio a huge shift will take place even where the eclipse isn't visible.
 Per example right about when the Moon opposed Saturn this evening, news of a terrible catastrophe in Russia hit the wire. Huge blaze as Russian fuel tanks derail, thousands flee At least 27 people have been injured after a cargo train derailed in Russia’s south with over 50 fuel tanks running off the tracks.

  May 9th Thursday : The day of the Solar Eclipse for the USA. The Moon and Sun meet in Taurus for an Annular Solar Eclipse @ 5:28 PM or 12:28 PM UTC. This is the 2nd of three S. Node Eclipses active in Taurus and stimulating release from the past. Expect that most of the long-term effects will be felt within 30 to 90 days. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun's light. The Eclipse Annularity will be visible from northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean, with a maximum of 6 minutes 3 seconds visible from the Pacific Ocean east of French Polynesia.
The eclipse path is shown in the animation below:
 With the axis of the Bull and the Scorpion so strong on this new moon along with that powerful Demon Star, Algol culminating as the Sun is culminating representing obsession and passion that can inspire or destroy over San Francisco, Washington DC, even though Venus heads into air sign Gemini right before the eclipse @ 8:03 AM The energies will build in the morning since the New Moon eclipse doesn't happen till 5:28 PM. PDT. First @ 1:27 AM, the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in patriarchal Capricorn. Strong emotions and urges will move us to dig deeper. This is the perfect time to let go of inhibitions and move with the energy of the moment due to the huge bodily changes. This is a day of occultations or eclipses besides the Moon and Sun, first up is the Taurus Moon Occulting Mars @ 6:52 AM Just like a conjunction to Mars except with occultation the Moon will be between us and Mars at the same elevation in the sky, Expect everything great and small will intensify, heat up and move a lot faster This Moon-Mars transit stimulates quick decisions, initiatives, and even rage-like action. Venus then leaves steady, sensual Taurus and enters more fickle and flirtatious Gemini @ 8:03 AM to remain in the sign of the Twins till June 2nd. Then the Taurus Moon Occults Mercury @ 12:06 PM this time the Moon will be between us and Mercury shifting and confusing perceptions. Also ask for you want with clarity and remember that communications need care and concern especially during sensitive discussions. The time of Maximum eclipse is May 9 at 5:23 PM Pacific time and May 10th. 12:23 AM UTC.
Just like with the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th. we should  expect a tremendous release of tension with this eclipse This Solar Eclipse is also part Saros Series 15 South. The overview for this eclipse series is that it involves certain situations which have been stagnant for a while. A current crisis will suddenly clear up. In the process of this major resolution there will be a collective sense of loss and grief. Right after the eclipse, the dogmatic but down to earth Taurus Moon moves VOC @ 5:28 PM 

Below is a chart set for 8:28 PM EDT specifically for Washington, DC where Scorpio is rising @ 25 degrees (Sabian Symbol - An X-Ray). An X-Ray can penetrate into denser forms and is concentrated. Lots of news about spying by the alphabet agencies and more will take center stage. Recent news that Obama will support and Internet wiretapping program verifies a Federal Bureau of Investigation effort that would ensure all Internet companies in the US will provide a way for the government to conduct undetected, backdoor surveillance. (Backdoor surveillance relates to Saturn in the 12th house for sure.) This chart's Ruler, Mars is in the 6th house relating to service, military, police and conjunct S. Node the past closely opposing N. Node in Scorpio and in the house of hidden enemies. The possibility of some subterfuge involving hidden enemies is strong. Plus Pluto the modern ruler is in the 2nd house relating to values and banking issues.

There is also a Grand Water Trine involving Saturn in Extreme Scorpio to Vesta/Ceres in the 8th ho The Heliacal Rising Star over DC is Al Rescha - Rising 15 mins 58 secs before Sunrise. Al Risha is the Knot of the Cord in the constellation Pisces. The Knot formed by the joining together of the ends of the ribbons that binds the two Fishes. When rising Al Rescha has the ability to join together different and separate ideas and/or people - we should look toward a strange bedfellows type coalition formed after this eclipse. The Heliacal Setting Star is Zuben Elgenubi - Setting 09 mins 22 secs before Sunrise. Zuben Elgenubi is found in the southern Claw of the Scorpion in constellation of Libra. On the postive side of the scale, this star can help improve the quality of life for all. According to Ptolemy it has the nature of Saturn and Mars, although later authors substituted Saturn and Venus or Saturn and Mercury. Robson claims that zuben Elgenubi is a dangerous force causing " malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison. " We will see soon enough but I tend to think that this star will inspire a reluctant voice of authority to speak out and help in a coming crisis. Alcyone is conjunct Venus by aspect relating to the mystical or our next stage of evolution. Per Robson from the old school - Alcyone with Venus brings "immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune." Again the main theme of this eclipse is a cathartic release thus there is a transcendent quality arising. Mars is conjunct Menkar of the constellation Cetus. Relating to victims of the unconscious.
One thing that we can expect from this eclipse is a shattering and collapsing of much of what we hold onto in 3rd. dimension.  As we approach the final eclipse in this trio on May fiery Sagittarius,  the Sun, Venus, Mercury will have joined Jupiter in Gemini which will mark a more adaptable time dominated by ideas and communications. Plus the third mega waxing square between Uranus, the shocker and Pluto, the destroyer will have separated adding a new momentum to
this tremendous time of upheaval.