Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nurturer and Goddess of Abundance and the Unexpected-Ceres Meets Uranus in Pisces

Ceres, Goddess of Abundance - from a 17th Century Painting by Jan Bruegel the Younger

In the spirit of my last work: portrait of Goddess events and moments bringing innovation and change, I add another time of notoriety Today I am featuring the great nurturer Ceres meeting Uranian Pisces. This aspect has a tendency to universalize (Uranus) the nurturing qualities into more humanitarian efforts. This combo also brings gifts in different realms from spiritual to musical to artistic...especially in Pisces.
Famous People with Ceres conjunct Uranus:
Alice Bailey: Ceres conjunct Uranus and Juno in Virgo
Germaine Greer: Ceres conjunct Uranus and the Moon in Taurus in 4th house
Helen Keller: Ceres conjunct Uranus in Virgo at Midheaven
Helen P. Blavatsky: Ceres conjunct Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius in eighth house
Alan Leo: Ceres conjunct Uranus in Gemini in 10th
Mick Jagger: Ceres conjunct Uranus in Gemini in the 11th house
Ralph Nader: Ceres conjunct Uranus in Aries

Our encounter will occur on February 3, 2007 as the Goddess of abundance joins the awakener who desires that veils be lifted in a most sensitive. moody Pisces as an archtype has been called is the Cosmic Connection, the spiritual channel which connects everything on the end of journey - the end of an age.

Demeter per Greek mythology was the "earth mother" and has always been associated with the earth, gardening and agriculture. In Greek myth, Ceres the Goddess of Grain was the Patron of: Farmers; Ploughing, Sowing and Harvesting grain
Favoured: Bountiful harvest; Fertile earth. Since we have her meeting the unexpected sky God Ouranus we need to look at the other side: Curse: Crop failure; Hunger and Starvation.
Unquestionably with Ceres embracing the most individualistic, electric harbringer of sudden change in compassionate Pisces, we will see some new, unusual and creative ways to provide caring, mothering or a protective containment. Since Ceres deals with how well we can let go or release those we consider children or babies (like Ceres daughter Persephone).

Breaking News Update: THURSDAY, Feb. 1 (HealthDay News) -- Binge eating tops the list of eating disorders affecting Americans, with the first-ever national survey on eating disorders finding it much more prevalent than either anorexia or bulimia.

The chart below set for 2-3-2007 in UK has Ceres applying to a SQ to Jupiter (ancient ruler of Pisces) This challenge to Jupiter will probably exaggerate world incidences with the dynamics of nutrition. There is also a "smothering quality" with this over indulgent Square. We undoubtedly will see a magnification of the worlds' hunger and a strong involvement of the world's oceans.
Pisces is also connected to oil and with profits from companies like Exxon topping the charts and the call to recognize Peak Oil - our petroleum dependence will be highlighted big time.

In the chart below, set for UT in Greenwhich UK, Ceres and Uranus are in the 11th house of friends, groups, associations and community. This day may mark the founding of a famous humanitarian endeavor or group. We also know from my piece yesterday that the Sabian for 14* Pisces deals with a certain seductive illusion. "On a cocktail party onboard a ship, a glamorous starlet in a mink stole, motions some revelers toward a private room." The ideal imaginative circumstance is created with this combo and yet with Ceres

Monday, January 29, 2007

Venus Ingress into Pisces Something to Look Forward to or a Price to Pay...?

Dedicated to my cousin, Donald Dominic Gianfermo (who had a compassionate heart of gold) born January 6, 1929 - died January 16, 2007. Don was born on a day when Venus went into exalted Pises.

On January 27th, 2007 the Gooddess of Love, Music, Painting, Fine Arts entered as a most exalted guest in the sign of Pisces. So at this time 7:32:28PM Venus which is about both acquisition of money and the pursuit of love entered the most musical, sensitive sign of Pisces for the West Coast. We study Venus in the natal chart to see how we approach relationships of the heart, as well as what gives us pleasure. In our ingress chart for the West Coast, Venus is at an angle almost in the 7th House of partnerships in first term and separating from an opposition with Saturn and SQ to Moon in Gemini (Good Signs). With Venus in the 7th we are seeing that relationships and marriage or other attachments important. Even more important is that Venus in Pisces people project themselves as a little dreamy, perhaps mystical and mainly soft-hearted partners. Everything about the way they flirt or tease promises a lovely time. Theirs is a magnetic elusive charm.
Yet with both dual rulership by Neptune and Jupiter, Venus in Pisces men and women reflect love that is unconditional. Even with our status concious society heated up by Saturn in Leo lording over wealth, these people are unimpressed by your status. Venus in the oceanic sign of Pisces is not just about incredible works of art and entertainment but love and acceptance for the inner you... The woe-fallen or underdogs are loved equally by this Agape practitioner.
This is an important ingress on many levels. Goddess Culture is moving quickly especially with Hillary now running for Supreme Leader of the US.


Venus the Lover Meets Uranus the Awakener and Master of the Unexpected
Then amid glitz, magnetic splendor venus meets electirc Uranus in Pisces (ruled by Neptune an mutually receptive to Neptune) on 2-7-07 @ 1:39:17PM this magic duo is flying high in the 10th house of the CHART SET FOR DC. Venus rises with Bellatrix at 13* 13' Pisces - so joining with Venus is pale yellow star: Bellatrix marking the left shoulder of Orion, the Great Hunter.

Bellatrix, the "Female Warrior", the Amazon Star,
is from the translation of its Arabic title, Al Najid, "the Conqueror" Even though the nature of Bellatrix offers positivity with a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, There is a certain inconstancy, arrogance, sometimes violence, impiety. From an economic point of view prosperity in trade and particularly in voyages or abroad. Often times a tendency toward treachery...
Unquesionably this is a good time for Hillary since she is connecting with the archtypical fantasy which "heralds the rise of the Goddess, and will portend the full unveilling of the New World Order, at least as far as the United States is concerned. "
Yet even though Hillary has both Bellatrix and Sirius in paran with her Venus, this conjunction it isn't just about Hillary or her ingenuous behavior to claw to the top of Washinton Politics. No this day 2-7-2007 - a Disseminating Moon reflecting the Mayan Calendar: long count 5 Cib: Meaning Warrior Owl or Vulture Owl - Directions Yellow/South
Keywords: the word, aura, forgiveness, life test, sin, detached, private, lone, owl, condor, vulture, independent.
On this day both Venus and Uranus rise with Bellatrix and
The Sabian Symbol for 14* Pisces yields a seductive image: "On a cocktail party onboard a ship, a glamorous starlet in a mink stole, motions some revelers toward a private room." This is the symbol of the artistic muse or illusive fantasy or the highs and lows of emotions
or at the worst tempestuous relationships. Per Robson: Bellatrix With Venus: Much suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feelings.
Despite all Hollywood allure of this combination we need to also add in the influence of Uranus being paran to Bellatrix: Per Robson - With Uranus: Mental disturbance, much activity, occult or unpractical interests, repeatedly suffers through the same mistakes, disharmony with relatives and neighbors, successful in the occupation of making peculiar machinery but little financial gain; unfavorable for domestic matters, many minor accidents. (Robson).
Unlike Betelgeuse ("Hand of Orion") which traditionally portended fortune, martial honors, wealth, and other kingly attributes,
Bellatrix is always about achievment which contains the shadow. Bellatrix extracts heavy price to pay. In the chart set for DC the weakenss present with Bellatrix joining Venus-Uranus in the South speaks of personal growth for all of us.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Timing is Everything or Is It? Hillary Enters Race

On January 20th Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton followed Sen. Barack Obama and joined a crowed race for president. At 6:01AM EST Sun ingressed into Aquarius the sign of surprises and the voice of the man on the street or at least the voice of democracy.
It was no real shocker that Hillary, who currently has around 17,000 websites devoted to either hating or loving her would run for the 2008 electoral campaign.
Mother Jones magazine in an excellent piece entitled: Harpy, Hero, Heretic: Hillary which deconstructs then resculpts the former first lady. When I look at her natal chart above, it is that prominent Mars in dignified Scorpio the sign of morph and transform on the Ascendant that catches my attention. I am struck by a caught from Sharon Stone: "a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power, and I don't think people will accept that. It's too threatening." Yes with Mars in Scorpio and sad, moon close by she has a dynamic influence to say the least, more like an immediate reaction. We are talking about the reaction that can border on obsessive, anger.

One thing is for sure announcing her candidacy when Sun-Mercury-Moon-Neptune-Venus are all in electric Aquarius was a publicist dream. The impact of a social, people oriented sign in the 3rd house of communication- Wow. Plus all these planets except Neptune will be moving into her 4th house of children, family, tribe and reflect foundations or base of the society and its traditions - It Takes a Village. Her campaign manager(s) also are sure to have lots of photo-ops with little children to embelish or is it play down her Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the 9th (politcal power). The more warm and fuzzy she can appear her natal inconjunct with Moon-Mars in Scorp. to Uranus-Gemini @ 21*27'- this combo can either require a strenuous adjustment or add power to any move.

One of the crucial times for Mrs. Rodham will be around February 28th when Neptune-Saturn make their exact opposition again this time at 20* 14 Aquarius-Leo to TSQ her Moon in secretive Scorpio. In poetic tones, the description of the Sabian Symbol for this degree in Aquarius is ironic: "Staring into her dressing-room mirror, a torch singer reflects sadly on her broken romance. When her lover knocks on the door, she asks her maid to send him away." The end of February and early March 2007 will be a difficult time for Hillary to face herself and reconcile her projected image with her deeper self.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Capricorn New Moon 2007: Sky Gods and Myths Return Amid Fire and Ice

Tonight the US West Coast still caught in chilling temperatures experiencing a New Moon in late degrees of Capricorn is poised on the abyss. California and the rest of the world are about to experience one of the most revolutionary Aquarian periods in history. You might retort, oh you mean the unstable weather? Yes the climatic changes ala Global Warming have been bizarre - even the conclave of Hollywood VIP's, Malibu getting hit by a devastating fire on January 8th just five days after the Wolf Moon reflecting all those Sagittarian planets in mutable fire. And yesterday a freak snow storm that snarled traffic with confusion and black ice. No that is not the brunt of it my friend...just hang on.

Perhaps today you have heard that Professor Stephen Hawking and his colleagues have moved the famous Doomsday Clock two minutes closer to midnight due to intense Climate change and nuclear proliferation. This type of pure Saturnian news is not easily swallowed by humanity. Saturn is not just the Lord of the Rings but is well known in esoteric circles to represent the Lord of Karma where debts are repaid. Despite our transiting Saturn in Leo representing the massive use of personal power to control the environment, it has spun out of control and something must be extracted.When we examine Greek myth of Cronos or Kronos we began to see parallels Even though Cronus (Saturn Roman) was able to devour the Omphalos stone (wrapped in cloth and proferred by Rhea, Cronus' wife) in order to save Zeus (Jupier) met his fate after eating his immortal children. Jupiter now in Sagittarius (sign most connected to outer space) is expanding our conciousness of celestial sights. In the case of Zeus brother, Poseidon (Neptune modern ruler of Pisces) Cronus was fooled again swallowing a goat (Capricorn) as opposed to a rock. Back to the myth which is a parable for our current lunation - variations of the story tell how Zeus (Jupiter) was saved either by the nymph Adamanthea hid Zeus by dangling him by a rope from a tree so that he was suspended between the earth, the sea, and the sky or raucous clapping noise made to distract Cronus from hearing his son's cries. Ultimately Zeus overthrew his father and the other Titans after Cronus had disgorged the children he ate - Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Hestia.
When we view the new moon chart below set for Los Angeles, California - Saturn is in the 12th house (Neptune is lord) ready to pierce the veils of glamour and illusion. With a powerful 6-12 axis set up, we ultimately wil see the responsibility for redeeming some of the collective karma of humanity even some amazing discoveries of substances to heal illness and chronic disease. Alongside this soul empowering change there will also be some Huge, unexpected surprises in the area of public health, sanitation, food and food service, mass illness and yes police-armed forces. Sun-Moon are entering Aquarius by tomorrow to join Mercury, Pallas, Chiron (wounded healer), Neptune, Venus and Hygeia (goddess of health) all in the 6th House of health and service. I would be remiss to predict a mass epidemic but another food scare is possible.
Chart set for Los Angeles

Tonight's lunation at 28* 41' Capricorn along with Mars (planet of action) recently entering Capricorn along with Mercury, Venus-Neptune(conjunct)all in Aquarius we have powerful themes involving breaking structural boundaries. As I mentioned the second exact opposition of Saturn to Neptune on 2-28-2007 will pit the power of Saturn's Authority vs. Neptune's dreamy visions and power to dissolve in futuristic Aquarius. In this case it will not just be the ringed planet Lord of Karma who will be featured since Aquarius is ruled by the original sky god Uranus (the Latinized form of Ouranos) the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. As the legend says, after being castrated by Cronos, the blood which spilled from Uranus onto the Earth produced the Gigantes, the three avenging Furies—the Erinyes— Meliae, the ash-tree nymphs, and according to some the Telchines. Most notabley with this lunation, the genitals which feel into sea spawned Aphrodite (Venus is together with Neptune tonight). Some say the bloodied sickle was buried in the earth and from this was born the fabulous Phaeacian tribe - a fabulous seafaring people fond of the feast, the lyre, and the dance. Ouranos As you may know Uranus always foreshadows sudden change and an overwhelmeing drive toward freedom.

More on Sky Gods and Earthly Entertainment
The ancients considered comets and other celestial phenomenon messengers and portends of catastrophic events and in January 2007 we have some incredible manifestations visible in our solar system. Comet McNaught the brightest comet in 40 years has captured our imagination in sightings from Northern to Southern Hemisphere. Discovered on Aug. 7th 2006 by R. H. McNaught at Siding Spring Observatory, Australia with Sun-Saturn conjunct at 14* 47'Leo. The Sabian symbol for this degree is: "Amid a riot of music and costumes, the host of a variety show introduces the next act." In may ways the idea of a ringmaster keeping us all guessing as to what the next performer or multi-faceted personality will create tends typifies
our current situation - except that this is about to change radically. With the predominance of Aquarian planets taking over in the next two days - the average person will finally see that he has democratic saying how the universe is enfolding. Metaphorically we all can become the Ring-Master! If we wakeup to innovative solutions, we don't need a doomsday scenario!

Recently another Omphalos type stone, a round egg shaped object has come into view heading for a close encounter with Neptune. This dwarf planet 2003 EL61 is a large, dense, rugby-ball-shaped hunk of rock with a fast rotation rate. This giant orphic egg is coming into our solar system just as new pictures of UFO's over OHare have surfaced. As Jupiter-Zeus in starry Sagittarius is moving into an exact SQ with Uranus the original Sky God now in karmic, oceanic Pisces on January 22nd contact with ET forces are inevitable. Yet more realistic the same sex marriage law will be dramatically tested in California courts since Uranus sits in an angle in the 7th house representing - alliances, marriage and divorce issues. All in all it will be the weather with Jupiter planet of major excess in the 4th along with Pluto still at the GC grinding those ominous changes in the area of agriculture, farming, crops (big citrus freeze in Cali) land, houses, real estate.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Avatar Rises with Help from Iron Jim or is that Saturn-Neptune

The incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.
An embodiment, as of a quality or concept; an archetype: the very avatar of cunning.
Among people working on virtual reality and cyberspace interfaces, an avatar is an icon or representation of a user as in gaming.

One of the greatest Movie Director's of our time, James Francis Cameron (born August 16, 1954) with an extreme Sun-Pluto conjunction in Leo and specializing in the genre of action/science fiction films announced the filming of his latest blockbuster to come Avatar. On a week when Mars (action) is getting together with Pluto (obsessive to extremes) 20th Century Fox finally greenlighted James Cameron's sci-fi epic ''Avatar,'' due in 2009
Cameron who has maid a feature film since the Titanic nine years ago (top grossing film of all time @ US$1.8 billion) whose natal Mars @ 27 Sagittarius is feeling the full impact of the transit.
It should also be remembered that James (aka Iron Jim) is also a member of the Mars Society an international space advocacy non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the exploration and settlement of Mars
Pluto as I said in my last jog: Pluto is connected to (wealth, cf. plutocracy), and, under the original name Plutus, was considered by the Romans as the giver of gold, silver, and other subterranean substances. This film is purported to be one of most technically complex productions (Saturn enters Virgo this Fall) ever mounted, as it will make extensive use of cutting edge 3-D, computer animation, and motion capture f/x technology and may cost up to US$200.

From the realms of Cameron's imagination (Neptune) came previous conceptions like The Terminator I and II, the sequel to Alien, The Abyss, Titanic and Dark Angel (TV series). All these large projects also required the powerful organization of Saturn - like many famous directors Cameron has a wide Neptune @ 23Libra contact to Saturn @ 3 Scorpio. Big news this summer is that Saturn-Neptune will meet in exact opposition @ 22 Leo-Aquarius on June 25th - falling close to his powerful natal Sun-Pluto @ 23-24 Leo
The movie which begins filming in April is an original screenplay penned by Cameron that follows a battle-scarred war vet who travels to another planet inhabited by an alien race with a distinctly different language and culture from Earth - real Plutonic Galactic Center stuff. But what there is more Cameron whose Saturn ruled Chiron @ 24 Capricorn opposes Uranus @ 25 Cancerthis is an opposition which is said to bridge worlds (alien and human) and offer healing and freedom on a massive level. We will see...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Princess Diana and the Dark Fires of Sensation or Truth?

What's going on today ? This morning a British Judge Orders Public Inquest Into Death of Princess Diana. Considering the Princess of WAles died on August 31st 2007 almost 10 years ago, you might ask what's up.

Then this afternoon a blaze erupted about 5 p.m. PST and turned into a fast moving wildfire whipped up by Santa Ana winds has destroyed four seaside homes and damaged two others in the celebrity enclave of Malibu. What do you expect with mutable fire like Sagittarius predominant and challenging Virgo Moon and trine fixed fire - Saturn in Leo (celebrities)!
Earlier today Jupiter-Mars-Pluto were catalyzing a Headline Frenzy around the world:
U.S. nuclear sub, Japanese oil tanker collide Pisces rules the oceans for sure especially with Malibu near the Pacific Coast.
A bird scare in Austin (Neptune in Aquarius moving into opposition with Saturn adding to more exaggerated hoopla) Where officials said preliminary tests showed no air quality problems and the area reopened around 1 p.m.
Or this morning the Mystery Smell over Manahattan (Neptune ruled with Sagittarian Sensationalism)that had the boroughs buzzing and perplexed.

Still all in all with Pluto hitting the Galactic Center last month and dredging up all that repressed dark matteer - Diana's Inquest (a search for Hades Henchman) tops everything.
Diana's life and death has drawn massive media coverage film portrayals - most recently the Movie The Queen, multiple novels, chronologies and a funeral watched by a Bilion People, Diana seems to have awakened even though she was pronounced dead at 4:00AM CEDT Paris time see the chart above. She died the day of Hecate As journalist Sue Reid of the Daily Mail said in her supposedly revelatory article on 6-6-2006! Millions of words have been written about the moment that Diana, with her Muslim boyfriend Dodi Fayed, smashed into pillar 13 of the Pont d’Alma road tunnel as they were being driven from the Ritz Hotel in a black Mercedes at 12.20am on Sunday, August 31, 1997.
Sally goes on to say goes on to say in typical tabloid fashiion eye-witnesses have emerged in the past few weeks with explosive testimony which raises profound questions about the influence of the House of Windsor and the Establishment over events surrounding the Princess’s death.
My first thought was Pluto finally getting to the core of one of the Greatest Conspiracies of our time? When we view the chart above with time of Death at 4:00AM on the outside of Diana's birth chart. we see that the Nodes were opposite current transits at Virgo-Pisces @ 20 degrees. Our current Dragon's Tail or South Node denoting the past as in lives is at 19* Virgo with the rising at
So today with Virgo Moon opposing N Node @ 19* degrees Pisces after a SQUARE to Uranus (modern ruler of Diana's Aquarian Moon) things start to add up. Plus the ancient lower octave Mars(God of War) who is chasing the Duke of Destruction higher or is it DEEPER OCTAVE PLUTO is transiting Diana's first house or face to the world.
So here you have Scorpio's twin rulers catalyzing a Headline Frenzy around the world Yet the astrological truths are synchronistic: At Diana;s death Neptune @ 27 Capricorn was applying to a conjunction with her own natal Saturn (elevated in rulership) thus dissolving or we might say spiritualizing her for posterity.
Looking at the chart of her death Saturn was his Fall at 19 Aries and the most debilated planet in MidHeaven opposing Venus in 4th just as Uranus conjuncted Circe the sorceress who cast a spell on Odysseus' crew was on the 7th (domicle of open enemies)

You might also be aware that we are due another galactic-cosmic meeting of (Jan. 12-13th) with the Heart of the Galaxy this time with Mars (known as the lesser malefic beside Saturn) joining Pluto - News becomes Myth and headlines bespeak legends.

After a humiliating demotion to Planetoid, Pluto the Roman-Greek God aka Hades is getting an award and "Plutoed" was chosen 2006's Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society at its annual meeting Friday. Now this 117-year-old American Dialect Society is comprised of linguists, grammarians and historians But Not Astrolgers! Their definition for Plutoed is to demote or devalue, well maybe somebody should inform the current God of the Depths. Pluto was originally not the god of the underworld. Pluto is cognate with the Greek word "Ploutos" (wealth, cf. plutocracy), and, under the original name Plutus, was considered by the Romans as the giver of gold, silver, and other subterranean substances.

Pluto takes now prisoners these days including the Windsor bunch. Notice that Queen Elizabeth mother in law to Diana is experiencing a totally transformative exact transit to her natal Uranus @ 27* 21' Pisces from that Sagittarian bad boy at 27* 21' - The Sabian for this degree is self explanatory: "A peasant leads a mob armed with pikes and torches across a stone bridge spanning the crocodile-infested moat spanning the castle." We could not find a better image for the Balmoral Bunch especially with Elizabeth's Saturn @ 24 Scorpio right on the throne of her chart accounting for those astral lizards that David Icke always talks about... She may not be ready for a Neptunian dissolution coming hard and fast this summer with Saturn SQ Neptune setting up a killer TSQ. Pluto's transit in 2008 will also help in that inevitable demotion in the next two with Pluto entering Capricorn. Pluto then which will began a series of difficult SQUARES to her Vesta, Pallas and Pluto all in Cancer and yes her mind: Mercury @ 4* Aries natally.
Things will get a lot more sensational especially with Jupiter SQ Uranus in the January 23-24th time zone but the coup d’état will began in earnest in May after her 81st Birthday!

Birth Chart for Queen Elizabeth set for April 21, 1926 at 2:40AM BST in London, UK

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Power Shifts and Power Brokers - the Bad and the Ugly

"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest...and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war"

One day after the Wolf Moon, socio-political events are unfolding quickly and the power shuffle is beginning just ahead of the determined, obsessive, deadly Mars-Pluto conjunction on Jan. 13, 2007. This aspect will help determine how American tyrants, power brokers and other manipulators handle the influx of energy coming from the Galactic Center creating the need for a new template of transformation.

Today we have: Retired Navy Vice Adm. John “Mike’’ McConnell (former head of the NSA) will replace John Negroponte (born 7-21-1939) as director of national intelligence. With both Venus and Pallas freshly entering Aquarius in the last two days, the balance of power is being jockeyed by the NWO.

Negroponte who has a dangerously critical Pluto @ 00° 58' Leo opposing Mars @ 00° 05' Aquarius TSQ Saturn @ 00° 47' Taurus in his natal chart will become the deputy secretary of state opening up the strategic chess came being played by Illuminati controllers.
It has been documented that Negroponte has a long and bloody criminal history, dating back to the early 1960s, of overseeing the training and arming of death squads, schooled in the techniques of torture, "forced interrogation," assassination and, even genocide. From Viet Nam to Honduras to Iraq, Negroponte has been an a dark angel of death who sees and hears no evil for his Illuminati handlers.

Hopefully some of the new regime in Congress and the Senate will start to investigate Negroponte's short and bloody career as ambassador to Iraq from April 20, 2004 to February 17, 2005 when he was nominated as National Intelligence Director. We are not just talking about an ambassador who held court in his ivory palace in Baghdad. This embassy was housed in a palace that once belonged to Saddam Hussein, it remains the largest embassy in the world, with a "diplomatic staff" of over 3,000. Negroponte may not have been directly responsible for Civilian Massacres in Fallujah but they occured on his watch - watch the video

The Next Few Days with Mars applying to close conjunction with Pluto should be full of many surprises for Power Players and Powerful Events.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Wolf Moon and Galactic Understanding Begins for 2007

January's brillant lunation has been called, according to Native American tradition the Wolf Moon a time when the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages...This year now that Pluto has finally entered the Galactic Center and is moving beyond the 26° 55' point into some unknown territory, the power of the vertical axis connecting the center of our Milky Way Galaxy with Gaia's iron core crystal putting a different, twist to all that is old and new.

The death of an infamous dictator has the Lord of the Underworld laughing since 30 years of overt and covert US military operations created Saddam. Saddam was executed in an expedited ceremony on December 30th at approx. 7:06 AM (dawn in Baghdad) with Capricorn rising and Saturn the Lord in the traditional 8th House of DEATH! Pluto one of the chief players in this drama was in the 12th House of Hidden Agendas.
Without question, Hussein was a brutal leader who deserved everything he got except that now the strident Neo-conservatives have turned him into a martyr. This series of ghastly political manipulations will stir up sectarian tensions, not only in Iraq between the Shia and the Sunni, but also in the Muslim world.
A dualistic aura (Sagittarius like Gemini can be super mutable) of this whole gristly drama is the fact that Saddam had many doubles and possibly was never captured in December 2003 in that famous spiderhole. So here one giant drama begins for Pluto in GC in 2007 who with laser beam accuracy incites violence between Suni vs. Shite as Hussein's "execution is captured on a cellphone camera" Jupiter-Sagittarius (expanded beliefs) SQ Uranus-Pisces (technology of images)

An old man of a different generation - Gerald R. Ford (born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. on Monday, July 14, 1913) the country's 38th president has been given another red-white-blue cum Reagen week of official mourning. Ford's natal Pluto @ 0* Cancer was almost opposing our current GC star but there is more, in fact Ford, whose N Node of destiny @ 27° Pisces is SQ Pluto's 27° Sagittarius, now merits the closing of the NYSE and Nasdaq, the second-largest U.S. exchange, would mean a four-day suspension of trading, including the weekend and New Year's Day. Actually the rabbit hole goes deeper when we find out that Ford tried to open up hearings re: UFO research and truth and was met the hard, cold facts that someone other than the President was running the UFO situation and possibly the country as well.

Back to our Wolf Moon metaphor, the wolf pack social order has an alpha male and female which would never stand for the insipid nationalism that the US. The social structure of the wolf pack changes from year to year not on a phony 4 year basis. Wolves in the pack move up and down in the "pecking order" or hierarchy. So with the glimmering orb over the snow on the plains and we listen intently can plaintive howling of the wolf with a deeper, ecological understanding. If we journey to the northern latitudes we may meet an organization - The Wolf Moon Coven home of the Enviro-Goth that reflects the Sabian Symbol for Pluto @ 27°07' at the time of this Wolverine Lunation: "A peasant leads a mob armed with pikes and torches across a stone bridge spanning the crocodile infested moat of the castle." This Moon in Cancer with Sun-Mercury together in Capricorn (Mercury passes behind the Sun in superior conjunction on 1-7-07) is about the tooth and claw of nature championed by socio-political organizations that are rather Saturnian about nurturing the environment. We are talking about what to the controlled media may seem like strange bedfellows.
Our wolf is baying at jewel like orb tropically at 12°48' Cancer sign of the Mother and Selene - Goddess of the Full Moon who brings Magick and protection. Incidentally the sabian symbol for 13° Cancer: "Approaching a stranded steamer, a tugboat captain sounds his horn and holds up his hand in a gesture of good will."
Besides reminding us of how Indonesian rescuers on 12-31-06 had found nearly 180 survivors from the tragic ferry that went down in stormy seas with close to 700 people on board, this is about alliances and the desire to connect which will set the precedence for 2007's energy of tumultuous change.

Saturn ruler of the highly political Capricorn Sun has been harbringer of hallowed change all thru 2006 even on the last day of the year...Spain, Dec. 31 A 67-year-old woman has become the world's oldest mother after giving birth to twins in a Barcelona, Spain - Moon was also in Gemini! Saturn will again add to an even stranger, more anomolous 2007 not only with an ongoing trine to Pluto but as part of the as the second Saturn-Neptune opposition approaches and is exact on March 1st 2007. This opposition which features two planets in the Signs of the great shift Leo-Aquarius sustainable in a fixed enduring way, has been called the great dissolver of institutions and other structures. On the fated evening of Nov. 9, 1989 with Saturn-Neptune conjunct in Capricorn @10* opposing Jupiter, the Berlin Wall came down both literally and symbolically. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, that old Devil could no longer hold on to such a rigid, repressive system. As the ancient ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, the 1989 date had Nodes in Aquarius-Leo @ 21 degrees close to the March 1st Neptune-Saturn opposition coming up quickly.

Full Moon Chart set for 1-1-2007 at 8:57AM in Washington DC

Analysis and Breakdown:
Jupiter now in truth seeking Sagittarius is angularly placed in the 10th (which rules the government, the leadership or ruling class and the national reputation and prestige, world opinion). In a national chart Jupiter rules religion, the clergy, judges and the high courts, the laws of the land - we should expect to hear more noise about those new rules passed and going in effect in 2007. As Jupiter continues to move into a SQ with Uranus (unexpected events even UFO's) on January 21-22 will precipate some incredible legal and religious turn arounds especially since Uranus is in the 1st. where we find first impressions, the image of the nation and outer persona of it's people. Also Jupiter like Mars and Pluto are in Sagittarius the sign of the sports figure and with the unpredictable Uranus challenging we are seeing athletes meet untimely fates. For instance: Details are still sketchy on what may motivated a drive-by shooting this morning in downtown Denver that killed Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams. But, police are saying an early-morning altercation (Mars) at a club may have led to the shooting. On Jan 1st Mars was Square the current Nodes of destiny (Pisces-Virgo) @ 19° Sagittarius.

More on the Secret Government
In the chart above Sun (president - head of state) is positioned on the cusp of the 12House representing the continued hidden government and secret societies which have the mental wheels of strategies working overtime. Especially with so many darker secrets starting to be revealed now that Pluto is pushing the envelope. Supposedly Clinton tried to lay his hands on secret UFO documents back in 1995 and was met with the same fate as Ford: In an encounter with long time White House reporter Sarah McClendon President Clinton made a similar statement, “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it"
The Sabian Symbol for 13° Capricorn: "Standing by a campfire,a general outlines the tactical situation to his aide-de-camp and discusses the upcoming campaign." With newly approved and democrat favorite, Robert Gates replacing Rumsfield and news of former General John Shalikashvili backing gay policy change, our puppet leader GWB is seeking allies to correct the course in Iraq. In an effort to stimulate the fires of patriotism and nationalism (Vesta SQ Neptune) with the hypnotic marathon of celebrating dead heads of state like Ford.

This highly manipulative plan which has worked like a charm to control the American populus in the past may be derailed with this Full Moon. Note that since Neptune - planet of fantasy/confusion sits in the first house of this lunation creating a malaise most citizens are totally adaptable. In our chart the 1st house represents the psychology of the masses and grassroots opinions. Well the Wolf Moon is different this time and the highly sentimental and susceptible Cancerian Moon (the masses, commoners and the population as a whole,women in the nation) sits in the house ruling police, military and service. News channels tell of the seven suspended police officers in the southern U.S. city of New Orleans in the state of Louisiana have turned themselves in to local authorities, days after they were charged with shooting two people to death after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
The tail of the dragon or past karma Moon's South Node @ 19° Virgo (sign connected with the 6th domicle) is now on the the cusp of the chart's 8th (house that also rules the death rate, suicides, state funerals). With the horrific milestone of 3,000 American Soldiers dead on Dec. 31st. our karma needs some real cleansing.

We have made reference to how Pluto is turning the known universe upside down or at least our view of reality is expanding in a more Galacitc mode. Coming up fast behind Pluto is Mars the lower octave now @ 20° Sagittarius applying toward a TSQ to US Sibley's 1776 Mars @ 21° Gemini SQ Neptune @ 22° Virgo (the John Wayne - Iwo Jima fantasy of Good Guys vs Evil Axis). Expect the White House to issue a communique about troop buildup around Jan. 5-6.

Chiron found in the 1st has been a wild card all of last year and now direct at 7°(that amazing Maverick healer) has Pallas now in Aquarius pushing farther towards an uncompromising, justice and rightness for the common people. Plus Venus enters Aquarius on January 4th and even though the veiled planet usually signifies arts and entertainment has a distince influence on achieving peace and righting wrongs or changing the balance of power. With both Pallas and Venus travelling across the ascendant of this chart in electric Aquarius, the illuminati power brokers will have a hard time controlling the Wolf totem shapeshifting and calling to the Moon.
On Thursday - Jan 4th the Democrats will take charge of the 110th Congress and their leader is the first woman Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Venus-Pallas conjunct) this will be one of the first symbolic shifts of power.