Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two Debates-Two Myths-Two Ghosts Part One: Mercury-Neptune Trine Mars

Part One: Reagen's Ghost Hovers over Simi Valley Debates
"Ronald Reagan must be the nicest president who ever destroyed a union, tried to cut school lunch milk rations from six to four ounces, and compelled families in need of public help to first dispose of household goods in excess of $1,000...1f there is an authoritarian regime in the American future, Ronald Reagan is tailored to the image of a friendly fascist." - Robert Lekachman

Since Mercury stationed retrograde on January 28th @ 23 Aquarius 52' (a man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experiences) things have been a little whacked out. Now with Mercury moving toward a meeting with Neptune on February 2nd. igniting an overactive imagination steeped in politcal utopianism and deception. When, Mercury, the messenger planet and god of thieves and liars appeared to move backwards, a grand air trine (sociability, ideas, words) was forming between Mercury-Mars-Gemini (war of words) and Moon in Libra. This Grand Trine actually favored Bush with his Libra stellium in the 3rd. right in time for the ritual of Bush State of Hypnosis Speech that night. It would even appear that the back drop of the American Flag had upside-down stars, like the reverse pentagramthe background flag. Underneath were the Unholy Trinity: Osiris (Cheney), Isis (Pelosi), and Horus (Baby Bush).

A huge disconnect has come to pass between what the average person thinks versus what is being fed us by the Corporate-Mass Media.
State of the Union (Mercury Rx near Neptune to keep many in confusion and promote lies) GWB's state of the Disunion was a prime example as he talked about the most murderous war in US history: "Tonight the armies of compassion continue the march to a new day in the Gulf Coast. America honors the strength and resilience of the people of this region."
So let's send over 3,200 more marines over to Afghanistan to keep the heroin trade safe for the CIA. Or his comments on the state of our economy (now that Pluto has joined Jupiter-Venus in stingy Capricorn) "In the long run, Americans can be confident about our economic growth" Today's Jan. 31 update about the budget speaks of destroying domestic programs in favor of military spending: Official: Bush's 2009 budget to be tight
Then his State of the Union answer to our oil addiction "Let us increase the use of renewable power and emissions-free nuclear power." (Applause.)
With that last remark we have to bring in the ghost of Ronald Reagen and the debates that took place at the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Library & Museum in Simi Valley, California

who said back in Feb. 15, 1980: "All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk." --Ronald Reagan ( quoted in the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press. Not only have the Rebuplican candidates from Romney to McCain to Huckabee try to compare themselves to the great Reagen but even Obama acknowledges his populist leadership.
Let me add another Reagenism: "We were told four years ago that 17 million people went to bed hungry every night. Well, that was probably true. They were all on a diet." --Ronald Reagan, TV speech, October 27, 1964
Despite all the stupid, destructive things he said and did from invading Grenada to the Iran-Contra Affair
Looking at the chart above with RReagen as outer wheel to start of yesterday's Republican debate.
Ronnie's natal Sun @ 16 Aquarius (a watchdog standing guard) closely challenges his Moon @ 16 Taurus(a symbolic battle between swords and torches) seems to symbolize an affable kind of security for the American people. Reagen's modern ruler Uranus @ 26 Capricorn is in close proximity to the US Sibley Pluto added an almost superhuman power to his legacy. Now we see above that his natal Mars in exalted Capricorn is the midpoint between the debate chart's Venus-Pluto adding even more supernatural magnetism.
The Gipper has fans from both sides of the aisle as Obama pays homage to the Myth (Neptune) of Reagen. Barack Obama (born Aug. 4, 1961) has Mars @ 22 Virgo touching the US Neptune signifying our nation's universal and utopian tendencies, communistic ideas and collective values as well as democratic political movements. Obama himself with an electric intensity of Uranus-N Node in Leo opposing the US Charts' Moon symbolizing the masses, commoners and the population especially the women. Barack whose own Venus @ 1 Cancer is near the US Chart's Venus speaking of a inner sense of trust felt by Americans plus Venus in a mundane chart represents social pleasures, diplomacy, protocol and ceremonial functions. Listen to Obama tell why he prefers Ronald Reagan over Bill Clinton.

The "Buplican" debates last night were of course a veritable lovefest for the ghost of ole Ronnie R. Both McCain and Mitt Romney (born March 12th 1947) with a weak, vacillating Mars @ 6 Pisces touches Reagen's Venus exalted in Pisces - Is this love?
Well John Sidney McCain III (born Aug. 29, 1936) has Venus @ 22 Virgo exactly conjunct US Sibley Neptune which SQUARES Mars-Gemini(ideals of the War Hero). Comparing his natal chart to Reagen we see a NNode Capricorn connection to Ronnie's Mars and more telling Uranus @ 9 Taurus creating a midpoint between Reagen's Vesta (dedication) and financial N Node in Taurus. Besides the Reagen Ghost McCain has his Jupiter (expansive, inspirational) is @ 15 Sagittarius conjunct the US Sibley Ascendant. Despite the supposed charisma that McCain may have, I still have to ask:
Why would people vote for a Mc Cain - a HAWK (cain, the one who murdered his brother in genesis, and in gaelic means sharp spear)? McCain's rather confident trine from and arrogant Mars @ 12 Leo (An old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cabin) to Jupiter in Sagittarius belies his Saturn-Pisces Opposition to Neptune which is all about irrational fears and distrust. Watch as he thrusts the spear in deeper into Willard Mitt Romney, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Next jog-post will deal with JFK and the Democratic Debate in Hollywood at 5:00 PM PST on 1-31-08.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pluto's Entrance Into Capricorn and Sagittarius Last Hurrah

As cold storms slam the entire state of California bringing snow, sleet and thundershowers and visions of global cooling, we are less then 24 hours away from Pluto's entrance into Capricorn. Knowing that there is only synchronicity and no accidents, on the planet Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) - Towering storms more than 100 kilometres tall have been caught punching up through Jupiter's cloud deck for the first time. The last time Pluto changed signs was 1-17-1994 when the Clinton-Crime era was in full force and the capitalistic economy was thriving now in 2008 with the end of Bush we may have another Clinton. This time Hillary, a Scorpio ruled by Pluto and Mars which symbolize massive debt. As we enter this new 14 year transit of Pluto, we will soon understand if we are to be doomed by not understanding history.

From a world perspective Pluto begins this new journey on January 25th @ 9:38 PM ET and January 26th @ 2:38 AM UT.
Saturn-Virgo sits at the top of the chart (below) in Virgo demanding practicality, prudence and respect for the feminine (Virgin).
Pluto also joins Venus and Jupiter in the sign of the goat intercepted in the 2nd house of values-currency-banking speaking of the major transformation that will occur to our entire monetary system marking this time period. The Euro begin on Jan. 1, 1999 with Pluto in Sagittarius, Sun-Venus in Capricorn and the nodes @ 22 Leo-Aqaurius. We may see the advent or announcement of a new currency the Amero now that the moons nodes of destiny have shifted into Aquarius-Leo reaching 22 degrees in the middle of May 2008. Don't hold your breath since we are entering an era of tight monetary control and manipulation like we have never seen.

Pluto represents the cosmic principle of transformation, the dramatic shift from symbolical death to rebirth...For some this shift is now palpable the beginnings and endings of the phases in life will mirror destruction and re-creation. Pluto also signifies an obsessive, intense and manipulative personality that could be highly dangerous when unchecked in Capricorn. Since Tuesday's Full Moon brought the real possibility of financial collapse to the entire world, multiple events seem to be heralding the death of the past cycle of Pluto-Sagittarius cycle.
Cosmic Transition
We are leaving the domain of Jupiter's expansive, faith oriented, generous rule as summed up by William Blake (Sagittarius) "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” into Saturn's more contractive, accountable, organized much more structured filled with an earthy endurance. Your and vitality gives way to aging and wisdom. The Capricorn years will bring advancements in the science of life extension.
Sagittarius is a male sign that seeks knowledge-truth, higher education and relates to religion and ethics (or lack of therein) while Capricorn is female, determined, dictatorial, secretive relates to banking, systems, executives, government and many other structured institutions.

Notable Events Marking the Transition

Heath Andrew Ledger-Tragic Loss of Youth Ledger(born April 4, 1979) is pronounced dead on the Jan. 22, 2008 @ 3:26 PM - the word Ledger means "An accounting book of final entry where transactions are listed ." Saturn ruler of Capricorn deals with being accountable - a sacrifice?. Heath who had courageous Sun in youthful Aries and also had a stellium of Piscean planets (victim-escapism-drugs) including S Node and Ceres (letting go as in overdose) transited closely by Uranus (the shocker). Also his natal Saturn-Venus opposition (love problems) was Opposed by Saturn (ruller of the New Plutonic Era0 and Mars his ruling planet @ 27 Pisces (Why are they still selling Ambian/Stilnox inspite of the harmful side effects?) with Mercury @ 26 and Vesta @ 24 all TSQ Mars Rx Gemini and a destructive Venus-Pluto conjunction. I will reveal that this consumate artist had was undergoing an unusual transit of the asteroid Hygeia (Greek Goddess of Health) transiting his progressed Venus- love affair ending along with a shocking unexpectedly deadly transit from Uranus-Pallas to his progressed Hygeia. In another post I will offer a tribute to his life and untimely death.

Rogue trader costs SocGen €5bn or in USD $7.14 billion
In typical Sagittarian risk taking fashion as the Venus (currency)Pluto (destruction) conjunction @ 29* perfected another major scandal hit the financial wires. Expect to hear more and more finanancial news of meltdowns - but this one was over the top. The lone rogue trader,Jerome Kerviel, only 31 years old is being blamed for the biggest fraud in investment banking history. In typical Capricornian reputation, Société Générale is known as a pillar of French finance. Kerviel (birth unknown) is now a member of the Wall Street’s Rogues Gallery. populated by others of rather low morale fiber.

Bush and White House issued 935 false statements after 9/11 to get US in war.
Despite the spin that the corporate media in the US is giving to this report blaming it on George Soros propaganda, this is a major revelation of truths about corrupt administration. The Centre for Public Integrity, which issued the report concluded the statements “were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses”. Yes the Sagittarian archetype is about expanding belief systems without careful analysis where skimming the surface is the rule and finding meaning beyond facts and pertinent information. Now that this era is ending perhaps the American people with a Sagittarius rising chart (Sibley-July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 PM LMT) will understand the horrors of 4,000 soldiers and one million Iraq civilians killed now that Pluto enters realistic Capricorn?

Thousands Flood Across Border From Gaza to Egypt
This mass migration of citizens of the Gaza Strip relates well with the Pluto in Sagittarius mass migration and dramatic exodus of millions in the last 14 years. Yet in this case there was a survival motivation (Capricorn-Cancer axis) all about obtaining medicine, fuel and other vital supplies that have been in short supply in Gaza since the Israeli blockade and unconconsionable act of cutting power on 1-20-08 (during Mars Opposition to Venus-Pluto). Palestine (autonomy chart set for May 4, 1994) with 9 Leo rising and security conscious fixed signs at the angles all threatened by the Aquarian Stellium of planets in the 7th house of foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes. Note that Palestine was born during a Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn which is all about tearing down walls and barriers. Palestinian crowds cheered as Hamas militants used a bulldozer to flatten sections of the chain and concrete fence. When all the Cardinal Planets line up in a TSQ by 2010 the Israeli-Palestine conflict will have dissolved.

Dennis Kucinich To Drop Out of Presidential Race
Dennis (born Oct. 8, 1946) who is probably the most honest, ethical and only real anti-war candidate in the race for president has progressed Sun-Mars-Vesta all in Sagittarius. In fact his progressed Moon @ 23 Gemini is opposing his progressed Mars both transited by the current Mars Gemini Retrograde causing him to cut his losses. Kucinich's Saturn @ 13 Leo almost exactly sextile N. Node reflects a tremendous determination to set the record about how we were lied to by criminals. He will jump-start his impeachment drive; this time he promised to introduce articles of impeachment against President Bush rather than Vice President Cheney. His impeachment actions may help bring to an end a period of political scandals where truth was sought but rarely found.

I have already talked about the political implications of Pluto's entrance (how leaders will be deposed) and the liklihood of earthquakes on a bigger scale but I haven't mentioned the social changes. We are entering the first few years of trends that require us to think like Capricorns and honor the earth and reality in all it's most dense forms. As Liz Greene calls Saturn "the membrane which separates the personal unconscious from the collective unconscious". The ringed planet brings it's influence to bear directly in our daily lives and the structures that define our world our careers and public persona.
Thing like a Capricorn and act like a Virgo. To temper this highly materialistic energy we must combine the gift of health and service that the world servers per Virgo's representation especially with the current transit of Saturn in the sign of Virgo.
The Mayan Day Sign (long count) for January 25th an 26th are 6 Lamat (Rabbit-Star) 7 Muluc (Water). The Rabbit is about pure luck and fertility or having a green thumb (good to cultivate) and Muluc with imagination and tremendous psychic abilities. As the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is naturally Chthonic dark, primitive and mysterious and connected to more carnal, gods like Set, Pan Bacchus, and Dionysus we will expect society to revel in bringing all that cosmic energy deep within our bodies for what can be an era of enlightment not a restricted, prison planet if we choose.
More to follow in my next installment about this earth shaking ingress as the white placid mountain goat pictured above begins to reconstruct our basic resources like food, water and building materials. To be continued...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wirter's Strike to End By First Week in February-Mars and Venus Hold the Key

Back to Negotiations with Direction
The WGA is now motivated to resolve this crippling and divisive
stalemate as the first negotiating session with the AMPTP since December 7 begin. After the Directors Guild settled on a pact Friday the 18th without any fuss, WGA officials are starting informal talks. WGA has begun to bargain with top moguls from News Corp. president Peter Chernin and CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves.

President of the WGA is Libra Patric Miller Verrone born on September 29, 1959 and former editor of the respected Harvard Lampoon. In 2005, Verrone was elected President of the Writers Guild of America, west with an overwhelming 68% of the vote, after pledging to devote up to 30% of the Guild's budget to organizing writers in reality television, animation, cable, and independent film. He had previously served as secretary-treasurer for the organization. From an astropsychological point of view it is easy to see that Patric has not only writing abilities but leadership gifts. He is a man of the arts with N Node- point of destiny, Sun-identity, Vesta-commitment, Mercury-communication, Mars-drive all in Venus ruled Libra is all about justice, equality and fairness. The Vesta connection to Mercury has gifted him with a well developed writing ability while the Mars touching Vesta let's him concentrate his will and assertive ability when backing a cause - like this strike. Despite all this Libra need for balance and fairness, the real lynchpin for Patric is Saturn @ 00 Capricorn 56* which from a traditional standpoint is the strongest actor, I mean planet in his chart. So Saturn in the ruling sign of Capricorn fosters his power of organization and authority. Thus on January 24th and 25th he receives a positive transit from both Venus and Pluto in an offer he can't refuse. Plus transiting Venus and Pluto trine his natal solar ruler Venus @ 00 Virgo 46* meaning that lots of the details will be cleared up.
My prediction is that those three fringe issues considered by AMPTP as objectionable: reality TV and animation jurisdiction, the right to stage sympathy strikes, and forced arbitration in residual situations involving vertically integrated businesses. will become easy negotations by the time Mars (counterpart to Venus) stations direct on January 30th.

Financial Panic, High Waves and Unexpected Thunderstorms or Just Letting Go? Leo Full Moon in Cold January

Many signs both cosmic and earthly are dramatically framing the next Full Moon on January 22nd @ 8:35 PM ET. Pictured above we have Algol ("Head of Gorgon Medusa".) shining through the density of comet Holme's atmosphere during their continued encounter exact on the Full Moon. First it was Mirfak (the young male warrior) of the constellation Perseus that met Holmes, the paramount messenger of the night sky last month. Remember Perseus used Medusa's head to slay the Sea Monster (Cetus) after rescuing Andromeda - Tuesdays' Moon will symbolize a drive for freedom for the oppressed members of our world (Chiron) offering a chance for the feminine (maternal energies to cast off the chains). (notice in the chart above Saturn the ruler and almuten with Aquarius rising is in the feminine sign Virgo and trine Jupiter in paternal Capricorn).

Mysteries Unfold as a Crysalis of Freedom Rises
I ask again what should we expect with tomorrow's mighty lunation @ 1* Leo 54' opposing a block of Aquarium bodies noted for surprises and sudden changes? Examining the prominent 25* Aquarius rising in the chart set for DC, the classic Sabian Symbol "A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed." comes to mind and instead of thinking of the obvious Monarch mind control image with Neptune at ASC lets consider that the right brain of intuitive thought is more perfectly formed. Saturn and Uranus are rulers of the ascendant and speak of material changes on a large scale. Will we see high waves (Neptune-Mercury-North Node), earthquakes both physical and political, volcanic eruptions and revelations including coverage onthe Buried Volcano Discovered in Antarctica, plus after Project Disclosure back in 2007

more more visitations and UFO sightings worldwide, economic collapse - yes probably all the above. Relying on an old cliche: better to expect the unexpected we notice Sun @ 2* Aquarius translates to "An unexpected thunderstorm. or A man stands out in the pouring rain outside his girlfriends' window and shouts his love to the rooftops!" Clearly this Sabian Symbol is about breakthroughs of all kinds from passionate outbursts where it is important to laugh to keep from crying. Trying to contain a disaster by channeling our energies. Normally Aquarius is about objectiivity and a detached state of mind yet with Mercury-Neptune together there is a temptation to give into panic. Actually the Sabian for 2* Leo helps us contain and even render harmless, an epidemic of fear by disseminating powerful information: "at the site of an epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease and procedures for containment."
Perhaps it is the demise of the American Economy that looms as the scariest image...

Economic Volatility Explodes?

Today on MLK day with US markets closed, the news of world economic
crash rushed like an avalanche down a snow encrusted mountain. European shares fell nearly 6 percent seemingly influenced by the distinct possibility of a US recession - this is the biggest one-day slide since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Even the New Zealand Stock Exchange and the Australian ALL ORDINARIES IDX are opening down setting the stage for Black Tuesday?.
All this economic data to presage monetary crisis is happening less then 24 hours before the Wolf Moon hits. Yet with Aquarius dominating we might just see a rebound in the Dow and NASDAQ just to spite an oversold market!
The sting of Mars, Antares and Acumen is Nurtured by Capella
In the chart above Mars is both angular/strong in the 4th and retrograde @ 24 Gemini, still opposing that partnership killer Venus-Pluto in Sagittarius in the 10th house of the executive branch, government, the leadership and the ruling class. I mentioned in my last post how this opposition marks a country divided most evidenced by housing crash. By January 23rd we will see an exact conjunction of Venus-Pluto creating both the end of some of the worst despotic rulers and the beginning of feminine coalitions that will crystallize as both ingress into ambitious Capricorn. Acumen the HELIACAL RISING STAR is the sting of the Scorpion bent on enduring attacks mostly verbal and fed rumors. Could this mean actual that this star which is associated with both literal and figurative blindness bring a desire to " wage fierce warfare now against man, now against beast?" The Israeli blockade of Gaza illustrates how these type of attacks can actually be repulsive: (Israel refused to reopen crossings or allow crucial fuel supplies into Gaza on Monday) .Another prominent fixed star in this lunation is Antares, one of the Great or Royal Stars and Watcher of the West known as the heart of the Scorpion. Antares is Culminating at the Mid-heaven with a tight orb 02 mins 12 secs -
all about going to extremes, great success which can be undone while perpetuating, or being subjected to, polarizing events.
Capella Brings Freedom to Help Channel Mars

Finally Capella is the HELIACAL SETTING STAR seeking freedom note that Capella is known as the "Little She-goat", a white star in Auriga marking the goat that the Charioteer is carrying on his left shoulder. Capella is perhaps the most interesting of the trio with a mythic connection to nurturing and food:"previous name of this star was Amalthea, which referred to the goat that suckled the baby Zeus (Jove/Jupiter)." Capella is connected to speed and flight with its' free spirited energies. When we dig deeper we find the Celtic myth of Macha the horse goddess and was the wife of Cruinniuc, an Ulster farmer. This farmer as the legend goes: "during a chariot race, boasted that his wife could run faster than the king's horses. The king heard, and demanded she be brought to put her husband's boast to the test. Despite being heavily pregnant, she raced the horses and beat them, giving birth to twins on the finish line" With this mega full moon, Mars represents the twins which when he goes direct on January 30th will kick off the final phase of the American conscious mind to channel our dualistic attitude about waging war into a need for nurturing and unqualified freedom. Macha's curse was that all men even the most "macho" would feel the the pain women go thru in childbirth. As we begin to birth a new era of peace, we will all be expected to deliver this baby as Mars turns direct and makes an ingress into maternal Cancer on March. 5th.
Expect this lunation to bring revolution and don't expect it to be quiet!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A House Divided Redux - Mars-Venus Opposition Leads

Map of US Representatives After 2006 Elections

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.
These were the memorable words of a speech given by Abraham Lincoln On June 16, 1858, when more than 1,000 Republican delegates met in the Springfield, Illinois, statehouse for the Republican State Convention. At 5 p.m. they chose Abraham Lincoln as their candidate for the U.S. Senate - at that time Neptune @ 24 Pisces 54 was closely SQ the Sun and Astrea @ 25 and 23 Gemini (an aspect that makes it hard to separate reality from fact and can increase the volume to the sound of misunderstandings).

Mars opposes Venus Across the MC-IC of Washington DC

The restructuring of America continues with a retrograde Mars (MC) in heavy review mode since a station last Nov. 15 @ 12 Cancer right across the US Sun. Now an exact opposition with Venus-Sagittarius posited at the deep domain, foundational roots (IC) these here United States. The sting of Mars in US domestic and foreign politics has been highly evident to many since the invasion of IRAQ. Today Jan. 19th 2008 an interesting story came out about our close neighbor Canada: Canada removes U.S., Israel from torture watchlist under pressure!

Tonight we have a revival of the idea of the House Divided
For those students of Mundane Astrology we know that the US Sibley Chart has that most illusory yet super volatile mutable Mars-21 Gemini SQ 22 Neptune which has been our super ego of a waring culture dedicated to manifest destiny disguised as empire now disguised as spreading democracy around the world.

In my post: Jan. 4, 2008 Lakota Declare Sovereign Status Amid Sagittarian Stellium
I spoke of how this was an appropriate time (Jupiter-Pluto conjunction) for the Lakota Sioux Nation told the US State Dept. they were literally seceding from the USA.

Today we hear that Montana governor Brian Schweitzer (born Sept. 4, 1955) a Virgo with a critically rebellious Chiron-Aquarius opposition to Uranus had declared independence Friday from federal identification rules. In fact Brian's natal opposition was a mirror to the current Chironic stellium in Aquarius giving voice to those that have been hurt or slighted. Thus he called on governors of 17 other states to join him in forcing a showdown with the federal government which says it will not accept the driver's licenses of rebel states' citizens starting May 11. In many real ways the national ID card constitutes a step back into slavery much less invasion of privacy.
There is a showdown coming especially with Venus in the chart above translating the energies of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on Dec. 11th 2007 by entering Capricorn on January 24th one day before Pluto makes its' most material entrance into the sign of the Lord of Time and Karma: Capricorn. When these two planets of war and peace move from dual, mutabbles (Gemini-Sagittarius) into strong angular action signs the divisions of our house will become soldified.
PART TWO - Houses Divided Going Forward
View a BiWheel Chart with US Sibley Foundation Chart (Sagittarius Rising) inside and Mars-Venus Opposition on Outer Wheel
We can see that Venus and Mars are keys to many of the coming changes to the US (where there is Mars there is always Venus). In chart's for countries and nations Venus represents arts, entertainment, music and other social pleasures, as well as diplomacy, protocol and ceremonial functions. We have already seen the debacle of the Golden Globes where the glamour of the red carpet was scraped. Plus planet involved with the sign Cancer deals with homes and families as the roots of the current Real Estate Storm that is ominously formed. Back to the Venusian connection with entertainment, take a look at some of the movies hitting Sundance this weekend. Besides a film which criticizes the early days of Rudolph Giuliani (Gemini born May 28, 1944 with Saturn @ 27 Gemini) we have a Barry Levinson's star-studded sly satire about Hollywood, "What Just Happened?". This is a film tpicks up where Robert Altman's "The Player" left off telling in typical Capricorn dark, humor the results of being a top producer fighting the glitz, tabloid and agent provocations.
Now for Mars which obviously deals with armies, military force, police states and engineering we need to realize that Mars in the Sibley chart has stationed retrograde first time in our history on June 2006. Currently Mars is Retrograde @ 18 Libra 41* (a cardinal sign of action) which will be in a challenging SQ to Venus by Feb. 8, 2008 and to Mars in Cancer on March 19th. If you think that the average person including the soldier on the ground is sick of the Iraq War wait till February and March 2008.
We are now seeing the effect of transiting Jupiter in most limiting reality of Capricorn opposing the US Venus-Jupiter as the economy begins to disintegrate. Next immediate stop will be Jupiter opposing US Sun when the glowing promises of the Bush economic stimulus package has already flown the helicopters over America.
By Election DAy November 4th with Jupiter posited at the same 18* Capricorn pushing that weak progressed Mars into moving the $$ set for the War Machine into other enterprises.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vesta adds Focus and Commitment to Mercury-Chiron in Aquarius

Part One Revolution in Art, Science and Exopolitics

Chiron the bridge between Lord Saturn to the Uranus and higher conciousness entered Aquarius back in Feb. 2005. Normally with Mercury's (pictured above) solar rotation being 88 days, we have at one meeting a year between Shamanic Chiron and the swift messenger. This year due to a retrograde loop starting Jan. 28th there are three encounters and the first today @ 4:00 AM PT. (See chart above) Then less then 24hrs. after what could be an intense solar annular eclipse in Saros Cycle 10 North, so these two tricksters meet in the sign of the humanitarian who demands truth @ 12:36 PM on 2-7-08. Then on March 4th. the third encounter @ 17* 57 Aquarius just minutes from the Eclipse Degree with the Sabian: "the last man at the masquerade is unmasked as a thunderstorm is brewing outside."
In my article written Jan. 24th, 2006 I talked about a notable Mercury-Chiron transit: Mercury the Messenger and Trickster meets the Shamanic Chiron Here I mentioned some of the amazing ablilities that are fostered by Mercurial-Chironic contacts with examples like Pablo Casals, Maria Callas and Jimi Hendrix (with an out of sign SQ). Jimi as we will see also had Vesta posited in Aquarius. I said that "the shamanic tendency of Chiron to open up the intuitive areas of the brain more easily. In Aquarius this mercurial combo can lead to critical scientific thinking and Eureka like discoveries." When we examine some of the events including scientific breakthroughs for the last few days it will be obvious.

Vesta in Aquarius is really the wild card in this trio.
Suffice to say that Vesta (the asteroid goddess of the devotional flame.
Before we delve into Vesta's both humanitarian and highly futuristic influence in Aquarius. Remember that besides the fact that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, the esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, As the planet of arousing shocks and unexpected electrical phenomena slowly moves from Pisces into Aries we are bound to find out time again with Chironic energies that the warring instincts of Aries can put down the sword and choose the pen of Mercury to be a more effective spiritual warrior.
Vesta in Aquarius is really about being futuristic in one's thinking as it is being devoted to humanitarian causes. It is also about fining more innovative methods to be productive and creative in daily work and great pursuits.
Others with Vesta in Aquarius include, Germaine Greer, Vincent van Gough, Marlon Brando, William Blake Mary Shelly to Paul McCartney...
Now in our current transit, when Mercury combines with Vesta especially in Aquarius there is strong tendency to develop the mind and dedicate to scientific research. We also see an overpowering drive to express, communicate one's ideas or ideals.
Advances and effects of this futuristic trio in the last few days.
Finally the admission that human cloning experiments are going forward with this story:Cloning Said to Yield Human Embryos - Scientists at a small biotechnology company say they have used cloning to create human embryos from the skin cells of two men. Here we have the other side of Mercury Aquarius (cold, objective) combined with Mars in dualistic Gemini. With the moon in Gemini expect to hear a lot of dialogue concerning the ethics of this research.

Extra-terrestrial Communion is Here
By now you should have heard about the UFO mania in Stephenville well even the mainstream press is unable to dismiss these sightings. We will see a UFO PRESS CONFERENCE SAT. JAN 19 DUBLIN, TEXAS MUFON...
More then credible reports of UFO's all over the world and particularly in Stephenville and Lake Travis Texas. Today we have video of a saucer over Lake Travis - even though this is reported on Fox with Photo and Video of UFO Sighting in Central Texas
Mystery Radio Burst from Outer Space Here we find the remarkable outer space transcendent influences of Chiron in Aquarius which connects to extraterrestrial communion and exopolitics. 1-16-2008: KTVU-TV in the San Francisco Bay area, reported:
“Across the globe, researchers searching for signs of life in space were abuzz this week with word that a mystery signal has been picked up by a giant radio-telescope (Arecibo) in Puerto Rico"
How to answer such a signal is the domain of the half-man half centaur in the innovative sign of Aquarius.

Advancements in the realm of intraspecies communication: Scientists develop computer that can 'translate' a dog's bark. Of course our animal friends: cats and dogs, especially sacred to Sirius are always trying to express themselves. We the humans are finally listening a really Mercury-Chiron Aquarius element.

Associations and organizations working together to settle WGA strike:

The Directors Guild of America's tentative three-year deal with networks and studios. Perhaps this deal which is a "message to the WGA speed up the negotiations" reflects how vesta in Aquarius will even curb natural freedom and aggressiveness. Here the Goddess is about and joining with friends or associations in order to carry out essential duties more effectively.

In Part Two I will focus on both the humanitarian and revolutionary efforts to bring forth peace and justice.

More Motivation to End Writer's Strike - Directors, Studio reach Deal

January 22nd Could still be the Day when WGA Says No More Strike.
Today with both a positive applying trine from Jupiter to Saturn growing closer and a focused Aquarian Stellium, now the directors and studios have made an agreement. This afternoon the LA Times reported around 2:43 PM: "The Directors Guild of America today reached an agreement with the major studios that will now put pressure on Hollywood writers to revive talks to end an 11-week-old strike that has roiled Hollywood."
It appears that everyone from Tom Hanks to others like Ron Howard and Oliver Stone of the Director's Guild want this thing over and done to avoid more $ carnage. Sony's "Angels & Demons," a prequel to the $757-million-grossing "The Da Vinci Code" has been a casualty since the release date is now May 2009 as opposed to December 2008. Yet since Monday (after a solid positive earth Grand Trine yesterday with value oriented Taurus Moon to Jupiter (in Capricorn-the moguls) and Saturn (in Virgo the writers and directors). Yes Monday was when the WGA( Writers Guild of America) announced interim deals with Spyglass Entertainment and Media Rights Capital that allow its members to write on those companies' projects.

Now today's chart set for 1:54 PM (no exact time of director-studio agreement) when a bright, encouraging and highly focused Aquarium Stellium was overhead in Hollywood. Combined with a previously entrenched Saturn-Virgo in the IC or foundation roots of this strike in an easy rocking trine to Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn in the partnership house we are seeing daylight.
(I will be saying a lot more about the Mercury ruler of writers, journalists, scribes of all kinds in Aquarius along side Vesta an asteroid that tells of devoted commitment and focus in the humanitarian sign of the water bearer)

Aquarian Stellium and Internet Gifts Moves a Settlement Along
Finally the deal breaker or sweetner - internet royalites were featured in today's three-year contract.
Aquarius relates to internet and wireless networks... With the Saturn and Uranian ruled mix, directors negotiated an improved deal than what studios had initially offered writers, including higher royalties for online sales of their movies and TV shows.
Let's see how quickly the weekend's talks and the Full Moon on Jan. 22nd @ 5:35 AM @ 2 Leo with a Sabian symbol of the unexpected thunderstorm brings a swift conclusion to this 11-week-old strike that pissed off Hollywood.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pluto's Last Entrance into Cap. Bengal-Burma Earthquake and Tsunami of 1762

In my last post I mentioned that I had done some searches about events that transpired the last time that Pluto entered Capricorn which was Jan 8, 1762. So here goes we have:
Jan 4, 1762 : England declared war on Spain & Naples after King George ascended tothe throne two years before
July 17th, 1762 Catherine the Great became empress of Russia after the death of Peter III. The change in monarchy actually happened without assasination: "By order of the Empress, Peter was taken to a nearby estate in the village of Ropsha. There he was held under surveillance. The following day, Sunday, June 30, 1762, Catherine made a triumphal entry into St. Petersburg, where she was greeted with bells ringing, artillery salvos and wild acclamations. Six days later she received the news that Peter had died. He apparently had argued with his guards."
Mozart's (born Jan. 27, 1756): first public concert in Vienna when he was only 6 years ol in October 1762. So Mozart Saturn-Uranian ruled Aquarian with Uranus in musical Pisces stunned the musical world as an infant. Perhaps one of the most notable events of that year was a natural disaster...

The Bengal-Burma earthquake and tsunami of 1762.
This historically notable disaster, a tsunami which may have been observed following a large earthquake (Magnitude unknown) on the 2nd April 1762 which
took place on he Bengal - Burma border region. The epicenter is believed to have been about 40 km southeast of Chittagong, or 61 km north of Cox's Bazaar, or 257 km southeast of Dacca. There was severe damage in Chittagong. Perhaps not as large as the 2004 event near Banda Acech but it did result in more than 160 km of the Arakan coast beign elevated, while other
areas sank. Back to the present, just yesterday a Magnitude 5.0 quake occurred in this same area near the India-Bangladesh border - are we looking at some foreshadowing for wheat is to come in the spring of 2008?

Chart for the April 2nd 1762 Event (time unknown- still no record in USGS archives) has a recipe for seismic disaster. My chart is set for 12 PM where Moon sits on the ascendant @ 15 degrees SQ a powerhouse combo of Uranus-Sun-Venus-Saturn-Jupiter all in fiery Aries. It is likely that a massive quake actually happened the evening of April 1st or early AM with the Moon touching off that earthy Pluto @ 1 Capricorn and that highly volatile Uranus-Sun-Saturn...
Note that around April 7th 2008 we will have conditions right for a series of floods, quakes or volcanic eruptions with Sun-Mercury-Venus all in Aries and Mars as a trigger again in Cancer all TSQ Pluto. Plus on from March 4th to March 10th a Mars-Pluto opposition should be ratcheting up both the potential for economic and social violence besides earth and weather changes.
This years Annualar Solar Eclipse begins at 3:55 AM UT on February 7th with a stellium of Saturn-Uranian Planets to possibly trigger explosive natural disasters within 30 to 60 days of the event.

Pluto Ingress Into Capricorn - Musings or Ruminations?

Two Wheel Chart with US Sibley Chart set for 7-4-1776 @ 5:10 PM Philadelphia in center.
Outside Wheel:Pluto Ingress into Capricorn set for 1-25-2008 @ 9:38 PM DC

Cardinal Fears and George Orwell Revisited
Tonight as the Aries moon in Crescent beauty and a little over 24 hours away from a critical 1st Qtr. SQUARE to Mr. Politics Capricorn, my thoughts turn to how will the Pluto ingress into Capricorn play out? This article will not be my last even after Jan. 25th when the Lord of the Underworld-Hades enters Capricorn @ 10:44 PM ET.
Dark and Light Versions of the Goat's Entrance.
Scanning recent news articles that seemingly offer different faces of the Goat including the Satanic Baphomet (from Baphomet to Ea-the Seagoat)I just caught an article in the UK's Independent which incidentally was removed a month later thus recap: Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs' Wow this is the real deal, just like David Icke and others have been trying to say for years...since Neptune-Uranus met in Capricorn in the early 90's.
For those who are not familiar with the progression of National ID Card & CHIP Agenda might want to watch this short video.
This all sounds like the worst nightmare scenario of Orwellian (Eric Arthur Blair whose pen name was George Orwell was born a Cancer June 25, 1903). Orwell had Sun-Neptune together in Cancer - a bit of a psychic but paranoid position. His chart look at his Mars in Libra near his North node of destiny @ 12* in keeping the theme of cardinals the progenitors of action and spearheading extravaganzas. Note that the January 25th ingress of Pluto @ 10:44 PM ET has Libra ascendant @ 12 degrees. And as other astrologers including myself have pointed out Pluto slowly, inexorably opposes the US Chart's Venus March 2009 for a real kick in the ass to the consumer economy. Then in March 2010 an opposition to Jupiter will shake up our laws, court system and beliefs as the elite face the unstoppable wave of energies precipated by the first climactic TSQ of Saturn/Libra-Uranus/Aries-Pluto/Capricorn exploding across America's MC-IC-ASC to shake our deep foundational roots and core.
Enough of trying to even compare 1984 to 2008 and the coming 14+ years of escalating destruction and rebirth - major our systems.

It Doesn't have to be like that if you...
Just Open Your Mind and Know Who is Out There
Open Your Mind - Illuminati Symbolism - It's All Around You!


Exopolitics and Universal Underworld
Personally I prefer to embrace a system of Exopolitics pointing to a time when the quarantine on Earth is lifted and we can embrace extraterrestrial life Or to understand Calleman's view of a more transcendental period arriving by 2010 when the Mayan Universal Underworld begins on Oct. 28, 2011 and a dualistic mind set evolves into a sustained period of enlightenment. For those that have been following my discussions or those of Clow and Calleman, we just entered he Fifth Night on November 19, 2007 ruled by the Aztec God: Tezcatilpoca he Lord of Darkness. This period ends on November 12, 2008 and will portend a deep crisis for the materialistic culture and as the cardinal energies line up a time of destructive reactions for not just the US but the European Union.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tentative Agreements with Writer's Strike 2008 as Crescent Moon Begins

Updates: will the strike be over by Jan. 22nd?
Riding the high profile wake-wave left by movie-TV moguls as of Friday 1-11-08 is the Weinstein Co. who have made up front deals with the WGA long before the Alliance of Motion Picture
and Television Producers can reach a full agreement with the writers. Yes the Weinstein Co. played it smart and made nice, signing an interim deal with WGA (interim deal with the Writers Guild of America )

From the preceding article we see the Uranian theme played (today Venus SQ Uranus) since others are following the speedy Mercury in Aquarius almost next to Ms. Dedication: Pallas a wild card in Neptune ruled Pises and close to a meeting with Mr. Excitement Uranus.
As of Saturday-the Sabath as he most expansive planet Jupiter(esoterically a symbol of the ascended masters and exoterically of over the top gestures) just 2 degrees away from perfect trine with Saturn today levels more encouraging signs ahead AP: Directors, Studios Begin Labor Talks
Even the hint of a quick resolution with "an e-mail from DGA president Michael Apted to guild members added to speculation that a speedy resolution with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers could be in the works."
It looks really promising from my point of view with the winged messenger-Mercury translating the light between Vesta-Chiron and finally a date with destiny meeting mystical Neptune or should we say Fuzzy Logic disorientation? on Jan. 22n.
Send me your thoughts if you think the strike will be over by Jan. 22nd 2008 or at least we will see a deal signed. Even if the deal is broken when Mercury stations retrograde on Jan. 28th this would be a big win for everyone.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Will the Great Writer's Strike of 2007-8 End by Jan. 21st 2008?

After watching the Bill Maher Show sans his famous "New Rules" and seeing Bill (objective Aquarian 1-20-1956) and an emotional plea for writers to return to the show, I was moved to write this article. I had been wondering if the upcoming Jan. 21 structural transit - an easy but powerful Jupiter Trine to Saturn would bring an end to this strike? I also know that astrological interpretations/predictions are not wrapped up in some hip-cool script and in this article I don't pretend to examine all the elements that will be needed to resolve ferocious stalemate for the entertainment world. Golden Globes Cancelled - this is a crisis.

Even Bill's typically sardonic style mixed with a a sometimes unabashed almost electrical delieverydidn't obscure the powerful Saturnine air of tonight's show. Some crisp, edgy writing would have added even more to the normally zany Pisces moon. Maher's first of a new season show brought former Faux-Fox news anchor Tony Snow who is also a Cancer survivor, Retired White House Press Secretary and guest-host for The Rush Limbaugh Show to sedate even hushed liberal audience. So Tony Snow (June 1, 19550) kept talking about how the Surge is cutting down violence in Iraq and how happy Americans are... Snow whose Mercury-South Node was receiving a potent transit from Mars-Gemini Retrograde and has definitely drank the "Neo-con Kool Aid using a pugnacious Mars-Cancer tenacity... Maybe if Bill's writers had been there armed with John Stewart quips, he would have shut the freak up. Where are the writers now that Mercury is applying to an imaginative to say the least meeting with artistic and highly deceptive Neptune on Jan. 22, 2008?

Back to the Strike and how it began:
The statement or is it the press release tells the background behind this strike
which began slightly after Midnight Monday- 11-5-2007 after negotiations between the Writers Guild in their contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4 — A strike by Hollywood writers began just after midnight Monday, as last-minute negotiations between screenwriters and producers to avert a walkout failed.
The last strikes were 30 years ago: A Saturn Period?
1988: Writers strike, five months.
1987: Directors strike, three hours and five minutes.
Demands included: increase in pay for movies and television shows released on DVD, and for a bigger share of the revenue from such work delivered over the Internet.
Where was Mercury when the strike began?
The planet most associated with the act of authoring, Mercury was @ 24 Libra a symbol of justice and righting wrongs with ruler Venus in Virgo near the Moon and closely SQ Pluto. A Venus-Pluto SQ speaks of an emotional crisis and obsession about financial security from one's artistic creativity, risk taking with Lord of Transformation still near the critical Galactic Center on cusp of the 5th house.
Getting ahead of ourselves on Jan. 21 when those two pillars of business Jupiter-Saturn are positively aligned: Venus is closely applying to a conjunction with obsessive Pluto. This fiery Sagittarian meeting is more about a recurring crisis meeting an emotional solution involving crisis. Yet we are seeing Venus translate the former SQ into a conjunction with Venus changing signs into Capricorn on Thursday Jan. 24th - a great opportunity to end this milieu of who is really valued in the Hollywood mega-empire and their power brokers.

Mars in Cancer Opposing Vesta - a trigger along with Pallas opp. Saturn
We always seem to hear the word "acrimonious" in relationship to the negotiations that broke down. The Merriam-Webster definition for acrimonious is "caustic, biting, or rancorous especially in feeling, language, or manner" This seems to fit one arm of the mutable cross with Mars-Cancer which represents the Writer's Guild placed in 11th house of associations, organizations, hopes and wishes (stationed and went retro on 11-15-07 on the US Sun @ 12 Cancer) opposing Vesta in rigid Capricorn dedicated to hard work. In the fifth house of creative expression, Vesta is dedicated to artistic form of writing in painstaking fashion even though it can lead to the bright lights. Here we have Mars in competitive fashion needing to align the energies of the authors, creators and ghostwriters. Focus and alignment of energies is the resolution to this part of the crisis.
Another arm with wide opposition from Saturn to Pallas - known to indicate a conflict between practical goals and artistic freedom. IN the 7th, Pallas signifies a strong ability to negotiate and provide mediation even in mystical Pisces. The remedy or resolution for this stressful transit is the structural foundation of Saturn. Saturn stationed retrograde on 12-19-07...
Ceres in fixed Taurus Rx on the MC closely opposing Juno-Scorpio on the IC Ceres in Taurus especially on the MC of career is about having some stability, nurturing and literal values-worth out of their profession. Ceres-Juno are about integrating nurturance with relationships and only thru new role models and supportive actions can this strike be resolved. With both Taurus and Scorpio involved this has been a long strike which can continue past the time that Mars moves direct on Jan. 30th.
My gut reaction is even though Mercury won't enter the first retrograde loop of 2008 till 1-28-08 @ 23 Aquarius opposing the Writer Strike Chart 11-5-07 could mean even more prolonged strike, if they don't take advantage of this window on 1-21-08!

The real wild card in this scenarios is transiting Pallas close to Uranus which could indicate even more erratic and revolutionary-rebellion or a possible social reform. My guess is here again the sudden event of ending the conflict may mean that the whole process is unresolved after initial agreements on jan. 21st break down again - I hope not!
(Of course I should add the the 11-5-07 chart had the wounded healer Chiron in the 6th putting the pain in the area of service, trade unions, working class being writers that earn less then 50K when they work. Son on Jan. 21 right before Pluto moves into Caporicorn, we see a surprising notably unexpected Stellium of Saturn-Uranian planets: Sun-Chiron-Vesta-Mercury-Neptune all in the sign of the Internet and the drive for freedom of all kinds.
Is this the weight that will bring a universal agreement not just the few isolated cases like the CBS News and Writers End Dispute After 2 Year on Jan. 10th. Yes even though t Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert along with Guild members Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien who will be supporting the WGA
No it appears that even with a great chance for an agreement to be reached with this trine that favors business moving forward, this srike is not reaching a conclusion none too soon. - You decide...

BiWheel Comparison of Ju-Sat. Trine to Strike Chart

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Economic, Political and Real Earthquakes: Sequel to Capricorn New Moon

Rumblings from the Capricorn Alignment
As Bob Dylan sang in 1989 (when Saturn-Uranus-Neptune were all in the sign of the Mountain Goat) about living in a political world.
We live in a political world,
Love don't have any place.
We're living in times where men commit crimes
And crime don't have a face

Dylan's lyrics linger now that the results of the New Hampshire primary are being questioned. Stories have been breaking all day via Alex Jones and Ron Paul's website about: Ron Paul Votes Not Counted In New Hampshire District
Vote fraud confirmed
You might notice that the chart above cast for exact New Moon in Cardinal Capricorn for DC. has Capricorn Rising with Jupiter expanding the political functioning on the ascendant. Sun-Moon in Capricorn in first and Pluto @ 29 Sagittarius 24' on the critical degree on the cusp of the next HUGE change ready to shake rattle and roll into Capricorn on January 25th @ 10:44 PM ET.

Just like the fact that the corporate media and political power brokers didn't count on such a populist candidate like Ron Paul whose supporters are willing to use that transiting Saturn in Virgo to see voter irregularities unlike the last two General Elections in 2000 and 2004. Dr. Ron Paul (born August 20, 1935) is experiencing the power of true believers with transiting Uranus @ 15 Pisces applying to a conjunction with his natal Vesta @ 18 Pisces. We can't really call Dr. Paul the Aquarian candidate but the fact that his natal Venus @ 22 Virgo closely connects to the US Chart's Neptune tends to create the idealistic candidate who is ready to abolish the IRS and get us our of IRAQ poste haste. The thing his having his practical venus in this position not only creates true believers but since it is SQ the US Mars (don't tread on me in the 7th a certain passionate anger is generated). I will get into this in another writing but Paul's Sun @ 26 Leo is opposing the US Moon @ 27 Aquarius creating a natural conflict between ego and emotions along with grassroots populism and lot's controversy when embracing the Ron Paul Revolution. Consider that his natal Mercury @ 7 Virgo is closely SQ the US chart's point of innovation Uranus @ 8 Gemini adding that desire to build a better mousetrap.
Lately it is even more telling is the that transiting Chiron @ 13 Aquarius (maverick healer) is challenging his vital charismatic Mars-Jupiter pairing in Scorpio with a an exact midpoint. Fox news is still reeling from their attacks on Paul as Saturn continues to retrograde next to his Mercury enabling his army of followers to influence the mainstream with promotional quakes.

Saturn logical experts are thrown a trump card: Yes those supposedly shrewd pundits who are trotted out on every major network couldn't ever count on the effect of Mercury-Aquarius on the cusp of the second house of values. They just might underestimate the value of the unexpected as average people mass together to seek redress since Urananian ruled Vesta(Devotion)-Chiron(common wounds) are together chasing down the planet of ideals, starry dreams and illusions: Neptune which will meet N Node of destiny later this year the first part of May.
Economically the volatility of today's market was experienced as the DOW fought back and U.S. Stocks Gained Most in 2 Weeks, Led by Technology, Financials - transiting Neptune will be conjunct Pluto in the NYSE foundation chart (May 17, 1792) on April 1st - hmmm is this market going to be manipulated while home prices go down the drain?
More Surprises: Mercury-Moon brought in the Aquarius effect as the CBS News and Writers Ended their Dispute After 2 Years

Real Live Tremors Hit the West Coast and Beyond
So yesterday's lunation brought in a whole bunch of Saturn ruled planets and some of them are ruled by the god of earthquakes Uranus. And Venus is applying to an exact SQ with Uranus on January 12th not especially a huge indicator of ground movement and even with lots of Capricorn and Aquarius planets there has to be some other triggers for (1) 6.4 earthquake hits off Oregon coast at 5:37 p.m. Wednesday
(2) Lots of recent shaking in Yellowstone, MT with a 3.7 early today. (
(3)Another large quake in the QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION off the coast of Vancouver this time 6.1 Magnitude
(4) A 6.4 Magnitude Quake in remote Tibet- WESTERN XIZANG early AM
Earthquake Predilictions
Let's examine another aspect to time earthquakes (not shown on the chart...
Planetary Nodes where on Jan. 8th @ 3:37 PM with chart set for Seattle in between Portland in the South and Vancouver in the North
Uranus Ascending Node @ 12 Gemini 22 is applying to SQ with Saturn and Uranus while
Uranus Descending Node @ 15 Sagittarius 36 is exactly SQ transiting Uranus...continues Exact SQ on January 9th during Oregon quake
Mars Ascending Node 8 Aries 20 is applying to a SQ with Jupiter
Mars Descending Node 11 Libra 30 is applying to SQ with both Saturn and Uranus

Other massive phenomena that seems much more Plutonic then just Saturn or Uranian - Volcanos. Mother nature's way to purge and cast fire up from the depths of the earth seemingly reminds us of the Pluto-Mars opposition which is still in orb are the series of Volcanoes going off on the ring of fire.
Today we found that Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano is poised for a major eruption.
Another on on Saturday Jan. 5th: a mud volcano, known as Sai Chung volcano, located on the Sai Chung Island east of Kyawk Phyu town in Arakan state of Burma erupted.
Then Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano put on a spectacular show Saturday, spewing out a huge, billowing cloud of ash and steam eight kilometers (five miles) high.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Seagoat Swims, Mountain Goat Climbs as Pan Revels All Fascinated with the Forbidden

Part Two: A Cold Moon Opens Pandora's Box - Whose Dharma is it anyway?

This Capricorn New Moon will help us understand all phases and incarnations of the Capricorn energies descending upon the planet.
Notice the illusion presented in the Devil card or the image of the 19th century image of Baphomet, created by Eliphas Lévi. Levi called his image “the Baphomet of Mendes" from legend's of the goat of Mendes. Actually the Egyptian Mendes was a ram deity but this image of the the Occult. Later Crowley adopted the image and rumors of the Baphome worshiped by Freemasons has persisted. Note that the Baphomet's arms bear the Latin words SOLVE (dissolve) and COAGULA (congeal).
This lunation shows one face to the world yet has a hidden agenda that only our deeper introspection can reaveal.

Esoteric astrologer Alice Bailey considers Capricorn as the sign of the initiate who is tested daily by the challenges of Saturn (Karmic Lord of Matter and Time).
Capricorn is rules a most Saturnine time of lonely ambition and discipline ruling world of the five senses, the world of limitations as connected to the symbol of the mountain goat. Yet like all the Zodiacal signs there is an unevolved and evolved or more spiritual side where mind over matter is desirable and being of use is more important then using others.

In the classic book: Archetypes of the Zodiac by Kathleen Burt, Capricorn is associated with the search for Dharma which of course connotes Karma or the fact that we reap what we sow. Dharma has been defined as the underlying order in nature and life. The Sanskrit term: Dharma literally translates as 'that which upholds or supports' (from the root 'Dhr' - to hold), here referring to the order which makes the cosmos and the harmonious complexity of the natural world possible. Could this cold, seeker of wealth and power really be searching for divine order? When we did just a little deeper, Kabbalistic origins through the Zohar offer even more insight: Saturn (ruler) was created with the letter Beth that was given to it wisdom, even though Saturn is the planet of destruction, since it has no desire for anything that has to do with the body or the physical realm and that is why it cancels them. The letter Ayin created Capricorn. Together we get a very energetic and powerful combination, Ayin + Beth = the 72 Names of God which Moses used to split the Red Sea. Ayin Beth correlates to the Tetragrammaton (Yod Heh Vav Heh).

The association of the Goat with Capricornus dates back as far as ancient Babylon. Capricorn, the Seagoat, is reflected in the image of a powerful Babylonian deity named Ea. He has the lower half of a fish and the head and torso of a goat. The god lived in the ocean. He came out every day to watch over the land, and he returned to the sea every night.

Pandora Connection
In the chart above this Capricorn New Moon set for 1-8-2008 @ 6:37 AM ET in Washington, DC has 3 degrees 51 Capricorn rising. This is the degree of Sun sign for the famous creator of the Twighlight Zone: Rod Serling This ascendant has an interesting image of "Pandora with her back to the mysterious black box, the other hand resting on the lid. Later she is seen with on her knees looking through the chest's keyhole."
Check out this teleplay by Serling: "The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes"

This fascination for the forbidden also approaches and crosses the realms of magic, occult and shamanism and it is no real surprise that Carlos Castaneda was also born with this degree of his Sun. According to the Pandora myth, she opened a container jar (pithos) releasing all the evils of mankind— greed, vanity, slander, envy, pining — leaving only hope inside once she had closed it again. Her other name, is Anesidora, "she who sends up gifts" all sent by the Gods. With this lunation there will be other symbolic boxes which we all most open to discover our own dharma.

We find both Sun and Moon @ 18 Capricorn ala Sabian: "Amid heavy shelling a destroyer bears down on an enemy ship, the captian standing resolutely at the helm." If ever there was an image of the Bush-Cheney group going down with the ship, this is it!
This lunation is not just about the determination and keeping your cool amid mayhem or the steady persistence of the sign of the goat but about surprises and sudden turns of events.

Pan Returns
The other side of this Capricorn archetype which is rarely seen now peaks thru the wooded veil in search of mirth and pleasure is Pan. The parentage of Pan is unclear; in some myths he is the son of Zeus, though generally he is the son of Hermes, with whom his mother is said to be a nymph. Mistakenly connected with the Greek word pan, meaning "all", but actually derived from the word pa-on, which means "herdsman" and shares its prefix with the modern English word "pasture". Pan is famous for his sexual powers yet in myth from Syrinx to Echo ran away from his seductive nature or was it lecherous desire? Pan's flute will be clearly heard as this new moon arrives.
In the chart above, Mercury has just entered the other winter sign Aquarius with Venus (currency) applying to a SQ with both the modern ruler of the water-bearer: Uranus and with Pallas the mystical strategist in Pisces. Mercury @ 1 degree Aquarius whose Sabian symbol tells of the traveller who finds the ancient temple in the desert which has fallen to ruin but is still being adapted for modern use." This sounds a lot like our corporate and government institutions that are decaying and ready to hit an incredible destructive phase with Pluto's ingress into Capricorn on January 25th right after the next Full Moon on 1-22-08 in LEO.
Stay tuned for more on both lunations.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

California Blizzard of 2008 Hails a Capricorn Snow Moon

Capricorn New Moon - Part One Weather Makes News to Start 2008

As I write this article on Saturday January 5th. we on the Pacific Coast are being hammered by a gigantic storm. With Venus applying to an exact Square with Saturn-Virgo (tomorrow @ 5:39 AM PT) which can indicate a cooling trend not just emotionally but meteorologically since Venus deals with amounts of moisture. So here we are after 24 hours plus of hurricane force winds and torrential rains where thousands of people had no power in three states and thousands more had been told to leave their homes in mudslide-prone areas of Southern California. Mudslides and Saturn in mutable earthy Virgo seem to go together. Also avalanches can be attributed to earth signs and with the current Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center Avalanche Advisory this seems a snowy reality.
Snow Moon the new moon in Capricorn @ 3:37 AM 1-8-08 is technically not the Snow or Wolf Moon (Indian lore assigns the Full Moon in January to that position) but it sure is cold! With Jupiter-Capricorn, Sun-Moon and Mercury-the Weather Planet @ 0 Degrees Aquarius (ingress 1-7-08) offering more high winds and massive precipitation. It appears the inclement weather will hang around for a while. How long? Looks like weather will be making the news into January 12th when Venus will translate the light between Saturn and Uranus with an awesome SQ to Uranus in wet, oceanic Pisces.
Yes Aquarius and the modern ruler Uranus will mean unexpected climactic conditions among other forces which will be covered in Part Two Harsh Realities Drop.

Even the fixed stars in this Lunation are a bit ominous (more will be covered in Part Two)
Acumen ( the sting of the Scorpion) - Rising 22 mins 02 secs before Sunrise -
Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumurs and ancient interpretations tell of how Acumen By virtue of his tail armed with its powerful sting can wage fierce warfare now against man, now against beast, and provide the spectacle of death and to perish in the arena per (Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, p.239-240)
Mirfak - Setting 34 mins 23 secs before Sunrise - in the elbow of the Champion, Perseus.
This is where our friend the recent Messenger Comet Holmes has been haning out and impersonating the Blue Kachina?
Meanings are diverse since this is a constellation that deals with the young, bold hunter who eagerly engaging in, and pursuing, the events of one's life. Also per George Noonan in : Perseus and Mirfak are indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.
We will soon find out.

Before we go into Part Two where we examine a chart set for Capricorn New Moon in DC, note that in the above lunation with Scorpio rising @ 25* 52' with the Sabian of Indian and their native American chief breaking camp - a symbol which deals with who is really competent and do we really have too many chiefs and few Indian braves to handle our current crisis. We also fined that Algol is rising as Jupiter is Culminating orb 00 mins 24 secs - Not only known as a demonic star but a primal, sexual obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual

Friday, January 04, 2008

Lakota Declare Sovereign Status Amid Sagittarian Stellium

Pluto and Jupiter Expand Redemption and Lead the Way
2007 has been more then just a historical year, it marks a landmark when the Lakota Sioux Nation told the US State Dept. they were literally seceding from the USA. To understand the full ramfications of this action we may have to wait till Saturn applies to a close SQ with the Sagittarian Stellium in September 2009. But before then with the first passage of 5 exact oppositions of Saturn and Uranus on election day Nov. 4th 2008. Yes by then we will get the meaning of Secession (derived from the Latin term secessio) is the act of withdrawing from an organization, union, or political entity. We are now in a time when the collective, common people demand human rights, freedom (Uranus in Pisces) and meeting the resistance of Saturn the prevailing establishment. Ah Ho.

Pluto-Jupiter in Sagittarius - Powerful Faith
Pluto the planet of generations with an orbit of 247.7 Years marks history and generations and on December 11 2007 was conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius (sign of the seeker of truth). Plus this Lord of Transformation has also been close to the Galactic Center since December 2006 and the last time this occurred in Sagittarius was 1760 a time of the French-Indian War (1754-1763) During that time the Iroquois Confederacy also known as the "League of Peace and Power", fought side by side with the Colonists (unlike other tribes who sided with the French) to battle imperialism which has destroyed indigenous peoples during the Piscean Age and with Pluto ingress into Capricorn (sign most identified with the royals, elite and political power brokers) will have it's last gasp.

So just a few short weeks ago (even though it seems like an eternity) somewhere around 7:45 AM with Mercury-Sun-Pluto-Jupiter all in close conjunction revealing the sham and theft of their lands and and a tragic history a declaration was made.
‘Our treaties with the United States government are nothing more than worthless words on worthless paper - repeatedly violated in order to steal our culture, our land and our ability to maintain our way of life.’

Just as in 1776 when our own independence was declared and a new nation was born called Lakota Oyate
In one dramatic gesture yet quiet respectful action honoring the sacredness of mother earth (with Mars Rx in 7th house of the chart the issue of who owns this land will be renewed in ferocity)
Lakota Oyate represents the voice of the free Lakota oyate (people) from what was known as the Sioux Indian reservations of Nebraska, North Dakota,South Dakota and Montana.
A chance to heal older wounds and establish future values with Chiron together with Neptune and on the cusp of nodes shifting (12-18-07 @ 1:03 AM ET) from Pisces-Virgo to more fixed and sucedent Aquarius-Leo A resounding statement: In our freedom, we reject the colonial apartheid system that has caused genocide to our people, and to all Indigenous peoples.

“We are no longer citizens of the United States of America … We are legally within our rights to be free and independent.”
Leading the Way - Lakota Oyate A Free and Independent Nation
December 17, 2007: Lakota Freedom Delegation delivers letter to U.S. State Department in Washington D.C. withdrawing from all treaties with the United States government. Delegation consists of Mni yuha Najin Win (Phyllis Young), Teghiya Kte (Gary Rowland), Oyate Wacinyapin (Russell Means), Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.), Delegation Liaison Naomi Archer (Iladurarrak Nation), and several other members.