Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trumpet Blaring and Nodes Changing

Today AQUARIAN SOLUTIONS is out in FLA. far from the BP oil disaster or the Macondo blowout. I happen to notice the Sabian for today's Sun in 7+ Pisces
"A girl blowing a bugle" 8 Pisces which reminds me of the awakening trumpet
played by Gabriel or that girl who sounds the alarm. Also from Bovee Astrology
"Today: Tremendous resource and rich fomenting power is available. One may feel compellingly called to something as if a bugle call resonated from deep within."
My thought is that many people around the world have been feeling the clarion call
from around the time that Mubarak resigned around Feb.11, 2011 when the Universal
Underworld commence.
He goes on to say:
And within is the space from which good things will come, as opposed to an external agent answering a call."

Today's capricorn moon is hosting stories of gas climbing in price along with
Uranus @ extreme 29th. degree speaking of Cap.
Economic collapse and environmental destruction marching hand in hand
with yesterday's exact Jupiter-Pluto square illuminating greed - Per this latest from BP. trying to shirk their payments after causing catastrophic loss. Let's not get ahead of ourselves but with Uranus at the last and most extreme degrees of Pisces just like April 20, 2010 when explosion of Deepwater Horizon began and with Uranus entering Aries on March 11th will explode.

Find hope "beyond" information now that the moons nodes are changing signs on March 3rd. right before the New Moon @ 14 Pisces @ 12:46 PM from Capricorn(government-structure)
Cancer(mother-nurturing) changing into Sagittarius (travel-boundary breaking)
and Gemini (learning and beyond data Notice this story from George4Title about
protests against CPS as the shift occurs

Or since raw milk relates to cancer as does breast milk this story from Natural News
Raw Milk
Several states consider loosening raw milk restrictions as FDA tries to tighten them

Then we got Libyan refugees streaming into Malta or Sicily or wherever they can travel. Because with Jupiter-Uranus together almost in Aries and ruler Mars near Chiron The battle for Tripoli hits high gear.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Deneb Algedi, the Sea Goat and Other Fixed Stars of this Full Moon

The Fixed Stars over San Francisco and Washington, DC.
Before we describe the paran relationships, lets check out the obvious
star aspects. Most notably the Royal Kingly Star Regulus conjunct the Moon.
Regulus the heart of the Lion aka Cor Leonis of Rome and represents Raphael The Healing Archangel and Watcher of the North. With the Moon: Regulus represents occult interests, powerful friends (Obama meets with Silicon Valley tech elite) Be alert because Regulus with the Moon can mean danger from enemies and false friends, gain by speculation, public prominence, great power, honor, wealth, benefits which seldom last, violence, trouble and sickness.

Scheat is conjunct Uranus (the awakener/trickster) stacking the deck towards
some type of catastrophe.

Venus @ 16 Capricorn is conjunct both Vega ( a pale sapphire star in the consellation Lyra). Vega, according to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus and Mercury grants hopefulness, refinement and changeability. Vega also and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious. Robson goes on to say that with Venus: Hard-hearted, cold, miserly, ill-health, ugliness or deformity. and Rukbat (a star on the horse's knee or leg.) Venus conjunct Rukbat, is opening the path for women warriors who are ready to fight for freedom and justice.

Deneb Algedi's Influences...
Deneb Algedi is the Heliacal rising star in both chart-
a star which Robson said called the "Judicial Point of the Goat".
Robson goes on to describe the mythic legend of the Seagoat's origins.
During their war with the giants, the Gods were driven into Egypt and pursued by Typhon. In order to escape, each was forced to change his shape, and Pan, leaping into the Nile, turned the upper part of his body into a goat and the lower part into a fish, a shape considered by Jupiter worthy of commemoration in the heavens.

As we review the news of falling leaders and kings from Egypt to Tunisia
we see can see how the constellation Capricorn has major influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs. Along with the sign, the constellation is also noted as the "Mansion of Kings.

Robson talks about the parans relationships with the current tropical transits in Aquarius. These are most significant since Mercury
First with the Sun: Loss through false friends, high position but final disgrace and ruin, loss of money or property, sickness, worry through children.

With the winged messenger Mercury: Melancholy, quiet, solitary, unkempt or ragged, student of nature, science or philosophy, engaged in trapping animals or reptiles, snakes or poisonous beetles which do not harm the native.

With the warrior Mars: Danger from enemies, accidents, honor and preferment but many quarrels and final disgrace, violent death.

Skipping to the background themes which are most prominent - Uranus which is active as the ruler of this Aquarian Stellium represents: Public opinion, Public expectations.
Uranus is Setting when Markab is Setting (Markab is known to relate to Danger from fire, weapons or explosions). Markab hails the reliability and consistency of the common folk who will be reaching a boiling point.
Uranus is on Nadir when Algol is Setting
Rebellion, the anger of the common people.
Uranus is Setting when Acumen is On Nadir which could involve biased attacks on a discriminated group of individuals.

Just to make the potential for future doom more interesting, Algol the demon star of the constellation Perseus is highlighted in this Full Moon. Algol tends to relate to dangerous meteorological phenomena. Without question the acceleration of Solar Cycle 24 and Solar Storms
could bring some catastrophes.

Algo is rising with Jupiter - expanding the need for power. Drunken with or
totally obsessed with power, whether political, physical or spiritual
Algol is culminating with malefic Mars is setting: A force for to build up b but also to destroy.

Since Scorpio is rising in with the Full Moon over San Francisco, transformation
of the decaying system is of major concern. Ankaa, the star on the neck of the mythical Phoenix is setting with the Sun. The desire to alter takes on a new meaning with Greek word phoinós for "red" (or "red blood") because the phoenix is associated with fire and the sun. Also the huge thrust of innovative technology
on the West Coast relates to Ankaa. Per Robson, Ankaa is said to give a pioneering disposition, ambition and power, together with a long life and lasting fame..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Fields of Ardath are Calling on this Full Moon

In my last Full Moon report I discussed some of the rumors of drastic earth changes
which are manifesting in Arkansas and the New Madrid fault. (More on this in another entry.)
We also touched massive sunspot 1158 and the X Class flare that triggering some serious geomagnetic storms. We are now fully open to major cosmic impulses from Solar Cycle 24. Witness this time-lapse movie of the X2-category explosion on Feb. 15th that spawned tonight's CME. The effect of this solar storm has been anything but quiet - Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA! We have already have had disturbances in radio communications in China shold expect some major disruptions to more electrical power grids and satellites in the next two days of this full moon.
Looking at the chart for this Full Moon set for UT in Greenwhich we see Jupiter
near solar Aries rising moving into opposition with Saturn on the 7th.
Pluto TSQ's both of these social/political planets at Mid-Heaven.
Pluto the lord of the underworld and power player supreme at 7 degrees Capricorn:
"A veiled prophet of power. " or more apt. "The populist hero tried for a capital offense, delivers an emotional appeal.." which describes how the passions of the underdog are being voiced in this current rebellion.

Also I delineated how the last solar eclipse crossed the Middle East on Jan. 4th. nurturing
an uprising of the spirit of revolutions from Baharain to Egypt to Libya to Tunisia and continuing to fire up the stargate in Yemen/Aden.

Magical Moon and the Fields of Ardath.
Before I discuss the Fixed Stars over San Francisco and DC, lets look at remarkable and poetic Sabian image of the Sun @ 29 degrees Aquarius 20 minutes:
"Moon-lit fields, once Babylon are blooming white." or even more profound from
that master of the Sabian: Blain Bovee - "The field of Ardath in bloom"
Blain goes on to say: 'Ardath' is an ancient name for mystic meadows that carry enduring rewards and blessings...Ardath is also related to the Goddess ‘Maia’,
ne of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Maia was also the mother of Hermes (Thoth). The akashic records reveal a connection to the ancient Lemurian ‘Rites of Myaea. From this website speaking of May Day and Beltane: " Myaea was seen as the stellar frequency which opened the way through the portal of the Pleiades and into the ‘Fields of Ardath’." Since we are officially in the Universal Underworld where
all insights are unifying - lets open that unsealed letter, the image for tonight's
Full Moon @ 30 degrees Leo to integrate this revelation -"Field of Ardath is a symbolic name for the Hidden Heart, or a place of wisdom reached only through the activation of a center in the heart which Thoth calls the “Heart of the Lion”.
While we ponder the implications of this portal opening, let's listen to some
music from an Irish group called the Eyes Of Blue -Fields of Ardath”

Time to open our hearts to a new dimension of reality to help us weather the
storms lashing our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revolution Under a Hunger Moon - Part One

What a wild ride it has been since Feb. 3rd when this Aquarian lunar cycle started. Wild rumors of Pole Shifts via Euronews (well maybe a magnetic aberration), X-Class Flares and talk of widespread: Rising Food Prices Push Millions Into Poverty.

The Mid-East has blown up since the last partial solar eclipse on Jan. 4th. Note this astrological synchronization since the Lunar Nodes for Egyptian Republic (June. 18, 1953) chart were Aquarius/Leo as were those for the Yemen North Coup (Sept. 27, 1962) but reversed with N Node Leo-S Node Aquarius conjunct Saturn. So the solar eclipse path was most prominent from Bahrain to Dubai to Egypt to Yemen

The Jan. 4th solar eclipse and the monster Lunar/Solstice vent Dec. 21st 2010 were part of Saros Series North 13: "describes large group projects where which require a separation or breaking of a bond. At first individual members of these groups may experience a sharp separation at first then later a renewal as a joint achievement is accomplished." Sounds like the Tunisian and Egyptian uprising and what is happening in Bahrain and Libya.
The year of the rabbit has been anything but tame with formerly cowering/beaten
populace of the Middle East rising up and challenging the despots and monarchs
of the Middle East. As I have stated the Aquarian Stellium has super charged
the oppressed both young and old.

Things are becoming more intense as predictions from many sources from conspiracy
scholars to solar cycle 24 prophets of doom to the Web Bots:
Web Bot: Food hyperinflation, earth changes, chaos, govt. collapse in 2011-12?
Oh yeah we are having a swarm of quakes on the New Madrid fault particularly
in the area near Guy and Greenbriar, Arkansas.

Look below at the chart set for Friday's Full Moon over DC. with Sagittarius rising
@ 29 degrees where an austere but power hungry N Node, Pluto, Venus, Vesta, Pallas all in Capricorn are intercepted. Saturn the ruler of this Cap. grouping is up at Mid-Heaven in Libra where the USA is having it's 8th Saturn return. I prefer this version of the Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees Sagittarius: "A man pores over an ancient book of wisdom, whose sinuous
designs are outlined in gold leaf." to "The pope blessing the faithful. " The first Sabian is about mysteries are revealed as we try to put together the puzzle of these crazy, bizarre and often whimsical times.

So here we are on Feb. 16th with the super-charged acceleration of the Universal Underworld which kicked off on Feb. 10th with 13 Ahau and went into high gear on Feb. 11th As we approach Feb. 18th Full Moon known to Native Americans as the Full Hunger Moon or Snow Moon...
We are at time splitting and shifts when the horns start to pop out.
Is it me or is it Chiron in Pisces (started on Feb. 8th)- oh yeah transiting Chiron is crossing her natal Vesta in Pisces where she plays the role of the sexualized martyr ala fast track Madonna. Lady Gaga looks like
a cross between a she-devil/goat or sheep which validates all the Illuminati connections. After all she was born on March 28th 1986 with Sun-Venus-Hygeia in Aries (wanting to be seen ) in a wide square to Mars-Neptune in the occult sign of the goat: Capricorn. WTF Lady Gaga sports bizarre flesh-coloured facial horns!

Get ready cause no matter how many strange and dramatic distractions are thrown at us from the likesof Lady Gaga or Facebook, things are about to get very real heading toward this Full Moon in Leo this Full Moon @ 29 degrees 20 minutes.
The Sabian for 30 degrees Leo: "An unsealed letter delivered with the embossed
insignia of the king." An unsealed letter is about revelations and the divine
powers of the cosmos are delivering an amazing message or is it the ark of covenant?

Part Two to Follow on Feb. 17th.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Aquarian New Moon Part Two: Stars & Mars over Cairo

In my last blog I mentioned Cairo and the New Moon set for 4:30 AM EET - 2:00 with Pluto right on the Ascendant @ 6 cap 40. The Sabian: "A veiled prophet of power." Pluto is symbol of power and destruction aided by Vesta adding a sense of destiny and obsessiveness to this might transformation. Egyptian uprising idol Mohammed ElBaradei has ordered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to leave the country by Friday
ElBaradei (born June 17, 1942) is younger than Mubarek who will be 84 on his next birthday. Plus ElBaradei has Mars-Moon-Pluto-Chiron all in Leo and opposing Vesta in Aquarius, definitely reflects the modern Sabian for 7 Cap. "A populist hero being tried for a capitalist offense delivers a resonating emotional appeal."

Don't forget as we look at the chart above that the Aquarian stellium filling the 2nd house of finances there are great economic and market reprecusions with this violent, sudden and unexpected series of marathon clashes. Already oil broke through $103 on Egyptian crisis
Today voices are raised, shouting with all eyes still on Egypt where the "political drama" continues to play out in stubborn tones. Stubborn is absolutely underscored with the fixed Aquarian Stellium of Ceres-Mars-Sun-Moon all in air sign Aquarius In fact this tight grouping from 12 to 14 degrees is locked in a dangerous square with bullheaded hardheaded, headstrong Mubarak (born May 4, 1928) a Taurus with Sun/Mercury conj. also in this sign. When Aquarius is in the mix this much collective, global and galactic elements are blowing.
Something is being done that it is irreversible say the Egyptian academics and opponents to Mubarak. After all when Sun-Mars are exact at 16 degrees Aquarius on Feb. 4th. Sabian: "A big business man or film director surrounded by phones gets simultaneous calls from several people including his wife." This symbol is about being cool under pressure and improvising.
How competent are we to handle life's curveballs.?
My guess is that Mubarak won't go down easy. So old Sayyhid won't go down without a fight. In fact Mubarak has strong similarities to that other Taurus strong man and garroted former dictator of Irag, Sadam Hussein.

Sadam was (born April 28, 1937) Both tyrants have Nodes in Sagittarius/Gemini. On March 3rd. 2011 our current nodes change from Cap./Cancer to much more active Sag. /Gemini so we should expect Mubarak to go the route of Sadam.... Something explosive will happen since Mubarak has natal Uranus in Aries square. transiting Pluto! One thing is that Mubarak has Mars in more evasive Pisces while Sadam had forceful Mars in Sag. Maybe not exactly the same scenario but damn close if he US gets dragged in -
The New Moon set for DC was at 9:31 PM today with Jupiter/Uranus on the 7th house of foreign affairs and open enemies. Even or should I say especially the media is
playing up this violence as a democratic uprising where pro-Mubarak supporters
are the attackers of freedom. An an excuse for AC Dooper to suddenly earn more street cred. as videos surface of Anderson Cooper and amp Crew Attacked by Mubarak Crowd in Egypt

Masonic Egyptian Symbolism in this historical play

It goes without saying that Egypt/Gizah the Sphinx all have a rich history and
are pervasive with secret societies. We live in strange times when the dark and TPTB insist on unmasking things in plain sight. Even the most blatant occult sigils are commonplace with Pluto in darker Capricorn. Maybe it is the internet making it more apparent? Just found this article:
The Occult Symbolism of the Los Angeles Central Library

Part Three Fixed Stars continued in next section
So lets look at the Fixed Stars and there positions on the New Moon over Cairo
HELIACAL RISING STAR is the archer Rukbat and a a star on the horse's knee or leg.
Rukbat - Rising emphasizes The stars at the point of the arrow in Sagittarius have influence similar to that of Mars and the Moon and can steady in focusec gaze
ones aspirations or target. Manilus says the stars of Sagittarius help blend human form that of beast's and placed above it; wherefore it has lordship over beasts.
To lead a life that is unswerving from what is held to be the true path

Castor and Pollux both found in the constellation Gemini/the Twins.
Castor and Pollux, the twin sons of Leda and Jupiter. It has also been suggested that it may represent Apollo and Hercules.
Castor is Always seeking knowledge and wanting a voice to either speak or write.
Castor is associated with journalists too and with this new moon where Mercury is exalted upon entering Aquarius on Feb. 3rd lots of stories in that area.
Castoer is situated on the head of the Northern Twin. The mortal one of the twins, famous for his skill in taming and managing horses. Sometimes called Apollo, and symbolically named A Ruler yet to Come per Robson
In the chart set for Cairo (non withstanding AC Pooper milking his attack, actually Castor is rising while Jupiter is culminating. Not only the melodious words of the romantic poet but also per Robson: Influence of philosophical and occult interests, loss through law, speculation or travel, danger of judicial sentence. Get ready for the big time trials to begin even before Mubarak leaves office Castor is also setting as Mercury is rising - gotta be a good combo for
getting those stories and accounts out to the world. Also psychic powers per Robson Castor with Mercury: Remarkable psychic powers entailing criticism and ridicule but eventual prominence.

Pollux is the star positioned on the head of the Southern Twin (eastern), "the immortal Twin". According to Ebertin: Pollux has a strong Martian nature and has the name 'the wicked boy' of the of the sibling Twins. According to its nature, this star is brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel if in conjunction with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC or with malefics. In this case Pollux can be channeled to help. Pollux if not misusing his energy and can be helper if in peril on voyages at sea
Life is a journey of self discovery, through the mountains and valleys of your own soul