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The Johnny Reid Affair 8/08/08 and More Scandals with Sun-Neptune

Johnny Reid "John" Edwards (born June 10, 1953) is more then just a Gemini, mercurial and wordy, he has 8 astronomical bodies all in the sign of the twin. Asteroids Juno, Pallas, Astraea and Hygeia all in various conjunctions to Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Mars and Mercury! No wonder Edwards not only issued a statement of admission circa 5 PM ET but also gave an exclusive interview on Nightline to ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff, that he did have an affair with 44-year old Rielle Hunter, but said that he loved only his wife, Elizabeth.

My astrologer/star watcher friends, remember that Pallas(the strategist-warrior of justice) just entered Gemini on August 4th @ 12:31 AM, the same day that Moon-Mars met in another mutable Virgo. Today Neptune (planet of scandals and shame) is prominent in an applying opposition with Sun right across John's Pluto @ 21 Leo. Plus when this affair was finally uncovered by mainstream mediw, the asteroid Goddess Vesta (committment and devotion) in the Fixed Air sign is caught up in an opposition to Mercury in Leo... Yet Neptune's current path thru Aquarius and directly across of Leo planets which signify love and romance - the issue of both faithfulness in marriage and forgiveness are the domininate tones: "Two years ago I made a very serious mistake," Edwards said, blaming the prominence of being a vice presidential candidate. "All of which fed a self-focus, an egotism, a narcissism that leads you to believe that you can do whatever you want," John Edwards issues statement about affair 8/08/08

Mutables ruled by Mercury-Neptune Turn Scandals Out.

Uranus the shocker transiting in Neptune ruled Pisces is Quincunx Edwards natal duo Saturn-Neptune dlose together in Libra 21 degrees adding major adjustment involving justice-balance-fairness but all at once and splashed across millions of TV screeens.
So here was Edwards both Admiting a Sexual Affair and that Lied as Presidential Candidate to thw whole country via ABC News. Despite the strong Fixed Aquarian oppositions with Mercury (Leo) to Neptune(Aquairus) and Sun (Leo) Moving to Exact
Opposition with Neptune (Aquairus) on August 16th it is those monster mutables that get Edwards. Transiting Mars (23 Virgo) is separating from a devastating oppositon with Uranus (22 Pisces) as crossing John's Sun (ego) @ 19 Gemini Hygeia (Health) 20 Gemini and Mars 27 Gemini. As Johnny's Mars @ 27 degrees is under tremendous pressure from Pluto now retrograde @ 28 Sagittarius. Both Jupiter-Sagittarius and Mercury -Gemini are all about moving, travewl short quick and long slow journeys....Reid has been down many paths even the reformer, humanitarian with a close Ceres-Uranus conjunction in Cancer.

Morgan Freeman to divorce wife of 24 years after crash Part II
The other Gemini twin, who is undergoing life changes due to a possible affair is Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937). Morgan has Sun-S Node and also Chiron in Gemini with a natal Square from Neptune and Juno (relationships) not making the current mutable transits both difficult and painful. Freeman is in a Memphis hospital recovering from surgery to his left arm after the Sunday night crash, which saw the car he was driving leave the road and flip over several times...
I mentioned in my blog that transiting Juno in Sagittarius (desire for independence in relationships) was a harbinger of difficult energies c\rossing his Sun and Nodes of destiny. Juno always represents partnership in marrage or love affairs:
Freeman was driving a car belonging to his passenger, Demaris Meyer, 48. The actor has described her as a friend. No comment has been made on Meyer’s condition, who was also cut from the wreckage and airlifted to hospital alongside Freeman.

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