Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Bonus Army Occupies Again as the Universal Underworld Ends


Update: October 27, 2011: SPECIAL: Just before we move into last day of the Universal Underworld and connect with 13 Ahau - Of course don't expect some cinematic event like a mass ascension or pole shift since this shift of
consciousness is subtle yet effective.
Diverting from any debate on the end of the Unity Wave and the next phase to come
let's focus on current events and their reflection in history: I found this big bold overview or overwritten article by Frank Rich in the New York Magazine describing OWS Movement-Capitalism-Banking Class. His article entitled The Class War Has Begun
The Bonus Army veterans stage a mass vigil on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in 1932.
It is not a new idea of looking at similarities with the events of the Great Depression and the current jobless recession. Back in those days as it was the Bonus Army echoing the OWS movement and the parallels are drawn with the news from Tues. Night # Occupy Oakland events: Iraq War Vet Hospitalized with Fractured Skull After Being Shot by Police at Occupy Oakland Protest. In fact the "Bonus Army" was the popular name of an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers including 17,000 World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—who gathered in Washington, D.C., in the spring and summer of 1932. They had a specific demand to receive immediate cash-payment redemption of their service certificates. Now in 2011, the Occupy movement is all over the US and parts of the world. Yes we are channeling the collective events of 1932 per the ongoing Uranus-Pluto transits. Back in 1932 Pluto was transiting in Cancer and square Uranus in Aries (just like today except now Pluto is in political Capricorn).
Looking back to July 28, 1932, after Attorney General William D. Mitchell ordered the police to remove the Bonus Army veterans from their camp.
Back then two cornered policeman drew their revolvers and shot two veterans, William Hushka and Eric Carlson, who died later.
In fact a chart set @ 4:45 PM on July 28, 2011 shows a Grand Mutable Square with Sagittarius rising @ 26 degrees with this Sabian: A flag bearer in battle.
Plus ruler of this attack chart was Jupiter posited in the 8th house of trouble and death closely square Chiron and Vesta in hard charging, stubborn Taurus.
In the chart above Mars (aggression) was in Gemini (posited in the 6th house of civil servants and the military) being in close opposition to the ascendant meaning open aggression. Significantly the Moon's Nodes in Pisces and Virgo were crossed by Pallas in Sagittarius (risk taking strategy) opposing the Moon in Gemini near Astraea demanding justice. Relating to yesterday's New Moon we see fixed signs in opposition - back in 1932 it was Sun in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius which is always known for authority conflicts and rigidity/inflexibility.
Is resonates somewhat to the Mars (Leo) Opposition to Neptune (Aquarius) relating to the 2011 movement where ideals are driving action. Back then Pluto was also close to a square with Uranus in aggressive Aries so extremes were the rule.
Attorney General William D. Mitchell had ordered the removal of their camp.
Then Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment supported by by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton charged on the veterans.

Frank Rich starts out with echoes of 1932:
During the death throes of Herbert Hoover’s presidency in June 1932, desperate bands of men traveled to Washington and set up camp within view of the Capitol. The first contingent journeyed all the way from Portland, Oregon, (Sounds a lot like the traveling/gypsy lifestyle that has sprung up for the OWS Movement.

He goes on to say " but others soon converged from all over—alone, in groups, with families—until their main Hooverville on the Anacostia River’s fetid mudflats swelled to a population as high as 20,000. The men, World War I veterans who could not find jobs, became known as the Bonus Army—for the modest government bonus they were owed for their service. Under a law passed in 1924, they had been awarded roughly $1,000 each, to be collected in 1945 or at death, whichever came first. But they didn’t want to wait any longer for their pre–New Deal entitlement—especially given that Congress had bailed out big business with the creation of a Reconstruction Finance Corporation earlier in its session. Father Charles Coughlin, the populist “Radio Priest” who became a phenomenon for railing against “greedy bankers and financiers,” framed Washington’s double standard this way: “If the government can pay $2 billion to the bankers and the railroads, why cannot it pay the $2 billion to the soldiers?”

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Dead Body - Another False Flag with Mars Opposing Neptune?


I had meant to post this right after Gaddafi's capture and murder but today (Oct. 24th) we are
just two days away from a Scorpio New Moon when more of this information will come out.
Despite the ghouls and gals shouting to the sky how the dictator and Libyan Boogieman, Gaddafi
was finally snuffed out. Before we examine the anamolies associated with his death, his body
and the resulting Libyan Coup - let's look at:
The Real Reason(s) Why Gadaffi Was Killed & Why We're In Libya

Remember kids that the The Controllers/Illuminati know how to use astrological transits for their own benefit. One the other hand Scorpio is the most investigative sign and transiting in Mercury and Venus
One of the many websites that is questioning his death:
When Mars in a most melo-dramatic and theatrical sign is in the hero sign Leo opposing Neptune in the sign of idealized democracy, there iw always the chance that sleight of hand will
rule. Rumors of course abounded yesterday with the Moon square Jupiter.
Gaddafi has 12 doubles--- "There is every reason to believe that the person which was filmed - is a made-up actor " Gaddafi look-a-like." He is simply a double, with the aim to present fraud ofGaddafi's death."
First of all let's look at the brutal capture by the mob of mayhem the rebels. (Reuters) - Muammar Gaddafi is dead, Libya's new leaders said, killed by fighters who overran his hometown and final bastion on Thursday. His bloodied body was stripped and displayed around the world from cellphone video.

This does bring up a lot of questions about the contract put out for his death and the circumstances around his capture and killing.

The NATO rats also known as rebels, have lied constantly in the past about the death of Gaddafi and the death or capture of his sons.
According to the video:
"Someday Gaddafi will pass on from this life but that doesn't change the struggle in Libya and NATO will have to remain indefinitely in Libya because the NTC is going to eventually collapse, just as the situation in Iraq is going to unravel."

Astrological perspective - examining time of Gaddafi Capture (Oct. 20,2011 @ 12:23 PM LMT) compared with his date of birthJune 7, 1942 in Sirte, Libya (time unknown)
Here is a chart set for the time of capture as the inner wheel. (since we don't have an exact time of deathwhich was within an hour of capture)
You can draw your own conclusions regarding the timing...Saturn-Sun-Juno all in Libra (justice was done?) were in a close TSquare along with transiting Pallas in Capricorn to his natal Mars @ 26 Cancer (his vitality which is a sign of retreat and side-way motion). Perhaps even more significant was that Neptune (the deceiver) was
applying to a conjunction with is Gaddafi's natal Pallas in Aquarius. Transiting Mars opposing transiting Neptune - the crux of the myths and stories around his death. Also transiting Mars the military might of the lion with bloody claws outstretched conjunct his natal Chiron in Leo - wounds enmasse and opposing his natal Vesta in Aquarius.
A brief snapshot of some of the relevant Fixed Stars overhead when he was captured.
Facies the nebula in front of the Archer's face was rising as the Sun was culminating
A piercing focus to the point of ruthlessness, or prophetic vision
Pluto was rising when Diadem, the wreath of jewels in Berenice's hair, was Culminating orb 00 mins 06 secs -
A lone sacrifice that can change a nation
Mars was On Nadir when Antares (heart of the Scorpion) is Setting orb 01 mins 27 secs -
Life and death events
Jupiter was culminating when Capulus, a star cluster in the sword hand of the Perseus was Culminating orb 00 mins 39 secs - with this star the symbolism of the head of Gaddafi dragged by the rebels.
Success to the aggressive or the cruel - Curtailed passage
The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people.

One more thing to note and add to the mystery of his capture and death is that the Moon's Nodes (dragon's head and tail) are used frequently by the those darker
masters of the occult who set the dogs on Gadaffi. In other words the N Node of future destiny or the Dragon's Head @ 16 Sagittarius (Sabian Symbol: "Seagulls flying around a ship looking for food." which was opposing his natal Sun @ 16 degrees Gemini. The sabian symbol which wraps up this saga of Gaddafi's head: "The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid-Point of the 7th Day Begins with a 3rd. Qtr. Moon


So here we go amid out of body experiences and deja vu as the psychic Cancer Moon squares
the Sun in the sign of balance Libra on 10-19-2011 @ 8:30 PM PDT. Helped by both Mercury-Venus and soon the Sun in Scorpio we are on short journey to the intrepid Scorpio New Moon on October 26th. So much to be revealed on that lunation as the secrets rise to the surface.

Looking at the upcoming Scorpio New Moon set for 3:55 PM on October 26, 2011 in Gotham City
New York, NY:

we have Pisces rising @ 13 degrees with the Sabian: "A sword used in many battles now in a museum." This is a symbol of when to let go and stop battling especially with Ceres in the first house in Pisces and TSQ the Moons Nodes on the Zenith and IC. Much destiny in these mutable angles with Virgo (ruler Mercury) in the 7th a changeable message to the people of NY. All dealing with the OWS Movement. Perhaps most troubling is that Saturn is on the 8th House cusp putting the dark, even macabre Scorpio stellium in the intercepted in teh 8th house of debt, death, taxes other peoples money and foreign finances. Will this be the day of another BIG FINANCIAL CRASH?
The Sun and Moon @ 4 degrees Scorpio (Sabian: "A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual, gains a sense of the great other world. " Is this talking about the wide-eyed innocence of the younger #OWS protestors in Zucotti Park?
The rumor mill should jump on this story tomorrow as the Leo Moon squares Jupiter
Private Security Allegedly Hired to Clear OWS from Zuccotti Park
According to email sent to, Brookfield Properties recently posted an ad on the New York Craigslist calling for “able-bodied men” to evict the OWS demonstrators from Zuccotti Park on Friday. Brookfield Properties is the company that owns Zuccotti Park where the OWS is encamped on Manhattan. Now the other side of this which relates to the polarities and reconciling of dualism of this 13th Heaven the MidPoint and the ruler Ometeotl. Scroll down and you will see that this Aztec God, Ometeotl was also referred by other names: Tloque Nahuaque, "Owner of the Near and Far"; Moyocoyatzin, "The Inventor of Himself" Yes that is the clue, we all are becoming true inventors of ourselves.

Back to the New Moon Chart set for Oct. 26th in NYC
Is the 8th house Scorpio grouping of Sun Moon with with Juno - the partnership Asteroid now in Scorpio putting the sex back or should we say revenge back in relationships? In fact Juno enters Scorpio on Oct. 24th @ 9:58:02 PM. On this lunation Juno in an intense Scorpio and wants her partners to comply or else is conjunct the Moon and Sun. All of them TSW square Pallas and
oppose Jupiter - so any secrets connected with fraudulent NWO activities will be used to blackmail.

A quick digression shows Joe Robinette Biden Jr. (born Nov. 20, 1942) getting his own natal Scorpio stellium (Venus-Sun-Mercury-Mars) all in a huff. Joe is literally scaring the Amercian people in order to pass the Jobs Bill. He sounds like an out of tune Mick Jagger saying that rape, murder and mayehm will be the order of the day if we don't pass this bill.

Not only was transiting Mars in over-dramatic Leo making a square to his own foul mouthed threats with Joe's Mercury in Scorpio. In fact not only was Mars pushing buttons and taking center stage in creative Leo but Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius was making a TSQ to his natal leadership and identity (his Sun) making things more confusing and embarasing for Joe.

Duality Cometh On the Heels of Duplicity
So let's review, per Nahua/Aztec tradition, Ometeolt/Omecihualt the dual god, male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl is the deity who takes us to the end of the 9th Wave. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.
Ometeolt/Omecihualt lived in and ruled over Omeyocan ("Two Place"), home of the gods.
The most important part is that this dual god/goddess was not not actively worshipped.
Ometeotl was also referred by other names: Tloque Nahuaque, "Owner of the Near and Far"; Moyocoyatzin, "The Inventor of Himself"; Ipalnemohua, "The Giver of Life".Ometecuhtli ("two-lord"; also Ometeoltloque, Ometecutli, Tloque Nahuaque, Citlatonac), the male aspect, was a deity associated with fire, a creator deity and one of the highest gods in the pantheon, who had no cult or following. All this might seem antithetical to the current Mars transit in Leo but
remember we are aligned into a Fixed Grand Cross. This fixed Grand Cross becomes more apparent at the time of the New Moon when Mars is exactly square Venus.
We are starting to feel a transformational shift which is causing a vibrational split that has been talked about for a while. The majority of the population does not know how to merge into this energy and are instead clinging desperately to the old paradigm, a paradigm that is crumbling by the moment. Time will not cease to exist. It already does not exist. What changes is ourselves, and our perception of time. Maya is illusion and each day offers us guidance of the corresponding wave. Tommorrow brings empowerment with Galactic Tone 5 and the day sign EB or Road. Eb is the known as the bearer of time and the conductor of destiny. This sign advises us not to hold things in and leave them unexpressed.

We see it through and through for the illusion that it is and realize its always simply now.
In fact in the Hindu religion, Maya is the principal deity that manifests, perpetuates and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the phenomenal Universe. We are about to throw off this veiling of the true, unitary Self — the Cosmic Spirit also known as Brahman.
The Mid-Point will offer great visions and efforts toward spiritual reflection/transcendence with the Sun in Libra Trine Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius on Oct. 21st 4:59 PM.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What will happen after October 28, 2011 as the Ninth Wave Ends?


As mentioned on my website and many other places on the internet:
The last day of the last (9th) wave, lasts 17 Gregorian Calendar days ranging from 11th of October 2011 till the so-called end of the calendar on the October 28, 2011.
Per my website:
On October 11th the final phase of the Universal Underworld begins a period of culmination and fruition as the universal flower drops off and the fruits of the universal are mature.
Thus on October 11th, the 13th Heaven of the Unity Wave begans in synch with a powerful and explosive Aries Full Moon This period ends on October 28, 2011 and completes the 9th Wave
This is a time of uniting duality and polarities along with massive transformation.
The Aztec God Ometeotl, the dual God takes charge - Ometeolt/Omecihualt is a dual god both male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.

This type of duality is on higher levels and today is represented by the occurrence of 10-10-11 & 10-11-11 transitions
The Mid-Point of this phase is on October 19th/20th aligned with the Last Qtr. Moon and Mercury in an opposition to Jupiter. Normally these are relatively light transits with benefics invovled but at the mid-point there will huge shifts of consciousness that we will be vibrating. During this period the major structural changes and transformations will continue are needed to rebirth our earth-society-cultures ala the 9th Wave.
A simple explantion is that our brains are being rewired to perceive unity, spherical and quantum realities.
During the days, everything is more creative and expressive as the Universal Underworld comes to a close on October 28, 2011.
But what will happen then?
To answer that question we can refer to Calleman's latest where the title gives a hint
The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes Yes we are aware of the
earth changes and solar flares continuing but what will it be like?
Well from an astrological standpoint all we can do is wildly speculate and look at
the last day. Below is a chart set for Mid-Night October 28, 2011 for Universal Time
in Greenwhich, UK. A quick look at the chart shows Fixed Signs on all the angles with Leo rising. The Sun @ 5 degrees Scorpio is at the IC is and ruler of the chart with this enduring Sabian: "A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea." The Sun is also opposing Jupiter a Mid-Heaven. In fact
the Sun will move into the closest opposition to Jupiter in 222 years on the following day.
Mars is also rising with the ascendant @ 22 Leo - with this Sabian: A bareback rider in a circus displays their dangerous skill. Mars in this degree of Leo is about practiced performance, mastery and spiritual focus. Mars is also in a close TSQ to Venus with another spiritual sabian "Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired person.", This image conjures stories of Jesus and the sermon on the mount. It also speaks of a message that is so deep yet so so simple that everyone is inspired.
Remember that 22 degrees of all signs represents some form of mastery and since 11 + 11 = 22
it relates to the start of the 13th. Heaven.
Then we see that Mars also squares Moon and Mercury all in the intense sign of Scorpio. at the IC and to Neptune in the 7th retro. in Aquarius.
To top it off we have these crossed by Jupiter in Taurus at Mid-Heaven opposing the Sun in Scorpio - The Grand Cross is complete

Let's see how Calleman describes the ending of this cycle and how things will transpire: he sees three possible alternatives after the universe has attained its highest state: The first, and most dramatic alternative, is that all waves - as well as the tzolkin cycle - come to an end. An abrupt end to all future energetic regulation of our lives and actions and a sort of freedom shock. Life would be lived fully moment by moment...
He then proposes a second and third alternative:
The second alternative, which I am currently leaning towards, is that the waves end, after having accomplished their evolutionary purposes, but the tzolkin continues to provide some energetic background variation. living moment by moment without any waves directing our evolution, but a daily variation of tzolkin energies could prevent us from experiencing life as completely timeless.
The third alternative is that not only the tzolkin, but also the nine creation waves (Underworlds) continue indefinitely and the total of peaks and valleys not limited to thirteen. This would still mean that we would no longer be subordinated to directed processes going from seed to mature fruit

Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - The Astrology


The MSM per MSNBC and Dylan Ratigan are talking about the #Occupy Earth movement expanding
out of the Occupy Wall Street efforts to bring justice and fairness.
Even though the building emotions of protest, frustrations and rage are fired up with the Aries Full Moon, it is time to take a minute and get an overview. Even though the locomotive (Fixed Grand Cross) may have already left the station, let's step back look back thru astrological eyes. We will examine the tranists and aspects concerning the inception of #OWS movement which began on Sept. 17th.
Wall Street Protest Begins, With Demonstrators Blocked
From this article:
As it turned out, the demonstrators found much of their target off limits on Saturday as the city shut down sections of Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall well before their arrival.

By 10 a.m., metal barricades manned by police officers ringed the blocks of Wall Street between Broadway and William Street to the east. (In a statement, Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman said, “A protest area was established on Broad Street at Exchange Street, next to the stock exchange, but protesters elected not to use it.”)

I have set the chart below for 9 AM with Saturn on the ascendant and Mars @ 29 degrees Cancer 03 minutes. First of all the Sabian Symbol for Saturn @ 18 degrees Libra seems appropriate:
"Two people who have to give an accounting for their acts before the tribunal of society." Even more symbolic is that the Sabian for Mars @ 30 degrees and standing right at Mid-Heaven - "A daughter of the American Revolution"
This seems pretty obvious as a grass roots movement where standing up for an ideal during a crisis situation that demands involvement.
On Sept. 17th @ 7:06 AM EDT there was the powerful opposition of Venus (libra) and Uranus (aries) This aspect is always about how limits and the rules are challenged by radical behaviors.
also Venus represents values and money in opposition to Uranus - demand for freedom.
Also Mars (physical activity) was in the last degree of Cancer relating to dwelling, making a home or "Occupation"

One day later on Sept. 18th., Mars the planet of action, desire, will power and the stuff of heroes and conquerors had entered Leo. Mars in Leo is about getting noticed and changed the entire complexion both astrologically and qualitatively by switching from the cardinal mode of reaction to a Fixed train ride that was gaining power.
Jump forward to Oct. 1st when the occupation at Wall Street was in to it's 2nd week
and Mars was square Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus is the sign most associated with the NYSE-DOW
since the NYSE (founded via the Buttonwood agreement on May 17, 1792 ) has Sun-Mercury conjunct in Taurus. Also Jupiter-Neptune are conjunct in Libra and oppose Saturn-Moon in
Aries - Highly Speculative to say the least. We might also say that there is a fragile confidence with this opposition so that markets will go up and down reflecting security concerns. This foundation chart for the NYSE (the original target for #OWS) has an idealistic, fantastical, intoxicating and even delusional conjunction.
Since Jupiter/Neptune oppose Saturn there is brew which combines the see saw of optimism and pessimism - the stuff of hedge funds and arbitrage. Money never sleeps.

How long will this open-ended, open-source movement last?
If the fixed grand cross takes hold after October 13th when Mercury enters Scorpio it should
last at least till October 28th? and the end of the Unity Wave.
Maybe the fixed stars rising, culminating and setting over NYC on Sept. 17th will tell us more...

Fixed Stars for the Sept. 17th Chart.
I am not going to examine all the Fixed Stars in paran or aspect for the start of OWS
but I will not the more important ones .

Heliacal Rising Star and Fixed Stars with Ascendant
Alphard is the orange star in the neck of the Watersnake and is Rising 92 mins 06 secs before Sunrise so it may not be that big a deal though.
Per Brady - To lead a life close to the edge, or to seek intense emotional encounters - Good description when we look at how much emotion has been generated.
Per Robson: when Alphard is rising we have much trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building; addicted to women and intemperance.

Alphecca is a brilliant white star in the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis) - Rising at the Ascendant orb 03 mins 55 secs. Per Robson and Noonan it has the nature of Venus and Mercury. They both consider Alphecca as conveying honor, dignity and artistic ability. yet like all Venusian stars it can also have its undesirable effects
Opportunities in life that are followed by hardship or loss

Heliacal Setting Star Sadalmelek - An confident person with a good network

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Aries Full Moon, the 7th Day Begins and Chaos Renews


Lightning strikes on the erupting volcano.
The image above shows lightning striking on an erupting Anak "Krakatau" (Child Of Krakatoa)

Hunter's Moon Where the Hunters are the Prey.
We are only days away from the Next Full Moon and the start of the 7th and final day of the Universal Underworld. Traditionally for the Native Americans this October Full Moon was known
as the "Hunter's Moon." When October rolled around, the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior saw the leaves falling from trees, the deer fattened up , and realized it was time to start storing up food including meat for the long winter ahead. They were able to see into the fields which had been harvested by early October. Thus the hunters could easily see fox and other animals that come out to glean from the fallen grains in the field. This metaphor will hold true over next week as Ometeotl, the dual God takes charge - Ometeolt/Omecihualt is a dual god, male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.

So far today (Oct. 9th) the long "Pisces Void of Course Moon " things have been anything but quiet. Upsets, upheavals, eruptions, mayhem and the fiercely independent are dominating the media. Mars the ruler of Tuesday's Moon is exceptionally strong transiting in Leo.
So whether we are at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum or in Cairo Egypt - Riots over church attack in Egypt kill 19 , the natives are restless and ready to rumble.

Whether we examine a chart set for the Full Moon in Wahsington DC for 10:06 PM EDT on Tuesday October 11th. the impulsive, reactive energies of a Cardinal TSQ led by the Moon are evident.
In the DC. chart below the fiery Aries Moon @ 19 degrees is positioned in the 11th house
The 11th house rules not only legislative bodies like the Congress, Senate or the House of Commons but all collective groups or associations including the OWS. This incendiary Full Moon is opposing the Sun-Saturn (authorities-government) in the 5th house of speculative interests which linked to Stock Exchange. Note that Pluto (in the 7th where situations of overt aggression along with foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes are located). Also in Capricorn is the Queen of political activism Pallas (in the 8th relating to death, taxes and financial relations with other nations) I expect some major political explosions with even the issue of embarking on a course of martial law bantered about.
Fixed Grand Cross
Also as we examine this Full Moon chart we should make a serious note that a Fixed Grand Cross is forming during this next 18 day period of the 13th Heaven. It has been said that a Fixed Grand Cross is like a powerful locomotive going down the tracks. Slow to get started but when the steaming engine is rolling along with momentum, really difficult to stop. Now that Venus has moved into more sensual, obsessive and passionate Scorpio there are squares to Jupiter (Taurus), Mars of course in attention demanding Leo to Vesta in humanitarian Aquarius and a wide orb to Neptune.
Fixed Cross means an major emphasis on values and self worth as so many things are meeting points of resistance these days.

Stay tuned for the Next Report on the Fixed Stars governing this Aries Full Moon...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Serious But Unpredictable Day moving from the Sixth Night to the Seventh Day


Things are becoming increasingly more chaotic and unexplainable for many. We are leaving
the realm of the 12th Heaven and Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (Nahuatl for "Lord of the Dawn"; pronounced [tɬaːwiskaɬpanˈteːkʷtɬi]) is the god of the planet Venus, the morning star. On October 11th our journey enters the final phase of the 9th Wave into that ruled by Ometeotl (Two God) is a name sometimes used about the pair of god Ometecuhtli/Omecihuatl. They were (also known as Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl) in Aztec mythology.
During the Sixth Night we have seen every 2 and a 1/2 day moon cycle seems to pack in 20x more events than the previous.
Yesterday with Capricorn Moon in squares to the Libra Stellium - the winds of conflict, diplomacy and major dust storms blew.
Giant dust storms turn Arizona highways into ‘war-zone’ multiple car pile-ups, 1 dead

I mentioned in other reports that that the last 12th Heaven started in 1223 and ended on 1617 - this was the time of the mongol hordes. Fortunately the Occupy Wall Street social media puppets haven't resorted to violence. But back in 1661 right after the 12th ended and the 13th began, the first paper bills
were implemented in Sweddn and spread like wild fire. Are we in store of a new currency or something such arbitrary when the 7th Day starts?
Looking at today we see big news all even before the Aquarian Moon began @ 8:18 AM PDT or 11:18 EDT Technology and innovation have been one of many underlying themes.
India launches Aakash tablet computer priced at $35
India has launched what it says is the world's cheapest touch-screen tablet computer, priced at just $35 (£23) Great news and a way to end the digital divide...
This announcement synchs up with the Aquarian Moon trine Uranus in Aries (Uranus the innovator is the modern ruler of Aquarius, if you forgot.)

Into the evening, the major Mars Leo shocker or should we say Sun-Mercury-Saturn all in Libra positioned for serious, bad news.
The kind the world mourns about..

Apple 'visionary' Steve Jobs dies aged 56
A sad and depressing day for Silicon Valley with Mercury meeting Saturn
Steve Jobs (born Feb. 24, 1955) who was fighting cancer for a while, today dealt with the transiting Moon over his natal Chiron the wounded healer.
Also the transiting Libra Stellium of Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Juno-Venus were all in a difficult square to his natal Venus in Capricorn

So sandwhichded in between and all around another story in the South Bay
in fact a rather strange tale which the SJC has been updating since there is a killer on the road or is it loose? per the doors song. Riders on the Storm - There is a killer on the road or is that Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli was believed to cause harm to people by shooting darts?
Cupertino quarry shooting suspect who killed 3, wounded 7 still on loos
The suspect had dual sides one was producing and filming shows about compassion and caring
the other today when he snapped.
he shooting occurred at 4:30 AM with Virgo rising (dealing with jobs) and Mercury the ruler of the chart is conjunct Saturn in the second (serious mindset about money)
Mercury-Saturn conjunct is a gloomy, depressive placement
Also the Moon (woman in his life) was in Saturn ruled Capricorn was conjunct Pallas (political motives) - this conjunction relates to a conflict between mind and feelings.
Sagittarius-Hygeia is on the IC or ground zero of the event activating the Grand Fire Trine lead by Mars (violence) still in the dangerous TSQ with Jupiter/Vesta.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Mid-Point of the Sixth Night of the Ninth Wave is On Fire


As we approach the Mid-Point of this Sixth Night which started on September 23rd and lasts till October 10th. shocking eventful transformatons are becoming a daily occurrence reality.
Just to preface when I say fire I am of course referring to the Grand Fire Trine from the last new Moon with mostly Mars-Uranus and Hygeia. Yet on Saturday Oct. 1st the Sagittarus Moon really activates this fiery triangle. An example of the these fiery energies ala Mars Square Jupiter is volcanic activity.
September 29, 2011:Listen and feel the awesome power of this eruption on Mt. Etna last night
Sun-Mercury were in close squares to Pluto (powerful blast) and
Mars (fiery energies) is also in a building square to Jupiter in Taurus (esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan) Here is a vid of the Etna paroxysm 28/09/11 - kd produzione

One thing is for sure the Equinox and Libra New Moon re shifted, rebalanced and lifted tons of karma opening up new ideas and a passion for justice and fairness.
Occupy Wall Street which started on Sept. 17th during the Sixth Day right before Mars entered Leo and Venus representing $ values newly arrived in Libra was square Pluto (reform, debt, transformation of power and takeovers) Looking three weeks ahead toward Saturday- Oct. 1st.
The "North American Fall" unlike the Arab Spring is more mature and represents a revolution which is not only alive and well but spreading. The fires are burning startign in Wall Street to Cities around the country.
Occupy Wall Street moves into it's third week.
Today's Grand Fire Trine is inspiring millions to stand up to corporate greed.
Listen to the drums:

Forget the phony war on terror, even if the empire strikes back with theatrics and hype.
The Unity Wave is overwhelming and beyond nationalistic, planetary and even beyond galactic
mind, values and thoughts. Still there is Anwar al-Awlaki case.
Controversy over targeting an American Citizen like Anwar al-Awlaki is trumped in this article by the same fake terrorism propaganda (Mercury separating from a square with Pluto)
Even more ridiculous in this fear campaign is a situation that seems more like Mars in Leo (over the top drama) in a square to Jupiter now retro. in Taurus (involving ethics and lies)
"On December 24, 2009 several news outlets reported that Awlaki was believed to have been killed in a joint U.S-Yemeni pre-dawn air strike by Yemeni Air Force fighter jets.."
Here is the news from December 2009 on the first strike.
This recent article by Steve Watson of Info Wars adds more to this White House PR stunt.
No More Pentagon Dinners: Al Qaeda Leader Killed… Again

The Libra New Moon reshifted and lifted tons of karma opening the ideas for justice and fairness. Activism is alive and well and fed by the Occupty Wall Street Movement.
Already on October 1st in Boston : Dozens arrested during anti-foreclosure protest at Bank of America offices in Boston An act of Civil Disobedience - The Boston Herald reports the event was an act of civil disobedience that the organizers intended to send the message that the lender's practices were unfair

Each new day of the 9th Wave brings us closer to unified global consciousness
and astrologically today's Grand Fire Trine for risk taking solidarity.
The honor and truth seeking Sagittarius Moon is also sextile the Libra Stellium with first with Sun then Mercury then Saturn then Venus and finally Juno
Partnerships, equality, justice, fairness, balanced efforts -
The Occupy Wall Street movement started right before Mars entered Leo on Sept. 18th. but has got a major push and this time with the military Mars

OccupyWallStreet - The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors
October 1, 2011 - TAMPA, FL - The Occupy Wall Street movement may have just received an unexpected surprise – United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters.

Stay tuned the Mid-Point of the Sixth Night is about to get wilder.