Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Fire Moon Filled with Promise, Drama and Confidence

New Moon in Sagittarius with Antares Helping

A grand trine filled with hope, action and movement occurs along with the new moon at 9:31 Sagittarius - 7:01 AM PST - 10:01 AM EST. The other players in this fiery triangle are Saturn @ 11 Leo recently turned retrograde burning within and our point of destiny N Node at 10Aries signifying a pioneering spirit that moves switfly and sometimes aggressively toward our goals. This lunation has been described in psychic Sabian terms as: " A prologue of witty stage patter, a magician levitates his female assitant with the aid of a very visible wire." taken from The Zodiac by Degrees by Martin Goldsmith. More elaboration tells that this is a new moon when we can rise to fame, if we have faith in our talents especially if we are able to grab the full limelight even outrageously. We are talking about comedians like Woody Allen or Richard Pryor that both have their vital purpose (Sun) at this degree or Whoopi Goldberg who has her Venus at this degree or Adolphe Sax (has his Mercury at this point) and invented the saxaphone. Despite the fun an frivolity, this is still grandstanding and energy filled with hype.
Optimism is the watchword along with "Irrational Exuberance" with Pallas (strategy), Hygeia (asteroid dealing with health),Sun, Moon, Pluto and Ceres all in Sagittarius and after Mercury stations direct on December 3 the winged messenger will be heading into the sign of the Archer/Centaur on December 13th. Look out below because many will have thrown caution to the winds. Notice that that old wily Fed Chairman, Greenspan on his last hurrah exit says: "Good short-term prospects for the U.S. economy should not distract from huge looming fiscal strains that pose "significant" economic risks"

Finanical Markets are on fire with this Sagittarius new moon - something Ray Merriam describes as the >"Sagittarian Effect" when expectations are high - we should expect the DOW to flirt with 11000 and NASDAQ to possibly reach 2,400 before reality knocks on the trading floors. Reality will come in the guise of the First Jupiter (ruler of Sag.) SQ to Saturn (sober, serious even pessimistic) on December 17th. Speculators are beginning to get that ole' 1927 - 1929 fever especially with the Housing Bubble continuing to grow in the wealthiest parts of the country. Without a doubt debt will surpass risk in short order and by next spring, all financial markets will have cooled.

With the sign of the archer that shoots his arrows way betyond the solar system great distances will also be traversed.

This lunation will fuel the movement into Space Travel on a global level as the energy of the Total Solar Eclipse on November 23, 2003 is activated. That eclipse not only put Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ on the fast track but had a major Sagittarian Stellium - Sun/Moon/Juno/Vesta/Mercury/Pluto and Venus launching a new race for space. China, India, Japan have gotten into the act bigtime and now Iran's "space agency is trying to snap up technology from abroad as fast as possible for its satellite program, fearing the West will seek to impose restrictions like those put on the Iranian nuclear program."

Not only has the backdrop been build with detailed precision but we are overflowing with talents on this New Moon and must decide how will they be used. Using Starlight software whe see that the Heliacal rising star is Spica "Wanting to use one's talents for the greatest possible good" Will our abundance enthusiasm be translated into success or will Alpheratz which is rising at an angle with the Sun demanding freedom and independence. Zosma rises with the Moon and we notice the victims and take part in our hearts with their suffering.

Antares is one of those that is culminating - a zenith point with the Sun - Antares is the heart of the Scorpio constellation - one of the Royal Stars of Persia - the Watcheer in the East. Antares is known for bestowing great success but at what price? With Antares arising and lying hidden (when a star rises when the Sun is still above the horizon)
with this phase according to Brady, "the star may raise you to great heights but dash you on the rocks of failure" with less human control we may have difficulty changing course. Antares also appears on the Nadir or IC which signifies the end of an important decision.
Click on Chart (set for Sunnyvale California) to Enlarge
Will the Redemption of Stanley Tookie Williams be Enough?
Will Governor Schwarzenegger grant him clemency before Dec. 13, 2005 execution date?
Tookie is a man who has undergone a major transformation from founder of the Crips street gang to writing children's books and being nominated numerous times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is a man who at one time started a notorious criminal organization (has Saturn/Mars in Scorpio) then years later dedicated his life to keeping young people out of gangs.

A Picture of Tookie the Body Builder Before Redemption

If we go back to Stanley's birth on December 29th 1953 in New Orleans we see the reflection of a serious, leader and organizer with Capricorn as his Sun sign. Both Venus and Chiron are also found in Capricorn so we look toward the ruler of his will power, values and personal wound that can heal others if recognized. His ruling planet, Saturn at birth was found in Scorpio known for deep, deep transformation. His active, instictual part indicating driving energy: Mars is also in Scorpio - an intense, driving and obsessive position - this alone tells us of the potential for getting rid of anything that stands in the way. A hard knock life is an understatement when describing Tookie's destiny. In fact to this day he claims that he was innocent with "not a shred of tangible evidence, no fingerprints, no crime scenes of bloody boot prints. They didn't match my boots, nor eyewitnesses."
Tookie's genetically predisposed strategic leanings and sense of justice are all about details (Pallas/Astrae in Virgo).
His childhood was scarred Neptune/Libra Chiron/Capricorn and Uranus/Cancer TSQ involving his family, mother and childhood upbringing. Yet here a man that has been behind bars since 1980 and spent 6 1/2 years in solitary confinement in the late 1980s who shed his skin so to speak. In fact since the early 90's be began to gain world-wide attention and praise for his work in prison. His publication of children's books advocating non-violence and alternatives to gangs earned kudos and his autobiography become a Hollywood movie , starring Jamie Foxx (Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story).
What could create such drastic inner motivation to change?

Click to enlarge: Birth Chart using Noon Birth (exact time unknown)

By 1993, Tookie had undergone a phenomenal transfiguration and in his words a "Redemption" quote: "my interpretation of redemption, it differs from the theological or the academical rendition. I believe that my redemption symbolizes the end of a bad beginning and a new start." - Pluto, Jupiter and Venus had cojoined his Saturn/Mars powerhouse in Scorpio. Most dramatic from a spiritual point of view was the incredible combo of genius and spirituality (Neptune/Uranus) this was the energy that birthed the internet and helped create technology empires and yes helped many awake to concepts of Ascension and enlightenment on a global level.
Tookie goes on to describe his change of conciousness: "It goes beyond, in a sense of being liberated from one's sins or atonement in itself. I feel that my redemption mostly or primarily encompasses the ability to reach out to others"

1993 was a time when the world's death/rebirth cycle had passing over his Sun (will)/Chiron(the wound that heals) and his sense of destiny(N. Node) and direction had changed. It was as if the framework,the bones and the entire spiritual anatomy of Tookie had an incredible metamorphisis an awakening - his inner world was unalterablly change. Again quoting from Tookie talking about a spirit act: "a spirit act, a spirit act towards helping other people, which are primarily youths in my case. "
Now the older wiser Tookie who had met Schwarzenegger the body builder on Venice Beach. Rumors say that Tookie was supposed to be in Conan The Magnificient (first Arnold flick) but his murder rap stifled that dream.

Looking ahead to Arnie's meeting with Tookie's counsel on December 8th 2005, we should remember that Arnie plays to the crowds and after this last "special election" defeat. Except the tide has changed for this action hero, the crowds are ready to heave a sour mash of rotten eggplants and tomatoes watching him fall from the stage.

I put Arnie's Natal Chart in the middle of a bi-wheel with Tookie's Noon Birth Chart on the outer wheel.
Click to Enlarge

With the enthusiastic Fire New Moon on December 1st, we will all see that Arnie will do anything to raise his ratings - he could not bear to suffer an ignominous loss next year. Offering clemecy - mercy - for Stanley Tookie Williams seems like a great answer for the Governator. Didn't the Arnold just hire Susan Kennedy?, a top aide to former Gov. Gray Davis (the guy that got recalled), as his new chief of staff. Conan is talking about mending bridges and what better way then seem compassionate to a group of constituents that is ready to put the Terminaor in a pot of hot molten lead. I expect that we will get a surpirse announcement with the planet of many upsets, unexpected and sudden events (Uranus @ 21Cancer) right on Arnie's Ascendant. Adding to he emotional media frenzy is Tookie's South Node (past gifts) mingling with Arnie's Venus @ 26 Cancer. California's grandstanding governor will respond to a heavy sense of service and duty to his positon with the power of Mercury/Sag.(quick thinking), Venus/Sun in Capricorn ( serious purpose and values) over Arnie's subconcious (Moon/Caprircorn).

Now that the California Supreme Court turned down an appeal by inmate Stanley Tookie Williams, who wanted a new look at the evidence - everything falls on in the hands and shoulders of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - the power of life or death something Arnie loves with Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Leo a royal combination of power and authority.

Looking ahead to the meeting date on December 8th - notice that the media has gotten hold of this story blowing it up daily and just won't let go. Stepping into December 8th we move Tookie's planets by progression. Notice how sudden communications are coming from everywhere about Tookie or from him almost daily (his Mercury now at 6 Pisces is still in close to orb to electrifying Uranus (modern ruler of his progressed Sun/Venus - just gone direct) All those new ideas about the nature of confinement and rehabilitation are dressed up with many places to go. Communities are rallying around the world to Save Tookie (His Sun/Venus are secondarily progressed to 19 and 22 Aquarius ) Aquarius is the sign of community ruled by serious, intense Saturn @ 9 Scorpio sitting TSQ to Saturn@11 Leo and Mars stationing at 8Taurus - the fuse is lit the movie has been cast a long time ago.

Even without all the publicity, Tookie and his supporters still feel like they have been thru a guantlet (with Mars stationing direct 12-9-05 opposite his natal Saturn/Mars). The head of Mt. Olympus is moving the wheel of fortune - cutting the deck mixing the promise of death with redemption (Jupiter at 9Scorpio)is offering Mercy - Chesed from the Tree of Life represented by the Angel Tzadkiel with the virtue obedience.

Roll the cameras for his best side, as an ambitious Governor who is craving accolades (the need for glory and praise to the 1,000th power with Jupiter in the 5th) will decide. Then he will publicly announce to the world that he has spared Tookie!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Walking, Talking and Dancing with the Dead

Jupiter enters Scorpio to Overtake Pluto
(If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you might as well make it dance. by George Bernard Shaw)

Everyday the news media keeps rolling out stories about those who are about to be exectuted. The 1000th execution came recently since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Fortunately Robin Lovitt's death sentence was commuted to life in prison without parole, a little more than 24 hours before he was to be executed by injection on Wed. Nov. 30th. Finally the Death Penalty and other issues around death, dying, near death experiences are being discussed, debated and passionately expressed. Wow we have the theme of death and resurrection all in one - real Scorpionic Themes! What's up?

Ever since October 25, 2005, the great God of Thunder Bolts and expansion began a year plus run in the Dark, Sexy, Highly Intense sign of Scorpio. Jupiter always does things in a big way afterall he was the the greatest of all the Greek gods. Son of Kronos and Rhea, husband and brother of Hera. Zeus as the Greek legends named him was the ultimate authority among all the immortals on mount Olympus. Taking hardly any time to expand our markets by moving into a Postive $ with Uranus and sextile with Venus by the middle of November to cause the stock markets around the world to rock! Not only was watery Jupiter working well with Uranus but this unexpected rise boosted the US economy where the Sibley July 4th chart has Venus/Jupiter at 6 Cancer. So YES this is a big retail shopping season while it lasts since Jupiter is wasting no time moving into perfect SQ with Saturn on Dec. 17. (no that Saturn has finally stationed Redtrograde Nov. 22nd in Leo.

First Test for Jupiter? - SQ to Saturn in Leo
Besides lightening shafts and thunder bolts, Zeus and his daughter Athena possesed the aegis. The Aegis was usually described as a garment made of goatskin slung over the shoulder or as a piece of armor. The aegis of Athena was a breastplate covered with goatskin and bordered with snakes, bearing in the center the head of the Gorgon - more like Jove in the realm of the Scorpion.
Kronus or as the Roman's called him Saturn is never really forgiving and in Leo ready to protect children against both sexual predators and yes abortion. Domination and control will meet as society starts to revaluate other gender issues like same-sex marriage (which is here to stay). Saturn went into Leo in July and Cindy Sheehan a grieving mother who became the human symbol that sparked a massive people's movement to end the war and bring the troops home. Now that Cindy is back in Crawford - 11/25 - presided over the unveiling of a permanent sandstone monument in memory of her son, Casey, a soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004. This Gold Star image of Saturn in Leo (ruling children that have been hurt) will continue to push leaders who can't offer peaceful and creative solutions. With Jupiter entering the Fixed Cross, these are politicos who will not acknowledge their ties with occult societies or who have driven citizens to revenge (like Chirac in France) will loose their jobs.
Wait a Minute: before the 12-17-05 showdown with increase meeting litmitations, Jupiter will be in exact Opposition to Mars right after the Fire New Moon on 12-5-05. This time we have the ancient ruler of Scorpio, the Warrior God Ares challenging the promiscuous Zeus who had notorious affairs with Semele, Io, Europa, Danae, Leda, Leto, and Ganymede. Sex, violence or war or an army of dead doing battle a scence out of the movie version of Tolkein's Return of the King - Legolas: "Pale banners like shreds of cloud. Spears rise like winter-thickets through a shroud of mist. The dead are following. They have been summoned." Those who have been following Mars' long passage in Taurus with the retrograde will recognize the grin on Jupiter's now skull-like face again from the movie: [Skulls roll on the floor. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli turn to the breaking doorway to see thousands of skulls flowing out of it.]
Mars stationing direct to oppose Jupiter another event? Natural or Manmade?

After last year's late season enormous Tsunami - a Tidal Wave that was shocking and unexpected ala Uranus which combined with recent entrance of Mars into Sagittarius to trigger this event. Mars SQ Uranus and Sesiquadrate Jupiter was only the harbringer of watery destruction perhaps motivating our need to continually watch the oceans. We find the stormy influence of Uranus/Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius. On 9/11 2001 WTC and all, Mars had just entered Capricorn at 1:26 Capricorn catazlyzed by N Node in Cancer 02:15 Rx an opposition with destiny that fed into the Nasty aspect of Power and Control - Saturn/Pluto Opposition on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis ruling travel and espcecially air travel. On 9/11/01, Mars was coming off a retrograde and stationed direct on July 19th of that year. This time we have pot that is ready to boil over after landslides from Hurricane Stan (over 3,000 Mayans in Guatemala) and 80,000+ perishing in the Kashmir Earthquake 8 October 2005 right after the Libra Solar Eclipse 10-3 about the Same Time (10-1) that Mars stationed retrograde at 23Taurus23.
Holy Jove what will come next?
Perhaps the next event will be magnified by Jupiter as news of Earth's peril becomes more and more public - in Scorpio the enviroment is highlighted along with efforts to turn things around like global warming and massive pollution.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Earth Enters the Photon Belt on November 23rd, 2005

One Journey Begins and Another Ends

We have been hearing about many astronomical and astrological phenomena like the fact the Pluto formerly the farthest extra solar planet will move into the Galactic Center Soon. Actualy in March 2006, Pluto reaches 26Sagittarius45 before stationing retrograde - close but no cigar - Galactic Center is at 26Sagittarius56 only 11minutes away by longitude. Yes the end of December 2006 we finally have lift-off as Pluto moves directly past the GC and an ingress into Capricorn on January 2008! But nobody is talking about the Photon Belt where Earth has been gradually spending more and more time since it's entrance on Spring Equinox 1987. By 2013 we will be fully in the Photon Band. So what is the Photon Band?
Photon Band discoverd by science in 1961, manifesting as a Nebula.
A nebula is a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. This one, was named the Golden Nebula. An important statement of astronomical and historical significance. radiant nebula? Its more universal designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band', consisting of multiple bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognised by extraterrestrials as of great importance .
In 1980s a announcement was made that our solar system was, going to collide with an 'electromagnetic cloud' in the not too distant future. And yes the rest is history as the Sun entered followed by Earth.
Orbiting the Pleiades and Alcyone
Our local galaxy is comprised of spiralling energies which generate natural spacetime orbits, satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex centres, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years. There are many other solar star systems in this cyclic motion. The Pleiades and it's central Sun Alcyone, which is encircled by the photon belt, is about 400 light years from us, and is part of our system.
Cycles of Time and Civilizations - Spiritual Evolution?This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years, that is, every half cycle. The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt 2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years.
Are we getting the benefit of the Photon Band and actually growing spritiually? If you ponder the exoteric news found on TV, Internet, radio and newspapers it seems like we are all going to Hades in a Merkel handbag. Despite the gloom upon doom, things are obviously transfomring quickly. The real advantages of this powerful phenomenon is from the core source of what is causing the photons.
This powerful mutli-dimensional energy source is connected to convergences. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great
advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the higher-frequencies. If we are steeped in the reptilian, grey worlds of fear and negativity, that is, possessed too many lower 4th dimensional vibrations, the result of selfish actions,
we are not expected to survive the frequency incompatibility. The Choice is Ours but first we muct recognize that we are in the photon belt - last year a Tsunami (12/26) rolled and rocked us awake about a month after the Earth entered on Nov. 27, 2004.
Since most humans sleep thru the loudest sounds and furies, we still will get another Shakeup Call soon!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Woodward and the Fiery Goblet Rides this Surprise Filled Full Moon

Woodward and the Fiery Goblet Rides this Surprise Filled Full Moon
We are still in the throes of our last Full Moon @ 23 Taurus on 7:58PM EST on Tuesday Nov. 15, 2005. This lunation sported the power of Uranus moving forward to bring shocks and fantasy forward like the mainia accompanying the fourth installment movie , Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This film magic has the first PG-13 rating in the series a enters into dark theme's appropriately timed with with Jupiter/Scorpio expanding all themes of darkness, shadows and secrets revealed.
Another event that was heralded by the exalted Taurus moon,
was the Woodward pronouncement the day after. In fact this Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward, has central dramatic impact on the current scandal Flamegate (another Watergate many have observed). Will Woodward find himself a causualty trapped like Harry Potter before a brillant spell binding ending? Woodward's name has been emitted from the Goblet of Fire but who placed him in the tournament? Something secretive this way stumbles, afterall Bob concealed this latest information for 17 months. Bob's leaker is a a high official from the Bush administration, and our modern day member of an occult society (as we will see) refuses to name to his reader's whoever spilled Plame's identity to him. And shocker is that it happened before the vice president's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby - another Anonymous Source - 30 years later as the deceptive Bush/Cheney wizards of war fight back.

Woodward was born in Geneva, Illinois, the son of Alfred E. Woodward, a judge. He attended Yale University on a Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship, joining Book and Snake and graduating in 1965. With Jupiter now in Scorpio briningup the deep, dark secrets and real occult practices moving into an applying trine with Uranus and current Moon in Cancer - The Book and Snake Society has lots of meaning.
Book and Snake or its' Corporate Name: Stone Trust Corporation - "A secret society started at Yale in 1863, Book and Snake was the first society at Yale to accept women and minorities. A senior society, each year Book and Snake taps in only 16 new members to its class. Members are often leaders in different activities on campus and integral parts of Yale's academic, athletic, arts and social scene. As we will see other leaders in Government like CIA Big Shot - Porter Johnston Goss who is a member of Book & Snake We all know about the others on campus: Skull and Bones (Bush and Kerry were members) and Wolf's Head." So here we have a society that sounds a little reminiscient of Hogwarts Academy. Is this something out the Harry Potter Series? In the fictional version Hogwarts, we find that it was founded by Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw, all of whom have houses named after them - similar to Yale but not so benign.
Fated Point in his chart: When we analyse the Yod in his natal signature: Node/Chiron @ 23 Leo, Juno @ 21Cap and Pallas @ 20 Pisces one may wonder if Mr. Robert Ushur Woodward is mucking around with Lord Voldemort or worse? It is said that N Node in the 11th tends to be overly attached to the drama and romance of being unique and can be willful and overly focused on getting what he wants. Of course in Leo, he may tend to rely on his peers in the Beltway community at the expense of his own individuality. A scary situation indeed.

Woodward is an arrogant Aries with a grand trine in fire (Sun, Moon,Vesta, Pluto, and Hygeia) chose not to reveal his source when appropriate because " he was in the middle of finishing a book about the administration's decision to go to war in Iraq, and didn't want to be subpoenaed to testify."
Yew this Washington Post journailist has a predominantly active fire planets with a changeable highly mutable mode for his planets and asteroids. Robert Upshur "Bob" Woodward (born March 26, 1943), Book and Snake, is one of the best-known journalists in the United States, thanks largely to his work in helping uncover the Watergate scandal of President Richard Nixon while working as a reporter for The Washington Post. Mark Felt the original deep throat was born Leo (August 17, 1913; Twin Falls, ID; time unknown)whose Sun @ 24 and Merc @ 23 Leo touches Wooward's place of destiny. In fact Mark Felt's Ceres at 23 Scorpio SQ Wooward's Node and Ceres always holds tightly even for many years - and Mark's true identity wasn't revealed till this summer.

Robert Upshur "Bob" Woodward's Chart
He revels in details that can change the political landscape with critical 29 degree Virgo rising. Neptune planet of deception sits on his Ascendant at 00 Libra retrograde and opposses his Sun/Aries and Mercury @27 Pisces calling his truthfulness into question. Are his stories real or bouts of fantasies spurred on by Neptune the ruler of his communicative abilities? Neptune in opp. to Mercury might remind us of a weaver of fiction not an investigative journalist - YET there is a trine to Uranus in wordy, talkitive Gemini able to probe in verbal fashion (interviews) the hidden facts via a Uranus/Saturn conjunction in the 8th in Gemini ruled by Mercury.
One thing is for sure once Woodward gets involved as he did 30 years ago when Saturn planet of structure was also in overly dramatic Leo, no matter how anonymous the source shit happens on a big scale.

View Chart - Click to Enlarge

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How Saturn Helped Temporaily Terminate the Globalist Governator

People Say No to Arnie

By the time the polls had closed Tuesday evening, it was apparent that the voters
in California had rejected Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Special Election. Maybe he should have left his Big-Time Politician's mask home, Arnie the actor with Sun/Saturn/Pluto in Leo with Venus at 26Cancer where Chiron is opposing in he first. If anyone is dependent on having a charasmatic person even being able to try on different masks or unmasking others it is the Governator. When we examine the Sabian Symbol description for Arnie's 12 degree Leo where his planet of Authority Saturn : "An otherworldly costume party in a grove hung with Japenese lanterns. Nature spirits dance and carouse under a half-moon each wearing a mask painted with the face of a human being." This energy has allowed Arnie to connect with different nationalities, the Tribal Nature and multiple types of social classes. Most evident in 2003 when his child-like confidence fascinated that part of society's psyche, to search for super-heroes. At that time transiting Uranus was supporting his Uranus/Gemini ruled by that Mercury that SuperCommunicator despite
constant accent blunders and rough syntax, yes despite this obvious Nazi oriented politico- Arnie Sold Everyone Sun/Jupiter in Parallel with his fortunes smiling at that time transiting Jupiter in Virgo was applying toward Sextile to Natal Jupiter in Scorpio.

Election Day, Saturn - planet of limitations, restrictions and decrease sits in dramatic perch at 11:08 Leo ready to station on Nov. 22nd right on Arnie's natal Saturn - the beginnng of a Saturn Return. This is not just a second Saturn Return for Arnie, it also is a collective conjunction on his Powerful Partner Pluto sitting at 12 Leo. When these two planets get together,
of us that have been following the progress of Saturn in Leo since 7/16/05 know that in Leo the old man really socks it to leaders in power. We all remember Watergate and the fate of Tricky Dick but this populist pitchman whose superhero
image hides the soul of a true globalist. Alex Jones defines the globalist agenda as: "Their vision of the Western world can best be described as a corporate fascist high tech slave plantation, with all the proles packed into high rise compact cities. The middle class simply won't exist." Arnie who has Mercury on his Ascendant knows intuitively how to communicate with the world at large with his Venus and Sun in first - his ego is dominant even with the "compassionate" immigrant made good. role he plays. His success is not like the guy with the green card who works twenty years to get a taco restaurant. No this Dude is Mega in Everything he does $ Cash Spent included - Saturn/Pluto in Leo in the 2nd House of Money and Possesions. Mega combo, Saturn/Pluto conjunctions always deal with Super-human all out efforts bringing structure, but also temination to power projects. Both planets know when something cannot be salvaged and has to cease, stop or even die (Terminator).
YET the bigger the are the harder they fall: Yesterday's Results Told the Tale:
With 99.5% (17637 of 17726) precincts reporting:
Proposition 73 - Parental notification: 47.4% Yes, 52.6% NoProposition 74 - Teacher tenure: 44.9% Yes, 55.1% NoProposition 75 - Union dues: 46.5% Yes, 53.5% NoProposition 76 - Budget control: 37.9% Yes, 62.1% No
Proposition 77 - Redistricting: 40.5% Yes, 59.5% No
Proposition 78 - Pharmaceutical drugs: (discounts) 41.5% Yes, 58.5% No
Proposition 79 - Pharmaceutical drugs: (rebates) 38.9% Yes, 61.1% NoProposition 80 - Electricity regulation: 34.3% Yes, 65.7% No

A Look at Arnold's Natal Chart Surrounded by the Transits for Nov. 8th when the polls opend:
Mars was in his career house in a frustrated, stubborn and and loaded for Fascist Bear. Mars which has been super bright in the East si bringing the marathon retrograde to a driven 14 degree Taurus. Rounding out the TSQ is afore mentioned Saturn opposing Neptune (recently gone direct at 14 Aquarius sign of the common people). Today a Cancer rising and Mercury first house definitely can have Arnold retreating and Wednesday found him slinking around dark corners. Perhaps ashamed or non-plussed by the results certainly not ready for the voters climax. The dramatic finish to a record-breaking $300 million special-election upheaval. This is the year that California voters all but crushed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Year of Reform"
Jupiter in passionate Scorpio is applying to a SQ to Arnie's Sun at 6 Leo - overconfident, exagerated, more then a litttle wasteful sitting on his cusp of material pursuits - since this is a Leonine house his pride supercedes fiscal practicallity. Arnie was not even ready to buy votes just like Bloomberg did in NYC - spending almost $120 per vote. The thrill is gone, the bloom has left the rose for the Politician Terminator. His partner on election day was Chiron the wounded healer driving the stake into his political heart.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Secret Sessions and the Dark Moon

The Dark Moon, the Fog Moon or is it the Frost Moon?
This last new moon which helped mark the Celtic year, since in this tradition it ended on the eve before Samhain and began again on the day after - November 1, 2005.
What is going on? A secret Senate session to force an investigation into the phony inteelligence used by the Bush administration to start the war of shock and claw in Iraq. This action halted business for two hours, such a tactic had previously been used only to discuss state secrets and impeachment briefings. This Scorpionic New Moon had Uranus in close trine to the Moon in Scorpio around 2:30 PM EST. Scorpio is associated with secrets and the modern ruler Pluto now conjunct Venus deals with power plays. Such an unexpected action (Uranian) had Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shake up the sedate house around 2:30 p.m. by suddenly invoking his right to shutter Senate doors to outsiders. This intensity showed more passion then the Demos have demonstrated in (5) years when Jupiter/Saturn were conjunct Taurus @ 22degrees SQ Uranus in Aquarius circa May 2000 - yes a backbone even with lamb duck Clinton movin on.

Let the Fixed Grand Crosses Began
Many excellent Astrologers like Bill Herbst have been telling us the the Grand Crosses are coming. Bill describes this aspect as: "concentrate and amplify the existing force field of life-energy in a way that vibrates down to the densest levels of our reality."
Since July the fixed Grand Cross has been builing as each outer and personal planet enters a fixed sign - first Saturn in Leo. Then Mars into Taurus on July 29th and with the retrograde in September, we really have the kettle cooking. I describe the super earthy aspoect of Mars in Taurus as the Roman Soldier and Nobleman who will stop at nothing to get his way. This new moon that has traditions in Tibet as the Festival of lanterns and in Peru as time of the Ayamarca, or Festival of the Dead.
This is the time when the chill of winter turns to frost. This is the time traditionally when the Deities become Dark: Kali, Black Isis, Nicnevin, Hecate, Bast Osiris, Sarasvati, Lakshme, Skadi, Mawu - Death is in the shadows the new must arise from the shroud.
Looking ahead to next week the Marquee tells fo the initial Cross led by Sun in Scorpio ending on November 11th. Then with Jupiter moving into orb the end of the month we have the second mighty Grand Cross in full force November 28, 2005. The
season will stretch onward and remain effective for 52 days, until the square between Saturn and Mars dissipates on January 18tth, 2006.

Pluto together with Venus in the Galactic Center
Our intense desires manifest as the evil empire was dealt a blow with Scotter taking a fall on 10/28 as Pluto/Venus were in exact conjunction. When any planet nears the Galactic Center the electromagnetic field of Earth is very charged, As the Mayan Calendar glyph for the day White Resonant Wind explains it was a day to be guided by the power of timelessess. Around the world we are seeing more and more people reacting to this super charged atmosphere: Rioting in poor Paris suburbs hit it's sixth day. This situation which reflects tat Mars/Neptune/Saturn T SQ. All riots have their cause in some form of injustice undoubtedly this one reflected a Mars Opp to Pallas (Goddes of Righting Wrong). So it is said that the electrocution of two North African youths allegedly fleeing police touched off the violence. Neptune's direct motion on Oct. 26 helped confuse the people's perceptions but this only reflected Chiron's desire to address and heal the wider grievances among immigrants who feel disadvantaged and ignored by the French state.
Now what about the Feminine message with Venus in the GC? We are in for some powerful
and revelatory insights, notice on the day after tuesday, an article comes out in the New Scientist - Hormone levels predict attractiveness of women. Researchers at the University of St Andrews in Fife, UK, have found that women’s facial attractiveness is directly related to their oestrogen levels. Does this mean no more makeup? No but it does connect fertility to attractiveness - a Scorpionic theme with the ruler of Sagittarius, expansive Jupiter conjunct the Moon.
Surprises due for Washington DC and the Bushies
At the Summit of the Americas starting Nov. 4th in Argentina, the people's leader from Venezuela Chavez will face off with GW Bush. As Mercury moves to exact square Uranus and into TSQ with Bush's Mars expect a confrontation of words. Hugo Chavez said that he may interrupt his North American counterpart, George Bush, if he expresses doubts about the value of the Venezuelan democracy. Also a rerun of some crazy weather could be triggered since Mercury SQ Uranus always brings unusual, electrified conditions to the atmosphere - winds and rain. It should be noted that Mercury in Sagittarius goes retrograde on November 13, so it will be in Sagittarius until mid-December.