Saturday, August 27, 2005

Cindy Keeps the Fire Burning -Leading Us Deeper into America's Wounded Core

A House Divided - Will Peace and Justice Break Out or Be Suffocated?

This Last Full Moon on 8/19/05 featured a Libra Stellium an anti-war signal (Venus/SNode/Jupiter and asteroids Pallas and Hygiea) This lineup reflected an increasingly powerful voice for peace and justice and a larger audience. Last Friday's Full Moon aka The Full Sturgeon Moon by Indian tribes - sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water, were most readily caught during this month. With Cindy's help the Big Fish of the media have been hooked and caught in a net of dialogue about how painfully wrong the Iraq war has evolved. Even the likes of Fox News, MSNBC have to carry Cindy's quotes. Now with Mars in Taurus (rules voice) ruled by Venus - women are weighing in more and getting much more coverage. The Goddess is alive and filled with rage. Not only have the journalists seized on Cindy's vigil at Camp Casey but the Neo Cons have taken the bait and started to create excessively red state venues for sitting duck or is it lame duck? Bush. His last two talks in Salt Lake City and Boise were far from moral majority cakewalks. Coinciding with the president's visits to Salt Lake City and Boise this week, Gold Star Families for Peace (group Cindy Sheehan co-founded) purchased television ads in those cities. Cindy whose Leo Uranus/Venus/Mars is able to grab publicity and attention while uniting families. Finally we have someone who can bridge the gap between military families and intrinsic need for peace (SNode/Jupiter in Libra together on Full Moon) - someone who can simply and innocently accuse Bush lying about his reasons for invading Iraq.

A House Divided or Viet Nam Wasn't Like This
So today the media buzz is about dueling protests and oppositions (Jupiter Libra Oppose N Node Aries). All this energy and hype (Mercury/Leo opposing Neptune/Aquarius)along with about 7,000 protesters all bearing down on sleepy Crawford, TX population 788. This is not like Viet Nam with a clear channel style cross-country caravan for a pro-Bush rally meeting the growing multitude of sincere followers headed to Camp Casey to support an anti-war demonstration led by grieving mother Cindy Sheehan. Tropical Storm Katrina is even trumped in the news by the likes of Howard Kaloogian of a phony org. called Move America Forward. Howard must think that Cindy is Jane Fonda with remarks like: "And I have a question that I want the media to begin asking Cindy Sheehan: How many more American soldiers are going to die because you are giving hope and encouragement to our enemies?" Hey Howard, American soldiers are dead because the Bush/Cheney Cabal wanted to grab Iraq's oil and give into a blood -lust and power corrupted!

Collective Tears, the US Cancerian Spirit and Saturn's Dramatic Move in Leo

First and foremost Cindy is the mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed for no good reason in Iraq read: Aaron Glantz's (an unembedded journalist (not attached to a military unit) description of that fateful day in Baghdad's Sadr City on 4/04/2004.
Yes it is about Casey! Cindy Sheehan has an emotional, nurturing sense of purpose in Cancer and communicative style integrating the weepiness of Mercury in Cancer that tugs at our heart strings. With Saturn newly on the stage in Leo - the drama of Cindy and her son Casey is the perfect metaphor. Sometimes we wonder if Cindy and her opponents are a deflection from talking about global warming and the inside job perpetrated by the Carlyle Crew on 9/11. Cindy may have Sun/Mercury in Cancer but she is not an emotional wet towel with a fiery natal chart dominated by four planets in Leo the goddess of devotional activities:Vesta in Aries conjunct Astrea (goddess of justice). A few words about Vesta in Aries, this endows Cindy with a powerful drive for perfection and a highly independent spirit. Those with Vesta in Aries make sacrifices for causes they believe are important whether humanitarian or spiritual. Perhaps that is why the now famous 60-second ad, in which Sheehan speaks directly to the camera and castigates the president - "You lied to us, and because of your lies, my son died," she says.

America is a Cancerian Country with a spontaneous N Node in Leo
Just like the willful identity of the US (Sibley Chart inner wheel) Cindy as I explained is not a typical shy Cancerian Crab but really outgoing even with her sensitive emotional, communicative style (Mercury) in Cancer sitting over the US 8th house of secrets, death, debt owed to the nation and foreign investment. Now Cindy doesn't just have Sun/Mercury over this natural house of Scorpio - she has Uranus (trickster and genius) Venus (women, relationships and values) along with Mars (action and impulse). As I have said with the ingress of Saturn in Leo (7/16/05), Mars in Taurus (7/27/05)and soon Jupiter in Scorpio (10/26/05) fixed signs that are persistent and move toward completion dominate our conciousness. It just so happens that the US N Node is at 7 Leo - which symbolizes the creative spontaneous child, playful and carefree - yet with transiting Saturn moving exact conjunction on 9/17/05 - a more serious tone of drama will occur around the Sheehan Saga. There was a time when America was more known for being fun loving, laughing and benevolence even taking on the mantra “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Saturn in Leo has begun severly dampen much of the innoncence we have all felt as the United State. Yes the "dumb puppy ala Johnny Dep" is reaching maturity and those romantic frivoluous days days have been hijacked by one too many imperialistic wars. Now that secondary progressed N Node sits at 25 Cancer 27 right near the collective tears shed with Cindy and other Gold Star Mothers who must be for peace.
Chiron has opened the national wound to healing with Cindy's natal Chiron sitting at 16 Aquarius trining a midpoint between the Sibly Charts Saturn and Juno in Libra. Speaking of wounds inflicted by past wars on our values and our women, Cindy opens all those dark, power points by aligning with her devoted, pioneering Vesta @16 and fiery Astrea@17 Aries. Both of the previous asteroids hit the secondary progressed venus and chiron at If Cindy's galvinizing the entire movement including Downing Street Memo, impeach Bush, International Answer, Rainbow Coalition and multiple Anti-war contingencies.
Again from the strategic vantage point, Cindy's Pallas @1Taurus which aspects via an easy sextile to progressed Sun in Sibley Chart may account for her ability to heal by laying on of hands. Pallas in Taurus usually is concerned with fighting for the land (Camp Casey donated by Rancher) - earth ecology or land reform. With transiting Mars headed for Cindy's S Node (past life gifts) she will be asked by the enviromental movement to help out.
If those Libra planets can gain momentum before the last week in October, the scales of power may tip toward a world peace movement despite doomsday scenarios.
we may yet see the withdrawl of troops on schedule next year along with the impeachment of GWBush as more light is shed on the Secret Government.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Angels of Peace

Compassionate and Spiritually Inclinded will Bridge the Gap

The Song: Angel of Peace by Willem VanVoorthuysen

Peace, o spread your tender wings
over those grieving, mourning lands,
over the dead and over the wounded,
over the millions still silently sobbing,
pale from crying for loved ones lost...

By now most Americans have heard of Cindy Sheehan (birthdate July 10, 1957)the brave mother (Sun/Mercury in Cancer) of a fallen U.S. soldier who started a quiet roadside peace vigil near President Bush's Crawford ranch last weekend right after the 8/4/05 New Moon. In fact Cindy's natal Venus (Values) and Mars (Assertive Action) are at 11 and 12 Leo respectively right on the August New Moon had Sun/Moon at 12Leo.
Cindy and her cause to voice the collective pain that we all feel about this horrible war in Iraq is drawing multiple supporters from across the nation. In my next entry I will go into more details on how Cindy's natal Chiron at 16Aquarius (Wounded Healer) is activating our country's conciousness and thoughts (US 3rd house)
just as she becomes a reluctant celebrity.

On Wednesday August 10th the transformation of the US Peace Movement began to take effect with transiting Pluto Square Venus. I mentioned in my New Moon report that a notable woman: "Looking into the future Cindy (Venus) teaches us how we all need to adjust (quincunx) to these overly accelerated times of mass confusion (Neptune/Aquarius)."
"Cindy Sheehan has become the Rosa Parks of the anti-war movement," said Rev. Lennox Yearwood, leader of the Hip Hop Caucus, an activist group. "She's tired, fed up and she's not going to take it anymore, and so now we stand with her." And on Wednesday the boiling point of frustrations are being carried for the US and the world by this incredibly courageous woman.

I will have lots more to say about Cindy Sheehan's vigil in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Galactic Portals Open

Galactic Portals Open 8/7/05 - So What's Next?

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Painful Questions and Saturn's 'Northern Lights'
I write this with moon direct in Virgo and despite the current retrogrades most notably Mercury, all systems have been go with a few major glitches. Tomorrow a void of course moon in Mercury ruled Virgo will pull the break chord - for now cetaceans, humans and other mamals ore moving forward. Our spaceship earth is still under the full sail of a Mystic Rectangle in Air and Fir put into play on the New Moon (per my previous report).
More importantly yet not as well known since July 28th there has been a Galactic Portal opened wide till yesterday August 6, 2005 when the Mayan Symbol was Blue Spectral Eagale: that dissolves in order to create releasing the mind's preconceptions. I have included a picture of the May 15, 2005 Aurora light show just nine days after the Lunar Eclipse of April 24th at 4Scorpio 20 SQ to saturday's Mars in Taurus degree. Again Aurora's are caused by Solar electrically charged particles (electrons) that accelerate along the magnetic field lines (Magnetosphere) into the upper atmosphere, where they collide with gas atoms, causing the atoms to give off light. The solar wind creates an electric voltage between the magnetotail and the poles, like the voltage between the two terminals of a battery huge numbers of electrons are pushed down into the upper layer of the atmosphere, called the ionosphere and voila a Gigantic Light Show. Lo and behold Saturn has it's own version of an Aurora as filmed by Cassini - Saturn's 'Northern Lights'

Saturn in Leo tends to help accelerate our older dramas and puts them into current timelines. Thus Saturday 8/6/2005 marked the anniversary of the deadly blasts that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki(on Aug 9, 1945) 60 years. Painful questions are again asked as always this has proved deep chironic, emotional wound for Japan and warning to the world. On the positive side Saturday's Chiron and Saturn Opposition has brought support of a global ban on nuclear weapons. Just as 9/11 WTC is America's chironic, open wound Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the Japenese version. My purpose is not to compare these events but to contrast the reactions of the peoples as they look toward a new vision as Sun and NNode/Aries move even ito closer trine. First of all 9/11 killed somewhere around 3,000 people and was an act of complicity and false flag terror operations whereas Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more than one hundred, forty thousand people and was an act of war!
American's are still to numb, raw or just have been fed some much crap that they don't know how to ask the Painful Questions as outlined by Eric Hufschmid the author of this book an others exposing the painful deceptions.

From the deeper symbolic perspective August 6, 1945, 8:16 AM JST, Hiroshima, Japan. Ascendant at 17.54 Virgo, antiscion degree 13 Aries: AN UNSUCCESSFUL BOMB EXPLOSION. Yes those bombs exploded big time and as Edmund Jones the original Sabian Symbols creator says : "the infinite capacity of the world to absorb and nullify the destructive acts of man. When we look at the Event Chart for Hiroshima:

Sun and Pluto (atomic transformation) are conjunct with Pluto at 9 Leo creating and antiscion degree thus Sabian of 21 Taurus: A FINGER POINTING AT AN OPEN BOOK - this is a highly collective symbol dealing with confirmation of man's inherent sensitiveness to the deeper significance of each special human complexity. Here is an event that places megawatt beams on the familial emotions and structure for Japanese family life for several generations (tight bundle of Saturn/Moon in Cancer along with N Node (destiny) joining Venus. In this tightly focused eneergy bundle (all planets within 120 degrees) we have a generational left hook thrown with mega-ton punch Neptune/Chiron SQ N Node/Venus FUTURE VALUES ARE WRAPPED UP IN MERGING OF THE WOUNDED TO BE HEALED.
The real good news is if we have heeded the significance of the idiocy of using Nuclear Weapons, mankind will wake up and joinn the Galactic Community in efforts for peace. The Portals have opened wide, how we all choose to align our identity purpose and will with lessons learned from the past Saturn in Leo and the future (N Node in Aries) pioneering efforts towards sustainability and peace.
The rest of my web log will indicate with various cosmic and personal images merging into our conciousness. Thanks for staying with me.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

August New Moon is the Time to Love and Create

(Chart set for: August 4, 2005 - 8:05 p.m. PDT (August 5, 2005 - 3:05 a.m. GMT)

For some the start of a New Age or Paradigm will be like turning a page in a great book. Others at this lunation will be seeking joy yet will feel the birth pangs of a new creations. Despite all the insane, mishaps and somewhat momentous news. The news of many perishing in the middle east and leaders that are dying or being replaced in concordance with the ongoing Saturn in Leo transits, there are bright spots of happiness. This August Lunation is a primary indicator of spiritual growth and opportunity. Coming on the heels of Lughnasad or Lammas 7/31 to 8/1 (celebrating the height of the Summer Season) when the Goddess becomes the gatherer of the crops and the grain. Representing the grain is Lugh, a God of the Many Skilled of the arts and knowledge - this is at time whene we can harvest our own special skills and abilities adding to our own authentic selves.

The Civilization of the Lion and the Sphinx retrieves heart
With Sun, Moon and Mercury closely tied in Leo - the archetype of Leo takes center stage. Our hearts (ruled by Leo) should open as our spirits hark back to a time of the great civilizations (Saturn in Leo) like Atlantis and Lemuria when love was stronger. As we embark on the next two weeks we become part of joyful creation, the artist that resides within all of our inner child's soul. With the Mercury retrograde, from July 22 to August 15, we now can rescript our lives, paint our masterpiece, write the great novel or just fall in love with our soul mate.

Sabian symbol for 13° Leo
The Sabian symbol for 13° Leo (Sun/Moon) - "An old sea captain rocking himself on the porch of his cottage" This new moon is a time to relax and reflect on our dreams, goals and skills that we have acquired since the spring equinox. Just like the masterful old sea captain, we are now able to look back at what we've accomplished but with our eye on the future (trine N Node Aries). The universe has given us multiple gifts to create our special structure of a new life and time especially with Saturn in Leo lighting up our structures of love. Saturn always reflects the maturing and age of a project along with the bones or framework

August New Moon Hosts a Mystic Rectangle and a Yod
First of all the Mystic Rectange in the lunation chart is a positive, somewhat complex configuration reputed to be used in initiation chambers and temples of older civilizations - altars had been constructed in these proportions. Here are the dynamics:
A configuration formed by at least four planets, comprising two trines and two sextile aspects with oppositions forming from all four corners of the configuration.

Here are the planetary energy vectors: Jupiter/Libra expanding our need for cooperation in relationships trines Neptune/Aquarius pushing our dreams, imaginations to higher altitudes beyond the pale. Sun/Moon/Leo (creative and emotional purpose) trines N Node in Aries (our destiny/future involves the new). Stir this highly combustible mix and put on slow simmer after adding: Jupiter sextile Sun - mighty bit of confidence to help our identity in the universe. With the Neptune/N Node Sextile showing how we are ready to pioneer artistic and spiritual templates into the future and beyond. This magical configuration allows even the oppositions (Neptune opp. Sun + Jupiter opp N Node) help provide harmony and balance motivating everyone to integrate a version of "practical mysticism".

Now the Yod or Hand of God is an easier pattern to describe and usually found in charts of people with unusual spiritual destinies. The players on this lunation are Venus/15Virgo, Neptune/16Aquarius and N Node/16Aries. Here we have two planets in sextile and both are quincunx a third or apex in this case it is that Goddess of beauty and splendor Venus. So we may see a notable woman - Cindy Sheehan who is holding a vigil at Crawford, Texas and confronting Bush about her son's death - 24-year old son, Spc. Casey Sheehan who was killed in Baghdad's Sadr City on April 4, 2004 . Looking into the future Cindy (Venus) teaches us how we all need to adjust (quincunx) to these overly accelerated times. Going into a little more depth the sabian symbol for Venus at 17 Virgo is a Volcano in Eruption
which really is talking about creative passion and explosion of artistic ability or even self-discovery. At this juncture we are lucky to have Venus/Virgo in mutual reception to Mars/Taurus which can put our creations, desires and physical passions on the fast track - read my last jog/blog.

Since July 28th the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar has opened the Galactic Activation Portal or Stargate if you prefer till August 6th - two days after this cosmic new moon.
On lunation day the Mayan symbol is Red Solar Skywalker in the New Year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed

Theme and Verse of the Day:
I Pulse in order to Explore
Realizing Wakefullness
I seal the Output of Space
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Universal Water
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

As I said in my poem: You Can Fly - The Mayan wandered in time to create Primary events and signs.
They layed the ground for new timelines to flourish.
Now the Lunatic Parade has started despite
all attempted stalls, strikes and other delays...fantasy flight
If you can choose Gratitude in every moment, you can fly!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Mars enters Taurus to play with Saturn.

The Bulls are Running

When we think of the sign Taurus the image of the bull arises into conciousness. And if we have tuned into the stock markets of the world we have seen the bulls hard charging with new highs in every major index. Now with action oriented Mars planet of initiative and energetics we might even think about the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Pamplona was originally called Pompeiopolis, after Julius Caesar’s rival Pompey, who founded it in 75 b.c. as a military settlement - a fitting representation of Ares and Mars. Some of us might have noticed HBO's new offering Rome shines light on the history of Pompey Magnus and Gaius Julius Caesar Rome premiered August 28th and is set in 52BC but HIGHLY RELEVANT our current post technology drama.

Back to the Running of the Bulls
The festival of the running of the bulls takes place during the week of July 6 to July 14 when Daily bullfights are preceded by the running event. The mighty bulls are released from a holding pen and driven through the narrow streets of the city, behind crowds of men and boys, who dodge them and try to outrace them to the bullring. A dangerous sport of the brave and skillful in the past but in recent years foreign tourists have packed the streets where no one can move or maneuver actually dragging the animals down to the ground. When Mars turns retrograde in October we may have a created this type of situation with our own economy and lifestyles - More on that later.

Pasiphae, Queen of Minoan Crete
Besides Pamplona of compartively recent history, the bull figures into the ancient myths and legends of Crete iwth Queen Pasiphae. Pasiphae was the daugher of the sun-god Helios and the wife of Minos king of Crete. Myths tell of how Poseidon, God of the Oceans had given an impressively beautiful bull to Minos. His expectation was for Minos to do the honors and sacrifice the bovine prize to Poseidon. Rather than sacrifice the bull to Poseidon, Minos was selfish and kept the animal for himself. In this typical Greek tale of retribution, the God Poseidon made Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, fall madly in love with the bull. With the aid of Daedalus Pasiphae let herself become impregnated by the bull. Daedalus made a hollow wooden cow for her to get inside, so she could mate with the bull. The resulting offspring which she bore was a monster called the Minotaur. There is much more to tell regarding this legend but that is not the purpose of this document. I only add the tale of Pasiphae to bring lust and passion into the mix set the stage for this incredible transit of Mars in Taurus.
Interstingly enough the famous Amreican Artist Jackson Pollock who was born with Mars in Taurus did an impressionistic painting of Pasiphae.

Proceed with caution but move toward your goal, grab the prize with style - all in good time.
This could be one of the mottos of Mars in Taurus individuals who epitomize the power of acauistiveness and survival instincts. Ambition and action are synonymous with the warrior mars and in Taurus we find a more determined, calculated even stylish persona then the impatient hot headed Aries. This is a placement for many talented individuals from artists to singers like Stan Getz, Madonna, Tony Bennet, Astrud Gilberto, Billy Joel, Carly Simon or artists like Edgar Degas, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher or Jackson Pollock.

The list of famous personages with Mars in Taurus is both long and surprising so besides the big time entertainers like Tom Cruise, Robert DeNiro, Ginger Rogers or even Liberace there is another group of infamous even cruel people like Adolf Hitler,John Ehrlichman, Jesse James and Adolf Eichmann that share this placement. All of them have tremendous will to be grounded and eventually achieve their desired result no matter how long it takes.

Since July 27th we have begun to see the enhanced power of Fixed Signs in action. Already the lion is roaring and ready to take center stage in all his glory with Saturn's ingress into Leo on July 16th. Shortly afterward, Mercury stationed retrograde on July 22 at 20 degrees of Leo but even with that bit of warning, we all seem to be charging ahead like the Bulls at Pamplona. Instead of paying attention and embracing this as a time to revise, rethink, reconnect with people from and most importantly make mechanical repairs and get systems in order - everthing is launched forward. Bush makes an end run around the House and Senate and approve the poster boy for Bad Diplomacy, John Bolton, signs CAFTA and the launch of the shuttle Discovery on July 26th with Merc. Retro. even with the ominous specter of Columbia Tragedy.
Why are all these actions still going forward?
With the advent of action packed Mars over filled with testosterone packed Aries entering the slower strong enduring Taurus. And it has only just begun since Mars will stay in Taurus till February 16, 2006 the longest time since 1927. Usually the warrior Mars when in Taurus takes all those resentments that are not openly confronted and goes underground. Actually ground breaking and earth shaking is the right way to describe those turned inward feelings of jealousy,envy or resentment. Just like the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (Mars was in Taurus)where a molten force under the earth can be much more dangerous than an open display of anger. Note that Mars in Taurus doesn't always know when to end the battle and can than prolong combat endlessly - the slow burn or storm prevails.

Unprecedented Monsoon Rains Push India Death Toll Close To 1,000
The rains begun in the Bombay region on July 27th and didn't really abate till August 1st. Within these five days of deluge Mars was TSQ Saturn/Leo and Chiron RX /Aquarius - the explosive aspect of Uranus Contraparallel to Mars by alignment/declination perhaps was the trigger for these historic downpours that flooded Mumbai. One thing that is for sure this was a relentless, persistent monsoon just like the stubborn charging Bull. The Saturn SQ Mars energy pounds against all forms of limitiations just as the bull's normally even temperament when angered is willing to gore anything in his way.

Screw the legislature's opinion, I want Bolton says Bush

With Bush and Bolton Mars was also a factor since T Uranus 9Pisces52 is applying to close opposition to GWB's natal Mars 9 Virgo18 - this unexpected appointment of Bolton symbolizes the deliberate, stubborn action of an infantile president. With Loe rising, there is a certain adolescent energy surrounding Georgie.
As Mercury in Leo moves backwards to catch up and stimulate GWB's Mercury/Pluto conjunction setting the stage for more power plays.
Bolton himself born with Scorpio Sun and Chiron November 20, 1948 has N Node at 3Taurus right in line with Transiting Taurus on Aug 1st. - Bolton's destiny point was activated putting him in contact with Rice (five planets in Scorpio). This mixture of Rice and Bolton negotiating with the world leaders is just in time for November's horsemen Jupiter to expand the the sign of death and renewal Scorpio.

Bolton's Natal Chart (Time Unknown using first house Sun)
Plus his natal Mercury in secretive obsessive Scorpio is now TSQ retro Mercury and Neptune so everything he says will be considered a lie and his trust level is in the tank according to the world's people.

Mars in Taurus is also about money and loving.
Since Mars/Mercury and Juno are all in parallel alignment we will also can experience a positive approach to sensuality in relationship with cash as the caveat.
Communications for couples whether gay or straight will be enhanced. Notice the recent golf club ruling in California that puts gay couples on par with straight counterparts when it comes to country club membership benefits. This ruling has markings of Mars in Taurus since Birgit Koebke and Kendall French have been trying to get the prestigious Bernardo Heights Country Club to accept their same access to its golf course afforded members who were in heterosexual marriage since 1998 - slow persistent and steady paid off. Also with sports being the central theme (Leo) and limitations by a country club (Saturn) we see how these two fixed signs can work together to get what they want.