Monday, November 30, 2009

Long Night's Moon Seeks New Realms During Shocking Times

As soon as the Moon enters Gemini on Dec. 1st @ 6:23 AM PST the journey begins toward a time of adventure and new realms of the nocturne. We are in the darkest part of the year as the curtain of night seems to dropping quickly on us. As the tension mounts so does the mystery of the recent chaotic series of events. So that by 12:27 PM, Uranus makes a rather eccentric station and moves direct in Pisces @ 22 degrees 42 minutes - hidden, repressed and paranormal frequencies are released with this Sabian: "The materializing medium." Note too that the Sun in Sagittarius @ 10 degrees 15 minutes translates to another occult Sabian: "The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple."
The sign Sagittarius denotes a political and religious authority figure who tempts fates since Sun is both parallel N Node and contraparallel S Node (past Karma).
A more modern Sabian for 11 Degrees Sagittarius conjures up pictures of primitive magic : "An explorer examines an archaic idol shaped like a crouching panther, set high above a village square.
In the flickering light of a votive candle, its eyes appear alternately laughing and ominous."

This image speaks of how we can integrate different cultures, animal perceptions with human intelligence. Being hypnotized by an occult or scary thought form or keeping your dangerous passions on a leash or they will spring forth and attack.

When we look at the background themes for the lunar chart set for 2:30 AM in Washington, DC we focus on
Uranus and parans for fixed stars to gauge public opinion or public expectation, we find Uranus is culminating when Castor is rising.
A popular author, film, or cause takes the community's attention
Moving along quickly tomorrow less than two hours after the awakener, Uranus moves direct, love goddess, Venus (ruler of Saturn) makes an ingress into the sign of the archer.

When we gaze upwards we began to see why the Native American Indians (particularly the Algonquin tribes) termed this Full Moon in December as the Long Night's Moon meaning that Luna this midwinter night before the solstice would rise above the horizon and hang in the sky for a good long time.
There are two Full Moons in December, the other being a Full Moon Eclipse on Dec. 31st @ 10 Cancer 15 minutes but that is whole new report.
This Gemini Full Moon @ 10 degrees 15 minutes has the inviting Sabian: "Newly opened lands offer virgin realms of experience." This image speaks of a portal to new states of consciousness...
On the one hand per the Twins: the Moon's ruler Mercury is separating from a crazy square with Uranus. Uranus is still tightly bound with Juno reflected in escapism, tendency for withdrawl (Tiger Woods) and self-deception. Both of these bodies including Uranus the shocker are in the 6th house for the chart set for Washington, DC. The short story is that since 6th house represents the public service including the police, army, navy, the public health along with trade unions expect some major unrest in all those areas.
Now that the Seattle cop killing a new silly video of the theme of people getting over on the police cop gets busted by alien ?

Obama with Mars transiting thru his 7th house is tryng to keep us on edge before he Obama unveils his new Afghan war strategy with an official announcement of the deployment of somewhere around 30K troops catch a ghost called Osama and fight the opium wars. On of the anticipatory moods is how much will this ill fated war cost.
So with Uranus going direct, it is invoking Jupiter the ancient ruler with focus on foreign and scandalous issues from Dubai Default to Climate Gate. Today the Dubai government totally disclaimed responsibility for the debts of Dubai World says Dubai World is on its own (independence - letting go per Ceres now in Scorpio in a Grand Trine to Uranus and S Node. As Saturn emerges from the shadows of the 12th house to square Pluto in the 3rd, words like karmic responsibility and accountability blare out like a neon sign.
From the Dubain situation which seems to be worsening: "Creditors need to take part of the responsibility for their decision to lend to the companies," said Abdulrahman al-Saleh, director general of Dubai's department of finance
The Sun-Moon cross the 2nd and 8th axis - from the 2nd. of values including banks and financial institutions, investments and currency opposing the Moon in the 8th.
the Eighth represents debt, deaths, probate, inheritance, losses, international finance, multi-national corporation. So the Moon appropriately sits in the house most associated with the financial relations with other nations or groups, multinational corporations.
Some Democrats are planning a new proposal to levy a war tax to help fund the conflict.
Looking at the 11th/5th houses of the chart below and starting with the 11th first. Mars in aggressive but overly theatrical Leo is located there along with Vesta in Virgo (dedication). we see represenations by institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress, Senate or the House of Commons or Politburo, as well as local governments. The the other side the fifth house where the Aquarian stellium (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune) reside deals with places of entertainment, sports, fashion, leisure, children, games of chance, speculative interests, linked to Stock Exchange. Risk in different types of games is featured with Mars in opposition to Jupiter. There is a relationship to the economy through speculation and the Stock Exchange, yet actual stocks and bonds belong to the 2nd House. The Sun which represents important leaders will be square Uranus on Dec. 14th for even more reversals and shock waves to the system.

Chart Set for Washington, DC @ 2:30:30 AM EST - Full Moon in Gemini

Fixed Stars for Washington, DC (the Nation as a Whole)
Some of the fixed stars I didn't mention in my last blog with lunar focus on Seattle
are the Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars for DC tomorrow.
Let's start with the most malevolent and deadly, the Heliacal Setting star : Alcyone which is setting before sunrise - To seek inner knowledge; the mystic that can be ruthless. As Obama readies to speak to the nation at 7 ET. on Dec. 1st in order to justify his plans for more folly in Afghanistan, Alcyone seems an appropriate symbol.
Obama wants Afghan war over in 3 years, officials say A continued war in Afghanistan will only beget more war in the Middle East.
Alcyone aka "The Central One" is the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters found in the shoulder blade of the bull. Alcyone has been considered traditionally malefic and is said by Robson to cause everything from love to eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face.
Looking at background themes this type with the modern ruler of of Uranus, Neptune - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation we find. Neptune is rising when Antares is Culminating Corruption becomes evident and unavoidable.
Neptune is on Nadir when Zuben Elgenubi is rising - People, in awe of unfolding events; disbelief or wonder. Looking deeper at Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Scale of Libra we see that Robson's description are quite morose and doom filled. This combo is said to produce melancholy, isolation, a shrewd, cunning natuer, evil use of occult powers and of poisons or drugs, cynical, dangerous, broods over some secret, peculiar death, often suicide.
Finally Pluto which represents the The Crises or the Changes that Occur
Pluto is Rising when Mirach is On Nadir orb 00 mins 04 secs -
This speaks of many different types of earthquakes and the finding of new levels politically or geographically.
Mirach, in the constellation Andromeda, is a yellow star "in the Girdle of the Chained
Woman" Andromeda is the original lady in distress and was chained to a rock and left to the mercy of the monster. Myths tell us that the hero, Perseus, riding through the air on winged sandals, fell in love with Andromeda and killed the sea monster (Cetus).
Afghanistan is not Cetus but the US like Andromeda is now held captive by a Congress/Senate and leadership that continues to make things worse.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Special Alert: Shocking Prelude to the Full Moon in Gemini

Shock Waves are coming and will hit both the transportation and electronics grid.

The march to Tuesday's Full Moon in Gemini on the West Coast is fraught with danger.
The above chart set for the West Coast and Seattle has strong mutable angles with Mars in fixed Leo in the hidden 12th house ready to pounce and even filled with criminal energy.
Uranus separating from tomorrow's exact square to Mercury in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is in the 7th house of open enemies, relationships and foreign negotiations.

Fixed Stars for Gemini Full Moon in Seattle.
The star Alphard in the neck of the Watersnake from the constellation Hydra - Rising at the Ascendant - Per Robson this one is dangerous when connected to the ascendant:
Much trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building; addicted to women and intemperance.
Antares the heart of the constellation Scorpionis setting as the Moon is Rising
Yes a double dose of emotional turmoil, willing to face drama - Arising and lying hidden
Alphard is also on the Nadir as Mercury is rising.
The revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue and in Sagittarius a razor sharp tongue lashing.

I put this alert out on my website this afternoon:
SPECIAL ALERT - Mercury squares Uranus on Nov. 30th. (exact @ 11:52 AM) - Could mean major disruption to electronic grid, internet, communications devices. Expect mega transportation crisis
around the world from airports to highways.
BE PREPARE also for more shocking news hits as problems in the economy hit fan along with major communications and transportation breakdowns amid multiple protests, riots with violent unrest around the world.

Over the weekend we are still digesting the unexpected news of : Four police officers slain in Washington coffee house shooting
The ambush shooting attack came at 8:15 AM PST with Sagittarius rising (the archer) and ruler Jupiter (ideas-beliefs) locked in an ongoing opposition to Mars in Leo (aggression in dramatic format) while Moon in Taurus is applying to a square with Mars planet of open aggression, in the 9th (another highly stressful and dangerous aspect for conflict.)
Pluto representing death and destruction was in the first square Saturn near MidHeaven

Friday evening's train crash in Russia now has elements of terrorism or targeted killing:
Matviyenko confirms deaths of two high-ranking federal officials in train crash
St. Petersburg Governor
Valentina Matviyenko officially confirmed that Sergei Tarasov, the board
chairman of the Russian Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) and a former
Federation Council member representing St. Petersburg, and Russian
Federal Reserve Agency (Rosreserve) chief Boris Yevstratikov were killed
in the crash of the Nevsky Express train on the evening of November 27.

Now on Sunday news from Switzerland
Minarets Banned As Swiss Back Far-Right

Jupiter/Neptune (beliefs-religion) are opposing Mars and square Ceres in Scorpio
Switzerland has backed far-right calls to ban the building of new minarets, official referendum results have revealed

Another powder keg ready to explode is happening in Honduras, scene of their manipulated
elections. Honduras to Have “Free and Fair” Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights
November 29, 2009: Today's election is another takeover since both candidates supported Zelaya's ouster
Polls opened in Honduras @ 7:00 AM CST with Mercury right on the Sagittarian Ascendant (taking aim at the nation and its people)
square Mercury near the 4th house (the foundation or base of the society and its traditions). The Sun in the 12th (place of seclusion) could also represent former President Zelaya and it is trine Mars for bold leadership and military raids.
Saturn is in 10th house for major crisis and restructuring in leadership and square to Pluto in the first (the Honduran society is being coerced into transforming). The results just came in that Honduras had elected Porfirio Lobo from the Honduras political old guard. So we now have an officially sanctioned take over - This scheduled election was held five months after President Manuel Zelaya was forced from the country at gunpoint, with an interim government taking over. The Saturn-Pluto square is entering a new phase with Venus-Juno

The next Full Moon is on Dec. 1st @ 11:30:30 PM PST or 2:30:30 AM EST
The moon will be @ 10 degrees 15 minutes Gemini with a Sabian Symbol: "Newly opened lands offer virgin realms of experience."

Without question this lunation is timed with a dimensional shift with Uranus just stationing direct (on Dec. 1st @ 12:27 PM), Uranus will also be sextile Ceres in Scorpio putting a major focus on human rights and children's freedoms. Uranus thus will be in a grand trine with S Node in Cancer (Karma) not only magnifying the water element for more rain and floods. Speaking of Cancer fixed star Acubens - one of the claws in the constellation Cancer will be setting as Venus is culminating.
Normally this would make for happy relationships but harken back to Robson's degree:
Acubens has the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It has been called "the sheltering of hiding place," and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals.

Consider that Ceres @ 22 Scorpio is an asteroid dealing with everything in the area of nurturing from food to child rearing and in Scorpio an intense emotional bonding is felt.
So Ceres is in a complicated TSQ to Mars-Hygeia in Leo Opposing Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune
With Jupiter - issues of over-eating and exaggerated parental role.
With Chiron-Aquarius and Hygeia-Leo many problems with disease, new innovations in healing being opposed,
With Neptune - Victim roles, religious overtones and much deception

The Sun will be @ 10 degrees 15 minutes Sagittrius with a Sabian Symbol: "The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple."
Sagittarius denotes a political and religious authority figure who tempts fate with nodes in parallel and contraparallel. Venus has just entered Sagittarius @ 2:04 PM in orb of a square to the Moon in communicative Gemini along with an applying square to Uranus (exact on Dec. 19th) to mark more first time events to confuse the public.
Sabian for 11 Degrees Sagittarius: "An explorer examines an archaic idol shaped like a crouching panther, set high above a village square. In the flickering light of a votive candle, its eyes appear alternately laughing and ominous."
This image speaks of how we can integrate different cultures, animal perceptions with human intelligence. Being hypnotized by an occult or scary thought form or keeping your dangerous passions on a leash.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dubai, Debt, Tiger Crashes but No Disclosure.

It is well past the 12 PM UT. Deadline for UFO Disclosure on a world wide basis and of course nothing has been announced. Unless of course you want to count this article about Bulgarian scientists speaking to ET's via crop circles:
ALIENS ARE HERE ON EARTH, SAYS SCIENTISTS This bit of sensationalism has been making the rounds of papers like the UK's version of the National Enquirer - The Daily Star. Quotes from Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy: “Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time.
“They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us, but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.”

Looks like we re all going to have to be content with more rumors ala Jupiter-Neptune conjunct and direct. But is was not disclosure that grabbed our attention it was DUBAI.

The Aries Moon entered the scene forcefully, ready to ram, on the evening of (Nov. 26th) @ 7:11 PM PST or 7:11 AM today in Dubai. Three hours later an exact square to Pluto (harbringer of debt) moving into a TSQ with Saturn in the sign of constant balancing Libra.
World Markets were hit hard with the news of the possibility of Dubai's investment arm defaulting on its $60 billion debt. From a purely astrological standpoint the Moon is triggering the continuing Saturn-Pluto square (exact on Nov. 15th) which will be recreated two more times in 2010. Economic shock waves, credit tighting and currency devaluation are just some of the results.
Dubai crisis jolts markets, but early fears ease
" Creditors and markets had always assumed that when push came to shove, its oil-rich neighbor Abu Dhabi would bail out Dubai. But that assumption was called into question this week, and the resulting fear that Dubai might not be able to pay its bills sent a wave of uncertainty rippling through markets..."
(Actually the Dow closed at 10,309.92 down -154.48 (-1.48%) on a thinly traded holiday session)
NEW YORK — Dubai's debt crisis rattled world financial markets Friday, raising concerns that some banks could further tighten lending and stall the global economic recovery.
Dubai Debt Woes Raise Fear of Wider Problem
It has been said that BofA-Merrill Lynch DUBAI EXPOSURE 184 billion dolalrs far more
than the 60 Billion being bantered about. Expect that this event is a major trigger
in economic change. Construction on the infamous "Dubai Tower" began on 21 September 2004, and the tower is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy on 4 January 2010.
At the time when construction began Moon-Pluto were in Jupiter ruled, sign of exaggeration Sagittarius in a square to Mercury-Ceres-Mars-Sun-Jupiter all in Virgo

Max Keiser on 'Tsunami alert': Dubai debt crisis awakes storm?

As if the Dubai situation wasn't enough, news of the world's most famous professional golfer, Tiger Woods being in a serious accident hit everyone hard.
"Much remains unclear about the 2:25 a.m. crash. Police say the golfer's wife used club to break a back window to get him out of car. "

If we look at the chart below with outer wheel set for 2:25 AM EST and inner wheel, Tiger Woods natal chart set for Dec. 30, 1975 @ 10:50 PM)
I wrote on my website today: Today's Tiger Woods crash at 2:25 am. is a mystery?
More then likely a domestic quarrel was involved with all the Aquarian planets transiting his 5th house dealing with love and marriage plus ancient ruler Saturn transiting his first house.
We know this happened with Saturn-Libra on the crash chart's Ascendant @ 5 Libra opposing applying Moon in Aries @ 2 degrees on the 7th. house of relationship/marriage - a domestic quarrel?
topping off the domestic issues was a square from traniting Uranus-Juno to his natal Asc. @ 24 Virgo.
The destructive nature of the accident is reflected by a transiting Pluto @ 2 degrees Capricorn on the IC
Woods born Dec. 30, 1975 was dealing with Pluto transiting his natal Sun in Cap. in the 4th house of home TSQ Saturn in Libra-Moon in Aries at angles.

The Fires of Climate Gate Continue to Burn.

Since the dawn of the Sixth Night of Galactic Underworld events have been unfolding faster than the speed of light. By the last Scorpio New Moon on November 16th there has been a momentous shift of beliefs and mountains of deception with Venus-Sun-Moon
square Neptune (where so many seem to be the victims of blind self-deception)
Venus in Scorpio was just separating from a square steeped in passions and controversy to Mars.
Chart for Leaking emails to the public rectified to an ascendant of 8 degrees 19 minutes Sag. with Mercury still hidden in the 12th House. The Sabian Symbolis about the way shower or trailblazer who can help us navigate thru this tricky situation where Global Warming followers have obviously been mislead by incorrect information...
"A woman helps her children up on a ledge on a winding path thru the forest. From their new perspective, the morning star can be seen in the soft glow of dawn."

Today with Moon in Aries applying to a grand trine with both Mars in dramatic Leo and Mercury in scathing Sagittarius never at loss for sharp and vituperative expressions for the CRU scientists.
Listen to Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952)on on The Alex Jones Show 11/27/2009 "Climate Gate" P1
I am not here to analyze Monckton (Aquarius Sun-Mercury)whose own Jupiter (belief system)
is @ 12 Aries champions personal freedom could also tend toward a little hubris.
His natal Jupiter opposes Saturn in Libra which is discerned by a distinct sense of justice. Monckton has been passionate (natal Mars in Scorpio) about warning everyone about World Government and the Copenhagen Tready back in October 16th.
Lord Monckton: Copenhagen treaty will establish Marxist World Government

It seems that emotions are heating up in reaction to the fraudulent actions represented by Climategate. The story of the 1,000's of hacked emails began to hit on November 19th.
The chart above with time unknown but rectified shows Jupiter ruled Sagittarius ascendant
Breaking News Story: CRU has apparently been hacked – hundreds of files released
Then we began to seeing the damming evidence of the leaked emails.
Leaked FOIA files 62 mb of gold.
Posted by Jeff Id on November 19, 2009

This is the biggest news ever broken here. The first thing I have to say is that I have no connection to the source of these files. It was left as a link on my blog while I was hunting for cloaked deers (fruitlessly) in the Upper Penninsula.
Jeff goes on with integrity and in somewhat paniced tones:
"I need some legal advice regarding the files received today. I’ve verified that the data seems to be true, simply due to the volume of it and knowing the issues – currently the link is offline, I took it down the minute I realized what it contained. I need to understand the legal ramifications of making some of the emails public."

A quick update as we approach the next Full Moon and the Uranus in Pisces station when shock waves will ripple thru all scams, hoaxes and scandals that have been perpetuated on the masses. Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces and corresponds to lies and hypocrisy
as this recent story (Nov. 28th) by Christopher Booker explained re: Climate Gate.
Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation

Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with the Climategate whitewash, says Christopher Booker.
My projection is that when Uranus stations and begins to move quickly in January to May 2010 and then enters Aries on May 29th. all the pieces of a new revolutionary phase will
be in place.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UFO Disclosure On Jimi's Birthday? What's Up with November 27, 2009?

Potential Chart for Alien Disclosure set for 8:40 AM EST in Washington, DC
Using 24 Sagittarius 40 as the same ascendant of Jimi's natal birth day (11-27-1942 @ 10:15 AM in Seattle, Washington). The Sabian Symbol for 25 degrees Sag. deals with flights of fantasy: "A chubby boy on a hobby horse." Or a more modern version:
"A little boy on a rocking horse imagines himself flying to a multicolored candyland."
All about whipping ourselves into a creative frenzy with tones of manic-depression mixed
with sensory overload of psychedelia.

Up From The Skies by Jimi Hendrix from Axis Bold as Love
I just want to talk to you, I won't do you no harm
I just want to know about your different lives on this here people
I heard some of you got your families
Living in cages tall and cold
And some just stay there and dust away
Past the age of old
Is this true?
Please let me talk to you.

Today's transits of a Sagittarian Moon sextile to Jupiter (the ruler) then a square to far-out Uranus in Pisces has fired up the internet buzz about rumors of major UFO/ET disclosure soon. Many are saying as early as November 27, 2009. Keep in mind as you read on that Jupiter is fun filled ruler of the chart above and is opposing Mars to favor the controversial along with risk-taking.
UFO Disclosure On November 27th: 100% Fun, Unless They Attack | The NEW West Seattle Funblog
From the above piece: "One of the theories involves a single disclosure by various powerful institutions including the Vatican, the Obama Administration and the UN. "
It is still a little too early for the TPTB - Illuminati controllers to pull the project Bluebeam card. The matrix needs some polishing and the peeps need some preparation since Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune together is a just a little too revolutionary prone to anarchcy for such a big announcement. The bottom line is lots of people are waking up quickly to
much of he manipulation and hidden agendas being foisted upon us.
Hollywood is trying every once of strength to keep us psychically massaged with the Fourth Kind and "V".
The ABC remake of “V” deals with reptilian aliens from far away who claim to come in Peace and offer Universal Healthcare. The false promises uttered by the V for visitor aliens who don't want to be painted in a "negative light" correspond to Neptune. Could this be a psyops to get us used to an alien presence on Earth.

Besides being the birthdate of the late, great musician/visionary, 11-27-09 is a day filled with 11's and 9's numerologically. synced with 9-9-09 or to 08/29/2009
08/2+9/2+0+0+9 when an infamous crop circle appeared to "foretell" alien contact on the week 11-22-09

Mercury in Sagittarius - Analysis or Detriment?
Sagittarius is a sign known for exaggeration with Jupiter connected to prophecy and profligacy, anything can happen or seem to. Mercury going into the sign of the archer just one day before the Scorpio New Moon has been bringing illumination to Persephone's dark journey. A kind of trepidation among astrologers & others about Nov. 15th's dark alignment of Saturn (Karmic Reaper) in an exact square to Pluto (Dark Lord)was felt. The good news is that things have begun to lighten up after 8:59 PM PST on November 16th when when fiery Mercury in Sagittarius helped balance Saturn in Libra and we even breathed a sigh of relief. Things got more buoyant the next day when Moon met Mercury a time to get the word out. Note that one day before "disclosure " on Nov. 26th - Thanksgiving Mercury will be exactly trine Mars which precipates rapid travel far away and communication tinged with a creative, theatrical flare. Also on Nov. 25th Venus in secretive Scorpio is trine Uranus in far out Pisces which can keep the rumors of alien redemption flowing.
Even though Mercury in Sagittarius is in it's detriment it doesn't really weaken Mercury when a conscious focus is required. Except that with all tall tales or myths like Blossom Goodchild Hoax of October 14th,2008 we see the sloppier effects of Mercury in Sagittarius when the auto-pilot of unconscious us turned on.
Mercury in Sagittarius can also be sarcastic, painfully honest or just too blunt in a philosphical way.
More lyrics from Jimi Hendrix, whose fiery Mercury-Sun-Venus-Ceres stellium in Sagittarius was in an ecstatic crescendo with a trine of inspiration to Pluto-Hygeia-N Node and Chiron all in Leo the sign of the performing artist.

From Axis Again
I just want to know about the rooms behind your minds
Do I see a vacuum there or am I going blind?
Or is it just remains from vibrations and echoes long ago
Things like 'Love the World' and 'Let your fancy flow'
Is this true?
Please let me talk to you,
let me talk to you.

My guess is that looking at the chart above for 11-27-2009 with Moon in Aries TSQ Saturn-Pluto there could be some earth changes but not a huge mothership floating above every major cit with the beaming face of an "Anna" The powerful fixed stubborn TSQ from Venus-Ceres in Scorpio (passionate desire not to let go ) to Mars in Leo Opposing Jupiter in the sign of the eccentric will host some incredible stuff but...We won't see anything like disclosure till Uranus enters Aries next year.

So lets talk about why this November 27th rumor got started and why it will grow like
flames in an LA fire fueled by devil winds.
A number of videos have surfaced this year talking about disclosure by the end of 2009.
Disclosure on November 27th from the Project Camelot People

November 27, 2009 will be a time of hopeful expectation but not of the main event.
Celebrate Jimi's birthday but don't expect Obama to get on the television and talk
alien life forms. Only in our imaginations...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Summary: Saturn-Pluto Mix Scorpionic Themes and the Women of the New Moon

Saturn and Pluto have been active during this Scorpio lunation. Both have forced serious themes dealing with survival, death, destruction and resignation.
These two outer planets are in a 90 degree right angle known for pushing the envelope in economic and structural spheres but...Remember Pluto is the modern ruler of fixed Scorpio
and we are seeing events manifest with many of the typical Scorpionic themes of sex, death and rebirth. Saturn as ruler of cardinal Capricorn makes everything seem a little more serious and important.

When Mercury was void of course in Scorpio on the 14th of November:
Journalist murders in Mexico hit new record
Censorship increases as killings become routine. "I don’t want to die young," says one reporter. Drugs and brutality were touching Saturn, Mercury and Uranus when this story hit the wires (Published: November 14, 2009 09:46 ET).
"Antuna’s brutal murder marks Mexico’s worst year on record for the slaying of its media workers, many who have been killed covering the relentless drug war."
Mercury now in Sagittarius and to trine Mars on November 26th. is helping get the facts out about how journalists can be in danger if they go down the wrong rabbit hole.

Sexy Boost for Women
News is out that Now you can have what she’s having...
Innovative Uranus in Pisces (drug)trine sexty Scorpio Venus- Sun-Moon
Drug tested as new anti-depressant is hailed instead as 'Viagra for women'

Another theme relating to Scorpio is poisoning along with the unscrupulous when it comes to the lights and venus in the 8th as in the bad alchemist.
This consumer report could be interpreted as a dark, cautionary tale.
Tests Reveal Poison in Nearly All Canned Foods

Sounds like the fixed star Alphard - the serpent is a big part of this test.
Now Consumer Reports' latest tests of canned foods, including soups, juice, tuna, and green beans, have found that almost all of the 19 name-brand foods we tested contain some BPA. The canned organic foods we tested did not always have lower BPA levels than nonorganic brands of similar foods analyzed. We even found the chemical in some products in cans that were labeled "BPA-free."

Two Aquarians and Hillary - Women in Power
(Currently Venus is in Scorpio moving toward an exact square to Mars in Leo which is allowing women assume more power.)

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (born Feb. 11, 1964) and daytime talk-show diva Oprah Winfrey (born Jan. 29, 1954) got together to further their careers Monday and vie for the spotlight.
When Sarah met Oprah: Love is in the airwaves
Yes Sarah's PR blitz was timed perfectly and well aligned with Oprah, whose natal Sun-Venus conjunction @ 8 degrees Aquarius is closely squared Uranus @ 8 degrees Scorpio
in Palin's chart making for sensationalism. Also from a strategic and diplomatic point of view, Oprah's Moon @ 4 Sagittarius (Sabian old owl up in the tree) aligned quite easily with Sarah's Pallas-Juno combo in the independent sign of the archer. Pallas-Juno usually combine to further the mental-creative elements in partnerships. Also even better was the love lines of her Sag. Moon trine Palin's Venus in roguish Aries.
Interesting in line with today's new moon where S Node in Cancer plays such a big part bringing the past past karam of nurturing into the show. Oprah's birth N Node is conjunct Chiron the wounded healer @ 23 Capricorn is right on Palin's Vesta - asteroid of dedication and discipline creating a mutal admiration society.
"Okay: The inspiration that you have provided . . . the years where I was a stay-at-home mom, got to watch you more than I watch you now . . . and being quite inspired by some of the challenges you were facing . . . you provide a lot of inspiration and I appreciate what you have done all these years," Palin cooed -- inspirationally.

Of course before this Oprah confabulation filled fans with memories..we had images of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin sitting down in a room together, ostensibly to have coffee, most likely to plot - Holy Shit! Hillary Rodham (born Oct. 26, 1947) has that fiery Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo trine infused by transiting Mars. Plus those two rulers of Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) are trine Jupiter in leadership oriented Aries - these two women could plot till the day is long with Hillary's innovative but talkative Uranus in Gemini trine Palins stubborn Mars-Saturn duo in Aquarius. Political strategy would even have a home with Palin as Hilary's own Pallas in Aquarius champions both revolutionary and humanitarian causes.

Looking back to when Saturn (structure and ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn) was applying to a square with Pluto in frigid Capricorn.
Giant iceberg spotted off Australia
A giant iceberg the length of seven football pitches has been spotted floating off Australia. With all the quakes in the last two years from New Zealand to the Macquarie Island, one could visualize a monster ice chunk breaking off.

Macquarie Island lies in the southwest corner of the Pacific Ocean, about half-way between New Zealand and Antarctica. 54°37'53"S, 158°52'15"E.
Per example:
# 2009 07 15 - Off West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand - M 7.8
2008 04 12 - Macquarie Island region - M 7.1
2007 11 10 - North of Macquarie Island - M 6.6
# 2007 10 15 - South Island of New Zealand - M 6.8
# 2007 09 30 - Auckland Islands, New Zealand region - M 6.6
# 2007 09 30 - Auckland Islands, New Zealand region - M 7.4
2007 01 30 - West of Macquarie Island - M 6.9

The ice chunk, measuring some 2,300 feet long with an estimated depth of more than 1,000 feet, caused a stir when it was sighted by experts based on Australia's remote Macquarie Island.

Expect some major geo-cosmic events to unfold as seismic shifts are magnified via Saturn-Pluto.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scorpio New Moon - Journey to the Darkside

Revelations of Secrets with Mayan Sixth Night

In my last blog entry I wrote about the beginning of the Mayan Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld (1999 to 2011) where ruler Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (Lord of the House of Dawn) is helping bring balance between East and West. Obama whose natal Sun @ 13 Leo is currently conjunct transiting Mars is on a junket to Asia with a major stop in China - America's biggest creditor. Now as empire and civilization are descending into chaos and deconstruction, the powers that be are desperately trying to hold things together. Despite the false puppet strings holding up the stock market and the notorious jobless recovery, things are about to come crashing down. Those well kept economic secrets will just not stay hidden. Scorpio Moon-Sun meets in the 8th house (debt, deficit and death) of the chart set for DC. Today (Nov. 15th) Mercury moved into the sign of the truth hunter, Sagittarius is known for broad strokes stretching the truth but with an exact trine Saturn during tomorrow's new moon, the emphasis will be on clarity and truth.
The moon will be at 24 degrees 34 minutes Scorpio with this Sabian Symbol: "An xray."
This symbol signifies the deeper penetration into many mysteries around us and into the origin and causes of our current crisis and socio-political and financial quagmires.

Don't get me wrong this time period is extremely challenging and filled with real shockwaves to move us forward. One such shock will come when Uranus will station direct on Dec. 1st on the next Full Moon - it is coming fast! Tomorrow Uranus in Pisces is leading a Grand Trine to this New Moon trine by adding the lunar South Node in 23 Cancer. The South Node always reveals the past influences & karma that is seriously impacting our current progress. A more modern Sabian image for 25 degrees Scorpio: "A husband and wife are locked in an argument. He makes a number of assertions based on logic, while she tries to bring the argument to the level of underlying motivations."
This image speaks of the battle between reason and emotions and reflects the upcoming Venus (Scorpio) square to Mars (Leo) where passions will undermine and usurp authority.

Sacrifices will be made on the steps of the eye on the pyramid just to keep a lid on the 9/11 takeover and the real perpetrators. Even the Mayan day sign, Muluc or Offering is about ceremonies and purifications. Now that Saturn in Libra (serious justice) is in orb of the first of three squares to Pluto, the news on Friday the 13th was about the terrorism trial of the century. Yes right in a Manhattan courthouse, the infamous Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his henchman will face trail. Looking at the chart above set for Washington, DC... This deep, dark Scorpio lunation with with Venus-Ceres-Sun-Moon (8th house) now square the Aquarian Stellium of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune all direct and ready to create a collective healing (11th house). Even though this square and Mars in dramatic Leo are the setting for another Illumninati ritual. We even have the predictable left-right divide and conquer scenario going into high gear with "Ghouliani" former mayor, liar and political opportunist starting the first round of criticism of coming courtroom drama in the Big Apple. In another movement to
control history Giuliani is pushing 9/11 Re-Education Course for Public Schools
The Neo-Cons from project for a New American Century are still jocking for control as they attempt to rewrite history ala 1984. The real turn about will come as Saturn continues in Libra, Uranus makes a fiery ingress in Aries (May 2010) and they all are in hard aspect in July/August 2010. Next year is when teh war criminals from the Bush-Cheney administration will be stepping into courtrooms.

Fixed Stars Marked by Alphard the Serpent

Even the rather malefic Alphard or Alfard from the constellation Hydra plays apart in tomorrow's drama. Note: The Euphrateans (Babylonian culture) called Hydra the "Source of the Fountains of the Great Deep" The nature of Alphard, an orange star in the neck of the Watersnake is said to be a mixture of Saturn and Venus. Robson goes on to say that Alphard augurs strong passions, lack of self control, immorality, revolting deeds and a sudden death by drowning, poison or asphyxiation. Speaking of asphyxiation and poisoning, news out of the Ukraine has been rather grim lately where a 'super flu' has killed 300 people.
Many questions arise when Franza Ukrainian News Agency reported that, according to informed sources, "it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine" Of course the part that is not being reported is that there were reports of low flying planes in the Ukraine area end of October spraying the population - a biological weapon?
Is this all being done to increase worldwide fear so as to promote the vaccine campaign?
Early Video from November 2nd:

Alphard and More in DC Chart.
In he DC chart Alphard is rising as Mercury is on the Nadir - the revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue which goes along with Mercury now in Sagittarius. Per Robson: Alphard with Mercury means Trouble through writings, unfavorable for marriage, suffering through a passionate attachment that entirely changes the course of the life.
Alphard is also culminating with Jupiter: An explorer of places or people - the adventurer. Per Robson are more appropriate image involving legal issues - attachment to widow or widower liable to disgrace, legal trouble and judicial sentence.
Continuing the Scorpionic theme Alphard is culminating as Venus is rising - Harshly judged or treated in matters of money, relationships or social attitudes. Per Robson - Sorrow thru love affairs. (Be sure and read the entertainment news tomorrow.)

Neptune which has been leading the revelatory and deceptive charge turning direct on November 4th is paired with Antares the heart of the Scorpion constellation. Yes Neptune is rising when Antares is culminating - this is the time when corruption is evident in politics and finance. In fact transiting Neptune @ 23 degrees 48 minutes is applying to a close square to Mercury and then the Sun (leadership) of the NYSE Foundation chart set for May 17, 1792. To add to the coming shockwaves, transiting Mars @ 13 Leo will conjunct the NYSE chart's Uranus first on Nov. 22nd then again in January and May due to retrograde motion.

Tomorrow's new moon @ 25 Scorpio is about renewal amid ancient occult and arcane symbolism. The controllers are throwing everything they can at the unconscious of the average American to stop the transformative movement toward personal evolution. A complete cornucopia of fear
from the movie 2012 to secret Muslim terrorists prowling the shopping mallas ala Ft. Hood massacre to the fearful Fourth Kind about alien abduction. From MSNBC to Hollywood shadows are being revivied, reheated and reserved in sympatico to the exoteric elements of this Scorpio new moon (Death and Darkness). Except of course people are waking up and the jig is up. Many of the more aware citizens of the Republic, know that war is only making our country bankrupt. Fear mongering isn't going to work this time since folks are demanding better way to collaborate in the light. Mars ruler of Scorpio opposing Jupiter puts the focus on the the the true creators of chaos and assasinations in Pakistan per this recent article.
Order Out of Chaos: CIA, Blackwater Responsible for Bombings, Assassinations in Pakistan
More of the darker deceptions which have exploded and been exploited by MSM will be coming out starting tomorrow.

We might want to consider Lady Gaga (the Illuminati Puppet's) latest song Bad Romance
as a maelstrom of subconscious occult symbols to keep us stuck in the old worlds of fear and pestilence.
Check out this from Vigilant Citizen =
Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – The Occult Meaning Venus in Scorpio is in it's fall and deals with sadness and betrayal now applying to a square with Mars in proud, dramatic Leo all in orb of a TSQ to the Aquarian trio.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

11-11-09 and Beyond - Everyday a Quantum Shift During the Sixth Night

Signature of antimatter detected in lightning
Discovery announced on Nov. 6th right before the advent of the Mayan Sixth Night of this phase of the Galactic Underworld. The scientific explanation brings in Gamma Rays into the equation: "During two recent lightning storms, Fermi recorded gamma-ray emissions of a particular energy that could have been produced only by the decay of energetic positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons."
Of course this discovery and others in he scientific and casual world of vibrations reflects current transits from Scorpio (Sun-Mercury) to Uranus (Pisces) and even charged squares to Neptune. Yet we are finding since the transformative change from the Sixth Day to the Sixth Night evidence of great power shifts like major blackout late on November 10th in Brazil. The blackout which cut electricity to 18 of Brazil's 26 states and left them without power for up to four hours Tuesday night is being blamed for "bad weather."
This outage which caused the giant Itaipu dam on the border with Paraguay — the world's second-largest hydroelectric power producer — to be completely shut down. A historical first which happened during a fixed TSQ led by Mars in hot Leo opposing Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius square Sun-Mercury in Scorpio...Don't forget that Uranus in Pisces is in electromagnetic mutual reception to Neptune which recently stationed direct on Nov. 4th.

Mythical Connections...
The Ruler of the Sixth Night is ascribed to the Aztec Diety:
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (also Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli) is the Lord of the House of the Dawn, Venus as the Morning Star. Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli is a manifestion of Quetzalcoatl. His twin is Xolotl, Venus as the Evening Star. Legend has it that at Teotihuacan, Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli attacked Tonatiuh, the newly created Sun, by throwing an atl dart at him. Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli missed. Tonatiuh threw a dart back, piercing Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli through the head. This transformed Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli into Itztlacoliuhqui, god of stone and coldness. Coming on Nov. 15th @ 6:42 AM PT or 9:42 AM ET
when Saturn related to Cronus (the Greek God who swallowed the stone)will be in an exact 90 degree square with Pluto/Hades (Lord of the Underworld in Greco-Roman mythology).
Make no mistake Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli is a god of war and conflicts but according to Calleman in The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, the Sixth Night is a resting period and doesn't have to manifest in terrorism or wars. Calleman considers this a preparatory period (Nov. 8, 2009 to Nov. 2, 2010) for attaining balance between East and West. East and West also includes the Right and Left brain hemispheres.

The chart above is for a snapshot of the energy shifts which happened on November 11th
or as is known 11-11-11 (2+9 = 11) a symbolic or actual portal?
reflecting the 3rd day of the Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld
Here we have Scorpio at Mid-Heaven with ruler Pluto in the darker 12th house
Remember that Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli is another aspect of the god Quetzalcoatl known as "lord of the star of the dawn." Venus entered the tropical sign Scorpio on November 7th
to join Sun-Mercury adding even more weight to the momentous ingress of Saturn into the Goddess of Justice Libra.
Justice Card and Dobbs
The Tarot card - Justice is also known as Adjustment is dedicated balancing opposites. By November 11th we had the sword of justice falling on the beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad (executed at the symbolically occult time at 9:11 p.m. in Virginia’s death house at Greensville Correctional Center. Drilling down on the sacrificial patsy, Muhammad was sentenced to die for the Oct. 9, 2002, slaying of Dean Harold Meyers seven years ago.

Media Shockers Involving Mercury in aspect to Uranus and Neptune.

Then on 11-11 we saw another anti-celebrity Lou Dobbs (born Sept. 24, 1945) with Sun-Neptune conjunct in Libra resign during his show while Mercury was perfecting to a square with Neptune and transiting Moon in Virgo was opposing Uranus which touched Dobbs own Mercury in Virgo. Lou Dobbs resigned on the air Wednesday with a surprise announcement So Dobbs quit CNN after for more than a quarter-century, starting at its inception in 1980. Lou was one of CNN's original anchors an spearheaded its business coverage for 19 years withe the sister network CNNfn before leaving abruptly. In this case strong energies were at play with S Node in Cancer @ 23 degrees was moving to an exact conjunction with his natal Saturn. He probably felt trapped and unloved to say the least with another offer looming even with a Don Imus type stigma...

Making today more interesting the evening when the Moon-Saturn square to the government's symbol of power agenda Pluto we have news that the Feds Moved to Seize Four Mosques linked to Iran They also grabbed a Fifth Avenue skyscraper (real Pluto inspired).
In another grand gesture and one of the biggest counterterrorism seizures in U.S. history, prosecutors filed a civil complaint in federal court against the Alavi Foundation, seeking the forfeiture of more than $500 million in assets.

To make things even more interesting Tuesday's (Nov. 10th) forced vaccination of a middle school student in Ohio makes news. POLICE IN US HOLD DOWN BOY WHO TRIED TO FLEE SWINE FLU JAB Here we have the first example of a "refusnik" language that Cliff High intimated we would began to see via his Web Bot program. The incident actually took place on Friday Nov. 6th when Moon was in Cancer TSQ both Saturn and Pluto translating the light of Sundays exact square. The boy exhibeted lots of force and resistance to say the least - It took the strength of two sheriff's deputies to him down so he could receive a shot of the swine fl at a recent clinic.
Expect lots more of the ablove activities as each day we get deeper into the Sixth Night.

The New Moon in Scorpio is on November 16th @ 11:14 AM PT or 2:14 AM ET passions, desire and conflict will intensify with Venus-Scorpio applying to an exact square with Mars-Leo on November 19th - Competitive situations may degenerate into all out fights. Even though the Sun's movement into Sagittarius on the evening of Nov. 21th will bring confidence for many, he die has been cast as Lord Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli continues his onslaught of galactic pulsation. Speaking of Mars in proud, hot under the collar Leo opposing Jupiter (moral issues) we also have an incident where a prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations.

Looking towards November 26th when Sun will be in Sagiitarius and Moon in fiery, dominant Aries we will have an exact Venus (Scorpio) square to Neptune (Aquarius) for a time of belligerently defensive, self-deceptions and mental distortions. All this will be happening as Uranus begins to station direct on Dec. 1st. @ 3:27:20 PM EST. the entire Sagittarian stellium Venu-Sun-Mercury will all square the cosmic trickster and awakener Uranus in December - talk about fireworks! We are talking about some pyrotechnics the would make the Aztec dieties proud especially with Mars stationing on the 20th of Decmeber.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Shootings at Fort Hood and Mass Thought Manipulation

When large, outer planets change signs or directions corresponding big events occur.
Neptune a planet that deals with denial, deception, delusion and and an idealistic longing stationed direct yesterday @ 1:09:40 PM EST. It accepted by astrologers that if the problems that we struggle with while Neptune is retrograde can worsen when Neptune goes direct. Neptune lives in a world of unconscious thought and feelings which many times can be tuned by external vibes. Today's major news story about the Ft. Hood Rampage kills 12, wounds 31 of course has it's share of the darker shadow elements reflecting the Ceres-Sun-Mercury Scorpio trio moving toward squares with Jupiter/Neptune and still in orb of a square to Mars in dramatic, sensationalized Leo. Mars of course was
representing the military and violent acts in the chart. Already the mass media from Fox News to MSNBC has had a major part to play in what is turning out to be a field day for scaring the American people and continue to promote more subconscious fear of Al Qu'aida and muslim sleeper cells. As we watch the video below remember that the suspect: Nidal Malik Hasan's middle name speaks volumes about how we can be played. Besides being an Arabic word meaning "king"
Malik is the name of the guardian of Hell in Muhammadan Islam. Malik is the Arabised version of the name of the god of the Canaanites, Molech, to whom they sacrificed their children. The elite Illuminati continue to perform sacrifice on a mass level.
We even have another story surfacing tonight which is perfect Neptunian PSYOPS to influence a target audience's value systems, belief systems and emotions. Neptune often works in the areas of faith and religion. Fort Hood soldier describes horrific scene to family in Utah The news of the mass shooting at Fort Hood Thursday hit close to home for some Utahns. One man says his daughter heard the shooter exclaim "Allah Akbar" as he opened fire.

OK let's talk about how this whole incident had the feel of an MK Ultra black ops project were the mass media is used as part of thought manipulation, and massive data analysis is performed on subsequent social communications. The "shooter" Nidal Malik Hasan, was a doctor (Mars in the 6th house of service) and an Army psychiatris who graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 and earned a doctorate in psychiatry...Even with perennial amnesia, most Americans should remember that the horrific Virginia Tech. shootings which killed 33 people on April 16, 2007 were the deadliest shooting rampage in American history.
Back then we even had lots of video of the killer Seung-Hui Cho telling the public how he would commit this memorable shooting. fest.


Time for the chart is set at 1:30 PM CST. right before the mutable Moon in Gemini was close to a highly disruptive square with Uranus in Pisces (ruled by Neptune representing hospitals).
Army spokesman Lt. Col. Nathan Banks says the first shooting began at about 1:30 p.m. at a personnel and medical processing office. The facility, called a Soldier Rating and Processing center, handles administrative details for soldiers.
Media will continue to play this event for at least another four days since the campaigns in Afghanistan are just not going well - Per ABC News Nidal Was Called "Camel Jockey" "Although the 39-year-old had just been promoted to major in May, his family says he had hired a lawyer to help him get out of the Armed Forces."

"Apparently became very disgruntled in the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan and voiced that to a lot of his colleagues," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX).

Breaking the chart down we have Aquarius rising @ 17 degrees 51 minutes which is a Sabian:
A man unmasked...With rulers Saturn (in the fatal 8th house) and Uranus in the first applying to that shocking, highly emotional square to the Moon (representing the feelings of the nation in the 4th house). Pluto (the destroyer) is in the 11th house of groups and associations - in this case the base's Soldier Readiness Center for medical and dental exams before deployment. Once again all three of the Aquarian stellium in he first are direct and Chiron the wounded healer is opposing Hygeia in Leo (health practitioner) in the 7th house of open enemies.


When we look at the Fixed Stars and their parans for this event and the background themes we see first of all Hamal the Heliacal Setting Star. Hamal is a yellow star on the forehead of the Ram. According to Ptolemy Hamal is of the nature of Mars and Saturn which appear to be fighting each other for domination, and this influence could be a dangerous one in the material sphere. If connected closely otherwise, life may be repeatedly in danger

Neptune is prominent in this tragedy - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
Setting when Algol (the Demon Star and considered a most evil portent) found on the severed head of Medusa that Perseus is carrying. So Algoliis Culminating orb 01 mins 08 secs -
Fatal accidents, loss of life - Curtailed passage (stays there )

Pluto is also a big factor - The Crises or the Changes that Occur
Setting when Rukbat is Setting orb 00 mins 03 secs -
The stand or opinion of one person is heard by many (Nidal?)
Culminating when Zosma is Setting orb 00 mins 55 secs -
A nation mourns, or a nation is victimized

Uranus is Setting when Bellatrix, the star in the left shoulder of the constellation Orion is Culminating orb 01 mins 25 secs -
This is indicative of the warrior and with Uranus deals with mental disturbance, lots of activity, occult or unpractical interests, repeatedly suffers through the same mistakes.

Expect more of these incidents involving people going off the deep end and shooting with random abandon. Update: Out of Orlando on the morning of Nov. 6th @ 11:50 AM - another mass shooting at a Florida High Rise

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Full Moon in Taurus and the Fixed Cross

The moon is getting brighter by the second waxing toward the next Full Moon is on Novemer 2, 2009 @ 11:14 AM PDT or 2:14 PM EDT
The chart for this moment reflects an auspicious configuration called a Grand Cross. Even thought it is not exact with Mars @ 8 Leo still in orb of an opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius there is Grand Square. A grand square involves four signs, four planets, four houses and four areas of life that are connected together. Not only are there four squares in the Grand Cross, there are also two oppositions. A stubborn, resistant quality is pervasive with fixed signs as they drive forward...The Fixed signs are focused on multiple questions of self-worth and societies value. Tomorrow's lunation is directed for the individiual as to the ability to acknowledge the worth of the self and mastery (Taurus), creativity and spirit (Leo), vulnerability and trust (Scorpio), and humanity and brotherhood (Aquarius). The main purpose of the Fixed signs is to uphold and maintain the activity that the Cardinal signs created and initiated. Now with Saturn/Libra SQ Pluto/Capricorn we see the Scorpionic and Aquarian planets/asteroids championing the energies of justice/equilibrium (Saturn in Libra) in battle with power plays by the governemtn (Pluto/Capricorn).
So we have Mercury-Ceres (letting go)- Sun all opposing the Moon
Mars in theatrical Leo along with Hygeia (asteroid of health)and Vesta (focus/commmitment)
all opposing Jupiter-Chiron (both direct in Aquarius)with Neptune stationing direct on November 4th. Sun in passionate Scorpio is applying to this secretive square to Jupiter in the 12th so there will be attempts to influence major events behind the scens.

The moon will be at 10 degrees 30 minutes Taurus with this Sabian Symbol: "A woman sprinkling flowers."
The Sun's Sabian: "A drowning man rescued. "
This is an obvious metaphor for survival and when we look at the chart for DC above
we see those three Scorpio bodies in the 8th house putting a massive focus on debt, death and taxes.
A more advanced Sabian description for the Moon at 11 degrees Taurus found in the naturual 2nd house of values :
"A Dutch woman pulls weeds and plants seeds while her daughter employs a shiny tin watering can to water the flowers. "
Interpretations vary from nurturing the world and others as we would a flourishing garden. Also the theme of recognizing good and bad seeds is a metaphor for encouraging others gifts, talents and skills while discouraging the negative traits.

Today, the first day of the Día de los Muertos or All Souls' Day which can be traced back 2500–3000 years sacred to the indigenous Olmec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Mexican or Aztec, Maya, P'urhépecha, and Totonac. Astrologically Mercury-Sun-Ceres all in the sign of the shadow and underworld, Scorpio seems appropriate to a time of connecting to the souls of our ancestors and other discarnate beings. Most regions of Mexico chose November 1 to honor children and infants, whereas deceased adults are honored on November 2. This is indicated by generally referring to November 1 mainly as "Día de los Inocentes" (Day of the Innocents) but also as "Día de los Angelitos" (Day of the Little Angels) and November 2 as "Día de los Muertos" or "Día de los Difuntos" (Day of the Dead).
Unquestionably this Full Moon will have all the elements of death and rebirth along and Scorpionic traits. Even the Mayan Day sign is 3 - Men or Eagles (one of the symbolic archetypes of Scorpio representing an intermediary between heaven and earth. In the Tzolkein, the Eagle is an keenly intelligent, gifted messenger who can bring hope and trust from his compassionate nature...but he must beware not to slip into greedy, possessive or jealous behavior.

We can all feel the chameleon like energies of transformational shifts coming with accelerated speeds
as we approach the Taurus lunation.
So many shifts both planetary and economic are looming along with the Mayan Calendar
per Calleman -
The Final Mayan calendar steps to 2012:
November 8, 2009 – the beginning of the Sixth NIGHT

Calleman predicts the death of the dollar as we enter the sixth night
"My prediction of a further economic downturn was based on the observation that nights, at least in the second part of an evolutionary Wave Movement, usually mean at the very least a slowdown of economic growth."

The anticipation and tension has been building since the last Libra New Moon on October 17th. into the period of time around the October 25Th/26Th date as described by Cliff High
and the Web Bots as a turning point. In fact they said events would align closely with the 10/25 date, to mark the start of a building tensions period that will last for approximately 10 days till around Nov. 5th. (Neptune stations direct on Nov. 4th @ 10:10 AM signifying forces relating to the Swine Flu, spirituality, Then there will be a release period extending into December. Their Most of the casual followers of High and Ure were disappointed that some huge, dramatic Nostradamus style apocalyptic quake or nuclear war didn't prevail. I guess having Mars transiting in Leo, our expectations are a bit over the top.
From the purely financial and political side these events occurred:
Obama's National Swine Flu Emergency and Internet Restrictions on October 23rd/24th
Capmark Filing for Bankruptcy on October 25th.
ING bank announced split-up and the stock fell 8%
Iran's Oil Bourse Came Online on October 26th as the petrodollar changed perspective
Ending "Too Big To Fail" (TBTF)
On 10/27 & 10/28 financial news increased discussion/reporting on moves by various federal agencies/bodies to a) ensure financial firms bail each other out, and not sock it to the taxpayer (again), and b) reduce/eliminate the Federal Reserves' ability to unilaterally, and with no disclosure, pump unknown additional billions into favored financial firms.

Calleman like many financial pundits continues with "An indication of such an impending downturn at this upcoming night is for instance that there has been a rush for gold, which for the first time passed the magical limit of USD 1000/troy ounce. Moreover, an index of insider trading shows that people knowledgeable about the actual basis for valuing US stock tend to think of this as highly overvalued. Most importantly, increasingly higher voices are now raised in almost all corners of the world for the replacement of the petrodollar system and thus also of the use of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency."