Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shock Waves Visit on a Frosty Moon: As Above So Below

(Now that I have returned from travel - I must add more evidence of how Uranus the Moon and Mars interconnects with our faultlines)
A story broke concerning the results of a new geological study: Tides trigger tremors deep inside the Earth
It is finally proven that: "the rise and fall of the ocean's tides are strong enough to trigger pulses of underground tremors that periodically send seismic faults slowly slipping beneath the northwest coast"

With multiple revolutions converging into the Uranian station @ 14* 46' Pisces @2:16 AM on November 24th it is almost hard to catch our breath. We can see in the chart above that Uranus performs it's magic right in the 2nd house of values-currency as Jupiter-Sagittarius move over the Ascendant to help ignite this momentous portal of change. And this mutable station is like a coiled spring widening our perceotuibs with major awakenings. Fire from the stars and comets above may enthuse our hands and fingers as the healing begins.

This is a time of quick bursts of change: Luna enters Gemini @ 3:29 AM PDT two days after El Sol entered fiery Sagittarius constantly seeking truth on the Day of Gratitude. This sets us up for what is known as the Frosty Moon (continued from my last post) a time when temperatures start to drop in the Northern Latitudes when American Indian tribes began to make serious propartions. This is akin to the dollar 's preciptious drop, oil's rise and the demise of the Bull Market with the bears at the doors of the housing market ready to scavage on whatever is left.

The average person is beginning to perceive that new cosmic, primal energy is pulsing our planet and Saturn has been moving closer to the exact opposition with the Trickster Uranus on Election Day Nov. 4, 2008. Fighting or protesting controls, serious threat of a police state and government fascism has finally taken hold. so don't expect this lunation to not have some riots and staged confrontations to oppression. With the Sabian for Uranus @ 15* An Officer Preparing to Drill his Men.

So when the Full Moon hits at 6:30 AM PT or 9:30 AM ET or 2;30 PM UT we expect some rumblings even the psychic plane speaks of oceanic changes with Sun @ 2Sagittarius for Sabian - The Ocean Covered with Whitecaps. Unusual news from the oceans is intensifying: Nov. 23rd: Canadian cruise ship hits submerged ice near Antarctica and 150 people are evacuated.
Nov.21st: the Giant Sea Scorpion (with Mercury/Scorpio applying to SQ with Neptune)
Uranus the progenitor of the internet is creating large whitecaps with all the publicity surrounding the dangers of My Space and last week's suicide of the 13 year old girl
Of course it is not just Uranus in watery Pisces that will reflect the shock waves now that Jupiter in political-legal oriented Sagittarius is moving closer to Pluto for all kinds of national chaos. Just today we find another country, Lebanon in a state of emergency as their president, Lahoud leaves office and hands powers over to the military.
Indian courthouse bombings in three northern cities, Lucknow,Varansi and Faizabad and killing 13 attorneys and 50 others.
Tracking ahead to the day of this lunation in Malibu California - yes another fire:
35 homes destroyed, 2,200 acres scorched a day after Thanksgiving due to high winds (Gemini)

Below we see the chart set for Greenwhich UK with Mars right on the 4th creating havoc near the center of the World Tree with the European Union's ground of being economically. Concrete effects in the housing and service sector with Moon SQ Saturn in the sign of the working class Virgo and Mars right on the cusp of the 4th in domestic Cancer. The Parisian transport strike ends as Uranian ruled president recently took a stand against the continuation of this action by negotiating
which with Venus in it's home sign Libra, attempts at negotiations on many fronts will began.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes Occults Mirfak as Galactic Fifth Night Begins

It is official folks, we have entered that time period or should I say timeless field from November 19, 2007 to November 12, 2008 known as Galactic Fifth Night. A time to integrate all the momentous changes that have come in the preceding day period. It has been said that the 5,125 patriarchal domination and 256 years (Planetary Period) of seeking materialist comfort will coming crashing down (per Barbara Hand Clow - The Mayan Code) One thing is for sure we are on shaky ground economically and spiritual revolution is literally in the air and ready to surge forward.

Among other things a new cycle of the world economy is in full swing with Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in the Galactic Center that takes place on December 11 at 28 degrees of Sagittarius, a major indicator of debt-related crises. We had our preview last year with Jupiter in Scorpio when the housing market bubble began to first burst.

The next lunation is a Full Moon on November 24th @ 6:30 AM PT or 9:30 AM ET at 1* 55' or 2* Gemini. (Sabian Symbol: "Spellbound a child looks on as Santa dexterously gift wraps a children's book and some gold-foiled chocolates." We can examine this symbolism later but note that the full moon is in the vicinity of fixed star Mirfak (always ready for a challaenge) in the constellation Perseus where our wandering Comet 17P Holmes has been pulsing change. tar in the elbow of the Champion, Perseus.

Arabic Mirfak, Mirzac, Marfak or Al Mirfaq (1), "The elbow" of the Pleiades - i.e. next to the Pleiades. The title comes from the Arabians' Marfik al Thurayya, thus qualified as being next to the Pleiades to distinguish it from the other elbow. The preceding is taken from one of the best references to fixed stars and their mythic origins.
B Brady equates Mirfak with masculine energy: a young warrior proud of his hunting ability and fighting prowess yet she says it is an area where we need to take caution and listen to wisdom before overestimating the nature of things.

When we dig deeper (especially with Mercury-Scorpio trine Mars today) we see Mughammid, or Muliammir, al Thurayya, "the Concealer of the Pleiades", — which, from its location, may be for this star. It is the fact that the Earth was once a colony of the Pleiades which makes this even more significance - in many ways Earth is being set free to touch all the neighbors or relations outside our solar system.
Also note some more Astronomical Info:
Mirfak is the brightest member of the young "Alpha Persei Cluster," which contains many of the fainter surrounding stars (most likely including Delta Persei), the "elbow of the Pleiades" having something of a "Pleiades" of its own. The cluster's age of 50 million years fits as well.

Not only is the coming full moon known by Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior as the Full Beaver Moon. Despite all the jokes and funny connotations they were taking about preparing for the winter: "This was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Full Beaver Moon comes from the fact that the beavers are now actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon."

I will examine this lunation in more depth later but note that on that day @ 2:16 AM PT Uranus the trickster and harbinger of this age is stationing direct @ 14* 46' right in the middle of Pisces where oil has began approaching $100.00/barrel. Uranus of course as has been stated is a signifier of sudden events including earth and weather changes. With this influence and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Galactic Center we may see MASS EVACUATIONS and large movements of people from several areas around the world. I am only conjecturing since astrology offers multiple possibilities.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Remnants of a Scorpio New Moon: Portal to the Galactic Fifth Night

Debt, Disintegration, Death and Transformation - Time to Go Within and Face the Fears

Yesterday's lunation was so intense that I haven't been able to stop and integrate this massive energy blast till the moon entered Sagittarius today at 4:59 PM PDT. Looking back we see that Sun-Moon were together @ 17 degrees Scorpio @ 3:03 PM PDT
with the apt Sabian Symbol: "After visiting the grave of her husband, a woman walks along through the autumnal woods and finds inspiration in the brightly colored leavings dancing down all around her. "
Speaking of both inspiration and disintegration, the latest pictures/news of our galactic messenger Comet 17P/Holmes tells of a "disconnection event"--the comet's beautiful blue ion tail has become disconnected from its head. This comet has represented an ethereal beauty and mystery from beyond our 3 dimensional struggles and this latest mutable event seems to synchronize with our New Moon. The hallmark of this lunation is a Grand Water trine with Sun/Moon-Scorpio to Uranus and Mars adding a psychic, compassionate alliance of emotional energies as we step into a period of seeming confusion and chaos. This trine will be the door that will offer balance and order to our souls path...We may find new spirit guides ready to be of sudden assistance in connecting our deeper roots to familial places as our relationship to our personal intuitive natures get stronger.

As we approach the Fifth Night of the Galactic Underworld and finish "advanced unifying synthesis" of Day Five as described by Barbara Hand Clow in her latest new moon transmission: 360-day period when we will experience a significant breakdown of the material world and a dismembering that precedes the metamorphosis coming during Day Six.
The build up and Scorpio lunation had it all:
Economic Gloom and Doom - From the Financial Times: Stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic concluded their worst week in months on Friday as deepening economic gloom
Scorpio and the 8th house has always been connected to debt and death.
In Finland
Scorpio is Co-Ruled by Mars and Pluto. And he God of War is not in the best placement in Cardinal, feeling Cancer and ready to station retrograde till May 2008. but is hitting the US Sibley Chart of July 4th 1776 hard stationing near US Sun continuing backwards across Jupiter-Venus can you spell economic collapse?
Just a word to the Neo-Cons or hawks in the state department, when Mars is retrograde War is the Worse Option cause the aggressor usually loses big time. Mars was retrograde in the early 1980's when the Argentina and the Falkland Islands debacle occured. At that time Saturn was also in Virgo - in this chart Saturn is the ruler of the 8th and natural house of Scorpio
Georgia in the former Soviet Union declared a state of emergency on Nov.7th after a police crackdown on an opposition demonstration on Wednesday sowed unrest in Tbilisi. Looking ahead we see Pluto's influence as latest reports say: Billionaire financier Badri Patarkatsishvili will be running against the current leader U.S.-ally President Mikhail Saakashvili, whom they accuse of corruption and economic mismanagement. Sound Familiar!
Impeachment is On the Table as Aries rising Dennis Kucinich (Oct. 8, 1946 @ 5:53 PM) is a hero and the US news media, characteristically is ignoring this news.

Dennis was aided by an applying transit of Sun trine Uranus aspect since he has a Scorpio Stellium: Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Juno, Astrea and Venus!
Leading up to this lunation on Tuesday, Nov.
6th, on e of the most dramatic, surprising events in Congress this year when 165 Republicans voted to force a debate on the impeachmentof Vice President Dick Cheney, and Democrats voted against it.
The confusion ensued as both parties thought that an open debate about the crimes of Dick Cheney would embarrass the Democrats. Talk about confusion which is a major part of this new moon with Sun applying to a SQ with Neptune causing all kinds of wrong decision making for leaders along with resignations, scandals, and many uncertain conditions.

Speaking of scandals, Rudy Guiliani's boy Bernard Kerik lied, schemed and sold out the city - all under the nose of his mentor and pal...

Examining the nova lunation in shadowy scorpio we see Sun-Moon close to Juno (relationship asteroid) in the mundane 6th domicile.
The 6th House rules the armed forces, the police, workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment, and the civil service. All of this energy of debt, retribution and renewal is squaring Neptune right at Mid-Heaven where the the government, the leadership or ruling class sit in confused blundering. Also we find the cosmic trickster and master of the unexpected Uranus along with North Node
opposing the ruler of the 8th (Capricorn Cusp) Saturn in the 4th.
The stern accountability of Saturn is armed by the detailed, service oriented Virgo near the karmic south node in the 4th. The 4th house is the folk-soul and foundation of the nation ruling agriculture, farming, crops, land, houses, real estate, mines, coal pits, minerals, quarries, the weather, the opposition party in government. Real Estate is crashing as the sub-prime crisis is taking more then its toll so that people are starting to realize that houses are for living not flipping. Note that Mars in Cancer (ruling houses, families and domestic issues) will be retrograde till May 2008 working on our feeling and emotional capacities.
The Housing Bubbles has not only burst along with high clouds cause soon we will began to feel the effect of what has been dubbed: Galactic Precipation more then when we aligned in 1998.

These flood waters/energies are not just physical like those that drowned the folks in state of Tabasco or the recent Tidal Surge on Nov. 8th in the UK where five areas in the north east and East Anglia remain on "flood watch" alerts after mass evacuations.

We are facing both are psychological and philosophical fears ala Pluto and Saturn as they move toward a major square in 2009 when saturn moves from Virgo into Libra.
With this lunation the Goddess is bringing a powerful dispensation via the current Venus Applying to Square with Mars in feminine Cancer helping us align with mother earth which is definitely awakened and ascending.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pluto, Pakistan and State of Emergency

As Pluto continues the inexorable march toward Capricorn moving past he Galactic Center and now in the last sensitive degrees of Sagittarius, more and more governments, leaders and business are under pressure as changes expand day by day.

Politcal situations are escalating with the latest flare up in Pakistan.
Nicolas Campion tells us in The Book of World Horoscopes that Pakistan's Independence Chart set for 9:30 AM on August 14th 1947 when Lord Mountbatten the British Viceroy addressed the Constituet Assembly. Indian astrologers decided to delay the official date till Midnight Aug. 15th.

As we can see Pluto (lord of the shadows and underworld) is applying to a close conjunction with the IC 28 Sagittarius 53 and TSQ the ASC-DSC of the Aug. 14th
independence chart tearing the country literally apart. Mars transiting the governing 10th in fearful Cancer reflects both martial law and President Mushareff's paranoia and attempt at his second coup since 1999.
When we examine this situation in depth we find General Mushareff (born 8-11-1943) with a an applying Pluto SQ to his own natal Neptune @ 0 Libra which when it perfects next January should have knocked him out of power.
This story is getting lots of attention from the US Press trying to scare us about nuclear weapons and Taliban over running the country at the same time that the USD is falling, inflation is rising and impeachment is now on the table for Cheney and Bush as Rep. Dennis Kuchinich!

The Players in this Drama: Pervez vs. Benazir
Looking at the chart below we see "Strong Man" Pervez (8-11-1943) is in the middle wheel with Mars at 22 Taurus creating Martial Law (Musharraf also suspended the constitution and dismissed the Pakistan Supreme Court's chief justice for the second time.) When we look at the outer wheel for Benazir Bhutto's Chart (6-21-1953) where her natal Plutonic Power @ 21 Leo which pushes buttons from hidden places with a close SQ to Pervez's aggressive tendencies. As we mentioned it is probably Mars-Cancer transit which is having impact on this situation especially with Mars going retro. on 11-14 and moving over Bhutto's Sun-Identity @ critical 29 * Gemini in early January 2008!
Only India will really have to worry about Pakistan as an enemy but for the US government this will act as a smoke screen especially by seemingly supporting Bhutto who represents the feminine energies supporting democracy - better to have her group without US intervention get the vote out.