Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice 2006 Part Two - Inner and Outer Effects Moving toward 2007

Winter Solstice 2006 - the day the Sun stood Still brought inclement weather to the Northern Hemisphere. London was wrapped in a severe fog bank as all flights were cancelled in Heathrow Airport. Yesterday, I talked about the Sagittarian Stellium crossing the 3rd house of transporation in the UK Solstice Chart. Today, the big story is By road, rail and airline, travel chaos to continue to Christmas In the US, particularly Denver Colorado, blizzards created a state of emergency grounding flights in the Denver airport almost a the middle point of the US. Mercury is always the planet that relates to weather changes and it was SQ the Nodes (Pisces-Virgo) on yesterday's new moon. As I said Neptune ruler of Pisces (N Node and Uranus) signifies FOG and Freezing temperatures especially with Saturn ruled Venus-Capricorn meeting the Moon.

God of War, Mars in active Sagittarius 11° Perfects to a SQ to Uranus @ 11°Pisces (planet of unexpected changes-events and revolutionary actions in the emotional, Pisces) This is one of the major wild cards in this Solar Event. Exact @ 11° 14' - Uranus stationed direct on November 20th to add immense power to the awakener. The Sabian Symbol for 12 Pisces: "The veiled door of the inner sanctum, framed by smoking censers in the foreground, a candidate for initiation is being examined." Besides the smoking obscurity that hides the occult nature of 3D worlds - the boundaries around the third dimension are changing as Barbara Hand Clow says: the boundaries around it that contain it within the other dimensions are becoming more permeable.
So with this Sabian Symbol we have a symbolic representation of our changing reality, where we can decide to be included in spiritual breakthroughs
When we examine the Sabian for 12° Sagittarius, we get an inkling of the conflicts currently occuring on a world-wide and national scope: "An eagle perched atop a flagpole, screams at the crowd below." Patriotic oratory with the eagle ( not only a symbol of USA but also Zeus) who can also inspire us to not continue this demented path of world domination and inspire us toward a far-reaching peaceful world.

Note that In the Ingress Solstice), Lunation and Eclipse charts an afflicted Uranus can bring upheavals, revolution, anarchy, plane crashes, train derailments, explosions, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes and severe lightning storms with high winds. With Mars joining Jupiter in the 5th House of the DC chart along with Mercury and Pluto - reflecting not only speculative interests, linked to Stock Exchange - we see a story:The U.S. economy grew at a 2% real seasonally adjusted annual rate in the third quarter, slightly lower than the 2.2% estimated a month ago, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.The 5th house also deals with places of entertainment, sports, fashion, leisure, but also children, colonies and dependencies like Iraq. So we have the militaristic planet in foreign oriented sign - Sag. challenging the unexpected, awakener Uranus in the 8th house. The 8th House signifies taxes, deaths, murders - today's story of military (Mars) risk taking and abuse - today's story: Marine faces murder charges over deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians
The 8th house also represents probate, inheritance, losses, international finance, multi-national corporations Nationally Uranus indicates the ideological foundations of a government found in the 8th House
This aspect right at the exact time of the Solstice with a certain receptiveness since Jupiter the ancient ruler of Pisces is highly dignified in Sagittarius
Healing Forces join in Solstice with Venus-Moon in Capricorn in Nations's 6th House. applying to a fateful sextile to destiny's progeny the North Node (Head of the Dragon) at 20° Pisces. The comnbo of Venus relating to the arts, culture, women's issues and the Moon, which signifies the people, the masses, commoners and the population as a whole in the 6th speaks of improvement of health and labor conditions. Because of its links to service, the 6th House rules workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions ( Neptune now in Aquarius with progressive reception to Uranus-Pisces @11*14' now direct. As we look toward the ancient ruler Saturn now in fiery Leo moving toward an Epic Encounter end of February 28th to March 1st 2007. We can see that all authorities are supposed to surrender to the Galactic Transformation now in high gear with Day 5 of Mayan's Galactic Underworld. It all pins on Saturn who is separating from the trine.

Solstice brings Death to Dictators and Kings.

Here is the short version of one tyrant, who pillaged his country and stole their resources ruling despotically (Mars SQ Pluto in natal chart) with eccentricity for 20 years. (Sun @ 29*29' Aquarius in critical degree for being extravagantly different.) This guy was notorious in Western countries for creating a personality cult that he established around himself in Turkmenistan. He tried to rebuild Turkmen in his own image (Sun Contraparell Mars) and was known as "Turkmenbashi" - Father of All Turkmen
On 21 December 2006, Turkmen state television reported that President Niyazov (born 2-19-1940) had died of sudden heart failure. In Saparmurat's case transiting Venus in Capricorn has translated the light in his natal royal conjunction of Venus-Jupiter conjunction. More importantly Saturn his ruling planet has been opposing Neptune in the skies since perfection on Aug. 31st.
With Saturn now Retrograde in Leo - the Royal Sign (All authorities under danger and held accountable) and applying toward an opposition toward Neptune while separating from a trine to Pluto (Power Plays - Secret Manipulation). President Niyazov was not only leader of a popular cult ( a real Plutocrat also (natal Pluto 1° Leo SQ Mars 1°Taurus) We are told via Global Witness, a London-based human rights org., reported that money under Niyazov’s control and held overseas may be in excess of US$3 billion - an Illuminati Banker, of which $2 billion is supposedly situated in the Foreign Exchange Reserve Fund at Deutsche Bank in Germany - a 9/11 accomplice bank who profited on the put orders during WTC 7. Niyazov lost his father and other members of his family from a severe mega-earthquake on October 6 1948. The temblor was estimated at 7.3 on the Richter scale, the earthquake killed over 110,000 (2/3 the population of Aşgabat i, although the official number announced by Soviet news was only 14,000.
In the BiWheel chart below with Turkmenistan in center wheel and Niyazov on outer wheel (time of birth unknown). Niyazov's Mercury @ 13° (mental condition) is a Mid-Point Opposition to Turkmenistan's Jupiter-Venus in Virgo (natural resources from the earth).
His Mars @ 1° Taurus SQ Pluto @ 1° Leo (dictatorial and rapacious activities) formed a TSQ to the heart and soul of Tukmen whose Sun @ 3° Scorpio
Finally in this anatomical analysis of a Major tyrant's repressive nature is how his own Venus-Jupiter conjunction @8°-9° Aries SQ's Uranus in the Independence Chart to this Central Asian country whose name Turkmenistan is derived from Persian, meaning "land of the Turkmen". Uranus ndicates the ideological foundations of a government like that of Turkmen but with this affliction brought totalitarian and autocratic rule!

It has been said: "Control of Turkmen gas is a categorical imperative for the normal development of Russia over the next 10 years."
With a wealth of natural gas reserves in Turkmenistan and plans to build a trans-Caspian pipeline to support the EU's energy needs finding a democratic replacement to Niyazove is an imperative.
I am spending so much time on the death of Niyazov since he is a prime example of what is to occur throughout 2007 as the old iron rule passes away and Pluto takes no prisoners near the Galactic Center and Uranus helpf brining in new ways thinking and being... Uranus in 2007 goes all the way to 18° 41' before going Retrograde.
Sabian Symbol for 19° Pisces: "A beautiful and charismatic woman exhorts a crowd of citizens to settle their differences and rebuild a tumbledown cathedral."
2007 will be about setting the world in order on both a material and spirtual condition of humanity!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter Solstice 2006 Part One

As you know a solstice is one of two events of the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equatorial plane. The name is derived from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (stand still), because at the solstice, the Sun stands still in declination, that is, it reaches a maximum or a minimum. Note that all religions from Sumerian to Christian are Solar in origin - Listen to David Icke on Christianity - Lecture from Mt. Shasta, California.
In the Northern Hemisphere, this is when the sun reaches the lowest point in its annual apparent journey (ecliptic) across the sky. Our solstice points are results of the primary cause c of the seasons - the rotation axis of the Earth is not perpendicular to its orbital plane, but currently makes an angle of about 23.44° (called the "obliquity of the ecliptic"),

In the chart above set for Greenwich, UK at 00:23AM on 12-22-06 with Sun in maximum southern declination along with all the other planets except for Saturn tropically in the sign of Leo at + 14*20' to foreshadow even colder, crazier weather for the next month.
When we see the larger picture, the weather is only the surface even though stories of Freezing Fog stranding thousands of passengers at Heathrow took center stage. Our chart set for universal time hails a natural progression for the Sagittarian new moon barely a day old.
The archer's arsenal of arrows consisting of Jupiter-Mars-Mercury and Pluto are traversing the 3rd House - which in Mundane astrology relates to: all forms of transportation (with Mercury SQ Nodes this means Major Problems) authors, bridges, communications, postal service, education, media, literature. Undoubtedly the media will be active for the next few days talking about Holiday Travel being snarled with stories involving transportations, literary figures, fights over types of free speech and more.
With the Sun dignified and close to the 4th house cusp (IC) we need to examine the mundane meanings of this all important house. The 4th House relates to - agriculture, farming, crops, land, houses, real estate, mines, coal pits, minerals, quarries, the weather, the opposition party in government. We already mentioned freezing inclement weather but how will Saturn ruled Capricorn effect crops and agriculture? It is likely that both an unexpected and dangerous freeze will destroy some of the world's crops. Since this house of family and hearth also signifies the land, its values as real estate and housing and living conditions - expect some drastic drops in house prices.

Solstice Means Celebrations
Despite the recent phenomenon of Christmas and the lurid commercialization in the
Western World, Winter Solstice, honoring the birth of the Sun, has been celebrated in cultures all over world over for thousands of years and has pagan roots. The feast of Saturnalia, a pagan holiday was begun as early as December 17th and extended for a week of partying till December 23rd. Traditionally this has been a time of Religious and Spiritual Rituals , where a spiritual community would join in to honor the Divine. Some of the deities that the ancient cultures including the Romans honored at this time included:

Saturn - God of Agriculture; merged with the Greek Cronos.
Ops - Goddes of Plenty; Mother Earth; partner to Saturn and Consus.
Sol Invicta - Sun God; connected with the Persian Mithra, honored by Roman soldiers.
Consus - God of Storebin of Harvested Grain.
Juventas - Goddess of Young Manhood; related to Greek Hebe of Youthful Beauty.
Janus - God of Beginnings and Gates; Solar God of Daybreak; Creator God.

This has always been a time of feasting, driinking, revelry, family get togethers, sacred fires -- candles lit and new fires kindled to represent new Solar year. A time or Peace -- when dispensing of punishments (executions) are suspended and courts closed and even wars were temporarily ceased - GREAT IDEAS TO BRING BACK!


This is a video to awaken the sheeple who believe microchipping the human population is a good thing.

So now are you going to do your homework and understand these words and terms below?:
Human Chipping, Verichip, IBM , Nazi Germany , Hollerith Machine, George Orwell, 1984 , Mark of the beast, DNA chip, Forced chipping, identity protection, world database, cyborg, biometrics ,

Saturday, December 16, 2006

GC Revisited - What will happen?

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest....This delusion is a kind or prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in all its beauty."
— Albert Einstein

So even if you haven't followed my writings, you should now that we are in for another impact with the Galactic Center at 26* 55' Sagittarius and this time with Pluto. We got mighty close on March 29th 2006 with the total solar eclipse when Pluto stationed retrograde at 26* 45' that was a time of massive US-world strikes of immigrant workers (Sagittarius deals with travel of all kinds and Pluto with the masses so we are talking about mass migrations). In our bones we sense a kind of unity in reacting or engaging with this momentous time on Earth and in the Milky Way galaxy. Still all in all this is a puzzling time to make sense of what actually will happen as we press on in alignment with the GC (Galactic Center).

This time our date is "set" for December 28, 2006 at 6:33PM but with Pluto and other planets in mutable Sagittarius, nothing is really set or fixed. Some have postulated that this is humanity's wakeup call to reconnecting to our
Galactic Heritage and membership in a vast network of galaxies and multiverses - even to the idea that extra terrestrial beings will make irrevocable contact.

Also if you have been following the essential Mayan Prophecy of 2012: The most importan tGalactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes and occurs only once every 26,000 years, and is the event the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar.

Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator.

Now back to what lately some Astronomers have termed a planetoid, Pluto, the Icy Lord of Transformation or the Underworld time this Plutonian point was hit was Feb. 13th 1760 (Pluto's orbit around the Sun is around 248 years). I would be remiss to predict what will happen or as one reader-astrologer has said someone will come up with their own BS (Belief System) and get others to believe. Well with all these current Sagittarian transits (Jupiter-Mars-Mercury and Sun) we should see a view true believers once this fact hits the mainstream media. If we look into the past we might be tempted to say that Pluto being the planet of power and destruction, more war will occur in foreign lands (mars in Sagittarius). In fact on January 12-13th 2007 Mars conjuncts Pluto after hitting the GC and Mars in Sagittarius after making a rather active, bold TSQ to the US Sibley Chart's infamous Mars-Gemini SQ to Neptune-Virgo pushing the fog of war into a rather galactic mode where All War is Outmoded.
Let's look at past GC encounters with Pluto:
1760 was the time when the French Indian War had begun - some say that it was a precursor to the American Revolutionary War.
One of the major events was: The Battle of Restigouche in what is now the Province of New Brunswick, is the last battle between France and Britain for possession of Canada, during the Seven Years' War.
It was also the year that King George III crowned (the other King George also of the Hanover-Windsor bloodline where current GWB family is related).

Below is a chart set for Washington DC on 12-28-2006 at 6:33PM with Moon in critical first quarter phase after a spectacular new moon on Dec. 20th
Significantly Pluto in the Washington DC chart is transiting the 5th House along with Mars-Jupiter also in Sagittarius and Mercury in early degree of Capricorn.
Fifth house in a mundane chart usually deals with speculation, risk taking via the Stock Markets or the arts. Is this the preliminary to the Next Great Financial Crash?

The cusp of the 5th House is 29* Scorpio close to the 28*27' place of the November 20th New Moon that spawned the mysterious case of the Polunium Poisoning (radioactivity and Pluto) victim Alexander Litvinenko . The terrifying Ipswich Serial killer which began with Mars @ 27 Scorpio and Mercury at 21Scorpio on December 2nd. As we approach the Sagittarian New Moon on Dec. 20th with Pluto conj. Sun-Moon at 28* 27'the immense deep space element of moving beyond known boundaries erupts. Sun-Moon conjunct the fixed star Acumen known for enduring, deadly attacks that weaken along with Mars meeting Antares (heart of the scorpion) known for an obsessive, dangerous type of success.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sagittarian Convergence 12-7-2006 Adds Bursts of Energy at GC as Scorpionic Power is Transmuted

In the past 17 days we have gone from the climax of a dark Scorpio Convergence
on a Cold Winter's Day to an explosive Sagittarian Convergence starting at 9:52PM PST and set for November 20th. This lunation which had Sun-Jupiter-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto all in South Declination and only Saturn-Leo in the north presaged wild and cold weather - this is also the precursor for covert an spying scandals to be settled. Today's business headline: HP to pay $14.5 million to settle spying scandal Or Alexander Litvinenko Buried with Muslim Ceremony in London
Spy vs Spy International poisoning
Scorpio is about spies, detectives and research and Sagittarius is about adventure, sporting attitudes, out of doors and literary lives. Scorpio cherishes privacy, even darkness to create in a slower more fixed modality which eventually erupts in some time of powerful reacion. Sagittarius is explosive more changeable and tends to get what they want off their chest.
Our past new moon mirrored the previous year's Jupiter in Scorpio obsessions with poisons and spies Spies like this most famous victim of radiation (Pluto modern ruler of Scorpio poisoning Alexander Litvinenko (born 12-4-62), with mutable wounded Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces opposing Pluto-Uranus in Virgo who was buried today 912-7) in London, where officials believe he was probably infected with polonium-210 last month when he met with several people. During the Scorpio Lunation the ancient ruler Mars was applying to highly dangerous SQ to the most malefic Saturn.

Investigation into the causes of Livinenko's death (at 9:21PM UT 11-23-06) has Pluto conjunct Fixed Star Aculeus telling of Enduring Attacks that are Successful in killing him Also Uranus (ruler of radiation) in the 8th House of Death. More remarkable is that Merc-Mars-Jupiter-Sun are all crowded in the 4th signifying the End of a Matter. And on this day his most expansive majesty Jupiter entered Sagittarius and the arrows now are out of their guivers. On on the day of his internment, Mercury has joined Mars-Sun in Sagittarius. Expect to hear a few exagerrated stories with so much Sag. energies dominating. Current clandestine theories still make facts around this case filled with air of an international mystery with several proposed solutions.
One of the prominent explanations is that Litvinenko's death was the work of Russia's secret services; or that rogue elements within the Russian power structure were responsible; or that exiled opponents of Putin killed one of their own to make Russia and its government look bad.

Galactic Center where Gamma Ray Bursts Emanate
Recent observations have shown that somewhere in this crowded region known by the Ancient Mayans as Hunab Ku there is a source of intense energy -- gamma rays -- that astronomers are struggling to identify. Some say an exploded star, or possibly it is a signature of mysterious dark matter.
Pluto moves into GC on 12-30-06 Enter Deep Space Objects
Deep Space Objects and UFO's will mark this transition as radio bursts from Milky Way's Galactic Center. Even though we have already seen NASA practically admit there is life on Mars due to discovery of water on the Red Planet.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fiji Coup Goes Down as Moon Rises High - An Astro Deconstruction

In what has turned out to be one of the most publicized military coup's in history (Sun-Jupiter-Venus in out front Sagittarius) with a Mars ingress - Military strongman seized control, installed himself as President, sacked the PM Qarase, named his own man as PM and sent soldiers onto the streets with police. All this occured with much fanfare at 6pm (7pm NZT) on December 5 with the Full Moon brightly shining.
Let's deconstruct this top news story which has all the earmarks some of the powerful Sagittarian, cowboy over the top antics hitting the worldwide press.
View Chart Below set for 7:00PM NZT with 20 Gemini 12 Rising and Moon @ 16 Gemini Opposing Venus (debilitated and weak) in Sagittarius

When we began to look at the ensuing events which unfolded in the next 24 hours then
began to compare them to the event chart, things began to fit.
* Fijian media is censored - some refuse to publish because of interference
Ruler of event chart (20 Gemini Rising) as ruler Mercury found in Scorpio conjjunct Mars in the 6th - putting heavy emphasis on military control of all communications.
Mercury is SQ Saturn indicating a censure "n the Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse charts an afflicted Mercury can bring censorship,"

* New Zealand, Australia, the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth, United States and Britain all condemn the military takeover. * Venus is applying to a conjunction with Pluto (destructive power from foreign sources) in the 7th. We may see even more retaliation from surrounding neighbors in immediate future. Currently New Zealand has extended sanctions against Fiji following Tuesday's coup, suspending aid and banning sporting (Sagittarius) contacts.The 7th is the house of foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, business relationships, agreements.
This house rules our relations with other societies or nations or organizations. It rules treaties, alliances

* Josefa Iloilo says the military action was illegal meaning that he is still president. * Since Josefa is represented by the Sun in this chart: In an Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart the Sun represents the executive head of the nation And the Sun placed in the the sixth (rules the armed forces and the police as well as issues concerning national defense) is opposing the Moon and SQ Uranus which in an Ingress, Lunation and Eclipse charts an afflicted Uranus can bring upheavals, revolution, anarchy,

* The police refuse to follow military orders. * This one is easy with Mars (in 6th) SQ Saturn (authority) and applying to catastrophic SQ to Uranus in the 9th. Now that Mars has just entered Sagittarius we need to pay attention since in the Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart Mars can be said to be the chief troublemaker of the zodiac. Its position by aspect, signs and houses will show the areas which are under stress, and in an Ingress chart Mars is used as the timer to the action of what is indicated in the chart as a whole. Mars rules males and signifies all who dispute or fight.

* Prime Minister Qarase is flown out of Suva to his home island of Lau. * All we have to do is look toward the MC @ 27 Pisces SQ Pluto in Sagittarius a significator of political exodus or forced migration...
For the meaning of the 10th house - the president, prime minister, the sovereign and their government, prestige of the country, parliament, aristocracy.

* Soldiers surround the Police Tactical Response Unit headquarters and hold discussions with the Acting Police Commissioner Moses Driver. * Mercury is applying toward a conjunction with Mars so their is a meeting of the minds under some force. By the time Mercury ingress into Sag. on Dec. 8th @ 6:06 PM NXT we might see more restless, impatience to reach a settlement.

* Soldiers ask Fiji's Senate to adjourn its sitting and the House complies. * All we have to do here is look at the 11th house cusp @ 25 Aries with the ruler Mars sitting in that Military catbird seat. Saturn is trine this point in fiery Leo and also has gone stationary Retrograde to prolong the operation of the Fijian Senate since: The 11th house rules the institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress, Senate or the House of Commons or Politburo, as well as local governments.

*Parliament grounds are sealed off. * Here again we look at the 10th which rules Parliament and most obviously Pluto and Venus are applying to a SQ - It is well known that Pluto is synonymous with power struggles and obsessions with power In the case of Venus, in an Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart an afflicted Venus may indicate cultural or artistic suppression, or censure.

What's Next?
As Mars applies toward an upheaval of major proportions with a SQ to Uranus circa December 22nd and 23rd we may see interference from either Australia or New Zealand along with another major quake which could put parts of Fiji into some real jeopardy. Ultimately it will be the economic plight of the Fijian population constrained by sanctions which will help end this situation. In fact AUSTRALIA has urged the people of Fiji to passively resist the military takeover of their country.
With a new moon in the last degrees of Sagittarius quickly moving into Capricorn along with Venus on 12-12 and Saturn the Lord of Capricorn ruler now retrograde, the pressure will be on! We will see pressure to right the imbalance caused by this Coup, this influence will be catalyzed both internally and externally since Venus is connected with the nations resources and finances. Yes the people (Moon in Lunation Chart above) will speak loudly as to the kind of government they really want to have.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Coup in Fiji or Just Another Quake

As the Aries Moon passes over the MidHeaven of the Fiji Independence Chart set for
October 10, 1970, the chief protagonist in this drama Commodore Frank Bainimarama raised the specter of another Coup. This Taurus strategist with Sun-Mars exalted in Capricorn trine is reacting to the current Cardinal Energy. He
rejected concessions offered yesterday (11-30) by the country's elected leader to avert a coup, and delivered a fresh ultimatum to the government to accede to his demands within less than 24 hours or face its ouster.

Revenge Fiji Style
When we start to drill down on the current transits to the Fiji Independence Chart
featured below, things become more obvious. Currently Mercury is applying to an opposition to Fiji's natal Saturn at 21 Taurus brining some serious news stories surrounded by intrigue and revenge (Mercury in Scorpio). It turns out that Frank Bainimarama whose Fixed Cardinal Cross tends to push the envelope, was insturmental in the Fiji Coup of 2000. He got the then-President Ratu Sir Kamisese to resign on May 29, 2000, in what some politicians have since called "a coup within a coup," It turns out that Frank holds a grudge since the interim government reneged in their accord. Remember that Bainimarama declared martial law back in 2000 and then appointing Qarase interim prime minister. Since 2000, the Commodore has taken a high profile role and now with N Node transiting his Pluto and Mars by opposition, he is on the world stage. On July 11, 2006, Bainimarama issued one of his strongest-worded challenges yet to the government, saying that it was forcing the country into the same anarchy as in 2000. In an eight-page statement, he warned that the Military was would take decisive action against any "destabilisers" (This all occured as Node opposed Pluto).

Besides the earthquake of a possible coup to the current Fijian Government led by Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, this has been a year of tremendous earthquake activity in Fiji Islands area. Lest we forget on 2-26-2006 there was a Magnitude 6.4 - SOUTH OF THE FIJI multiple 4.0 to 5.1 quakes this month.
Of course taking the big picture in the South Pacific, Tonga on May 3, 2006 had a Major Magnitude 7.9 - Temblor along with a bloddy, tumultuous riot in the last two weeks with New Zealand troops helping keep the peace.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mercury Transit Across the Sun Signals New Bosses or Just a New Mask?

Today November 8th, not only did the Democrats trounce the GOP and gain control of the House and Senate, but another phenomena occured: Mercury, the planet swift messenger of the gods transited the fiery Sun. Typically with Mercury Retrograde, the media responded with a repetitive Buzz all day blasting out news of the Democratic victories. These victories included a surge involving state legislatures, where more than 275 seats and nine chambers switched from Republican to Democratic hands.

The last transit of the Sun was May 7th when former Secretary of Defense was riding high as was that other Cancer Sun Sign, with Leo rising and Mercury-Pluto conjunct- Mr Mission Accomplished - the photo op idiot President GWB. Personally I am more interested in the Sun's transit which is considered a special kind of eclipse. As seen from Earth, only transits of the inner planets Mercury and Venus are possible. Planetary transits are far more rare than eclipses of the Sun by the Moon. On the average, there are 13 transits of Mercury each century. all transits of Mercury fall within several days of May 08 and November 10. Since Mercury's orbit is inclined seven degrees to Earth's, it intersects the ecliptic at two points or nodes which cross the Sun each year on those dates. If Mercury passes through inferior conjunction at that time (like today), a transit will occur. During November transits, Mercury is near perihelion ((the orbital point where a planet is closest to the Sun). What do these astronomical events mean besides a chance to view a spon on the sun?

Astrologically the Mercury Transit marked an exact Solar conjunction is at 16Scorpio20 and occured at 1:31PM PST with
the ominous Sabian Symbol for 17 Scorpio: "Having entered the Dragon's cave, a knight warily questions the beast to discover it's weakness. Behind the dragon is a minature city under a glass dome, painted with the stars of heaven." The course is set to look evil square in the eye and face our inner demons represented by political and social corruption and of course render a sacrifice like - Rummy the 74 year old tenancious Chicken Hawk.

Astro Transits to Rummy's Birth Chart The current Scorpionic Convergence today had Mars @ 11Scorpio applying to close SQ to his natal Mercury at 11 Leo 30 and in the line of fire of future SQ's from Sun-Mercury-Venus and Jupiter separating from his natal Jupiter at 23 Leo 15.
Perhaps it was the Moon (Rummy's ruling orb) which entered Cancer at 2:46PM EST today just before the transit began - Luna in the sign of the Crab conjuncted his Venus which is quincunx Saturn in Aquarius setting off the ultimate adjustment - I finally quit.

Mercury Transit Chart Set for Washington, DC at 4:31EST

Just as Rummy and Bush were the losers, Aries career politician, Nancy Pelosi was a big winner, taking on the coveted mantle of "Speaker of the House" a real Mercurial
title. The first female speaker of the house ever reflected by her natal Mars-Venus conjunction in Taurus.

Representative Pelosi was born Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (March 26, 1940)
She has an aries Sun (ruled by Mars) who was blessed with three point stellium of Taurean planets (known for persistence) Uranus @ 19Taurus -Venus @ 20 Taurus-Mars @ 25 Taurus. Incidentally, Nancy's Taurean Trio has been directly challenging Rummy's self-rightous and pride before the fall Leo duo (Mercury-Jupiter). Nancy's stubborn,fixed Venus ruled group today and the remainder of the week is being boosted by Merc-Transit Opposition's Mars-Mercury-Sun-Venus Conjunction Scorpio conjunction making her even a little sexier to the American public.

Shades of retribution or revenge by Power Brokers? Today's Scorpionic Convergence andMercury Transit is falling in the 7th House of the above DC Chart known for open enemies (Dems) plus it rules treaties, alliances, marriage and divorce issues, public relations, the conditions of women.
For the Demos there is a distinct feeling of retribution and pay back which needs to be leveraged into true Social Reform.

Even more fortunate for Nancy is that the Ascendant for the above chart at 7 Taurus
putting Ms. Pelosi's Taurean powerhouse in the Chart's first house symbolizing the nation and its people, first impressions, the image of the nation and outer persona of it's people - a real mandate.
Pallas the asteroid dealing with political strategy falls at 22 Cancer in Nancy's chat and almost exactly hit the IC (a place which reflects nationalism and patriotism, it is the folk-soul of the nation) of the Mercury Transit Chart.
Hera the asteroid in Greek, was the goddess of marriage and according to legend, her marriage to Zeus was out of duty and was afflicted with infidelity (on the part of Zeus, never Hera), jealousy (mostly on the part of Hera), possessiveness and cruelty - Sound like Nancy and the Dems with the Bush Neo-con gang of corrupt dirty old men! Or have we again met the New Bosses, Same as the Old Bosses just different Masks? This is the question the American people need to ask especially with such a deep, penetrating informational Mercury Transit - Scorpio is the sign of thee consumate detective.

In this astro analysis: it is necessary to also look at the position of Nancy's natal Hera is 00 Taurus 00 closely conjunct her Saturn at 00 Taurus 44 adding even more powerful, slow steady energy toward this big day when transiting Hera was at 03 Taurus and Retrograde. She had a boost along with her other cadre who are still afraid to say END ALL WAR NOW AND TAKE BACK THE MILITARY BUDGET FOR PEACE TIME USE!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Part Two - Polls Open for Mid-Term Election - Who Set the Traps?

Inroduction: My last posted Jog-Blog was concerning the Full Moon known by Native Americans as the Beaver Moon dealing with setting traps to get furs for the winter.
Of course it was also a time when the beavers were busy also in preparation for the freezing cold approaching...

Polls opened in DC at 7:00AM and the Scorpionic Convergence of Mars (Ancient Ruler) near Sun-Venus-Mercury Retrograde! all near the Ascendant signaling even more hidden agendas. In other words even if the Demos regain the House and make a dent into the Senate, we still have the old guard in charge. Saturn in Leo high in Mid-Heaven represents the Elite Mgt. Team whether they are politico pawns of the special interests (polite for Illuminati).
Of course anytime Saturn approaches Regulus as it will siderally, the King is either on trial as was Saddam or those Nuremberg defandants back in 1946.
In today's case it is King George and his corrupt minions who will face the wrath of
Jupiter-Law and yes democracy with the people represented by Gemini Moon. By 6:11AM EST on November 8th the Dems will have won and will be bouncing off the walls just as Pluto opposes the Moon.

With Sun-Mars together in Scorpio, the War in Iraq and wars all over the world are the main reason voters will get out to the polls. Afterall the Nodes have shifted to more peaceful Pisces-Virgo in June 2006, it will just take a while for the population to make their demands known.

Ascendant for the Election Chart is 17 Scorpio 37 which corresponds to Sabian Symbol for 18 Scorpio: "After visiting the grave of her husband, a woman walks alone thru the autumnal woods and finds inspiration in the brightly colored leaves dancing all around her. "
This is a major clue that we all want to get out of this stifling situation and find a new more colorful vision of the future!

Mercury is Retrograde and is applying to a Quincunx to highly communicative Gemini Moon which will mean multiple adjustments to deal with more Voter Problems and Election Dirty Tricks. Is this enough to ensure a GOP victory - I don't think so!
Mercury will also be separating from a Neptune SQ which will help the more realistic flow of information but it will still be in orb for the continuing disinformation campaign's waste of dollars.

Bright Spot: Fixed Star Zeuben Elgenubi the Southern Scale of the constellation Libra's Scales is close to Sun - Solar Authority promising positive social reform with this election day.

Fixed Star Zeuben Elschemali the Northern Scale is rising with the Sun to bring Negative Social Reform (never the less we will see reform on a large scale).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full Beaver Moon or Frosty Orb - Who Sets the Traps? Part One

It has been an intense buildup to this November's Full Moon known as the Beaver Moon by Native Americans of the northern and eastern United States. November was a time when traps were set before the lakes and swamps froze over. This was also interpreted by people of the Six Nations (one of the oldest participatory democracies on earth) also known by the French term, Iroquois Confederacy marked a time when beavers were actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon. Most importantly since Pluto (modern ruler of this season's Scorpio convergence) is now near the Galactic Center as it was in 1759 when the French Indian War began, we need to take considerable notice of the Iroquis Condfederacy and their influence on the foundation of the USA.
In the Introduction of the bood Forgotten Founders Bruce E. Johansen, writes,

By arguing that American Indians (principally the Iroquois) played a major role in shaping the ideas of Franklin (and thus, the American Revolution) I do not mean to demean or denigrate European influences. I mean not to subtract from the existing record, but to add an indigenous aspect, to show how America has been a creation of all its peoples.

The question we current citizens of the 21st Century must ask ourselves: Will this Full Moon US election on Nov. 7th be a trap for the Neo-Con, GOP elite or a time when we all must be busy as beaver preparing for a mighty cold winter. Are we ready to enter a winter season which could bring a "a cold to the bone" economy and poltical atmosphere for the next six years? Shouldn't we all be vigilant when constant Election Fraud and Tricks are can no longer mask over this debt denial society?

When you scroll down to today's Frosty Moon Chart set for DC, you will not that all those Scorpionic Planets fall in the mundane 12th putting a major spin on hidden agenda, behind the scenes manipulation, secret groups, secret government entities and the enemies within.

NOVEMBER SURPRISE! Will the real Saddam stand up?
If you look closely at the photo-composite, you will see four small inset photographs of President Hussein. In all of them you can clearly see his neat white even teeth, made possible in part by the fact that Iraq has [or had] more dental surgeons per head of population than any country in the world apart from Libya. This expert dental service was free to all Iraqis, and President Hussein's teeth were and are in pristine condition.'

Saddam's natal birth date is April 28, 1937 with Sun-Uranus conjunct at 7 and 9 degrees Taurus along with Mercury at 24 Taurus has been dealing with the Scorpion Convergence since October 23rd literally dooming any chances he had for life saving appeal. In fact Saddam's fate was sealed by those covert power brokers heading the project for the new american century back on March 2002, when transiting Pluto first conjuncted his point of destiny - N Node at 17 Sagittarius.

RELIGION AND STATE ARE FINALLY PARTED? Or is this just the decline of both?
The National Evangelical Association's president, Ted Arthur Haggard (born June 27, 1956), was forced to resign after it was disclosed (Scorpio reveals) that he paid a male escort to have sex with him, all the while preaching against the evils of homosexuality and gay marriage. Ted who is entirely too much of a megalomaniac with a natal Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28-26* Leo meeting the focus of our ongoing TSQ Saturn at 24* Leo (where the leaders seem like desperate children) SQ Jupiter at 25* Scorpio. Plus his own Venus at 27 Gemini is being hit by transiting Pluto exposing him as a typical hypocritical pervert.
Phony Ted Haggard ain't no Jimmy Swaggart whose repentant actions after being caught with a female prostitute brought tears to everyone - Jimmy boy had a close Grand Water Trine with Sun-Jupiter-Pluto that made all his congregation and believers highly sympathetic.

Well shouldn't this help the demos? Maybe but it has been recently disclosed that Karl Rove and other neo-cons in this administration think that the religious right is filled with idiots, suckers, and nut cases… even after these very same people have given the GOP millions of dollars in contributions and delivered massive votes.

Full Moon Chart Set for Washington DC at 7:59AM EST


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lunar Eclipse Sept 7 and The Escherichia coli Outbreak Keeps on Giving

E. coli Outbreak as Fall Eclipse Season Commences with Virgo Sun Eclipsed
Is the scare over?

Today October 8th, more headlines about disease ridden veggies greet us: New E. coli fears prompt recall of lettuce text from the San Jose Mercury. Already the hysterics are beginning anew as The lettuce recall was announced just nine days after the government lifted an advisory against eating fresh bagged spinach, following an outbreak of E. coli contamination that has killed three people and sickened nearly 200 others nationwide. Obviously it is not the spinach or lettuce which is to blame for foodborne illness but the cleanliness associated with the packaging (Virgo is the first sign to come to mind).

By September 15th, the number of cases of a virulent strain of E. coli linked to fresh prepackaged spinach grew to at least 94 in 20 states. And it was organic produce to blame or was it?
As we dig deeper into causes including the health and safety practice of workers we find that in the most recent outbreak with lettuce, the he grower, the Salinas-based Nunes Co. said his company's tests showed the problem water came from a reservoir that served as a "secondary source" of irrigation water, meaning it is not used all the time. But he said it's not clear how the reservoir became contaminated. So now it is the WATER so we must taken into consideration, the other end of the axis to Virgo-Pisces to be exact.

Today October 8, 2006, we may know the origin of this epidemic in legal and scientific terms but those of us who follow astrological changes look toward the nodes for large changes and trends. On June 22, the Dragon's tail (South Node) entered Virgo while the voracious Dragon's head (North Node) point of future destiny, new horizons made an entrance into Pisces sign of the two fish.
Eclipse and the Nodes Marking Our World
On September 7th the world experienced a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 15Virgo - 15Pisces
At this time the Moon was conjunct Uranus and applying toward a meeting with North Node. Here we have a Piscean Node that always represents Hospitals-Institutions and in the 4th House of family, food, nurturing the Uranian surprise is headed for our own kitchens. Just as the N Node in Pisces tells us the we must use our imagination in healing those confined in hospitals-institutions, the South Node talks of the South Node behavior has been overdone with bad habits.
William Lilly the great 17th century Astrologer assigned each sign it's own set of diseases in a book called Christian Astrology - from chapter XVI and page 95 on The Nature, Description, and Diseases signified by Virgo.
DISEASES. The Worms, Winde, Choslicke, all Obstructions in the bowels and miseraicks, croking of the Guts, infirmenesse in the Stones, and disease in the belly.

Escherichia coli or E. coli, discovered by Theodor Escherich, a German pediatrician and bacteriologist, is one of the main species of bacteria that live in the lower intestines of mammals, known as gut flora.
Mercury ruler of Virgo rightly exalted but ready to crash into South Node which already has been locked in a SQ to Pluto in Sagittarius moving direct since August 31 and ready to wreak destruction onto society.

The Eclipse chart has Venus-Sun-Mercury all applying to a meetup with that nasty Dragon's Tail in Virgo which can be overly critcal and quite literally Gut Wrenching.
From the eclipse familiy Saros Series 8 South which is known for:" Separation and loss. To be parted...Physical injury is possible through over-straining one's strength."
Chart is set for Salinas where the Natural Selection company grew the tainted spinach

Spinach is a plant which corresponds to the planet Saturn per William Lilly in Chapter VII: Of Saturn, his signification, nature and property. Now for those who are not aware that the Second Major Oppositon between Saturn-Neptune occured on August 31st and will help dissolve our precious need for secure structures. In the above eclipse chart, the ringed planet and old man Saturn is moving direct in the 9th house of foreign borders, travel far and wide - Epidemic proporations opposing Neptune or hysterics in the sign of the people Aquarius now retrograde in the third house of communications. Lest we forget Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces accounting for the decline of oil prices with the Jupiter in Scorpio Square getting into the act.
Yes Pisces ancient ruler, Scorpio sits right on the mid-heaven of the Sept. 7th Eclipse chart. The public is going to hear lots more about E. coli and diseases like Botulism which was recently generated by carrot juice.
In fact one day after this article on October 9th: 3 More People Infected With Botulism After Drinking Carrot Juice With the last two eclipses emphasizing the energy of the sign Virgo and generating energy around the nodes, we should expect crisis and danger in the area of health. The September 22nd Solar Eclipse had both Sun-Moon at critical 29th Degree along with Virgo applying toward conjunction with Dragon's Tail.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Aries Full Moon Face to Face Revelations

This lunation taking place the evening of Oct. 6th in the US has accusers facing the accused and victims facing their perpetrators. Nothing will be held back.
Already the Aries-Libra, I and you, partnership and partner dynamic is blowing up on the morning of the Full Moon.
(2)Jack Straw, leader of the lower house of parliament is asking Muslim women in the UK to take off their veils so he can face them. Jack says: the veil is "a visible statement of separation and difference". Symbolic or as I have said Astrological events reflect deeper causual forces from many dimensions and cannot be explained away by trivial media stories.
(2) From the violence in Iraq rivaling the My Lai massacres of Viet Nam, we have Petty Officer 3rd Class Melson J. Bacos, 21, admittng that he saw two Marines fire at least 10 rounds into 52-year-old Hashim Ibrahim Awad. We are not just talking about the Libra legal compromise here since Venus-Sun-Mars all in the sign of the scales is located in the 4th house of chart set for DC opposing Aries always the pioneer. Yes Bacos is in exchange for immunity and dropping the murder charge, testifies against seven Marines - the accused and perpetrators of this horrible action.
(3)Marriage is distinctly connected to Libra and ruler Venus. So today we find that Gay marriage advocates vowed to appeal a state appeals court ruling upholding California's ban on same-sex weddings Since the entrance of Jupiter in Libra then into Scorpio, we have see the battle over same sex marriage escalating. The momentum will not be curtailed by more laws.

Initiation from Lunar Regions
On 11:13PM EDT on October 6th the US receives an initiation into ancient wisdom as Aries moon at 13 43' From the deeper meanings of the Sabians we can visualize a T
emple of Wisdom, whose four entrances are bordered by columns in the shape of intertwined serpents. Inside a man and a woman face each other and exchange gifts.
(from Martin Goldsmith) The drums have been beating since the country fell under the spell of the wicked Neo-con blackest of black wizards. Now the people are using the occult knowledge and are ready to shake things up.

Libra Sun Eclipsed and the Lazy Attitude Disappears
On the solar side we have Libra corresponding to the 14th degree and in Sabian terms:
A man wrapped in a serape takes a siesta on a hammock and dreams pleasant
dreams.(from Martin Goldsmith) In this case we can no longer tune out the unpleasant, aweful truth of Global Warming and empire building yet we respect the need to unwind.

Chart Set for Washington DC at 11:13PM EDT for October 6, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Woodward with Fame and His Own Agenda in a State of Denial

Bob Woodward is no stranger to fame, fortune and massive buzz. His most dignified planets are Venus, Jupiter and the Sun adding money, power and influence to his literary répertoire. With Neptune rising at 00 Libra, what a supply of drama can be offered by Woodward to the world stage. It certainly seems like his new book, State of Denial, has the public audience enthralled: out for only a few days and it's already a best seller at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles online.

Unfortunately it should be said that the Amercian public better wake up now that the 60 minutes piece has been aired:
Bob, the consummate insider and part-time assassin whose real job is not to maintain an "informed public" or preserve the free flow of information, but to use the privately-owned media in a way that serves the exclusive interests of the ruling elite.
as taken from op ed. off

Comparisons to Watergate pale before the four horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hold the curtain folks, 2006 with Bush-Cheney is not Watergate. We are in a much more dangerous, darker tragedy then 1973 and the Watergate years. The Bush takeover, war years and subsequent scandals make Nixon and his cronies seem like light hearted comedians. Back on November 18, 2005, I talked of how Woodward's secretive ways coincided with a Full Moon last year seemed like the latest Harry Potter adventure. I predicted the excess of secrets that would be spilling forth as Jupiter's cycle in Scorpio reveals hidden agenda's of the Neo-con white house.

Robert Ushur Woodward has the cabinet in defensive posture and GWB's running mate and fellow Skull and Bones member, John Kerry drooling. "With the new facts we now have available, I think Americans are going to be realizing that this is the Katrina of foreign policy," Kerry said. Despite his journalistic past, we shoul not forget where Woodward came from as a member of Yale's Book and Snake Society like the former CIA Director Porter Johnston Goss. Lest you forget, since Jupiter stationed direct on July 6th, many dirty secrets in high places are escalating a war between vertiable occult groups on the Beltway.

Transits add glamour to Woodward's communication style featuring a receptive opposition from debilitated Mercury in Pisces and it's modern ruler Neptune of smoking mirrors. If we look below at current transits for 9-30-2006 we see Venus entering Libra to meet his planet of great illusion Neptune. Plus Sun and Mars have crossed his first fot focus even more attention and energy on his book.
Both Jupiter and Saturn as the move toward another transiting SQ are pushing Woodward's fated point of destingy a Yod. As I wrote last November: When we analyse the Yod in his natal signature: Node/Chiron @ 23 Leo, Juno @ 21Cap and Pallas @ 20 Pisces one may wonder if Mr. Robert Ushur Woodward is swimming around with Lord Voldemort or worse? N Node in the 11th tends to make Robert overly attached to the drama and romance of being unique and can be willful and focused on self-serving needs. Of course in Leo, he may tend to rely on his peers in the Beltway community at the expense of his own individuality. A dangerous situation indeed since the illuminati controllers are ready to move Bush-Cheney out to bring in the next step of New World Order.

Sept. 30, 2006 Transits Surround Woodward's Natal Chart

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What Do the Planets Say About East Timor Today?

Until the philosophy which hold one race
Superior and another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
Everywhere is war, me say war

War in the east, war in the west
War up north, war down south
War, war, rumours of war
Lyrics by BOB MARLEY

Seems like everywhere we turn a new conflict is breaking out in places that used to be only a geography lesson for the average western citizen. Daily we hear of fighting and genocide in places like Darfor, Nepal, Basra, Iraq, southern Afghanistan, Sri Lanka with the Tamil Tigers and now a military rebellion in East Timor. What's up? By now we all should now that Jupiter in Scorpio ruled by Mars the aggressive ancient ruler portends more destruction, death and ultimately regeneration but that can't be the whole story. Perhaps it is that North Node in
the most impulsive and militant sign Aries since May 2003 that accounts for these continual wars?

Getting some perspective in case you don't know anything about East Timor - East Timor, officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, is an independent country located in Southeast Asia above the great continent of OZ (Australia). The name Timor is derived from timur, the Indonesian word for 'east', which became Timor in Portuguese. East Timor was colonized by Portugal in the 16th century, was known as Portuguese Timor for centuries. It was invaded by Indonesia in 1975, which occupied it until 1999. Following the UN-sponsored act of self-determination that year, Indonesia relinquished control of the territory, which achieved full independence on May 19, 2002 - according to Nicolas Campion's Bood of World Horoscopes. Note that Wikipedia lists May 20th - I tend to believe Nick Campion.

If we step back and examine the chart set for East Timor's independence after a long protracted guerilla war with Indonesia, we see tremendous amount of unstability and change with Mercury,Saturn, N Node, Mars and Venus all in Gemini in the 4th house of the nation's soul. Yes all these planets are ruled by the winged messenger Mercury and didn't Mercury just change signs on May 19th moving into dualistic Gemini?
Again this is just part of the story since Uranus has been transiting by SQ to Mercury and now Saturn adding to unexpected actions on the homefront. Jupiter in natal Scorpio in the 9th is increased by a Jupiter transit adding more and more foreign troops from Australia and New Zealand

This skirmish over military deserters is the beginning of a long struggle in East Timor as West meets in this island nation.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hindsight Conversation: Major Aspects for the Taurus New Moon

Of the four fixed signs, Taurus the Bull is considered the sign most connected to $ and his ruling planet Venus is not only linked to pleasure of the senses but to currency. Few would argue that the sign Taurus at times the most materialistic, possesive, decadent and the most prone to being attached to ownership. On thursday May 27th we began a new moon in Taurus where the lunation and the subsequent solar transits create a powerful venue for this sometimes lazy and often times productive stubborn attitude.
Thursday's lunation gifted us with combo of Major Aspects some Positive and Others Difficult and another not so often seen.
tight Yod - with the fingers of destiny pointing at the Apex an Ascendant @ 17*Virgo with Mercury @ 16* Aries and Neptune@ 19* Aquarius - the media colors communications around active fantasy with discrimation (represented by Virgo) offering the way to truth.
(2)Three TSQ to raise the planetary challenges to an even higher dimension:
Jupiter opp Chiron TSQ Sun and Moon (challenge to accept and integrate the expanding wounds of the previously invisible immegrant community)
Uranus opp ASC TSQ MC (15*Gemini) The high price we are all paying for oil to have a career.
Chiron opp Saturn TSQ Sun and Moon Here the challenge of the disenfranchised and oppressed human community to have all the advantages of everyone else.
A Grand Trine is always the hallmark of creative energy in action.
Our Grand Water Trine is no exception with Mars in Cancer applying toward closest point of the trine with Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces on May 7th
Water Grand Trines seem to be the most intense, sensitive, feeling and if not caught in the depths of hysteria and emotionalism can help heal and nurture.
The thing about Grand Trines is that they are easy and flow toward our comfort zones - yes we can be creative in a sort of uncconcious manner not really grabbing our full mantle of destiny and making that extra effort to move forward.
The Kite Formation Disregard the planets represented in this template.

Well along comes a Taurus Sun/Moon to add to that Grand Trine and create a Kite Formation. In this our lunation becomes the 4th planet or point in Opposition (180 degrees) Jupiter one of the triangle points and forms Sextile aspects (60 degrees) to Mars and Uranus (which can open the door to acts of courage and foolish accidents). This formation looks visually like a kite (hence its name). The stress of the Opposition aspect may increase the likelihood of the Grand Trine being utilized (not just taken for granted). Ain't that a kick, all that leisurely slow, scented candle sensuous Taurus energy is just enough to get the big Huelga, Strike, No Shop Day or whatever it is being called grounded into physicallity. Or could we also be seeing the duality of major defensiveness and stress about the Grand Water Trine energy?
On May 1st with Moon in tribal, sensitive Cancer, the $ machine called commerce and consumerism will have a pause just as the last new moon in Aries pushed everything to the forefront this lunation in Taurus will create a pause, a stop, taking some time out to smell the roses.

Chart for the New Moon set for May 27, 2006Click to enlarge

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ahmadinejad Goes Over the Top Again: This Time the Price of Oil

As the price of crude oil continues to make new highs soaring on the "blow off" aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus which will be exact on May 4th, stories about petroleum or Texas Tea become ubiquitous. In fact one day after Venus and Uranus met in Pisces, the sign ruling oil, oceans and the downtrodden masses the intense, master of hyperbole President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that oil is under valued even at $72 + a barrel!
With Jupiter transiting his Sun and Neptune making for sometimes deluded announcements, Mahmoud has been a fixture in world news. As an Islamic Fundamentalist who has received the approval of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has been flexing his muscles on the international scence to the point of reckless threats. Astrologically transits like Uranus moving close to his Mars at 15Pisces. have been activating his natal Mars (traditional ruler of his Sun in Scorpio)for some unexpected moves around the commodity oil. Previously transiting Mars in Gemini made an exact opposition to Pluto @ 26 Sagittarius forming a T-SQ to his natal Jupiter/Venus conjunction in mutable Virgo on April 10th igniting Mahmoud's ability to be highly critical in his US bashing. With Pluto's continued retro. motion, this highly self-indulgent JU/VE energy becomes a criticism machine.
Maverick Chiron in his chart is closely opposed Uranus in Leo, setting him up for gradiose gestures that mask his own personal wounds dealing with past groups and associations. Soon on May 25th, an exact opposition to his natal Chiron will incite a time for him to to let go of emotional patterns which have prevented him from expressing his true self. What is that true self? Does it include the fact that Mr. President has the most evil star in the sky, Algol setting and in paran with his Jupiter as it culminates: An obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual A delineation of the upcoming Chiron opposition speaks of a painful and emotional process for Mahmoud. As a result, his particular sensitivity is rampant. "It is possible that an event or person could upset your equilibrium causing grief." That sure is an understatment since this fanatic has a true believer's Saturn (authority) in Sagittarius SQ his need for power - Pluto (his Contemporary ruler) @critical 0* Virgo. .
Oil Wars

Ahmadinejad Natal Chart

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Still Raining Still Dreaming of Sun in April 2006

If You Thought Aries Sun/Moon Meant Sun...
you were foiled again by the Uranus-Mercury conjunction in Pisces with the latest Mercury station on March 25, 2006. For those of us in the South Bay as in San Jose and Silicon Valley, the sun has vanished like shadows before the rain.
The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries didn't bring sunshine with the New Moon on March 29th only more precipitous.
After writing a long article about the Solar Eclipse coinciding with a Pluto Station at the Galactic Center, I began to dig into Astrometerology again. It is well known that eclipses correspond to powerful weather events but so do stations of planets whether direct or retrograde. It stands to reason that Pluto which always increases the intensity of whatever configuration exists would in the very least increase wind velocity. Well we got a double whammy when Mars continued to be in orb of a trine with rain producing Neptune on last Wednesday's eclipse and began moving toward an exact opposition to Pluto on April 11th.
Mars in Negative Aspect to Pluto - Windy storms all season.
Well with the reports that began to surface like: Possible Tornado Causes Damage In Merced County on Tuesday - March 30th this was not just your ordinary wind storm season.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Is it Spring? or Have we Entered a New Dimension? Astrometerological Study

Lunar Eclipse Weather Pattern In Effect - Delayed Spring
Since the last full moon on 3-14-06, which incidentally was penumbral lunar eclipse, our weather conditions have been extreme. Today the first day of spring or the Aries Ingress, which incidentally is used to predict weather via Astrometerology brought thundershowers, torrential downpours and cold temperatures to the SF Bay Area where I live. Sunrise at 6:13AM with the last day of a waning deciminating moon seemed to indicate another sunny day like yesterday - not so. We here in the bay area having been literally swamped by rain this month, were skeptical and rightly so. By the time the Vernal Equinox begain at 10:26AM the rain was coming down in hard drops. Even the Galcactic energy is extreme with Pluto @ 26* 44' Sagittarius on the galactic plane/ecliptic. It appears that we are still in the grips of the extremes of the Lunar Eclipse with Chart Below.
Eclipse chart has
Sun SQ Pluto: atmospheric disturbances
Jupiter/Scorpio at IC : intensifys the potential for rain, flooding
Jupiter SQ Neptune: heavy precipation with flash flood potential
Mars SQ Uranus: descending cold air, wind and storms plus tornados when in season
Mars in Gemini at + 24*27' declination for more wind
Mercury SQ Mars: windy with gusts, sudden changes, thunderstorms
Venus Opp Saturn: cooler temperatures with VE in Aqua, heavy precipitation, counterclockwise air flow, reain turning to sleet or snow
Chart Below Set for Lunar Eclipse on March 14, 2006

Aries Ingres - More Intensity and Extremes
Today, March 20th, it wasn't just Northern and Central California that got cold winds, precipitation and inclement weather, just check the Midwest from South Dakota to Nebraska. A quick update has 25 inches of snow reported in central Nebraska, parts of South Dakota had up to 18 inches, northeast Colorado had at least a foot, northwest Kansas had up to 10 inches and parts of the Oklahoma Panhandle got half a foot. It doesn't appear that anything like a traditional spring has arrived.
Storm will move east since Jupiter in Scorpio positioned on cusp of 5th and 6th moving counterclockwise toward Ascendant representing eastern horizon. Plus Saturn in 2nd hits ASC causing extended storm periods.

When we examine the Aries Ingress Chart set for San Francisco, we would expect the Grand Fire Trine to mean dry, warmer weather but...
Mercury is stationing to turn direct on March 25th and in Pisces for precipitation
(the effect of stationing Mercury, Venus or Mars is negative whether direct or retrograde - expect heavy rains on 3-25/26.
Mercury applying toward close meeting with Uranus: always means sudden changes, major storms, erratic northwesterly wind gusts, descending cold air..and with hard aspect to Mars (in Gemini) gale force winds.
Mercury SQ Mars still in effect
Mars Quincunx Jupiter: storms all seasons
Pluto still in orb to SQ Sun for major atmospheric distrubances across the country - being near the Galactic Center also takes a toll.
Neptune and Pluto parallel declination at -15* - adds to ascending air currents, storms build in power.
Next I will examine the effect of the Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon Lunation) for 3-29-2006.
Chart for Aries Ingress - Vernal Equinox

Thursday, March 16, 2006

3rd Anniversary of the Iraq War - Expanding the Debt/Death Limit

As we move close to the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, even experienced military experts like Lt. Gen. William E. Odom are calling it "the greatest strategic disaster in American history." With a new $92 billion war funding bill destined to breeze thru the House, the financial cost of the Iraq war to over $400 billion. The cost in human life is incalculable and with the planet of death and massive transformation, Pluto in exact Square to the Sun (vitality and purpose) tomorrow realization will finally
began to set in deeply.

Today, 3-16 was the second pass of a Jupiter in waning square to Neptune @ 18*39' of Scorpio and Aquarius. Not only does this aspect correlate to large amounts of rainfall and floods in different parts of the world but also signifies an irrational enthusiasm - a false optimism. Neptune has been called the planet of hysteria just as Jupiter links to euphoria and expansion.
In the sign Scorpio dealing with annihilation and transformation, Jupiter has increased the debt load for the US. Today we find out that the Senate voted Thursday to let the federal government add another $781 billion in debt to the nation's balance sheet. Borrowing limit is now close to $9 trillion.
Sabian Symbol for 19Scorpio = "An imp with curly hair and short horns holds up a magic mirror that mercilessly critical reflection of his morally squalid surroundings." Reflections of moral and social hypocrisy along with a parodies of a lifeless culture which has traded their soul for consumer goods is evident. Off the cliff we continue to sink into a deep, dark cavern.
Drama Unfolds a Tragedy - Pluto in Galactic Center
I have mentioned a few times before that Pluto, lord of death, enters the Galactic Center this month towards a station retrograde on March 29th Solar Eclipse marks the turning point. Many will perish around the world. We have all become the trancelike audience enumerated by the Sabian Symbol for 19* Neptune in Aquarius: "A rapt audience watches, as a great actor, rehearses the final scene of Macbeth. There is no set the audience can clearly visualize the burning castles in the background." Now is the time to use our imagination to undo the destructive passions and power lust inherent in a few over confident madmen who would rather devastate the world for sake of their beliefs.

View Progressed Chart for Iraq War Commencement to US Chart
As we look at the chart progressed for March 19, 2006 in comparison with the US Sibley chart, we see a Pluto-Saturn opposition on the 1st/7th house axis. Our physical condition as a nation has been heavily restricted by the alliances made in the middle east mainly Iraq. Looking closer it becomes apparent that with Mars, Chiron and Neptune transiting the 2nd house of supply and demand and GNP - our commerce and the debt we owe has been attacked, wounded and we are living in a world of illusion (Neptune). Sun and Mercury have progressed into militant Aries from
Pisces when the war started. Both our national identity (Sun) and means of communication-media (Mercury) are lost in the violent impulse to wage war merging with our living conditions (4th). By the end of May both Sun-Mercury will have conjuncted the N Node in Aries as Bush today reiterated the strike-first policy or the doctrine of preemption Highly aggressive! Highly Insane!

View Bi-Wheel Below - Click to Enlarge

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Just Like Evo on Rice - Coca Charango Plays on an AstroAnalysis

Despite all the jokes about Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice being the Wicked Witch of the East which are probably true, Condi is having an expansive year travelling extensively as transiting Jupiter in Scorpio has been crossing her 9th house of foreign relations. Today she met with Bolivian President Evo Morales, the first indigenous leader of Boliva and many were wondering if Evo would be the Munchkins, or the "little people." Most journalists expected tensions to destroy the first meeting of these two intense, competetive Scorpios from opposite ends of the political spectrum, Condi born 11-14-1954 at 11:30 AM in Birmingham, AL and Evo on 10-26-1959 but in Oruro, Boliva (no time given). Actually this was more of meeting of the minds then anyone could realize with an interesting mutual reception of ego identity with mental pursuits. Evo's generous attitude was also an expression of his strong beliefs and Morales had actually handed Rice a gift symbolic of the tensions between his tiny landlocked nation and the United States - a stringed charango with lacquered Coca leaves - Play On! Evo's generous attitude of Jupiter in Sagittarius is focused on practical, sustainable power for Bolivia with a SQ to ruling planet Pluto at 5 Virgo.
Similarities with a Mutual Reception of Sorts

  • Close Contacts:Evo Sun@2 Scorpio sits right on Condi's Mercury in Scorpio - She is willing to listen to his plight as an indigenous leader. Evo's Mercury @ 24 Scorpio is less then 3* orb from Condi's Sun. Perhaps Evo will sense her own childhood pain caused by racial segregation. Whether or not she will awaken to a new sense of humanity via their meeting is questionable but the possiblility is there.
  • Evo has gotten a substantial career boost from Jupiter transiting in Scorpio. With Evo's Jupiter in Sagittarius Dignified by Sign, since his victory on Dec. 22nd 2005, he has been on a whirlwind tour of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Yes for two weeks, Morales visited several countries in search of political and economic support for his agenda for the transformation of Bolivia. Condi's natal Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but at critical 29 degree
  • Condi like Evo, has been on a promotional sojurn attempting to gain support of the NeoCon agenda with stopovers in Israel, Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Syria and Russia and will finish up her visit with Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
    Yet it was Condi who came to see Evo, since Mr. Morales has broken with tradition and decided not to visit the USA like all preceding presidents.
  • They were both musicians back in the day: Evo worked as a musician, playing the trumpet for a band. At age 15, Rice studied to become a concertpianist. Her plans changed when she noticed that she did not play well enough for an international career. With Evo music is second nature having Mars conjunct Neptune. With Condi, Venus ruler of her home life with Taurus on 4th house is conjunct the Sun pushing the need for the ego to shine. Perhaps it will be music (with Piscean transits) that help resolve tensions between Bolivia and the Imperialistic North.

  • His ruler Mars also dignified @3Scorpio a forceful catalyst to Condi's mental prowess only 56' away. Even though Condoleeza is fluent in Russian, French, German and Spanish, that doesn't mean she will be able to deal with the passion and power of Mars in Scorpio also in conflict to her own belief system (Jupiter just 04'from Leo).

Of course there is much more to say about compatibility of these two powerful leaders as South America continues to exhibit an amazing transformation and the US enters a downward cycle and South America is rising up economically.