Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mars Burns with Fire and Water as Dimensions Tip Over

Meltdowns and mayhem on all levels are are about to get super-charged as Mars enters Sagittarius @ 11:48 PM PDT on Oct. 27th and 2:48 AM EDT on Oct. 28th.
This fiery horse will be hard to stop and with the Scorpio stellium leading the way into Halloween or is it Samhain - the Celtic Festival and Midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Nars the ruler of the two Aries Full Moons will continue to be driver
for the crazy anamolies to follow as we head toward the next Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 6th. Already Debt, deficits, foreclosures along with fraud that won't quit
are in the news since October 12th. Bank of America, JPMorgan Get Texas Subpoenas on Foreclosures - In astrology Banks are connected to Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is retro. in Pisces still in orb of Uranus and Venus is under sadness retrograde in Scorpio at its fall. Fraud of course relates to Neptune-Pisces and the 12th house. Mars still VOC in Scorpio is in orb of a potent square with Neptune and Chiron..
On the last Full Moon set for DC.
Neptune representing - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
was Setting when Fomalhaut was Setting orb 00 mins 26 secs -
Ideals and dreams fall into despair - despair for the Tea Party candidates and the democrats who have become demagogues? Yes for the people of Haiit
who have been manipulateed by the Illuminati agenda.
Setting when Algol was Culminating orb 00 mins 47 secs -
Fatal accidents, loss of life - Curtailed passage - We have seen our
share from the accident in Hungary to the abuse in Iraq
Rising when Aldebaran is On Nadir orb 01 mins 12 secs -
Natural disasters - we are starting to see some of the worst heading
toward Nov. 7th and the start of the 7th. Day of the Galactic Underworld.
On Nadir when Vega is Rising orb 01 mins 40 secs -
Propaganda, the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position

Notice in the chart below set for the Mars ingress in DC. we see a Grand Cardinal Cross grow into a
massive four sided energy spin. Moon near S Node in familial, house oriented Cancer
opposing the political and controlling trio of Capricorn bodies: Pluto (the destoryer/transforming agent) S. Node and Ceres. Saturn now in Libra is crossing them with an opposition to Astraea (goddess of justice) now in fiery Aries. Astraea is also in conjunction withe fixed star Alpheratz (the Heliacal Setting Star of the last Full Moon
on Oct. 22nd.) Alpheratz, is a double star, magnitudes, 2.2 and 11, white and purplish in Andromeda (in the Chained Woman's head) Note that Alpheratz is common to both constellations Andromeda and Pegasus. So the connection to Pegasus is strong and Pegasus (Algenib)forms the eastern side of the Great Square of Pegasus (The Great Square of Pegasus marked by this star Alpheratz, Andromeda, and Markab, Scheat, and Algenib,
Pegasus the flying horse carries the thunderbolts of Zeus. Pegasus, also called Sonipes, 'Noisy-footed', "becoming the Thundering Horse of Jove that carried the divine lightning"

How it Will Happen: Earthquakes, Strangelets and Black Holes.
Heading toward the New Moon Tipping Point Event as Cliff High of Web bots says:
The planned ‘fire off’ of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on November 9th has sparked a flurry of concern globally that ‘strangelets’ could be produced. Not only those in the wo-jo are expressing fear language about this latest LJC threat. Many thinking humans on the planet are into deep 'HMMMMMMMM!' mode as the officialdom minions announce the LHC latest 'torch date'.

Whether or not the mainstream media wants to cover it, we in the midst of intense earthquake, volcanic and weather catastrophes. Monday's massive 7.7 Magnitude quake with multiple aftershocks in the KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA was a warning. The Tsunami that followed was devastating as was the eruption of Mt. Merapi.
Looking ahead we see that CERN's Large Hadron Collider
he creation of strange liquid, already produced in the first experiments, (Kaons at the LHC, hyperons at RHIC) could also provoke explosions in the magma. If stable, it will leak in increasing quantities to the center of the Earth. Some of it will remain in the center, forming the seed of a strangelet. Some will accrete and/or explode in the mantle, in highly energetic, tiny bombs.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chaos and Convergence Thrive during the Aries Full Moon Part Two

Since the last Libra New Moon on Oct. 7th. a effort to balance and unbalance aeons of injustice, anger compounded by austerities with Pluto in hard angles is leading to tipping point...
Mars and Venus have been in the sign of death, deficits, taxes, sex and total transformation Scorpio. Yesterday, October 20th, Mercury representing our mindset made an ingress into Scorpio.
Speaking of death we see this horrendous story out of the poorest nation in the West Indies: Haiti says 138 dead in suspected cholera outbreak.
Oct 21 (Reuters) - Nearly 140 people have died in central Haiti in an outbreak of severe diarrhea that Haitian health officials suspect is cholera, the government and U.N. officials said on Thursday.

The story of the French challenging and reacting to authorities has hit every news outlet
with stories like: French rioters rage through Paris suburb. PARIS - Rioters are rampaging through a Paris suburb, breaking shop windows and hurling stones at police.
Looking at the BiWheel Chart below we see the inner chart set for the start of the Fifth
Republic which came into existence on Oct. 5, 1958 @ 0:00 AM when the constitution was published. Notice how tomorrow's Full Moon around the outer wheel gathers Libran energies
around the 5th house or folklore of the nation. The chart for the 5th Republic has the Moon @ 28 degrees Gemini in a close square to Uranus-Jupiter in Pisces (representing populist protests and uprisings).
A Video of Clashes in Lyon Over French Pensions demonstrates how protesters are showing their anger with Saturn like restrictions. The wave of protests — which drew at least one million people on Tuesday or 3.5 million according to unions — has become the biggest and most persistent challenge to austerity measures and economic reforms being enacted across Europe.

Below is a chart set for the Full Moon in San Francisco for 6:37 PM PDT
Taurus rising @ 6 Taurus 21 minutes - The Sabian for 7 degrees Taurus = "A woman of Samaria come to draw water from the well. " will relief come from the spiritual waters?
With fixed earth Taurus rising and Moon in last degree of Aries near the ascendant
all opposing Sun-Mercury-Vesta and Venus in the 7th the tectonic plates are just part
of this shifting geo-cosmic arena.
6.9 Earthquake Hits Gulf of California, Northern Mexico The USGS lowered the magnitude to 6.7 but the aftershocks are
still hitting.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn- spies and detectives running down hallways
loaded with security. Secret and covert agendas threaten privacy.
Every email and website to be stored
Every email, phone call and website visit is to be recorded and stored after the Coalition Government revived controversial Big Brother snooping plans.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aries Full Moon - The Climax Part One

The second Full Moon in Aries in less than 30 days occurs on Friday October 22nd. The first Moon of primal, cardinal first happened on Sept. 23rd.
for a Super Harvest Moon correlating with an opposition to the Fall Equinox Sun and Saturn in Libra. Court rulings and legal disputes (per Libra transits) have dominated since then from the striking down of the Don't Ask Don't Tell ruling. Judge Refuses to Suspend Ruling Barring 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' This ruling deals with the entrance of young men and womens into the military (an Aries phenomena) while the Gay issue reflects with current Jupiter-Uranus transits in Pisces both being retrograde and trine Mars now in Scorpio.

Looking at the chart below set for Washington DC @ 9:37 PM EDT
Gemini is rising @ the 29th or Anaretic Degree aka the Karmic Degree and the ruler Mercury
is newly arrived in Scorpio. In fact the Moon also in the 29th degree is opposing Mercury
still in orb of the Libra Sun. While another pair: Saturn-Hygeia opposes Astraea the Goddess of Justice now retrograde in cardinal Aries.


Full Moon Super Typhoon Megi
This Full Moon even has it's own storm - a super Typhoon called Megi. The name "Megi" means "catfish" in the Korean language. This is the first typhoon of 2010 in the Pacific Basin to achieve "Super Typhoon" status, and the first in the Western Pacific since Nida in 2009...The news today is that Typhoon Megi regains strength as it targets South China. After killing at least 10 people in the Philippines was regaining its strength from the warm waters of the South China Sea on Wednesday and heading for the China coast east of Hong Kong. Megi was first spotted on Oct. 13th around the time of the First Qtr. Moon when the Cappy Moon met Pluto-N Node and Ceres all in TSQ to S Node in Cancer and Saturn-Mercury-Sun all in Libra.

From the New Madrid to the Gulf of California Rift Zone - Seismic Shifts into the Full Moon
This Full Moon will have it's own Earthquake Swarms and major tremors too.
A Chart set for the West Coast has Taurus rising with the Moon near the Ascendant
On Oct. 11, 2010: There is no question that this increase in quakes has the New Madrid and other faults waking up outside of Guy, Arkansas
Updated: 48 earthquakes rock Faulkner County
Happening now on Tuesday October 19th. a series of strong quakes are hitting the
Gulf of California as we view a Map Centered at 27°N, 110°W
Rumbling along the The Guaymas Fault which is a major right lateral-moving transform fault which runs along the seabed of the Gulf of California. It is an integral part of the Gulf of California Rift Zone, the northern extremity of the East Pacific Rise. Gulf of California Rift Zone (GCRZ)extends some 1300 km from the mouth of the Gulf of California to the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault at the Salton Sink.
MAP 4.2 2010/10/20 05:51:22 24.353 -109.110 10.7 122 km ( 76 mi) E of La Paz, Mexico
MAP 4.7 2010/10/20 04:30:38 24.282 -109.266 10.0 106 km ( 66 mi) E of La Paz, Mexico
MAP 5.5 2010/10/20 04:15:37 24.532 -109.104 10.0 128 km ( 79 mi) ENE of La Paz, Mexico
MAP 5.7 2010/10/20 04:09:44 24.612 -109.061 14.4 122 km ( 76 mi) SSW of Guasave, Mexico
MAP 4.7 2010/10/20 03:39:29 24.764 -108.864 8.1 98 km ( 61 mi) SSW of Guasave, Mexico

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Crescent Moon, a Rescue and a Cardinal Cross

It has been a wild and risky day for some as we approach a critical First Qtr. Moon on Oct. 14th. Moon was in Sagittarius with emotional squares to Jupiter-Uranus traveling
strange Pisces. That Jupiter-Uranus combo in relationship to Sag. also brought major video feeds of the "media's dramatic" rescue of the miners trapped 2,300
For some people by the 14th. date, an alien force with huge mothers hips will be hovering
over all the major cities of earth "V" style. Or we might even have a humungous quake on the New Madrid fault. On the EQ front There were 48 earthquakes rocking Faulkner County
in Arkansas. Regarding UFO's the panic and fantasy buttons are being pushed
by major media arms with stories like this: UFO Sightings Over China: Chinese UFO over Mongolia a mystery (VIDEO)

One thing about tonight's well publicized rescue, even if it all appeared very real and gritty, it had been planned fora a while.
The pullout of the first miner to be rescued, Florencio Avalos, commenced on 12 October 2010 23:55 local time (02:55 UTC), the capsule reaching the surface at 00:11 local time (03:11 UTC).
Chart Below set for 00:11 AST +4.00
A Cardinal Cross - Cancer Rising-Cap. Descendant and Aries at MC. opposing Libra IC.
Yes Cancer rising (one of the signs not only associated with nurturing but also miners
with S Node of destiny close to the ascendant. Both ascendant and node were opposing
their ruler the Moon on the 7th cusp 29th. degree Sag. close to Ceres now in Capricorn.
So both Cancer-Capricorn along with Saturn-Pluto are associated with mines, miners, mining equipment. Saturn ruler of the 7th house cusp conjunct Hygeia the Greek goddess of health, daughter of Asclepius and found on the IC. In the chart below Saturn relates
to Pluto by square and to Capricorn.

The 2010 Copiapó mining accident was a mining accident that occurred on 5 August 2010, when the San José copper-gold mine, near Copiapó, Chile, collapsed, leaving 33 men trapped deep below ground. The collapse occurred on 5 August 2010, at 14:00 (local time) as reported by the owners, the Empresa Minera San Esteban mining company, to national authorities. Chart Below set for 2 PM AST + 4.00
With Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter the ruler in Aries conjunct Uranus also in this sign
of primal fire in the 4th. house relating to mines.
The accident occurred when there was a close opposition to Mars-Saturn in Libra and Venus at last degrees of Virgo (service)in the 10th house making this a public event representing balance and karma. This accident happened on a waning moon in 3rd. qtr. phase dealing with a crisis of conscience right before the Aug. 9th New Moon in Leo.
when Venus was exactly square Pluto in cardinal signs relating to manipulations, forced manuevers, compulsions and obsessions extremes in sexual relationships to name a few

Back to the other

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Libra New Moon Pt. One - Partners on Circular Paths of Change

There are so many elements to discuss with tomorrow's Libra new moon that it is best to stick to the basics first. Libra loves to please and loves to be a lover
having a partner.
Sweet charming, elegant a conversationalist who is his or her own personal social network.
Tomorrow's Moon-Sun are @ 14 degrees 23 minutes Libra with the Sabian Symbol: "Circular Paths" or "The hurdy gurdy man with a trained monkey in a red cap juggling three balls in the air." This is the same degree as Chevy Chase's Sun constantly balancing and multitasking
with agility and skill. This image has a light hearted note.
Libra, libra and more libra means social media where
New Facebook tools invite users to stay longer
Yeah the mutual reception between Neptune-Uranus has moved to a diffrent dimension with
Neptune now traveling with Chiron in Aquarius in reception to Jupiter-Uranus retr. traveling together in Pisces sign of cameras and video.

Of course with Mercury applying to a conjunction with Saturn (serious art and fashion) this is a time for serious, careful negotiations and patience. Authority figures are pulling strings while transportation is complicated to say the least.
Another factor of this whole relatedness theme is that Mars-Venus in super passionate but obsessive Scorpio are at the top of the chart fueling the energies of the 8th house where
Juno is sitting. Mars and Venus have been traveling together since Libra days and now in Scorpio, Sex takes the center stage along with death or even the two combine.
News of bullying others about their sexual orientation takes over while the horrible STD experimentations in Guatemala hit the MSM and are still creating reprocussions.
Of course with Mars-Venus in orb of a square to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius we are talking
about group wounds that need healing now.

Also Mars-Venus in Scorpio deal with personal power and athleticism and with trines to
Uranus-Jupiter can produce with rare sporting achievements.
Like tonight's no-hitter as Phillies' Roy Halladay Joins Larsen With Postseason No-Hitter

With Capricorn rising in the
Chart Set for DC @ 2:44 PM EDT in DC. politics will be damn serious since Saturn this chart's ruler is in the 9th like Mercury influences from foreign powers will predominate.

Pallas enters Sagittarius right before the New Moon @ 10:10:47 AM EDT
Expanding the power of the larger overview, big picture, clear imagery, universal principles and even spiritual crusades. Pallas in Sagittarius is about legend/myth to be renewed.
Tall tales of alien visitations and Comet's like Hartley entering our solar system
as omens relate to these energies.
As Jim Hendrix, who had Mercury-Sun in Sagittarius said: "You can't believe everything
you see and hear, can you?"
Per example the massive amounts of UFO sightings leading up to this lunation like the
sighting (Sagittarius - I see) in Inner Mongolia - the 8th reported UFO sighting in China since June.

Keep in mind that during this New Moon, the other ruler of Libra Juno also shifted from fixed Leo into more mutable Virgo and is square Pallas. So there is a conflict between the need for perfection and being overly critical with the desire for need to expand one's horizons. Juno is not just about the rleatedness principle, sex and power but about
the weather and storms. With both of these asteroids making an ingress into the mutable triplicity to TSQ the current transit of Jupiter-Uranus in wet Pisces expect some real
crazy storms.
Floods, Crazy Weather, Danger and More with Fixed Stars
Plus with Scheat as the Heliacal Setting Star over DC and Aldebaran rising with Neptune
the potential for danger & loss through floods storms shipwreck or drowning.
To make matters worse Algol is culminating as the Moon is Setting orb 01 mins 03 secs -
Plagued by personal tragedies, one's own, or other people's - Curtailed passage
Neptune is also Setting when Algol is Culminating orb 01 mins 48 secs -
Fatal accidents, loss of life - Curtailed passage
Scheat of course has been prominent with Jupiter-Uranus in the latter degrees of Pisces is found in the constellation Pegasus. Scheat is a deep yellow star on the leg of the Winged Horse. Scheat also deals with technological breakthroughs
At birth Pegasus sprang forth from the bloody neck of the Gorgon Medusa (Algol) when she was beheaded by the hero Perseus

Denebola is also culminating with Jupiter on the Nadir and can relate to danger when traveling overseas.