Saturday, July 23, 2005

Who is John Roberts Jr. and What About His Chiron Return?

Natal Chart Time Unkonwn using Solar Sign Houses

Even with GWB getting his way lately by appointing favorites like the abusive Bolton into high offices doesn't mean that Judge Roberts will be a shoe in for the Supreme Court.
The lawyer John Roberts who when named by Bush near the July new moon was relatively unknown by the general public. Nw by the August New Moon, Roberts is becoming lightening rod for debate and controversy.
Roberts has been involved in Bush family politics for a while is right at home in the middle of power plays with close Pluto/Mercury Opposition. Roberts advised Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during the 2000 election showdown in the capacity of a Bush appointed judge. John Jr. also he sat on a three judge panel that a week and a half ago handed the Bush administration a key propaganda victory by allowing military trials to go ahead at Guantanamo instead of giving prisoners access to the rights guaranteed under the US constitution.

Chiron Return
Mr. Roberts may have group oriented Aquarian Sun but it is shadowed by Chiron the wounded healer. And like all of us that hit the big 50 we get to be honored and also experience a rite of passage that begs us to ask: "what will I do with last part of my life?" This cycle is inevitable and starts with the "mid-life crisis" when a person experiences their Uranus Opposition to natal position around 38 to 40 years of age. The Chiron Return at 49 to 51 years of age is another period of awakening that won't always produced the sudden shocks and changes in lifestyle as the Uranian time period but it is just as life changing.
Since Roberts has already had one hit from Chiron (wounded healer) which entered Aquarius on 2/21/05 this year, he has stepped on to the Chironic bridge between the old and the new. The maverick Chiron is known ot mediates between the conscious awareness and reality-basis of the practical personal and social planets (Sun through Saturn) and the multi-dimensional cosmic consciousness of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

Roberts who was born with Chiron direct around 0 degrees Aquarius (time unknown) will be facing again a time to revisit ancient patterns in his early life. At the same time he will have the opportunity to go back to the source of his deepest, unresolved wounds. With his Chiron opposes the modern ruler of his source of will and identity Uranus we should expect that has rebelled against tradition and his original thinking is what created past controversy. By now we all know that Roberts has spoken about the constitutionality of Roe vs. Wade and fancies himself a Federalist.
So Judge Roberts Jr. aligns himself with a faction founded in 1787 (he has tradtion bound Cancer with expanded conjunction of Jupiter/Uranus) pushing all our collective buttons. Now as the news will continue to spotlight Roberts the focus is on his membership in the Federalist Society which is an advocate of confederation and strong Federal rule. Adding to all this confusion is a highly sensitive, imaginative even confusion oriented Neptune Chiron SQ. Perhaps Roberts own fantasy life will become a the talk of the collective.

Roberts ratification will be a long enduring struggle now that Chiron has turned retrograde and is stationing in Capricorn (his own future destiny is enmeshed with Capricorn N Node). There won't be any resolution till after October 5th when transiting Chiron stations direct at 27 Cap. creating a direct challenge to his own sense of freedom (Uranus25Cancer). Now with both Saturn entering Leo (fixed sign)on July 16th and Mars moving into fixed Taurus on July 27th we will seeing a slow down of the GWB purported fast track to ratifying a new Supreme Court justice named John Roberts Jr.

July 22nd and 23rd. Sun in Leo with Saturn

Remember what it was like when you were 15 or 16 and you had a great plan of action, really daring and exciting, then your parents said NO. You went ahead anyway and took the car
travelled to Mexico, dropped the tab of Acid or Ecstasy, bungee jumped off the cliff...
Well that's what it's like with Sun/Saturn together and Mercury Retrograde in Leo - we are all adolescents at heart who want to move forward damn the authorities that keep putting
stop signs in our way.

If our leaders continue to treat us like helpless children, we will began to openly defy their stupid rules.
In our personal lives we just want to achieve some goals, be happy and maybe stand in the spotlight even for a few moments. We don't ask for a lot certainly not to occupy another country and destroy their people and culture so we can get paid to rebuild it. We just want that good feeling of helping ourselves and sometimes other catching that warm glow of accomplishment.

Yesterday Moon was in Aquarius and the revolutionary blasts were coming from all fronts, London - shot in cold blood with little evidence except that he was under observation - car bombs and blasts at an Egyptian Red Sea resort - Thursday's attempted bombings in Stockwell,London - explosions in the Lebanese capital Beirut wounded seven people just hours after Condi stopped by!

Take note: the Royal Star Regulus was sitting on top of Venus at 29Leo which symbolizes powerful women the likes of Sandra Day O'Connor or Condoleeza Rice (despite her despicable attitude) or the slain singer, Selena Perez who probably would have been bigger then Madonna in the Southern Hemisphere.

WOW when Leo takes over things really get enflamed.
Again we have the Saturnian authorities trying to keep order even if it means killing: "If you are dealing with someone who might be a suicide bomber, if they remain conscious, they could trigger plastic explosives or whatever device is on them," said Mayor Ken Livingstone of London

You can almost hear Leo Mick Jagger's lyrics pounding thru the collective unconcious:

If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop
If you start me up
If you start me up I'll never stop
I've been running hot
You got me ticking gonna blow my top
If you start me upIf you start me up I'll never stop
You make a grown man cry
Spread out the oil, the gasoline

I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine
Start it up

Today July 23rd with Moon in Pisces things are a little more quiet but the potential for
fiery action is blowing up everywhere. Perhaps we are looking inside with this retrograde cycle - mind (Mercury) - transformation of the old (Pluto) - freedom (Uranus) - imagination (Neptune) and that maverick shaman Chiron who teaches us how to recognize our wounds then heal them.
Venus , the Goddess of Love and beauty has donned the robes of practical Virgo (not so virginal) so we can get down to business and focus on details of our life. Looking ahead to July 31 this summer we have a head on with Uranus and Venus bring love and relationship to the forefront.
Better to talk about what gripes you in your marriage or love affair now then waiting till then.

We're Sorry Uncle Albert Mercury was Stationing Retrograde
we just made a mistake and unloaded five rounds into the wrong man!!!

Moon in Pisces moving to conjunct Uranus - All of a sudden I went back to the computer and just glanced at Google News - Breaking News: UK Police: Man Killed Unrelated to Probe
"The man shot and killed on a subway car by London police in front of horrified commuters apparently had nothing to do with this month's bombings on the city's transit system", police said Saturday in expressing their ``regrets.'' What the Fuck!?This is like Rumsfield or Bush saying I am sorry I slaughtered innocent people by the thousands, tortured countless others, left Falujah in a state of horrific chaos, used napalm on the Iraqi people, let at least 1,700+ American troops die for no damn reason ...but I now must express my regrets.

Future Mistakes are due - remember watching the Croc Hunter shout "Danger, Danger, Danger!"
With MercuryRX moving to waxing opposition to Neptune by August 1st
the MSM (main stream media) will be swimming in hot water trying to keep up with
the deadly keystone cops around the world. Also on 8/1, everyone's naturual mode of action and initiative will be moving into a more secure,fixed and stubborn place as Mars enters Taurus 7/27. Interestingly we start to get an idea of how fixed squares play out as the planet that says Stop (we we want to go) challenges our inclination to action in material, sensual and monetary driven Taurus.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tensions Relieved and Wounds to be Healed via July Full Moon

Capricorn/Aquarius Full Moon in July
Full of Surprises, Tensions Relieved and Wounds to be Healed

The storm has hit both literally and metaphorically with this Full Moon in July. After years of threatening to revalue its currency, China finally did it! China now will float its currency against a basket of other currencies instead of the dollar.
The repercussions will be felt even stronger as the year progresses into 2006 - when Jupiter opposes N Node August 13th. Almost simultaneously we were hit with the news of new London attacks bringing more fears to the surface. Only one person was reported injured in the nearly simultaneous lunch-hour blasts that affected three Underground stations. What is going on? Well one thing is that at 8:55 EDT two hours after the Capricorn Blue Moon - the moon changed signs and entered Aquarius - Lord of Shocks and Surprises.

In the Mayan Calendar today is known as :
Blue Galactic Storm
I harmonize in order to catalyze
Modeling energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the galactic tone of integrity
I am guided by the power of abundance

Since July 26, 2004 we have been in the year of the BLUE CRYSTAL STORM and what a year it has been with Tsunami's, hurricanes and rain everywhere. A year when war and torture took the forefront as housing became a precious commodity (Saturn/Cancer). A year when battling for the truth via web log's, indie media and alternative media of all kinds (N Node in Pioneering Aries). It has been said that full moons signify the end and climax of multiple actions. In this case we are getting ready to start a new cycle with the Mayan Year - the Yellow Cosmic Seed.

This powerful full moon marks the symbolic end and outrageous beginning of several new cycles.
There was a TASK from the warrior in martial Aries to both the Sun/Moon adding to our challenges to keep the peace around the nation and the world.
The wounded healer Chiron in Aquarius opposes the late degrees of the Cancerian Sun on the cusp of Leo along with Saturn newly roaring and showing fangs in fiery Leo.

On this full moon we are like the woman reading tea leaves the Sabian Symbol of 29Capricorn - wanting to establish a concious connection with the invisible worlds and dimensions. With Jupiter moving towards a waning trine with Neptune our wills and purpose are pushing toward balancing the world of the senses with the eternal truths and ideals: A Muse weighing twins the Sabian for Sun at 29Cancer. In our chart set for DC we have Gemini in MidHeaven - the twins. Now that Saturn has moved into the realm of creativity and more openess, no longer will these psychic, spiritual intertwining stay hidden in the crustacean's shell.
Perhaps in our overeaching and exuberance ala Neptune/Jupiter we can stay connected with higher realms as the fixed signs began their mighty show - first Saturn, then Mercury on 7/22 stations retrograde and then Mars enters Taurus (money/security) July 27th.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Wannabe Machiavelli and the Idiot Prince

The Wannabe Machiavelli and the Idiot Prince

Bi-Wheel Chart: Inner -Karl Rove Natal and Outer - GWB Natal

Karl Rove's Natal Chart

No enterprise is more likely to succeed
than one concealed from the enemy
until it is ripe for execution.

—Machiavelli from The Art of War

Now that Rove watching has replaced more enjoyable sports like whale watching, world poker tour spectatorship and even the MBA(Major League Baseball) has taken a small hit since the all star game. Odds are being placed on how long Karl Rove, "the archtect" will remain Chief of Staff. Guess what HE HAS ALREADY BEEN FIRED ONCE BY DADDY BUSH - Rove fired from Bush Sr's '92 campaign over leak to Novak. If it happend once it can happen again - History Repeats itself Look at the Iraq War and Oil Crisis (30 years ago). We need to watch Bush's action with a jaundiced eye. Remember Bush's ability to deflect (all that Libra helps)is a huge advantage. In fact on Tues. 7/19 Bush responded to the mediea that re: his top adviser, Karl Rove, who offered to resign - he would deal with the issue when an investigation into the case was over.
Progrssions of the Wacked

At this point in Rove's political career, the usual level headed, man of objective taste and actions has fallen into a pit of confusion. The illusions and fantasies will continue to play out with Sp (Secondary Progressed) (to 7/18/05) Mars/Venus and NNode at 21 Pisces getting blasted by Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius. Pluto takes no prisoners and sweeps everything out of our life like a monster hurricane and Rove's actions, values and future direction are all Sp in his his area of personality and how he faces the world. To make matters worse an independent,intellectual Chiron (wounded healer) has progressed into 0 Capricorn 43 moving ever closer to his core sense of purpose and vitality Sun at 3 Capricorn - serious health issues (heart problems) could result in the next 3 to 4 years. Perhaps the most important of all is that workaholic Rove's emotional personality (moon/Cancer in 6th) has Sp - progressed from Natal "Full Moon phase " where we reap the harvest to the tenous "Gibbous Moon" - a place where all out hard work may turn into a field of weeds and rocks and is making him panicky. We got a Full Moon on July 22nd in Capricorn at 29 degrees aligned with Chiron (Wounds not healed) Opposing Saturn/Leo and of course the sense of purpose dealing with Security at any costs (Sun/Cancer).

Machiavelli or Mickey Mouse?
Yes Rove is a risk taker that will win at any cost no matter how many people are hurt: TSQ SunCap/SaturnLib/UranusCan all in action cardinal signs. Karl also loves intrigue and underhanded schemes with another TSQ NeptuneLib/VenusCap/MercuryCap/MoonCan - subversive but he is only the tip of the iceberg not the real source! Definitely a far cry from being Machiavelli.
My question is why are the demos just focusing bits and bytes with Valerie Plame and not knocking the Neo Con troupe off their tightropes. Comparing Rove to Niccolo Machiavelli is like comparing GWB to Ray Charles - Ray had intuition and second sight and Dubya is totally blind. Karl is a dough boy who thinks that using basic principles of fostering a spirit of patriotism and civic virtue among its citizens while deceiving them about 9/11 is strategy. Niccolo the author of The Art of War argued that a republic would be strengthened by the conflicts generated through open political participation and debate. Rove with both mercury (mind) and venus (values) stuck in the area of hidden agendas and subversion
is unable to foster any type of balanced debate.

Karl is Bush's Other Half

It seems obvious tht Bush will protect his buddy Karl till the bitter end - Is he afraid of losing his brain? That tag Bush's brain for Karl, starts to make sense when we compare the two cardinal cheaters. Bush's will and sense of purpose Sun 13Cancer sits on Karl's lunar mansion the seat of his emotional, reactive structure (Moon 17Cancer). GWB who is a classic Eastern Hemisphere totally subjective selfish bastard: View Chart GWB has literally no planets in the Western Hemisphere dealing with others and relationships. He is literally a power unto himself who needs the more objective Rove to keep him grounded. Karl is oriented to recognition and showing off (Uranus/5th),hard work (Moon/6th), transforming partnerships and relationships (pluto/7th) along with big business, power and other people's money (Saturn/Neptune 8th). Rove is literally supplying the handles to GWB's bucket chart.

Another interesting fact, Condi's moon is at 18 Cancer and she is another true believer to America's petty tyrant - the Idiot Prince. One thing is for sure Bush and Rove are masters of the secret policy and firmly entrenched in the shadow government. GWB's Sun and Saturn (Lord of Rove's Sun) are found in the 12th house - behind the scenes manipulation, secret groups and yes enemies within.
Now with the Supreme Court nominee John Roberts as another point of deflection, Bush has gotten the heat off Karl and Iraq for a brief time. With tomorrow's Full Moon, the chickens will be coming home to roost and the heat will be on Karl and George again.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bohemian Club Elite Can Run but Not Hide as Saturn Enters Leo

Click to enlarge event chart.

Cremation of Care Ritual at Bohemian Grove

On July 16, 2005 at 8:35PM, America's elite: corporate leaders and politicos can try to burn their collective conscience and guilt but it won't work. No matter how the flames rise below that forty foot stone statue of the owl-god Moloch,used in their ceremony, their heavy care will still be present. We have heard rumors of satanic ceremonies and even heard of brave souls like Alex Jones sneaking into the grove and returning with video in hand. Native American Elders say that: "When Owl medicine manifests in a stone form, it means a lack of empathy". In fact, the event chart shows a first quarter moon known as crisis in action and it is Void of Course - a time when desires don't manifest well. The protesters will be at the gates to hold their 25th annual RESURRECTION OF CARE to counterbalance this tradition of unaccountabiity. This year as Saturn has just entered Leo (the sign of the royals and elete) to form the first opposition to Chiron in Aquarius - the people's pain and wounds are too vast and strong to try to burn into forgotten smolderings - the phoenix a scorpionic symbol (moon in Scorpio in Midheaven) will rise from the ashes.

Already since Feb. 21st when Chiron entered the people's sign Aquarius, the pain, stress and suffering of living in a globalized war machine has busted out all over. We see the hundreds of thousands that have voice to their collective outrage at the US occupation of Iraq, and their numbers are swelling. The diverse indigenous who raise their fists in solidarity against land thefts around the world, are now represented on many fronts from Chiapas, Mexico to Cochabamba, Bolivia, into Brazil. In Eastern and Western hemispheres, the angry organic consumers no longer want to be subjected to the danger of GMO food and pesticide filled water, will continue to express their outrage.

Bohemian Grove Action Network Protest
Twenty five years of protest against the exclusive Bohemian Plutocrats will begin on July 15th in Monte Rio, California, with a meet and greet for the rich and callous. As Mary Moore, co-founder of BGAN (Bohemian Grove Action Network) says, "This is an action against, public policy talks given without public scrutiny". This summer many eyes of the people will be trained on the secret government consisting of: former presidents, power brokers, affluent CEO's, former heads and Paul Wolfwitz head of the World Bank, and assorted military leaders.

Known Members of Bohemian Grove
Sonoma County now hosts the who's who of Bilderbergs, Trilateralists and various members of the NWO/Illuminati. Here are some known members of the club: Both George Bushes, Ronald Reagan (deceased), Henry Kissinger, Casper Weinberger, Dick Cheney, Malcom Forbes, Stephen Bechtel (Bechtel Corp.), James Baker, David Rockefeller, Tom Johnson (President of CNN and former publisher of LA Times., William Randolph Hearst Jr., Jack Howard, Cronkite (On the CBS board of management) and believe it or not Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. For a historical perspective of how this club has evolved from a loose group of journalists in 1872 (including Mark Twain) read this article by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair in CounterPunch.

The event chart is set for sunset in Monte Rio when the main ritual takes place beneath the 40 foot stone owl. You will see how the creme de la curdled milk is represented by the Secretive Scorpio Midheaven. Their secrets will be exposed this year: If Owl is your medicine, you will be drawn to magical practices and perhaps explore the dark arts.

OWL Symbolism

Like many ancient symbols, the Owl represents both dark and light and is closely connected to the Goddess Pallas Athena. Both King Arthur's Merlin and Athena were depicted with a pet owl (the symbol of intelligence or wisdom). The scientific name for owl is “Athene Noctua”.
You might be interested to take note other Owl Symbolism in our government and daily lives: Washington DC - At the extreme Eastern side of the Capitol, you can see two cul-de-sacs which are irregularly shaped. In fact, when you draw a bold black line carefully around these cul-de-sacs, and continue the black line around the Capitol, you get the appearance of an owl, with the cul-de-sacs as its ears.
In fact, if you scrutinize many of the government buildings in Washington DC you will find these edifices, pagan in architectural style, have owl statues on them. Mystical symbolism in National Press Club's (NPC) logo reveal influence from Bohemian Grove's Owl Shrine lantern, and the Illuminati's illuminated rays of sunlight. Perhaps the most amazing is that a cleverly secreted owl is seen on the U.S. dollar bill. It is tucked away in the corner. When magnified, the owl is clearly visible real not found in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

Back to the Chart
The first house represents the nation or group as a whole, the country and its inhabitants along with the rich white men gathering at Boho. Let's first spotlight Chiron in the first - the pain caused by these unaccountable leaders and captains of industry which can has grown to an unmanageable, boiling point as stated above.
Neptune planet of illusion and confusion is also a significator of Boho's drunken revelery and the people's ideals (which is boosted by sextile to N Node in Aries giving us courage to reach our dreams).
When we look across the horizon at the place relating to open enemies - 7th house we see Saturn/Mercury and Venus all in dramatic Leo. All that intense secretive energy is put out in the public sector (Moon in Scorpio in tenth house) Squares those Leo planets. Thus in a literal and symbolic way, the forces of opposition have gathered from 1st to 7th to limit, communicate and dimnish the values of these ritualistic men. Now is the time shine the sunlight of Leo on these drunk, greedy, sinister white men who prefer to listen to Henry Kissinger spout off policies of death and destruction. A look at the energy of clubs and associations and we spy Pluto/Sag representing a power-based, death cult which works easily (in trine with Venus) values of the royal bloodlines. Of course the element of sexualtiy and lust is present with this aspect - I will not even try to decipher this one!

Undoubtedly the fate of the Supreme Court and other governing bodies will be a center piece of their policy making with Jupiter/Libra opposing N Node in Aries in 3rd. More then likely laws to enforce martial takeove as the war machine's travail and movement across the globe is strengthened. But I gotta tell ya with this chart and VOC moon and Mercury in shadow period before it turns retrograde on July 22nd, these cowboy villans will be thwarted by natural movement to end the net around this planet and wake up to the entire galactic community. We may want to listen to the Pleiadians from Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library:
"Our intention is to change the probable future that we are operating with, because that probable future in one direction of your universe's new movement has turned out to be filled with tyranny. This is a free-will zone and a free-will universe, and that means all is allowed. In this particular experiment, all things are Prime Creator. We remind you that, in this world of duality, shadow defines light." This is just one of many shadow events that defines our own light and truth in the summer of 2005. We are the ones who can transform this gathering into a compost heap of history to be used to plan a more sustainable future.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

PART II London Bombing - Neptune's Prominence and False Flag Operation

Neptune's Prominence Indicates False Flag Operation

“Such a perfect democracy constructs its own inconceivable foe, terrorism. Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results. The story of terrorism is written by the state and it is therefore highly instructive. The spectators must certainly never know everything about terrorism, but they must always know enough to convince them that, compared with terrorism, everything else must be acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic.” Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord, 1988

By July 11th, just four days after the 7/7 London Bombings many holes in the official story of London bombings have came to pass. One of the biggest surpriseds as indicated by Uranus/Pisces in the 7th house of alliances: The story first broken by Alex Jones London Underground Exercises coincidentaly run by Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a PR Firm, which bills itself as a crisis management advice company. On the morning of 7/7/05, Visor was actually operating drills on the London Underground dealing with how to handle terrorist bomings. His drills took place on the same spots as the bombings that happened on the morning of Thursday 7th July. Peter Power and Visor are reminiscent of the 9/11 War Games conducted by Dick Cheney to put us off track of who were the real perpetrators of WTC (mercury/venus in 12th hidden away).

Pakistan Patsy Bombers
Now on July 13th we are told that (4) young men of Pakistani origin were resonsible for the blasts. In fact (3) have been named - Hasib Hussein, 19, Shehzad Tanweer, 20 or 22, and Mohammed Sadique Khan, 30. How convenient for those who actually planned this operation - the media says that the bombers were all killed in the act of carrying out the bombing. Just like the Madrid bombers blew themselves up during a raid. Plus we have the Sun and Moon in Cancer SQ Mars theme for the 7/7 along with Saturn in Cancer theme repeated today with news of an anguished mother searching for her teenage son Hasib Hussein, after London's terror attacks. This poor mother got more then she bargained for when police have suggested he could have been the suicide bomber who blew up a red double-decker bus, killing 13 people.
How convenient for the powers that be - none of the "supposed terrorists" left alive(Mars/N Node in the 8th house of death in Bombing chart).

The Warnings per Webster Tarpley's Latest Article

Within hours of the explosions, Israeli Army Radio was reporting that "Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred." Foreign Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remained in his hotel room adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station,and did not address an economic summit. Even more curiously sinister is the report by Newsweek: since about November 2004, the US FBI, but not other US agencies, has been refusing to use the London Underground. Sounds suspiciously like Willie Brown's warnings not to board that plane on 9/11?

Asteroids in chart underscore the myth.
The fable of The Secret Organization of al Qaeda's Jihad in Europe

Let's examine the same event chart used in Part I but this time adding the asteroids for deeper psychological explanations.

At first glance it becomes obvious that a fixed grand cross is in the center.
One arm of the cross contains Juno12Taurus Opp Ceres12Scorpio in the MC/IC Axis signfying stress on the public sector and our personal foundation for security, family and roots.
The other arm of the cross the Roman Goddess Astrea at 15AquariusRx Opp. both Mercury/Venus in Leo. Take a closer looke at what this means and view the imbalances that result -
First Arm Nurturance is expressed through instense emotional commitments where any imbalance will create intense jealousy, envy, anger and revenge (Ceres in Scorpio) directly challenging stability and grounded energy in relationships where an imbalance can mean financial impoverishment, and physical insecurity (Juno in Taurus). Atmosphere for terrorist strike defined.

Second Arm: Astrea, the goddess of Justice who holds the Scales of Libra in her hand (moving into waning trine with Jupiter's Libra transit of laws and trials). Myths tells of how Astrea, sickened by the wars of men, was the last of the celestial beings to leave the earth for the heavens Now in the tropical sign of Aquarius Astrea wants impartial justice for all the people of earth - hoping to prevent a diastrous deal to steal all of Africa's resource by the G8 now disguised as " 100% debt relief for developing countries." In fact courageous British MP George Galloway claims "Ministers are using aid for Africa to cover up for the disaster of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "
So we find the need for recognition by the already moneyed classes represented by Mercury and Venus in Leo standing 180 degrees away and making noise that the people need our brand of leadership to survive this millennium's challenges - bullshit.
This Grand Cross is a swirling mass of energy that has exploded into the world scene as an excuse for more security and police prescence. The Orwellian solution to a planned problem, bringing base reacations and now the phony solutions. As David Icke's says, "It was obvious that their masters would do what they always do in these situations - create a problem so they can offer the solution. They did it with 9/11, the Madrid bombing and now in London."
Finally if we look at the Libra Stellium in the area of values and possesions we see how our monetary balance is threatened by this event. The goddess of strategy diplomacy, and legal action Pallas sits with health of all kinds Goddess Hygeia joining the God of beliefs and exansion Jupiter next to our past life gifts of diplomacy S Node Libra.
These are all opposing the potent combo of the God of War and action Mars in Aries next to our destiny of pioneering going it alone militaristic view point - N Node.
Now that the imbalances have been created and the envelope pushed by the illuminati puppet's like Bush and Blair. In fact notice how Cancerian Bush tells people to be vigilant less than 24 hours after making like Gerald Ford and riding his bike into a British policeman - oh the irony of it all. Does he do this stuff to appear human?

Part I - Terrorist Bombing Inspires Instincts for Survival

Terrorist Bombing Inspires Instincts for Survival, Even Illumination

First let's examine the Mayan Glyph for 7/7/05:
Red Resonant Serpent
I channel in order to survive
Inspiring instinct
I seal the store of life force
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of navigation
I am a galactic activation portal-enter me

Today one day after the historic New Moon and two days after Deep Impact, we have the 7/7 Terrorist Event. A horrific circumstance that in gut wrenching fashion mirrors our base instincts to survive. Using the Mayan Glyph tune into not just fear but a deeper desire for attunement and opening.
Naturally the media blares the requisite noise about finding those serpents who hid underground and struck with out warning... Despite the media's magnification of fear and the with us or against us jingoist phrases, we all should be more rational and objective. As this Mayan date indicates it is time to to be guided power of navigation and examine the event and the chart resonate with life force not death.

Just like the New Moon yesterday, we are still focused on the YOD involving beliefs/faiths that need adjustment to live in a global community or possibly take the human race to the next level a Galactic Community where War and Violence have no rightful place. It should be noted that the Sabian Symbol (11 Pisces) for the head of yesterday's infamous YOD is Men Seeking Illumination as Dr. Marc Edmund Jones further explains this profound symbol: "the human spirit is a matrix of itself, since its continuance depends on its unswerving maintenance of the purity in motive and expression which it has contributed to humanity in it's own image."

So we are faced with another dichotomy: a terrible series of blasts reminiscient of the Madrid blasts 3/11/04 - as part of the illumination process? Does this mean that 9/11 had some greater spiritual meaning? Yes folks when we look at the 12th house (hidden agenda) of the London chart the both Mercury/Venus are in the Royal Sign of Leo - oddly connected to the House of Windsor. There is an agressive streak in the house. multinational or transnational corporations where hatred aboard and this event in the UK becomes England's wound (Chironic energy). 9/11/01 is America's chironic wound. To a great extent we are being played by monsters masquerading as the rightous indignant humanitarians: Bush/Blair at the table of G8 doing the will of Bilderberg deceivers.
With this chart, all I am saying is that the Finger of God (YOD) points at the unexpected (Uranus/Pisces) energy of change that is revolving around religions and faith. It has been religion (fanatical mostly) which is the core misunderstanding responsible for most terrorist events.

Whether this bombing was staged thru the illuminati network and perpetrated by the the "Secret Organization group of al Qaeda Organization in Europe," is of major consequence. Original reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu was warned BEFORE the first blast, now all the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was warned AFTER the first blast. Alex Jones goes on to say how: "Just like the events of 9/11, ask yourself, who stands to gain from this? Could this have been organized by any group other than one who has direct unlimited access to all areas of London's transport grid at all times? "
Perhaps this event has MI5 written all over it. The national ID card legislation (which passed in US as RealID) will not meet no contestants. In the UK unlike the US, only 15% of the country supported the government after the last election. Now with one "barbaric act" citizens and legislators will bow to Tony Blair and whatever he wants to do. Ken Livingstone and the opposition parties will now have no grounds to reject ID card legislation, especially with the Olympics coming to London in 2012.

Corporatocracy wants us all retreating into our hard shells like scurrying crabs. Now we are faced with a time to look toward the light not just live within walls and fences fearing change. Today was a wake up call to leave religious warfare in the old Piscean age - get out of useless wars like IRAQ - we are awakening to our true instincts which repudiate war and violence as promoted for the last 2,000+ years in the name of religion not spirituality. I wrote in a 1994 poem JUPITER LEADS PLUTO INTO SAGITTARIUS
How can anomalies live together?
Holy-Wedded in Divine Paradox where Shadow follows light...
The turning of the Starry Seasons makes it so!
We as Hu-mans no longer can remain slumbering children,
in a Waking Dream that seems to never end...

In the event chart daily travel, transport and mas transit are in the spotlight (Mercury/Venus in Leo) deadly explosions rocking the subway and double-decker busses. And Mercury/Venus are part of a mystic rectangle (with a wide orb) forming involving Jupiter/Neptune/N Node ...
exaggeration and overeaching (Ju) with confusion and illusion (Ne) opposing our military destiny (Ma) and self-centered communications and local travel (Me)- another indication that we will stay confused until we see beyond this type of manipulation for our emotional states. In fact the mayor of London, Ken Livingston
said: "This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty or the powerful. It is not aimed at presidents or prime ministers. It was aimed at ordinary working-class Londoners." So now Ken Livingstone and those UK opposition parties will kiss as out of fear pushing National ID in order to preserve the revenue from the Olympic games coming to London near the end of Mayan calendar in 2012.

When we look at the chart for the 8:51 Bombing we first see our most vulnerable place of security the moon conjunct saturn in last degrees - most critical degrees of Cancer opposing Chiron the wounded healer in Aquarius representing the hurts, injuries not only physical and emotional - also psychic wounds that have festered due to the authorities or powers that be clamping down on our collective spirit. With Saturn in Leo coming on July 16th this type of police state won't be tolerated by the masses.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Life Changing New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in the Sign of the Mother
(8:02 AM EDT and 5:02 AM PDT) energy is felt around the world and coast to coast.
Families, security, justice why have we reached this point in history?
To understand the intrinsic watery energy of this Cancerian New Moon. To comprehend the struggle which is raging about Quality of Life - take a look at one of my poems written in the early 90's ...
Amid the warming trend, the real issues on the planet become clear
Quality of Life! Quality of Light
Quality of Food and Nourishment on all levels: physically,emotionally and spiritually.
Yes and the Quality of Water for Life

With this 7/6/05 lunation coinciding with G8 Summit supposedly intent on feeding and nourishing the starving people of Africa...or are they propping up their own egos for the world to see via Live Aid Concerts and publicity?

This new moon is really about seeds that can grow to nourish our bodies and spirit. I am talking about the energy of seeds - the embryo of life. Much of the focus will be on whether the world will reject the GE (Genetically Modified Seeds) that Monsanto and Cargill are trying to push on the world. GMO crops and seeds are now known as "suicide seeds" by indigenous throughout the world particularly the Lacandon Mayan in Chiapas. The more the illuminati push to destroy and enslave our Mother Earth - the more the peoples of the Earth will push back especially with Chiron in Aquarius stating the need for social justice.

With a TSQ involving the Sun/Moon to Mars/Aries and Jupiter/Libra this is not your quiet staid nurturing protective cancerian event. Our anger levels will rise steadily thru the next few days.

The wild card Uranus is also leading a Yod aspect (aka Finger of God) between Jupiter/Libra sextile Mercury/Venus in Leo. There are wide ranging spiritual ramifications. We have four inner planets all at 10 degrees, moving our personal lives quickly. Again the expansive force of Jupiter/Libra now representing balance, justice and the push for harmony is driving mutable Uranus to break away from the old Piscean age and accept the feminine reception along with creative mentality (Leo). We have a give of intuition, intelligence, and expansiveness which can help us cope with the great reservoir of cardinal energy.

How the Yod plays out in some of today's news stories: Pisces which rules Oil and Petroleum is sitting on top of that Yod...
Oil Prices Top $60 a Barrel on Storm Fears - headline July 6, 4:27 pm ET
With Mercury/Venus both in Leo sextile Jupiter there could be motivations to exagerate the dangers of Tropical Storms Cindy and Dennis (Mercury rules the weather)being close quincunx an apsect requiring personal and social adjustments.
"Oil prices climbed nearly 3 percent to finish at a record above $61 a barrel on Wednesday and analysts warned of an imminent spike in the retail cost of gasoline as storm-related power outages disrupted some oil production and refining operations in the Gulf of Mexico."

Sun/Moon TSQ to Mars Opp Jupiter - Attackers killed at Indian temple
The attack on the Ram Janmabhoomi complex occured on the eve of the New Moon
This was a sacred site (Jupiter rules belief systems) a makeshift temple to Hindu God-king Ram which was built over a16th-century mosque and is sacred to both Hindus and Muslims
Now today we see the reaction from the people (Moon)
Violent protests across India after attack on holy site
Hundreds of rightwing Hindu protesters stormed an airport in central India yesterday, preventing a flight from taking off in one of a series of violent protests across the country against an attack on a holy site sacred to both Hindus and Muslims.

More on the manifest changes felt in this Lunation which according to the Mayan Calendar is the day of the Yellow Rhythmic Seed (timed well with Cancerian nurturing) and put into perspective with the Mars/Jupiter opposition where both these planets represent targeting our energy toward manifestation.

View the DreamSpell description and take in the rhythmic tones of life:

I organize in order to target
Balancing awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

more to follow...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


SATURN ENTERS LEO - New Face of Karma

On July 16, 2005, the great Taskmaster and Lord of Karma leaves the cardinal sign of Cancer the great domestic nurturer and enters the living large fixed sign of Leo.
Since June 2003, Saturn, prime authority, limiting force and planet symbolizing structure has been in the repressive energy of security conscious Cancer (parental and motherly). Soon in the middle of this month, the ringed giant moves into the realm of childhood exuberance, risk taking and the need to be recognized. We are on the verge of a huge transition.

After two and a half years of the most inflated real estate boom in American history we might expect a Karmic change. Many of us have begun to name the herd of elephants in the living room. These are the same pachyderms that have passed draconian laws in the name of protection and fake terror scares. It will be those same leaders of both governments and industry will be feeling the karmic heat of the God Cronus stepping into the Leonine prescence.

By now, you have probably read descriptions of Saturn in Leo causing a role reversal between the people and their leaders. For the last two plus years our leaders whether elected, appointed or seizing power have treated their public like children. Astrologically Leo is the lord of the fifth house associated with children, romance, theater or live melodrama but mostly the enthusiasm of children and the child within. Bosses, leaders, politicos and big shots have severely limited our fun loving nature by saddling their constituency and employees with repressive laws and rules. Now with the coming role reversal, the citizens will began challenge this overly parental and protective and fear mongering attitude. Yes we will began to see the previous balance of security changed. Like smoke signals seen from distant towers, the charges from the Downing Street Memo or the World Tribunal on Iraq or the recent 250 000 Make Poverty History campaigners marching in Edinburgh, Scotland G8 summit. The tone will become increasingly more strident as the people continue rebel and criticize with the lack of respect afforded them while Saturn transited Cancer.

Don't misunderstand me, I don't expect the infamous real estate bubble to burst - at least not right away. After all we are just starting to see the exaggerated elements of the fiery leo desire to speculate on our domestic retreats and family sanctuaries. The practice of turning property to make a quick buck is a tell tale sign of the end of a cycle. Everyday there are so many signs of short term deflated market but it has just kept getting stronger with low rates? Too many prognostication (astrologer included) have been fooled during this time of housing demand and literally short supply. In 2003, Jupiter the archetype of expansion made a favorable sextile (60 degree) aspect from Virgo to Cancer pushing the boundaries of home purchases. If we all could be a bottom consistently in any market be it Real Estate, Bonds, Equities, Commodities or ipod and SUV sales, we probably would leverage that info. into great wealth and keep it a secret.

Leo is a complex sign linked to the the heart and to the Sun, the central identity or heart of our solar system. Radiant and shining like the Sun, Leo is much more outgoing, expressive and even at times bellicose then Cancer. This will not be a time of peace and tranquility as the Lion roars with creative release of powerful light energy. Leo is proud, generous, in need of admirers - a leader. Yes Leos are the Kings, Queens, Presidents, Celebrities of the sliver screen as they bring their sense of dramatic to the podium, film or stage like Madonna, JLO, Mick Jagger or Bill Clinton. Or GWB with his Leo Ascendant ego centered, bombastic with the glad hand out to grip the flesh, the smile ready and posed for the camera. Saturn will certainly tone down this blazing magnanimity yet in some ways will put the spotlight on a certain aristocracy of arrogance. Their will be a more serious tone surrounding the rich and famous objects of tabloid PR and paparazzi's penumbral activities.

Saturn deals with the principle of establishment and organization and Leo rules entertainment and Hollywood even Bollywood (note India is Leo country). We expect to see some mega-deals being made where networks, studios and film magnates start to acquire and merge one with another. This will be a time of the epic and serious drama that is known far and wide.
Many of the new productions will be about children, children's rights and child like creativity. We are in a symbolic transition from houses to children on the physical, mental and spiritual level. Reality shows will began to embrace both children, adolescents and principle of self-help and self accomplishment. Some of the themes of movies during this time will be about life itself and the glories of ancient civilizations.

Economically we are beginning some precipitous aspects as the principle of action -Mars squares Saturn three times this year first on 31st July 2005, 19th Nov. and 28th December 2005. In the money and earth sign Taurus, Mars begins a long journey starting on July 28 2005 and remains there until February 2006. This will undoubtedly be a time when both currencies and equities experience reversals.

Gold ruled by Leo will begin to decline steadily by August 2005. We may also see some currencies start to crash or at the least seriously devalued. For some this will be a buying opportunity for many, others the mountain of debt will fall with the fury of an avalanche.
Another potentially explosive aspect is when Jupiter squares Saturn on 17th Dec 2005, 22nd June and 25th Oct. 2006 (from the signs Scorpio to Leo). Jupiter and Saturn the two social planets are linked to economic and societal well being and in a challenging 90 degree aspect- be forewarned.

Saturn will limit the power of several CEO's, kings, prime ministers and presidents who also may die in office or even be assassinated. Most likely a "Watergate/World Tribunal Type Scenario" will be repeated thru the world and many heads of state will feel the trial by fire as the exposure of corruption and scandals increases during this cycle. All the social and political activism stirred up during the cardinal period of Saturn in Cancer will began to take effect as we move into a fixed, succedent sign of completion.

Despite these somewhat dire predictions it is still a good time for us to embrace our own inner child. A good time to remember: "Do anything, but let it produce joy." per HENRY MILLER.
Part II will follow soon.