Monday, October 29, 2012

Intense Blood Moon, A Grand Water Trine and Algol


October 29th: We are in the middle of one of the biggest Full Moon's of the year and the most emotionally trying. This is a  Full Hunter's Moon which takes place in the most fixed and  earthiest sign of the Zodiac, Taurus. Taurus is a feminine sign where the Moon is exalted where a practical, down to earth attitude pursues inner serenity. This is a sign  which favors preservation and the pleasures of life and hates to be uprooted.  The bull will oppose swift change in a stubborn and bull-headed manner.

Forget all the ominous and threatening events which are happening around this powerful Full Blood Moon.  A time when teh  Sun-Saturn in the sign of large transformations, Scorpio are opposing this usually routine oriented Taurus Moon. just try to realize: This is a value and money-conscious full Moon when debt and financial obligations will be in focus. Time to link monetary security, investment plans and being a true earth steward. This Full Moon also corresponds with major earth changes helped by  Mars separating from an opposition to Jupiter,  a time of action on many levels. We are in time when we must face sudden and unexpected shifts. We either have an attitude of misplaced courage or the need to act in a big way. Plus now that Mercury has entered Sagittarius to square Neptune, a time of major uncertainty. With Mercury-Neptune in hard aspect: there can be hype, deceptions escapism, panic and a time when situations may suffer collapse or merging. You don't have to look far to see that the Eastern Seaboard is in store for major deluge, flooding and wild winds. In my last blog, I put most of my focus on this Full Moon over Long Island - I mentioned this Super-Storm reflects a Grand Cardinal Cross present on the October 29th Full Moon where all the elements from air to water to earth to fire are represented with Uranus (Aries) opposing Venus (Libra)
crossed by Pluto (Capricorn) opposing Ceres (Cancer). The same is true for chart below set for October 29th set for Washington DC @ 3:49 PM this Monday. Pisces is rising with Neptune and Chiron which form an emotional Grand Water Trine with the Sun-Saturn in Scorpio in the fated 8th house and nurturing Ceres connected to the oceans in Cancer. This watery trine is hyper emotional yes and offers remarkable spiritual change. One more time the Grand Trine is comprised of Saturn in Scorpio (serious death/rebirth)to Neptune/Chiron in Pisces (compassion/healing offered via wounds and victims) Where Ceres (the nurturer/nutrition) in Cancer adds the final 120 degree angle which will have many offering help to the millions in the path of Sandy Plus Pisces is rising @ 11 degrees 22 minutes in the chart below which speaks of testing: Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees Pisces: : "An examination of initiates."
Blood Moon and Preservation. The Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior called this October Full Moon the Full Hunter’s Moon or the Blood Moon/Sanguine Moon. The Native Americans were keenly aware of this season since it related to survival. The trees are loosing there leaves, the deer are fat and fed and it’s time to preserve the harvest and store up meat for the long winter ahead. Especially with some crazy disasters looming per the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square into 2015, we need to be like these tribes and prepare. Yes these are times to protect and preserve. These are unsettled times of major transformations on the planet. yesterday evening October 27th on the WEST COAST where a 7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Queen Charlotte region of BC Mercury is conjunct fixed star Toliman a white and yellowish star above the right front hoof of the Centaur. Toliman near Mercury is about learning tough lessons in life. According to Robson: Toliman with Mercury sounds a little like the weather and the meteorologists... Changeable, vacillating, fault-finding, difficult to please, good intellect, business success, trouble in domestic affairs through enemies, family sickness, disappointed ambitions. Today's Full Moon tomorrow @ 12:49 PM on the West Coast has Algol the Demon Star is conjunct S Node in Taurus. This particular star is positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying. Known as one of the most feared stars of all known for obsession and intensity. In reality it will be the fear of the transformation to come which will be worse than the effects.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sandy Updates - State of Emergency Before the Full Moon - Shades of the Long Island Express


From the lyrics for Sandy from Grease: 
  Love has flown all alone I sit I wonder why 
Why you left me, oh Sandy? 
Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy? 

Sandy a Hybrid Storm more updates on October 27th: 

Ominous and detailed report on why this is a hybrid storm. We learn more about the rare, bizarre nature of Super Storm Sandy via this  Tropical Tidbit for Friday, October 26th, 2012 -  relating to the path of Hurricane Sandy and her sheer size, dangerous winds, high surf add up to a storm of Historic nature.  
The anatomy of this unusual storm and her shifting nature and barometric support is covered in the video below from weather enthusiast Levi Cowan. Levi,  has been tracking tropical systems closely since 2002 

As Sandy begins to move up the Eastern seaboard, evacuations start and possible panic and hysteria
could follow. Sandy is currently a Category 1 hurricane located off the East Coast of the U.S. The NWS lists the current location of the system as about 400 miles south southeast of Charleston, South Carolina.

Winds from Sandy are sustained at 75 mph. The storm is moving north at 7 mph. Still a ways from being a killer Still the  barrier islands off of Cape May county New Jersey began voluntary evacuations Friday afternoon.  Since Neptune is near Chiron in Pisces ready to station direct, the ships at sea are moving and The U.S. military will be moving ships from the Norfolk Naval Station region in Virginia out to sea to get out of the path of Hurricane Sandy.

  States are preparing as Sandy moves along the East Coast of the U.S. On the East Coast people are getting restless and nervous waiting for Sandy. The main stream media has seized on the idea of Frankenstorm which will keep them in ad revenue big time.   As we start the weekend with the Moon in impatient Aries ready to meet Uranus and more potentially deadly hurricane. With Sun-Saturn in Scorpio, the officials are serious about preparations.  The states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York have declared a state of emergency as they await impacts from Sandy. The reason for declaring a state of emergency is to allow emergency response teams to be activated so they can begin preparing to respond.  This allows the teams to move quickly as emergency situations occur. The states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York have declared a state of emergency as they await impacts from Sandy. So what prompted this situation as fear grows from the Frankenstorm? According to the officials, Sun in Scorpio, the reason for declaring a state of emergency is to allow emergency response teams to be activated? Even stranger as Mercury is in orb of a square to Neptune changing into mutable Sagittarius tomorrow is the scary idea of Sandy being planned back in the Ninties!  If we go back to 1997 when Sandy may have been planned 

With this Hurricane Simulation from the past things get murkier and more conspiratorial..

Westchester County Communications Officer Sandy Fried, an Amateur Radio operator and ODES staff member, had recently attended a training seminar in 1997 at the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Part of the training was a simulation using data from the Hurricane of 1938 that caused major losses on Long Island and in Westchester.

With  the Moon in Aries till Sunday @ 11:15 AM , response will be quick and sharp. Aries even though a fire sign connects will storms, hurricanes and wild weather virtue of ruler Mars Mars is about action and opposing Jupiter in Gemini, lots of the action involves HIGH and VOLATILE WINDS. Bottom line, Sandy is no joke or just a sensationalized weather event per the havoc in the in Caribbean
From the article below: "This system is one part hurricane, one part nor'easter and one part blizzard, potentially. Impacts of all three types of storms are possible depending on location."
Note that this Super-Storm reflects a Grand Cardinal Cross present on the October 29th Full Moon
where all the elements from air to water to earth to fire are represented
with Uranus (Aries) opposing Venus (Libra)
crossed by Pluto (Capricorn) opposing Ceres (Cancer)
chart below set for October 29th @ 3:49 PM ET when the moon is Full in Taurus and the tides are highest. It is projected that  around that time, Sandy will make landfall perhaps on Long Island, NY.

Comparing Sandy to the Long Island Express. I wrote on October 25, 2012: As the weather pundits scramble to make sense of this meterological convergence creating a Super-Storm scenario, we astrologers are drawing parallels not just to the 1991 New England Storm
but to The New England Hurricane of 1938 (or Great New England Hurricane, Yankee Clipper or Long Island Express In fact the similarities between Sandy's projected landfall on Oct. 29th a potent Full Moon are interesting... Since both the Sept. 20, 1938 and the Oct. 29, 2012 dates have Grand Trines and a number of TSQ's with next week's Full Moon also featuring a Grand Cross with Venus-Pluto-Uranus and Ceres all in active, Cardinal signs Also just like Sept. 20, 1938, the coming blast from Hurricane Sandy to the East Coast
has the fated Nodes of Destiny in Scorpio/Taurus Here is a chart below set for the 1938 New England Hurricane
Snow, gale-force winds, hurricane remnants, full moon (high tides): forecasters warn of ‘perfect storm’ scenario
NEW YORK - Much of the U.S. East Coast has a good chance of getting blasted by gale-force winds, flooding, heavy rain and maybe even snow early next week by an unusual hybrid of hurricane and winter storm, federal and private forecasters say. Though still projecting several days ahead of Halloween week, the computer models are spooking meteorologists.  For us astrologers this strange synchronicity with All Saints Day/Day of the Dead relates well to the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio opposing the Taurus Full Moon. 
This is the full lunation in October known by native americans as both the Full Hunter's Moon and the Full Blood Moon. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Libra New Moon - a Call for Balance in a Dangerous Time


Taking a quick look at tomorrow's Libra New Moon which occurs @ 5:03 AM PDT or 8:03 AM EDT. The chart below is set for over Washington, DC. When we began to peruse, we immediately see that Saturn, Lord of Accountability and Karma is rising in Scorpio - not a wonderful omen for servicing debt. The chart's ancient ruler Mars is near Juno in overly exuberant Sagittarius in the 2nd House of Values, including money markets, banks and financial institutions. Both the warrior, Mars and the partnership asteroid Juno square Chiron, the ancient centaur healer now in victim sign Pisces. There will will be pain and wounds from this contact likely involving financial scandals.
Back to Saturn, the ringed planet  symbolizing security is rising with the messenger Mercury and N Node all in the sign of extremes, the stinging Scorpion or the soaring Eagle. The N Node of destiny is @ 26 degrees 22 minutes. North Node relates to moving into future destiny is also opposing S. Node in Taurus conjunct the Demon Star, Algol dealing with obsession intense sexual situations and intrigues. Saturn is also culminating with cruel ruthless Facies rising. Facies is the eye of the archer found in the Constellation Sagittarius known to have the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon. Facies is said to be one of the most potentially violent stars and with Saturn represents an outsider with an obsessive belief or action.

The Sun and Moon in balancing Libra reside in the 12th House representing news and issues centering around hospitals, prisons, institutions and any place of confinement or detention. Also with both of the lights in the 12th. issues concerning illness, charities, secret groups, secret government entities and enemies within will populate the mainstream news. Perhaps since Neptune, ruler of the 12th now near Chiron is square Mars and in the 4th house adding to more stories about oil, petroleum and the active, dangerous sinkhole in Louisiana. Poison and poisonings also correspond to the 12th house, Neptune  as they do Pluto and Mars rulers of Scorpio.  I mention the ongoing problem in Assumption Parish, where the latest Bayou Corne Sinkhole Flyover indicates: a thick slick of crude oil can be seen covering much of the sinkhole [...] oil and water can be seen flowing from the sinkhole into the adjacent environment.
The potential for widespread contamination is now a reality and not just in Louisiana. A recent story out of LOGAN COUNTY, Oklahoma underscores these fears - A water warning for residents in rural Logan County: a significant level of uranium has been found in the water. 

Tomorrow's New Moon @ 22 Libra 32 minutes will herald the start of something new as do all new moons. And this Sabian Symbol:
"A chanticleer (rooster) salutes the rising sun with exuberant tones."
My guess is that many of the hidden stories which have been in the shadows will surface in mainstream news. On a positive note Mercury (now in investigative Scorpio) is in a harmonious 60 degree angle to the lover Venus in detailed Virgo (Oct. 16th) will be boost to many relationships. From the business side especially high profile this combo is well aligned for mega mergers, agreements, business deals, the relaxing of controls by some of these companies. The Heliacal Rising Star for this Libra New Moon over both DC and San Francisco is Alkes. Alkes is the considered to be the sacred cup and alpha star of the constellation, The Crater. The Crater actually sits on the back of the Hydra given One legend says that the cup was given by Apollo to the raven ( Corvus) to fetch water. When Alkes is rising it is said to be the living vessel of a sacred body of knowledge or philosophy or prophetic gift. When we look below at the image we see the connections between Corvus, Alkes and the Hydra. Per George Noonan - Alkes has always portended eminence to those born under its influence. When rising the star indicates dedicated environmentalists whose love for rivers and streams lead them to be very protective regarding water resources I will go out on a limb and say during this lunation, the issue about polluting a number of aquifers in the Gulf Coast, further north, east and west is imminent and threatening. It is said that the aquifer system underlies parts of the East and West Gulf Coastal Plain and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain created by the Mississippi River on which lies parts of seven U.S. states, from southern Louisiana to southern Illinois.
Now the Heliacal Setting Star is Scheat. Scheat is found rising with the New Moon in San Francisco and DC. The star Scheat found in the constellation Pegasus. Scheat is known as love of intellect. This star is part of the Great Square of Pegasus which consisted of four stars; Alpheratz, Algenib, Markab and Scheat. As a setting star, Scheat reflects a time when one is forced to find success by leaving a safe place. Also in the chart above for DC, Scheat is culminating with Venus which inspires independent thought concerning style, fashion, relationships and new social customs. Scheat also has a major connection throughout history to floods and flood conditions. I have alluded to the fact over that last few weeks mainly because of the current Grand Water Trine involving Saturn (Scorpio) to Neptune(Pisces) and finally Ceres (Cancer).  The West Coast and Central USA might be in line with another Great Flood. In fact the Great Flood of 1862 or Noachian Deluge was the largest flood in the recorded history of Oregon, Nevada and California, occurring from December 1861 to January 1862. These floods which may have peaked on December 24, 1861 when another Grand Cardinal Cross was present with Neptune also in Pisces like today. the chart below was set for December 24, 1861 in Sacramento. Neptune rising opposing the Moon in Libra and Jupiter in late Virgo. They were crossed by the Sun-N Node in Capricorn, the seagoat opposing S. Node in wet Cancer on the IC. In comparison, tomorrow's New Moon has Pluto (Capricorn) opposing Ceres(Cancer) TSQ Uranus in Aries.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Saturn Enters Scorpio Right after Mercury - The Old Devil Wakes


Many people have been waiting with some trepidation for Saturn, a planet relating to contraction aka the Lord of Karma to enter the sign most related to extremes, sex, death, debt and taxes, Scorpio. Jupiter that planet representing expansion stationed in Gemini and moved retrograde on Oct. 4th causing a stir with everything from gas prices rising dramatically in California to sending a sarcastic, biting tweet during the debates about Obama's grandma - then apologizing. Jupiter  retro. in Gemini, also relates to communication and transportation. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini paves the way for Saturn by entering the Scorpion in the early morn @ 3:35 AM changing minds and mindsets. Time to dig deeper and investigate instead of just rapping about it.  Time for spies to ply their trade, time for espionage mentality.  The Wire might come to mind.

Saturn  is a planet related to the principle of crystallization and structure. Saturn has been described in less than glamorous tones with words like limitations, discipline, operating out of fear and humorless. Saturn has also been associated with the devil or Satan but actually is the  "Dweller on the Threshold" guarding the gates to true inner wisdom and freedom. Notice in the 15th. Arcanum or the Devil Card in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, those chains around the couple's necks can easily be lifted off once we see thru this false enslavement. In this card the Devil represents our bondage to material things rather than by an actual evil demon. The theme here obsession or an addiction to fulfilling our earthly base desires. Yes, Mars ruled Scorpio relates to many of those desires.

Saturn has been transiting in Libra since July 21, 2010.
 Saturn in the sign of the scales and beauty marked a time when people got serious about actors/actress, companionship, partnership, law, court rooms, social media and fashion.
 Saturn in Mars ruled, Scorpio won't compromise like Libra,
In fact Scorpio will forge ahead offering no quarter,  no clemency or no  mercy to the loser

 Saturn enters watery, fixed Scorpio connected to the 8th house tomorrow October 5th @ 8:34:14 PM Universal Time or 1:34:14 PM Pacific Time. The 8th house is connected to taxes, debt and other peoples money received thru inheritance or even joint finances. Making tomorrow's ingress even more potent is that Mercury enters Scorpio in the morning @ 3:35 AM PT or 10:35 AM UT which adds an element of revelation, a sharp mind, compulsive about getting to the bottom of things that are forbidden or taboo.  The chart below is set for 8:34:14 PM Universal Time and has Gemini rising with asteroid Vesta relating to commitment and focus in the area of communications.  Since Mercury the ruler of this chart is now in Scorpio, it takes a keen, sharp and investigative mind to cope with this change.

Saturn will remain in Scorpio till December 24th. 2014, we will have plenty of time to delve into the myriad of meanings here. Since Scorpio as a sign has garnered the most extreme meanings and traits. On the positive side, Scorpio, a feminine, nocturnal, autumnal is considered mysterious, sexually magnetic, charismatic. On the other side highly derogatory adjectives like insidious, vengeful, obsessive, cunning, treacherous, back stabbing etc. have graced this sign. Sure all of those emotions will bubble up and show their scary side during this transit. Yet there will be an emphasis on renewal, transformation, discipline and a movement to enhance sexual satisfaction. Ancient belief systems had it that scorpions were engendered from crabs. And when Saturn enters Scorpio a Grand Trine will be built to Ceres in the sign of the Crab, Cancer and to Neptune in the sign of the two fishes. Expect some huge events around the oceans and flooding just to name a few. In fact we have already seen Myths of star lore tell us that Skorpios (Scorpius) was a giant scorpion sent by the earth-goddess Gaia to slay the intimidating giant Orion who threatened to kill all the beasts of the earth. The Scorpion stung Orion on the heel (marked by the star Rigel, beta Orion) and killed him. These two opponents Orion and the Scorpion were placed amid the stars as their namesake constellations, but are positioned on opposite sides of the sky, one sets as the other rises. Interestingly when Saturn enters Scorpio shown in the chart above, the Moon-Jupiter together in Gemini will be conjunct Rigel which relates to the educator and disseminating knowledge. Mars which is at the last degree of Scorpio near the N Node is conjunct Toliman found in the constellation of the Centaur. Mars-Toliman together by longitude represent the rebel, activist who also is used by the authorities as a strong dominating power. In terms of fixed stars in paran at the time of this massive Scorpio ingress, lets look at the Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars for the chart for Saturn's ingress into Scorpio: First Alkes is the Heliacal Rising Star and found in the constellation Crater or the Cup which resides on the back of the Hydra. Alkes is the sacred cup representing something precious that we carry since we are the living vessel or body of knowledge. This could also include a special gift, talent or prophetic ability. In other words to be the living vessel of a sacred body of knowledge or philosophy Secondly Markab is the Heliacal Setting Star found in the saddle of Pegasus, the winged horse. Markab in this position is about standing firm for your beliefs and principles. Markab is also rising as Mars is culminating said to promote open handed efforts. More in keep with the Mercury-Saturn ingress into Scorpio according to Robson: Markab with Mars indicates quarrelsome, violent, many difficulties and losses through Mercurial affairs. Even darker, Elsbeth Ebertin claims that according to tradition Markab in conjunction with Mars, Uranus or Saturn, brings dangers from fire, weapons or explosions - that sounds par for the course.

By the end of the day this Friday, we will start seeing many of the hidden, volatile forces coming out of the shadows or mysteries and moving forward with great speed. From a meteorological perspective, with the ingress of Saturn into Scorpio forming a Grand Water Trine to Neptune and Ceres expect some really wet, flood conditions and extreme weather in North America and other parts of the world.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Expanding the Debates as Jupiter Stations and Mars/N. Node in Scorpio


On my website I have been slowly previewing some of the changes happening this important first week in October. One of those big shifts is that Jupiter is stationing moving retrograde tomorrow @ 6:18 AM PDT. Jupiter which always represents the principle of expansion whether direct or retrograde. When retrograde there can be s certain amount of outside contraction Jupiter also connects to banking so listen the 3rd party candidates Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson talk about breaking up the Big Banks. When Jupiter is retro. sometimes plans have a tendency to implode.  When retrograde, there is an emphasis on examining questionable morals, ethics and scandals blow up.  Also with Jupiter retro. we are asked to look inside for new meanings.  The debate tonight at the New World Order City Denver like their airport is a gateway to some pretty weird change. Jupiter connects to horses as does Neptune and on Oct. 7th, Mars which had just entered Jupiter ruled Sagittarius (the centaur) will square Neptune now retro. in Pisces. Below we see an apocalyptic horse which greets visitors to Denver  with glowing red eyes. 

From Vigilant Citizen:  Sinister Sites - The Denver International Airport. this is what welcomes you when you enter the gates of hell…sorry, I meant the gates of the airport. A 32 foot high fibreglass stallion with veins popping out of its whole body and demonic eyes that glow red. Nice. I heard the children love it. Interesting fact: the horse killed his creator, Luis Jimenez, while he was working on it. A portion of the sculpture came loose and smashed him, causing fatal injuries. His friends now say that the horse is cursed.

Jupiter is about luck, opportunity, prosperity, wisdom, abundance, ethics and when retro. offers opportunities to re-evaluate our society. Jupiter now in Gemini can be skeptical, doubtful, cynical and with moral indifference Yet Jupiter will combine idealistic beliefs with many distractions Of course there is a continued expansion of all mobile communications. Except that when retro. and in combination with Saturn in Scorpio, many networks or stations will be cut. I do expect Democracy Now and other alternative networks to make progress in popularity into 2013.

 This morning I created a chart set for the start of today's debate in Denver, Colorado Location: University of Denver in Denver, Colorado Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time or 7:00-8:30 PM Mountain Time I call the astrology chart below "taking the gloves off but first the masks."

This one is not just about winners and losers even with Romeny's (born March 12, 1947)  Jupiter in Scorpio (power-driven with a hidden occult side)  riding the Mars-N Node wave, where  trying to harness the winter of discontent for America.

A chart below has the Denver Debate as the inner wheel and Romney Natal on outside wheel.
Romney may get a slight boost since his natal Mars (assertiveness), Mercury (illusory thinking) Ceres (religion as nurturing), Sun (identifies with Martyr/Messiah like idea) all in mutable confused emotionally crusading Pisces.  Yes all these watery pisces planets will even be more closely trine transiting Mercury-Saturn in Scorpio.  He also is just not well liked when Venus now in Virgo and soon Mars in Sagittarius will TSQ all these core energies in his chart.

Back to the chart set for the time of the start of the debate:
Just having Moon-Mars in opposition in hard charging Taurus vs. intense, deadly Scorpio makes the atmosphere of this debate super tense and stressful
Aries is rising @ 22 Degrees with this Sabian Symbol which speaks of the chart's ruler Mars now in Scorpio: "The Gate to the Garden of Desire."
This symbol is appropriate since Mars relates to desire as does Venus. Mars  is now in passionate Scorpio where desire steams. Mars in Scorpio can also be  manipulative and exploitative. Mars in  Scorpio is also conjunct the N. Node of Destiny (upheavals-behind the scenes action). Also a prelude to a new occult period coming on strong as Saturn changes signs.  The Mars-N Node combo is about composting and moving on, watching it die or pass away. On a positive side it will involve  undertaking a form of rehabilitation with the economy.
Regarding Obama's somewhat lackluster performance below is a chart with his natal chart on the outside wheel.  Aries rising was trine his natal N. Node Uranus in Leo where he fell back on some showmanship with moderate results. Actually Obama's usually over confident aspect of reflecting fame and popularity:  natal Mercury  @ 2 degrees Leo and Sun @ 12 degrees Leo will be at odds and  direct conflict with both Mercury-Saturn entering Scorpio (Oct. 5th)  This is reflected the closed minded, pessimistic and embittered force of people which is being emotionally whipped up to make sure he loses.

In other words the candidates should be taking a lesson from the 3rd party candidates who are ready to embrace a type of therapy which requires a total transformation. So Mars-N.Node oppose the Moon-S. Node in stubborn Taurus The South Node in Taurus can be too grasping and rigid. We will all need throw or change some habits. Taurus in the south node also relates to ancient Egypt and the age of Taurus.  But the Game is Changing -  consider that N. Node, Mars then Mercury and Saturn are all in Scorpio the most investigative sign of all the Scorpion. What has already been on the taboo, forbidden or considered to strange to discuss now reaches the mainstream.  Watch this video on FreemanTV which connects the Nephilim, Obama, Albert Pike and the Illuminati's push toward a NWO agenda. 

The chart  below has 7 TSQ's multiples with Mars and of course Uranus-Pluto TSQ Ceres in Cancer (food-GMO issues) and Uranus-Pluto TSQ the Sun in Libra (justice-legal issues). The Chart also has two very tight yods with one being a Yod kite. Both yods contain Mercury relating to communications, mind set, networks and transportation. First: at the head of the Yods Mercury(@ 28 Libra)/Saturn @ 29 Libra (Some Serious News or Shit is Getting Real)They are Quincunx Pallas (@ 29 Pisces) to South Node @ 27 Taurus near the Moon. The other Yod is known as a Focused Yod aka a Yod Kite And adds the opposition from Venus @ 0 Virgo to Neptune when everyone must accept defeats. Also with Venus now in Virgo the main topic was about jobs of course. And definitely about saving $ and just plain having money. Venus is sextile both Mercury/Saturn (which changes signs into Scorpio on the 5th relating directly to debt, deficit and taxes) and is Quincunx (150 degree adjustment/irritation)to Pallas now in medical oriented Pisces.

Amy Goodman calls her broadcast Expanding the Debate: LIVE Presidential Debate Broadcast
Watch live streaming video from democracynow at
And in alignment with the Aries Moon is that Amy is going to the "fringe" or "pioneering" scenario so to speak. We are talking about some real changes in the name of the people but no thru the Democratic (Demogagues) or Republicans (Repugnicans) Only by allowing new voices like Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson will we be able to turn around ethics, morals, offer a larger perspective. This could be the advent of 3rd.4th, 5th. and multiple parties jumping into the national fray even catapaulting over the OWS movement. In line with the Aries Full Moon on Saturday Sept. 29th something new, novel and explosive will come out of these histrionic debates. Also by the election, people will become much more passionate about seeing real change occur within and without.