Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday is bankruptcy for GM as Mars Changes Signs and Neptune Stationed Retro

NEW YORK ( -- General Motors, the nation's largest automaker and for decades an icon of American manufacturing, stood on the brink of a bankruptcy filing and a de facto government takeover on Monday.

The news was pre-announced and even though, we were all expecting GM to announce inevitable failure and financial resignation, the timing was marked by astrological transits of Note. Mercury had stationed direct on May 30th @ 6:22 PM two days after Neptune, the planet of defeat and denial had stationed retrograde two days before @ 9:31 PM PDT.
Now that Neptune stationed retrograde one day after a conjunction with Jupiter in the collective sign Aquarius (May 27th) we the American people own would own 60 percent of "new GM". Neptune has a way of dissolving everything including old iconic companies like GM or countries like Pakistan.

Neptune accepts limitless boundaries and helps mergers.
In fact the chart below has Pisces Mid-Heaven with Uranus/Juno on either side and close to the MC - all ruled by Neptune.
The Aquarian triumvirate comprised of Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune all at 26 degrees Aquarius. The Sabian for 27 degrees Aquarius really is about throwing in some wild cards - "At an informal dance party,the host turns to her husband and makes gentle jokes about their friends." or another interpretation "An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets. " Both symbols speak fo starting new in the face of despair or difficulties. This can be distilled as being composed and cool in the face of unsettling or despairing changes.
The government is “a reluctant equity owner” that “will protect the taxpayers’ investment by managing its ownership stake in a hands-off commercial manner,” the Obama administration said yesterday
But more than $40 billion of federal help to GM will be converted into the 72.5% stake in the new company. Taxpayers would make back the money loaned to GM if shares of the new GM increase dramatically in value following an exit from bankruptcy.

Denial is even stronger reflecting the current Neptune-Jupiter transit especially with Jupiter stationing retrograde on June. 15th.
Note: “GM going through bankruptcy is a very positive thing for the auto industry: They should emerge as a reasonable competitor,” said Len Blum, managing director at investment- banking firm Westwood Capital LLC in New York. “The only thing that’s been holding GM back is labor contracts and relationships with debtors and franchisees. All that should be cleansed in a bankruptcy.”

Perhaps the real catalyst of capitulation, Mars had changed signs from more bravado, risk taking Aries to the fixed earthy sign of Taurus for completion.
Mars @ 0 degrees Taurus in the public 10th house is gaining speed and applying to a TSQ with the Nodes of Destiny and trine to Plutonic transformation
represented by the Lord of the Underworld now retrograde 2 degrees 31 minutes Caprcorn.

A bankruptcy petition will be filed on Monday at 8 a.m., according to a source with direct knowledge of the bankruptcy proceedings.
Below the chart for this event is pictured with Ascendant/Descendant at critical 15 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn axis of security.

Back to Mars, we have an impending Mars Square Neptune on July 6th - the same day Mars Squares Jupiter (for laws to be changed or up for debate)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gemini New Moon To Err and Still be “Chosen” by the Gods

From Homer:
Since I did succumb to a fit of madness, I want to make substantial amends.” (Book 9, ll. 124-125)

A lunation in the sign of the twin flames of consciousness and subconscious @
3 degrees Gemini 28 minutes offers multiple perspectives.
The Sabian Symbol for 4 degrees Gemini: An opulent Roman feast, a guest offers a toast to the gods. Invisible to the crowd Bacchus
wearing a wreath of holly and cherries, pours gifts of the spirit from a corncupia.

Even with all the errors, misjudgements and uncaring actions on the planet, this is a brief window to fell the divine manifesting in everyday life.

These are historic times as the first Jupiter/Neptune exact conjunction occurs on May 27th @ 4:12 PM PDT with Chiron who is point fingers at all kinds of collective and symbolical wounds is close behind. Before we shed more light on Chironic effects enhanced of the meeting of Zeus and Poseidon where one bears Thurnderbolts and the other was known as "Earth-Shaker," of earthquakes we need to look at another asteroid Pandora.
Pandora was created by the Gods and Goddesses to unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mould her out of Earth as part of the punishment of mankind for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering this "beautiful evil" seductive gifts.
In the chart, Pandora 55 @ 26 Aquarius 22 minutes is closely conjunct Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune...Legends have it that Anesidora, "she who sends up giftos pened a jar (pithos) in many accounts referred to as "Pandora's box", releasing all the evils of mankind— although the particular evils are not specified in detail — leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again. With Gemini Sun/Moon trine N Node, Pandora might have opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act but in any case it is opened whether we talk of DNA manipulation or taking DNA samples from felony arrest suspects to the UK's National Licence Plate Surveillance Grid which Tracks Anti-War Protesters.
Pluto/Hades seems to be involved in all the increasing Orwellian tactics which will be
under the scrutiny of the divine energies now on earth.

Another story that reflects the Triple conjunction and it's symbolism of beliefs, faith and politics was the Sikh guru visiting Austria from India, who was shot yesterday. Mars-Venus in Aries may have triggerd the violence that ensued. Thousands protested in the Indian state of Punjab Monday, torching a train, vehicles and shops after a Sikh preacher was killed Sunday in an attack on a temple in Austria's capital Vienna.

Chiron won't be exactly conjunct Neptune till 2010 and will meet multiple times.
Already teh effect has been devastating. On a group sense a Chironic story to help all humanity learn how to not abusing others: 200,000 Tamil civilians imprisoned in Sri Lankan Manik Farm camp. On a personal side with the YOD formed between Pluto in Capricorn-Sun/Moon
-South Node in Leo sign of children we will see more stories like Mike Tyson’s Daughter Critically Injured in Accident. Details tell of the shadow of Algol (noted below) May 25 (Bloomberg) -- Retired boxer Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter is on life support after her neck was injured by a treadmill cable...

Royal Stars and the Unexpected
In the above chart three of the Royal stars of Persia are represented from Antares, a red binary star, known as the heart of th e constellation Scorpio. Antares is rising as the Moon is setting - telling of emotional turmoil and major drama. Antares was known to cause discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and rulers, and revenge from enemies,
Fomalhaut is setting as Jupiter is Setting offering a type of charismatic force dealing with philosophical causes. Finally Regulus is Culminating with Mercury speaking of the reception of recognition, provided one avoids intrigue.

Sunday's New Moon (May 24th @ 8:11 AM EDT) brought panicky feelings even bordering on madness with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, challenges from many sources including the Triple Aquarian Conjunction to help lift the boundaries from unexpected actions from foreign sources including North and South Korea. The second nuclear test conducted by N Korea and he North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il sparked outrage from the world community especially coming just 24 hours after South Korean former president Roh Moo-Hyun committed suicide. IN typical Jupiter/Neptune fashion involving corruption and scandal of the most high: his shocking death by apparent suicide came as he faced a massive corruption scandal.

Back to Kim Jong-il who suffered a massive heart attack last August reflects those royal stars in the DC chart like Regulus Culminating as Mercury is Culminating which tells of receiving recognition, provided one avoids intrigue.
Other kingly stars in the DC Lunation chart are Diadem culminating with Venus dealing with compromise especially with Mercury Retrograde and ready to station.
Also Alphecca a brilliant white star in the Northern Crown or Corona Borealis which is rising with Mars to portend war like situations.
Like last Full Moon over DC we have Menkar has the Heliacal rising star which according to Robson is primarily ill fortune - causing disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. If we just had to worry about it would be a piece of cake but Algol is in the picture. In fact Algol, the a bright star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying, is culminating with Jupiter adding to powerful obsessions and beheadings. Algol is about power both gained and lost with the famous and infamous all over the news.

Speculation about a successor has focused on his youngest son, Kim Jong-un, which would continue the family dynasty to the third generation — one unique among Communist nations.

Unless we seem to only focus on the more difficult and malefic efects of this new moon lets look at Sadalmelek (the Lucky One of the King, sometimes given as Al Sa'd al Mulk, ) also known as the Lucky One of the Kingdom is setting as the Sun is culminating which offers some powerful optimism. Sadalmelek found in the right shoulder of the constellation Aquarius, not only indicates a detached even fixed attitude where prominence in occultism is evident - Angels and Demons movie opened recetnly.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warren Buffett is back just like Inflation.

Pluto and Mars in Cardinal Signs Motivate the Sage of Omaha Towards More Foul Play?

On August 30th 2009, many people will be celebrating Warren Buffet's birthday probably with lots of tweets on twitter for this "Faux" American Hero. At one time the world's richest person, Transiting Pluto (the power broker and lord of the underworld ) is in Capricorn is retrograde but still close to his natal place of authority Saturn in the first. Also and most strikingly, Pluto (known for great wealth underground) is opposing his natal Mars @ 01 Cancer 30 which could cause some disturbances with his partners and create lots of turmoil even in his domestic life. Note that Mars now transiting in the warrior sign Aries has crossed his IC IC" stands for the Latin Imum Coeli which means "bottom of the heavens." The IC is also known as the "End of a Matter" could we be talking about his death - I doubt it but with Pluto moving direct on Sept 11th 2009 and Mars transiting in Cancer, we better expect something big from Uncle War- false flag?
Quickly note that on Sept. 11, 2001 Mars was transiting Warren's natal Saturn (planning and execution) while transiting Mercury-ASC for the WTC chart was at 14 degrees Libra crossing his MC @ 18 Libra (social event was cove andalibi). Jupiter was also close to the degree of his natal Jupiter with transiting Moon and N Node applying to fateful crossings of his natal Mars in defensive, acquisitive and hidden Cancer.

Looking back on 9/11 and Warren's Charity.

So where was Warren Buffett the morning of 9/11 and what was he doing?

Mr. Buffett was reportedly at his home in Omaha, Nebraska watching TV when he heard about the terrorist attacks. He was getting ready to host his "last annual golf charity event" which just happened to be at the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters located at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha. Offutt AFB is, coincidentally, where President G. W. Bush flew to on Air Force One later in the day for "safety." This early golf charity event hosted by Mr. Buffett was to include celebrities, professional athletes, and a small group of business leaders in which one of these business leaders became a very lucky person.

Uranus in Aries (trickster ready for the next new thing) is close to the cusp (starting point) of the 4th House of ancestral roots, family (especially your family-of-origin), home and the foundation of your life
Buffet renowned as a philanthropist has a legendary story reflecting his natal Sun-Neptune conjunction in Virgo with practical move to the top. Plus his great affluence and mega wealth is intertwined with compatible business partners (Venus in Libra at MC near South Node along with Jupiter the ruling planet of his chart in the house of partners the 7th. In 1962, Buffett became a millionaire, because of Buffett's partnerships, which in January 1962, had in excess of $7,178,500, of which over $1,025,000 belonged to Buffett. Buffett merged all partnerships into one partnership. Buffett discovered a textile manufacturing firm, Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett's partnerships began purchasing shares at $7.60 per share.

Public figures that represent wealth are more in the news especially the likes of billionaires per Warren Buffet. Warren who has both Jupiter and Venus in highly dignified positions in his natal chart both strong and at cardinal angles.
With the current mini-bull market within a longer bear cycle and today the media represented by Mercury in apparent retrograde motion (for more review on last six months financial situation) made a move into earthy fixed sign of Taurus (wealth/money. Buffet who symbolically is older (born August 30, 1930)with Saturn@5 degrees Capricorn 20 min. in his natal chart and at a fortunate angle intercepted in the first with Jupiter-expansive Sagittarius rising. The Sabian Psychic Symbol for this degree of the Ringed Planet: "A dark archway and 10 logs at the bottom." or a more modern version: From under a brick archway, a hunter peers into an ancient forest. A strange little man appears before him and gives him some tips about the maze of paths through the forest. " Now with transiting Saturn ready to station direct on (May 16th) we better pay attention. This Sabian is about: Venturing into new and dangerous territories. (Warren has Uranus in Aries @ 14 degrees right on the IC - conveying a pioneering and even "sense of genius" or the Oracle of Omaha - home base. So he also has N Node in Aries relating to destiny where his courage and leadership ability are in questiion. Other meanins, Learning new rules and adapting to new environments plus making mistakes along the way with a possible attempts to deceive.
Also as we we will see the primary significance of two other planets changing direction: Neptune(May 29th) and Jupiter (May 15th) will all be changing direction within the next 30 days, progenitors of wealth representing a slower, more materialistic mental
proclivity and an emphasis on wealth and comfort.

Warren Buffett warns inflation is on the horizon - May. 2, 2009
From the article. Reflecting on the near implosion of the financial system last fall, Buffett said officials should be judged more leniently when facing "as close to a total meltdown as you can imagine."

Taking a closer look at
Warren Edward Buffett (born August 30, 1930) has all the major aspects of a Mega-Wealthy individual: Jupiter is his ruling planet with 25 degrees Sagittarius rising.
Jupiter is the most benefic planet along with venus associated with wealth and money. In Warren's case Jupiter is not only exalted, highly dignified in the sign of Cancer
but in a "special angular position " in the 7th near Zeus (Jupiter's) Brother Pluto. Pluto is another planet signifyging great power, territoriy, and financial accument. The Mid-Heaven or cusp of 10 th house associated with Career, Public Idenity, Leadership style and more we find Venus dignified in Libra (Venus rules both Libra and Taurus) - Venus is in not only in a positive place but next to South Node (past life gifts).

Politics of Buffet.
Just as Soros supports Obama, Buffet in his desire for a one world order stands behind Obama.
Recent biographical info. tells the story. In addition to other political contributions over the years, Buffett has formally endorsed and made campaign contributions to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. On July 2, 2008, Buffett attended a $28,500 per plate fundraiser for Mr. Obama's campaign in Chicago hosted by Mr. Obama's National Finance Chair, Penny Pritzker and her husband, as well as Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. Buffett backed Obama for president, and intimated that John McCain's views on social justice were so far from his own that McCain would need a "lobotomy" for Buffett to change his endorsement.

The stars have been aligning for Warren now that Jupiter-Neptne not only portend inflation but in the case of Buffett reflect his own need to create even more over the top money and influence.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wesak Moon Comes Early in 2009 as Debt Looms Like a Monster

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With Buddha's Help Escaping the Jaws of Cetus

This is already shaping up to be a wild and crazy Full Moon in Scorpio as multiple
elements are working together for this lunation to pop over the next few days.
Already on May 7th the irrationally exuberant stock market which has bee going up no matter what the news is reflecting the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjucntion, hit the skids.
Bad old Saturn demanding his Karmic due (stationing direct on May 16th) triggered headlines like "Stocks are finishing lower after weak demand at a Treasury bond auction touched off worries about the government's ability to raise funds to fight the recession."
Then with the Bank Stress tests (Saturn)and the fact that GM is toast and this venerated auto giant is to be ousted from the Dow Jones industrial average.

Scorpio/Taurus axis is beginning to come on strong as is the 2nd and 8th house axis where many surprises regarding values/currency, debt and inflation are about to ramp up.
From Bloomberg: Consumer Credit Drops by Record Amid Job, Bank Losses
Today’s report reflected this axis as a campaign by both consumers and financial companies want to strengthen their books in the aftermath of the bursting of the credit bubble.

The Wesak DC Chart
Moon in the most visible 10th house and Sun in usually stable Taurus in the 4th.
In this chart set for the Deep reaches of Mordor (District of Columbia) where the 4th House represents the usual states of enterprise - agriculture, farming, crops, land, houses, real estate, mines, coal pits, minerals, quarries, the weather, the opposition party in government. expect that that the opposition party will be strong whether we talk about tea baggers or vocal republicans crying out in aggressive fashion with both Venus ruler and Mars intercepted in Aries marking the 3 House.

Starting where I usually end, we find some both dangerous and difficult stars.
The three later stars are are rising close to the angles of this chart
Plus when we look at the chart below we see that Pluto had just crossed the ascendant less then a half an hour ago. The Aquarian stellium which plays a major part in this full
moon had transited the 2nd house of finances - a time for more unexpected changes ahead.

The ruler of the Capricorn ascendant is Saturn found in the 8th house of debt and death along with losses, international finance, multi-national corporations and social security.
This is the house of financial relations with other nations or groups, multinational or transnational corporations This house also rules the death rate, suicides, state funerals, interest rates, pensions and social security and advisors to the heads of state.

Difficult Fixed Stars for Full Moon

Before we look at the elephant in the room, we will touch on some of the Fixed Stars over DC. Menkar is the Sea Monster or Whale and considering that the fixed star Menkar also represents the Swine Flu hysteria/hoax all rolled up in one? The unfortunate Menkar from Cetus represents: Disease, throat trouble, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts,
unjustified enmities;
Glancing at the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars for DC - we see Al Rescha rising with the Sun. Alrisha (now at Aries 29 degrees 28 minutes longitude), is positioned on the knot in the cord that joins the two fishes, and Zuben Elgenubi setting before Sunrise and found in the Constellation Libra . .
Al Rescha or Alrisha is fortunate and has a unifying influence with groups.
Zuben Elgenubi which the ancients deemed unfortunate even to the point of assigning Loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, poisoning, drowning. Actually Zuben Elgenubi is really about social reform without the need for personal gain and balancing in legislation, court cases Maine just joined other states to legalize gay marriage.
Other stars we need to note for the moment 12:0 1 AM (Midnight) for DC include Facies rising with the Ascendant another known malefic which represents the eyes, sharp shooter, the soldier, athlete, or the aggressor.
Also Thuban both fortunate but a minor star in the constellation Draco signifying Prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money also dealing with gathering or hoarding wealth. The elite whether you call them Illuminati or NWO controllers will try their best to keep the sinking ship away from Menkar.
Menkar and H1N1
Perhaps the massive Sea Monster, Cetus best captures the backdrop of this coming event.
Menkar, the Alpha star in the open jaw of the Whale, or Sea Monster or Constellation Cetus. According to Ptolemy this constellation is like Saturn. It is said to cause "laziness and idleness," but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods. [Robson*, p.38.]
So we have Menkar as the Sun is Culminating orb 00 mins 20 secs -
Great success or great loss; to be a pawn in the winds of change - Arising and lying hidden

Culminating with the Sun: Great trouble, sickness, throat ailments, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money, failure of crops. [Robson*, p.176.]

Culminating with With Jupiter: Deceitful, dishonest, wandering life, imprisonment, banishment, or judicial sentence. [Robson*, p.176.]
Menkar as Jupiter is Setting orb 00 mins 39 secs -
Feast or famine, the fickleness of life - Arising and lying hidden
With Jupiter: Deceitful, dishonest, wandering life, imprisonment, banishment, or judicial sentence. [Robson*, p.176.]

Part Two - Sacred Wesak

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then beleive them to be true.

Preparations for this upcoming Full Moon in May 2209 or better known as the Wesak moon started for me today while the current Libra Moon ins applying to a balanced spiritual trine with Neptune @ 3:01 AM (May7th) when the VOC period starts. So Neptune is not only carrying the collective light of Aquarius with reception to Uranus in compassionate Pisces. The Moon's Sabian for 18 SCorpio 40 May 8th @ 9:01 PM is: "A Parrot listening then talking." The Moon sits in the public house of the 10th where the need for public recognition is strong. Of course in a mundane chart, the 10th house corresponds to the sovereign leader, the president, prime minister or CEO. 10th rules the government, the leadership or ruling class. In a nation's chart it rules the national reputation and prestige, world opinion, the party in power, the chief executive. Obama and the Democrats will be on center stage May 9th especially the the Lunar transits moving rapidly in the morning before Moon turned VOC - the action is hot and heavy. Moon square Jupiter @ 9:04 to lead the way for the upcoming Sun square Jupiter as politicians, talking heads, rednecks and fox news junkies are involved in moral and legal debate. Then with building excitement even a bit manic, the darker Moon trines for the unexpected meeting with Uranus also in a water sign, this time Pisces
Finally @ 11:49 AM Moon squares Neptune as deceptions are exposed even more while denial is a way of life in the mainstream opinion.

Wesak/Vesak is the most holy time in the Buddhist calendar and it was named the second month in the Hindu calendar, Vaisakha. This is always a special time and sacred time for not just Buddhists but for all of us. This year the two rulers of the lights
- the Sun in Taurus - Scorpio Full Moon both Venus and Mars are in Aries to start a new cycle. make it even more auspicious. For many, Vesak is also synonmymous with Buddha's birthday and for some the most powerful Full Moon of the year. Every year the Moon plays a major role since the Sun's transit through Taurus exalts the Moon and Taurus is ruled by Venus, the spiritual ruler of Earth and identified with Mary, the World Mother.

Sacred Days.

The Wesak Festival covers a period of of five days ... the two days preceding, the day of the full moon, and the two following days. Remember, at this time more than any other through meditation and the direction of energy, those of goodwill can cooperate more effectively with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the evolution

The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. Calm and balance, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, rhythmic music and dancing help for receiving the blessings of heaven.