Friday, November 28, 2008

Dangerous Accidents, Explosions and Unexpected Events increase with the buildup to the Sun-Mars SQ Uranus

As we recoil in shock from the terrible events in Mumbai that unfortunately are continuing with hostage standoffs, we may have missed another story out of Ventura County: Three men enjoying the ocean view at Point Mugu were swept to their deaths Thursday afternoon by a wave that pulled them into the water along with two companions who were able to scramble to safety, authorities said.
A rogue wave! As Sun-Mars riding together in the sky notably in Sagittarius a sign connected to accidents are building up to Squares with Uranus in Oceanic Pisces. Sagittarius is a mutable sign and known for strong independence and at times militant attitudes.

Pluto-Uranus and Mumbai Strikes

A perfect storm of aspects has begun with Pluto ingress into Capricorn on November 26th @ 6:05 PM PST and Uranus stationing direct @ 8:08 AM on November 27th. Pluto is the destroyer who devastates to rebuild and with Capricorn we are talking about the establishment in other words the prevailing ruling Government. Uranus always means a drive toward freedom and revolution in many forms especially those that are seemingly unexpected and swift. The Indian government like the corporate media around the world immediately blamed every other group from Pakistan's ISI to Al Quida
uthor Tariq Ali points out today, “The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has insisted that the terrorists were based outside the country. The Indian media has echoed this line of argument with Pakistan (via the Lashkar-e-Taiba) and the work of Al-Qaeda listed as the usual suspects.”

“But this is a meditated edifice of official India’s political imagination. Its function is to deny that the terrorists could be a homegrown variety, a product of the radicalization of young Indian Muslims who have finally given up on the indigenous political system. To accept this view would imply that the country’s political physicians need to heal themselves.”

Domestic Accidents in US

7 Are Killed in Plunge of an S.U.V. in Colorado -

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Full Moon Rumblings for the FED with Sun-Moon TSQ Neptune

As the empire collapses with this financially sensitive Taurus Moon (1:17 AM EST)TSQ the Sun-Neptune square for even more confusion and a newly ingresed Venus (currency) now in constrictive Capricorn. Paulson's seemingly planned betrayal of a star crossed bailout ill timed with Mercury's retrograde in unbalance Libra.
Playing the trickster, two parts Mercury the messenger and one part the Uranian prankster, Rick Santelli held up a sign on CNBC in reaction to today's seemingly turn around of Fed Polices. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who acknowleged during a news conference on Wednesday, the initial decision to buy troubled mortgage assets of financial institutions was "not the most effective way" to use the $700 billion bailout package.
This mornings announcement (as Mercury is applying toward Sun in Scorpio - debt and more debt) "The Bush administration on Wednesday largely abandoned its plan to buy up toxic mortgage assets and said it will focus its $700 billion financial bailout fund on making direct investments in financial institutions and shoring up consumer credit markets."

U.S. backs away from plan to buy bad assets | Reuters

When we examine this highly sensitive Full Moon in relationship to the foundation chart for the Federal Reserve which was planned at the Jekyll Island Club by secretive bankers who journeyed from New York to Georgia in the dead of night to plan our current currency system - Exact Foundation date was December 23rd 1913 @ 6:02 PM and today's transits where closely aligned with asteroid Astraea (29-Sag.) Sun-Ceres-Jupiter all in Capricorn all being touched by current motion of Pluto (on the cusp of being in structural Capricorn)-Venus-Ceres and the expansion of Jupiter all are moving quickly to a point in on Nov. 29th when the natal opposition of Pluto in FED chart@ 0 Cancer 05 is exactly opposite transiting Pluto. We are in historic times for the Fed.

On the evening of November 22, 1910, Sen. Aldrich and A.P. Andrews (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department), Paul Warburg (a naturalized German representing Kuhn, Loeb & Co.), Frank A. Vanderlip (president of the National City Bank of New York), Henry P. Davison (senior partner of J. P. Morgan Company), Charles D. Norton (president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York), and Benjamin Strong (representing J. P. Morgan), left Hoboken, New Jersey on a train in complete secrecy, dropping their last names in favor of first names, or code names, so no one would discover who they all were.
(Today's Mercury @ 13 Scorpio is conjunct the privacy-oriented Fed. Reserve's natal Moon @ 14 Scorpio to begin to drop the veil on their clandestine activities.

Fed. Transformation is On.
In the Fed chart, the Sun represents the leader, or chairman, of the FRB who in this case is "Helicopter" Ben Shalom Bernanke who can't prevent a severe recession no mater how much $$ he spreads around. Transiting Pluto represents termination of his role or change of his duties in a substantial way and with the current Saturn-Uranus Opposition forming one arm of a mutable cross his natal Jupiter-Sun Opposition indicating a momentous change in fortunes. This transit definitely represents a major transformation in the institution itself.

When we look at this Bi-Wheel we see that not only Pluto represents the debt structure of the entity but so does Transiting Pluto in opposition along with an Aquarian stellium of N Node-Chiron and Neptune over the 8th house of other people's money. Finally the public is gaining the awareness that the FRB either does not have the money we thought it had, or its power as an independent and rather secretive institution is being threatened and will have to undergo major change very soon.

Taurus Full Moon and the Mayan Sixth Day Part Two

The Taurus full moon ( Nov. 12/13th ) becomes another focal point for November's shift with the Sabian symbol for 22 Taurus: "a white dove over troubled waters" planting the seed for peace. Looking at a chart set for November 13th at 1:17 AM EDT, a Mercury-Sun-Mars Scorpio lineup opposes the value oriented moon in the 9th. Here we have a major focus on transforming our current communication and transportation systems as we began to focus on local neighborhoods vs. putting all our energies into foreign affairs. Pluto, Venus and Juno are together in the 4th house trine Ceres (12th) and Vesta (8th) all in earth which signifies the people versus the government making changes with agriculture, farming, crops, land, houses, real estate finally.

Ahau - Lord of the Sun Promises Understanding today.

Today's Tzolkin Date: Galactic Tone (12) and Sacred Sun Sign (Ahau-Sun) Let the sun shine within, let go of disdain and resentments while encouraging artistic, musical, heroic and visionary pursuits Chiron, the deeper teacher of this current cycle now direct in Aquarius @ 16 degrees and opposing Mercury in Scorpio allowing sensitive communications to heal all. More then likely we will began to start a major dialogue about how ancient enemies like Israel and Palestine can create peace and healing.

New Goddess in Town
Incidentally this lunation occurs on the start of the Day Six of the Galactic Underworld (Nov. 2008 – Nov. 2009). The 6th Day Is a time of renaissance in each cycle and the last sixth day during the Planetary Cycle was 1955 to 1972 noted for Flower Children, The Beatles, orbital satellites and global communication systems. . During the 6th Day of the National Cycle was right when the European Renaissance happened. The Full Moon commences a time when opportunities abound as the Aztec Goddess Xochiquetzal or Yohualticitl ruler of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and agriculture takes the baton from Tezcatlipoca the the god of darkness, the night, the north, temptation, sorcery and war. Get ready for a new renaissance illed with life and death challenges...

Mighty T-Square in Fixed Signs Demands Sustainability on All Levels

An analysis of the major changes symbolized in the chart above for the east coast and in my previous Part One for the west coast demonstrates how this shift marks a change in conciousness for humanity. The already massive acceleration in time and cultural change with Saturn-Virgo (green awareness) in the 1st house still in orb to the Uranus-Pisces (massive spiritual shift) meets the fixed powers of Scorpio-Taurus-Aquarius. The Fixed TSQ harvests the energies from the fixed squares in 2005 when Mars was retrograde in Taurus. Mars representing the male-dominant force for the last 5,000+ years of wars and aggressions is again in Scorpio like 2006 when the passage of Pluto (ruler) was nearing the Galactic Center a time of great shifts for everyone. Looking at the Sabian for 22 degrees Scorpio from a different interpretation" we see a primary disgust with the trappings of war: "A soldier home from war sees his sweetheart standing by the calm waters of the mill pond. Dropping his gun, he runs to embrace her." If ever there was a time to Make Love Not War, it is now.

A Revolution is Afoot.
Neptune now direct in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius and progenitor to the ideals of democracy along with the confusion is another pillar in this TSQ on todays Full Moon.
Again looking at the Sabian Symbol for 22 Aquarius (from the Zodiac by Degrees) we get an idea of how both rebellion and revolution from Uranus the ruler manifests: "Guerrilla group runs along zigzagging, boulder-strewn mountain ridge in order to head off a munitions train." The danger of outright anarchy is high as many people are demanding social justice during a time of major liberaton of minds and bodies.
Now as we transition into the Mayan 6th day away from the clutches of Tezcatlipoca a lord of the underworld into the arms of Xochiquetzal's flower kingdom, who was also worshiped under the name Tonacacihuatl, meaning "Sustenance-Woman" Not only has the revolution of locally grown community agriculture taken hold but the need for a sustainable economy of local goods of all kinds is thriving. Now it is time for a true Green Festival.

With three planets in Scorpio indicating a non-sustainable debt that has increased for homeowners and families and Pluto-Venus now in Capricorn along with Ceres, dramatic changes to bolster up our foreclosure crisis will arise. Solutions will be proposed in this transforming process which will continue into 2009. Interestingly Mars now in Scorpio till November 16th has been in a functional SQ to the Pluto in Leo natal chart for the Baby Boomers. As Mars the older ruler of Scorpio makes an ingress into Sagittarius the SQ then falls upon a new generation right when the haze of the results of the election have subsided. Pluto squares are pivotal in getting rid of bad habits, dealing with joint finances and with Mars or Venus involved a total alchemical event involving the death of the ego can occur just as the phoenix rises from his ashes. Not to be really melodramatic but with Pluto changing signs for the next 14 years into Capricorn on November 26th the lower consciousness symbolized by the scorpion is about to be forged by the fires of this mighty quest.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Potent Taurus Moon Part One: Connecting Myths and Underworlds

The sun falls lower in the sky each day. The earth has turned the color of buckskin and one to sleep. I have been to the cemetery to talk to my ancestors. I left them food to eat, and water to drink, thoughts to comfort them. When my time comes, will I be ready? What if I don't want to die?
Mortality is the recognition of each day's purpose.

Taken from "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood

The Taurus Super Moon

Layers of power, creativity and destruction meet multiple dimensions on this November's
"super moon" starting Wednesday Evening 11-12-08 @ 10:17 PM PST.
As pointed out by the great astrologer, Richard Nolle this lunation called by the Pueblo Indians Corn Depositing Moon: Iatayaepana is one of two back to back full moons closest approach to the earth (perigee). So here we have portal that opens into a triplet of full moon SuperMoon alignments (including the closest one of the year, coming up on December 12th marks the closest approach of the year at 356567 KM distance.

When we look deeply into the astrological aspects, penetrating images and correspondences began to link thousands of years of ages, precessions, batuns. Starting with the corresponding rulers of the Moon and Sun: Venus and Pluto which actually meet on Nov. 11th @ 9:53 PM PST in the last degrees of Sagittarius adding a fiery reception. As we will see this is a time when secrets go public and the need to bond in deeply intimate form is strong. Yet change is not only in the air but in the earth, right before the exact time of this lunation on 11-12, Venus changes signs into colder Capricorn @ 7:25 AM. Unquestionably we are in a dangerous window for earthquakes, drastic weather and volcanic eruptions.

This chart set for 10:17 PM PT has fixed signs at all the angles ASC-DSC. adding more power to the entire west coast and central america. The TSQ that dominates this chart from Moon-Sun opposition across the MC-IC and in almost 90 degrees to Neptune could signify intense events from earth changes to busting of the cosmic egg. The see planted with the election on Nov. 4th and the passage of Prop. 8 has many people on edge, not just the Gay communities. If ever there was a massive shift of populations and demand for a more sustainable world, this is it!

It is finally sinking in that the Nov. 4th major opposition of Saturn-Uranus the first in a five part series of this historic alignment ending in July 2010 in early degrees of cardinal libra-aries. So the moon @ 21 Taurus 15 not only happens during a Taurid Meteor shower but being opposed by Mercury, Sun and Mars in obsessive and passionate Scorpio. A strong element of both atavistic energy along with deeper darker need for some type of vengenance or retribution is present. Again we are connecting images of the power of blood in these ritual bull slayings

Energies are indistinctly light and dark that shadows can cross with the time of flowering presented by the Mayan Sixth Day in this time accllerrated Galactic Underworld starting on the 12th. Now with this moon we have the light as represented by the Azetec Goddess of flowers We are also Mysteries of Mithras (also Mithraism) The Mithraic Mysteries or Mysteries of Mithras was a mystery religion practised in the Roman Empire, best attested in Rome and Ostia, Mauretania, Britain and in the provinces along the Rhine and Danube frontier. These rituals were deeply Chthonic (from "of the earth", from khthōn "earth"; pertaining to the Earth; earthy; subterranean) which connects them to Pluto and pertains to, deities or spirits of the underworld. On this lunation we have connections from as far back as the Age of Taurus and the consequential Mithraic Mysteries
to the Eleusian Mysteries held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone based at Eleusis in ancient Greece. As we will see in Part Two of this writing, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and fertility and her daughter Persephone (abducted by her uncle, Hades, the god of death and the underworld relates to the Aztec Goddess XOCHIQUETZAL who rules the Mayan 6th Day in this Galactic Underworld cycle. Like Persephone,Xochiquetzal or Yohualticitl ruler of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and agriculture, was kidnapped and taken from her husband, Tlaloc, to the underworld by Tezcatlipoca a lord of the underworld.