Sunday, February 26, 2006

Pisces New Moon 2006 - a New Cycle of Water Brings, Deluge, Misplaced Devotion and Imagination

By the time you read this, you will have noticed this lunar cycle isn't like anything else we have experienced. If you live here on the West Coast, it means extended period of stormy weather looming ahead bringing rain, floods and high winds (clocked at over 75mph). Water is the primary element for this Neptune ruled Piscean New Moon 2-28-2006 at 12:31AM set for UTC time or 7:30PM EST on 2-27-06. Maybe I should say water and oil since everything dealing with petroleum and it's production will also dominate the news for the next month. The Water Wars or is it Water Worries will start in earnest - per example this article about Queensland Mayor who ponders flood-drought irony when even torrential rains have not helped. Or this article dealing with drought about western and southern Europe on track to experience a suumer like that of 2003. Dry winter points way to summer drought for Europe.

Trust Your Own Inner Psychic Not Your Rulers
This lunation is inspiring many of us to trust our own intuition and look beneath the surfaces since the ruler Neptune continues to be in a close 90° Angle to Jupiter in Scorpio expanding the focus on detective work, spying and uncovering underground organizations. For example on 2-27-2006: Archaeologists discovered a pharaonic sun temple under an outdoor marketplace in Cairo, Egypt! The Sabian Symbol for 9°16'Pisces translates to 10° = "The queen's cat scouts around the rooftops of the palace. Through a window far below, it sees a mouse stealing cheese." ON Tuesday, 2-28-2006, the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Domestic Surveillance begins in the morning to question the NSA's warrantless wiretaps again. So what is going to happen to all those folks being spied upon, the vocal whistleblowers or those of us who have a concience and are devoted to the Bill of Rights and the original US Constitution? For those that are paranoid, curiously the subject of KBR (Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root) building detention centers (Pisces ruled) somewhere in the US will also be in the mainstream news this month. Remember it has only been alternative media that has dared discuss the possibility that detention centers could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law. With Mercury strongly emphasized in March (retrograde on March 2) and Mars SQ on the ides of March coming right after the explosive Mars/Uranus SQ on March 10th.

Lunar Eclipse March 14th Can Bring Leaps of Genius

More and more folks will began to realize that there is a metaphysical cause that connects with the physical origins and as we move forward in March to two major eclipses. First there is a Lunar Eclipse on March 14th @ 24°20' Virgo and March 29th @ 08°34' Aries - what is of great import is that they are part of Saros Series 8 North begun on May 17, 1501. Bernadette Brady describes this Saros Series as a precursor for intuitiveness and flashes of genius "where individuals will have intuitive leaps, good ideas, visons and vivid dreams." This eclipse will undoubtedly throw a heavy wrench into the Illuminati plans for world domination.

More Possible Earth Changes
We are sure to see many outer manifestations of this lunar period with earth changes and inclement weather. Already as indicated by this news report: Scores evacuated after flash floods hit Malaysia An astrocartographic map shows a Pluto lines running thru the 99E Longitude from upper Mongolia thru Calcutta, Rangoon on thru Kuala Lumpur and east of Perth, Australia. There is also a Uranus line culminating at 175E running thru the Aleutian Islands North thru Auckland, New Zealand and going west to 169W we find another Pluto line. It doesn't take a prophet to see how the number of quakes have increased in the entire Australean region in the last week. Of course this Piscean energy can seem amazing as our right brain psychic, highly intuitive functioning just automatically tunes in.

Yes this lunation is a kickoff to some incredible earth changes in March including yes earthquakes especially in the Pacific Rim. Yet this is only part of the story as we see the Piscean energy also reflects the principles of boundless imagination, dissolution and even transcendance. The great astrologer Richard Nolle calls this one of five SuperMoon's this year and we are finishing the last cycle begun on January 29th . I would have to call this a MonsterMoon filled with opportunities to meditate and reflect our true spiritual position along with revolutionary new ways to view the world.

With Sun, Moon and Uranus together along with Mercury in Pisces, we are deeply enmeshed in the 12th Archetype which Zip Dobyns says "symbolizes our hunger for the emotional Absolute, for Infinite Love and Beauty.” Neptune is the higher Octave of Venus but also provides a contrast to the pleasure and beauty of Venus. This contrast deals with the savior, the victim or martyr or the artist/musician who is devoted to creating beauty. This might seem like a difficult time to be grounded with all this focus on dreams and visions but the last three months of grinding Fixed TSQ has forced many of us to look at reality square in the face. Now that one of the major players, Mars has left Taurus for the more mental, communicate realms of Gemini, we are gettig a real breather.

I set this chart for Universal Time but used the coordinates for Washington, DC where Pluto not only has moved close to the Galactic Center (26°51') on March 28th before turning retrograde. Yes in the chart below, Lord of Transformation sits on the IC symbolically representing the foundation of our nation's center - things are becoming undone. Faulty efforts to bolster this administration have backfired: George W. Bush's decision to allow a Dubai-owned company to operate terminals at major U.S. ports (Pisces ruled) sparked a Republican Rebellion. With Mercury soon to retrograde into Pisces on March 2nd, the Dubai Ports World has agreed to a 45-day national security review. "We've defended them on wiretaps, we've defended them on Iraq, we've defended them on so many things he's tried to accomplish, that to be left out here supporting this thing in a vacuum is kind of offensive," Representative Mark Foley, Republican of Florida, said Sunday. The Neptune-Jupiter SQ has created a non-informed vacuum for many people.

With Sun meeting Uranus exactly on March 1, 2006, we will began to see others wake up to the fantasy (oft used word during this lunation) and see that most of the Bushites poliices are actually deleterious to our physical health. The fog of war and warp are at their thickest with Sun/Moon/Uranus and Mercury all in this chart's 6th house obfuscatings our nations wage and employment conditions. In mundane astrology, the 6th house rules labor conditions and is opposed to the natural house of Pisces the 12th with Virgo on the cusp. Rumblings are heard of the Pentagon's Civilian Inmate Labor Program. This program supposedly "provides Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations."

Despite all these grim preparations by the control hungry NWO (New World Order)the cosmos has other ideas. A Pluto line culminates from 73W Longitude past DC at 77W and pushes into the south on down thru Miami, Havana, Panama and down thru Lima, Peru. Usually a Pluto line symbolizes power hungry, selfish and destructive manipulators who bring loss - yes that is true. In this case Pluto meets a multitude of other planets rising and setting including Saturn all around 100 miles from DC.
We are either going to have giant earthquake on the New Madrid fault or tornado or heaven help us - a state sponsored nuclear event to get everyone into their fantasy. I am opting out for the natural disaster.

Chart Set for Washington DC but using UTC for 2-28-2006 at 00:31AM

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Al Askari Shrine Explodes Plaugued by Nemisis

One of the holiest of Shiite Muslim sites is now in ruins with it's distinctive golden dome now destroyed. This once shining golden dome was added in 1905 (the end of a Jupiter-Neptune cycle when religious ideas are consolidated into society). Covered in 72,000 gold pieces and surrounded by walls of azure blue tiles, the dome was a dominant feature of the Samarra skyline. This was not just a major cathedral, located in the center of the ancient city of Samarra, Al-Askariya shrine is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world. We are talking about origins in the 9th century in fact it was built 944 and that was they year that Saturn and Uranus were conjunct in Gemini circa 27* to start a cycle that repeats every 45 years. On the day of the bombing Pluto planet of destruction and eventual transformation was at 26* 24' Sagittarius opposing those positions in 944AD. The purpose of building this shrine was to house the tombs of two ninth century imams, direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. Even though there are strong religious undertones with Al-Askariya original foundation date, the Saturn-Uranus cycle tends to be associated with the development of imperialistic and economic ebb and flow involving investment and production. The last Saturn-Uranus conjunction was at 27* Sagittarius in 1988 and Israel was conceived in 1942 with Saturn-Uranus circa 28-29* Taurus.

After the Explosion

Despite my historic jog into the foundations, this impressive golden dome is utterly devastated and Iraq has been plunged into what may turn out to be the deadliest Civil War ever in the Middle East. Shia mosques, wedding parties and religious ceremonies across Iraq have been targeted in the past but Shia have kept the lid on renewed violence. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has long urged his followers not to retaliate against Sunnis. Each new report from Iraq tells of renewed religious warfare. Some Shia militias operate within Iraqi security forces. We do know that the bombing was carried out by people in police uniforms.

What are the astrological circomstances that created this event? Perhaps the most obvious force in the chart is Saturn in Leo sitting near the cusp of the 6th - a technical specialist doing the bid of the authorities. According to Construction Minister Jassem Mohammed Jaafar: 'According to initial reports, the bombing was technically well conceived and could only have been carried out by specialists,
Opposing Saturn is Chiron and the vengeful centaur Nessus. Besides Chiron, Neptune and Sun in the house of hidden agendas the 12th there is lots more. With the Lunar Phase in a waning 3rd quarter, the people of Samarra and Iraq were in a crisis of concience leading to serious conflicts. In event charts the Moon represents the public and moves so swiftly is known as the trigger - the Moon in idealogical Sagittarius was separating from a severe challenge to the planet of unexpected explosions Uranus. Yes the Moon has it's ruler Jupiter in Scorpio expanding motives of revenge and is applying toward a conjunction with Pluto designating even more hidden motives. Uranus on the Ascendant indicates an unexpected explosion, a blast that occured at 6:55AM on 2-22=2006. The more I examine the chart for the bombing of the Shiite mosque in the northern town of Samara, it appears to be a fated event which will spell years of civil war in Iraq and still more turmoil.
I can only hope that Peace Starts to Break Out All Over the Planet and religion takes a back seat to living our lives well!

In this chart timed for the explosion - the National Identity or character of Iraq (Sun in Pisces near the Ascendant) heavily identifies with religion, religious figures, theology to the point of being deceived (Neptune the ruler of the chart is in the 12 house of hidden causes) and betrayed.
Internal conflicts and tensions are exacerbated by militant teachers who communicate by attaching the government and efforts to politicize and offer other diversions.
The People themselves have become polarized and unable to communicate (Moon/Sag applying to SQ with Mercury) their own lack of food, unrest ethic, and racial discord stimulated by foreign sources. I can go on but let me leave you with someting of a blaring coincidence:
Nemisis the spirit of divine retribution
against those who succumb to hubris was a player in this event.
I found 128 Nemesis an asteroid discovered by J. C. Watson on November 25 1872 the goddess of divine retribution is within 07' orb (Pretty freakin close)
contraparallel invovling declination - to the MidHeaven - In Astrology the MidHeaven is where the Sun culminates (similar to Noon on the clock) and it indicates the Fate of the chart's leaders, national reputation and honor. sitting at 20Leo45 just 07'orb contraparallel (Like an Opposition) this chart's MC! I went to Wikipedia and found that Nemisis rotates rather slowly, taking about one and half Earth days to complete one revolution - slowly seeking revenge. Of course everyone will be blaming al-Qaida... it appears that all of the existing religious problems and terrorism attributed to al-Qaida are beyond anyone's control and al-Qaida is just one of the instruments of the conflict from unseen forces that have been present for aeons of religious intolerance thru the Piscean Age.

Another interesting thing is that the MidHeaven degree is 15* 45' Sagittarius which translates to what is called the Sabian Symbol read as 16Sagittarius from the modern version called 360 New Symbols: "In an amateur production of the Pirates of Penzance, the Pirate king gets carried away and sets fire to the admiral's plywood galleon." This is all about recklessness, playing a role to the hilt then with fiery temper starting a culural revolution.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Nessus Abducts the Death Penalty - amid Poison, Perpetrators and Victims

Pisces Sets the Stage
We live in strange times where the gods, demons and centaurs are seemingly walking the earth again. Or does it just seem that way with ingress of Sun into Pisces on 2-18 to join Uranus and Mercury - identities are undergoing that mystical, merging often deceptive malaise that accompanies too much Pisces. This is the type of energy that turns victims into perpetrators as in the bizarre scenario with Cheney and Whittington where a victim apologizes to the one who pulled the trigger! The US Chart (7-4-1776) has it's own identity changing with Sun progressed into Pisces on Nov 4, 2004 right after Bush and the NeoCon mob stole the election in 2004. Since the Sun represents a nations national identity or pride is now oriented to a more watery, mututable, drug oriented and yes will be more compassionate once the lunar nodes slip into Virgo/Pisces circa June 23, 2006. I caution everyone not to expect any great change all at once and yes this extends to ending the death penalty and reforming prisons.

Morales and legacy of Nessus
By now (writing this at 5:30PM PST) we have all heard of the unusual delay of the execution of Michael Morales at San Quentin. Not just one delay but an entire stoppage of all executions indefintely. There is no question that Morales, like the Nessus myth explained below represented the beast who would abduct and rape by instinct. Yes Morales is quilty of the 1981 rape and murder of Lodi teenager Terri Winchell but has now become the latest symbol in changing the death penalty. Morales was scheduled to die tonight at 7:30PM and the doctors themselves were unable to comply with U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel's specific, set procedures involving a qualified medical professional in the execution chamber to ensure that Morales was unconscious before the potentially painful drugs ( massive dose of the barbiturate sodium pentothal) were administered. In fact Fogel required that injected directly into Morales' vein, rather than flow through an intravenous tube from outside the death chamber, Previous lethal injections have been administered by prison staffers through tubes connected to a machine that would administer the fatal dose. Now we would need a medically certified professional (indicative of the 6/12 house axis that Pisces/Virgo operate). Well as we all know a monkey wrench was thrown into the proceedings as State officials rejected the his conditions and said they would instead ask Fogel to reinstate the procedure used in California's 11 previous lethal injections. Sodium pentothal is administered under that procedure to render a prisoner unconscious, and two other drugs paralyze his muscles and stop his heart. A hearing on the request will not be held until May, and Morales' execution cannot be rescheduled until after Fogel rules.
Morales execution delay in my mind is significant and relates to Nessus the centaur who abducted Deianera wife of Heracles - we will examine the current oppositon from the asteroid 7066 Nessus discovered discovered by David Rabinowitz, working with Spacewatch, at Kitt Peak on 26 April 1993.

Currently the astro atmosphere surrounding the ongoing struggle to end the death penalty is ruled by Neptune who is in an ongoing challege (SQ ) with the expanded energy of death, poison and retribution with Jupiter in Scorpio. mixing the energy of poison and fragility along with guardians at the threshold. Officials would have had to follow Judge Fogel's specs and now that two anesthesiologists refused for ethical reasons to take part early in the morning, if they wish to execute Morales before the death warrant expires at midnight tonight. Actually I just found out that Morales excution has been delayed again indefinitely - what are the subtle energies operating?
Before I go on further with the specific procedure, this is an Astrology column and I already talked about how Uranus in Pisces in trine to Jupiter in Scorpio is putting heavy emphasis on whether or not the Death Penalty should be upheld. Tonight I am bringing into the mix one of the more arcane aspects but just as important, the asteroid Nessus, discovered in 26 April 1993, is now at 5* 10' Aquarius applying toward a conjunction with Chiron at 6*11Aquarius both in oppositon to Saturn at 5*55'Leo. So the power of elite, royal authority in Leo is facing off with the wounded healer who brings all of the collective wounds to the table now joined with Nessus, the image of "the beast".
Myth of Nessus:
In order to understand this profound juncture in history, it is important to grasp the myth of Nessus a centaur, Heracles (his murderer) and Deianera the victim. First of all the general character of centaurs was that of wild, lawless and inhospitable beings, the slaves of their animal passions. Two exceptions to this rule were Pholus and Chiron, who expressed their "good" nature, wise and kind centaurs. Now to this particular myth which has relevance to the entire Morales-Death Penalty controversy. Nessus was a famous centaur. He was the son of Ixion and Nephele, the Cloud. In a fit of lust, he attempted to kidnap Deianira, the wife of Heracles. Actually Nessus had offered to ferry Heracles' wife across a river.....and when he reached the other side, tried to rape her. Heracles saw Nessus attempting to rape his wife from across a river and shot a poisoned arrow into Nessus's breast. As a final act of malice, Nessus told Deianira, as he lay dying, that his blood would ensure that Heracles would be true to her forever. Thus he told Heracles' wife that, should Heracles ever be unfaithful, she could bring him back to her by placing the blood-soaked cloak (now on Nessus' back)over Heracles' shoulders. Since all Greek myths have a twist and message for humanity we continue into the future: Deianira foolishly believed him. Later, when her trust began to wane, she spread the centaur's blood on a shirt and gave it to her husband. Hercules went to a gathering of heroes, where his passion got the better of him. Meanwhile, Deianira accidentally spilled a portion of the centaur's blood onto the floor. To her horror, it began to fume by the light of the rising sun.

She instantly recognized it as poison and sent her messenger to warn Hercules, but it was too late. Hercules lay dying slowly and painfully as the shirt burned his skin -- either in actual flames or by the heat of poison. He died a noble death on a funeral pyre of oak branches, and was taken to heaven by Hera and welcomed amongst the gods, as the constellation Hercules, for his heroic exploits. Things were not always rosy between Hera and Heracles though...born in the 13th century BC in Thebes to Queen Alcmene of Tiryns and Zeus. Heracles was his father's pride and joy This resulted in Hera's hatred and jealousy of the young boy. Ironically, Heracles' name means "Hera's Glory".
Upon Heracles death, Hera finally relented, allowed his physical body to die on earth, and translated him to Mount Olympus where he was made one of the gods for all time. Per Zane Stein: (Something to was Nessus' poisonous act that, in actuality, healed the feud between Hera and Heracles.)
Some of the Keywords that describe the effect of Nessus in our charts and the place of the mundane - the delicacy and sensibility of the flower, the fragility of life, nastiness, manipulation, cruelty. weakness, morbidity. the strength that is found in weakness. a guardian at the threshold. simple, dark, infinite. terrible and beautiful in its fragility.

Zane Stein describes the effect of Nessus, "Having to face deep pain and make choices as a result of, or while under the influence, of this pain.."

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Full Snow Moon Part Two - Inner Perceptions leads to Outer Change via Mercury/Uranus in Pisces

Valentine's Day 2006 features one couple that won't have a special photo-op for the eEntertainment channel but which will inspire fantasies and psychic abilities beyond our regular perceptions. This couple includes Mercury the Trickster and Hermetic Master sometimes a hermaphrodite but alwasy upbeat gets together at 7:33:07AM PST with that Uranian Record Breaker and Revolutionary: Ouranus in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is one of the collective signs with such Neptunian meanings and keywords as: Merging, Boundless, Illusions, Dreams, These planets met at 9*52' Pisces which translates into the Sabian Symbol for 10* Pisces. Whether we use an older description or the more modern 360 New Symbols - this degree is about Observation both inner and outer along with Transcendance. First from Dr. Marc Edmund Jones: "An aviator in the clouds." From a higer limitless perspective, we are able to use bother our inner and outer realms of sight. The second image does allude to secretive scrutiny, internet spying and wiretapping something the NSA or is it NWO (New World Order) insists we need for our own protection. "The Queen's cat scouts around the rooftops of the palace. From a window far below it sees a mouse stealing some cheese." Besides hidden viewpoints or a loftier perspective, we are also encouraged to use our Inner sight and intuitive, psychic abilities.

Not only are we able to see beneath the elite agenda's tricks but are beginning to get a Galactic eye's view. With an administration which tends to gloss over huge errors that effect and destroy the lives of innocent Iraqi and Katrina survivors caught in a Neptunian like scandal the "hunting incident starring Elmer Fudd Cheney." Vice President Cheney's apparent unapologetic public response for the shooting won't mix with transiting Mercury/Uranus in Pisces especially with his own natal Neptune opposition to the Moon @ 22 Pisces. Let's face this dude is just cold, detached and secretive. Now that we have established that Dick "Gunner" Cheney is not exactly forthcoming (Pisces rules those things hidden). By March 11th when transiting Mars SQ Uranus and Sun/Mercury meet Cheney's natal Moon this entire situation will take a back seat to severe geo-political eruptions with Iran, oil and Iraq leading the way.

Earth Mother Rising
As the Sabians above warn us not to watch the quail birdie in Texas, but to be aware that our Earth Mother is awakening. Stories like Why is Earth's Girth Bulging? from National Geographic News on August 7, 2002 are starting to help us connect the dots... Something massive is moving on or within the Earth and causing the planet's gravity field to get wider around the equator and flatter at the poles, according to a pair of scientists studying the field with sensitive satellite instruments. "Starting after 1997, the world that was getting rounder started getting more oblate [flattened at the poles]," said Christopher Cox, a research scientist at the Space Geodesy Branch of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
Or the fact that there is a Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006
well Earth’s Wobble Has Paused! Suddenly at the beginning of November 2005, the track of the location of the spin axis veered at a very sharp right angle to its circling motion. The track of the spin axis began to slow down and by about January 8, 2006, it ceased nearly all relative motion on the x and y coordinates which are used to define the daily changing location of the spin axis.'
So What Does All This Mean?
Have we reached the time of major earth changes? Here is one possible explanation from Sheldon Nile: This process will make her more ball-like in shape and permit Mother Earth to again lock in the 24 major tectonic plates that comprise her surface area. In addition, the mantle that lies below the surface crust will thin out slightly, causing a series of massive upwellings of magma in the precise locations to enable the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to rise once more.
Lost Worlds Appear in the Future?
Another fanatastical scenario worthy of the Mercury/Uranus Pisces conjunction tells of a new atamosphere where we will see more unusual flora an fauna remiscient of the "lost world" in the Indonesian jungle found recently. This discovery proved to the the home to dozens of new animal and plant species - The team recorded new types of butterflies, frogs, and a series of remarkable plants that included five new palms, a giant rhododendron flower and he spectacular Honeyeater bird. This area at 2000 ft elevations was not only beautiful, untouched, unpopulated forest; there's was no evidence of human impact or presence up in these mountains," In typcial Neptunian fashion, we start to think of the possibilities if our earth increased the oxygen levels of the lower atmosphere increased to 33 to 36 percent with new species flourishing to offer Gaia perfect health.

The Sleeping Prophet and the Rising of Continents?
The spirit of the psychic diagnostician, Edgar Cayce (March 18, 1877 – January 3,1945) Cayce's natal chart has N Node at 9*54' Pisces so that his spiritual destiny is played out. It was Cayce who was famous for his incredible 14,000 "readings" during a period of 43 years (1901 to 1944). When out of his trance, he claimed generally not to remember what he had said during the reading. One of his most famous predictions involved the rising of the continent Atlantis and Lemuria.

By Feb 17th when Mars enters Gemini, ruler Mercury in Pisces will be establishing a Mystical Undercurrent leading up to the wet, wild, delusionary Pisces New Moon on Feb. 27th and the retrograde station March 2 at 26Pisces. Questions proceed as many are on edge with such highly mutable conditons changing weather and such.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Full Snow Moon - Part One : AstroWeathercasting Example

As record breaking storms bury the Northeastern US, it appears that this lunation is living up to the name given by native tribes of the north and eastern US; the Full Snow Moon. According to the national weather service 26.9 inches of snow fell in Central Park, the most for a single storm since record-keeping started in 1869. Besides the weather story even upstaging the continual Iran-Nuclear and Cartoon Riots stories, the weather is beginning to share a place with snarled air transportation. In the lunation ingress chart that I set for Universal Time 2-13-2006 at 4:45AM for New York City, not only is the Aquarian Sun @ 24º20' placed in the 4th house but so his the planet of unexpected change, the record breaker Uranus @ 9º47'Pisces the conjunct Mercury. Mercury is the higher octave of Uranus the ruler of Aquarius and the new age bringing swift surprising changes. Three of the major New York-area airports were closed for much of Sunday the 12th. A Turkish Airways flight skidded off a runway at Kennedy in the evening. Not only will transportation be effected, all things mercurial are a higher than normal priority at this time period.

Mercury's Effect Continues into March
If you remember it was January 24th when Mercury met Chiron in Aquarius, this was when Google's fight with the Government trying to obtain private internet data came to light along with Google's censorship in China. A cosmic marker pointed out by Astrologer Richard Nolle called the Mercury intersolar period begins on 2-23 when Mercury attains its greatest elongation east of the Sun commensing a segment of its orbit which lies between Earth and the Sun. Kicking off the second phase of this cycle is a retrograde period on March 2nd for the messenger @ 26º52'Pisces. We are in a time period when we need to preparde for an incredible breakdown by planning, study, research, gathering information and documentation in advance. We have already seen some 70,000 homes were without power in the Washington area and another 70,000 were without power in the Baltimore area. Hopefully we will not see the Full Hunger Moon per the Algonquin tribes of New England.

Cheney Caught in the Confusion
Vice President Cheney who has Mercury @ 24º Aquarius opposing this Full Moon in Leo -thus an inner disharmony is then reflected through projection onto the external world. In Dick's case he was involved in an accidental shooting yesterday. Actually at a South Texas ranch, he "accidentally" shot and wounded a fellow hunter, 78-year-old Harry Whittington while wielding a 28-gauge shotgun to shoot quail. Now Cheney whose Moon is at 22 Pisces has been under the spell of a Pluto transit which is now moving close to his natal Neptune at 27 Virgo creating multiple confusions and deception.

The Mercurial Pisces is not only reflecting mental breakdown and foggy thinking but as a recent articles says about sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Americans are taking sleeping pills like never before, fueled by frenetic workdays that do not go gently into a great night's sleep. Some researchers have reported what is called the "next day" effect, a continued sleepiness hours after awakening from a drug-induced slumber. Insomia and the unexpected effects of artificially combating this frightening trend.

Plans for Self-Suffiency in MidEast
The secondary story of this Full Moon involves the Sabian Symbol for Leo @ 25º "Standing next to his camel, an Arab merchant looks out over the desert and considers which oases he will visit to secure food and water." This spells plans for self-reliance and economic security on a long range basis. With Mars taking the third leg of a TSQ in the 7th (house of open enemies, contracts and negotiations) we are seeing the influence that Iraq/Iran is having. The Iraqi Grain Board, has suspended its business relationship with AWB Ltd (Australian wheat grower) and now is considering who should win a tender for 1 million tons of wheat. Related financial news has Moscow hosting finance ministers from the Group of Eight nations on 2-11-06. Yes Russia is taking it's position as the world's second-biggest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia seriously especially in light of the Iranian Oil Bourse slated to open in March 2006. This This new Bourse which will rival the New York's NYMEX and the London's International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), based on a euro-oil-trading mechanism that naturally implies payment for oil in Euro. It is apparent that the Russians, Chinese and Japanes have inherent economic interest in adopting the Euro.

Antares and Menkar Set the Tone for Nation
If we use Fixed Stars and Starlight software for the lunation set in Washington, DC at 11:44PM 2-12 we have the Royal star Antares culminating with the Sun means an intensity, obsession a sucess that can backfire. Menkar the brightest star in the constellation Cetus linked to both the whale in Jonah's tale and the sea monster and Andromeda is culminating as the Sun is setting: Great success or great loss; to be a pawn in the winds of change. Also Menkar, one of the most difficult stars to have linked, is culminating as Jupiter is on the Nadir, symbolically feast or famine, the fickleness of life. Note that Menkar has been compared to the collective unconcious which can have a huge, stormlike effect either positive achievment or negative victimization.