Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Housing Crisis Instensifies Before July 2nd New Moon in Cancer

Four years of gains in home prices wiped out

June 24th News of Complete Home Price Decimation in US Surfaces.

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Home prices across 20 major U.S. cities
have dropped a record 15.3% in the past year and are now back to where
they were in the summer of 2004, according to the Case-Shiller home
price index released Tuesday by Standard & Poor's.

Even Charlotte, NC is feeling the price drop - a first.
With Sun-Ceres-Venus all in Cancer Opposed newly retrograde Pluto and ruler of Cancer that moody, domestic and shelter crazed Moon now in Pisces Waning has lots of aspects.
From the disturbing SQ to Mercury also a mutable sign, this time Gemini.
(We are also preparing for a second SQ to Uranus on July 5th.
Of course as Moon meets Uranus again in Pisces tomorrow - it ain't business as usual as we approach the cardinal events with an Aries Moon ingress on July 25th @ 7:49 PM blowing the cover on national denial. US Sibley Sun-Venus-Jupiter are all caught in the cross fire for July!
Chart Set for 7:19 PM on July 2, 2008 in San Francisco (Northern California)
Sun and Venus both in Cancer are contraparalell Jupiter in scrooge-like Capricorn by declination adds to low prices. Jupiter is closely opposed Venus which reflects falling home prices besides a great time for social events like marriages if you cna deal with wildfires in califonria. floods in Illinois, Iowa or tornadoes on the great plains or southeastern california.
Since we are examining a chart set for San Francisco Bay Area having Pluto in first
retrograde and still in orb of Mars now in Virgo coming near Saturn for a fated meeting on July 10th and to Vesta just arrived in Taurus for values under transformation dealing with homes (4th)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gay Marriages Begin as Mars-Leo Opposition to Neptune Rules

A gay couple Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 84 really marked the old in Jupiter transiting in Capricorn as they inaugurated the state’s court-approved and potentially short-lived legalization of same-sex marriages starting at 5;01 PM in San Francisco. Of course Jupiter representing the law giver is only one factor present with this historic event.

When we examine the chart above we see that Mars in joyful, celebratory Leo stands proudly at the Mid-Heaven @ 21 + degrees. Mars is also the focal point of YOD (finger of God-Goddess) with both Jupiter and Uranus sextile and quincunx. With such a configuration, the idea of peace on this planet is attainable. The Sabian Symbol for 22 Leo: "A carrier pigeon with a message alights before it's master. Musing over the missive's content, the man strokes the birds feathers and mentally composes a response. "
This is an image that conjures an openness to spiritual inspiration and our hearts if we are not to stay attached to the illusion of family values. I say this because Mars is applying to a major opposition to Neptune on June 21st. and we are in a time when actions, motivations, and initiatives like this seem both objectionable and questionable for some.
Neptune @ 24 + Aquarius Retrograde is not only a factor in unrelenting floods, oil and gas skyrocketing to destructive prices but also to psychological dissolution where rational thought is challenged by intuitive perceptions and confusing unconciousness. The Sabian for 25 degrees Aquarius: "A scientist pokes a chrysalis with a probe, whereupon it breaks open and a beautiful luna moth emerges, left wing first." The preceding image invokes a time when mysteries are unfolding on lots of dimensions despite antagonism to coming changes.
This ceremony had a surreal carnival atmosphere as several hundred supporters and protesters chanted, cheered and jeered in equal measure...

Having Mercury retrograde and opposing the Moon does not help the atmosphere of sensitivity since the strong emotions engendered by these ceremonies could lead to some crazy misunderstandings. Not technically the best time to get married since Mercury will move direct on Wednesday morning @ 7:31 AM PDT. Yet Wednesday when the Sagittarius Full Moon occurs at 10:30 AM PDT, things will not resume to normalacy in any sense of the word. Yes this is a new day as history is happening all over the world not just in California.

Both Sun and Venus are Opposite Pluto and we are seeing some power struggles play out as relations are strained from an electional point of view not the best time to get married at least in a personal one on one sense. In the collective sense, a great time to offer real transformation the thousands of years of cruelty and control that have existed on our planet.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rose Moon Shines as Ancient Shadows Turn Red with Mars and Pluto Leading Oppositions

Sagittarius Full Moon Together with Pluto Moves Us Toward the Solstice.
One of the most active and sensational Full Moon explodes on the scene June 18th
@ 10: 30 AM PDT or 1:30 PM EDT
This mighty lunation has all four elements and elementals working at warp speed reflecting the raging review of all other planets retrograde.
(1)Fire With Pluto the Great Transformer and Lord of the Deep Underworld moving back into the strong fire sign Sagittarius...Plus Mars near South Node in fixed Leo fire already ravaging with conflagrations all over the world (2) Water Element Uranus in oceanic pisces representing the shocker...
Underwater Volcano Eruption Off Oregon Coast as Uranus is ready to station retrograde @ 22 Pisces 39 on June 27th (3)Air Element: Neptune Retrograde in the sign of ferocious wind Aquarius brining F 5 tornadoes and possibly hurricanes to Carribean-Florida. (4)Jupiter now retrograde in Cardinal Capricorn expanding earth events from quakes to sinkholes now sesiquadrate Saturn also in Earth but direct in mutable earth for some real, difficult adjustments.

Known as both the Full Strawberry Moon and the Rose Moon we have the 2008 June Swoon or Full Monty of Earthyly-Spiritual crossing - A name universal to every Algonquin tribe. While in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June.

Looking at the chart above for deeper interpretation: Uranus is Quincunx Mars with a Sabian Symbol: the materializing medium which conjures up a ghostly mysterious presence which is quite apt sitting on the 8th house cusp and ruled by Neptune. As I have stated on my site the Neptune-Mars Opposition is strong perfecting on June 21st just in time for the solstice creating hysteria and many people are driven more by ideology/belief systems then firm basis in reality. This is a time when religion gets in the news along with fires and other disasters are tornadoes.

Big shaker to traditional religious precepts for all Christians especially Catholics.
Christianity's FIRST church uncovered in Jordan?
These ruins have been uncovered and is believed to be the first church in the world, dating from 33 AD to 70 AD. Quote: " We have evidence to believe this church sheltered the early Christians - the 70 disciples of Jesus Christ. "
Talk about confusion and counter productivity just as he is finally being called on the carpet for impeachment or prosecution for war crimes, George W Bush comes up with another fog screen. GWB and Pope Benedict XVI have held an intimate meeting in Rome as rumours mounted in Italy that the president may follow in Tony Blair's footsteps and convert to Catholicism!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornadoes, Swarms of Quakes, Bridge Collapses with Uranus in Aspect to Sun-Venus-Mercury and Stationing

Whether we are talking about a railroad bridge collapsing over the Cedars river or swarms of quakes in the
Virgin Islands, Reno-Verdi Mogul Nevada or Baja California some of the same forces are at work.
Primary focus is Uranus in Pisces ready to station retrograde on June 21st same day that Mars makes an exact opposition to Neptune...
Railroad bridge over flooded river in Cedar Rapids collapses
The Cedar River poured over its banks here Thursday, forcing the evacuation of more than 3,000 homes, causing a railroad bridge to collapse and leaving cars underwater on downtown streets.
Most outstanding aspect Uranus in Pisces 22 degrees (over water)Sabian: "a materializing medium." in 90 degree aspect to Venus @ 22 Gemini ("three fledglings nesting in room.") and to Sun @ 21 degrees Gemini both ruled by Mercury now retrograde... Oh yeah Neptune in mutual reception to Uranus and known to dissolve the strongest structures is now opposing Mars-South Node in Leo.
Scorpio sits at the IC or homeland where 4,000 homes were evacuated on Thursday. Uranus in the 8th house domicile meant sudden, shocking change to the residents of Cedar Rapids.
June 11th Tornado Kills 4 in Iowa Boy Scout Camp
Looking at the chart for Blencoe where four teenagers were killed and 48 people were injured when a tornado tore through a Boy Scout camp in western Iowa on Wednesday night...we see N Node, Chiron-Neptune all in Aquarius near the IC - as you can see their ruler Uranus sits right at an angle in the 4th SQ Mercury-Sun in the 8th of Death. Mercury was a trigger just as Mars in Leo is a trigger for death of young people these days.

So what about those earthquake swarms?

MAP3.52008/06/12 17:52:46 19.584 -64.469 75.3 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.52008/06/12 09:29:45 19.490 -64.338 70.0 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.72008/06/10 21:31:11 19.575 -63.631 57.9 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.42008/06/10 21:10:31 18.024 -63.806 71.4 ANGUILLA REGION, LEEWARD ISLANDS
MAP3.32008/06/10 19:16:29 19.551 -64.397 7.2 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.72008/06/10 09:04:05 19.521 -64.425 25.1 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.02008/06/10 08:43:20 19.634 -64.367 31.0 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.32008/06/10 08:04:52 19.123 -63.870 96.9 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.42008/06/10 05:33:41 19.150 -64.044 89.4 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.02008/06/10 02:54:56 18.677 -64.551 32.2 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.22008/06/10 00:02:37 19.609 -64.414 16.1 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.52008/06/09 23:44:36 19.449 -64.193 77.6 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.22008/06/09 06:44:12 19.579 -64.204 64.8 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.12008/06/09 06:30:27 19.561 -64.273 49.3 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.52008/06/09 04:05:33 19.616 -64.372 45.8 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.22008/06/09 00:33:19 19.435 -64.194 57.3 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.32008/06/08 18:05:21 19.543 -64.219 67.4 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.12008/06/08 12:12:48 19.587 -64.379 15.2 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.32008/06/08 09:04:59 18.777 -64.379 48.5 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP2.82008/06/08 05:41:43 18.714 -64.829 58.9 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP2.52008/06/08 04:03:14 18.645 -64.123 36.6 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.02008/06/08 02:03:25 19.025 -64.144 94.1 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.52008/06/07 19:02:04 19.551 -64.349 30.7 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP3.52008/06/07 17:07:15 19.655 -64.307 37.5 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION
MAP4.82008/06/07 16:56:08 19.758 -64.209 29.6 NORTH OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS
MAP3.12008/06/06 15:05:07 19.029 -64.897 5.7 VIRGIN ISLANDS REGION

Monday, June 02, 2008

Gemini New Moon June 3rd a Change of Mind and Heart

A Super Moon Looms
Just like the New Moon on May 5th which brought Cyclone Nargis, tomorrow's lunation @ 12:23 PM PDT is dubbed a Super Moon per Richard Nolle. Super Moons are in perigee (closest to the Earth). We may be in for another round of extreme coastal tides, severe storms and major seismic activity (more magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). Using AstroCartography we see that a strong line formed by Sun-Moon-Venus-Mercury runs from N to South @ 111 to 115 West Longitude from Canada thru the Rockies down to Baja. NOTE: Mercury line crosses Uranus around 51 to 54 N and 104-106W from New Mexico up thru Denver and onto Canada. Also a potent Mars line stretches from the Aleutians (crossing Uranus for some shaking) to just east of Hawaii (crossing the Chiron-N Node-Neptune line) to emerge just off the southeast coast of Africa before jutting up through the Middle East and out through Siberia. All these areas are subject to unusual storms and seismic fractures.

My feeling is the most potent of the three Super Moon's will be July 2nd with Cardinal Cancer @ 12 degrees. The July event will have Sun-Moon-Venus-Ceres all applying to an opposition with Jupiter now @ 18 Capricorn.

Mutable Means Change
This New Moon features a prominent alignment of Venus-Sun-Moon all closer together at about 14 Gemini with the Sabian Symbol: "two people living apart in telepathic communication." A time when psychic flashes and intuition may prover more reliable then traditional communications networks. When we bring in Mercury @ 19 Gemini now retrograde and still in orb of a square with Uranus to keep causing more disruptions and weird erratic changes with psychics world wide buzzing about coming natural disasters. Yet despite all the possible tectonic or extreme weather changes, the real story is that Mars in heartfelt Leo is bringing us lots of courage to change our minds and open up to compassion. Now that Ceres in Gemini is moving quickly towards an opposition to Pluto on the Full Moon, there will be lots of letting go.

A great realignment

A great realignment involving communication, transportation, local communities, and a resurgent inner spirituality began last May 26th. At this time Mercury moved retrograde less then an hour before Neptune stationed. In Greek myth, Hermes was the messenger, the trickster, associated with merchants, thieves and patron of roads and boundaries. He rules the two signs, Gemini and Virgo. For full integration, Gemini needs to move from the specific to the general and Virgo from the concrete fact to the larger picture. Hermes was a traveler in all three worlds from the higher realms of the Gods to the earthly denizens of us humans to the guide who guaranteed souls safe passage in the underworld. We may all meet Hermes in some form or another during this Gemini period.

Uncontrollable Forces Within and Without

This is a month when it’s necessary to have the two phases of personality on speaking terms and in harmony. As powerful as the fixed signs were in May, the volatility of the mutable energies will be a rival. The effect of the mutable, or common signs, grappling with the uncontrollable forces of outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in June will be extreme. The chart above set for San Jose and the West Coast has N Node-Chiron-Neptune all together in the 6th house of health, service and labor. We should expect news about certain persistent health issues or even a major advancement in the world of healing fatal diseases...Police, workers and strikes will all be prominent now as more people are starting to realize that they have to become their own volunteers in order to make a change.