Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mutable Grand Cross Means Sudden Changes Especially with Uranus-Mars Coming Together

A Tsunami of Energies Coming At Us Can be Positive or Negative, depending on how we perceive their flow...

This is an exciting time for all of us and most significantly Mutable signs:

Gemini (which represents the Cosmic Principle of Conscious Mind, Thinking, Communication)ruled by Mercury or Quicksilver thought, short journeys, writing, data, siblings, language and so on.
Virgo (which represents the Cosmic Principle of Discernment, Devotions and Self-Fullfillment)co-ruled by Mercury and Vesta touching health, service, crafts, domestic pets and small animals
Sagittarius(which represents the Cosmic Principle of Expansion, the Search for Truth, Wisdom and Going Beyond Horizons) ruled by Jupiter inspiring Far away Journeys, Religion, Deep Space, Philosophy, Large Animals like the Horse and so one
Pisces(represents the Cosmic Principle of Imagination, Dissolution and Trancendence) ruled by Jupiter and Neptune - the higher octave of Venus filled with music, dance, poetery, hallucinogens and so on.
The above chart (set for 4-29-07 in DC) shows both a Mutable TSQ using only planets and a Mutable Grand Cross including Moon's Nodes. This spinning, highly changeable, adapting astrological cross has been forming since Venus entered Gemini on April 11th. On the specific date Mars-Uranus (known for unexpected accidents), in the sign of universal, watery-oceanic Pisces, are together perfecting in exact orb. In simple terms Grand Cross is said to occur when four planets (or points or asteroids) are all separated from each other by square aspects (90 degrees apart). A grand cross can also be viewed as two oppositions (180 degrees apart) separated from each other by a square. With mutable energies it is said to be especially difficult to overcome problems of maintaining focus in communication and focus.

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It should be noted that usually mutable signs: Gemini (Mental Air), Virgo (Practical Earth), Sagittarius (Active Fire) and Pisces (Emotional Water) are normally able to go with the flow, accept the norm or use their versatility to adapt. So with the TSQ or Mutable Cross we have major difficulties in going with the flow which will come hard and fast incorporating all the elements.

Jupiter in Fiery Sagittarius is not only about the thunder-god Zeus, which has been in expansive Sagittarius since November 2006, is a touchstone when in Sagittarius for pirates. We hear stories of modern day brigadiers who are sea thieves of the Meditterean or Arabian seas. With Uranus and Mars in Pisces (ocean accidents tragedies will increase)we willundoubtedly have some Millenium Pirate Myths created during this upcoming period. With the expansion of aviation, air disasters roam not only the oceans but skies. Note that Jupiter was joined by the dedicated, true believer Vesta back in March.
Jupiter in adventurous Sag. is not only about forest fires but sky news like NASA astronauts doing crazy stuff, employees going postal at JSC, more comets, near flybys of asteroids, UFO sightings and releasing those old top secret files on UFO's (at least by France and Chile). Way too much news about Britney Spears (Sag. born 12-2-1981), Anna Nicole Smith (11-28-1967 to 2-8-2007), Keith Richards (12-18-1943) snorting his Dad's ashes and many more examples.
By April 28th Jupiter will oppose Venus so these two normally benefics will be watching each other for the next move.

Venus in Talkative Gemini (starting on April 11th till May 8th ) Gemini is an Air sign which means data collection of multiple kings. In Gemini, words have power (whether it is Don Imus or NBC speaking those words), communication networks & journalists are under scrutiny, celebrity phone conversations are all now volatile and endlessly recorded by the proliferation of cameras, video equipment and internet tools.

Mars in Wavelike Pisces along with Uranus
Mars is the action Jackson of the Zodiac, the instinctual warrior within now in confusing, no boundaries Pisces meets Uranus the ultimate trickster in universal Pisces. Uranus always is about movement towards freedom using innovations along with sudden, unexpected events and mixed with Mars always is a reference to Oceans and yes Tsunamis.
South Node in Analytic Virgo
A simple way to look at Virgo which is an Earth sign is that it lends itself to self fullfillment by using discernment in other words building form while analyzing those details.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Saturn Stationing in Leo on April 19th - Leaders, Celebrities with Children are Accountable

Saturn tends to stabilize, ego-crystallizing form onto any sign even in Leo. The difference is that in Leo, the ring-planet can restrict and block all that vibrant fire. Sorrow thru children is the expression of Saturn in the sign of the Lion. When Saturn - Lord of Karma stationed direct, moving forward on April 19th, 2007 @ 2:26 PM or 5:26 PM any normal patient, cool-headed style of Saturn suddenly was engulfed action orientation. Simply put, when Saturn was retrograde, it was impeded or hindered and was interfering with the smooth flow of the planet's energies. Perhaps it is best to view the Sabian Symbol for 19* Leo all about "a cruise ship, where the captain chats casually with the passengers and directs them to their destinations while turning momentarily to bark orders at the crew." Saturn asks us if we are captain of our ship and willing to launch a mythic persona while running a tight ship based on responsibility to our own soul's divine plan.

From a worldly standpoint, we have Saturn now rushing forward burning off any excessive energies in an incredible mutable soup composed of quickly changing astral-emotional-physical elements. I will leave the discussion re: Mutable Cross composed of Venus-Gemini opp. Vesta-Jupiter, SQ Mars/Uranus-Pisces and the Nodes with Virgo as South Node. This spinning, highly changeable cross reflects dualism and polarities: positive and negative.
Saturn in Leo and Leaders Facing Accountability
Saturn in Leo is about leading not following but how one leads is under the magnifying glass...
Breaking News on April 22nd: GREAT WALL OF CHENEY CONSTRUCTION HALTED as Iraqi PM Orders Halt to Baghdad Barrier - hmmm...Saturn is doing his best to restrict a structure which is not being built to secure but to isolate!
Also the EU group is saying that the Wolf is at the Exit Door as articles like Germany expecting Wolfowitz to resign
The most strident example of how Saturn stationing can effect careers of leaders: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (born 8-4-1955) is a classic case of what happens when Saturn turns direct and demands accountability for one's actions. General Gonzales of course has a major stellium of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars,Vesta and Pluto all in Leo putting him on the Hot Seat... Saturn doesn't take any prisoners whether Republican or Democrat - Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said "The attorney general's testimony was very, very damaging to his own credibility. It has been damaging to the administration,"
Children not only of Rich and Famous in tough situations
Saturn was stationing @ 18 Leo 13 (Sabian Symbol: A Houseboat Pary on 4-11-07 when Venus entered Gemini all about gossip, phones, conversations that go on -
the same day Larry Birkhead, was officially declared the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn. Besides Dannielynn, we also found Alec Baldwin admonished for calling his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, a "rude little pig". Saturn-Leo is always about tough, restrictive situations that children find themselves in - and in this current astro phase, celebrity children.

Back to Jupiter which has been trine Saturn, and tends to expand any sign it touches and in Sagittarius where it is most comfortable everything is bigger, over the top and mythical. In the last few weeks Sun, then Mercury and now Ceres also in Aries have completed the Grand Fire Trine where Saturn is taking the lead.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Victim /Perp Driven by Obsession and Dualistic Personality Changes


Two days after the VA Tech killing spree, a hypnotic, morbid, rabid media feast is in full swing with the same repetetive tempo of images similar to the aftermath of 9-11 event. All the networks are gouging themselves on murder mayhem and ratings but now there focus has transformed into psychological analysis of the Nation's single worst killer Cho Seung-hui. His DOB given as January 18, 1984 somewhere near Seoul, South Korea and no time given. When I pulled up the chart last night, even with the inability to find ASC-DSC-IC-MC with an exact time, I was at immediately struck by his MARS-PLUTO conjunction within in 1 degree of exactness in
vengeful, intense Scorpio. Looking further we see the other malefic, Saturn (ruling his Capricorn Sun) also in the sign of the Scorpion but this is only the first layer of the onion...Mars along with Pluto (ancient & modern rulers of Scorpio) is in close opposition to Juno in Taurus which speaks of the desperate need for stable partnerships - Juno in difficult aspects to both Mars and Pluto was a Giant Tip Off of compulsive power struggles, deep felt resentments and the anger to act out against whoever Cho perceived to be the negative partner.
Cho's mental state has already been established as shaky to say the least so when we examine his natal Mercury (conciousness-mentality) earthy @ 3 Capricorn (look toward Saturn ruler in Scorio) and realized that there is close out of sign conjunction to Neptune/Jupiter @ 29 Sagittarius totally expanded in what is called the critical Anaretic Degree allowing Cho to being influenced and used for such a horrible task.
With Neptune in this Karmic degree just seeing what is real or a video game is difficult for Cho, those natives born with this placement also have never learned how to face any issue head on. They always tend to escape their problems or pretend they don't exist - big time denial turned outward into revenge.

Cho was also born with a close conjunction of the asteroid Vesta (describes sexual repression) and N Node (destiny's call to go forward) in highly dualistic Gemini which needs to embrace skills of communication especially with words (his plays).
Besides sexual compulsion, Vesta is also associated with sacrifice, service, scholastic efforts a certain devotion yet with an opposition to Venus we see a psychological withdrawal, a certain frigidity, even a certain puritanical attitude
which allowed his personality to be modified. Uranus also opposes Vesta in another dualistic sign, Sagittarius so that both erratic, deviant and unexpected conflict
involving dangerous accidents would occur.

Again with Jupiter and Neptune at 29* Sagittarius in his birth chart indicated a real powder keg in light of their proximity to the Galactic Center and current transits of Pluto now retrograde at 28* 54' Sagittarius. Jupiter is in close aspect to brutal fixed star Acumen known for "Enduring attacks that weaken."
Antares, Sirius and Algol were all rising in paran to his totally aberrant Uranus.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Making Sense of Blacksburg Massacre and Confusing Mars in Pisces

Mars is about action, powerful inner drives that are made manifest in sometimes over the top dramas. Pisces is about mystery, confusion and strangeness and after the Virginia Tech tragedies, yesterday was no exemption considering all the difficult, critical and climactic aspects present... We see today, that even with the identity of the serial killer released: We still don't know that much except that Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior who was a legal U.S. resident and yes born in 1984 when Pluto was in Scorpio (ruled by Mars)along with Saturn and Neptune was beginning an ingress into Capricorn (ruled by Saturn)- Two heavy malefics in the chart of a loner! According to SJ Mercury News - "He was a loner, and we're having difficulty finding information about him," school spokesman Larry Hincker said. and of course the usual media sensational overview: News reports also said that he may have been taking medication for depression, that he was becoming increasingly violent and erratic, and that he left a note in his dorm in which he railed against "rich kids," "debauchery" and "deceitful charlatans" on campus.

Since Mars entered Pisces on the early morning of Good Friday (1:51 AM PDT or 4:51 AM EDT) the news has been even more bizarre then usual. On the 6th of April a Greek Cruise ship that had hit a reef finally sank. By the time Mars entered the sign of the two fishes so intertwined that they are never sure which way to swim, news of ferocious, raging lava spewing out of one of the world's most active volcanos on the French island of La Reunion caught our imagination. Then for all intents and purposes, weird things began to surface in the news.
by April 10th a strange story appeared about how the volcano's fury throws up mystery fish - described as having bulging eyes, heads sometimes protracted by a beak and appear to have surfaced from depths of about 500 metres.
Yes and on April 7th, the world knew that the massive Solomon Island Quake-Tsunami had actually lifted the island of Ranongga up three metres (10 foot).
By April 10th, Mercury ingressed into Aries and language got a little more violent then on April 11th Venus (pleasure-relationships) entered Gemini to create hard aspects for Mars in oceanic Pisces and known to signify victimization - IMUS and "the nappy-headed ho" incident was blown way out of proportion as the victims came out of the woodwork.
on the campus of Virginia Tech. in the county of Montgomery in a Balsamic Moon
(darkest part of the lunation ready for New Moon on 4-17-07 @ 7:26 AM PDT or 10:26 AM EDT). Something tells me that this may have ritual murder implications with
a lone gunman? who kills 33 people and doesn't say a word. With Pallas, Mars, North Node, Uranus and asteroid Astrae in Neptune ruled Pisces confusion was the watchword of the day. The police would later say "they thought the two had been shot in a domestic dispute. They thought the gunman had fled the campus."

The chart below set for 7:15 AM EDT time of the first shooting has Mercury-Ceres-Moon with Sun in Aries ruled by Mars now in the sign of hysteria, confusion and yes victims.
Examining the chart we find Venus ruler of Taurus ascendant SQ Mars & Pallas and contraparallel Jupiter (maximizing the number of victims in the 8th house of Death) with a fast applying TSQ forming.
Sun also is applying toward a SQ with Capricorn MidHeaven ruled by that other malefic Saturn in the 4th House putting emphasis on the Alma Mater the end of a matter and yes opposing applying Chiron - the wounded healer in surprising Aquarius (also ruled by Saturn)
Fixed Star connections are also foreboding and morbid with Moon rising with Zosma the star ruling victims (Moon representing women)
Mercury rising with Facies known for ruthlessness - BRUTALITY.
Mercury represents the mental state (violent and hidden in the 12th) which can motivate a striking out at groups (Aquarius on 11th house cusp) as Neptune is posited there opposing ruler Saturn.
How much will we know in the ensuing days about motivations for this massacre?
When we dig deeper into this event chart where Mars is the killer and Venus a significator (relationship triangle?)