Sunday, January 29, 2006

Focus on Opportunities Rather than Obstacles - Uranian New Moon 2006

Perhaps like many, you equate today's new moon with the media's obsession with unexpected tragedies: the roof on the trade hall collapsing in Poland, or ABC News "World News Tonight" co-anchor Bob Woodruff and his cameraman, Doug Vogt injured by an explosive device in Iraq. Hamas and it's militant leader in Gaza, Mahmoud Zahar have grabbed the attention of the world even beyond a 7.7 earthquake in Banda, Indonesia or crude oil prices rising above $68 a barrel.

My take is that despite the presence of these unexpected, challenging (opposing Saturn retrograde in Leo) out of the blue events, today's new moon at 9*32'Aquarius
handedly illustrates opportunities to create new designs for our lives. Usually it is when things are going crazy and spinning out of control when we all start looking out of the box for solutions. The Sabian for 10* Aquarius- A popularity that proves ephemeral. Jones speaks of approbation or the official act of praise but what we are speaking of is bringing the issues to a dramatic fulfillment in times of crisis. With Saturn's egotistical square to all these revolutionary planets demanding that solutons are sought or wounds addressed can sometimes create blind opportunism for the elite rulers (Saturn in Leo).
Chart for the New Moon using Universal Time but for South Bay, California click to enlarge.

So here come viable solutions like Permaculture...
One of the main strategies or axioms of the design science of Permaculture is highlighted. In case you have only had a steady diet of network television and are not sure exactly what Permaculture means, try this on for size. An updated definition of Permaculture: Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs. The inspiring tenet I refer to: Focus on opportunities rather than obstacles per co-founder Dave Holmgren in 1977.
Why do I connect Permaculture with this decidely Aquarian New Moon, which has Chiron, Mercury and Neptune all completing a power packed stellium with the Soli-lunar lights and heavily challenged by Saturn representing authority and the old guard? As Holmgren says: The process of providing for people's needs within ecological limits requires a cultural revolution.
The exact degree and minute of this lunation is the same as the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of March 14, 1914.
Historical Reference - March 1914
The Jupiter-Uranus synodic cycle is known to connect to higher frequencies offering awesome discoveries, visions, ideals and new social trends. Lets talk a look back at the March 1914 window before World War I begun:

  • On March 27, 1914, the first successful blood transfusion is performed (blood circulation is ruled by Aquarius).
  • In March, 1914, Margaret Sanger published the first issue of The Woman Rebel, establishing Planned Parenthood History. She was a humanitarian reformer.
  • An early March snowstorm in 1914 paralyzed Queens. Wires were down everywhere, trolley cars were frozen to the rails and the Long Island Railroad electric trains ran with difficulty - Uranus the modern ruler is noted by unusual weather.
  • From he Daily Star for 3-1914 in Astoria New York: In what is now called Jackson Heights, an interesting housing experiment was ready to be tested at 25th Street and Jackson Avenue
  • Universal Studios was begun when, Carl Laemmle had his Western business manager Isadore Bernstein, buy more property in the Los Angeles area. For $165,000 in March 1914, Bernstein chose a 230-acre ranch and the rest is history. Now with our current mutual reception involving Neptune ruler of movies with Uranus the awakener this is relevant.

Currently we are in the waning trine of technological, world changing conjunction that began in 1997 with Jupiter in trine to Uranus - this is a period of integration of new ideas. Since Astrology like Permaculture doesn't operate in a vacuum, it is the relationship of the rulers of this Aquarian stellium that provide and undercurrent of change: Uranus in Pisces quincunxes Saturn retrograde in Leo. With Saturn in the picture we should expect some major structural changes which may seem like obstacles but with adjustments from Uranus which demands active spirituality along with Neptune. As enviromental issues and the need for sustainability are magnified by Jupiter now in Scorpio (need for total regeneration on the planet) this is the climate that Permaculture will flourish. All year we will be under the influence of a TSQ involving Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter (where spiritual aims battle with structure and ideals). Just for survival alone it is time incorporate new ideas, social activism and inventive methods as things intensify on the planet.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mercury the Messenger and Trickster meets the Shamanic Chiron

Mercurial types are considered just a little more clever then the rest of us or at least their mental process seem to work a bit faster. Gemini (ruled by Mercury) usually seems clever or more fascile with words or Virgo, able to concentrate their thoughts into massive analysis or reasearch projects. Now that Mercury has entered Aquarius, where the Messenger of the Gods is at its highest function, we all seem to be thinking at warp speed. Yet this evening at 8:50PM PST or 11:50PM EST at 3º 55' Aquarius we have the first encounter. This meeting will be repeated a few times as Chiron transits thru Aquarius till 2010. Yes in Aquarius, the tendency to transcend mundane thought patterns dominates and this position of Mercury strengthens the intellect and can provide inventive ideas for the collective. One thing to not though is that with any Chironic contact there are problems. Contacts of Mercury to Chiron create an atmosphere for the archtypical Trickster ala Hermes - the son of Zeus and Maia of Greek legend. This connection is about reveling in either mischief making or demonstrate phenomenal abiliities to communicate. Even a compulsive need to communicate in multiple forms takes shape. Not just traditional oratory, writing but with music or mime.

Musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Pablo Casals with Chrion SQ Mercury or Maria Callas who had Chiron trine Mercury and also the ability ot learn several languages all epitomized totally original techniques to help their listners move beyond ordinary reality. Here is where the shamanic tendency of Chiron to open up the intuitive areas of the brain more easily. Since this flair for communication does not always lie within the realms of left brain and verbal accuity, sometimes these folks have problems coping with school or other traditional Saturnian structure. In Aquarius this mercurial combo can lead to critical scientific thinking and Eureka like discoveries.
The Trickster
Legends of the Trickster figure abound in every culture: the Monkey King stealing the Peaches of Immortality, Hermes stealing Apollo’s cattle and making them walk backwards, or B’rer Rabbit with the tar baby.
With Mercury in proximity to Chiron, there is a counter productive trait that is ready to trip us up like the Trickster which Carl Jung described "as a collective shadow figure with all the inferior traits of character." This energy which prefers to wound or disparage when we reach our highest potential. In many ways we can relate this to to Chiron in the 3rd house or in Gemini, where issues involving siblings predominate our live and conciousnes or cause us to feel like our mind is wounded. Lewis Hyde said Trickster is the mythic embodiment of ambiguity and ambivalence, doubleness and duplicity, contradiction and paradox.
History has given us the visionaries like William Blake with Chiron conjunct Venus sextile Mercury who was able to break thur the logical modalities of normal thought to offer colorful and penetrating prophetic writings.
Unfortunately, 20th century history gave us villans like Joseph Goebbels with Mercury cojoined Chiron in Scorpio, who was Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels eventually commited suicide when the Nazi empire finally fell apart. My guess is that Mercury conjunct Chiron can indicate a certain prediliction for media manipulation if not supported by other aspects. We are beginning to see how journalists at Fox News or MSNBC, CNN, ABC or NBC (GE owned) have helped damage our thinking by failing to question the horrendous war in Iraq.

Mercury/Chiron in Aquarius and Effects in Recent News

  • "Effective January 27, 2006, Western Union will discontinue all Telegram and Commercial Messaging services. " This announcement came after 145 years of service.
  • Our collective ability to communicate via electronic media - computers and the internet (Aquarius ruled) has been wounded. Take note of the words of this article regarding the Web as it supports the Surveillance Society.
    IT is strangely fitting that President Bush's no-warrant wiretapping came to light during the season of holiday gift buying, much of which took place online.
    From RFID tags to iTunes software which automatically monitors every song you listen to on your computer, digital surveillance is another form of wounding.
  • The Trickster is evident in today's story of the super hacker who was a "Bot" master. He pled quilty to federal crimes yesterday and could face 25 years in prison for selling botnets to spammers and adware distributors. This is significant because this is the first time in the U.S. that a hacker has been convicted not only creating and spreading malicious code (Hermes the unconventional) but profiting from it.
  • Actor Chris Penn (born June 10, 1962), was found dead today and he had a Chiron/Piscies SQ his Mercury in Gemini. With a brother as famous as Sean Penn, there were undoubtedly sibling issues. As for his skills as a dramatist: critics often called him underrated. "Just as talented as Sean — just a lot less cocky," Slate magazine critic Cintra Wilson wrote of him last year. He could play humiliation and vulnerability especially well, she wrote, and "makes you seamlessly believe in characters so much you barely even notice them."

  • The continuing story of the government wiretapping our conversatons and now trying to get private internet data from Google. Surely we are feeling wounded when our most private of thoughts are no longer safe from the Justice Department which has issued subpoena's to Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and Google. Of course most Internet users believe that Google Inc. should refuse the federal government's demands that it turn over search-engine data.

Chiron is continually bringing the gift of Shamanic energy to the human community and was not only associated with the discovery of the medicinal use of plants, teaching healing arts but the ability to shape shift. So with Mercury in lightening fast Aquarius, we may be able to change the shape of our thoughts and mentation from man to animal, to bird, to angel or whatever was is needed to further transformation in today's challenging enviroment. January 24th was only the first iteration of this Magical transit which in Aquarius will despise convention and traditional control pouring forth the electric energy of innovative solutions.

Next Chironic conjunction will involve Venus on March 14, 2006 where relationships will be transformed by the wounded healer.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sun Meets Chiron in Aquarius - Finding the Healing Fountain

Today January 23, 2006 at 3:18PM PST or 12:18PM EST the solar masculine principle of individuality and purpose met the maverick planet/asteroid Chiron and collective wounds became apparent. With Chiron touching the Sun ruler of Leo in personal charts, the "dark side of the sun" or as I call it "the heart of darkness" is revealed. Generally we find that persons with Sun-Chiron connections that play out in distinct modes: first they either prefer to live their lives vicarously basking in the bright light of others with a tendency to discount their self worth. On the other hand, they may adopt a narcissistic or egomaniacal attitude taking on the center of attention and admiration but not really enjoying the recogniton. Interestingly, GW Bush has a Chiron/Libra SQ to his Sun in Cancer thus desires to control others by the use of laws which push nationalism to the extreme. Of course it is not all about dominant, controlling or destructive behavior with Sun/Chiron in the chart - there is positive side where qualities of creativity, strong leadership, and magnaminity can be present. Remember that the Sun is exalted in Aries.

When we bring the the free-spirited, humanitarian and unpredictable sign of Aquarius into the mix, we are obligated to look at the collective effect of this aspect. The waterbearer who pours out spiritual waters is also awakened by the lengthening light in winter. This air sign can become the social animal who demands freedom and desires to change the old order for the novus decretum.

Sabian Symbols Point to Deeper Meanings
Today, two unlikely partners met at 3º 49' Aquarius bringing us to the Sabian Symbols for 4º Aquarius - On the edge of a gushing fountain, a passerby ministers to a man who has fallen and injured his head. Behind them, in the midst of the fountain, appears a shining image of Christ. Here we have an immutable image of how we can perceive the divinity within all peoples and effectively channel (Uranus the awakener)that chi into healing those damaged places. John Lennon had his Moon in this degree and has offers us a visionary and imaginative healing whenever we play his music. Bernadette of Lourdes had Mercury in this degree with beatific visions of the Virgin Mary who led her to the water of the amazing spring with miraculous healing properties.

News Today that Reflects Sun/Chiron Together

  • Juan Evo Morales Aima, the first indigenous (years of wounding) head of state for Bolivia in over 500 years since the Spanish Conquest was inaugerated yesterday. Today the world really took notice of Evo who has been joining with other people's leaders like Chavez and Lula. Evo has vowed to nationalize Bolivia's vast holdings of kicking out those companies that have looted natural resources thru privatization. He also promised his administration would treat all sectors of society fairly, without "rancor or vengeance." Scorpio Evo Morales has Chiron at 22º Aquarius with a revolutionary opposition to Uranus at 21º Leo. This week I will be devoting an entire column to his chart in comparison to the Republic of Bolivia chart (Aug. 6, 1825).
  • Haliburton officially accused of supplying contaminated water to American troops and Iraqi civilians at a marine base in Ramadi, Iraq. This story was originally broken by back in September but now with the Chironic Aquarian theme we have proof of : "The level of contamination was roughly 2x the normal contamination of untreated water from the Euphrates river," said one email dated July 15 2005 from William Granger, an employee of Halliburton's subsidiary, KBR.
  • Everyone is talking about the embarasing photos of GWB the president with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Damage control from the White House has been prompted by the fact that the photos put Bush in an uncomfortable/damaging (Chiron) position of standing next to a convicted felon, a major symbol for all that's wrong with Washington.
  • Even though I don't agree with the Pro-life advocates stance, I would feel remiss if I didn't mention the vociferous rallies marking the 33rd 'Roe' Anniversary. Pro-life advocates marched throughout the country in protest of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court illustrating the principle of life, vitality the Sun together with a wounding to their purpose - Chiron. We even had Mr. Solar Principle Leo rising with Pluto/Mercury GWB telling abortion opponents they are pursuing “a noble cause” and making a real difference in the campaign to recruit more Americans to stand on their side. Unfortunately many of the Pro-life marchers have no idea of how repressive the world was before Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision and because of seemingly religious fervor (Neptune SQ Jupiter) are willing to turn the clock back to the 1950's.

Next we will examine the conjunction of Mercury to Chiron in Aquarius tomorrow at 3º 55' circa 8:50 PM PST. This aspect will involve the mind, mental agility, genius verging on madness, unusual mental diseases but also incredible inventions.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Aquarius 2006 Ingress Brings Surprises and Hysteria

Sun Entered Aquarius on 1-20-2006 at 5:16AM Universal Time and things began to shift. Aquarius is always knoown for the unexpected. Now that the Sun has entered a fixed sign to began to make aspects to Sun (identity and destiny)
an enhanced influence is added to the Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception which started in 2003. A mutual reception is where the ruler of two planets are in each other's sign - Neptune (ruler of the 12th Archetype:Pisces in Aquarius) and yes Uranus (modern ruler of the Waterbearer is in Pisces). As the Sun gains momentum in Aquarius, we are beginning to see another mutual reception between both Sun and Saturn - in combination with the exact opposition coming on friday, January 27. The principle of authority and structure will be battling the principle of identity and purpose. The humanitarian Sun will gain even more purpose of righting wrongs as he joins the wounded healer, Chiron on January 23rd. - expect protests, strikes and revolutionary marches that day.

In the chart set for Greenwhich, England about 50 Kilometers from London, we find Sagittarius rising prone to exageration and Big Fish stories with menacing Pluto sitting in the first to scare everyone.
Surprises and hysteria develop in the second house of currency, resources and values
reflecting an opposition from Saturn in the 8th - house of financial relations with other countries.

  • A 17 foot bottle nose whale swam up the River Thames past Big Ben and the Parliament while scores of worried Londoners looked on - the first sighting of a northern bottle nose whale in the Thames since 1913. The drama continues as the whale obviously disoriented is stranded and hurt.

  • Financial jolts were in order in Europe as a Tehran source said Friday the Islamic republic of Iran was withdrawing money from European banks and shifting deposits into unnamed Southeast Asian banks, as reported by London's Financial Times today. (Sun and Neptune in orb of opposition to Saturn)

  • Oil Prices Surge with the Jupiter/Neptune SQ
    With Neptune still casting a spell over TSQ Mars - Jupiter opposition placed firmly in the 2nd house of values and currency : World oil prices closed above $68 a barrel, a four month high based on demand and concerns of Iran's nuclear stance.

Sun Entered Aquarius on 0:16AM Eastern Standard Time on 1-20-06

  • Bottom Chart is set for New York City where Stocks Plummet. Dow Ends Down 213 at 10,667, Nasdaq Ends Down 54 at 2,248 on Weak GE, Citigroup Earnings Reports. In this chart Pluto was transiting the 2nd house ruling stocks and financial institutions bringing destruction.
    Also note that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday said the real estate market was slowing "dramatically" and only a "miracle" could stop soaring mortgage rates from eating into housing prices.
    Sun and Chiron sat at the IC (housing ,roots and foundation point) opposing Saturn in Leo in the Midheaven - the unexpected change becomes the energy of limitation in a public spectacle.
  • N.Y.C. transit workers reject contract todayRather unexpected unless you are aware of the effect of the sign which always seeks freedom: "Rank-and-file members of New York City`s bus and subway transit union have rejected a tentative contract that ended a three-day strike last month."
  • Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales announced a 65-count indictment against 11 members of Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front for Eco-Terrorism. The FBI says that ELF is the nation's number one domestic terror group – targeting anything they believe exploits earth's resources, - sounds more like caring about the Earth - Give me a Break!

Sun Enters Aquarius at 9:16PM on 1-19-06 with Pacific Standard Time

  • Technology Giant Google made the headlines by defying the Evil Empire.
    Google Inc. says it will "vigorously" fight the Bush administration's demand that it turn over information about what searches users have been asking it to perform.
  • Google's Stock Closed Below $400 for First Time in Two Months on upcoming fourth quarter earnings report - a drop of $36.99 or 8.5 percent!

  • Bay area weather has been getting colder here in Silicon Valley, where in Mountain View home of Google, temperatures plummeted to 36°F over night much colder then December 2005 temp.
  • Is this a Neptunian fantasy? or Uranian Event?
    Even though this UFO sighting happened one evening before the Aquarian Ingress, here on the west coast, it bears srutiny: 40 Miles SouthEast Of Sonora California Exploding Object Amazing Video Footage
    Expect another rather imaginative event to hit the news soon. Those two giants Neptune and Jupiter again are in exact square on February 6th Day of the Super Bowl when the Aquarian Sun transit to Neptune, also squaring Jupiter.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Expansion,Boasting Meets Hysterical Imagination and Scandal with Jupiter SQ Neptune

Thursday has always held a special connection to the King of the Gods whether he was known as Thor, Jove or Zeus. Traditionally Thursday was the fifth-day of the week and Thor was the God of Thunder hence the day also being known a 'Thunderday'. Thursdaeg (Anglo-Saxon or donnerstag (Germanic) or guru-var (Hindu)all speak of time that is sacred to cosmic principle of expansion whether the form is grandfather, father, teacher, guru, traveler or even adventurer. Astrologically Jupiter is considered a benefic and rather lucky but oddly enough in medieval Germany Thursday was believed to be the most unluckiest of the week. Up until this century, in certain villages, persons ceased important business transactions, marriages and even prevented children from attending their first day at school that day. Sounds like the Evangelicals or other Fundatmental Xeno Religious to me!

Whatever myth or legend is used to describe Zeus, the Olympian Sky God, there is always the sense of strength, immense power and yes a patriarchal dominance connected to the planet Jupiter. Zeus was a god of lightening who wielded a "thunderbolt" and kept his subjects in fear that "the lightening would strike one dead." His he boasting or I am getting a head of myself.

Around January 6th, Even before the mighty "Wolf Moon" last weekend, we have been privy to witnessing a close opposition of mighty Jupiter to the warrior Mars. This dyanamic was described by Lynn Hayes in her article: Braggadocio increases as Mars approaches Jupiter
When we examine these energies: principle of focused action and instinctual drives has been challenging the King who can be overconfident, arrogant, boasting and even naive in his identification with certain belief systems or ideals.
Recent Acts reflecting this oppositon:

  • Increasing acts of violence, bombings in Iraq and the abduction of Jill Carroll (pluto rules scorpionic Jupiter,
  • A total disregard that Iran seemed to show for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) when on January 9, 2006 they resumed a voluntarily suspended nuclear energy research. Iran is showing a reckless attitude that reflects the Mars/Jupiter aspect since rumors have been flying about a US/Israel attack by March.
  • Syria, the former regime vice-president Abdul Halim Khaddam announced publicly that he wants to lead a populist revolution to oust the Bashar Assad dictatorship.

Neptune Joins the Battle Forming a Confusing TSQ Building Scandal
Entering the stage out of the mist and fog, a few hours after the Full Moon, another player come closer into this drama, Neptune, the cosmic principle of dissolution or transcendence. So here we have all three archtypical energies bound in a struggle - called a TSquare where Mars opposes (180 degrees) Jupiter, and Neptune square (90 degrees) both Mars and Jupiter. On surface, Neptune which is the modern ruler of Pisces (just as Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces)appears benign, as higher octave of venus. Lest we forget that the other side of Neptune is about hysteria, loss, confusion, delusion, scandal, the victim and the saviour plus the world dissolving, boundaries disappearing. Liz Greene talks about Neptune as being the symbolic redeemer in her book, "The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption"

Ray Nagin timed MLK ceremonies (has his own power issues with a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction SQ Saturn -Authority)to stridently offered his own beliefs and truth which elicited a confused and angry reaction. He brought in the supreme authority along with the Ares agressive stance, "God is mad at America and at black communities", With Neptune in the mix and Venus retrograde, he was forced to retract his statement and even offer some redemption. We expect such spiritual arrogance from Pat Robertson who continually puts his smelly, corrupt foot (ruled by Pisces) in his mouth as he did with the "God smote Sharon" for divine retribution for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Those purgative images of lightening ready to strike the sinner are conjured by these remarks.
Scandalous Remarks Abound or Strong Statements Sting
Remember that Jupiter is in Scorpio directly shoved by Mars, which can flip that passionate stinger when we are least ready or at the least provocation.
It was not only Ray Nagin and the loose canon, Robertson that created mini-scandals with their remarks. Mayor Gavin Newsom told the San Francisco Chronicle that he is suspicious of cable car conductors that don't give receipts. Of course after the Aquarius ingress, Newsom, the stand up leader, went on a diplomatic fence-mending mission to the cable car barn this morning and did a partial retraction saying the vast majority of cable car operators are "hardworking and honest." When pressed (mars)Libran Gavin, said: "I cannot in good conscience retract the statements that I made because they are the truth. That's reality.''
The national press is always willing to jump on Gavin, the equitable Libran who made a national statement by championing same-sex marriage in San Francisco and the world.
In the meantime, MSM (mainstream media) has been apathetically silent regarding the Abramoff Scandal with articles like:"anyone outside the Beltway care about the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal?" or from the S Florida Sentinel: "Abramoff scandal sorely underplayed" The Fallout has not yet materialized from Black Jack's testimony unrevealed -The other foot is about to drop now with Jupiter which has been linked to Morals SQ Mars too. The Aquarian ingress also sets off the Uranian Awakener which is mutually receptive to Neptune.

Neptune Comes Closer
Finally today - 1-19-2006, with Neptune closely Square Jupiter, we were treated to the biggest most exaggerated, wildly imaginative act that the patriarchal Bush Cabal and CIA could create: a Bin Laden audiotape attributed to him and broadcast on al-Jazeera television. This tape was filled with threats and offered a truce. This transmission came from a man who has been rumored be deceased and who hasn't been heard from since a December 27, 2004 audiotape in which he anointed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Iraq's most wanted man, as al-Qaeda's leader in the war-torn country. Talk about savior/victim archetype filled with deception, the CIA created boogeyman spoke:
"We have no objection to offering you a long-term truce based on fair conditions that we will adhere to, because we are a nation that has been forbidden by God to backstab or lie," he said.
Wait a Freakin' Minute!
It has been known, officially, that bin Laden died of kidney failure in a Pakistani hospital in August of 2002 and obviously isn’t making any tapes now.

Oil(ruled by Neptune) surged to the highest level since September's hurricanes crippled oil output from the Gulf of Mexico, to $68.80 per barrel Of Jupiter/Neptune contacts,Liz Greene says: "behind the Jupiterean childlike faith in God's bounty may lurk the boundless inflation of Neptunian primal narcissim, which can walk on water and conquer death itself."
One thing is for sure with Mars separating from the close opposition with Jupiter, we are left with humor and theatrical display as this Jupiter and Neptune aspect can give us a chance to laugh instead of cry. With Neptune in close orb to Jupiter, don't believe everything you see and hear via the MSM (Mainstream Media).

Monday, January 16, 2006

Moon Day's Reflections - 'Iron Lady' Breaks New Ground for Women and Liberia

Monday known as 'Monandaeg' by the Angle-Saxons has always been linked to the moon
and traditionally reflected the light of the "first day" of the week, Sunday. Whetherit was the ancient Romans who called this day 'dies lunae" or the Germans with their label "montag,' this day was connected to the ebb and flow of the tides, emotional changes and moods. Today's lunar phase is "waning gibbous" astronomically or as Dane Rudhyar termed "disseminating" which describes how a person wants to demonstrate or share what they have learned or experienced.

In our charts, the Moon speaks of feelings and their fluctuations along with our own attitudes toward our Mother and our children. Mundane Astrology equates the Moon with the general public and their changing opinions, with families, community and women, particularly those women that have impact on society. Today January 16, 2006 on this official celebration and momentous tribute to the Man of the Hour, Martin Luther King Jr. there is also a woman who deserves recognition - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa's first elected female head of state.

'Iron Lady'Heralds Transformation for Liberia

Liberia's new president, Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf who is affectionately known as the 'Iron Lady' by her many supporters is a Scorpio and "iron" is the element sacred to Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio. She was born sixty seven years ago in Monrovia and educated in the US - achieving a degree from the University of Colorado and going on to study economics at Harvard, gaining a masters degree in public administration. Ellen has said that she wanted to become president in order "to bring motherly sensitivity and emotion to the presidency" as a way of healing the wounds of war.
War a Way of Life in Liberia
In case you haven't checked into the history of Liberia which owes its establishment to the American Colonization Society, founded in 1816 to resettle freed American slaves in Africa - check out my article: AMERICA’S UGLY STEPCHILD
The short version regarding Liberia's recent history of bloody purges hopefully ending on 11 August 2003, when after much persuasion, warlord,dictator Charles Taylor, who had ties with Pat Robertson, handed power over to his deputy Moses Blah. If we view the independence chart for Liberia (set for July 26th, 1847) first off we see Mars/Pluto together in violent Aries and that Black Hole Hades 24º Aries is conjunct the Liberian Mars almost partile. Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf whose nodes are Scorpio/Taurus is ready to bring a peaceful makeover to a country that has thrived on death, destruction and abduction (note that Black Hole Kore/Persephone is at 26º Aries conjuncts Pluto in Liberia's chart). Significantly the chart set for Liberian Independence has identity and purpose at 2ºLeo close to Ellen's natal Pluto 1º30'Leo indicating that her leadership will involve a radical departure from the continual doctrines of war.

Getting back to our original lunar theme, notice that Ellen's moon phase is crescent. Crescent moon types are assertive and tend to challenge the old ways sometimes locked in an intense struggle but more then willing to overcome sometimes insurmountable obstacles. The negative side to the "crescent moon type" is the deep, subconcious sense of being overwhelmed by the past. Back in 1984 (Pluto in Scorpio), she was sentenced to ten years in prison and spent seven months incarcerated where she was raped. Ellen was able to transmute this bleak period in her life and offer hopeful politcal change plus healing for herself and others. Looking at her chart below - we see: Pallas/Pisces (poetic inspiration and non-violent resistance) is in a Grand Trine to Chiron, the wounded healer and Hygeia (health giver).
After her jail time, she was allowed to leave the country and went into exile. During the 1980s she served as Vice President of both the African Regional Office of Citibank, in Nairobi, and of (HSCB) Equator Bank, in Washington. In her chart Jupiter is in Aquarius allowing her to embrace many cultures and peoples with diplomacy and great success.
With the planet of revolution and unexpected change, Uranus opposing her N Node in Scorpio, her poltical fortunes were up and down in the 90's and Johnson-Sirleaf campaigned against Taylor and was charged with treason and again needed to go in hiding.
The immediate future for Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf, a divorcee whose ex-husband died a few years ago, will be positive with Jupiter crossing her Sun, Mercury, asteroid Hygiea, N Node this year. In fact having Mercury conjunct her Node in Scorpio will be a distinct advantage bringing her vast intellect and communicative powers to the aid of Liberia which will need lots of help from the outside with a 85% unemployment rate. As a woman who has been involved with large financial sums (Pluto trine Venus)she will need to use lots of her connections to bring tangible resources to Liberia.
The fact remains that Ellen is taking over after the tenuous end of a 14-year civil war in 2003. As a Scorpio with modern ruler Pluto trine Venus she has a fated connection/relationship between herself and the people of Liberia where half the country's 3 million people have been uprooted and left up to 250,000 dead.

When we look more deeply into that strong Taurus/Scorpio axis present in her chart it is obvious that she will be an active force in efforts to bring regeneration to Liberia.
Much of her sense of acceptance has come from nurturing others once she has provided for her own physical security (Ceres in Taurus) as a mother of four sons and has six grandchildren, I think she is ready to spearhead a major transformation involving greater wealth and continued healing for her Liberian family.

Chart set for Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf as noon on Oct. 29, 1938 in Monrovia, Liberia (time unknown) Click to expand.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wolf Moon 2006 Howls Along with Augustine Volcano

Lunar Eclipse of 10-17-05 Gets Supercharged by the Wolf Moon
Icy air begins to drift in from the Arctic like a wraith, unseen but with a touch of drama. In many ways the entire world is setting the stage for Full Wolf Moon on January 13,2006 at 10:48 PM EST or 1:48 PST at 24°05' Cancer sign of Mother Earth. Actually this Lunation is the final act for the 10-17-2005 at Lunar Eclipse at another Cardinal point: 24°07' Aries AKA Saros 7 South Series. This partial eclipse was 90 days ago now forming a SQUARE - a 90° angle. Challenges involving nurturing, or what should be made private or public reflect the Cancer/Capricorn axis. While confrontations and decisive action vs cooperation mirror the Aries/Libra axis.
Brady describes the energetics surrounding the Saros 7 South family as: "Immense, power anger of Mars SQ Pluto." This family of eclipses is dual in scope with the positive: giving us the power to easily remove huge obstacles that have been hanging around in our lives. The other side negative: speaks of a growing potential crisis that suddenly manifests and blows thru our lives. I have inserted a Bi-Wheel Chart that has Sarous S 7 as the inner wheel and Wolf Moon as outer. Modalities tell the tale: the Wolf Moon is heavily weighted with Cardinal Signs - Action oriented vs. the Lunar Eclipse which is much more balanced with more Mutability - At the time more willing to change and bend. This current Full Moon is like a lit fuse moving toward a keg of dynamite that was rather inert back in October 2005.

Wolf Moon and Undercurrent of Myth
Traditionally January has been esconced between the cold and deep snows of midwinter, for the Native American Indian especially those of the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nation this was a time that the wolf packs howled hungrily outside their villages. I can almost imagine myself in walking in the snowny mountains like a scene out of the movie Windwalker, then huddling inside the tipi for warmth. The wolf has always been a legendary symbol throughout history whether it be the she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus so they would survive to found the Roman Empire. Or cultures that tell of Fenrir, in Norse mythology, a monstrous wolf that refused to be tethered. Besides more known references like Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse, there were the "Wolf Warriors" known as Dacians. Dacians tribes (Eaos was the Phrygian word for "wolf") tribes who were an amalgamation of Thracian tribes from the eastern confines of the Greco-Roman world. This lunation has a ravenous, instinctive quality that can manifest in a many ways.

The concentrated force of this lunation seems to be a play of dark and light. A prelude included a romantic aspect filled with sunlight and roses: Venus Retro and Sun inferior conjunction which should play out with levity. Plus our minds and thoughts (Mercury/Capricorn) are helped by before this Mighty Full Moon seems to be building dramatically along with the Grand Cross that has strengthened into a TSQ. As Neptune begans to weave that ephemeral, misty magic by Squaring both Jupiter and Mars - I have a strange premonition that something Big is About to Happen or is it that Neptunian Energy. That force which has been in Mutual Reception with Uranus the Awakener is now filled with Illusion Squaring transiting Jupiter regenerative and decay let the old establishment die style that has been literally flooding this planet since December's Second Moon. And if that ain't enough with Haji stampede, surreal theater played out on the senate Floor aka Judge Alito Hearings

Polar Moon per Farmer's Almanac
From the 2006 Farmers’ Almanac - "The 189-year-old publication, which has an uncanny ability to predict long-range weather with amazing accuracy, reveals a forecast that has so many ups and downs on the thermometer that many may be reminded of riding a roller, or as the Farmers’ Almanac puts it, “Polar Coaster.”
Didn't Mount Augustine a 4,134-foot volcano, nearly 200 miles southwest of Anchorage
just blow her stack on 1-11-06 with a "paltry" eruption of 30,000 feet? But these eruptions seem to be stirring along the entire Alaskan Peninsula and Aleutian Islands.
Saros 7 South finally strikes
Flash Back to the Oct. 17, 2005 Lunar Full Moon Eclipse @ 24deg07' of Aries/Libra Cardinal move it now axis the same as our destiny paths Dragon's head Aries whipped by the compromise or else thorny tail. The chart below is set for Sand Point on the Alaskan Peninsula - using Astro cartography the Aries N Node runns thru this area at the Ascendant while a few hundred miles West a Pluto line runs thru the IC.
Note that in this chart using Koch system: N Node of future destiny crosses the DSC of partnership while Capricorn/Cancer axis is running from IC to MC - something that will shake the foundations of our lives an agressive, rapacious action across the public stage. Neptune part of that close TSQ sits in the most creative,expressive and speculative place the 5th house with the Jupiter/Mars oppostion hitting our personal and collective values (2nd/8th houses).
Fixed TSQ Expands Religion and Spiritual Activities
Besides the overiding possibilities of major earth changes there is a decided religious or spiritual tone set by this lunation. Neptune has entered the stage and moved closer to the Mars/Neptune/Jupiterconfiguration. We saw the horrific example with the Haji stampede killing pilgrims. Economically there has been a false
sense of optimism driving our leaders to pontificate on the wonderful market. Political matters hang in the balance from Iran to Sri Lanka. Despite the prevailing manipulations by leaders with invisible cloaks, the desire of the individual for a direct connection with the Divine is getting stronger (Neptune) Also many of us want to be free of all forms of hierarchical control.

Sabians and asteroids highlight energy of day to day survival
Sabian Symbol for Moon/Cancer @ 25 degrees: "A dark shadow or
mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder" or another variation - "Upon hearing his cue, an actor throws his jacket across his
shoulder and makes his entrance."
per M.Goldsmith
No matter how much theatrical grandstanding, cape twirling or bids for personal
recognition, the need to face reality represented by the Sun at 25 Capricorn is omnipresent.
The Sabian for 25 Cap - "An oriental rug dealer" this speaks volumes about the everyday transactions and interactions that make the world go round whether in business or the business of life.
Vesta @ 13° Cancer is also opposing Ceres @ 13°Capricorn from public to privat axis. In order to experience the type of devotion and comittment that Vesta offers Cancer needs to be loved and protected - privacy cherised also. For the Ceres in Capricorn, feeling loved and nurtured takes the form of outer achievements. This stressful opposition will bring into focus the need for family vs. demands in the workplaces with employees rebelling via strikes and walkouts.
No matter what happens as a result of the energies activated by this Full Moon, we will be gifted a chance to either instantly remove blocks or see our wounds express and process quickly.

Notice Chart Set for 1-14-06 at 12:48 YST - Sand Point on Alaska Peninsula - Click to Enlarge

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Makes Sammy Run? Tuesday's Conflicts

Tuesday has always been associated with action since the Romans, when it was known as Martis, the day of Mars associated with Ares. Even with Norse Myth, Tuesday was Tiw's day is derived from Tyr or Tir, the god of honorable war. Today was definitely an honorable confirmation hearing, but filled with some "polite combats" regarding the final rubber stamp for Sam Alito to the Supreme Court.
The Greeks had many myths relating to Aries or the Golden Fleece; all have the theme of facing and overcoming great difficulties or obstacles in path. Relating to the world of Astrology, we see the Martian Archetype always includes assertion, agression, initiative, impulse, competitiveness and the sex drive. Those who follow the confirmation hearings of Judge Alito watched an Aries able to hide his underlying agressive core.
Before I get into a brief astropsychological analysis of Sammy Boy, let me go on record saying these hearings are a charade and his confirmation is a slam dunk.

Mars in Mutable Virgo
Sammy has the planet that rules raw decisive action not in a cardinal sign, but in Virgo at 28 degrees - which indicates a tendency to change his mind. Here we have the key to his future in the Supreme Court. As his chart (below) we see that Mercury ruler of Virgo, is in Aries opposing Neptune. What does that mean? Unquestionably Alito has a brillant mind behind this configuration. Second of all Neptune/Mercury contacts can indicate confusion or the desire to believe something unreal as in fantasy possibly, a loss of memory. A Supreme Court with a lapse of memory or is it denial when he repeatedly swears that he was never a wpart of the conservative Concerned Alumni of Princeton.
Well you might say Mars in critical, heavily analytic Virgo would be an advantage to a Surpreme Court Justice - you are correct except he also has Saturn in Virgo. Saturn in Viro (I know it well from my chart) tends to see the tiny leaves of the forest and not see the big picture of the majestic redwoods so to speak. When we examine the Sabian Symbol for 29 Virgo things become more lucid: "A man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading." As he continually disects the bits and pieces of ancient briefs and cases to find some kernel of wisdom, he will surely miss the spirit of the law.
Sexual Power in the Black Robes
Again I prefer not to get hung up in talking about how Sammy had endorsed ruling were there was strip-search of a 10-year-old girl Nor will I talk about how Alito feels about abortion rights being settled law with the weight of “stare decisis.” (Stare decisis is a Latin term meaning that a case is settled law and it would be difficult to overturn this type of ruling.) Roe v. Wade will be on the chopping block with Alito - enough said. No I am speaking of his Mars opposition to Vesta (the asteroid dealing with focus/dedication and sexual energy). Alito's Vesta is in Pisces which is about serving the world yes but also signifies the Martyr who is willing sexually sublimate. With Vesta in opposition to Mars we see restrictions in the sexual expression possibly leading to psychological impotence. Unfortunately persons with this aspect can and will overcompensate for their masculine inadequacy by being overly agressive or in Alito's case seeking power in high court.

Alito Chart Below

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday's Reckoning Crew Meets Super Bowl 2006

We may think that Sunday is the last day of the week but traditionally Saturday was seen as the seventh day of the week. It is then fitting to think of Saturday as a day of reckoning or a settling of accounts or as I prefer a summing up. Yes we all know that Saturn, the Roman deity is linked with Saturday but it is the qualities of the ancient Greek 'Kronos' or 'Time' (known as Father Time) that links with astrological Saturn. Primarily I refer to Saturn providing structure, discipline and restraint in our environment.
Saturn the Lord of Karma speaks of our need for recognition, accountability, organization, respect - it is how we orient toward our goals. In our lives, Saturn represents authority figures, father figures, administration and obstacles. If we remember that alchemically the element lead was linked to the planet Saturn, things began to fall in place.

Currently Saturn is in the sign of Leo till September 2, 2007. Leo is ruled by the shining Sun (Sunday) much brighter and filled with identity then lead based Saturn. Since July 16, upon the "ringed planet's" entrance into Leo, we have seen the deleterious effects on world leaders and major celebrities like Ariel Sharon, GWB, Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Clinton or leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Charles Kennedy to name a few.
Back in July 2005, I wrote: 'Saturn will limit the power of several CEO's, kings, prime ministers and presidents who also may die in office or even be assassinated. Most likely a "Watergate/World Tribunal Type Scenario" will be repeated thru the world and many heads of state will feel the trial by fire as the exposure of corruption and scandals increases during this cycle.
I continued with: 'All the social and political activism stirred up during the cardinal period of Saturn in Cancer will began to take effect as we move into a fixed, succedent sign of completion.'
Since it is the weekend and the moon is in easy going Taurus a time to enjoy, appreciate and even indulge, I will lay off the heavy tones.

In a story published today we can really see how Saturn in Leo plays out in the entertainment world. From the BBC 'A ban on older fans seeing the Rolling Stones perform at the Super Bowl has been lifted, organisers say' Talk about ageism, afterall, the youngest member of the Stones is 58, and the band has a combined age of 246! So Mick Jagger, the man that used to epitomize the Carly Simon song, "He's So Vain" is championing the fans (Pluto in Leo generation) who were loyal to Sympathy for the Devil and Jumping Jack Flash? Or do we have those same old men (Cronus) heading the networks who don't want to have anything like a "wardrobe malfunction" similar to SuperBowl 2004. So they think 2,000 "ancient" folks dancing and cheering the Stones won't be as embarrasing Janet Jackson's carefully crafted breast exposure?
Despite all the planning this year's Super Bowl held in Detroit will have some surprises - at least a few of my generation will be wearing impeach Bush/Cheney buttons or hopefully 9/11 was an Inside Job!

Expect the Unexpected at Super Bowl 2006 too!

Right out of the gate this year's Super Bowl will host a kind of performance, mega expressive atmosphere with Leo rising at 25 Leo: Sabian Symbol: a large camel crossing the desert. This symbol does talk about a spiritual self-suffiency whaere there is a resolve to take full advantage of unforseen circumstances. It just so happens that ruler of this chart Sun in Aquarius is closely conjunct Neptune which opens us all up to either transcendant ideals or extreme confusion. Our old friend Saturn is retrograde at 8 Leo opposing that humanitarian healer of all social wounds Chiron at 5 Aquarius. Most interesting from a revolutionary statement being made is that the Sabian Symbol for 8 Leo is: "Speaker at a demonstration passionately denounces the injustices of the political system." Both Angela Davis and Mario Savio have their Pluto at this degree. With such a volatile challenge from Chiron, many of the wounds afflicted by authoritarian regimes or audacious father figures everywhere could easily be focussed at this game - perhaps a lot more disturbing then seeing Janet Jackson's nipple covered by a Solar ornament.
Sun Conjunct Neptune - A Man Unmasked as the Thunderstorm Builds
Chart for Start of Super Bowl 2006
Last but not least before we start hooting and hollering for the Stones we better look at the annual conjunction with transiting Neptune at 17Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for 18Aquarius is revealing: "An ominous silence falls as the last man at a masquerade party prepares to unmask. Outside a thunderstorm is brewing." That anarchistic, let's be authentic not matter what is jumping out at us - expose those
really uncomfortable truths no matter what!
The ancients always considered the combo of Sun/Neptune in Aquarius to be linked to floods, abundance of water and storms - we better consult with a weather man a few weeks ahead.
Expect the Unexpected along with Inclement Weather around Super Bowl 2006

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Midweek Thoughts as Reality, Drama and Fantasy Fill Our Lives

Mercury's MidWeek Messenger
Wednesday is traditionally ruled by Mercury, messenger of the gods who carried the awareness and communications from one level to another. Unquestionably in Astrology, Mercury is thought, the cerebral activator, the storehouse and dispenser of data.
Usually Wednesday (known as hump day for the work week) links the start of the week to accomplishments that usually peak on Friday or Saturday. At any rate, I have found Wednesday as crucial day. A day when both news stories and thoughts are defined, deceminated and placed in position for us to either act upon or ignore.
On January 3, 2006 Mercury entered Capricorn at 4:27PM EST or 1:27PST creating an atmosphere for more serious and purposeful thought pattern - a time when reality starts to set into our minds. Here are three stories that underscore the need for purposeful and creative communications whether within or without.

Mine officials 'sincerely regret' miscommunication over deaths as Mercury inhibits true communique
Some of you may have breathed a sigh of relief upon reading the story last night about all 13 W. Virginia miners being safe after being trapped underground since Monday's explosion - Only to wake up this morning and find out they all died except one survivor.
It is bad enough to find out that all 12 miners were deceased but to mistakenly have your hopes lifted and celebrate for three hours overnight only to find out the truth. Mercury had just left the overly confident and buoyant sign of Sagittarius yesterday, so even though officials knew for sure that 12 miners had died, they were hesitant to inform the families till all the vital signs were checked. Unfortunately mistaken information spread when people overheard phone calls between rescuers and the rescue command centre.
In fact, all the rescuers said was that 12 miners had been found and their vital signs were being checked. With Neptune (ruler of gases and deception) in challenging waning square to Jupiter (ruler of Sag. - associated with exaggeration). At the same time Mars - planet of action and anger is TSQ (T-Square both of them) - thus joy turned to fury and many people who had their hopes deflated, reacted with rage. The moral: it is better to tell the raw truth then let people believe a comforting lie.

How Ceres, Uranus, Chiron and Emotional Concerns causes Lindsay Lohan to experience Drug Use and Battles with Bulimia
Today we find another young starlet admitting vulnerability: "Lindsay Lohan, who was hospitalized in Miami this week for an asthma attack, tells Vanity Fair in an interview that she has dabbled in drugs and battled bulimia." Why and how could this happen?

Lindsay Morgan Lohan (born 2 July 1986 in New York City) has a sensitive, watery Cancerian identity overruled by a public persona of fiery Leo Venus and Mercury. She is confident and overflowing with celebrity magnetism especially since her highly individualistic Uranus in Sagittarius is in a positive trine. When we look at her meteoric rise from child model to actress and later singer we see her ambitious Mars in Capricorn come into play spurring her become a "triple threat" like her idol, Ann-Margret. Yet like so many movie stars that are pushed into the limelight
at a young age, their is a hidden darker side - afterall Lindsay is a Cancer ruled by the Moon shifting from light and dark regularly.
Ceres - Perfection Eating Disorders Astrologically Ceres - the Goddess of grain and agriculture symbolizes motherhood, nourishment and nurturing and Lindsay has Ceres at 18Virgo. In Virgo, Ceres usually identifies nurtrance with perfection, self-discipline and skill levels. In Lohan's case Ceres is both TSQ Uranus and Chiron/Gemini the wounded healer - an obvious manifestation of Chiron in the air sign Gemini (ruling the lungs) is asthma. Bulemia or anorexia are associated with stressful aspects to Ceres or the Moon - in Lohan's life it is Uranus the progenitor of the unexpected. It has been said that Ceres-Uranus stressful aspects lead to unreliable and erratic nurturing experiences mainly children from broken homes who rebel against their parents in order to achieve personal freedom (Uranus/Sag.)The Chiron-Uranus opposition has motivated Lindsay to seek freedom at any cost including using drugs like cocaine. Chiron in Gemini can also make someone like Lindsay feel their mind is wounded, unreliable and they can't trust their own beliefs.

Fantasy Revival and Grand Fire Trine help 'Narnia' Roar Into #1
In a year when box office attendance is down by 5% perhaps attributed to the planet of limitation and restriction, Saturn in the sign of drama and performance - Leo - "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" is bucking the trend. Narnia debuted the weekend of 12-10 when Mercury entered fire sign Sagittarius known for enthusiasm and mental excitement. That weekend started with an Aries Moon which added to the incendiary effect and produced a worldwide haul of $108.8 million. Looking back we see that Mercury was moving into magical trine with Node/Aries and Saturn/Leo which helped give this classic flight of fantasy the Box-Office Crown knocking off 'King Kong' and earning more than $224.8 million in its four weeks in theaters.
A time for fantasy and flights of fancy Note that the Sabian Symbol for Pluto (generational planet) at 25Sagittarius says it all for movie goers: "A little boy on a rocking horse imagines himself flying to multicolored candyland." This film apparently allows inspiration to mix with a kind of creative frenzy that honors the child within giving us permission to just have fun.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Time for Prophets To Meet Cerberus - The Three Heads of Debt

Prophets Abound
Here in San Jose area of the west coast the winds howl between rain showers - a blustry introduction to January 2006. For many of us it is good to have 2005 laid an buried but what will the New Year (Gregorian Calendar) bring? Are we in for
a time of Katrina like storms which appear as the underpinning to the Uranus in Pisces era began in 2003? Will oil finally hit that mythical $100 per barrel mark?
Is Bush going to be impeached this year? Will the average American citizen even care about the rampant proliferation of social injustices - are they able to recover
from working 60 hour weeks to pay for basics?
As I stumbled into the early morning hours, the image of three-headed hound seem to haunt me. Why was this horrific mythical image haunting my subconcious?

First Business Week But Often Ignored

It all came to me innocently while surfing the web: " Rumsfeld — along with former Vice President Dan Quayle — has ties to Cerberus Global Investments, a New York-based holding company which, just last month, purchased the Israeli government’s interest in Bank Leumi, the second largest bank in Israel." Holy Shit there was that "canine of the collective infernos" growling with hungry fang as noted in Oct. 3, 2005, issue of Business Week - That Business Week report went so far as to describe Cerberus as being “bigger” than even such well-known business giants as McDonald’s, 3M, Coca-Cola and Cisco Systems, pointing out that Cerberus controls some 226 Burger King restaurants, the National and Alamo car-rental chains, building products maker Formica Corp. and the old Warner Hollywood Studios.

And yes as the War to Bring Democracy to the Middle East burns up billions of dollars and thousands of lives, Business Week asserted that Cerberus has also “set up military base camps in Iraq.” Hey let's get back to our quiet gaze into the future.

Seers Gazing into Our Mighty Economy or Cringing with Fear?

One thing is for sure a chart drawn for Midnight 2006 for San Jose, California has those defining points of destiny - the moon's nodes on the rising and setting houses with N Node at 08° 58'Aries. Looking at those trusty Sabians for 9 Aries: "A seer gazes into a glowing crystal ball" Yes perhaps we are all prophets looking for inner illumination or at least answers via our own hypothesis or occult symbols or especially imagination.
As the blogs are inundated with speculation almost as much as the rivers that have overflowed their banks and the levees that will be breached. This reminds of that line from the past HBO Series Carnivale set in the US 1932: "Every prophet in his house."

Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
Except some of those prophets won't have homes as the the number of foreclosures looming in USA for 2006 will increase along with Bankruptcy. Unless you were playing video games for 2,400 hours straight or exploring the great barrier reef this may not have caught your attention circa October 14th of last year: you would have seen thousands of people filing for bankruptcy trying to beat a deadline; provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 were due to go into effect on Monday, October 17. If you have stopped to read my articles you will know that Jupiter planet dealing with expansion ingressed into Scorpio sign of debt on October 25th till 11-25-06.

Three Heads of Debt
This is an important shift since Jupiter is like Cerberus, the three-headed hound and guardian of the Greek Underworld. One of those gnarling jaws cries of increased bankrupticies, the other two: housing market decline and FRB interest rate increases. I also say this about Jupiter because it is not only one arm of the well publicized Grand Square but part of a fateful TSQ. The image of Cerberus - a faithful servant of Hades - seems to go along with the Scorpionic overtones.
Quick version of meaning of TSQ - Jupiter (expansion), Mars (action) and Saturn (limitiation) - three legs to the Grand Square. These three planets have added to our increasing level of frustration and discontent but soon by the middle of the month Neptune will get more involved in the show to obliterate our
cud chewing complacency. As that financial astrologer Merriman describes it: "Jupiter was in the easy-going sign of Libra trine the easy-going planet of Neptune , nobody seemed to worry. But now Jupiter is in the more money-conscious sign of Scorpio, and making a square to Neptune , and all of a sudden, things that should matter do matter" One of the major pillars defining a more serious attitude about money is the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank is not going to stop raising interest rates, all those zero interest loans and credit card financing tricks will be barking at our heels.

In the chart below Jupiter sits in the 2nd house of values, investments and possesions opposing Mars in the 8th (our values and possesions together - DEBT)
So undoubtedly by the middle to the end of the month - newspapers like San Jose Mercury or the Chronicle or TV will start to leak stories about debt increasing in Silicon Valley. Much of these warnings will be drowned out by the limelight shining for innovative seers of biotech, nanotech and just plain techno (Bill Gates has his Moon at 9° Aries - 08° 15').
On the ascendant (Persona) for the New Years chart we find a validation for the cult of celebrities keeping up our lingering complacency. At South Node we have 9 Libra which augurs this Sabian Symbol: "A famous actress strikes and holds a pose in the final scene of a play." Here we have the inevitable choice to be stuck in superficials or to penetrate the deeper meanings.

An extremely positive note is that the ruler of this chart Venus moving retrograde allows us to redo, remember and revisit our former value systems. In fact at 12:18PM Venus slips back into Capricorn which can help us recall the results of our previous overemphasis on material
desires. Now that Venus sits at Midpoint between genius (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto) we now find can consider more realistic and
original, fulfilling choices as we move into the challenges of 2006.

New Years Chart - Click to Enlarge