Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nature, Nurture, Inuit and The Albatross Meet on Sedna's Moon

Sedna's Moon

Welcome to the 2nd New Moon in December, which will help set the tone for 2006.
Normally New Moons never receive official titles - such names are only bestowed on the Full Lunar Drama - like Long Night's Moon or
Cold Moon (12-15) or in Lakota tradition- Popping Trees, Deer Shed Their Horns Yet this Lunation occuring on 12-30-05 7:12PM PST or 3:12AM on 12-31-05 GMT deserves a moniker. I designate this propitious
new moon: Sedna's Moon for the Goddess of the Intuit People. You may ask rightly will we talk about that unrelenting Fixed Grand Cross? That seemingly juggernaut of energy that includes a really close TSQ from Saturn/Leo to Mars/Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio? Actually I will only focus on Saturn which seems to be putting strikes and resistance into the forefront. Saturn is the ruler of Sun/Moon in the sign of organization and yes right livelihood - Capricorn. Currently many of us (especially those with multiple fixed signs at middle degrees) are involved in deciding what career benefits life on this planet. This lunation highlights the adjustment between Saturn and the Sun/Moon combo.

Saturn sits near the top of the chart saying stop, remember the Precautionary Principle, wakeup and express yourself. People born exactly or near a new moon "are eminently subjective, impulsive and emotional in their response" per Dane Rudhyar. Therefore I am opting for my own irrepresible world view. Even though this lunar event elicits myriad symbolism from the Sabian Symbol for 10° Capricorn (Moon/Sun at 9°32') An Albatross Feeding from the hand. Keyword Nurture with emphasis on the indomitabiity of the human spirit (more will be revealed). Most importantly both Sun/Moon closely square the Nodes Aries/Libra @ 9° 02'- Karmic Crisis which has pulled in the entire global infrastructure including the tectonic plates. Here on the West Coast we are expecting floods and major inundations probably accompanied by earthslides.

There are a number of myths concerning Sedna - a planet? or a cold planetoid which was discovered on 11-14-2003. Sedna is one of the many trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) spotted in the last few years - they orbit the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune. In this case Seda takes approx. 10,500 years with a highly elliptical orbit. Pluto, takes about 248 years to go around the Sun. Size wise Sedna, at about 1,180-2,360 km (730-1,470 miles) in diameter, larger than Quaoar and almost as big as Pluto.
Myth of Sedna
At this point the physical nature of Sedna is not as important as the myth and in the chart drawn for 12-31-05 Greenwhich, England - in this chart we have expansive beliefs pushing for enviromental protection (Jupiter/Scorpio) opposing the energy of staying stable and not bending status quo (Mars/Taurus) on that primary axis of You and Me - 1st and 7th. If we delve just a little deeper (Scorpio style) into the legend of Sedna we start finding parallels to much of the energy leading up to this New Moon....
As a beautiful young Inuit woman, Sedna lived with her widower father unmarried since she rejected many suitors refusing to follow tradition. Different versions of Sedna's plight abound: one version of the myth has her taking a first husband, a dog. In one version the dog marriage is punishment by her father for refusing to marry others - yet all versions speak of the fulmar, a birdman, as the key husband of the myth. Here we began to see the connection to the Albatross the Great Mariner.
So lets follow the primary theme with Sedna marrying the Birdman : He is portrayed as a "well dressed stranger" (multitude of fur garments) - a stranger who promises an easy life of contentment and consequently receives blessings from Sedna’s father. Sedna, in some versions willingly and other versions unwillingly, goes with the stranger and they paddle off to his island. He promptly divests his furs and reveals himself to be not a human but a fulmar, birdman. Unfortunately Sedna discovers his promises are an empty mix of lies. The fulmar is starting to sound more and more like our current Administration. It was the Bush/Cheney Cabal which pulled out all the stops, offering a well-feathered economy and protecting us from the supposed terrorists. In Sedna's case, the birdman only provides cold raw fish in a threadbare, stinking nest of broken twigs. As we began to see the level of corruptiion present, our legislators and adminstration have began to drop their fake clothes. Bush has revealed a full-blown effort to spy on the "little people" who really do want a democratic way of life. With Jupiter in Scorpio expanding the revelations that US coffers are empty. The knowledge that corporate raiders have let pension funds go bankrupt and insurance companies may refuse to pay on their promised policy committments, this myth takes on new relevance. Wait a minute, I said that this Myth goes way beyond the Reptillicons and Demagagoues didn't I? Let's get back to beautiful Sedna...

Sedna's father comes to visit his daughter and observes first hand Sedna’s arduous life, arriving while the birdman is out hunting fish, and the father and Sedna escape in the father’s kayak. The birdman, arriving home and discovering his wife is gone, flies out over the ocean to get her back.
Regardless of which version of the story are being told, a battle takes place in the ocean involving the father and either the birdman or his relatives. Sedna dies in the course of the battle in both versions. Either the birdman or his relatives flap their wings to create a giant wind which generates a huge storm that threatens to sink the kayak containing Sedna and her father. Fearing for his life, the father throws Sedna overboard into the cold sea hoping to placate the birdman so that he can survive. Sedna tries to crawl back in the kayak to escape the cold water, but as she grabs the edge of the kayak, her father cuts off her fingers one by one so that she cannot grasp the boat, and she sinks into the frigid Artic ocean and drowns. As her severed fingers sink into the sea, one finger becomes the fish, another the seals, another the walrus, and another the whales.

After Sedna's drowning, the Moon spirit and the Air spirit transform her into an Ocean goddess to govern the Inuit. In any event because Sedna’s fingers were the source of the fish, seals, walrus, and whales, she rules them from her deep ocean home where her spirit dwells. As goddess of the ocean, Sedna sets strict rules (Saturn) about the proper way to treat the animals of the hunt which the Inuit require for sustenance. Remember it is said that the Intuit also dine on Albatross. These rules include the proper treatment of the animals' spirit when killed for food. When she feels the rules have been broken, she cuts off the supply of food. Thus, because Sedna controls the food supply for the tribe, she is given the highest status of the various Inuit gods and goddesses.

I submit that Sedna is now angry at how we are treating the animals spirits that are killed for food - notice how the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society recently defended against the illegal slaughter of whales by the Japanes and is raising public and media awareness of the slaughter is Canadian commercial seal hunt.

Astrological Aspects with Sedna
Sedna sits a 18:44Taurus - Sabian Symbol: "A newly formed continent." this offers us the potential of originality and how we can either remodel the face of the universe or be stuck in futile turmoil. In the chart below Sedna forms minor harmonic aspect called a Tridecile from Venus - the Goddess (recently retrograde) and Chiron (wounded healer) - this 108 deg. aspect is associated with Creativity,Diversity and Separation with a flavor of Sun, Moon and Mercury. We can use this assistance from the Goddess and the Wounded Healer as the unexpected geo-magnetic surprises began to manifest.
Using Astro*Carto*Graphy, we see that the ruler of this powerful Chiron/Venus confluence Uranus runs thru the MC between 170 and 180° East Longitude for some surprises going thru the ALEUTIAN ISLANDS and past Hawaii all the way down to the North Islands of New Zealand.
The Aleutian Islands of Alaska contain both the westernmost and easternmost points in the US - Westernmost is the island Attu Longitude 173°11' E in the Near Islands and the easternmost point is : Semisopochnoi Island Longitude: 179.631° E is part of the Rat Islands group - a volcanic chain of islands.

Inuit People and The Tectonic Focus

The Inuit group of culturally similar indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic coasts of Siberia, Alaska, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Québec, Labrador and Greenland. Until fairly recent times, there has been a remarkable homogeneity in the culture throughout this area, which traditionally relied on fish, sea mammals, and land animals for food, heat, light, clothing, tools, and shelter. Their language is Inuktitut. Since the Long Night's Winter Moon on 12-15, there have been numerous quakes from all over the ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA circa 179 E to 170 W and throughout Western Alaska - all used by the Intuit. Since the last victory on the Solstice (12-21)when Senate blocked an attempt to open an Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling
all life in the Alaskan territories is finally being recognized. The Inuit were always aware of the principles that we must all adopt.

What's This About the Albatross?

by Pablo Neruda
In the high sea the wind navigates
guided by the albatross:
that is the ship of the albatross:
crossing, descending, dancing, rising,
suspended in the dark light,
he touches the towers of the wave,
he nests in the boiling mortar
of the unruly element
while the salt decorates him
and the frenetic foam whistles,
the albatross slips flying
with his large wings of music
leaving over the storm

In the poem above the Albatross may signify our immortal spirit in it's flight beyond. Besides being of the family (Diomedeidae) large web-footed seabirds that are excellent gliders, the Albatross is commonly associated something that causes persistent deep concern or anxiety like our secret government. This chart has a close conjunction between Pluto the dark lord and the messenger Mercury at 24Sagittarius (Sabian Symbol for 25Sag. from my last Full Moon report- Flights of Fancy "A little boy on a rocking horse imagines himself flying to a multicolored candyland.") Here we have it, we are both opening up to information that has been deliberately hidden but getting caught up in strong obsession with certain ideas - this has given some of the players a prounounced tunnel vision. Perhaps we should be more like the Albatross that journeys far and wide knowing that life is filled with storms that allow us to ride the wind. In this the Sedna Moon, the Albatross is being nurtured at least acknowledged as we start to see the power of the Goddess despite the illusions and flights of fancy that the mainstream media have fostered.

Sedna from an astrological perspective allows us to move beyond being the victim or a victimizer. Just like the Albatross, Sedna wakes us up to the hero's journey so that we can realize not just mortality but the freedom of liberation. Sedna which is one of a new category of planets, represents the energy which forces us, whether we like it or not, to let go of our mortality and accept our immortality. We are on the cusp of a new period of evolution and Sedna fits into that schema. It has been said that: the affairs of the house in which natal Sedna is located are where a person either suffers victimization, or simply does not allow victimization only if that lesson has been learned in this or a previous life. This house position of Sedna represents the area of life where experience will force someone to let go their attachment to mortality. Our gift to the world is that once this process of spiritual growth is complete, the house placement of Sedna locates exactly where we can effectively help the planet and humanity in this time of transition. This particular new moon will help us all become caretakers of humanity.

New Moon Chart

Friday, December 23, 2005

Venus and Hathor Station Retrograde to Evoke the Power of Love

Venus Station Ruled by the Sudden Changes of Love

Venus stationed at 1:36AM Christmas Eve and 01:28 Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for 2Aquarius speaks of love and change in the weather: Crying for joy a man stands in the pouring rain outside his girlfriends window and shouts his love to the rooftops per the newer Goldsmith's version. This is an apt descript of how we love ourselves our sense of spiritual esteem that allows us to give love.

If we look ahead to the major storms in Northern California and beyond - the Dr. Jones version really hits home: An unexpected thunderstorm.
Venus will Go Direct on 2-3-06 at 16Capricorn. This one is about discipline: "Boys and Girls in Gymnasium Suits"
(more on this in later posts) - But First...

I am writing this on 12-23-05, a Sacred Day for Hathor - Night of the Lamps the final entoumbment of Osiris. Hathor of course is another representation of Venus, Aprhodite all that is beautiful in sensual and senuous form. Hathor (Egyptian for house of Horus) was originally a personification of the Milky Way, which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow - connection to the age of Taurus and naturally the Pleiades. Digging deeper we find another name for Hathor was Mehturt (also spelt Mehurt, Mehet-Weret, and Mehet-uret), meaning great flood. In this case we not only have an inderect link to Deluge but a direct reference to her being the milky way. The Milky Way was seen as a waterway in the heavens, sailed upon by both the sun god and the king, leading the Egyptians to describe it as The Nile in the Sky.
Note that Hathor rapidly became a goddess of beauty, and fertility, thus also a patron goddess for lovers.

Closest Aspect to Venus is Chiron with only a miniscule orb of 0:08' - the emphasis is on redressing and replaying the gross social injustice tha is now being reflected
deeply within the earth's core. Losing a few selfish, prideful plutocrats and crooked politicos doesn't mean the sweat off a gnat's ass in the scope of the AEON.
Love Can Heal Ancient Wounds caused by the Elite, Royalty and Aristocracy with Saturn as the ruler in Kingly Leo. The Power of love to melt and even electrify
pain, suffering and lonliness or The Power of Love to prevent thru educated intuition and stave off a catosrophic disaster.

The newest Sabian Symbol for this Venus Station which finally goes direct on Feb. 3, 2006 was adapted from the original Jones version: An unexpected thunderstorm. Besides the climactic implications, it might be said that to love fully is like a thunderstorm. Jones goes on to say: This is the symbol of nature's potentialities as they lie beyond any individual control..." The focus is about the natural path for all things to come to a dramatic climax in either materia or psychological fashion. A moving interpretation of 2 Aquarius offering a view into the nature of accidents or is it providence. The ability to sieze then create with the gift of opportunity but the innate genius always present. Crying for joy a man stands in the pouring rain outside his girlfriends window and shouts his love to the rooftops per the newer Goldsmith's version. The latter deals with how we love ourselves our sense of spiritual esteem that allows us to give love.

Friday RackUp - 12-23 - Change is in the Earth

Moon in Libra thru Christmas - Make Nice or Else
Seems like an easy entreaty until we look at all the pagan and ancient days and rites mark December 23rd. in history.

(1)This is the last night of Saturnalia. In case you didn't know Saturnalia was the feast at which the the Romans commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god Saturn, which took place on 17 December. Over the years, it expanded to a whole week, up to 23 December
(2)the Roman festival- (Laurentina Ceremony (Roman Mother of the Lares)or of the dead and of seed corn, patroness of the year and life to come.
(3)Sanghamitta day in honor of the Buddhist nun who brought a branch of the Bodhi tree to SriLanka where it has flourished for over 2,000 years.
(4)Day of Mistletoes Celtic “day out of time“ between the old and new years

I.The Strike is Over and the City is Moving
As I mentioned in my last long winded article - Nodes played a huge part in the NYC strike - Aries/Libra with face to face negotiations ruling out this turned out to only be 3 day affair. Primal energy of Me and You or You wronged Me or You don't Care about Me - 1st and 7th - if we work it out we can get along. First it took all the participants to at least compromise with Mayor Bloomberg leading the way willing to make adjustments but get his way first so he seized the time. Bloomberg's natal Sun is sextile tPluto/Sag offer a public outlet for his identity. He was more then ready to go back to the bargainning table after taking an immediate aggresive stance. (tPluto Mr. Upheaval himself in Quincunx to his Saturn/Uranus at 22/26 Taurus) Let's not forget that Roger Toussaint grasped the situation quickly enough being in the crosshairs of Pataki, Bloomberg and MTA chairman Peter Kalikow lest we not forget the Millions of New Yorkers who wouldn't endure a long hard winter with out bus and subway service. Informed sources have it that Dark Horse Kalikow who defied Gov. Pataki's verbal mandate ordering an end to all negotiations. Well Kalikownever stopped talking (libra) and with his team (aquarius) "began an around-the-clock bargaining session through a mediator that did not end until early yesterday 12-22 - with an agreement to end the strike." An article in today's Daily News goes into more detail about the 4 main players: 4 horsemen and the apocalypse
Get Ready World - there will be more strikes even though Bloomberg and the MTA put the gavel down on Toussaint and his Union Members.

II.SnooperGate Opens Wider - NSA Spying Broader Than Bush Admitted
More and more revlations come out about Neocons morphing into Nazis - again the NYT paper that heavily repressed journalist locked in difficult times - created more buzz - NEW YORK - The National Security Agency has conducted much broader surveillance of e-mails and phone calls — without court orders — than the Bush administration has acknowledged, The New York Times reported on its Web site.
Times goes on to detail the collusion added by telecommunication companies that helped them eavesdrop: Take a Click to Their Website Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

III.Earthquake Event on Pacific Rim or Gaia Blowing Off Steam?
Living in Cali and the West Coast, I personally alarmed to put it mildly. We are part of a Tsunami warning system which is on alert. In fact while adding to this post we just had a 4.7Mag. OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - 100 km (62 miles) W (277°) from Petrolia, CA
There have been lots of quakes on Pacific Ring of Fire as I have been saying on my website Today (12-23) besides the last 4.7 event, another off the coast of N California Petrolia (3.6 magnitude) again KOMANDORSKIYE OSTROVA, RUSSIA REGION Bering sea (5.2 magnitude), MOLUCCA SEA in geo-active Indonesian Region
and many more earth events in the last three days.
The average person is not even aware of these changes that have been building for the last three months - nor do they seem to care unless their cable TV station says to even notice.
Despite the Boxing Day Tsunami and 9+ Quake, we are in a particularly vulnerable time for our mother to start shaking off the pollution, pestillence of greedy reptillicons and demagogues.

IV. Venus stations retrograde @ 01:28 Aquarius Dec 24, 2005 at 1:37AM PST 4:37AM EST
Emotional Emotional Break thrus come swiftly as we learn to love ourselves wholeheartedly. This is an idealistic interpretation on the magnitude of Sudden Emotional upheaval which will touch all of society someway. So this period between Dec. 24th and Feb. 3rd 2006 will have the aura of of the Power of Love. Yes the Power of Love for the Collective closely related to Chiron conjunct by only 0:08'
Love Can Heal Ancient Wounds caused by the Elite, Royalty and Aristocracy and their misuse of power. Note that the ancient/mediaval ruler is Saturn now also retrograde and redoing things in Kingly Leo. The Power of love to melt and even electrify
pain, suffering and lonliness or The Power of Love to prevent or somehow using intuition to head off a catosrophic disaster.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Destiny and Legal Limits Hit the TWU, MTA and NYC

Aquarian Bloomberg, the Media Tycoon evokes the Spirt of Ed Koch and Walks Over Bridge

Strike! Huelga! whatever people of either Northern or Southern hemisphere call a shut down or stand down ( in current miltary jingo). It still means the same freaking
thing - Shit Happens when Seven Million People Have Trouble Getting to Work.

This strike started with negotiations breaking down and will end with legal limits being set so resolutions are reached. In the 3AM Chart at top of this page Saturn/Leo is flirting with Mid-Heaven's Highly visible angle opposing Neptune at the IC yes and part of a Grand Fire Triange (Node/Aries and Merc/Sag) - we could tell this one could be huge in terms of cost and emotional turmoil. Jupiter in the sign of debt also opposes the physical energy of money and jobs: Mars in Taurus in the place of partnership. I have repeatedly said that the big picture of Saturn in Leo openly challenging Neptune in Aquarius involves the ultimate downfall of dominant controlling entities or structures in the future.

Toussaint's TWU Grievances
Anyway by 12:01AM, after days of negotiations, final agreements had broke down late Monday night. Those of us that have been following the ongoing contract talks, knew there was going to be a strike. When and how bad would it be? Then 3 a.m. when the 32,000-member Transport Workers Union put the strike in motion the grimace of reality was felt by millions of commuters.
Looking above we see moons Node at 09Aries ready to declare war on unfair and unjust practices. Since Astrology is a science based on cycles and comparitive energy signatures - when we look toward bottom of this page at the chart for NYC Corp. Existence - we see Jupiter sitting on the same axis at 9Libra. This whole episode is about how fast one of the parties can either create or force compromise. Roger Toussaint, a native of Trinidad who was elected president five years ago had been a leader of a highly militant faction within the union. Toussaint who has always spoken up against against local politicians whether in his homeland or her in NYC and is definetly no fan of Bloomberg. He tends to shock as he did in 2002, when he told Bloomberg to "shut up" after the mayor said the union should be fined heavily for a threatened illegal strike.

On the Union Side: Roger Toussaint, head of the TWU said: "Transit workers are tired of being underappreciated and disrespected." Considering their starting salary is only 32K per year barely enough for a cardboard box in the City's highly inflated housing market where the average apartment rents for $1,300 per month!. Subway operators earn an average of $62,438 a year, including overtime whereas Train conductors average $53,000, subway booth clerks $50,720 - not a lot of cash compared to the passengers that work in the financial district.

Bloomberg Jumps in the Fray
Battle lines were drawn between Tousaint, who has a kind of folk-hero image among union members, and moon-faced Michael Bloomberg (Cancer rising).
Always the media starved kid, Mayor Bloomberg (with Pluto and Chiron in Leo) started the accusations: "This is not only an affront to the concept of public service, it is a cowardly attempt by Roger Toussaint and the TWU to bring the city to its knees to create leverage for their own bargaining position," Bloomberg told a news conference. In fact Bloomberg has continued to push the leveraging card of fines thus: Arthur Schwartz, the union's lawyer, said that the daily fine could bankrupt the union within the next two days. A Brooklyn court will decide on 12-21 whether individual workers could also be fined.
Bloomberg should know about bargaining positions from his recent life as business tycoon. In fact in the 80's he persuaded Merrill-Lynch that his business plan to offer digital version of real time financial information was indispensable.

Natal Chart for Bloomberg
When we look at the natal chart for Boss Bloomberg (born 2-14-1942) we are astounded to see his career angle Mid-Heaven at 08Aries51 using Placidus houses - reputed to be a fierce competitor since his days as Salomon Brothers bond trader. He became the perfect technology partner with Venus/Mercury/Moon and Sun all in computer oriented Aquarius in the 7th house of relationships and yes open enemies. Rulers of the 7th are Saturn@22Taurus and Uranus@26Taurus which tells of a man who used technology to amass a huge forturne (net worth of $4.5 billion)based on using electronic systems to augment data analysis business and financial systems (Taurus). Using equal house system we see his ambitious driving Mars in money oriented Taurus in career house. Moon in objective Aquarius is also ruler of his chart with Cancer ASC reflecting a conservative stance around responsibilities of wealth and privilege. Perhaps it was he switched to the Republican party in 2000. Maybe it was his mutable progressed Mars and Jupiter in Gemini with his sp. Prog. sense of purpose (Sun) in leadership oriented Aries joined by Moon and Mercury. So like Rudy, he was an opportunist who rode the 9/11 card inlate 2001 to be chosen to succeed Rudy Giuliani as mayor of New York City.

The last New York City "Subway strike" was an 11-day affair on April 1, 1980 (Full Moon in Libra - same axis our recent shut down. So 25 years ago, those 11 financially devastating days created havoc put the memory is just too far away. This was the time of Mayor Ed Koch, Sagittarian Sun (born December 12, 1924) who was widely seen crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with the masses of people commuting on foot, famously asking people "How'm I doing?" He also famously suggested that commuters stop to have a martini after work in order to let rush hour congestion clear. Debt projected to be caused by the current strike keeps increasing ($440 to $660 million per day in lost economic activity) with every news story (3AM Chart has Jupiter in the sign of Debt in the first most personal house. New York commuters had trudge across the Brooklyn Bridge in below freezing temperatures to just get to work and their billionaire Mayor Bloomberg joined them in political move of "supposed solidarity" - Later he began to intiimdate the strking workers with huge fines from $25,000 per worker per day and finally today: Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Theodore Jones said the union would be fined $1 million for each day their 32,000 members are on strike. Of course the Local militancy and anger have their source in the steady growth of social inequality and the attacks on the living standards. According to the Local 100 TWU the reason for this bold move against the MTA involves "their attempt to roll back hard fought gains for working people. Everything from the 5 day work week, to the 8nhour work day, to every benefit like health insurance and pensions" Guess what commuters have no sympathy and just are worried about saving their own ass.

NYC Faces the Facts
I doesn't matter how I analysze this event and the players - it ain't going to be easy for New Yorkers, city employees and strikers. The media pressure will ready to explode constantly in a City where the Mayor Bloomberg owns a TV, Radio, Internet Channel and a lot more. Media is stacked against the TWU - THIS WON'T LAST . It is known among mundane astrologers that Saturn in Leo doesn't bode well for trade unions. Contingency plans are already being put in effect and yes that $1Million per day fine ain't going to help. Bloomberg who has a predominance of Fixed Air in his chart sometimes called too much hot air usually accomplishes his ends with (7)planets and chiron along with Sun and Moon all in Succedent signs that tend to ground energy and complete projects. So unlike a Giuliani (mutable Gemini) Bloomberg not only will ureg New Yorkers were to make arrangements to car pool, bicycle and walk to work, or change their schedules and work from home - it will get done. How do I know this? Well when we look below at the NYC Existence Chart we see a premominance of action oriented Cardinal fire signs to stimulate the people to go for it.

Using Bi-Wheel for NYC Existence Chart Inner and NYC Strike Commencement 12-20-05 for Outer Wheel

An Illegal Strike?
It should be noted that The Taylor Law, passed after the 1966 transit strike, specifically forbids any public union from going on strike. So the authorities including he MTA are correct in calling this strike illegal. The law is on the City's side as we are seeing the Libra/Aries symbolism glaringly evident. The MTA opposes Union (Workers) and everyone else gets in the crossfire. Reminded of the last lunation on 12-15-05 with Sun/Moon crossing the highly mobile and mental axis of Sag/Gem - Yes the swift messenger in speedy Sag. (ME@8Sag) and Ready to Rumble Pluto passionate, obsessed with winning as PL/SU combo oppesses MC of Strike ChartI. Chart ruler Venus in Aquarus (peoples rights) now conjunct Chiron is transiting the 4th House of the Existence Chart pictured above: the IC and 4th are known as the end of a matter the home and roots - so the wound has reached the people's senses and restricted their pleasure (Venus). The Sun at Midnight 12-20 is almost on the IC to push this showdown to a close.
I compared what I call the existence chart for the Five Bouroughs for January 1, 1898 at 0:01AM to today's strike time(s). TheMost obvious glaring thing was seeing the Nodes at 09Aries36 sitting right on the ASC/DSC lines: 09Libra36/Aries >Narcissism meets Destiny charged by opposing views with an active destiny - throw the Law at them. We will examine the existence chart below with loaded 3rd (short travel, messenger, transport neighborhoods)and (9th)(long distance journeys, forieign, judges)

The five boroughs come together.
FYI though the five boroughs were incorporated earlier on May 11, 1896 to time for today's strike and the implementation of the strike at 3:00AM.
In case you didn't know, I hope I am attracting readers from every region and hemisphere: The Five Boroughs is phrase used to denote the five boroughs of New York City. It is used to impartially refer to the city as a whole, as opposed to any particular borough or to the greater metropolitan area.
The five boroughs, alphabetically, are:

The Bronx
Staten Island

Let's take another gander at this historic energy pattern when the disparte boroughs
were ready to function as a whole - taking the focus off the notable island of Manhattan: Downtown, Midtown and the Upper West and Upper East Sides.
So here we have a strike that does effect all Five Boroughs with most people needed to get to the island and back.

Astro Look at NYC Foundation: Saturn of course has a prominent role in all these Astro views - in the BiWheel above Saturn presides in the 10th in dramatic Leo and in the 3AM Wheels Grinding to a Halt chart SATURN is on the MC 10Leo making life tough for the leaders of the strike and the city including Daddy Warbucks Bloomberg.
NYC Existence Chart info. January 1, 1898 at 0:01AM
The ruling domain of the trasits systems around the world much less the MTA
is he 3rd House where Willpower (Sun @ 28Cap) together with Sex/Energy/Survival Mars/Venus together with a fierce independence faithful lovers of the Big Apple @29Sag. Sabians for this degree are alternately :"The Pope blessing the faithful." or "A man pores over an ancient book
of wisdom, whose sinous designs are outlined in jewels and gold leaf." These speak
of sacred curiousity that helps the denizens of NYC usually have an open and inventive attitude
when dealing with life - sometimes a tendency to the bizarre or whimsical. New Yorkers try to see the anamolies in life and communicate their sense of the unusual in statid terms (Merc/Capricorn). New Yorkers are some of the most curious people in the world but they prefer to stay in control creatures of habit who are conservative when dealing with their domicle (NNode in Capricorn conj. Mercury in 4th). With that ole quick to fight Aries Moon SQ their sense of conservative pride, they aren't going to deal with this strike of the underprivileged transit workers for long. DON'T EXPECT THIS STRIKE TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR 11 DAYS!
NYC Corp. Existence Chart

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Religion is Dead! Spirituality is Alive and Thriving in the Cosmos.
The spiritual beings will remain to create one world and
one nation under one power, that of the Creator.

Even with a house divided and our constitution suspended, we still see something much bigger happening in the cosmos (originates from a Greek term meaning order). Yes here in the US, we have a secret government, a virtual cabal of evil fronted by an administration that was not democratically elected, perpetrated 9/11 and killed over 100,00 Iraqi's in an Illegal War. Yet in the larger more Galactic Picture , we are only witnessing castles burning. Even now that most of the population has heard their President admit to taking us into an unconscionable war based on faulty intelligence, we wonder in what direction this is all leading. In a few long decades even the concept of War it self will be deemed antiquated and useless.

Judge Rules Against ‘Intelligent Design’ In School

Even the Federal Judges are taking a stand against this nonsense (Jupiter opp. Mars)
Yes on 12-20-05: A federal judge ruled against the teaching of ‘intelligent design’ and said "He found that intelligent design is a form of creationism,” said Vic Walczak, of the ACLU. “It is a particular religious belief and that as such does not belong in the science classroom."

If we take off the blindfolds provided by 5,000 years of dualistic mind and consider this too will pass. Consider that lately all leaders and governments around the world are vulnerable to sucumb to scandals, death and mass discontent. Saturn principle of restriction entereed Leo the sign of the king and the child in July 2005 - since then we see not only the likes of Tom Delay, Bush/Cheney, Chirac, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran,Tony Blair, or Saudi king Fahd who died(August 1, 2005) - the list goes on. We are beginning to see the permutations of walls, borders, boundaries beginning to dissolve as Saturn slowly moves into opposition with Neptune - Starting the end of August 2006 and in close orb thru October. Organized Religion of course has been under pressure for a while since Pluto first entered Sagittarius in 1995(the sign of belief systems and philosophies)- having Uranus entering Pisces created the catalyst for orthodox doctrines of faith fall into even greater change.

Big Changes in the Cosmos
Philosopher, spiritual pioneer, Ken Wilber uses the term kosmos to refer to all of manifest existence, including various realms of consciousness. The term kosmos is used to distinguish this nondual universe (which, on his view, includes both noetic and physical aspects) from the strictly physical universe that is the concern of the traditional ("narrow") sciences and which is widely associated with the term cosmos.

As we look beyond the incidence of Big Brother technology trying desperately to control under the quise of anti-terrorism we apprehend a different picture. Looking into the future when Jupiter/Saturn join together in the Sign of the Humanitarian and Higher Mind in 2020. It has been said that by Oct. 28 2011, the dominance of the dualistic mind will wither and die and war will not be necessary on this planet.
Older orders of royalty or heirarchies will be crumbling as the Cosmos shifts into what the Mayan Calendar calls the Universal Underworld. It is predictied that our first mass experience of Galactic pulse of conciousness on May 27, 2010 aka The Second Harmonic Convergence. Despite tha fact that spying is a way of life for
many left-brained control freaks who are actually on the ropes, we are moving toward a future period of unity when WEST and EAST will be together.

Universal Underwold Begins Oct 28, 2011 - Collective Enlightment Begins
Whether we think in symbolic or totally literal terms, the attitude of a dualistic mind that doesn't acknowledge the universe as a living entity must pass away.
Of course coming six year period of moving form night to day in the Galactic Underworld will be wraught with pain and suffering. I even question will suffering itself ever end for humanity. Without question the barriers are being distroyed so quickly that post history is the best way to describe how fare we have come since 1999 when this cycle begun.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Long Night's Moon

Visions of Other Worlds Mix with Irrational Exuberance and Cold Reality

Light from Thursday's midwinter Moon will hang high above the horizon reflecting
intense light from her partner the Sun. This picture of an unforgettable lunation is caused by a high trajectory across the sky which is opposite a low Sun.
The event takes place at 11:16 AM EST or 8:16AM PST and with the multiple planetary events converging in a short period of time, expect revelations, icy realties and messages from beyond blended together.

Roving Shadows in Nether Lands: Pluto Takes Prominent Role
To say this is a time for collective and personal transformation is an gross understatement. To illustrate the kind of changes that are ushered in with this Monster Moon: the incidence of world earthquakes over 4.0 on the Richtor Scale has increased by a factor of 2 times since the last Full Moon - places in the world from the Aleutian Islands, Chile, Romania, Solomon Islands, Hindu Kush and other places on the Pacific Rim Using astrocartography we note a King Kong size Pluto lines on the Descendant (7th) running past the Hawaiian Islands thru Northern California and near Vancouver up to Alaska. The unexpected energy of Uranian lines is on the Ascendant past Jakarta, thru Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, past Calcutta and up thru Mongolia - definite chance for major earthquakes. The Entire Ring of Fire is Activated! Be aware and prepared.

As the Sun God in optimistic, jocular Sagittarius meets the Usher with sickle in hand a threating our basic sense of life and self. In this case we have our nurturing Moon opposing these two unlikely companions creating stress on emotional bonds and women in general. Yet there is something fantastical about this event and the results to come. All those potent symbols of the 8th Archetype: obsession, passion, sexuality, shaman, death, giant conglomerates, mob violence, wide-scale terrorism are blending into different mix. Fortunately Sagittarius helps put a lighter spin on this dark brew as some of us enjoy the thrills of travel and sporting events. On the other hand those who risk their limb in athletic endeavors may have to deal with injury or elimination from some scheduled events.

Sabians and Fanciful Sentiments
We examine the Sabian Symbol (The Zodiac by Degrees by Goldsmith) for 25 Sagittarius where Pluto resides and find " A little boy on a rocking horse imagines himself flying to a multicolored candyland." This tells of artistic frenzy, intoxicatating sensory overload, manic-depression or the same degree as Jimi Hendrix's ascendant. Let's not forget that Jimi was both a mustical genius and veritable shamanistic performer.
The mystical sabian symbol for the Sun @ 24° Sagittarius is more cheerful and steady in a state of exhuberance - " A man in overalls returns to a sunny little cottage after a good day's fishing and finds a bluebird singing on the gatepost." Talk about the bluebird of happiness allowing us to look on only the sunny side. A hint for us to pursue our goals despite criticism! Notice today, Mr. Danger and Pollyanna all rolled up in one - "George W. Bush defiantly defended his case for war and said he would preemptively attack another country if he deemed it necessary." It appears the Bushies including Condi and Rummy are communing with that same bluebird as their popularity will be fading faster then this moon setting.

Visions of the Personal Myth With Out of Bounds Moon
I wouldn't leave you all hanging without giving La Luna her due. For the last six months the Moon now with Declination of 28+ 05" N has been "Out of Bounds" - when a planet exceeds the band of the
Sun’s ecliptic path at 23 degrees 27 north or south Known as a time of change to career,
status and self-image, Maximum N or S marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.
The Sabian Symbol for 24°: "An artist is painting a strangely compelling alien landscape, pausing occaisonally to speak about her work to an interested bystander."
Here we are given the opportunity to be totally confident in our visions, dreams as we began to see a world vastly different as the blindfold starts to slip from the collective reason projected by mass media.
Our challenge will be to adhere to our perceptions with an artistic faculty that describes other dimensions with concrete landscapes.

From a personal standpoint those of us who have mutable degrees (Sagittarius, Gemini,Virgo and Pisces) at 22 to 24 degrees should have some interesting experiences.

Venus Precedes the Moon's Entrance Joining Chiron in Aquarius
Just 19 minutes before the Full Moon, Venus enters Aquarius at 7:57AM PST putting the spotlight on social justice and democratic action. Value in people and things that seem ugly, strange or eccentric is now highlighted (Venus is conjunct Chiron with an orb of 40). The need to heal disharmonious or painful relationships is signified by this union. Not only will individuals and couples incorporate the myth of Psyche but in Aquarius this will extend to larger groups. The myth tells of how Psyche, in an effort to prove her worth, embarked on a quest that involved the perils of the underworlds before she could rejoin her lover Eros. Recently in an effort to heal the inequalities of women, Norway has passed new laws. Starting Jan 1 2006, the Norweigian goverment decreed that 40% of all private and
public board positions especially upper-tier management must be held by women.
This Venus/Chiron placement will also signify the total decay of any worldly institutions that have lost their spirit. The effort to salvage and revitalize that part of the soul that is left in our mega social and political structure will began in earnest. The symbol for 1 degree Aquarius is: "A traveler comes upon an ancient temple in the desert, part of it is fallen into ruin and part of it is adapted for modern use."

Fixed Grand Cross Provides the Backdrop for this Lunation
Before we bring the curtain up or down on this profound lunation filled with drama
and still clothed in the hope provided by the last Sagittarian new moon lets look at the Grand Fixed Cross. This combination of (4) powerful stubborn planets all in 90 degree aspect has been called "the Winter of Discontent" of course not all of us even those with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarian signs won't be totally bummed. First Father time, Cronus which represents dramatic limitation (Saturn in Leo) is closely challenging (SQ) Jupiter the principle of expansion and ease. With Jupiter now in Scorpio, we are see signs of more intense debt, focus on death/rebirth/ and yes sex, sexuality and sexual gender changes. The fast acting catalyst in this combo is Mr. Agressive even malific Mars now actively attacking Jupiter and Saturn. The slowest of the four, Neptune has been creeping into exact opposition to dissolve older hallmarks of structure (Saturn) next summer.
Having such a well defined mural as the background means that no matter how much denial or flights of fancy or visions of a new world we receive - we still have to face our stuff and face reality. At this point those of us with fixed degrees (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius)between 10° and 15° degrees may be immersed in some difficult challenges for the next couple of weeks with some cases months.

White Crystal World-Bridger from Mayan Dreamspell
The Mayan Glyph for this Full Moon is White Crystal World-Bridger
who seals the store of death and is guided by the power of endlesses.
With this Mayan Day sign we are told that surrender is freedom. So this Full Moon invites us to release ourselves from the bondage of preconceived action, to let everything be all right as it is, so that you we live a more inspired life in the moment!

Long Night's Full Moon - The Chart Click to Enlarge

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Diverse, Dualistic But Boldly Ready to go Beyond the Paradigm Part One
Moon Direct in Gemini with Mercury Opposed

Galactic Journeys Ahead with Virgin

So if you haven't heard, Billionaire Richard Branson is ready to send tourists into space and build a $225 million spaceport in New Mexico. In fact today (12-13)our minds and thoughts (Mercury/Sagittarius) ready to move into the Solar System and out into the Galaxy is mirrored by Branson's new company Virgin Galactic has agreed to locate its world's headquarters and Mission Control in New Mexico. Not only will we have a new spaceport but a place for newbie astronauts (not NASA trained) to experience weightlessness and a vision of the whole beautiful planet. Why is this happening now? Why is this zany entrepreneur Richard Branson leading the way?
Let's examine the natal foundation for Solar Cancerian, Lunar Virgo Branson with dramatic Leo rising and see what's up.

Music - Neptune and Triangle of Power
Branson once said "The music industry is a strange combination of having real and intangible assets: pop bands are brand names in themselves, and at a given stage in their careers their name alone can practically guarantee hit records.
" Music was the vehicle that that pushed Branson to initial success (Mars/Neptune conjunction in 3rd) His start came with a mail order business selling records in 1970 and then opened a record shop in London shortly afterwards. Then by 1972 had his own record label Virgin Records in partnership with Nik Powell. Virgin's first issue was multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, which was a mega best-seller. Not only does Branson's ability to communicate to the world via his Neptune/Mars conjunction in 3rd but it gains power with a favorable, easy to use sextile to Pluto/Leo on his ascendant. People with Pluto at the angles are intense, obsessive and powerful influences. Pluto when added to Mars gives Branson the wherewithal to accomplish large projects that require an excess of energy. Completing this "Trangle of Power" is another fiery placement of Chiron in Sagittarius found the 5th the domain of creative pursuits, risk taking and pushing the adventure envelope further out. Witness the fact that Branson crossed the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Arctic Canada, a distance of 7,672 km (4,767 miles)in a hot air balloon reaching incredible speeds of 245 mph (394 km/h).

Diversify with Action and Luck
When it comes to trying things new and different in business and in a big way Branson steals the show. His lunar phase is New Moon (known for impulsive activity)and his chart is dominated by an active Cardinal orientation weighted towards fire.
Not only is he someone that ventures out and with Venus at 24Gemini in the 11th along with Uranus he really enjoys something completely different and even a little eccentric especially in the area of friendships. In fact the unexpected fountain of success flows freely for Branson with Jupiter (expansion) found in 8th house of others money in positive trine to Uranus (the innovative and surprising). By keeping with his theory of branding (Sun in Cancer means tradition) - He formed Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984, launched Virgin Mobile in 1999, Virgin Blue in Australia in 2000, and but failed in a 2000 bid to handle the National Lottery.

Natal Chart for Richard Branson

This will be continued with an analysis of the Solar Eclipse that kicked off this new race for space: The Total Solar Eclipse of November 23, 2003 with Sun/Moon/Mercury/Pluto and Venus all in Far Out Sagittarius.
Tookie - So Long But Not Forgotten

First of all let me get this out of the way: I underestimated Schwarzenegger's total lack of humanity which he handedly demonstrated by his refusing the clemency appeal for Tookie Williams. Arnie (going thru 2nd Saturn Return) like most inflexible political leaders facing the wrath of Saturn in Leo has a real aversion to revolutionary change. All the Terminator knew how to do in the screen version was to terminate and with the help of hired ghost writers, he had his rationale to offer death over redemption. In fact Arnie just couldn't offer life without parole to Williams who dedicated his a book 'Life in Prison' to the those revolutionaries who according to the Governator: "had violent pasts and some have been convicted of committing heinous murders, including the killing of law enforcement" Here is the list that was so repulsive to Schwarzenegger - 'Nelson Mandela, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Assata Shakur, Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt, Ramona Africa, John Africa, Leonard Peltier, Dhoruba Al-Mujahid, George Jackson, Mumia Abu-Jamal' All Black poltical prisoners except Leonard Peltier (Native American) all icons of social change almost all martyrs for a causes antithetical to repression and predjudice.

Perhaps Angela Davis one of those on this above list said it best: "The State of California May Have Extinguished the Life of Stanley Tookie Williams, But They Have Not Managed to Extinguish the Hope for a Better World" For those who care about the mirror held up with Astrology, we are seeing thru the media not just mainstream that Tookie's death and previous wounding via Chiron in Aquarius is being felt by a large numbers in the collective and will keep the question of whether the death penalty is still needed.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Ruminations - All Systems Go the Bull is Charging or is it Lurching Forward?
Moon direct in Aries

Now that Mars has finally flared it's wide nostrils and powerful hoofs into a charge in solid, reliable Taurus, we might see some of that pent up emotion erupt. But how and when is the question.

Tookie and Riots?
Even though I went on record (11/30) saying that Arnie would offer up a dramatic announcent giving Tookie clemency, I didn't consider the consequences if the Terminator votes to finalize his life. Well seems like the media did: here's an article out of Australia "Los Angeles authorities fear rioting if California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger does not stop Wednesday's execution of killer Stanley Tookie Williams" So I quickly pulled up my Solarfire program created a chart for 12-13-05 at 0:01 AM in LA - clicking on Astrocartography and see that Pluto/Sun are dead on the IC (home turf) and could cause a literal shit-storm of grievance. His scheduled exection is just two days before the 12-15 "Full Long Nights Moon" Also called Long Night Moon two appropriate names since the midwinter night is indeed long, and because the Moon stays above the horizon for a prolonged period. The midwinter full Moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun.
Suffice to say there could indeed be some repercussions ala Pluto which is still in orb with oppositon to Mr. Agression, Mars and the Martian Warrior as I said has just been let off his tether moving to a waxing SQ with Authority (Saturn in Fiery Leo).
Pluto rules the underworld and gangland and the flash of unexpected events, Urnaus in transiting in Pisces to bring prisoner's rights to the forefront is sextile Mars.
Note that "prisoners at San Quentin will be locked down during the execution, and there is the expectation that other state prisons will choose to do the same."
Since we are so close to a monster lunation, let's look ahead...

Venus Enters Aquarius - Women's Rights that Drive for Freedom
On Dec. 15th Venus enters Aquarius to Herald the Long Nights Moon. Venus ingress 7:57AM PST and in the sign of the electric spirit bringer (Aquarius), it's all about everyone's rights. Then at 8:16AM PST - earth shaking, ball breaking, kick-ass Plutonian Full Moon opposing Sun/Sag. (strong desire and purpose for independence) joined by powerful compulsive Pluto. While the Moon seems to stand still the middle of December it won't be the testosterone driven world leaders who are on the ropes but a powerful woman who is willing to defend the rights of the feminine. Obviously the feminine is not just gender specific with Jupiter in Scorpio, gay, along with transgender rights are addressed. Can you say Brokeback Mountain?

Full Circle with Mars in Taurus
So here I am revisting some of the symbolism regarding Mars entering Taurus ala my article in July.
Here we are: Now after almost 4,000 years of oppression, not since the The eruption of Santorini in Greece in 1,650 B.C. will these issues come to light. Afterall Minoan culture speaks of the Snake Goddess and Potnia of Grain, Potnia of Horses, or Potnia of the Labyrinth. Potnia may have been a female form of the male god Potidas or Poteidan. Yes this is the derivation of the name Poseidon (a Greek god closely associated with Crete in later times). Images of women occur more frequently than men in the Minoan archaeological record, both on Crete and in the more recent excavations on the island of Thera (Santorini).

This was a culture where the status of women where definetly elevated. Minoan society is famous for performances where the Bull was an object of great dance and drama. Notice this "Toreador fresco" in which a young woman, shown with the conventional white skin and a darker-skinned men, engage in the dangerous sport that involves somersaulting over the back of a charging bull. Without a question women are rising to power more quickly like Merkel in Germany, Rice the Bondage Queen in the US, Executive President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, The Philippines, Governor General Dame Silvia Cartwright, New Zealand and lest we forget the Royal Lizard Queen Elizabeth. This is not about race or ethnicity but more about gender and we will began to see how the Mars retrograde in Taurus (ruled by Venus) is greating changes in the male/female modelling of power for the next seven years.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Embrace the Centauric Consciousness

Embrace the Centauric Consciousness or First Identify the Wounds?

As I write this the Moon is Void of Course (no apects - like sitting in a vacuum) V/C till 1:02 AM PST moving ino Aries: time for action. With a dynamic takeoff things will be moving forward - Mars ruler of instinct and basic assertiveness
goes direct Mañana. The intense warrior been down so long (retro since Oct. 1st) the bull Taurus has to bust loose. Just a word to the wise end of March Chiron will be squaring that degree 8 degree 14" place where Mars stations - plus big time hit for Pluto in middle of the galaxy.

Lately I have been harping on the entrance of the Centauric/Chironic energy entering Aquarius 12-5. It has been postulated that The Existential aligns with Centauric level symbolized by Chiron, whereas the Transpersonal levels by the collective planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sedna and beyond. Yes Chiron which has been called the Rainbow Bridge between Jupiter/Saturn (Social Level) to Uranian Outer Energy is taking our collective conciousness by storm. In the last few days we have already seen the global reaction of outrage to multiple wounds - from the shooting of a mentally-wounded man by US Air Marshals in Miami to the possibility of Mumia Abu-Jamal winning a new trial - he is the award winning journalist who has been on death row since 1982 Wounds long standing are being recognized in a different light = "if I cannot choose my fate, I can nevertheless choose my attitude toward it." For instance as of today the fate of Stanley Tookie Williams in Schwarzenegger's Hands -Tookie (who has chosen a different attitude) sees his lawyers plead for his life knowing it is up to Arnie. Or on Dec 6th, University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian was acquitted of eight counts in a terrorism-conspiracy trial - testing the Patriot Act one of the worse injury's done to the seemingly immortal constitution.

Since Chiron's discovery in 1977, Astrologers have argued, debated and compared the meaning of this maverick asteroid/planet. One of the big deals is the Virgo versus Sagittarius rulership. One camp favours the Virgo rulership with focus on the body (somatic) aspect of the centaur. The other group says Sagittarius with a focus on the mental (noetic) aspect. Of course most of the holistic theraphies acknowledge a mind-body integrated approach. Joyce Mason weighed into the the rulership debate with her Sector Rulership theory. This theory posits that Chiron rules the entire sector of the zodiac from Virgo to Sagittarius. In other words, it rules a process that begins with Virgo, where we become aware of our wound, began to synthesize and embark on the healing quest. The next leg of the journey is Libra, where we seek balance and healing (many times thru talk theraphy with another) ; then we through to Scorpio, where we pass through a death, a transformation and perhaps resurection process of healing. Finally the completion of the quest is Sagittarius, we become the teacher and mentor, dispensing a balanced ‘higher’ education at last prepared to impart our wisdom to others.

Looking back on the myth of Chiron we should consider that he gave up his immortality to relieve Prometheus's suffering. Barbara Hand Clow, for example, writes that "Chiron gave himself willingly so that the fire could be released from the Underworld by Prometheus." It also took Prometheus to agree with this act of martyrdom. Chiron regretted his immortality but Prometheus consented to take on the burden. I thonk I would.

Despite these glorious ideas it should be realized that uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius) is the higher octave for Mercury which rules the mind and mental illness. With an increased sense of stress and magnified sense of urgency (even to the point of creating hysteria) we are going to see unusual nervous disorders develop. As Neptune transits in Aquarius reach opposition to Saturn/Leo next year, much mental an psychological tension will accompany the need to dominate or topple existing structural realities. Our conciousness is being altered in an evolutionary and mass brain washing fashion much manipulation. The crisis of materialism is another form of social manipulation, you have to earn more to just pay for daily living.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Maverick Shaman and Healer Meet in Aquarius

Chiron Enters Aquarius For a While

Part One:

Chiron’s direct ingress into Aquarius on 12/6/05 at 1:06AM GMT
Previous ingress was earlier this year: 2/21/05. Note the wounded healer went retrograde back into Capricorn in the summer.
So what will this long journey in Aquarius mean for all of us?


When we deal with two radical, charismatic and social changing energies: an asteroid an the sign of electric movement,we can only expected the unexpected.
After all since Chiron has been in the domain of the water bearer, we have seen the collective, people, groups , indigenous, associations expressing their deep societal, pains. Gathering in groups for huelgas, protests, marches, strikes, demonstrations all over the world from Boston, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Caracas, Rome, Paris to Coachabamba, Bolivia. Humanity, the average people are holding their fists at the empire demanding their food, water, property and god given rights and getting them. Latin America is on fire with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Subcomandante Marcos in Mexico, Mr. Lula da Silva in Brazil, Morales and the entire Indian collective in Bolivia of miners, farmers the workers who have resurrected the ghost of Simon Bolivar. .
First of all just try to define Chiron the infamous wounded healer anyway – I dare you:
He was a centaur - half horse, half man.
It has been said: Chiron represents a both the extra-ordinary healing crisis and extra-sensory healing gifts – all rolled up into one multi-dimensional energy force.

So what about that notorious wound?

Chiron was accidentally wounded in the leg by a poisoned arrow; this would have killed him but he was descended from the immortals
He was a centaur - half horse, half man.
He taught all the famous Greek heroes, Hercules – in fact it was Hercules arrow that gave him that infamous
Both Jason, and Aesclapius were trained by this centaur.
He was also a healer, herbalist (using herbs growing around his mountain home on Mt. Pelion) and naturopath.

He has had to carry this wound for the rest of his earthly life.
Thus he became known as the Wounded-Healer. This powerful archetype of the planet Chiron symbolizes we are all wounded and therefore need to heal ourselves. Note that the 1977 discovery of Chiron coincided with the rising popularity of holistic healing therapies. We are also realizing that the Earth too is wounded and in need of healing, so likewise we have become familiar with the terms environmentalism and reverence for Gaia - Earth as a living being.

Zane Stein, a foremost Chiron Scholar says: When Chiron enters a sign, the world focus on the most basic, root problems at the heart of things ruled by the sign its in. Chiron's approximate stay in the sign Capricorn is 4 years plus four months out of every 51 years.
In Aquarius we have a long visit till February 2011 - revolution is in the air in many ways. Despite NWO (New World Order) beliefs that Globalization will succeed don't count on it with the wild card Aquarius in electric harmony with it's ruler Uranus now in spiritual Pisces.

We all carry wounds in through our lives with the promise of achieving the higher octave of healing. Chiron makes our wounds into not just an affliction, tribulation, badge of courage but something that can allow higher teaching to prevail. It is the sign and house placement in our natal chart that will help us understand how our hero's journey is designated.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Lunar Standstill Heralds the Change of Nodes and Destiny

Before I go into the description of a Lunar Standstill, let me say that this summer during the evening of the Full Moon of Aug 19th 2005 - I was blown away by moon rising actually hovering on the Eastern Horizon 180 degrees from the exact point of the sunset. My wife and I were wondering when he Moon was going to rise as we waited (listed at 8:29 PM) then all of a sudden over the hill due East an intense light began to appear brighter and ever brighter till Luna made her prescence in full glory. It is an understatement to say that it was Magnificent and in Pisces trancelike energy surrounded the orb. The concept/event Lunar Standstill has been recognized by indigenous people from Anasazi in Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde to the Hopi's who were responsible for archaeo-astronomy in North America to the Druids and Celts.

On December 26, 2004 the true moon'ss nodes changed signs from Taurus to Aries, while the south node moved into Libra. Take note that the south node denotes old karma, which can be good or bad, depending on our past behaviour. With the Libra S Node - the fight for justice and fairness is tempered with an need to be balanced which can lead to indecisiveness and a tendency for problems in one-to-one relationships to manifest. The Aries part drives us on the positive side to learn to love ourselves, to trust our instincts, to lead with courage. Aries N Node wants us to take a stand and develop self-reliance but not be too aggressive, pushy or impulsive. From a Mundane (worldly) point of view the Aries (ruler Mars) has also put a major focus on military operations (especially US) asserting themselves around the world yet tempered by weird co-dependent diplomacy. Next June 19th to 22nd (depending on True or Mean Nodes) we will see a change into Pisces/Virgo Nodes.

Mars retrogrades for first time in US Chart (Sibley - 7-4-1776)This will began to signal a subconcious movement toward peace in the US (of course wars that have been initiated have become full blown conflagrations). By
August 19th, 2006 secondary progressed Mars (US Sibley chart) will have for the first time in US History stationed retrograde at 18Libra. Since we are moving into the twilight world ruled by Neptune (N Node Pisces) lets look at the Sabian Symbol for Mars @ 19 Libra. "Hiding in a starlit forest, a masked robber spies upon a heavily laden caravan snaking along the road. From a sedan chair in the caravan, a richly clad woman gazes straight at him." (taken from The Zodiac by Degrees Martin Goldsmith).
With North Node in Pisces, our South Node is in Virgo the change from action, do it now to a more mutable wishy washy approach will be apparent.
We will view new tendencies this time to worry unremittingly, to be plagued feelings of guilt about under-performing (Virgo S Node), to lack faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan, and to over-analyze ourselves - yes lots of us do that now. Ideally we will learn to trust and develop our imagination and a capacity for true compassion not "compassionate conservatism". This change in Nodes even bigger then any change of the guards will be kicked off by a phenomena called the Lunar Standstill

The next exact Lunar Standstill comes on June 19th 2006 at 20:48 Greenwhich Time
Before we got into a detailed description of this event remember that it occurs every 19 years and is associated with both Megalithic Lunar Observatories and the backward movement of the Moon's nodes round the ecliptic in a period of about 18.6 years.
The historian Diodorus of Sicily wrote in 50 BC that from a circular temple on the island of Hyperborean, the moon appeared to be close to the Earth and that the gods visited the island every 19 years.”

Major standstill occurs when the ascending node passes through the first point of Aries and into Pisces. Some exact times (GMT) for this are:

1969 Mar 29 02:45
1987 Nov 08 11:45
2006 Jun 19 20:48
2025 Jan 29 05:56

The absolute extreme positions of the Lunar orbit are reached once every 18.6 years. But there are 4 extremes not 2 as for the Sun. These are termed the Major and Minor Standstills. The Moon, in 1800 B.C., reached about declination 29 degrees north and south at a Major Standstill then slowly decreased in range until 9.3 years later it reversed again at 18 degrees declination.

Lunar standstills are in a sense the polar opposites to solar and lunar eclipses. Lunar standstills can never occur during eclipses. During a lunar standstill the Moon has to be roughly at right angles to the Moon’s Nodes, instead of being on or near these Nodes. Also the Moon’s Nodes have to be in the signs of Aries or Libra, or Virgo or Pisces. These Zodiac signs are near the equinoctial points. The Moon’s North Node is in Aries or Pisces during the major lunar standstill season and in Libra or Virgo during the minor lunar standstill season.

For horizon astronomers the standstills are the only times they can make accurate measurements of the lunar orbit and the six months preceding and following a standstill must have been a hectic time for them. For astrologers and shamans this is a time of magic and portents. My feeling is that La Luna has much to teach us thru our irrational, spontaneous, unconcious and visceral essence - her light will connect us to ancient futures.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Fire Moon Filled with Promise, Drama and Confidence

New Moon in Sagittarius with Antares Helping

A grand trine filled with hope, action and movement occurs along with the new moon at 9:31 Sagittarius - 7:01 AM PST - 10:01 AM EST. The other players in this fiery triangle are Saturn @ 11 Leo recently turned retrograde burning within and our point of destiny N Node at 10Aries signifying a pioneering spirit that moves switfly and sometimes aggressively toward our goals. This lunation has been described in psychic Sabian terms as: " A prologue of witty stage patter, a magician levitates his female assitant with the aid of a very visible wire." taken from The Zodiac by Degrees by Martin Goldsmith. More elaboration tells that this is a new moon when we can rise to fame, if we have faith in our talents especially if we are able to grab the full limelight even outrageously. We are talking about comedians like Woody Allen or Richard Pryor that both have their vital purpose (Sun) at this degree or Whoopi Goldberg who has her Venus at this degree or Adolphe Sax (has his Mercury at this point) and invented the saxaphone. Despite the fun an frivolity, this is still grandstanding and energy filled with hype.
Optimism is the watchword along with "Irrational Exuberance" with Pallas (strategy), Hygeia (asteroid dealing with health),Sun, Moon, Pluto and Ceres all in Sagittarius and after Mercury stations direct on December 3 the winged messenger will be heading into the sign of the Archer/Centaur on December 13th. Look out below because many will have thrown caution to the winds. Notice that that old wily Fed Chairman, Greenspan on his last hurrah exit says: "Good short-term prospects for the U.S. economy should not distract from huge looming fiscal strains that pose "significant" economic risks"

Finanical Markets are on fire with this Sagittarius new moon - something Ray Merriam describes as the >"Sagittarian Effect" when expectations are high - we should expect the DOW to flirt with 11000 and NASDAQ to possibly reach 2,400 before reality knocks on the trading floors. Reality will come in the guise of the First Jupiter (ruler of Sag.) SQ to Saturn (sober, serious even pessimistic) on December 17th. Speculators are beginning to get that ole' 1927 - 1929 fever especially with the Housing Bubble continuing to grow in the wealthiest parts of the country. Without a doubt debt will surpass risk in short order and by next spring, all financial markets will have cooled.

With the sign of the archer that shoots his arrows way betyond the solar system great distances will also be traversed.

This lunation will fuel the movement into Space Travel on a global level as the energy of the Total Solar Eclipse on November 23, 2003 is activated. That eclipse not only put Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ on the fast track but had a major Sagittarian Stellium - Sun/Moon/Juno/Vesta/Mercury/Pluto and Venus launching a new race for space. China, India, Japan have gotten into the act bigtime and now Iran's "space agency is trying to snap up technology from abroad as fast as possible for its satellite program, fearing the West will seek to impose restrictions like those put on the Iranian nuclear program."

Not only has the backdrop been build with detailed precision but we are overflowing with talents on this New Moon and must decide how will they be used. Using Starlight software whe see that the Heliacal rising star is Spica "Wanting to use one's talents for the greatest possible good" Will our abundance enthusiasm be translated into success or will Alpheratz which is rising at an angle with the Sun demanding freedom and independence. Zosma rises with the Moon and we notice the victims and take part in our hearts with their suffering.

Antares is one of those that is culminating - a zenith point with the Sun - Antares is the heart of the Scorpio constellation - one of the Royal Stars of Persia - the Watcheer in the East. Antares is known for bestowing great success but at what price? With Antares arising and lying hidden (when a star rises when the Sun is still above the horizon)
with this phase according to Brady, "the star may raise you to great heights but dash you on the rocks of failure" with less human control we may have difficulty changing course. Antares also appears on the Nadir or IC which signifies the end of an important decision.
Click on Chart (set for Sunnyvale California) to Enlarge
Will the Redemption of Stanley Tookie Williams be Enough?
Will Governor Schwarzenegger grant him clemency before Dec. 13, 2005 execution date?
Tookie is a man who has undergone a major transformation from founder of the Crips street gang to writing children's books and being nominated numerous times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Here is a man who at one time started a notorious criminal organization (has Saturn/Mars in Scorpio) then years later dedicated his life to keeping young people out of gangs.

A Picture of Tookie the Body Builder Before Redemption

If we go back to Stanley's birth on December 29th 1953 in New Orleans we see the reflection of a serious, leader and organizer with Capricorn as his Sun sign. Both Venus and Chiron are also found in Capricorn so we look toward the ruler of his will power, values and personal wound that can heal others if recognized. His ruling planet, Saturn at birth was found in Scorpio known for deep, deep transformation. His active, instictual part indicating driving energy: Mars is also in Scorpio - an intense, driving and obsessive position - this alone tells us of the potential for getting rid of anything that stands in the way. A hard knock life is an understatement when describing Tookie's destiny. In fact to this day he claims that he was innocent with "not a shred of tangible evidence, no fingerprints, no crime scenes of bloody boot prints. They didn't match my boots, nor eyewitnesses."
Tookie's genetically predisposed strategic leanings and sense of justice are all about details (Pallas/Astrae in Virgo).
His childhood was scarred Neptune/Libra Chiron/Capricorn and Uranus/Cancer TSQ involving his family, mother and childhood upbringing. Yet here a man that has been behind bars since 1980 and spent 6 1/2 years in solitary confinement in the late 1980s who shed his skin so to speak. In fact since the early 90's be began to gain world-wide attention and praise for his work in prison. His publication of children's books advocating non-violence and alternatives to gangs earned kudos and his autobiography become a Hollywood movie , starring Jamie Foxx (Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story).
What could create such drastic inner motivation to change?

Click to enlarge: Birth Chart using Noon Birth (exact time unknown)

By 1993, Tookie had undergone a phenomenal transfiguration and in his words a "Redemption" quote: "my interpretation of redemption, it differs from the theological or the academical rendition. I believe that my redemption symbolizes the end of a bad beginning and a new start." - Pluto, Jupiter and Venus had cojoined his Saturn/Mars powerhouse in Scorpio. Most dramatic from a spiritual point of view was the incredible combo of genius and spirituality (Neptune/Uranus) this was the energy that birthed the internet and helped create technology empires and yes helped many awake to concepts of Ascension and enlightenment on a global level.
Tookie goes on to describe his change of conciousness: "It goes beyond, in a sense of being liberated from one's sins or atonement in itself. I feel that my redemption mostly or primarily encompasses the ability to reach out to others"

1993 was a time when the world's death/rebirth cycle had passing over his Sun (will)/Chiron(the wound that heals) and his sense of destiny(N. Node) and direction had changed. It was as if the framework,the bones and the entire spiritual anatomy of Tookie had an incredible metamorphisis an awakening - his inner world was unalterablly change. Again quoting from Tookie talking about a spirit act: "a spirit act, a spirit act towards helping other people, which are primarily youths in my case. "
Now the older wiser Tookie who had met Schwarzenegger the body builder on Venice Beach. Rumors say that Tookie was supposed to be in Conan The Magnificient (first Arnold flick) but his murder rap stifled that dream.

Looking ahead to Arnie's meeting with Tookie's counsel on December 8th 2005, we should remember that Arnie plays to the crowds and after this last "special election" defeat. Except the tide has changed for this action hero, the crowds are ready to heave a sour mash of rotten eggplants and tomatoes watching him fall from the stage.

I put Arnie's Natal Chart in the middle of a bi-wheel with Tookie's Noon Birth Chart on the outer wheel.
Click to Enlarge

With the enthusiastic Fire New Moon on December 1st, we will all see that Arnie will do anything to raise his ratings - he could not bear to suffer an ignominous loss next year. Offering clemecy - mercy - for Stanley Tookie Williams seems like a great answer for the Governator. Didn't the Arnold just hire Susan Kennedy?, a top aide to former Gov. Gray Davis (the guy that got recalled), as his new chief of staff. Conan is talking about mending bridges and what better way then seem compassionate to a group of constituents that is ready to put the Terminaor in a pot of hot molten lead. I expect that we will get a surpirse announcement with the planet of many upsets, unexpected and sudden events (Uranus @ 21Cancer) right on Arnie's Ascendant. Adding to he emotional media frenzy is Tookie's South Node (past gifts) mingling with Arnie's Venus @ 26 Cancer. California's grandstanding governor will respond to a heavy sense of service and duty to his positon with the power of Mercury/Sag.(quick thinking), Venus/Sun in Capricorn ( serious purpose and values) over Arnie's subconcious (Moon/Caprircorn).

Now that the California Supreme Court turned down an appeal by inmate Stanley Tookie Williams, who wanted a new look at the evidence - everything falls on in the hands and shoulders of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - the power of life or death something Arnie loves with Saturn/Pluto conjunct in Leo a royal combination of power and authority.

Looking ahead to the meeting date on December 8th - notice that the media has gotten hold of this story blowing it up daily and just won't let go. Stepping into December 8th we move Tookie's planets by progression. Notice how sudden communications are coming from everywhere about Tookie or from him almost daily (his Mercury now at 6 Pisces is still in close to orb to electrifying Uranus (modern ruler of his progressed Sun/Venus - just gone direct) All those new ideas about the nature of confinement and rehabilitation are dressed up with many places to go. Communities are rallying around the world to Save Tookie (His Sun/Venus are secondarily progressed to 19 and 22 Aquarius ) Aquarius is the sign of community ruled by serious, intense Saturn @ 9 Scorpio sitting TSQ to Saturn@11 Leo and Mars stationing at 8Taurus - the fuse is lit the movie has been cast a long time ago.

Even without all the publicity, Tookie and his supporters still feel like they have been thru a guantlet (with Mars stationing direct 12-9-05 opposite his natal Saturn/Mars). The head of Mt. Olympus is moving the wheel of fortune - cutting the deck mixing the promise of death with redemption (Jupiter at 9Scorpio)is offering Mercy - Chesed from the Tree of Life represented by the Angel Tzadkiel with the virtue obedience.

Roll the cameras for his best side, as an ambitious Governor who is craving accolades (the need for glory and praise to the 1,000th power with Jupiter in the 5th) will decide. Then he will publicly announce to the world that he has spared Tookie!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Walking, Talking and Dancing with the Dead

Jupiter enters Scorpio to Overtake Pluto
(If you can't get rid of the family skeleton, you might as well make it dance. by George Bernard Shaw)

Everyday the news media keeps rolling out stories about those who are about to be exectuted. The 1000th execution came recently since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Fortunately Robin Lovitt's death sentence was commuted to life in prison without parole, a little more than 24 hours before he was to be executed by injection on Wed. Nov. 30th. Finally the Death Penalty and other issues around death, dying, near death experiences are being discussed, debated and passionately expressed. Wow we have the theme of death and resurrection all in one - real Scorpionic Themes! What's up?

Ever since October 25, 2005, the great God of Thunder Bolts and expansion began a year plus run in the Dark, Sexy, Highly Intense sign of Scorpio. Jupiter always does things in a big way afterall he was the the greatest of all the Greek gods. Son of Kronos and Rhea, husband and brother of Hera. Zeus as the Greek legends named him was the ultimate authority among all the immortals on mount Olympus. Taking hardly any time to expand our markets by moving into a Postive $ with Uranus and sextile with Venus by the middle of November to cause the stock markets around the world to rock! Not only was watery Jupiter working well with Uranus but this unexpected rise boosted the US economy where the Sibley July 4th chart has Venus/Jupiter at 6 Cancer. So YES this is a big retail shopping season while it lasts since Jupiter is wasting no time moving into perfect SQ with Saturn on Dec. 17. (no that Saturn has finally stationed Redtrograde Nov. 22nd in Leo.

First Test for Jupiter? - SQ to Saturn in Leo
Besides lightening shafts and thunder bolts, Zeus and his daughter Athena possesed the aegis. The Aegis was usually described as a garment made of goatskin slung over the shoulder or as a piece of armor. The aegis of Athena was a breastplate covered with goatskin and bordered with snakes, bearing in the center the head of the Gorgon - more like Jove in the realm of the Scorpion.
Kronus or as the Roman's called him Saturn is never really forgiving and in Leo ready to protect children against both sexual predators and yes abortion. Domination and control will meet as society starts to revaluate other gender issues like same-sex marriage (which is here to stay). Saturn went into Leo in July and Cindy Sheehan a grieving mother who became the human symbol that sparked a massive people's movement to end the war and bring the troops home. Now that Cindy is back in Crawford - 11/25 - presided over the unveiling of a permanent sandstone monument in memory of her son, Casey, a soldier who was killed in Iraq in 2004. This Gold Star image of Saturn in Leo (ruling children that have been hurt) will continue to push leaders who can't offer peaceful and creative solutions. With Jupiter entering the Fixed Cross, these are politicos who will not acknowledge their ties with occult societies or who have driven citizens to revenge (like Chirac in France) will loose their jobs.
Wait a Minute: before the 12-17-05 showdown with increase meeting litmitations, Jupiter will be in exact Opposition to Mars right after the Fire New Moon on 12-5-05. This time we have the ancient ruler of Scorpio, the Warrior God Ares challenging the promiscuous Zeus who had notorious affairs with Semele, Io, Europa, Danae, Leda, Leto, and Ganymede. Sex, violence or war or an army of dead doing battle a scence out of the movie version of Tolkein's Return of the King - Legolas: "Pale banners like shreds of cloud. Spears rise like winter-thickets through a shroud of mist. The dead are following. They have been summoned." Those who have been following Mars' long passage in Taurus with the retrograde will recognize the grin on Jupiter's now skull-like face again from the movie: [Skulls roll on the floor. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli turn to the breaking doorway to see thousands of skulls flowing out of it.]
Mars stationing direct to oppose Jupiter another event? Natural or Manmade?

After last year's late season enormous Tsunami - a Tidal Wave that was shocking and unexpected ala Uranus which combined with recent entrance of Mars into Sagittarius to trigger this event. Mars SQ Uranus and Sesiquadrate Jupiter was only the harbringer of watery destruction perhaps motivating our need to continually watch the oceans. We find the stormy influence of Uranus/Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius. On 9/11 2001 WTC and all, Mars had just entered Capricorn at 1:26 Capricorn catazlyzed by N Node in Cancer 02:15 Rx an opposition with destiny that fed into the Nasty aspect of Power and Control - Saturn/Pluto Opposition on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis ruling travel and espcecially air travel. On 9/11/01, Mars was coming off a retrograde and stationed direct on July 19th of that year. This time we have pot that is ready to boil over after landslides from Hurricane Stan (over 3,000 Mayans in Guatemala) and 80,000+ perishing in the Kashmir Earthquake 8 October 2005 right after the Libra Solar Eclipse 10-3 about the Same Time (10-1) that Mars stationed retrograde at 23Taurus23.
Holy Jove what will come next?
Perhaps the next event will be magnified by Jupiter as news of Earth's peril becomes more and more public - in Scorpio the enviroment is highlighted along with efforts to turn things around like global warming and massive pollution.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Earth Enters the Photon Belt on November 23rd, 2005

One Journey Begins and Another Ends

We have been hearing about many astronomical and astrological phenomena like the fact the Pluto formerly the farthest extra solar planet will move into the Galactic Center Soon. Actualy in March 2006, Pluto reaches 26Sagittarius45 before stationing retrograde - close but no cigar - Galactic Center is at 26Sagittarius56 only 11minutes away by longitude. Yes the end of December 2006 we finally have lift-off as Pluto moves directly past the GC and an ingress into Capricorn on January 2008! But nobody is talking about the Photon Belt where Earth has been gradually spending more and more time since it's entrance on Spring Equinox 1987. By 2013 we will be fully in the Photon Band. So what is the Photon Band?
Photon Band discoverd by science in 1961, manifesting as a Nebula.
A nebula is a vast cloud-like mass of gas or dust. This one, was named the Golden Nebula. An important statement of astronomical and historical significance. radiant nebula? Its more universal designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band', consisting of multiple bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognised by extraterrestrials as of great importance .
In 1980s a announcement was made that our solar system was, going to collide with an 'electromagnetic cloud' in the not too distant future. And yes the rest is history as the Sun entered followed by Earth.
Orbiting the Pleiades and Alcyone
Our local galaxy is comprised of spiralling energies which generate natural spacetime orbits, satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex centres, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years. There are many other solar star systems in this cyclic motion. The Pleiades and it's central Sun Alcyone, which is encircled by the photon belt, is about 400 light years from us, and is part of our system.
Cycles of Time and Civilizations - Spiritual Evolution?This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years, that is, every half cycle. The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt 2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years.
Are we getting the benefit of the Photon Band and actually growing spritiually? If you ponder the exoteric news found on TV, Internet, radio and newspapers it seems like we are all going to Hades in a Merkel handbag. Despite the gloom upon doom, things are obviously transfomring quickly. The real advantages of this powerful phenomenon is from the core source of what is causing the photons.
This powerful mutli-dimensional energy source is connected to convergences. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great
advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the higher-frequencies. If we are steeped in the reptilian, grey worlds of fear and negativity, that is, possessed too many lower 4th dimensional vibrations, the result of selfish actions,
we are not expected to survive the frequency incompatibility. The Choice is Ours but first we muct recognize that we are in the photon belt - last year a Tsunami (12/26) rolled and rocked us awake about a month after the Earth entered on Nov. 27, 2004.
Since most humans sleep thru the loudest sounds and furies, we still will get another Shakeup Call soon!